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New Beginnings: XXIX

New Beginnings XXIX March 1993   Looking over the answers on the page one last time, Lexi tossed her exam in the Professors in-basket and headed out the door. She had studied so hard for her tests that she had little time for Michael and he had been kind enough to give her space by […]

New Beginnings X

Michael Jackson Fan Fiction: for Dangerous PYT’s New Beginnings X November 1991 Lexi stared at him holding the pack of birth control pills in his hand and froze. She wanted nothing more than to have a family, nothing more than to spend the rest of her life with him. But that was just it…would she […]

Pictures of You

Pictures of You November 13, 1990 The mementos were laid out loyally across the bed; pictures of a laughing happy couple, a diamond ring, an ultra sound picture…even a now out of tune guitar still in its case. He looked at each item before carefully placing them in the backpack and hiding it away again […]



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