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After The Thrill Is Gone II

After The Thrill Is Gone II

Spring-Fall 2006

2006 World Music Awards - Michael Jackson performs live - London

It was late when Lexi pulled away from the quaint suburban house as the spring day started to give itself to the darkness. Her heart and mind were heavy with the task that she had promised Michael she would fulfill to the ultimate end. With every day it became more emotional to complete and she hadn’t spoken to him in weeks. The only contact they had was the check that had managed to make its way to her mailbox to pay for her taking care of his request. Sadly, this particular burden that had fallen to her, was drawing quickly to a close, how would Michael react when it was over? She honestly didn’t know at this point, he had become so distant to her and ‘lannah. All she could do is try to keep things together in California because she felt that one day he would return, and she wanted to make sure he was comfortable when he did so.



Grace walked through the lobby of the movie theater with Paris. At the concession counter she paid for the candy that they wanted and waited while the attendant brought a bottle of water.

“Why didn’t Daddy come with us today?”

Grace looked down after Paris asked the question and stared for a moment trying to come up with a good answer.

“Well I think he needed to take care of some business.”

Paris opened her sour gummy worms and said,

“Prince says it’s because that woman was coming over.”

Furrowing her brow, Grace took her water off of the counter and began walking back towards the theater,

“Really? He told me he had to make some calls. You know how much he loves to come to the movies with you.”

Paris shrugged her shoulders,

“Prince says she is at the beach almost every morning now. He acts like he doesn’t see them together but Daddy talks to her a lot.”

Grace held her hand as they shuffled down the aisle and once again took their seats, finally realizing that the children were much more aware of their surroundings now than ever before.


Saadiya fought to keep her eyes open, as Michael lightly sucked on her breast as they lay together in bed.Daddy Bites finger

Lifting his head he asked,

“Did you enjoy your afternoon?”

Stretching cat like for a moment she pulled his face back to her body,

“Yes Darling…as always. Let’s lay here till night time. Let me put you to sleep.”

Michael’s large hand caressed her, his thumb moving lightly over her nipple before his tongue followed languidly behind.

“Mmmmm, I can’t, the kids will be home soon. We have to get up. You have to…we have to get dressed.”

Sliding down in the bed, Saadiya found his lips as her body began to grind against him.

He pushed away though, resisting her advances even though he wanted to bury himself deep inside of her again and again.

Michael stood suddenly and tossed her dress to her as she sat up and gazed at him seductively.

“Get dressed, I mean it.”

He had already pulled on a pair of jeans and a white t-shirt before stepping into the bathroom to freshen up.

Saadiya waited for him to finish and let him see her walk naked to the bathroom to get dressed. He heard the shower start and laughed knowing that she was plotting for him to join her. Finally, knowing that he was not giving in to her advances… she got dressed and joined him in the living room just as Grace and the kids returned from the movies.

Blanket was the first to find his Father’s lap and Saadiya watch from afar as the children explained to Michael all about the movie and what snacks they had eaten. Grace was silent but her eye contact with Saadiya was unmistaken, even Michael noticed it and eventually pulled her aside in the kitchen.

“Why do you have to be like this all the time?”

The roll from her eyes was unmistakable,

“Why do YOU have to be like this all the time?

Michael crossed his arms pursing his lips before he answered,

“It’s really none of your business who my friends are…Grace.”

“Except she’s not your friend. She’s some kind of crazy slu…woman and if you are sleeping with her Michael it could get you and the children in all kinds of problems here. Have you thought about that?”

Rubbing his face he exclaimed,

“What makes you think I’m sleeping with her?”

Shaking her head Grace was cut short by the phone ringing,

“You must think I’m a fool…”

Michael stormed out of the kitchen,

“If that’s for me I’m not available.”

The kids were playing in their rooms and Michael sat down with Saadiya just as his cell phone began to ring. Ignoring it he softly said,

“I’m sorry I left you alone, I had to take care of something with the Nanny.”

Saadiya replied,

“It’s fine…I got to hear about the movie from the kids.”

Again the phone began to ring and Michael got an irritated look on his face.

“What is going on?”

Just as he said it Grace once again entered the living room.

“It’s for you Michael.”

“I already told you I didn’t want to speak to anyone.”

“I think you might want to take this call.”

Michael stood and once again he had his jaw clenched in frustration.


Grace interrupted,

“It’s your doctor in Santa Monica….it is important.”

Instantly his face softened and he froze for a moment.

“Is she, are they…is everything all right?”

Shaking her head, Grace answered.

“I don’t know Michael. She said it was urgent.”

Saadiya could see the instant change in him as he reached for the phone and wondered what had happened.

“Heh…hey girl…how are you? Is everything ok? Did she get in trouble again?”

Saadiya stood and moved to Michael when she saw the color drain from his face.

“What time, when…today? Oh my God, I…I, you know I loved him Lex.”

She could see the tears forming in his eyes and went to hug him.

Without thinking, Michael reacted pushing her away,

“Get off of me, leave me alone girl.”

Grace watched as he stumbled off to the bedroom, slamming the door… still on the phone to Lexi with Saadiya left behind.

Grace watched and there was a long silence until she finally stated,

“You didn’t think you were the only one did you?”

Saadiya turned to look at Grace.

“What happened?”

Grace shook her head and picked up one of the children’s toys,

“I don’t know what the news was but she’s the one. The one he always goes back to. The one who he trusts with his life, the one he’s loved for years.”

The shaking of Saadiya’s hands was visible as she sat down, the realization that he might not have fallen in love with her hadn’t crossed her mind.

“I don’t understand, he, he never mentioned anyone….else.”

The cynical laughter that came from Grace startled Saadiya,

“He never will either, you either settle for it or leave. But she is always the one he goes back to.”

“You act like it can’t be changed.”

“It can’t, trust me.”

Grace walked off to check on dinner and Saadiya remained in the living room hoping Michael would come back to her, but the news of Bill Bray’s passing was too much for him to bear and he needed solitude. Lexi had seen Bill and his family through to the end, making sure he had the best care just like Michael had requested.


Thursday was their day together, Grace took the children out early and she had Michael to herself almost all day. This had been happening regularly since she had finally slid in to bed next to him the night of the party. Arriving early, Saadiya waited for Michael to wake up and started investigating the house. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary; the usual toys, music purchases, magazines and stacks of letters piled about randomly. Bored as she waited, Saadiya shuffled mindlessly through a thick pile of mail with nothing particularly interesting catching her eye until she reached the bottom. It was there that she saw an old Christmas card with a Santa Monica return address neatly scripted on the envelope. Her memory took her back to a few days before when Grace told Michael that it was his Doctor from Santa Monica on the phone. Grace’s warning echoed in her ears and she reached in and drew out the card. Upon opening it, a picture fell to the floor and Saadiya found it to be of a young girl, beautiful with large soulful brown eyes. Staring at the picture she found it riveting and it was hard to tear herself away and read what was written in the card.



Look how grown up she is now. Every day it seems like she gets older, wiser and more beautiful. Enjoy this school picture…we only have so many.

Loving and missing you.

Lexi and ‘lannah

Dec 2005


Saadiya stared again at the picture. Trying to grasp the concept that Michael had another woman…a family that he loved, one that he had left behind in California. Hearing him coming down the stairs she carefully placed the picture back in the envelope and put it back in the pile of mail, doing her best to remember the name on the card …the name she already hated with all her being, the name Lexi.




WMA 1Raymone slipped her coat around Michael’s shoulders as they stepped from the limo, but he hardly noticed as he listened intently on the phone to Saadiya speak to him about her day. He was only half listening as he was bored with her story. His mind was still on the craziness of the World Music Awards that had ended only an hour before. But he felt like he had to be nice to her because of how it had turned out in Bahrain. He should have been more careful, her Father was a powerful man.

Handing Raymone her coat as the elevator doors closed he whispered thank you and silently regretted throwing his Cavalli jacket in the crowd at the awards ceremony earlier. He had just been happy and excited to be back on stage and the crowd was so enthusiastic he couldn’t help himself as he responded to the love that was coming his way.

Approaching his suite at last he interrupted the phone call,

“Ok, listen…I’m back at the hotel. I need to check on the kids. They left before I did and I have to make sure they are settled in…I’ll call you later.”

Kerry, one of the security team members opened the door as Michael swept in with Raymone hot on his heels ready to discuss the night at last.

“Yes, of course…of course. We need to figure how you can come. But it was all so crazy when I left, your Father…girl you know I don’t want to have him over here hunting us both down. No…no of course not, I don’t want to go…too…long…before…we…see……oh…damn”

His eyes finally adjusted to the dimly lit interior of the living area of the suite.

“Um…I “

He slammed the phone shut; whispering softly,

“What is going….how, when did you….oh god!”

Then it was silent, all that could be heard was the labored breathing of everyone in the room. Plus the pure expectation at what would happen next hung heavy in the air. At least until Raymone broke the silence.

“Uh…I guess I will talk to you in the morning Michael. We check out at one.”

“What? Oh yeah sure. I, um I will see you then.”

Michael never even turned to look at her as she left with Kerry trailing close behind.

Her voice was soft as she spoke from her position on the sofa.

“I hope I’m not interrupting any plans you have made? Grace thought it would be a nice surprise if I came here.”

Still dressed in his black attire from earlier in the evening Lexi felt her heart beating out of her chest as she waited for him to respond. He looked handsome and healthy, a far cry from the man who had left Neverland so many months before.WMA 3

Swallowing hard, Michael did his best to try to cover his emotions. But the involuntary covering of his mouth gave him away.

“Interrupting? Girl…are you kidding me? I think I must be dreamin right now.”

He did his best to hide the film of tears that started to form in his eyes but Lexi saw their glint as he covered the distance between them with quick steps. Falling to his knees in front of her he buried his face in her lap.

“I can’t believe you are here baby, this is the best surprise ever.”

Lexi raised his face so she could see his eyes, those deep dark eyes that always spoke so much truth.

“I had to see you Michael, I couldn’t stand to be apart from you another day.”

His voice was muffled as he again buried his face against her and she held him to her body.

“What Baby, say it again?” Lexi whispered

Once again meeting her soft gaze, he kissed her tenderly before speaking.

“I will tell you later, I promise I will tell you later.”

Michael stood and brought Lexi to her feet,

“Come with me.”

Pulling him with her she smiled,

“There’s one more thing.”

She took his hand and led him across the suite and down the hall towards the kid’s room.

“Lex…Lexi is she here? Did you bring my girl?”

Stopping in front of Paris’s bedroom door, Lexi smiled brightly to Michael as she slowly opened it for him. Instead of one girl, he had now had two. Just like it was supposed to be. Not able to stop himself he rushed in and knelt down beside her, stroking her hair and softly calling her name.

“Alannah…’lannah it’s your Poppa, Poppa Michael. I’ve missed you so so much. Babygirl I’m so happy you’re here with me…you and your beautiful Mom.”

He kissed her lightly on the cheek, causing her to stir.

“Poppa, Poppa?”

“Yes…yeah Babygirl it’s me. You look so pretty. I’m so happy you’re here.”


‘lannah sat up in the bed and stared at her Father. The angry little person that Lexi had been struggling with almost nonstop for the past six months disappeared and the scared little girl that just wanted her Daddy came out with a rush of tears as he wrapped her up in his arms.

“Shh baby…shh Poppa’s here. Your Daddy’s here. I love you so much. We’re all together again, don’t worry. It’s gonna be OK now Babygirl…it’s OK.”

Lexi turned her head away, feeling like she was intruding upon their moment together. Needing her own space to gather her own emotions she stepped into the hallway.

“Daddy…dah da Daddy I’ve missed you so much.” Alannah sobbed.

Her tears soaked the front of his couture shirt but he didn’t care. They were precious and he let her cling to him until she began to breathe deeply and had drifted back off into a comfortable sleep.

Staring at his daughters for a moment as they curled up on the bed allowed him to collect himself as Lexi waited in the hallway. After a soft kiss for them both, he finally led her up the stairs and to his room. His cell phone vibrating in his pocket all the while.


Lexi LondonStanding before him she suddenly felt shy. The black dress she had picked out feeing too risqué and she wished she had put on a touch more makeup.

“What is wrong? Why you fussin?”

Michael watched Lexi anxiously arrange her hair in the mirror as he removed his jewelry.

“Nothing, I guess…I’m nervous is all.”

He came to stand behind her, bending down to wrap his arms around her out of habit.

“I’m nervous too…crazy huh?”

Lexi smiled back at him in the mirror and tilted her head to the side as his lips found her neck.

“Mmmm girl, this is everything. So sexy, god this dress…you look amazing.”

Lexi smiled slightly, glad that he liked the dress after all.

Pulling a strap down; he planted soft kisses on her shoulder, while his hand traced a soft pattern along her arm to her fingers. Lexi’s head automatically rolled back onto his chest as he gently grasped her hand in his. Her soft moan brought his lips to hers, his tongue tasting the softness of her mouth. Michael teased her, enticing her with promises of passion then taking it away as he moved again to explore her neck. Soft caresses, with traces of tongue and teeth…arousing her just as he guided their hands across her inner thigh and between her legs. Tempting and then pulling back just as she thought he would access her. Lexi’s sigh of frustration filled the air.

MAXWELL“Mmmm Babe…you really want it?”

“Yes…Si Mum ore, aye mmmm Michael aye.“

Her ass ground against him, her desire for more than a feathered touch of his hand begged him for release.

Michael ran his hands down her legs and under her dress as his tongue snaked up her neck. Pushing against him Lexi felt his fingers clutch her ass as he ground into her from behind.

“Damn I want some of this. It’s been too long..too damn long!”

Reaching behind her, Lexi pulled him close. The velvet of his pants soft against her legs.

“Take me to bed Michael.”

Her lips met his again.

“Let me show you what you’ve been missing.”

Michael smiled,

“Let’s go”

Lexi turned around and began to kiss him. Long and deep, her tongue softly sweeping and turning with his. The memory of his lips against hers coming back to them both when the vibration from his pocket began.

Stepping back she felt out of breath and woozy.

Michael stared at her wondering why she stopped, why she still had her dress on!

“What? Lex, Lexi what is it? What’s wrong?”

She took a deep breath; hands splayed by her side,

“Get it…get the phone Michael.”

“The phone?”

He shook his head and smiled incredulously,

“No, no no. We are not dealing with no phone calls right now. Come on let’s get in that bed. Look at how you got me all worked up and baby I…”

Lexi interrupted,

“Michael just talk to her, I…I know it’s your girlfriend or whatever. Just talk to her and get it over with so we can be together. She’s not going to stop calling until you do.”

Michael stared at her for several long seconds as the phone continued to ring until he finally flipped it open.

“Hello. Um yeah hey. Oh yeah, I guess we did get cut off. it’s fine. Listen I I got some people here right now.”

Lexi walked over to the bed and stared at Michael as he was talking. His eyes never leaving hers while he stammered along and she began to seductively remove her dress.

“To to tomorrow…uh uh um I don’t know. I think that Raymone said we were checking out then.”

She was down to her g-string when she settled back on the bed, waiting for him to finish.

“So, I…I um I will talk to you later. It’s kinda crazy here right now. O O Ok then bye.”

Michael stood, phone in hand staring at Lexi,

“Grace told you?”

“Does it matter anymore Michael?”

He sat down on the edge of the bed dropping the phone at his feet. Not responding right away.

Finally Lexi spoke,

“I didn’t come all this way for silence.”

Michael turned to her, his eyes moist.

“You know I love you.”

“I do know.”

“I don’t know what to tell…”

“Michael, I already knew about her when I came here…and I still came.”

Looking up at her through his long lashes he softly whispered,

“You still came?”

“I came to show you how much I love you. I came to make you remember how good we are together.”

Lexi climbed onto his lap,

“I came to make love to you better than ever.”

Upon hearing her words, Michael fell backwards on the bed. His eyes closed contemplating all that she had said.

“You should hate me.”

“Sometimes I do, but I love you more times than I hate you.”

Unbuttoning his shirt, she pulled it out of his pants. Then softly traced her fingers up and down his chest.

Lexi’s head rolled back as his hands found her breasts. His fingers tenderly outlining her hardened nipples before tugging slightly and running his thumb over its surface. Eventually he grasped them, even as his hips unconsciously thrust upwards. Finally he sat up, his mouth finding her hardened nipple and Lexi grunting softly as his teeth found their mark.

“Te, mmm te quiero tanto”

His shirt hung from his shoulders and she ran her hands up his back while lightly scratching him with her nails. The smell of his cologne stung her nostrils and made the knots in her stomach tighten with the anticipation of making love. At last, he pulled the shirt off and she fully felt the heat of his skin upon her body.

Their breathing escalated and Michael laid back again on the bed, his hands on her backside. Lexi knew what he wanted as she bent over and continued her sensuous grind against him. Echoing what he had started she flicked her tongue over his small, hardened nipple. Teasing him with her lips and teeth until she made her way down his chest, between the indentations of his rib cage where she finally paused at his waistband.

Wanting out of those pants, he pushed them down as Lexi pulled the soft fabric off his legs. Turning back to him, her dark eyes gave her away as he sprung to life in front of her. Stiff and proud it waited on her. Beckoning as much as the gaze of his deep brown eyes that lay beyond its call.

Lexi moved as if hypnotized whispering softly,

“Oh Michael….”

Strong hands found her hair, then the back of her head.

“Lex…um yessss.”

First her hand, small but strong grasped him. Stroking and caressing his flesh. He could feel her breath, she was so close…her lips so close.

“Baby…don’t tease me like that.”

On her knees in front of him, she looked wild. Her hair across her face, biting her bottom lip seductively. He could feel her squeeze as she stroked, every pass driving him mad with desire.

Blazing eyes stared into his and she huskily asked,

“Is this what you wanted?”

Just as she ran the tip across her lips. He could see the moisture he left behind on her bottom lip and a twinge ran through his hips when her tongue snuck out to remove it from her mouth.

“Lex…girl, you’re gonna make me come now if you don’t stop.”

Smiling knowingly she pushed her hair back,

“I have no intention of stopping…yet.”

….then sunk down on his throbbing member.

“Ahhhhh gahhhd”

He cried, ensnaring her face with both hands. Even as he rose back to a sitting position on the bed.

Sucking hard as she came back up, she focused on the head. Twisting and turning her lips and tongue under and around as her hand stroked with steady pressure. Then she dropped all the way back to his base. Bobbing up and down as he pulled her hair aside to watch. Soon saliva covered him and he slowly started to grind as she worked him.

Looking up into his eyes he watched as she ran her lips underneath.

“Damn…babe that’s sooo…”

Michael closed his eyes, gritting his teeth as he tried to keep from coming too soon.

Seeing how close he was Lexi paused, slowly stroking his tip with her tongue.

“Are you ready?”

Leaning back on one hand, he opened his eyes and stared at her. Slowly running his fingers through her hair.

“You make me crazy.”

Lexi once again sunk down on him and he shuddered.

“Lex…fuc…how do I answer that ques…that question? Mmmm, yeah mmm yeah I am, of course.”

Her head dipped and he pushed up with his hips once again,

“But, but not yet. I wanna be with you. Stop…gahd, Lex stop for now.”

Pulling up slowly one last time, Lexi met his gaze and Michael softly murmured,

“I sure hope I don’t regret that.”

Boldly wiping her mouth with the back of her hand Lexi joined him on the bed where he reached out for her and took her in his arms.

As he explored her body, he planted tender kisses down her chest taking extra time to suck on each breast. Enough time to bring each nipple to a hard marble like point between his lips.

She was lost. Lost to his lips, lost to his hands. Anticipating what was going to happen when he moved to hold her close.

His voice was deep and low when he finally spoke.

“Down…downstairs. You asked me what I said.”

He kissed her gently.

“You remember Alexis?”

Her eyes seemed huge to him as she nodded,

“I…I told you. Baby I told you that you smell like home.”

Once again she saw his eyes start to gloss over with unshed tears.

“You smell like home, and…and you taste like home.”

Lexi felt his emotions, he meant what he said to her. All the months away, the time with no family but the kids. She knew in his own crazy way that he loved her.

He sat up and moved between her legs, his eyes never leaving hers.

“…and I know that you feel like home too.”

As he said that he entered her, easing into her space as her cry of rapture echoed throughout the room

“Michael…oh god Michael”

“Mi Vida..”

He spoke as he stroked her steadily,

“Mi Vida…”

Wrapping her legs around his hips, Lexi rolled with him. His use of her mothers language sending shivers up her spine. Sweat beaded on her forehead and he aroused her with the words he spoke as he thrust.

“I think about you everyday.”

His voice became strained as he neared his completion.

“Everyday, baby. I do love you. Look at me. Look at ME!”

The heat had begun deep inside for Lexi and she stared up into his eyes.

“Oh god…I’m gonna come.”

His eyes widened, as he clutched her tight. Both of them burning with fire and overheated with passion.

“Mi Vida,  Alexis do you understand?”

Her hands flew to his face,

“I do…I do Michael, I understand.”

Neither of them could speak any longer, only their bodies moving perfectly together until at last he spilled inside of her, together with her own intense climax they collapsed complete and fulfilled.


holding handsMichael whispered into her hair as she laid in his arms.

“I meant it all ya know.”

“I know.”

“Will you go back to Ireland with us?”

“For a few days.”

Moving to read her face, he vowed.

“I..I..I’m not in love with her.”

“It wouldn’t matter if you were Michael. We are what we are. I am what I am. I guess I’ve finally figured out my place in your life.”

“Your place? What do you mean your place?”

Looking at him calmly, she was as in love with him as ever and he could see it.

“Michael, I’m not leaving you. I can’t, I have to protect ‘lannah. But even if I married you there would still be a Flower, or a Diana, or a Melissa.”

Michael looked puzzled,

“Grace called her Flower?”

Trying not to look perturbed Lexi replied,

“Listen, she was looking out for us…’lannah and me.”

“ I understand, I guess. I mean I am so glad you are here.”

Lexi stood and walked to the bathroom, pausing before she entered.

“Yes, we will go with you to Ireland for a few days. Alannah needs to spend time with you, and I…”

Her eyes again misted with tears,

“I miss you with all my heart.”

“Mi Vida Lex…always.”


gif Daddy Mike gifShe liked using the back door of the hotel. It was so much easier than the front, especially with the crowd that had camped there. The parking attendants surprisingly held her limo up for some time and eventually she climbed out to walkup the driveway to enquire what the holdup might be.

As she stood at the bottom of the driveway she saw Grace with Prince and Paris. Glad to see them so conveniently available she began to walk their direction. However it was then that she saw her. The girl from the picture holding hands with a beautiful woman who had Blanket on her hip. A woman who was all smiles and kisses for the children. A woman who took the girl to the second SUV, Michael’s SUV. Saadiya fumed inside, he had lied last night. She came to surprise him and he had been with this woman. Fucking this woman, this piece of trash.

Returning to the limo, she shook with anger.

“Please follow that 2nd vehicle.”

Dialing his phone she cleared her voice.

“Hello Michael, did you have a good evening?”

“Oh, your business went well after the award?”

“Michael, can I see you soon? I thought I might travel to London.”

“Today? You are traveling back today? Well I will come there.”

“Oh, very well then. I understand. I hope that your studio time goes well for you.”

“Safe journey. I miss you.”

Hanging up the phone she dabbed her eyes with a tissue before calling for the driver once more.

“Never mind, take me to Harrods. I wish to go shopping.”

The limo backed into the road and slowly began to leave the area. Looking once more she caught a glimpse of Michael as he walked to the SUV. The smile on his face like none she had ever seen before.

It struck her again as she drove away…

Like none she had ever seen before….


To Be Continued…

story end

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By Karin Heynen on January 26th, 2015 at 1:39 am

wow , this is awesome , so glad he met back up with Lexi , you can see the confidence on Lexi’s part , she knows Michael is hers , no one can come between them and the true love they share , even with thousands of miles between, that love is secure .
So now the flame of jealousy is burning brightly with Saadiya …wow , eager to se what will happen there .
Great update , really really loved it 🙂

LOL!!! This chapter had me laughing out loud. Firstly, I loved how Grace read Saadiya, and told her the Lexi is the woman of Michael’s life and he always returns to her..
That’s right Grace.. Let’s Saadiya know her place. Saadiya needs to have a seat and a bottle of water because she is nothing but a thirsty hoe.

Secondly, Lexi had me rolling when she acknowledge that Michael will always have his side chicks, but she not leaving him. She will never leave him. Can’t blame her on that one. She has the earned the rightful place of being his Queen. So all aide chick need to take several seats. LOL. She mentioned “Flower”. OMG!! I cannot believe you went there DPYT…. Lexi also had to bring up Melissa. Major side eye to that tramp Melissa… Overral great chapter.

Thanks Ladies, glad you enjoyed it. Love that you saw the humor and also guts it took for Lexi to put her pride aside and just go with her heart. It’s either play or be played…

Damn Lexi really loves him to stay. Even after he cheats on her. I would have left and make him beg for me to come back. But anyway love this chapter. Please continue

Girl….yes!! Love that him and Lexi are together again. And love that she’s come to a place of acceptance with how he and how his life is.
He looked SO good and was so happy at that awards ceremony. And looking so healthy.

And good riddance to that ho Saadiyah. She’s getting stalker-ish now!
And as usual girl, the hot parts are hot as ever, just like they should be! Lol.
Keep the great stories coming!

By Shaylovesmj on February 12th, 2015 at 5:36 am


By Shaylovesmj on February 12th, 2015 at 5:41 am
By Shaylovesmj on February 12th, 2015 at 5:42 am

YES!!! MIKE AND LEXI ARE BACK!!! *DRUMROLLS* AAAAAND SAADIYA ISSS ……..*Shrugs* be’n a Hater (Whomp whoomp whoommpp)

I’m not liking her right now, AND I’m about to straight front on her while MY Mike and MY Lexi are together, because it seems like she’s gonna do some weirdo shiid soon. LOL!



Thank you D :D!!!


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