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New Beginnings X

Michael Jackson Fan Fiction: for Dangerous PYT’s

New Beginnings X

November 1991

Lexi stared at him holding the pack of birth control pills in his hand and froze. She wanted nothing more than to have a family, nothing more than to spend the rest of her life with him. But that was just it…would she be sharing HER life, or living his. Michael popped it open and saw the final two pills that were left in the pack and smiled, “We can start soon. Say you will? Have my baby Lexi…have our baby I mean.”  


As if on cue the telephone rang, disturbing the moment and temporarily delaying the conversation. Moving past him to the bedroom she picked up the receiver and was surprised to hear a familiar voice on the other end of the line.

“Yes, of course you can come over….”

Michael sighed and closed the door to the bathroom and climbed in the shower, assuming Bernadette was coming to visit. He wanted nothing more than to finish their talk and to let her know that all he wanted was her to be with him at Neverland and on the upcoming tour. She didn’t have to work, or go to school or take care of her family…he could do all of it for her. All she had to do was be with him and they could have their family.

 Remembering how excited he was preparing to be a Father with Hunter it physically hurt to feel the twist in his belly at how cruel fate had been when it all was stolen away. He hadn’t even told Lexi that the anniversary of Hunter’s accident was the same day as the Black or White short film premiere and all the pressure coming from everyone about the ending was only adding to what he was already dealing with. Seeing Brette at the clinic and the memorial on the wall finally brought it all to the surface. Turning up the hot water he leaned his arms forward on the shower wall and let the pressure beat upon his back praying it would ease up the tension he felt building up inside. He kept trying to resist the temptation to medicate it away…but it was becoming harder and harder.


Leaving the bathroom he found that Lexi had laid out his clothes on the bed and he couldn’t be more disappointed knowing that she expected him to join her and her sister. Hoping they could rush away from Bernadette and get back to their conversation Michael dressed quickly to meet Lexi in the living room. Not finding her in the house he stepped out to the back yard thinking they might be in the apartment, but he was surprised to see Lexi walking back towards him with his Brother Jackie. “What are you doing here? I thought you were in Las Vegas?” Literally feeling his blood pressure begin to rise he tried to remain calm waiting for Jackie’s reply.  “Mother called me Mike, she is worried about you.” Seeing Michael’s jaw clench Lexi was concerned there might be a scene, “Jackie would you like something to drink…are you hungry?” “No I’m alright, thanks though. Do you have a minute Michael? I want to talk to you.” Glancing over at Lexi, Michael’s demeanor was evident on his face. “Lexi and I are kind of in the middle of something right now, you and I need to do this some other time.” Graciously turning to Lexi Jackie apologized, “I am sorry to take him away from you, but I will have him right back, I promise.” Putting his arm around Michael’s shoulders he turned him around and walked back towards the apartment. “How did you get her number?” Michael’s raised voice could be heard by Lexi as she shut the doors to the house. “She gave me her Mom’s number before I left The Ranch in July, when I called over there her Mom gave me this number.” Rubbing his hand over his mouth and jaw Michael stared at Jackie, “Why are you here? Is it about Jermaine or something else?” Jackie sat down on the loveseat and stared at his Brother intently, “You look tense Mike, what’s going on with you? “Are you serious Jackie? Really?” Michael put his hands on his hips and stared at his brother daring him to come clean with the reason for his visit. After a long moment of silence Michael spoke again, “Yeah, I guess tense is a good word for it. So what do you want? Lexi is waiting for me.” Raising his eyebrows Jackie shook his head slightly and spoke, “Well Mother heard about the video…” “Oh no, no no no, Not you too! That’s it, I am leaving. Tell Mother that I am fine and the short film is fine and I don’t need everybody running my life.” With that he spun on his heel and left Jackie sitting alone in the apartment. Looking around the room Jackie said to himself, “Well I guess he’s fine then.”

Sliding open the patio door Michael came flying in the house as Lexi stood in the kitchen, “I want French Doors put in here, I hate those sliding doors.” With that he walked past her and down the hall to the bedroom where he slammed the door leaving her open mouthed and wondering what had happened. Jackie soon joined her and shrugged his shoulders, “Thanks, he um…says he is fine. I don’t believe him. He looks and acts really stressed out. Try to be there for him Lexi, he won’t talk to us. Even Mother, he hasn’t called her lately. She is worried about him.” Lexi raised her eyebrow and asked, “He isn’t calling your Mother? Are you sure”?  “Not very often, let’s just hope it is because of the new album. Listen I will let you go, I am sure he is in there wondering where you are.” Reaching down he gave her a quick hug, “Take care of my Brother girl, I really do love him.” “I know you do. So do I Jackie…so do I.”

“I’ll see you around.” He said softly as she entered the bedroom. “What…where…Michael, where are you going.” Lexi was amazed to see him with his jacket on and reaching for his packed bag on the bed. “I have to get away, I can’t take it anymore. It’s just too much.” Picking up the bag he tried to push his way past her but she blocked the door with her body. “Michael, I don’t know what happened between you two out there, but please don’t take it out on me.”  His eyes turned dark as he looked at her up and down, “What the hell are you doing giving my Brother your phone number?” Shaking her head she tried to answer but he cut her off, “You know what, save it Alexis; women don’t just give Jackie Jackson their phone number for the hell of it. What has Antoine not come around lately and so you want to get it on with Jackie?”  Slowly closing her eyes she reached back for the door knob and opened it slowly. As she stepped aside she never said a word but simply held her hand out for him to pass. Eventually she heard the garage door open and the truck pull away, and this time she didn’t care that he was gone.

He was on the way to Neverland when he stopped in Ventura at an all night diner that didn’t look too busy. After sitting a moment in the parking lot he saw that there was just a waitress and police officer inside and thought he would give it a try. He just wanted something to go and some juice. Parking close to the door he pulled his coat up and found a ball cap in the back of the truck and tucked his hair underneath it to better disguise his appearance and dashed inside. The officer barely acknowledged him as he made his way to the back of the diner and sat down in a booth and held the menu up to his face. Soon he sensed the presence of the waitress as she set down his glass of water and table wear. “Hello Michael, good to see you again.” Michael slowly looked up underneath his cap into the face of Kim.  

“I am surprised to see you in a place like this? I know you can’t really go out and all.” Kim’s appearance and soft voice had caught him off guard. “Uh, um hi…yeah I was just on my way home and it looked safe here. How are you?” Michael seemed to sink lower in the seat and self consciously pulled his hat down as he spoke. “We have a pretty good fried chicken special tonight, can you eat that? It won’t take me long to get it out to you?” Nodding his head he handed her the menu, “That will be fine and some juice…to go please.” Kim walked away leaving Michael to wonder how much worse the night could get. It was fairly obvious that she didn’t want to speak to him and he really couldn’t blame her either. He had promised her he would call and that was the last he had been in contact with her. Covering his face with his hands he felt embarrassed by how he had acted. She was a nice girl and probably didn’t deserve that kind of treatment. “Michael, can I talk to you for a second?” Her voice made him jump, “Sure, of course you can.” Kim glanced at a car that made a u-turn in the parking lot and pulled away before she spoke, “I just wanted to thank you for paying off Steve that night, you probably don’t remember it…but it really helped me out.” Michael smiled shyly, “Yeah I remember, you didn’t get back with him did you?” “No! No, I was able to get away from him for good after that. That’s why I wanted to thank you. I’m going to school now, everything is good. You really did a nice thing, I want to pay you back if I can.”?  His eyes roamed down to the front of her blouse casually.  “What time do you get done here Kim?” “Not long, about thirty minutes.” Kim stared back and took a long deep breath. “Meet me at our beach, it’s kind of cold but no one should be there right now.” Reaching down he touched her hand lightly until a bell rang from somewhere beyond the counter breaking the tension and she said, “Your order is ready; let me get you out of here.”

Michael sat in the truck once again at the little beach and nervously waited as the lights of her car turned in the parking lot. It was almost Déjà vu as she sprang out of her vehicle and grabbed the cans of beer and hopped in his truck. Popping the tops open she handed him a can and opened one for herself. “Cheers, Mr. Jackson, to old times.” Without hesitation he took a large swallow and then another, relishing in the taste of the grains and barley as they made their way down his throat. “How have you been? I heard your song on the radio…it’s catchy.” Michael shrugged before answering, “The last few months have been rough, but I don’t want to talk about any of that. Let’s just hang out. Come on, bring the beer…let’s go down to the water.” Walking down to the beach they both realized how cold it was and Kim laughed as she said, “Please don’t splash me this time, I might catch pneumonia.” Smiling at her he finished his beer and opened another as they continued walking, “Look come over here, those rocks will keep the wind off of us.” Climbing between an outcropping of rocks Michael pulled her in and laughed, “See isn’t that better? I won’t let you blame your pneumonia on me.”  Laughing at his humor she watched as he took off his jacket and placed it around her shoulders, “Thanks, it smells good. Like how I remember you Michael.” Michael moved closer, “You still remember how I smell girl?” Not backing away from him she whispered quietly, “I remember everything…everything.”

Michael felt oddly dizzy as he moved closer to her, it was impossible to resist her soft, wet lips as she looked up at him with such longing. Moving his mouth upon hers he heard her sigh in expectation. Her body pushed against him and their hands began to explore each other’s bodies. Tongues delved and clashed as they hungered for an escape from their chaotic lives. Kim unzipped him and slid her hand inside to feel his hardening shaft. “Oh god, Michael I want you so much.” Sliding his hands down her back he felt her slim slight figure and suddenly came to his senses. “Kim…girl, Kim I can’t do this. I mean I want to do this, you are so beautiful and you know I like you. But I am with someone…I love her. I don’t want to mess it up.” Kim pushed him away, “Why do you always reject me? What the hell is so awful about me Michael?” Zipping up his pants he turned his back to her, “It’s not you, it just seems like every time I see you…I am a mess.” Turning back around he held her close, “Please don’t sell yourself short, and believe me…you are beautiful and sweet. Any man should feel honored to have you in his life.” “I guess I probably won’t see you again will I?” Kim looked at him with questioning eyes. Stroking her face he replied softly, “Probably not, I doubt it.” I have to go now.” Bending down he gave her one last passionate kiss before pulling his jacket around her shoulders and walking away. Kim walked to the water’s edge wondering again why she wasn’t good enough for a man like Michael. Taking a long deep sniff of the scent of his jacket she felt something heavy along the inside pocket. As she reached in she was alarmed to find several thousand dollars buried inside. Turning around to the parking lot she started to run to catch him before he left and briefly heard him yell back, “Keep the jacket Kim, I don’t need it.”

Watching her sleep with the moonlight streaming across her face he realized how close he was to losing her again. Not only had he accused her of wanting to be with his Brother but he had almost betrayed her trust tonight on the beach in Ventura. Quietly undressing he slipped into the bed and pulled her near. “Lexi, Lex…it’s me. I love you so much. Don’t be mad. Please forgive me. I can’t be without you.” Opening her eyes she curled up beside him and buried her head in his neck, “I love you too; I want to have your baby you know. Michael…give me a baby.” She felt his hot tears as he pulled her face up to his, “I will girl, we will have our baby.” Gathering her in his arms he thanked God for the gift that was given to him the night she came into his life and finally after weeks of trying he finally fell into a peaceful sleep.

Walking in the kitchen Michael wiped the sleep out of his eyes as Lexi hung up the phone. “Good morning sleepy head, I made you some eggs and toast.” Eyeing the eggs he thought back to the fried chicken he had the night before and realized he wasn’t very hungry but decided he better do his best to eat them before she asked too many questions. “Thanks, can I have some juice or something. I am kind of thirsty.” Lexi set his glass down and joined him at the table. “Michael that was the hospital on the phone, they want to do the transplant for Julia on Monday. Can you make time today to meet with the donor?” Stirring the eggs around on his plate he was lost in thought, “Hey, Michael…can you meet her today?” He looked up at her with his large dark brown eyes and took her hand, “I’m sorry for last night. I was real stupid and I shouldn’t have said those things to you.” Lexi sat back in her chair with a deep sigh, “We seem to keep having the same fight babe. I am not out there with anybody else; please…PLEASE get that through your head.” Images of Kim in his arms flashed through his mind and he flushed bright red as he tried to speak, “Lexi, I am just a victim of circumstance. Please know that I am learning every day how to live in a relationship. I guess I never really had a good example all these years to follow. I know I am hard to deal with, but know that I love you. I DO love you.” Reaching over she lifted his chin up, “I know you do Michael, why do you think I told you I want to have your baby?” His smile was brilliant and wide and she felt her heart jump as he looked at her with so much warmth behind it, “So you really meant it then?” “Of course I meant it; I want a houseful. We can have our own band; they can play Tejano R&B, The Nuevo Jacksons.” Finally he laughed out loud and pulled her out of her chair and into his lap, “I have thought about recording a song in Spanish you know?” Lexi moved his hair away from his face and kissed him lightly on his forehead, “Really? Now which one would we lucky Hispanic’s be blessed with sir?” Suddenly shy he stammered a bit, “I, um…I don’t know a ballad maybe, so I could say it right. Maybe Lady in my Life…or I Just Can’t Stop Loving You, yeah probably that one cause….” His mouth found her neck and he began to place tender kisses up towards her ear where he softly whispered, “cause it reminds me of you.”

Lexi’s exhale was evident as he imprisoned her mouth with his. Gently he pulled her lower lip between his teeth and bit down slightly before sucking it back in between his lips. Her hands ran up his arms and across the expanse of his collarbone before grasping his hair and pulling him in closer. “I don’t want to stop loving you, not now…or ever Michael.” Her words seemed to bring him to life as he slowly slid his fingertips under her robe and across her nipples. The calling of the songbirds outside the window added to the scene and patterns of light reflected off of them as they rediscovered their desire for each other. Pushing her robe aside he pushed her breast up and sucked readily. Bending down as she pulled him to her chest, she tenderly kissed the top of his head breathing in the scent of his hair and reveling in the feel of his mouth on her body. The coolness of his breath as he blew across her now erect nipples caused her to shiver and gasp audibly before she pulled him close again. Michael rolled his tongue over her breast flicking and rubbing his lips against her now taut nipples. He felt her body respond to his ministrations and could tell that she was becoming wetter and wetter by the moment. “Oh god Michael, it turns me on so much to hear you do it like that. I want you so much..Already.” Taking her hand he brought it to his crotch and began to rub it across his stiffening shaft. “I want you too girl, stand up. I want to be inside you.” Lexi stood and removed her panties as he pulled open his robe. Looking down she saw that eyes were on fire with passion and fire as she rose above him only to make him wait as she brushed along his tip with her slickly wet lips. “C’mon girl…give it to me. I need you.” Michael’s face was twisted with desire and he pulled on her hips trying to force her down. “How much do you need me? A lot?” Lexi plunged down onto him and squeezed hard with her muscles before standing again, “…or a little?”She slowly lowered herself down upon him and made small bouncing motions up and down upon just his tip over and over as she watched him bite his bottom lip between his teeth, before standing again and waiting for his answer. “Lexi…girl…oh god, I need you a lot and a little. Please I’m begging you, I need you. I want you right now.” Finding the strength he grasped her firmly by the hips and pulled her down on top of him sinking all the way to his base. Her cry of pleasure mixed with his and they began to move steadily in time with each other. “Wrap your arms around me; I don’t want to drop you.” Michael pushed back in the chair and laid her on the floor where he finally found the depth he was looking for. “I’m so glad that you are mine Lexi, I love you so much.” Lifting her legs up to his chest he pushed deep inside rolling into her over and over while she bucked her hips in rhythm with him. Taking her hair he pulled her face close to his, “Don’t ever leave me Alexis; I have to have you. Promise me.” Michael’s lovemaking became almost frantic as he claimed her on the floor, “Promise me!” Clutching at him she felt her fire rise as she began to reach her peak, “Michael I promise, ahhh I promise.” Tightening walls grasped him as she spoke her words and he looked into her eyes and saw a truth he was searching for, a truth he had prayed for. As her wetness covered him he closed his eyes and released into her, a burning hope of desire and closeness that he was content to share with only her.

Lexi could feel her skin sticking to the floor of the dining room as her sweat soaked body laid underneath Michael, but she dared not move. He looked so content and happy. A look she had rarely seen on his face. A look she hoped to keep there forever.

To be continued.

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By iam_music on April 2nd, 2010 at 1:37 pm

They are a beautiful thing.. but I don’t like how Michael almost cheated on Lexi. I hope they can build an even stronger foundation, and conceive a child.

Bravo! Another genius entry! The thing about your writing is that it doesn’t matter how long or short your stories are because it’s the substance that grabs hold of us and makes us forget that we’re not actually reading real events unfolding before our eyes.

My thoughts…I loved the exchange between Michael and Jackie. You have a very fluid and natural way of writing Michael’s voice as well as the rest of the family. You really know how to capture the “royal Jackson dynasty” in your writing! 🙂 LOL @ Jackie muttering to himself sarcastically “Well, I guess he’s fine then.” Hahaha! Also, LOVED the line, “women don’t just give Jackie Jackson their phone number for the hell of it.” I gotta agree with Mike on that one…has Lexi seen his beautiful abs? That muscular, tall, hell of a man?! I’m 100% with you on that one Jealous Mike! Haha

Wait wait wait…KIM IS BACK!?! That totally caught me by surprise! Uh oh…this can’t be good. And then came this line “Meet me at OUR beach, it’s kind of cold but no one should be there.” That was just all kinds of wrong and I smell major trouble. (Also, “OUR” beach huh Kim? Yikes! Please Michael don’t pull a Joe Jackson!)

Ok, I admit…I feel bad for Kim because she does always meet Mike at the most inconvenient times and Michael wasn’t exactly denying her flirtatious gestures in the beginning. Buuuut, of course I am lookin’ out for my girl Lexi and thus, Kim you are old news. LOL (poor girl, but please lord don’t let her be someone that runs to the tabloids!!) Just wanted to also point out to Michael’s subcUnscious thoughts “not only had he accused her of wanting to be with his brother but he had ALMOST betrayed her trust tonight.” Now, Michael darling…I am proud of you for realizing your mistake and stopping yourself before you went too far, but in my book- doing anything AT ALL is cheating. There was no “almost”…you still betrayed her no matter how little you actually engaged in. (Just my opinion)

Two thumbs up for working in the idea of recording IJCSLY in Spanish for Lexi! Haha great call! Loved that! Lastly, I think I’ll end my comment with this wonderful quote of yours, “Lexi could feel her skin sticking to the floor of the dining room as her sweat soaked body laid underneath Michael…” Need I say more? I didn’t think so! 🙂


Thanks so much for the comments guys.

I wish I could express how much it means to me to know that you all are enjoying the stories and the new site.

Erica and I really worked hard to make it not only and visually impactful place, but one that would reflect upon Michael too. (Yeah even if it is based on Adult Fan Fiction).

Tonight we rolled over 20 thousand hits and I am truly amazed that a simple idea for a single sexy train ride for Michael turned into all of this.

To all the DH’s I love you and thanks for all your support.

Eri, you are the bomb

To the heffa’s of LSA, thanks for making me laugh and think

Maria what would I do without you and Bullfrog

Nana…I miss you. Maybe one day you will see this.

S…I love our emails, but you know that

NG…come out and play girl

DangerousPYT!! Loving the new part of this story…just damn at Kim commin back I was like WTF! Lol aww him and lexi are too cute…hope she gets preggers aha….keep em comming hun! =)

By NightGarden on April 6th, 2010 at 11:46 am

Hey miss DangerousPYT,
congrats on the new home: it’s lovely! *brings in well-wishing plant*
I see this story is developing fast, uh? Poor Kim is back and this time she wasn’t even able to catch a glimpse of *ehm* Paradise 😉
And boy…this man knows how to make love, doesn’t he?
Keep up the good work!

First of all I want to say, that I love the new home! Very cozzy and lovely! But girl your last story is just… I’m speechless! Awesome! I love everything about it… Very authentic and very passionate… Mhhhhhh…. I love Michael’s moods and his unpredictable ways… Love his passion, and his lovemaking…. I am officially addicted to your stories… Please please go on gurl! What happen next?
Wow wow wow… 🙂


I have no way to PM you. But you can email me or discuss it right here in comments hon…

for contact info

Ok, Kim is a certified hotti but I am happy Michael decided not to go for the goods!!
He’s a horny man but not a dog!!

Oh my I can imagine him saying “Have our baby” oMG I just fainted….

Also I love how detailed the stories are. From the movements of the body parts to the conversations between each character, well done. It’s so well written I feel like I can place myself at that very moment in the stories.

Thanks for all the hard work.

Awww my Cuppie, you are so welcome. It means so much knowing that for a few minutes everyone can escape from the everyday and hang out in that “place” with Michael.

Kind of keeps him with us…in a way.

I still miss him so much

These stories are so intriguing. I’m a newcomer, but I found myself intranced by them. Really. So good, and how they seem to reflect those very moments in Michael’s life (that we wish we knew!) But really, the creativity and flow of the stories is really good. Please don’t ever stop!!! As you said, it does kinda keep him here with us. I think I can speak for all us PYT’s when I say we definitely miss him! And poor Kim, but Lexi’s got that special thang…hopefully he won’t go anywhere…who knows???

Well you may be new here, but as long as you are reading the stories you are one of us girl! Thank you so much for the input and the whole idea I had when this first came about was to more or less fill in some blanks. So hey…maybe it is helping a bit. Even if it is a creatively generated blank, right? LOL

It is all done out of LOVE


Your blog theme looks awsome. What template did you use ?


Interesting article i totally agree with the other comments. Keep writing

Hey bnid1j3w7raklqu2489b, very interesting post, it really got me thinking. c3pwpwr2ug ew539tdcbn Thank you. dw9el99w9m

LOL Im sorry but when Jackie said, “Well i guess he’s fine then.”

I’m re-reading since I don’t have school fulltime anymore 🙂



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