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After The Thrill Is Gone III

After The Thrill Is Gone III

FALL 2006

after the thrill is gone Art Michael_Jackson_by_admhire

Returning back to his seat in the G-IV, Michael acknowledged Lexi who lightly stroked Blanket’s hair as he lay asleep in her lap. Prince and Paris who also lay sleeping, sat just behind them with Grace keeping a watchful eye on them both.

Whispering quietly he said. “They are out, I think the Benadryl helped.”

Smiling softly Lexi looked down at Blanket before replying, “I knew it would but I hate that it made them so tired. I want to spend all the time I can with them.”

Michael’s eyes met hers for a moment and she knew that he was silently asking her to stay with him in Ireland. She tried to hold his gaze but it was broken when Alannah broke in by asking,

“Poppa, are you sure the Emancipation Proclamation was in 1863?”

After the thrill is gone jetShe looked up at him pencil in hand, her face confident that he knew every answer she might need to finish her report on Abraham Lincoln. Forced to look away from Lexi, he turned to his daughter and answered.

“Yes..yes that is correct. It was on New Year’s Day. A very, very important day ‘lannah.”

Alannah wrote quietly for a moment, and Michael found his eyes roving up Lexi’s bare leg to the soft part of her thigh where his son’s head now lay so innocently sleeping.

He flashed back to the night before when he had entered her, how it hadn’t just been physical but emotional to connect with her again. Something that Saadiya nor any other woman since Lisa had been able to provide him. It ached inside to feel it, and to know that she was leaving him again when all they could ever want was just waiting to be lived.

“Poppa, Mom says our family was slaves is that true?”

Startled from his thoughts, Michael turned back to ‘lannah. “Um, she told you that?”

As Michael began to explain the history of the family to his daughter Lexi stood, laying Blanket safely on the seat. Engrossed in his conversation, Michael vaguely noticed Lexi retrieve a black case out of storage and move to the bathroom with it. It wasn’t until he had finished with his long history lesson did he notice that she was still gone and he suddenly realized what it was that Lexi had in her hand. The black kit, the awful holder of demons from what seemed like so long ago was in her hands and she was in the bathroom using…again.


Wiping her forehead Lexi was very distracted, it even had a name….Michael, and he was the same distraction that had led her to forget her breathing treatment that morning before she left the hotel room. While he had never bothered to ask about her health, she never the less felt good since connecting with him the evening before. Coughing hard a few times, she wrapped the plastic tubing around the machine and packed it in the familiar black case, her hands still shaking from the medicine as she pulled an inhaler aside and attempted to organize the kit.          after the thrill is gone 3

His knock was soft upon the door.

“Lex…Lexi. Are you alright?”

Taking a deep breath she stared into the mirror.

“Yea..yes. Give me a minute.”

Michael heard the unsteadiness in her voice, recognized the tone leading him to feel sick inside. A feeling in the pit of his stomach he hadn’t felt in sometime.

His voice became more stressed, “Open the door, Lex let me in.”

Wiping her eyes with her free hand she glanced over at the lavatory door and realized she carelessly left it unlocked just as it slammed open.

He saw fear, recognizing it on a gut level. Hell he lived it daily. The fear of being caught red-handed and it made him hurt inside for her.

She saw anger, she recognized it from stuffing it deep down…from living with it for years and the realization that she saw it on his face scared the hell out of her.

“Give it to me!” He said between clenched teeth. “What the fuck do you think you are doing?”

Michael pulled the lavatory door closed and slid the occupied locking mechanism across.

Without thinking she thrust her hands behind her back, not wanting him or anyone else to know the extent of her illness.

“Get out, leave me alone.” Her voice sounded desperate as she tried to face him down.

“I swear to god Lexi…what the fuck are you doing?”

His eyes glanced quickly back and forth between her face, the black kit and her hands…now firmly placed behind her back.

She tried to move, to slide in between the bulkhead of the plane and his body but he reached for her arm.

The low timbre of his voice did little to hide his frustration, “What the hell are you hiding?”

His fingers bit into her arm just above the elbow and her eyes registered the pain as she winced.

“Get your god damn hands off of me.” Lexi jerked away furiously from his grip but he held tight.

They began to struggle when he pulled her wrist forward, his strong fingers trying to pry her hand open as she thrashed against his body. The tight space of the lavatory acted as a third party in their wrestling match and bonded their bodies together in an aggressive, tense dance.

Lexi fought him hard, the battle intense and physical but her strength lost out to his and he finally pried the object out of her grasp. Fully expecting a vial of Morphine he shrank back against the sink as he held the simple inhaler in his hand.

Her breathless panting was the soundtrack of the moment as he gazed at her. He stared at her mesmerized by her luscious full lips coated red with his favorite shade of lipstick. Aroused as her hand moved that errant sexy stand of hair from her eyes. Chagrined as she opened her mouth for what was sure to be a tirade of Spanish that he knew he very well deserved.

“Lex, I…I’m sor…damn, I’m sorry.”

He cut her off, before she could curse him. He couldn’t bear to hear what she was going to say. He knew how much it must have hurt her for him to think the worst.

“I’ll leave…again I’m sorry.”

He set the inhaler on the sink and began to reach for the door…


He turned ready for the onslaught he knew he deserved

“I want you to fuck me.”

He didn’t hesitate, to hesitate would have meant exile. Exile from her company, exile from her essence and exile from the pure heaven of her body. Michael pulled her towards him, cupping the back of her neck from behind as he whispered again.

“I’m sorry..I just thought.”

“Shut up…don’t, just don’t…not right now.”

med_gallery_85_213_27177Her kiss was burning, aching and torrid. Pent up emotions escaped that had been missing the night before. Anger, resentment, but most of all hurt. She wanted to bundle up all of her hurt and heartache and let him feel what he had so easily walked away from when he left California.

He felt the sting, like static electricity when their lips met at last. Lexi’s tongue darted and probed promising him new delights he wasn’t sure he was prepared to receive.

“Babe…girl, maybe we should get back. The kids….”

She dropped to her knees, her hands splayed on the front of his black Levis looking up longingly into his face.

“I just need to check something…first.”

Her thumb slowly began to move back and forth underneath the rise of his zipper. Soft slow strokes that teased and tempted with their subtly. His eyes closed, the small gesture bringing about big changes in his anatomy. Changes he knew he couldn’t control for long.

Soon she began to glide the fingers of her other hand lightly across the front of his jeans. Right where his cock lay. Tantalizing soft, in tandem with her thumb that teased his balls she gazed up into his face daring him to stop her.

“Do you still want to go?”

He didn’t answer, couldn’t answer at least verbally. All he could do was spread his legs a bit further apart and pull her head into his crotch.

Smiling deviously she rose up towards him,

“That’s what I thought…”

Suddenly he felt her breath, hot and warm through the denim of his pants. Her mouth closed over the tip of his dick that was inaccessible due to the fabric. She blew again and he could feel himself engorge.


His moaned curse was as long and drawn out as her breath had been on his crotch and he moved his hips into her mouth.

“You want me to suck you off Baby?”

Lexi stopped her tender caresses and reached for the button of his jeans just as his hands flew to help. Her eyes flared with indignation and she knocked them away.

“I asked you a question…”

Her hands rested on the button once again.

Michael’s hips rotated almost of their own volition and this unique answer to her question brought a sly smile to both of their faces.

Her heart was beating rapidly, something that happened after every treatment. But this time she could tell an extra beat was for Michael. Taking the deepest breath she could she unbuttoned his jeans, her palms feeling the hardened promise that lay beneath.

Scared…Michael was almost scared, because if it wasn’t his own dick that was about to get swallowed by this vision at his feet he would have bolted from the lavatory. In all his years of fucking and getting fucked no one had ever used their teeth to pull down his zipper. Not even Madonna and she was into everything you could think of doing. But there was Lexi, slowly and tantalizingly pulling down the zipper of his jeans with those beautiful white teeth. Her red lips formed a pout that deserved to be kissed but there he stood…watching, waiting, and dying to feel them encircle his shaft.

Soon the zipper was down and he felt her hands creep up the back of his legs, fingers encircling his thighs… resting a moment to feel his strength. He felt the heat of her fingers just below his ass as she pulled him forward and rested her cheek against his crotch. Their breathing and the noise of the jets engines purring along was erotic as she took a moment before she pulled his jeans down.


She whispered quietly as she licked her lips in anticipation.

“Baby….suck it. Put those beautiful lips around my dick.”

His voice was tight and Michael couldn’t stand the wait any longer. He felt like he was going to explode just from her eyes gazing at him.thoughtful mike

Then she did the unthinkable, unbelievably she teased him some more. Lightly her tongue darted between his leg and the opening of his underwear. Back and forth she licked his skin and balls, murmuring and moaning all the while.

“You’re killing me…”

His voice was as strained as his cock and he caressed the side of her face as she teased by tasting him just underneath the fabric.

Dragging her lips across the bright white of the material she left a trail of red lipstick. Like a telltale sign of her intentions and he gripped the edge of the sink tight with anticipation. Again her breath landed on his cock but now it felt so much hotter. More moist. Yet the thin cotton barrier prevented what he was craving, preventing the madness of ecstasy from taking over his mind and body.

“Dammit woman….fuck!”

He took a breath of his own as she murmured again against his crotch, and he finally made out what she said.

“Don’t…don’t say that! No.”

His body betrayed him though and he jumped in surprise as she snapped the elastic waistband against the tip of his dick.

This time she spoke clearly as she dragged her lips across his length fully, again smearing lipstick across the white material.

“King…my king.”

He shuddered again as she snapped the elastic. Its sharp retort on his engorged member painful yet seductive.

“I want you in every way my beloved King.”

“Suck my cock now.” He breathed.

He could see her mouth literally water as she slipped him free from the confines of the cotton and he finally slid against her lips.

The thought fleetingly slipped through his mind that he might need the now discarded inhaler before she was finished with him. It occurred to him that his dick hadn’t felt this hard in ages….well maybe since last night. But she was excruciatingly seductive about every act she performed. Saliva covered him, he was slick with it and he could see the perfect outline of her lipstick around the base where she had begun her long slow journey to the tip of his shaft. Michael craved the warmth of her mouth, it was like a drug. She was the one woman who knew exactly how he wanted to be pleased and just the right way to take him there.

“Mmmmm, my King is this how you wanted it? Is this how you like it?”


Before he could speak any more, she sucked hard on his tip. Bringing him to his toes.

“Geez…you’re gonna…..fu..ahhh”

Her hand stroked him, as she licked the salty liquid he spilled away. The signs of his weakness apparent on her lips as she pulled back for a moment.

“Baby…you are so mmmm sexy.”

His balls felt like they were going to draw up into his body, their ever-present weight burning with anticipation.

Michael watched as her lips rolled over his shaft when he drove his hips forward. But he stumbled as the plane trembled with turbulence and he caught himself against the bulkhead. The sudden movement caused Lexi to gasp from his length that was accidently forced upon her. Her eyes grew wide for a moment and Michael paused, afraid he had hurt her. Stroking him momentarily but not meeting his gaze, he reached for her arms, quickly bringing her to a standing position.

“You ok?
He kissed her softly, tasting himself on her lips.

Her barely noticeable nod confirmed that he would now finish up their escapade.

Again the plane shook and Michael felt the familiar fear he had since childhood grip his belly.

“Turn around….I promised to fuck you.”

A small cough escaped her lungs, but she turned obediently to his will. Her thong quickly dropping around her ankles and he began to rub the head of his cock back and forth against her swollen, moistening lips.

With every push forward he connected with her core and he felt her suck in air. Watched her hands grab at the wall in vain, and as much as it pained him, he made her wait…if only for the moment as he teased her with his prize.

“What were you saying before Baby?”

Lexi rotated her ass against him, damn near making him come right there.

“Be, be….before?”

Her voice sounded so different now, now that she wasn’t in control. Now that he had wrested power away and the object of her desire…her King was between her legs and not in her mouth.

“Yeah before, tell me what you said.”

gif f'n gifHer shudder happened right as he entered her. He swore she was tuned perfectly for his body and he seemed very good at finding the right pitch. Especially when he could feel his balls slapping her perfect ass like they were at that very moment.

“Uhhhh, oh god.” She cried.

He pushed deeper.

“That’s not what you said.”

Small hands balled into fists and she closed her eyes against the cool metal of the aircraft frame.

“I want you in every way.”


He pumped harder, the space too small for their bodies to slap together. But so close he hit every note of her being.

“Ka..ka..My King.”

Lexi squeaked out the answer.

Michael felt himself close to coming, right on the edge of the moment and space began to blur at the edges.

“No! No Lex…Who? Tell me?”

“I told you…Fuck!”

Her face contorted in pleasure

“My King.”

His lips connected with hers as he made her arch into his hips as he drove even harder.

“Fucking tell me who!”

Michael’s voice was demanding, insistent…just like his stroke.

When she opened her eyes they connected with his, makeup smudged. The edge of ecstasy right beyond their grasps.

Again it was silent, except for their gasps and grunts and the engines speeding toward Ireland.

“Tell me Babe.”

His words became soft as he pushed more gently into her,

“Mah, ma…Michael.”

Turbulence jostled them against the bulkhead one final time as their release came. Not with the exuberance that they had started with, but with the passion that they had grown used to together. As she caught her breath, Lexi thought about the man whose arms surrounded her and what he meant to so many people. King, legend, artist, boss, bank, Daddy, lover, but what he ultimately wanted from her was to just be Michael. So simple, so easy and yet so hard.

“Stay with me Alexis.” His whispered plea begged.

Her head shook almost imperceptibly and she choked back a sob, “Come back with me Michael.”

The loud ding announcing the “fasten your seatbelt” warning echoed and the captain’s voice informed them of the final descent into Ireland.

Lexi moved first. “Let’s get dressed, we have to get the kids ready.

“I need you…I mean it.” Michael turned her face to his and kissed her sweetly.

“I know, I need you too…more than you know.” At that Lexi left the lavatory, spent and emotional. Grace followed her closely with her eyes as she returned the kit back to her storage box and sat down again with Blanket. It took Michael a moment before he came out. Eyes red rimmed and glistening. He made sure the children were buckled in before he sat down again across from Lexi.

“Poppa I finished my report.” A beaming Alannah handed him her homework. Proud that she completed her assignment with his help.

“This is great Babygirl. I want you to tell me all about it. I want you to tell me everything.” And although his words were for his daughter, he was looking at Lexi as he spoke them.


To Be Continued…

story end

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Well Hot Damn!!! They joined Mile High Club.. That was fucking hot!!!OMJ!!! I need a fucking cigarette… LOL!!! This was off da the chain DPYT!!!! He made say his name!!! That was scandalous.. Michael is so knowledgeable, look at him helping lannah with her homework!!!

Wow that was something else please please continue. I love this

Gurl!!!!! Hot hot hot! Just LOVED the way she slowed it down to tease him….Ooooooo. More of that please. Lol
And that mental picture of her red lipstick smearing against the white briefs….just…H O T.
I hope she’ll stay in Ireland with him if only for a little while.
You go girl! The best (-:

It has been a while but gaaaahhdaaammmmn!!! I was not ready. I’m just catching up and I’m exhausted! These two are so damn crazy. As usual it hot…kinda wondering if that what’s you’re getting at home 😉
Omg just realized I have been reading (and re-reading) your stories for about 4 years *_*

Glad you all are loving this chapter. I REALLY loved writing it. LOL It came flying out so easy. And yeah….crazy that its been so long that we have been here reading and writing and sharing this together. Thanks for being here with me. It means so very much


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