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New Beginnings: XXIX

New Beginnings XXIX

March 1993


Looking over the answers on the page one last time, Lexi tossed her exam in the Professors in-basket and headed out the door. She had studied so hard for her tests that she had little time for Michael and he had been kind enough to give her space by retreating to The Hideout. However, tonight they were spending her first day of spring break together. Jean Luc had prepared a light meal that was waiting when she arrived  and she finally relaxed with an extra large glass of Champagne as she busied herself with wedding magazines before Michael got home.

He was on the phone as he walked through the door and Lexi felt her insides twist when she caught sight of him, she was surprised that he was still able to do that to her even after everything that had happened between them.  Michael shrugged off his jacket and leaned against the door looking a bit annoyed by his conversation.

“I think I can go yeah, but I need to get back with you on the other stuff first.”

Lexi set the magazine aside and started walking over to where he stood.

“I don’t know yet, I told ya I would love to go to Monte Carlo.”

Realizing it wasn’t just the sight of Michael walking in the door but the half of bottle of champagne she had polished off before he arrived that made her stomach twist, Lexi giggled as she stumbled a bit as she reached for him. Michael’s eyes grew wide and he smiled as he watched her face begin to flush and silly grin lit up her face as she approached.

“Listen Sandy, I ah…I um”

Lexi ran her hand down his leg as her lips found the sweet spot on his neck. He felt her tongue dart out and lick his collarbone just as her hand reached between his legs and found his growing erection.

“Um…I gotta go. I will call you tomorrow.”

Closing the phone he tossed it on the closest chair and pulled her close. “Are we alone? Damn Lex, what are you doing to me.” Lexi was already unbuttoning his pants when he caught her hands. “Stop! Alexis, wait just a second babe.” Backing up she looked at him with a hurt look. “Don’t you want me Michael?” It took a moment to even register what she said as he answered, “What? Oh, of course, Lex…it’s not like that. I just need a minute, besides I wanna talk to you. How are you?” Michael began to walk off and Lexi trailed behind as he made his way into the bedroom. “I’m alright.” She sat on the bed and watched as he put his hat on the dresser and found a set of pajamas in the drawer. “Just alright, that’s it? I thought you might have more to say after not seeing you for a week.” When he turned around she was gone. “Oh damn!” He muttered before walking over and closing the door.

 Michael decided to go ahead with his shower and change, and when he found Lexi in the hot tub he said, “You should have told me you wanted to get in here I would have waited to take a shower.” Not really in the mood after his rejection Lexi gave him her best go to hell look and sank further down in the water. “Why are you mad at me Lex?” When he looked down he saw her eyes were shiny with tears but she refused to look at him. He stood there for a moment with his hands on his hips waiting for her to speak before finally turning and walking to the door, “I’m not doing this tonight. I’ll be inside if you decide to talk to me.” Lexi was shocked; she couldn’t believe he just left her sitting alone, NAKED in the hot tub. Normally he would have climbed in with her and they would be all over each other. Now she was worried, first he pushed her away and then he left her alone. Reaching over she turned off the pump and sat in the dark with only the lights of the city before her and finished the bottle of champagne. All the while wondering what he was thinking and why he had acted the way he did.

Wrapped only in a towel, Lexi walked in through the living room just as he sat his plate down on the coffee table. “I guess you ate?” Not taking his eyes off of the television, Michael mumbled softly, “Yeah I had some peas and rice.” Picking up his plate she walked into the kitchen. Michael’s eyes followed as she passed, and he wondered why she was being so moody. Happy that he had cleaned up the food she stuffed the plate in the dishwasher and headed into the bedroom. It took her a moment before she saw the dress laying on the bed and the shoes in the box beside it. Clutching the towel around her, Lexi sat down and studied the sparkling fabric and sighed. Now she understood why he had stopped her at the door earlier, her head was spinning from the champagne and she lay back on the bed wondering how she could apologize. Her birthday, he was going to take her out for her birthday that they hadn’t been able to celebrate earlier in the week and she had blown it. The room was really starting to move and she brought her arm up over her eyes and took a deep breath. It helped, and she let the towel fall away a bit to get some air. She could feel the sheen of perspiration that had formed across her skin and she was beginning to regret not eating before she began her celebration. It just took a moment but she began to relax and the room stopped moving as she contemplated how to approach Michael. She could still hear the drone of the television and she knew that she was soon going to need to get up and plead her case.

Watching from the doorway he realized she had a little too much to drink and he studied her as she was trying to overcome her realization that she had jumped to the wrong conclusion earlier. As he waited for her to get it together he became distracted. It wasn’t that he wanted to give in, or if he was honest…give up what his own body was beginning to demand. But when she innocently pulled the towel away and he saw her shining with drops of perspiration he couldn’t resist any longer. Pulling his t-shirt over his head he moved towards the bed with his dancers’ precision, he placed his knee perfectly between her legs as he fell gracefully over her body…catching himself at the last moment before he crashed on top of her. She was startled but only for a fleeting instant as she jerked her arm away from her eyes and they met in the dim light. Michael’s were dark, almost black and they taunted her as he thought about how much he wanted her, and Lexi’s rich and brown the gold sparkling like jewels as she looked up in uncertainty. “I’m sorry, I…I had no idea. Michael I want you so….” He didn’t give her time to explain as his mouth covered hers in a scorching kiss. Her head began to spin again but it wasn’t from the champagne, his mouth…his lips they had her on fire. She clamped her teeth down slightly on his bottom lip right before a tiny cry escaped her, “Ahh Michael…I love you.” Pulling away he buried his face in her neck, “I love you too Alexis” he found his way over to her ear and whispered, “so much baby…so much.”  Rolling off of her his hands moved softly over her body, caressing her gently as he rested his head on her shoulder. “You’re so sexy, look what you do to me girl.” Taking her hand he placed it on his shaft, it had already grown hard with their foreplay. Lexi heard his breathing change when they began to stroke, she watched as his mouth fell open slightly and he closed his eyes. Nodding as he tilted his head back he moved their hands faster, “Yes, right there…gahhd.” She could feel her juices flowing; she wanted him inside her so badly she couldn’t bear it. But he looked so into the moment, so satisfied that she didn’t want to disrupt the moment. “Michael….come, come for me.” He took a deep breath and stopped, “No not yet…” His chest was heaving from excitement. “I want to make love to you tonight Alexis; I don’t want to rush this.”

Pushing the dress and shoebox onto the floor, Michael pulled his pajamas the remainder of the way off and once again brought his body down on top of Lexi’s. He could feel the sweat of their skin combine as he began to kiss her again. His tongue parted her lips and found its way inside, colliding with hers as her hips started to move against his body. It ached to be against her as he was hard on her thigh and her mind turned over with the thought of him pushing inside, stretching her as he slid slowly in…filling her completely. “What do you want? Tell me girl.” Michael stared into her eyes waiting for her answer. Her mouth moved but no sound came out. “Tell me…Lexi tell me what you want.” Pulling him down she kissed him passionately letting her nails rake down his back. “Go down on me, that’s what I want.” Kissing her back he picked his head up and looked at her seriously, “I cant…I already ate.” Still having a buzz from the alcohol and high on the passion of the moment she didn’t get his joke at first but when he smiled at her she started to laugh. “Fine, forget it. I don’t wanna play anymore.” Lexi rolled over onto her stomach tossing Michael aside as he giggled at her contrived hurt feelings.

“Why you gonna do that?” He asked. Tossing her hair over her shoulder, she glanced at him, “Do what?” Michael bent over and started kissing the small of her back, “Giving me that view. You know what it does to me.” Running his hand across her backside he felt his erection twitch with desire. “What this?” Lexi said jokingly as she shook from side to side teasingly. Rolling her over Michael groaned from deep in his chest, “Girl I’m gonna tear you up.”

His lips found her breast sucking on it, all the while swirling his tongue around her nipple teasing it to a high peak. Looking down at him she watched while his lips played over her flesh, moving tenderly…causing the rest of her body to crave his touch. His hands fanned across her stomach, his fingertips grazing her skin as he moved down towards the V between her legs. Catching her nipple between his teeth he heard her moan as he ran his tongue across its hard point….and his middle finger sunk between the soft folds of her flesh. Lexi cried out, arching her back as he found her swollen bud. Michael could feel her wetness, she was ready for him but he intended to tease her. To make her wait after her little tantrum earlier in the evening, “Mmm you’re so wet. Is this want you wanted when I got home? No wonder you were mad at me.” Grabbing at his arm she squeezed his hand with her thighs. Michael leaned on his elbow and watched her face as he manipulated her body. “Are you gonna come Lex? Huh?” Her breathing was rapid and she clutched at the sheets. He couldn’t take it anymore and he moved to taste her, to feel her velvet softness against his mouth. Opening for him she sighed as his tongue ran up the length of her. “gahd Michael.” He felt her hands push at his head as he buried himself in her sweetness. Using his thumbs he opened her up to his lips and pulled her flesh in, urging her to move closer to her ecstasy. When he felt it swell even higher he rolled his tongue over and around while she moved under him. Finally he sucked her gently and flicked his tongue up and down. Balling the sheets up in her fist she locked her thighs….crying out in pleasure as the waves of ecstasy rolled through her body. As she came he rolled his bottom lip over her core, gently caressing her softly so that she felt every note of her orgasm. Reaching down Lexi stroked his face as it rested against her leg. He was still watching her as she recovered, “That was beautiful; wow…you came so hard.”

 Again he traveled up her body and brought his lips, now swollen and wet with her essence to her mouth. Lexi’s tongue darted out exploring his mouth at first before licking him free of her wetness. Her wanton display filled him with lust and desire as he rolled her to her side and moved behind her. “I want you Michael, Mmmm please.” Lexi voice dripped with longing and Michael couldn’t wait to satisfy her. “I want you to baby, gahd I want you too.” Lifting her leg slightly she sighed as she felt his hardened tip begin to push inside. ‘Relax…relax, uh it’s so good….and wet.” His voice was raspy in her ear as he pushed deeper inside. She tried to give him a moment but her hips were already moving back against him, wanting more…needing another release. Lexi reached for the bars on the headboard, pushing against them as she began to rotate against Michael. “Oh Lex…damn.” Michael was thrusting, steady and strong. He pulled her close, his lips grazing her cheek, “You’re so hot baby, make me come.” He smiled as she threw her head back into his shoulder and began to grind down upon him, “Oh girl…yes. Yes.” Michael felt his body shudder and the familiar tightening. “I’m coming Lex…” His hips drove into her hard but she pushed back stroke for stroke. Lexi was over the top with lust and felt her body peaking with his. He bent her forward slightly as he released and she felt the heat gather inside. Her moans of passion mixed with Michael’s and she quaked with her orgasm just as he was complete.

Except for their heavy breathing and the continued drone of the television from the living room there was silence. Michael traced his thumb absent mindedly across her nipple and he snuggled closer into her neck. “I love you” he whispered softly. Reaching down she covered his hand with her own and said quietly. “I love you too.”


She was excited because she got to change her plans and leave for Neverland a day early. Junior had a soccer tournament but he had come down with a cold and Sally had decided to keep him at home, so it freed her up to spend extra time at The Ranch. The only thing that made her dread the next week was that instead of spending one day meeting his new friends now she would be spending two days with them. Driving up the 101 she went over her manners in her head. Even laughing to herself that after the amazing night they had spent together two evenings ago she had nothing to fear from fan families hanging out with Michael.

 Lexi had left early to beat the traffic and by the time she got to Ventura she needed a cup of coffee. Spotting a diner up ahead she pulled over and walked inside just as the shift change was occurring. Sitting down at the counter Lexi smiled at the staff and waited to place her order. The waitresses were discussing their night and a pretty girl with dark skin sat her jacket and purse down on the stool beside Lexi. As she glanced over she saw something familiar, more than familiar it had once been in her house. Worse than that, it had been on the back of her man. Struggling to remember the last time she saw him wear the jacket she suddenly remembered the fight and his words came back ringing in her ears:

“What the hell are you doing giving my Brother your phone number?” “You know what, save it Alexis; women don’t just give Jackie Jackson their phone number for the hell of it. What…has Antoine not come around lately and so you want to get it on with Jackie?”

As the waitress reached for her purse the jacket fell from the stool and Lexi picked it up off the floor, looking at the customized label “MJJ” stitched inside. It confirmed her worst fear. “Who are you?” She asked the girl. “Excuse me?” the confused waitress said as she reached for the jacket. Feeling her temper begin to rise, Lexi gripped the jacket tight in her hand and said quietly through clenched teeth, “I want to know who the hell you are and why you have my fiancé’s jacket?” “I, um…” looking around at the stunned faces of her co-workers the girl started again. “We should probably go outside. I don’t think he wants this getting out.” Pulling the jacket away from the girl Lexi spun on her heel and headed for the door. As the girl walked behind her she heard her friend call out, “Kim, girl you alright?”

She wanted to cry, she wanted to throw up…to scream, to run but here she was looking at this girl. This beautiful, thin, tall naïve girl and waiting for her to tell her the last damn thing on earth she wanted to hear about the man she loved. “So…your name is Kim?” Lighting a cigarette she nodded her head, “Yeah.” Lexi’s hands were shaking, “Tell me. I’m on way there right now. Are you still seeing him?” Kim’s eyes grew big, “No…no believe me. It was never like that.” Kicking the sidewalk with her toe Lexi looked down for a moment before saying, “Then you better start at the beginning, because right now it’s not looking very good.” Kim took a long drag off her cigarette before she started her story. “I met him a few years ago at the beach. He was driving down to see his Mom and record the album. My car was broken down and he was really sad about losing someone, some woman who died.” Lexi knew it was true, knew this girl wasn’t making up some crazy fan story. “Go on.” Kim pulled her hair back and continued, “We had a date, and it was one time. He said he would call but he didn’t.” Looking at the jacket Lexi knew there was more, “So…how did this happen?” Sighing, Kim stubbed out the cigarette and looked at Lexi, “It was weird, he came in here late one night. I was working and he sat down at one of the back booths. He honestly didn’t know I worked here. We talked and he decided to take his food and eat over at the beach where we first met. I went over there after my shift, we drank a couple of beers and took a walk, it was cold…so he loaned me the jacket. I’m not going to lie to you, I wanted to be with him again, and I tried to be with him again. But he wouldn’t do it, he told me he was with someone and he didn’t want to mess it up because he was in love. He left really fast and forgot the jacket. I tried to catch him but he just yelled at me to keep it, so I did. It was full of money too, but I don’t think he cared. He just wanted to get home to you…I guess.” Feeling her eyes filling with tears Lexi cleared her throat when she remembered him coming back home that night.

“Lexi, Lex…it’s me. I love you so much. Don’t be mad. Please forgive me. I can’t be without you.”

“Thank you for being honest with me. I appreciate it.” Lexi handed Kim back the jacket and turned to the car. “You know he is crazy about you. I could see it in his eyes. Don’t ever forget that…” Kim called after her as she opened the door. She still felt sick and she had no idea what to do, should she bring it up to Michael or just forget about it. He hadn’t slept with this girl even though he had the chance. She was confused and just needed to go. Lexi considered driving back to Los Angeles but knew what had happened was in the past, even before he slipped with Diana and she had to just deal with it. She had to remember that he loved her.

Michael hadn’t called her back even though she had left him a message when she left LA. It was probably just as well since the little incident in Ventura. She was still confused but satisfied that he hadn’t cheated on her and she was still looking forward to seeing him. Security held her up for a moment at the front gate laughing because she was listening to Jimmy Buffett on the stereo. She teased them that she was ready to party and it was Spring Break and to order her a margarita up at the house. As she wound her way up the driveway “California Promises” drifted through the car and she listened to the sad lyrics of the song, but she loved it because it was so beautiful at the same time.

Beneath the moonlit sky
Shadows walk beside the water
Sad goodbye whispered on the shore
Hear those wind chimes play
They serenade the shadow lovers
Ring and fade away
Like California promises

I will never love another
Wait for me, til I return
But she never will
He waits for her beside the water
Faithful still
To California promises

She spied Michael on the great lawn with the boy; they had a kite and were flying it in the March wind. She took a moment to watch him run and laugh with his young friend and was glad that he could have a moment of joy like that. Eventually she grabbed her bag and her purse, deciding to leave the sample flowers she had brought to show him for the wedding in the car. Walking up to the house she could hear his laughter tinkling on the wind as she opened the door to Neverland.

Having already spent several days at Neverland that week June knew that when he left his room in the morning he forgot to lock the French Doors. She too had been watching her son and Michael playing on the great lawn and quickly figured out who the exotic looking woman was in the Mercedes. Making her way quickly into Michael’s bedroom through the unlocked French Doors she pulled her peasant blouse down off of her arms and onto her stomach. It appeared she was naked on top and she slid into his bed and pushed the sheets low to show her cleavage. Luckily he had left the present he had bought his Fiancée in Las Vegas in a gift bag right on the night stand, apparently as a surprise for their big weekend. It was so simple to slip it on her wrist and throw the tissue paper and bag on the bed. Ahhh Cartier is extraordinary against your skin, especially when it helps score you your ultimate prize.

It took a moment to find the key to Michael’s bedroom but she was ready to change and head to the kitchen when she put her things away. The last few stairs creaked as she stepped on them and as she started to set the bag down she saw her. Black straight hair rested on the pillow and a thin wrist was encased in an expensive new bracelet that he had apparently just given her as the wrapping still lay haphazardly on the bed. Lexi felt tears in her eyes and she wanted to scream…a voice that didn’t seem to be hers whispered, “No, no…please God no.” The woman in the bed shifted and her breast appeared, perfect in the light of the room. Knowing who it was without asking, she had an odd sense of déjà vu. It was obvious, and it had happened just like she had feared.

Not understanding how she did it she ran up the stairs with her bag and purse and threw them in the car. She couldn’t breathe, or see, or think as she waited at the gate to the road. She wanted to ram it open as it swung away for her to leave. “Leave” she thought to herself. “I just left Neverland!” Flying along the hill she passed the familiar landmarks she had grown to love until she finally had to stop…stop and think and cry and die inside. Pulling the flowers for the wedding out of the car she threw them on the side of the road, leaving them like some sick memorial. She cried so hard she did finally get sick, so sick she had a headache from it. Eventually she got back in the car and drove back to LA. Lost, alone and scared.

June smiled to herself as she pulled up her top and flipped her hair into place. She placed the bracelet in the gift bag and back on the night stand and made the bed before slipping out of the French Doors and onto the great lawn with the guys. Her impromptu plan perfectly executed. 

Coming in for lunch Michael received his message that Lexi would be there a day early. He was excited and told June that she would finally get to meet his girlfriend. He was sure they would hit it off and picked up the phone to call her to check on her progress. He didn’t think much about it when she didn’t answer, sometime the mountains made it hard to get through.

By four o’clock he was worried. She still hadn’t answered and she still wasn’t at The Ranch. He had called her Mom’s, the Santa Monica house, her cell and no one picked up. Finally he took the golf cart to the security shack at the gate to ask them to keep a look out for her. “Mr. Jackson, she was here and gone already. ‘Bout ten this morning, she only stayed a few minutes though.” Michael sat up straight in the cart, “She was here, this morning?” The guard nodded, “Yes Sir.” Michael stood up and walked inside, “Show me the tape.” It took a moment but the guard was able to pull up Lexi at the gate when she entered and later as she was leaving. Michael saw her face; he could tell something was wrong. “Thank you, please mark that and don’t record over it.”

Michael was in the Blazer, it had been months since he had driven but he knew he needed to handle whatever was wrong alone. He had sent June and her family home in a limo and would see them later when he figured out what happened. Right now he was worried that Lexi was hurt or in trouble. The trip had never seemed so long but he was glad when he pulled up to the house in Santa Monica and opened the garage door. He almost collapsed in relief when he saw her car parked in the garage, knowing that she was safe inside and not beside the highway somewhere alone. “Lex..Lexi…babe what’s going on?” He called as he opened the garage door that led inside.

 The house was dark, no television or stereo greeted him as he made his way back towards the bedroom. When he turned on the light he froze, he knew instantly things weren’t right. “Lex, oh god…Lexi please don’t be gone.” He ran to the closet and his worst fear was realized, it was empty. In the bathroom her things were missing as well. He sat on the bed wondering what happened and saw the pile of possessions laying there. The remote control to the garage door, his bedroom key for Neverland, the car key for the Mercedes, a key for The Hideout, and lastly her ring. He held it in his hand, confused and in tears. Why? Why had she left him? Michael didn’t know what to do or who to call. He stumbled around to the phone and saw her picture, the frame shattered where she had ripped it from the wall lying on the floor. But what hurt even more was her wedding dress…when he picked it up it was in shreds in his hands. He knew that whatever had happened had hurt her deeply.

Confused and desperate to see her he picked up the phone and called Sally.


Its…its Michael

She’s not here

Please, Miss Sally…where is she? What’s wrong?

Go to hell!

The sound of her slamming the phone in his ear was deafening and he sank down on the bed and curled up clutching her dress to his chest. “Baby come home…please come home”

Getting out of the passenger side of the old Ford Pickup, Lexi looked up at the rundown apartment building, “Its fine, I’ll get by. I just need to finish school.” Antoine opened the tailgate and lifted her up to sit down on it. “You need to sit here and watch your stuff while I take it up for you. I don’t want you to lose the only things you have left.”  Her eyes were dead along with her heart and he could tell that she was broken…he had loved her long enough to see that she was devastated. “Hey Lexi, Whatever you need, I’m here for you. I told you that a long time ago.”

Antoine was upstairs with the last box when her cell phone rang; it was the one thing she didn’t leave behind. She thought she might need it for a few more days. She saw the number come through and decided she should at least confront him.


Where are you? I’m so scared, baby come home.

I’m done Michael, I can’t do this anymore.

Do what? What happened?

I know everything now, including Kim. Michael what happened this morning broke my heart. You promised me and you broke that promise. You swore to me after Diana…you swore to me!

Kim! What? Where did you see…

Goodbye Michael….

Lexi hit the end button and stared at the phone as it began to ring again. Knowing she would change her mind and keep talking to him if she kept the phone, she threw it on the ground and began to stomp on it over and over again. Eventually it stopped ringing and she turned into a heap of tears on the curb. In time she felt strong arms pick her up and carry her up the stairs away from the eyes of the strangers and into her new life.

To be continued…

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Jimmy Buffett “California Promises”

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OMG.. that bitch June!! Damn that. Lexi should’ve whooped her ass then and there, then asked questions. I really hope Michael will explain to her what happened. He does not want June, that bitch and her husband are the devil’s spawn!!! Nooooo!!! I hope Mike can talk to Lexi ASAP.. I don’t want them to end like this.

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Loved this chapter, even with the drama… Their lovemaking sent shivers down my spine. Very good writing ! Keep up the good work !!

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I agree with Iam, I would have beat her ass then gone to beat mike’s too….lol
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No no no..thats all Im sayin right now!! NO! it cant be like tihs…noo!!!


Alright, let me defend my girl, DPYT, for a minute. Aren’t they supposed to break up? DPYT has done a beautiful job filling in the blanks of his life for us. We all know there was no Lexi when those trumped up charges came out (yes both times) so this makes sense. I will say Lexi is going to be one cold hearted b***h if she see him later on tv saying he’s innocent and she doesn’t even give the brother a call…

I love how everyone fit in this chapter: Kim, Lexi’s sis, June…. Lexi went straight psycho as usual on MJ and not the person that deserved it. And goodness, the honesty that is Kim? What woman do you know who wouldn’t of lied right in Lexi’s face just to hurt her? I only know one, Kim. And lastly, I’m glad someone figured out June’s motives (you go DPYT :)). I knew what she was about back in 93 and it’s too bad Lexi didn’t stay around to clear that problem up for him.

Lastly, I love MJ and I do like the pairing of MJ and Lexi but, I never felt like he was “in love” with her like he was with Hunter. Everything was so effortless with Hunter. If MJ really lived ch. 3 of Hunter (my fave), he would have never said he never felt loved romantically to that ridiculous Rabbi!

@Lexi: go ahead and downgrade to Antoine and enjoy your boring, simple life as a nurse because your a** is too damn dumb to ever be a doctor. (This is not a disrespect to nurses, just Lexi.)

Sorry, I meant to say FALSE charges not trumped up charges. Ooops, I guess I let some of my background come out, hee, hee.

@Ty-Ann, it makes sense, yeah, but it still hurts really bad!!!! (like I’m living it!) LOL!!!

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Great job DPYT – update soon though, cuz it’s still really shocking! Don’t want to suffer too long!!

OOh, maybe Lex turns out to be Blanket’s mom!

Thank you for being so involved. It, quite frankly moves me deeply to know how affected you all are by all of this. There is a reason why our slogan is “Make it Passionate” I do believe we have a group of ladies here who live that motto every day.

I know it was a shock. Those of you who belong to the Facebook group knew I was having a tough time this week writing the chapter and now you know why.

I have always known this one was coming and how it would turn out…but putting it into words was really hard. I literally kept pulling my hands away from the keyboard because it hurt to type it out. I hope their love scene was special, I tried to make it all the things they are as a couple. Sexy, spontaneous, funny and full of love.

Yes, Michael does love Lexi in this story. He loves her very, very much. Its not in the same way as Hunter because he is not the same man as he was then…but he loves her deeply, and his heart his broken.

Lexi is blindsided. She has had her suspicions about June for weeks, then meets a girl who Michael had a fling with and hours later finds June in his bed. In her world its not the first time he betrayed her, in her world she cant give him the family he so desperatly wants…in her world why wouldnt he sleep with this woman who could. She just watched him happily playing with June’s son.

Antoine: Lexi again turned to him because like many of us when we meet “the one” we forsake our friends and when the chips fall there is no one to pick us up. When Lexi felt the need to run, she called the only person left…the one person who told her he would be there when it all fell apart, Antoine. She truly is blind to his feelings for her.

Kim: She had no reason to lie. As much as it hurt that Michael seemed to reject her, he was good to her too. He gave her an opportunity to better herself. She felt like she owed him. She knows that he loves Lexi.

Finally, they love each other. Their story is not over. But it has changed and Michael has his future to face.

Ahhh please dont let them end D;! Man i always just kinda read and leave but i had to comment this time. I really love these, and that’s a big deal comming from someone who HATES to read lol. Thnx for putting so much time and effort into these they’re BEYOND amazing. I really hope they make up though and stay together =/. I saw u squezzed Lisa Marie in the previous one haha hope it doesn’t start reflecting real events 😛

Ok, I’m back. DPYT, you response was so on target. I knew I was into this story but, I didn’t realize how deep. My first response was to lash out at Lexi because she was hurting MJ. I didn’t even try to understand her side. Now I’m sorry I called her a dumb a**. Sorry Lex.

I know he loves Lexi but, the love he had with Hunter was sooo beautiful! That’s what I always wanted and I can live it over and over with him when I come to this site!

Now he’s going to face his future and it will be lonely and full of unnecessary drama! Plz find it in your heart to bring him some happiness. Thx.

Welcome to commenting and OMG I am so glad that you are READING. Thanks to Mike we have been all over the world. 😉

Let me rest everyones mind/or maybe disappoint some but I wont be going “there” with Michael and Lisa or Debbie. While they will be mentioned (they are a huge part of his life) there is enough on them in cyberspace already.

Girl you know I love Hunter (Chapter III is my fav too)
I promise it wont be all horrible…I PROMISE! Thats why I do this.

DPYT, I get so excited when I see a new chapter, I usually discover them really late at night but I don’t care, I’ll lay in bed at 2am and read on my iphone, lol. But seriously, this was a really deep and emotional chapter (again). I love these two making love because I do feel the passion and love between them. Their lovemaking says a lot, God that was so sexy!! “Girl, I’m gonna tear you up” Oh Michael, please do! 🙂

I think he really loved Hunter too and I felt that passion too, but Hunter’s story wasn’t as long and he didn’t go through as much. He had happier times with Hunter. I will say that I was angry that Lex stormed off without confronting him, but I don’t see that as her way, to bitch him out in front of the ‘other woman’ and even a kid standing there. I see her doing just what she did. Sadly, I didn’t know much about June back in ’93 and learned about her recently so I now know this is so her to tangle him up like this.

It hurts so much to know these people had their evil plans brewing and Michael was too naive and nice to see it. It hurts because it’s exactly what happened in real life. God, If I could turn back time…

I love how you use the real timeline, but if I ever get a story together I don’t see myself following it to the letter like this, I just want to erase so much from his life, lol. But thank you for doing it because I see how it adds so much more to the story. I also understand why Kim told the truth, she didn’t seem vindictive, and had nothing to gain or lose anyway.

If they don’t end up together I just hate for it to end like this. Antoine aside, Michael has a need for her more than she needs him. He loves her but Michael’s Michael, hahah. Love it girl!

P.S. Thank you for not doing Lisa, but I bet you could do it so well! I have come across a couple stories that seem to capture a lot of their drama, I think their life was a lot more hell than happy. I think he had happy ‘times’ and was in love with her but mostly it was all lust and sex.

DPYT: “Let me rest everyones mind/or maybe disappoint some but I wont be going “there” with Michael and Lisa or Debbie. While they will be mentioned (they are a huge part of his life) there is enough on them in cyberspace already.”

Thank you GOD & DPYT! I second Gunngirl’s P.S. I don’t see that as a love story. Sometimes you run into a person who you think is a love match but it’s really just lust and someone has to be strong enough to let go. I’ll give LMP that; she said marrying him was her worst decision but I think divorcing him might of been her best.

Can I just say this about Kim: I was born and raised in NYC and we don’t trust anyone! We always expect the worst from everyone. I was completely suprised by Kim’s response. I understand from all of you kind readers and author she had nothing to gain but that’s so rare here. NYC is full of drama and almost all of it is unnecessary.

Don’t want to confuse anyone though: it’s still the best city in world LOL!

LOL Ventura is a laid back half surfer, half expensive small city, at least back then. Kim is very much the working/party girl who is now trying to get a better life. Michael got her away from Steve and gave her several thousand dollars the next time they saw each other. She appreciates the opportunity their chance encounter gave her. I guess she wants to see him happy, she knows there is nothing else in it for her. I like her…

Gunnie, gah I’m sorry meant to answer you earlier.

You know you might have nailed it right on the head with the lovemaking thing (hmm no pun intended LOL)

Diana-He was in awe
Hunter-Pure love…sheer bliss
Lexi-Raw Passion

(As far as not having more Hunter stories I never intended to write after the first one. Then I was gonna stop after I finished up with her. All this just kinda happened. So when I started with Lexi I planned ahead)

I guess the timeline thing happened because I wanted answers and now I almost want to peel back the layers and peek in to what we dont know. Sounds like so much drama huh? LOL He is such an intereesting man, it fascinates me so.

OH NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!Don’t break up! Lexi needs to tell him what happened! PYT,Don’t keep us waiting girl,LOL! I’m loving this story! Bless!

See this is what makes me not a fan of Lexi. Everytime something happen and it involves another women she jumps to conclusion and leaves MJ. She has no trust for him and never gives him the benefit of the doubt. She could have snatched that lady out of bed….boobies and all hanging out and took her to MJ so she can be embarrassed trying to explain why she was in his room like that. But instead she was ready to pop fly with Kim over a stupid jacket. And because she has no answers or the truth she runs to Antoine…someone she knows is in love with her. If MJ knew he would beat him down until the bone showed. If she is not crying then she is mad for no reason. She needs to be more of an adult and confront MJ and/or if you have no factual evidence then brush it off your shoulders and enjoy your relationship. Did she forget that he could have any women in the world but he wants her cry baby ass. She better get her act together or Diana (his forbidden fruit) will come in and take him away and have him turn out on her cougar snatch.


Gold Pants award for Ever for her comment

“Make it Passionate” girl…love ya!

By Forever Michael on October 13th, 2010 at 8:45 pm

My heart literally feel from my chest when Lexi seen that no good for nothing piece of trash thing in Michael’s bed. It cant possibly be over like this. They love each other to much! Lexi has to come to her senses! she knows Michael loves her so why must she doubt it so much.
The love scene WOW!! You have a way with words let me tell you!! LOL!!!

I love this story! I can’t wait to see what direction you take it in next! But God almighty, Lexi and Michael are their own worst enemies! LOL

The sex is sooo HOT! BTW, my husband would like to thank you for your work. Since I’ve read this story, he’s been greatly ‘benefiting’ from my fantasy overload!

Well welcome Cinbad, and I am glad you have “enjoyed” you reading time here with us.
I am not sure exactly where you are reading wise but there is alot of material…so Hubby should be mighty happy
and you can always give him refesher courses. LOL

@ Ever, omg, LMAO! That was the best comment to date and right on the money. Tho, I had to duck my head in shame ’cause I’m kinda a cry baby like Lex and I know I’d be bawling with Mike no doubt. But you are so right, I thought the same thing when she left after June because I felt like she didn’t let him explain, he still didn’t know what she was mad or left him for, that wasn’t fair.

Now, I did see her now wanting to confront him in front of people, I see her screaming at him in private. Michael has messed up and I can see being paranoid after Diana, I’d be on alert because it’s so true he could have anyone else, but she has to see he wants only her.

One thing, she needs to stop running and stick around, I mean if things didn’t happen the way they actually did what if he ended up with June because she left, and she’s left with Antoine?? Over Michael?? Lex, watch your man and watch out for him.

I feel I have to help Lex out here. Perhaps it was bad writing on my part…

This is what she has going on in her brain when it comes to Michael

1 she cant give him the one thing he wants the most, in her headspace this is enormous and she feels their relationship almost hinges on him having children.

2 His history
he is not an angel
we have Melissa, who she knows was being a fast ass. The thousands of fans that we must know she has seen and had to stand idly by and maul her man. Diana who he not only slept with but spent Christmas with and several days in a love den…the woman who he would call out her name while he was having sex with her! (kinda a big deal) she just found out about this Kim girl out of the blue and for weeks she has thought he might be gettin with June.

So…when she walks in that room a day early and knows that he doesnt think she is coming and finds that scene, well of course she is assuming the worst. What she has thought was happening all along with June, was happening. He was falling for her because she was beautiful and could provide him his ready made family. She just watched him playing with (J) in the yard.

Now Lex is no fool, but she is done. And what has she always done when she is mad or upset with Michael. She runs. (he was just always there to stop her before) She doesnt want a confrontation. She grew up in the Barrio where people die when they do that. She just wanted to leave and not see it anymore. As a medic she had to run to the emergency and help….when its your time for trauma you want to haul ass.

When she told Mike on the phone that he broke her heart, she assumed he knew what she meant because in her mind he had just slept with June so it was easy math. His pattern of falling easily for other women came back to bite him.

I seem to remember alot of venom when he slept with Diana…HE SHOULD PAY. Karma is not always so kind.

(it is just make believe though) LOL

Thanks, you are right, I would have cried a little too. But after the first tear I would have snatched June bald in that bed. And took her and her hair to MJ so she can be embarrassed.

It was not bad writing on your part. You are the best…better than a lot of these author’s with book deals. I am not running on Amazon for their books. I am on this site every morning looking for the next story. You are my “One Life to Live”/”Guiding Light” daytime soap drama.

As for MJ & Lexi I understand exactly what you are saying because I use to be a runner like Lexi and never let the guy explain anything. Like Lexi once I was hurt you no longer existed in my heart and mind. That’s why I was so upset with her because I had to learn the hard way to stick around and let my current boyfriend explain if we want a compromise and no anger/arguments. After reading you comment I now understand why Lexi ran but she still needs to give MJ the benefit of the doubt and let him explain. Your stories always have me on the edge of my seat. So please keep up the excellent job.

I can see it & imagine it! I personally have always felt & got a since Mj was really ‘gettin’ it in’ alot durin’ this time anyways, just by the way he was carryin’ himself & etc durin’ that era-I really noticed & saw a change in him at that time-a very ‘interesting’ change in him durin’ that era!

By Yukon girl on January 7th, 2011 at 4:42 pm

so my first time commenting here , but I have read the Hunter story and must admit that I cried my eyes out with the June 25 th story , it was both good and bad , bad of course that Michael died and so touching linking the propofol dreams to Hunter reaching out to him and be with him forever….well done!!!

Now I am reading “new beginnnings “and just finished chapter 29 and for the life of me I can’t find chapter 30 even though it says “to be continued”…I sure hope that was not the end of this story.
You are doing an amazing job writing PLEASE don’t stop and I hope that I will find out where chapter 30 is….

I guess thats a little confusing huh?

First of all welcome!!! Glad you are here, “My Friend”. We started a new series called End of Innocence after Chapter 29 so click here: and keep reading. You are catching up with us girl.

@DangerousPYT @Ever
first of all: you ask you’re man wtf a stank hoe is doing in their bed, THEN you throw a fit. second: she’s always running away, she doesn’t give mj the benefit of the doubt, he doesn’t get a chance to ‘splain at all. lexi, stop being weak. takin’ ur punk ass to antoine of all people. i’d sit it out at sally’s, so i could have a girlfriend to be there for me. i mean wtf, you say u love mike but u always end up running. be a woman , put some balls on (figuratively) and find out the facts before u assume. thats supposed to be your man. what a let down.
lolmj/parishoney1998 (

LOL. I take it you are enjoying this story then? Gurl just keep on readin.


Yes, I am quite enjoying your series. Very good! Keep doin’ what you do when you do it XD
Like you said it’s all for love.

Please check it out!


Great series! You’ve inspired me to start my own! I was wondering if you could read mine and tell me if they’re O.K. (by commenting on the entries) or tell me to stop altogether. For now there is only One Chapter (With 2 Parts.) They include someone named Kim (I swear it was a coincidence, and plus they’re nowhere NEAR the same age) and Diana. He’s fifteen when the story starts. Mine is more a story/series than just flings or something.

Peace and stay cool!

By Mrs. Michael Jackson on May 25th, 2014 at 4:07 am

Hmmm… is it bad that I LOVED the drama in this chapter? Of course I want the best for Mike and Lex, however, having found your site YEARS later, I already know the story doesn’t just end there. But that doesn’t mean I’m still not worried. Even if Michael and Lexi can’t rekindle their love and work things out, I’m certain at the very least they will maintain SOME kind of relationship.

…Reading over everyone else’s comments, I noticed that there were some mixed feelings about Lexi that I hadn’t previously seen. I completely understand where all the ladies who were mad at Lexi were coming from, but at the same time, I don’t think any of them very really mad at her. Rather, they were probably upset that in this fantasy world of ours, Lexi is leaving just before Michael is REALLY going to need her, because the reality of it all is that Michael didn’t have anyone during this time in his life to keep him strong and “alive” in a sense (at least that we know about), and I think we all just wish a story could change that reality…

Anyway, wonderful chapter! I can’t believe how far everything has come and how much your writing had directly impacted me. It sounds like a terrible thing to say, but because of you, I have completely come to terms with Michael’s death and now have a sense of tranquility about it all. In other words, I no longer question whether or not he could still be out there; rather I chose to believe he is free of this problem world and at peace, so thank you for that.

…I think I’ve done enough reflecting and deep philosophical thinking for one morning now…

Much L.O.V.E.,
Mrs. Michael Jackson

This made me cry…I honestly dont know what to say. Thank you. It means so much to me, I really really mean that.

By Mrs. Michael Jackson on June 8th, 2014 at 4:18 pm

Your welcome, dear! You’re such an inspiration to me, so everything I say comes directly from the heart… and you make it so easy to do so! In fact, if I’m being honest, I don’t think I’ve EVER read anything nearly as good as what you have here; that’s why I always try to analyze after each chapter, whether I comment or not.

Mrs. Michael Jackson


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