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“Behind the Mask” Bad Era Fan Fiction

Our intrepid fan fic reader, Forever Michael clicked a “LIKE” on Facebook last week and turned me on to a new Fan Fic that you all might like. What was cool is that the same day it’s author posted for the first time on our page too. So I would like to welcome Enchantress to […]

New Fan Fic: Sugar Daddy

Was sent this Fan Fic novel of “Daddy Mike’” and thought you might like it. I am warning you though, it is not your average Mike as a nice guy fan fic. He has some faults….and it has some raunch to it, so be prepared. The author is BreakofDawn, and English is not her first […]

After The Show: II

After the Show: II (Break of Dawn)     Written by SizzlinStarFish aka MJ Spuffy Fan When I woke in the morning, I felt stiff and achy all over.  But the hurt was nothing compared to what it felt like to wake up and not feel him by my side.  I didn’t want to open […]

A Dangerous Liason Submission: “After The Show”

Disclaimer:  This is a fan fiction written solely for the purpose of entertaining.  This story is not based on true events but based on a fantasy.  By: SizzlinStarFish aka MJSpuffyFan     “After The Show” He smiled at me from the stage, and my heart began to pound.  God, the way his hips thrust, the […]

The Poll has spoken

You have made it very clear that you would like more reading material about Michael here on DangerousPYT. (We do too LOL) However we need your help to find it. Once again if you write send me your stories,  links to your blog or live journal and you can either have me host here or we will link […]

Two New Fics…

…and I am almost home. Your new Mike and Lexi story is about halfway finished. I aplogize…I got tied up with my Mommy. Enjoy these two stories that have been sent in for now. Click below God of Dance: By our very own Tigereyes God of Dance   MJ Stories: This one is long MJ […]

Read this Fan Fic…”doggonelovah’s live journal”

….was lucky enough to be introduced to this Fan Fic and I think you will like it. It features “TII Mike” and a young up and coming reporter.  doggonelovah’s live journal featuring TII Mike

Submit a story

DangerousPYT is happy to accept your Michael fan fiction and other art for publication. Some of you have expressed to me that you have thought about writing some of your own thoughts down on paper about this great man and I sure encourage you to do that. Since we have such a beautiful showroom here now […]



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