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After The Thrill Is Gone IV

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After The Thrill Is Gone IV

Fall 2006

Michael and the children were barely out of site in the lush landscape when the phone was picked up off of the cradle and dialed. The international call rang through and woke up its recipient at a very early hour of the morning.

“Hi, sorry it is so early. I haven’t had a chance to call before now.”

The voice was soft and groggy, but seemed happy to hear her.

“No, it’s ok. How is everything? How is he, and how are you….Lexi?”

She hesitated hearing the voice speak her name so sweetly.

“Better, he is better. He has gained his weight back. The kids look great too.”

A long silence fell between them before the voice finally asked.

“Do you still feel the same?”

Her head began to hurt, and her stomach twisted in the same knots she had felt since before she left Los Angeles. The knots she had since his knock on her door six months ago.

“I do…yes I do, I love him.”

“I know, we all do.”

Another long uncomfortable silence fell between them before the quiet voice finally asked.

“Is he coming back then?”

“No…no I don’t think so. Not right now. He seems content here, and …and he asked me to stay.”

“Are you.”

“I…I can’t, ’lannah needs to….”

“Lex is it ‘lannah or something else.”

Her sigh was audible and she took a deep breath before she answered,

“We can’t, it can’t ever happen again. Please make sure she knows what I told you, I have to go.”

Hanging up the phone she returned to the window and stared out where Michael and the children had disappeared into the woods.

“What have I done?” She whispered as her fingers absently touched her lips remembering a lost kiss that could destroy her world.


“There is people out here.” Paris whispered to Alannah as they walked along.IMG_1695

“You mean like leprechauns and stuff?” ‘lannah’s answer made Michael smile as they made their way through the green pathways of the forest.

“What do you know about leprechauns?” Prince called out behind him as he ran ahead of the pack.

Running to catch up with him, Alannah stopped short when what appeared to be a person was laying on the ground scared her. Seeing her eyes widen Michael swooped in and picked her up.

“Don’t worry, that’s what Paris was talking about. It’s just Mr. E. he’s not real.”

“He looks real.”

Leaning over as Michael held her ‘lannah stared at the wax figure lying improbably on the ground next to the tree.

Walking over and patting him on the face Paris said,

“I think he is nice.”

Setting his oldest daughter down, she joined Paris at the discarded statue of Elvis Presley improbably laying in the forest so close to their rooms.

“He used to be Daddy’s friends Dad…a long time ago.” Paris announced authoritatively.

Michael cut in before Alannah had a chance to become afraid. “Babygirl, it’s just a likeness…like a picture of Mr. E I was married to his daughter Lisa before you were born. He died when she was a little girl. This statue used to be in a museum. The man that owns this house decided to let him stay out here for now.”

Alannah stared at the face of Elvis before replying. “He looks sad.”

Michael joined the girls for a moment before taking their hands and glanced down at the visage of his former Father in Law, “I think he might have been ‘lannah…I think he might have been.”

“Poppa, do you believe in ghosts?” Paris asked while skipping in front of them impatiently.

Stifling a giggle Michael asked seriously, “Have you seen my short film?”

“Only some pictures Daddy.” Paris ran off to catch up with Prince leaving Alannah with Michael and the wax statue.

“I had a bad dream about some ghosts before.”

Taking her hand Michael started walking in the direction of Prince and Paris. “You did, what happened?”

“It was one of the times Uncle Jackie came by to see us and he told me a scary story…it made me have a bad dream that night.”

Michael felt his stomach tighten and he clenched his teeth reflexively. “Did you say your Uncle Jackie has been coming by Babygirl?”

Stopping to pick up a rock, ‘lannah looked up at her father. “Yeah, lots of times.”

“Was he by himself, your Auntie wasn’t there?”

Alannah slipped the rock in the pocket of his jacket and they began to walk again, “No, he told Mommy that she doesn’t live with him anymore.”

Clearing his throat, Michael quietly acknowledged her, “I see….”

They continued their walk deeper into the woods, gathering flowers and looking for four leaf clovers and leprechauns; but Michael’s thoughts were occupied by what his daughter had told him about the “ghosts” in his life.



Pouring another glass of wine at dinner, Michael had lost count of how much he had to drink, but Grace noted that he had finished a bottle and was working his way quickly to the bottom of another. Lexi had excused herself, citing a headache asking Grace to see to ‘lannah for bedtime. Quiet and sullen Michael had little to say since he had returned from the walk with the children and had spent most of his time with Blanket when he had awoken up from his nap. Grace knew that something was up with him and even suspected that he was upset with Lexi, but had not really even seen them together most of the day so she was unsure of what was wrong. But she figured she better get ready for one of those nights….



Closing the door to the girls room Michael finally made his way to the bedroom. He felt the effects of the wine and realized he was drunk…and it felt good. Damn good and he needed it. His mind had been racing ever since ‘lannah told him that Jackie had been spending time with Lexi. Uncontrolled thoughts ran wild of what they had most likely done together and how his brother was no different than Jermaine or Randy. He felt sick inside and wanted to lash out, but the children’s presence prevented him from doing so. It was unconscionable that they would betray him when he was down and out. How could two people that loved him so much do something so horrible behind his back when he was trying to pull his life together?

The smell of her sweet perfume filled the air when he opened the door and the soft glow of candles gave the room a romantic hue that confused him since she was not feeling well.

Her voice was soft when she called to him from in front of the full length mirror.

“I’m sorry I left you alone with the children, but I needed an excuse to come up stairs.”

Lexi Irish DressHis eyes took a moment to adjust as he didn’t have his glasses on, and the alcohol was clouding them as well. But he caught his breath as she turned and was wearing a matching period cloak and dress of Celtic design. The soft folds of the hood of the cloak framed her hair around her face and shoulders and the sheer lace of the bodice gave him a glimpse of the dark rise of her nipples and full breasts. Gold brocade accented the bodice and waist as well as the trim of the cloak giving the look a richness that bespoke royalty.

“Where did you find this?”  He asked as his eyes traveled her body up and down.

“I found it in LA before I came, it was from a movie I think. I wanted to surprise you, I know how you like to…”

“Dress up?” He finished her sentence

She laughed slightly as he walked up to her, “Yeah…yes. It it has been a long time since we did that Michael. Ireland is so beautiful…magical as you say.”

Staring at her in the candlelight all his previous anger momentarily disappeared, “You’re beautiful…look at you Alexis.”

His lips softly met hers, timidly almost. “I’m going to make love to you….” He whispered against her mouth, “Slow and gentle, I’m going to make you weak girl…” His fingers tenderly brushed her breast, “Make you beg for it.” His opposite hand pulled her in by the small of the back, “…and then make you beg me to stop.”

Rolling her head back so he could have access to her neck, she replied. “I’ve never begged you to stop Baby, why would I do that now?”

“You will…trust me, you will.”

Lexi found herself against the wall, with Michael fondling her breasts in his warm large hands.

“Did you…did you lock the door” she moaned as he pinched her nipple lightly

“Of course, I was thinking about you having sex all night Lexi.”

Their hands were everywhere and Michael finally found the clasp for the cloak and tossed it near the foot of the bed.

He stepped back for a moment and stared at her, her heaving chest bursting out of the strapless dress barely contained in the sheer green lace that teased him with what lay beneath.

“How…how much did you pay for this dress?” His question confusing her momentarily as she waited for him to return to her body.

“two…two hundred dollars.” She answered shakily

Michael moved back to her, his breathing ragged… the taste of wine heavy on his lips. “Don’t be mad at me.”


“I said don’t be mad at me.”

Their lips briefly met in a flurry of kisses as she heard the material rip between his hands.

“Michael…Michael….what, why did you….?”

“Shut up and play.” His answer silencing her just like his mouth did moments later.

The top half of her body was now exposed and being subjected to the most exquisite caresses. The lace tattered and torn allowed his mouth access and he delicately twirled the hardened nipple around with the tip of his tongue. Then he would follow by gentle sucks and bites only to start over again. Lexi held him close, pretending she was the heroine in a romance novel at the grocery store. Michael’s kisses ran up her neck again and found her lips, his probing tongue dancing with hers before he broke away.

“Don’t..dont baby.” Lexi’s breathless voice called

Michael stared at her as he unbuttoned his oxford and removed his undershirt. He unzipped his jeans and slipped out of his shoes.

Lexi had started to reach for the stays of her dress but he stopped her,

“Oh no, no I’m taking you out of this thing now. I broke it…I bought it. Right?”

She nodded wordlessly as he walked back to her, his warm skin meeting with hers at last.

“Turn around….” He whispered

“But Michael I want to…”

He cut her off

“Turn around, NOW!”

She obeyed, the goosebumps marking her skin as he softly touched her shoulders with the tips of his lips. His voice was gentle in her ear as he unhooked the stays of the dress one by one, planting whispery kisses as each one parted.

“I did think about you all day Lexi…damn girl you have made me crazy, weak. I don’t like it sometime.”

“Michael I….”

“Shut up…don’t speak”

The dress was unhooked and he pushed it down to her hips, leaving her naked from the waist up. One by one he placed her arms up on the wall and then pushed her forward, so he could grind against her.

It was then she felt his fingers, those long beautiful fingers finding her center and beginning to stroke her fire.

One of his hands held hers against the wall, while his mouth was buried near her ear,

“God baby you’re so wet…”

His hips moved in time with his finger, slow and steady in soft and gentle circles that caused Lexi to push back against him as she ached for what she felt was growing against her ass.

She shook slightly as he entered her. A small whine emanating from her lips caused him to smile as he pushed and pulled his finger in her space. Her ass was moving so hard against him now he thought she might come at any moment… he pulled them away from her.

“No…no please.”

Her eyes flashed open and cut back at him in panic.

“I said don’t speak.”


“I’ll get to that in a minute…”

Finally he pushed the dress off of her hips and she was nude. Michael stepped back again to look at her and sucked on his fingers appreciatively.

“Go get on the bed.”

She spied his erection and felt the wetness increase between her legs. She wanted him inside her, she ached for him.

At last he stepped out of his jeans, his staff hard and ready between his legs as Irish Bedhe kneeled down beside the bed. Lexi’s heart beat increased as he pulled her to him, his eyes locked on her triangle. He looked hungry and she knew he was about to feast.

The moment his mouth hit her, she felt like he drew all the air out of her body. Michael sucked and teased her clit with no foreplay and it was all she could do not to scream out loud from the intense pleasure of his attack. She watched as his cheeks puffed out slightly and he pushed his tongue into her space tasting the sweet honey she made for him. Then his cheeks became hollow as she sucked her clit so hard she felt she might burst from lack of blood supply to her brain. When he finally let go his tongue teased and twirled and took her to heights beyond imagination….and when she didn’t think the ecstasy could be higher the finger returned. Inserted, twirled and tilted at just the right angle so that at the height of her bliss he shook her to her core. Not once, but twice before he lay across her body and let her taste herself on his lips.

“You came so hard.” He stated matter-of-factly

Lexi kissed him again, her tongue darting out to remove any remnants of her from his mouth.

“Lay down baby, I want you to watch me…I know how much you like that.”

Smiling he sat up and placed her hand on his dick,

“Imma watch you in the mirror too, that way I can see that ass and that sexy mouth.”

As she moved to her knees she whispered softly,

“That wine has made you bold tonight.”

“Oh, it’s not the wine…not tonight.”

Their eyes met and Lexi felt a coldness in his gaze that she hadn’t noticed before, it only lasted a second before the heat of the moment returned and she lowered her mouth to him.

“Ahhhh Lex….fu….yeah”

Immediately his hands found her hair as she bobbed up and down on him. True to form she milked him with her mouth. Using saliva, lips and hands to pleasure Michael as he switched between watching her on her knees in front of him or in the mirror from behind. It was incredibly erotic and she moaned and stroked him with her lips and tongue. All his concentration was focused on not coming, he wanted to….god he wanted to push his load right down her throat. Make her choke on his love but he kept his cool, he loved her so much and she was so sexy and he was so turned on. He wanted to make it last all night.

“Alexis, you know how much I love to watch you?”

Raising her head for a moment she looked up at him, his member by her lips.

“It turns me on so much Baby.”

“Get up on the bed before you make me come.”

She stopped again, stroking him faster and causing him to push his hips toward her.

“I mean it, get up here. Now.”

She started to mount him but he pulled her close.

“No…hold up. Give me a minute.”

“Baby….just fuck me, it’s Ok.”

His eyes silenced her and she lay started to lay back but then suddenly stood and brought a bottle of tequila over to the bed.

“I want a drink…I think I need to catch up with you.”

He caressed her breast as she drank two shots from the bottle and eventually joined her when she offered him the liquor.

“This is going to hurt in the morning girl.”

Lexi smiled, “Well I did say I had a headache, right?”

Michael took a final drink before placing it beside the bed and taking her in his arms.

They stared at each other, kissing and touching till he was ready and he moved on top of her.

“Grab the bed and hold on.”

His smile was wide as Lexi reached behind her on the ornate headboard and wound her fingers inside to obey his command. Once she was in place, he finally slid effortlessly inside. For a moment they both froze, dark eyes sizing up the other until at last Lexi wrapped her legs around his hips and he began to thrust. All thoughts of anything but each other and that moment were forgotten. Michael’s slow and languid stroke caused Lexi to moan a bit louder and louder each time he pushed into her. She saw the perspiration begin to break out on his forehead and she freed her hands to wipe it away and touch his face.

“I love you so much Michael.”

He stared at her as he thrust, but she noticed the slight flare of his nostrils when she spoke. He didn’t answer her verbally but his body responded physically. Suddenly they rolled and she was on top, his hands were full of her ass and hips and he pushed hard as she moved her hips on top of him.

Moving his hand over he found her clit with his thumb, Lexi threw her head back..her body shaking as he began to bring her to the brink again.

“Come on…come AWWWN.”

Michael demanded as she started to spin apart under his hands.

“Uh oh yes, I…I…I Mich…oh oh oh uhhhhh!!!!”

He watched as her face released and felt as her body did too. She flooded his dick with cum and he was ready to do the same. But he wanted to watch in the mirror.

“Get up..”

Lexi was lying on top of him trying to catch her breath when he pulled her to her feet and brought her up to the old Irish dresser that stood next to the mirror.

“Michael….my legs.”

“Just lean over this.”

Michael watched as she leaned forward on the dresser, a thin film of perspiration covering her body. She looked so fine…

“I can’t wait to come inside you.”

His soft voice in her ear as he bent over her back, encouraged her and she spread her legs and arched for him just as he entered her again.

“I can’t come again please…Michael.”

Smiling he leaned forward once more.

“I told you, you would be begging for me to stop tonight.”

He heard her giggle as his hands encircled her waist.

Watching the mirror as he moved inside her excited him and he moved faster and faster. Their lower bodies slapping together loudly until at last he pulled her tight spilling into her with several large shots that left him momentarily depleted.


Lexi passed the bottle again as they laid back on the bed. Their bodies slowly recovering from the intenseness they had displayed earlier. Lexi didn’t realize how much Michael had really drank and he was becoming more and more intoxicated. His mind kept wandering back to the conversation he had earlier in the day with his daughter and he felt his anger over it building. He loved her…more than he wanted to sometime admit. That’s why he made love to her like he did, but she had broken his heart. Cheating on him with his brother, something he had suspected long ago anyway. Now he wondered so many things, the least of which was how long she had been doing it.

MJ irish

Lexi lay in the bed as he had just gotten up to put on some music. She had asked for some R n B and he promised to put some on. She knew he was buzzed but something seemed off, she just couldn’t put her finger on what it was. As she watched him fuss with the stereo she wondered if she should send for her things and help him look for a property in Ireland. She missed having the family together and thought that maybe the time had finally arrived for the world to finally know about her and Alannah.

Justin Timberlake’s “Cry Me A River” came on and Lexi smiled at Michael.

“Oh I like this song.”

Looking over from the stereo he smirked a bit before replying,

“I bet you do.”

Michael joined her back on the bed and she placed her palm on his stomach,

“I heard he wrote it about Britney, they were so cute together.”

“They were, but he said she cheated.”

He stared at her hard when she glanced up and he said,

“He said she cheated.”

“Oh..oh Ok then.”

Laying with his hands behind his head he tried not to think about too much and just escape in the effects of the alcohol until Lexi said,

“You know Michael, the staff here was acting weird earlier.”

“Really, how?”

She paused a moment as Amy Winehouse’s “You Know I’m No Good” came on and said,

“Well they keep asking me about my sister.”

Michael grunted, almost like he was aggravated.

“Well probably because I told them you Alejandra’s sister.”

Lexi sat straight up and stared at him,

“You WHAT! Why would you do that?”

Glancing over with piercing eyes Michael replied,

“Well it’s not like any of my brothers haven’t slept with their sister in laws before.”

Lexi pulled away and pulled the sheet around her,

“What are you saying?”

He remained silent as the song came to an end he climbed out of bed once more and moved to the stereo. Lexi watched him pull a blank CD out and insert it and pushed play.

Turning around he stared at her as she moved to the side of the bed and watched the realization light up her face.

“That’s Prince, you…YOU’RE playing Prince?”

Michael only nodded as the lyrics started and Lexi’s eyes began to glisten with tears.

You have just accessed the hate experience
Do you wish to change your entry?
Very well, please enjoy your experience

I never thought that you would be the one
After all the things that we’ve been through
You gave your body to another in the name of fun
I hope you had some, baby, if not, boo hoo

“Michael, what is happening…why are you doing this?”

Lexi rose from the bed and walked to him.

He only stared at her as the lyrics from the song continued on…

It’s so sad but I hate u like a day without sunshine
It’s so bad but I hate u, ’cause you’re all that’s ever on my mind
Honey, I hate u, now everyday would be a waste of time
‘Cause I hate u

“Baby, you’ve just had too much to drink. Come lay back down, you will feel better in the morning.”

His eyes narrowed and he spit out a reply,

“You better believe I’ve had too much to drink.”

He took her by the upper arms,

“The thought of what you have done, Alexis…how could you. With my own brother?”

I never thought that I could feel this way
To fall in love was a table reserved for fools
Say you’re sorry if you wanna but it’s all in vain
I’m out the door, sweet baby, that’s right we’re through

“What? What have I done? Michael…I don’t understand?”

Lexi was nearly hysterical

It’s so sad but I hate u like a day without sunshine
It’s so bad but I hate u, ’cause you’re all that’s ever on my mind
Honey, I hate u, now everyday would be a waste of time
‘Cause I hate u

“Stop lying, ‘lannah told me…she told me Jackie’s been over, a lot. I know Alexis…dammit I know you are fucking my brother.”

This court is now in session
Would the defendant please rise?
State your name for the court
Never mind
(Billy Jack Bitch)

“Never, I..I never Michael I never…we have never been together…that way.”

You’re being charged with one to many counts
Of heartbreaking in the first degree
I don’t give a damn about the others
My main concern is you and me

Michael’s face was red and his eyes were wet with tears.

“But you’re not denying that you wanted too.”

Your honor, may I call to the stand
My one and only witness?
A girl that know damn well
She didn’t have no damn business

I know what you did, how you did it
And uh, who you did it with
So you might as well take your time
‘Cause you sure can’t plead the fifth
Now raise your right hand

Lexi hadn’t answered, he waited watching her cry knowing the answer to his question.

Do you swear to tell the whole truth
Not the half truth like you used to so help you God?
Nod your head one time if you hear me
If you don’t, I’ll have to use the rod

“You, you been gone so long Michael.”

His eyes closed and his stomach fell into a hundred tiny pieces….

“I knew about this woman…this princess you had.”

Anything to make you see that uh
You’re gonna miss me
Yeah, you’re gonna miss me
Uh, uh, uh, oh

If it please the court
I’d like to have the defendant place her hands behind her back
So I can tie her up tight and get into the act
The act of showing her how good it used to be
I want it to be so good, she falls back in love with me

“Get out.”

His teeth were clenched tightly and he gripped her wrist just as hard.

“Get the fuck out of my house.”

Close your eyes
I’m gonna cover your ass with this sheet
And I want you to pump your hips like you used to
And, baby, you better stay on the beat

Did you do to your other man the same things that you did to me?
Right now I hate you so much I wanna make love until you see
That it’s killin’ me, baby, to be without you
‘Cause all I ever wanted to do was to be with you, ow

“Michael…stop your hurting me. I, I didn’t fuck him. All uh uh all he did was kiss me time.”

I hate u
(I hate u)
Because I love you
(Because I love you)

But I can’t love u
(I can’t love you)
Because I hate u
(I hate u)

“Get the fuck out of my house.”

Michael had pushed her away and reached down to pull her cape off the floor not realizing her foot was on top of it. When he yanked it, she lost her balance and fell against the end of the bed hitting her head and face.

Because I love you
I love you, baby
I love you, I love you, I love you

I love you ‘cause you’re all that’s ever on my mind
I hate u because I love you

“Lex…Lexi, oh my god. Are you alright?”

She was still crying and held her face against the bed as he kneeled down to comfort her.

“Leave me alone.”

Her shoulders heaved with her sobs and he dared to reach out and touch her arm.

“Don’t fucking touch me.”

Her cries didn’t hurt as much as hearing that.

“You hate me remember?”

Slowly she stood, pulling the velvet cape around her to cover her nakedness.

When Michael finally saw her face, he could see swelling and a bruise near her eye.

“Lex…I, I didn’t meant to trip you. You got to believe me.”

Wiping away a bit of blood from where her lip was split she answered,

“But you won’t believe me when I tell you I didn’t fuck your brother?”

Again he tried to hold her but she shrugged him off.

“I’ll get my things, and stay in Dublin until it’s time for our flight. ‘lannah needs to spend time with you.”

“No…I, Lex I just got worked up. ‘lannah told me Jackie has been coming over and I just can’t help being jealous. Stay here let’s talk about this.”

Once again she was looking in the mirror with the cloak pulled around her, but now she was inspecting a quickly blackening eye.

“The last time I looked like this I was fighting to come home to you, I never imagined that I would look like this fighting to get away from you Michael.”

Picking her torn dress off of the floor she left the bedroom and Michael.

As he walked over to the dresser he saw the handful of the clovers that he had picked that afternoon with the children. Through his tears, he made a silent wish that one of them would make him lucky enough to bring him his love back soon.



“Hello” Who-is-it-michael

“Hello Mother…”

“Michael….so glad that you finally called. I’ve been so worried about you.”

“Yes, we have busy here.”

“I saw you on that television program with that nice Bush boy. You look well son.”

“I’m feeling alright I guess.”

“Jackie tells me that Lexi and Alannah came over to see you. Did she tell you that I had sent him over to her house to talk with her about convincing you to come home?”

Michael froze, the pounding in his head that he had since Lexi had left three weeks earlier now making him want to throw up.

“Um, she didn’t. We really aren’t speaking any longer.”

“Did you have a fight son?”

“Uh …yeah yes we did. I think it might be over for good Mother.”

“Come home and make it right, besides we all miss you…I miss you.”

“Ok…I’ll think about. I will sure think about it.”

Michael hung up the phone and took a deep sigh before he rolled over and watched Saadiya move down on him.


To Be Continued…

story end

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Oh no Michael!!! You are messing up a good thing… Sigh!!! I loved the role play tho… Sexy as fuck!! Michael is a sexy beast!!! Back to Michael I cannot believe he thought Lexi would cheat on him with Jackie.. Really Michael? Lexi overlooked his indiscretions with the Princess.. I can’t.., this is crazy’!!’ I cannot wait for update!!!

By Karin Heynen on March 1st, 2015 at 8:11 pm

trying this again…..

This was a very hot chapter , I really enjoyed it , the sex was awesome but Michael to go with a statement from your child and run with it as it were true without verifying it with Lexy, that is just ….WRONG and even if it were true how is it any different from what you are doing ? what is with the double standard here ??

And then in the end , there she is again ugh smh .
But PYT , you have completely enthralled me with this chapter and I thank you and now …a glass of wine 🙂

What terrible things jealousy can do. Especially when it does not allow for communication to clear things up. He allowed his jealousy and booze to let him believe Lexi would betray him, after all they have been through to be together.

Thank you for another wonderful chapter!

Thanks for the feedback guys. It was fun writing the “rollplay” for these two in this chapter for sure…as far as the jealousy goes, Michael has always been that way with Jackie and Lexi. So its not really nothing new. He just had a big knock upside the head when he learned that Mommy was the one that set all this up trying to get him to come home.

So what will happen…how will he make it up to Lexi, or can he? Will he confront Jackie? What about crazy Saadiya? Ooooo its getting good…


Its coming girl…I will be working on it this week. I had some real world stuff I had to deal with the last few weeks, but I am back to normal now. Yay.. Glad you liked it though….woot

very interesting take on Mike…

definitely liked his moxie “trust me you will” – yeah baby that’s right WOOT!

awesome!!! great writing Im not good with words but wonderful story!!!!


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