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Take It To the Limit II

Take It To The Limit II Summer 2007 The humid air stuck to his skin as he stepped out of the Escalade. Looking around he realized the parking lot was normal, so normal he allowed himself a brief smile knowing that the paparazzi would never find him at a place like this. Glancing down at […]

Take It To The Limit

Take It To The Limit December 2006   Lexi knocked on Alannah’s door, adjusting the jeans that she had just put on. “ ‘lannah”, Lexi said as she opened the door, “Wash up…dinner is almost ready.” “Ok” Alannah replied as she inserted a bookmark in her worn Harry Potter book. The setting was warm and […]

After The Thrill Is Gone IV

After The Thrill Is Gone IV Fall 2006 Michael and the children were barely out of site in the lush landscape when the phone was picked up off of the cradle and dialed. The international call rang through and woke up its recipient at a very early hour of the morning. “Hi, sorry it is […]

After The Thrill Is Gone III

After The Thrill Is Gone III FALL 2006 Returning back to his seat in the G-IV, Michael acknowledged Lexi who lightly stroked Blanket’s hair as he lay asleep in her lap. Prince and Paris who also lay sleeping, sat just behind them with Grace keeping a watchful eye on them both. Whispering quietly he said. […]

After The Thrill Is Gone II

After The Thrill Is Gone II Spring-Fall 2006 It was late when Lexi pulled away from the quaint suburban house as the spring day started to give itself to the darkness. Her heart and mind were heavy with the task that she had promised Michael she would fulfill to the ultimate end. With every day […]

After The Thrill Is Gone

After The Thrill Is Gone February 2006 Warning: This one is a bit naughty Michael pulled his coat tighter, and for once he was actually grateful for the slight chill in the air. The cheap red wine he had drank the night before had taken a heavy toll and the early hour that Prince had […]

Heart of the Matter V

Heart of the Matter V June 14, 2005 Summer/Fall 2005   The Ranch had long since quieted. The events of the day winding down with more of a shudder then a joyous celebration. Michael’s parents had left around sunset, eager to leave the confines of the gates of Neverland that had been their home for […]

Heart of the Matter IV

Heart of the Matter IV March 2005   Lexi glanced up at the clock hoping that her name would be called soon, so she could get back to the ranch before Michael got home. It didn’t help that the waiting room at the pulmonologist office in Santa Barbara had on Court TV and her time […]

Heart of the Matter III

  April 2004 The hum of the nebulizer was audible even before he opened the French doors. His only surprise was that it lay idly running and Lexi was nowhere to be found in the garden. Setting the coffee service on the patio table, Michael sat down on the lounge that was still slightly warm […]

Heart of the Matter II

Heart of the Matter II January 16, 2004 (If you love Mike and Lexi…make sure you read/listen to the song that he sings to her in this chapter…alot of you will already know it, but the lyrics fit them so perfectly right now, at least I think)   “It came out really good” Lexi handed […]



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