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After The Thrill Is Gone II

After The Thrill Is Gone II Spring-Fall 2006 It was late when Lexi pulled away from the quaint suburban house as the spring day started to give itself to the darkness. Her heart and mind were heavy with the task that she had promised Michael she would fulfill to the ultimate end. With every day […]

After The Thrill Is Gone

After The Thrill Is Gone February 2006 Warning: This one is a bit naughty Michael pulled his coat tighter, and for once he was actually grateful for the slight chill in the air. The cheap red wine he had drank the night before had taken a heavy toll and the early hour that Prince had […]

Victim of Love: XI

Victim of Love: XI November 14 2002 Santa Maria/November 19 -20, 2002 Berlin   He really, really hated court rooms. Every time he had to be inside of one it ended up costing him money, lots and lots of money. The past ten years seemed like one court case after another, disrupting his life and […]

Victim of Love: X

Dont Freak Out!!! LOL Love Dangerous!   Victim Of Love: X August 2002 The whir of the camera taking pictures was in stark contrast to the chattering of the birds that flitted from wire to wire above the parking lot of the restaurant. The convoy of black Escalades surrounded the Land Rover in a precision […]

Victim of Love: IX

Victim of Love: IX July 30, 2002 For once he was grateful for the ever present insomnia that plagued his life. Sitting in the darkened suite he drank from the ’94 Vintage Napa Merlot, enjoying the delicate flavor as it caressed his tongue and laughing quietly as he lifted the bottle to his lips for […]

The Salesman III

  The Salesman III December 1965 Leaning over, Michael picked up his glass of whiskey and took a long drink closing his eyes momentarily so he could listen intently as the voice from the television wafted through the air. He loved lying in bed before he went out for the evening, watching the latest shows…cocktail […]

The Salesman II

The Salesman II August 1964 Las Vegas, Nevada    The taxi pulled up in front of the hotel and it was hot; more than hot it was HELL! Las Vegas in August was insane, like a blast furnace of dry heat that bit into your skin like a Mojave rattlesnake and sucked you dry. “Sucked dry” […]

The Salesman

A bit of a change of pace Using the Dangerous performance from MTV Michael is a Traveling Salesman bringing delight wherever he goes (this was a suggestion so I hope it meets with your approval)   Counting down the numbers on the front of the houses he finally pulled his Pontiac Station Wagon in the driveway […]

The King

Just a caution, this is a bit more of a naughty story. So if you think you may be offended you have been warned. If not…have fun! The King February 1991 Pushing the video into the player she anticipated what images were held on the magnetic strip of tape firmly held between the molded plastic shell. […]



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