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Pictures of You

Pictures of You
November 13, 1990

The mementos were laid out loyally across the bed; pictures of a laughing happy couple, a diamond ring, an ultra sound picture…even a now out of tune guitar still in its case. He looked at each item before carefully placing them in the backpack and hiding it away again in the closet. It had been two years to the day since he lost her, two long years since he saw her sparkling green eyes…two years since he held her close.

Later, he reluctantly climbed in the Blazer and pointed it south towards Los Angeles dreading the dinner his Mother had asked him to attend at Hayvenhurst that evening. Dealing with Joseph on this day was not something he really wanted to contend with but Katherine had pleaded with him to see her, their bond strong in spite of her son’s unspoken heartbreak. Just north of Ventura he took the exit over to PCH so that he could drive down the coast instead of dealing with the freeway traffic.

Shuffling the CD’s in the changer he paused as the haunting track started and he turned up the volume letting the lyrics wash over him:

I’ve been looking so long at these pictures of you
that i almost believe that they’re real
I’ve been living so long with my pictures of you
that I almost believe
that the pictures… are all I can feel

He closed his eyes briefly remembering her things spread out before him earlier in the morning, her smiling face timeless in the photo’s frame.

Remembering you standing quiet in the rain
As i ran to your heart to be near
And we kissed as the sky fell in
Holding you close
How i always held close in your fear

Remembering you running soft through the night
You were bigger and brighter and whiter than the snow
And screamed at the make-believe
Screamed at the sky and you finally found
All your courage to let it all go

His mind wandered back to the first time he saw her waiting at the Basel train station, caught in the storm; soaking wet, and fearless as their eyes met in a gaze that seemed to stretch across time and space….

Remembering you… fallen into my arms
Crying for the death of your heart
You were stone white so delicate lost in the cold
You were always so lost in the dark
Remembering you… how you used to be
Slow drowned you were angels
So much more than everything
Oh hold for the last time then slip away …quietly
Open my eyes but i never see anything

If only i had thought of the right words
I could have held on to your heart
If only i’d thought of the right words
I wouldn’t be breaking apart
All my pictures of you

He thought about the day when he read the news, how he had been broken and lost for so long now. All the hours he had spent in The Giving Tree writing music and looking at the flower bed that lay underneath…wishing that God would somehow take away his pain.

Looking So long at these pictures of you
I never hold on to your heart
Looking so long for the words to be true
But always just breaking
Apart my pictures of you

There was nothing in the world
That i ever wanted more
Than to feel you deep in my heart
There was nothing in the world
That i ever wanted more than to never feel the breaking apart
All my pictures of you

He pulled over into a secluded beach parking area as the music ended to collect his thoughts. Sitting for several minutes with his head on the steering wheel and willing the tears to leave his eyes before deciding to get some fresh air down by the water. It was an overcast and gloomy day and that seemed to fit his mood just fine. Finding his ball cap in the back seat he pulled it down low on his head and checked his shades in the mirror. He had on his bomber jacket that had a big enough collar so that he could pull it up and disguise his face fairly well. After locking the truck he was relieved to see only one other car in the parking lot as he headed towards the stairs that lead to the sand and water. When he was about half way down the long stairway he noticed a girl headed up so he dropped his head and pulled up the jackets collar. Luckily, she didn’t even bother looking at him and he continued down to the rocks and some welcome peace and quiet.

Kim climbed up the stairs dreading meeting her ex-boyfriend to give him the key to the apartment. The weekend had been such an ordeal, separating and moving all their things and now the key drop-off would be so final. She had been glad that she could take a moment and clear her head at the beach before she headed over to say goodbye and finalize the breakup.

Briefly she turned to look out over the view before she left and saw the man she passed on the stairs sitting on a rock. He had his head on his knees staring out into the water and she noted that his body language looked, so sad…that was really the only way she could think to put it. She shrugged her shoulders and realized that she felt the same way too, but she had to go to meet Steve or she would be late. Turning to her car she groaned audibly as she saw her rear tire was flat and she was pretty sure her spare was bad too. This was turning out to be a horrible day all the way around.

Thirty minutes later she had pulled all the household goods she still had packed in her trunk out and discovered, as she suspected, that her spare was flat. She was upset as she practically threw her dishes, clothes and music back in the trunk. Slamming the lid down, she saw the guy from the beach standing by his truck looking at her. He had the door open but was standing behind it like he was hiding. His ball cap was pulled so low on his head and his coat was zipped all the way to his neck and he also had his collar turned so far up that she was puzzled…it wasn’t THAT cold out. She could hear he was saying something to her but it was so softly spoken that she couldn’t hear him. Looking around she realized that there was no one to help her if this guy turned out to be a serial killer, but something about him seemed so oddly gentle. Besides he had already had a half hour to go crazy and he just sat on a rock, how bad could he be? Kim walked closer to the truck, “I’m sorry did you say something to me?” He nodded his head yes, but didn’t look at her. She wondered if maybe he was sick or something and walked closer, “Can you say it again, I didn’t hear you.” He took a step back, farther behind the door, “Can I get you some help with your tire?” he said to her. She smiled and answered, “I would appreciate a ride to Ventura, I can get some help there?” He froze for a moment, then turned around to look at the water. She saw him take a deep breath and shake his arms, like he was freeing himself of some unknown burden. “Yes, I can give you a ride, but I…oh never mind.” Kim took a step back and wondered what on earth this guy could be about, but she knew she needed to get to town. He didn’t look dangerous, at least from what she could see anyway. “Let me get my things.” She made a note of his license plate and tossed it on the seat of her car; just in case she ended up dead on the side of the road somewhere… at least the cops would have a lead, and grabbed her purse. He had already climbed into the truck and had his head turned looking out of the driver’s side window when she returned.

He was nervous, he saw how pretty she was as he was talking to her in the parking lot and now knew she would be in his truck for at least thirty minutes. She was exotic looking with olive skin, hazel eyes and jet black hair. Her short skirt showed off long tanned legs and her light jacket showed a glimpse of ample cleavage. But the last thing he needed was some crazy female going nuts on him, even if she was pretty. “Hi, I’m Kim” She said with a voice that seemed to ring in the hollowness of the truck. “Hi” he answered quickly still looking out of the window. “I appreciate the ride, thanks.” She looked to him for a response. “You’re welcome, Listen I just need to make sure you are cool with me. I mean, sometime people can….kind of …” He turned to face her and removed his ball cap first and then his shades. As he waited for the realization on her face to sink in, she simply said, “Are you cool if I grab a beer Michael?”

Kim didn’t wait for an answer as she jumped out of the Blazer and walked to her car. On the outside she looked calm, cool and collected as she grabbed a couple of beers from the ice chest in the backseat, but on the inside her mind was working overtime with the realization that she was about to spend some quality time with Michael Jackson…of all people. She had heard so many crazy things about him but the last couple of years he had almost stepped out of the spotlight and taken to his ranch….she smiled remembering it was named after something in Peter Pan. Opening the door to the truck she jumped back in the front seat and Michael couldn’t help but notice the flash of her inner thigh and a glimpse of red silk as she did so. He swallowed hard and straightened behind the wheel hoping she didn’t notice where his attention had been.

The crack of the Budweiser can sounded like a gunshot to his ears as he nervously wondered what she was up to. As the foam rose to cover the rim she sucked a bit of it off peering over the can at him, “Here, this Bud’s for you, it’s the King of Beers right?” Her smile as she offered him the beer finally seemed to win him over and he reached for it without hesitation. As she opened her can she offered up a toast, “Here’s to two lost souls at the beach.” He looked at her closely and asked, “What makes you think I am lost?” “Maybe you just look like you wanted to be found is all.” She replied. Michael tapped his can of beer with hers and took a long drink.

“Can I ask what you are doing here?” Kim’s question was to the point. “I am driving down to have dinner at my parents tonight and do some work in the studio tomorrow.” Michael’s response sounded lackluster and noncommittal and totally avoided her question. He turned and looked at her, “What are you doing here Kim?” Sighing she looked down at her lap before answering, “I am taking my ex the key to our old apartment and I just needed a few minutes to think before I headed over there. He has been pretty intense since we broke up; he is seeing someone else already.” Michael looked at her with his kind eyes, “I’m sorry to hear that, it’s never easy when someone you care about moves on.” Michael briefly thought about Diana and how it felt when she married. He vaguely remembered how there was a time when he thought that nothing could hurt that bad in his life, “You can move on though, I promise you that. It might not seem like it right now, but one day the right person will be there for you.” Kim tried to smile, “Thanks for saying that, I guess I will be all right. This has been coming for awhile now.” They drank the beer in silence until Michael spoke, “If you have the time, would you like to walk with me by the water? I really don’t feel like driving yet, especially after drinking the beer.” Kim looked over at him and saw the first hint of a smile on his face since she met him and couldn’t resist, “Yeah…sure let’s go”

They made their way down to the bottom of the stairs, removing their shoes for the walk. “This is a nice little spot.” Michael offered as they strolled along the advancing waterline. “Yes, I come here a lot; it’s cool that you don’t have to pay for parking.” Kim skipped over and picked up a shell inspecting it carefully before putting it in her pocket. “Can I see? What is it?” Michael asked. “Just a little shell, it’s pretty though.” She handed it to him, “Here you can have it.” “Thanks! I love it.” He dropped it into the front pocket of his red shirt as he had left his coat in the truck. He began to walk farther out into the surf line looking for more shells, “Look here is another nice one Kim, check it out!” Kim came out to join him and bent down to look at what he had found just as a wave began to move in. Michael who had planned the whole scenario splashed her with the sea water. She was thoroughly drenched and he ran off laughing. As she stood there momentarily stunned by the cold water soaking, she could hear his laughter echoing through the air. She took off running after him but he eluded her with every zig and zag that he took. Finally out of breath she stopped and sat down on the sand, “OK, you win…I give up.” Michael sat down beside her and asked, “You’re not mad at me are you? I couldn’t help myself.” Kim looked up at him still trying to catch her breath and shook her head, “No, you got me pretty good. Just watch your back.”

Michael watched her chest rise and fall with each breath and the hard strain of her cold nipples through her now wet tank top became difficult to resist. Her eyes seemed to dance in the fading light of the afternoon sun and her lips looked soft and inviting too. Almost involuntarily he leaned forward and brushed her mouth gently with his lips. Finding no resistance he kissed her harder savoring the feel of her softness upon his. She was an excellent kisser, not forcing him to action but encouraging him to explore. He caressed her bottom lip before finally slipping his tongue inside to find hers. Kim’s heart was pounding in her chest but not because of the game of chase they had just played but because of the new sensations she was feeling as he kissed her. Her mind was racing as she parted her lips to greet his tongue as it pushed upon her mouth. She reached up to pull him closer and she heard a small sigh from him as her hand touched the back of his neck. Falling back she let him lay upon her body as his hands began to caress her softly. Michael could feel her shaking as he ran his hands down the front of her shirt. He stopped as he grasped her breast in his hand. Her hard nipple at full attention under his palm was begging for notice as he pinched it lightly with his thumb and forefinger. Her back arched upward to meet him as he tugged her tank top up to reveal her braless skin to his hand. He broke his kiss with her to bring his lips down to her soft flesh, salty with the taste of the sea. His fingers encircled her mound as he ran his tongue down her cleavage and over to suck on her taught nipples. Slowly he drew each one to a point with his lips, only to see it sink back ready to be licked and caressed again. Kim was grinding her hips against him now, sighing with the pleasure his lips were bringing her. As he moved up again he trailed his mouth up her chest and her neck. Pausing near her ear he softly bit and dragged his lips on her neck and moaned quietly.

Soon though, glimpses of green eyes, masses of honey blonde hair and the memory of tan skin moving underneath him passed though his mind, “No, no…please.” He whispered. Kim pulled him tight, “It feels so good, you’re amazing.” Michael kissed her deeply again but the images wouldn’t fade, “I…I have to go Kim. I’m sorry.” He pulled away and left her on the beach, alone… to pull herself together.

Humiliated Kim eventually made it up the stairs in time to see him taking a pill with what was left of his beer and offering her a towel he had in the back of the truck. “Here, it’s clean. We should get going now.” “I need to change; I have some dry clothes in my car.” Kim told him as she walked over to grab something to change into. She couldn’t stop the burn of the tears as they stung her eyes as she once again opened her trunk and dug through it to find something to wear. She was so embarrassed that she had let that happen on the beach. If she could figure out what did just happen. She was still trying to understand…it was like he turned off a switch.

Not even trying to be modest; she pulled off her wet clothes and changed in the parking lot. Slipping on a pair of sweats and an old t-shirt from her high school for comfort, she dried her eyes and prepared to leave the beach. Michael watched her from inside the truck realizing that his body still lusted for her even as his mind was still grieving his loss. He supposed that this was not the best day to have made a move like that and he felt remorse when he saw her wipe the tears away from her eyes before returning to the truck.

Kim climbed back in again and looked at Michael, “Um, we need to go south on PCH then.” Michael pulled out of the lot and headed down the highway with a heavy silence between them. Finally he turned on the CD player forgetting that the demo from The Cure was still loaded up in the cue. As he tried to advance the shuffle to the next disc he hit the previous selection button instead and “Pictures of You” started as it had earlier in the day. As he again tried to change it Kim grabbed his hand, “Is that The Cure?” “Yeah, it’s a demo for a remix…its coming out soon. They wanted my opinion on it.” Kim still had his hand, “Can I hear it, I love this song.” Michael sighed, “Sure.” Again he listened as the lyrics ripped through his heart and reminded him of all that he lost. Hunter, the baby, even Neverland would never be exactly how they planned it. Kim glanced over and saw the tears forming in his eyes and turned the volume down. “Michael, are you OK? Have I done something to upset you?” He briefly looked out of the driver’s side window and wiped his eyes before looking at her, “Today’s just a bad day for me Kim, I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings. Please know it’s not you.” They sat in silence for a few minutes before Kim spoke, “You loved her a lot didn’t you?’ Michael chewed on the inside of his cheek and blinked a few times, “Yes, more than anything.” “You should be with her then Michael.” Kim’s honesty was so sincere he looked at her kindly before replying, “I can’t, she died and it’s not something I ever talk about.” Kim audibly gasped when he revealed his secret, “I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to bring it up. Please forgive me. I guess I understand now.”

Kim shrunk down in the seat and only spoke to him to tell him where to turn and was so relieved to finally get to her Mother’s house in Ventura. “Would you like to come in and freshen up?” she asked. “That would be great; I still have a way to go before I get to Encino”. Kim opened the door yelling for her Mother, “Mom, I’m here.” She showed Michael to the bathroom and fixed a rum and coke to steady her nerves. As she was putting the rum away she heard the garage door open and got ready for her Mother’s questions, “Hey Kim, where have you been. You are late as usual…. but I am glad you are here so you can help me with the grocer….Oh My God.” Kim hadn’t even turned around but she guessed that her Mother had just got a look at their guest. “Hi, I’m Michael” Yep, that was it, Kim thought spinning around. “Mom, are you going to say hello or just stand there with the cat food in your hand like that?” “Oh, uh excuse me, I am Lilly. Kim, would you mind explaining what is going on please?” Kim grimaced at her Mother as she started walking Michael towards the door, “My car broke down Mom, he found me and gave me a ride, that’s all.” Lilly yelled after them, “Well ask him if he wants to stay for dinner?” Michael shook his head no but paused as he reached the front door, “Kim, thanks for a nice afternoon. Believe it or not, it really helped me out.” Kim eyed him somewhat suspiciously, “I hope it did Michael, and it was nice meeting you…good luck with everything.” Michael paused before leaving, “Will you meet me there… same time next week?” She thought for a moment, “I don’t know Michael, why don’t you just stop and see if I am there.” Both of them knowing that she would meet him as requested. Michael bent down and gave her a light kiss on her lips, “Again Kim, I’m sorry, please forgive me, I will see you soon.”

Kim leaned against the door as she closed it and sighed; her Mother popped her head around the corner and asked, “Did he just kiss you Kim?” “Yeah Mom he did, can you give me the number to Triple A so I can get the tire fixed on my car please.” “But Kim I think he likes you.” Kim approached her Mother raising her voice, “There is so much you don’t know, please stop!” Lily stood there puzzled and wondered how much could have happened in a few hours at the beach but decided to drop it since her daughter seemed more upset than excited over meeting the world’s most famous entertainer.

Michael drove down the street before stopping and getting the case from underneath the back seat. Pulling out the new cellular phone he dialed Hayvenhurst and waited for the soft voice of his Mother to pick up, “Hi, I just called to tell you I can’t make it tonight. No… sorry, something came up. Well tell Joseph he will have to talk to me about it another time Mother. OK? I will call you tomorrow. I am heading to Century City right now. All right then. I love you. Bye.” He turned the phone off and put it back in the case. It was so big and bulky he hated using it. The Sony people told him that in a few years they would be so small you could carry them in your pocket. Now that would be something he could use. He felt kind of bad that he didn’t offer it to Kim to call for help at the beach, but he really wanted some company. He knew it was a bit deceitful but he did get her home and they had a nice walk together. She was sweet; he thought it would be fun to see her again next week. Michael pulled away and headed to Los Angeles hopeful that he could finally shake the loneliness that had engulfed him since he had lost Hunter and the baby.

His week was busy but he was happy when he finally had the afternoon off to head north to Ventura and catch up with Kim again. He parked the Blazer and decided to have a driver this time so they could relax and take things easy. As they waited at the parking lot at the beach he realized she wasn’t going to show up, he didn’t really blame her after the way he had acted. Since he had written her Mom’s address down before leaving her house, he handed it to the driver to find and poured himself a drink from the bar. The warm feel of the whiskey coated his tired throat and fell to the pit of his stomach. He hadn’t eaten all day and soon felt the heady buzz of the alcohol blurring out the edges of reality. As he took his last sip the limousine turned the corner on the familiar looking street and he sat up when he saw her car in the driveway. He also saw her in the yard apparently arguing with a tough looking guy who was backing her up to the front door.

Michael saw Kim turn her head and her eyes grow wide as the limo pulled in front of her house. The guy who had been arguing with her followed her gaze and watched as the driver exited the vehicle and waited on the body guard to come around before he swung the door open and professionally stepped away to allow Michael to exit the vehicle. Kim whispered, “Oh my God.” The guy snarled back, “What the hell is this Kim? Is that really who I think it is?” Michael stepped up to the pair and looked at Kim, “Are you almost ready to go, the chef will have our dinner ready for us in an hour.” “Hey we are busy here; she has something to take care of.” Steve said as he confronted Michael. “Steve, please don’t, we can talk about this later. I will get you that money as soon as I can. Just go home now. I have plans; I told you I had plans.” Kim tried to place her body between them. “Kim, we still have time before we need to be there, I can wait. Is your Mother home…I would love to say hello to her again.” Michael took her by the elbow and started to walk her to the door. What she didn’t notice was the nod he gave to his body guard. The nod that instructed the body guard to make Steve depart and pay him whatever money he thought he needed to leave her alone. “Kim, I will call you later. Hope you enjoy yourself tonight.” Steve’s laughter rang in her ears as Michael held the door and they walked inside. “I’ll go get ready, I won’t be long, and Michael…thanks for coming here to get me. I really thought I blew it when I couldn’t make it on time.” “Go get ready, I’m hungry.” Michael smiled at her and she bounded up the stairs to prepare for their date. He turned and looked through the window and saw his body guard hand the money to Steve and his car drive away. As he sat down on the couch he felt his head spin a little as the effects of the whiskey kicked in harder. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the sweet feeling sweeping through his body while he waited for Kim to come back.

He didn’t have to wait too long until she came back dressed in a black V-neck Jersey dress and black pumps. He stood up as she grabbed a light wrap from the closet and turned as he offered to place it on her shoulders, “Nobody’s ever done that for me before, it’s really nice, thank you.” “Come on; let’s go have a good time tonight.” Michael held the door and they walked to the limo.

As they headed to the rental he had reserved, he poured another whiskey straight while asking, “What would you care to drink?” “Same as you are having will be fine, thanks.” She answered. She felt uncomfortable and didn’t really know what to ask for in a limo but at this point any drink would work. He handed her the alcohol as he swallowed a gulp of his down, “What was that about on the porch when I pulled up Kim, do you mind me asking?” “He wanted the money for our deposit and utility bills. Everything happened so fast that I didn’t have time to get it to him, or clean the apartment…so we lost the deposit. I will have it soon.” She looked at Michael as he started to speak, “I am sure he will be all right, let’s just enjoy our night. I have been looking forward to seeing you again.” As he finished speaking, Michael picked up her hand and interlaced his fingers with hers. Kim took a nervous drink from her glass thankful for the distraction. She still couldn’t believe she was riding in a limo, or going out on a date with him. It really was fantastic.

Before long they arrived at the rental house and Kim was awed by the grandeur that greeted them as they stepped into the foyer. Spanish in influence the house was exotic and inviting with warm tones of terra cotta, gold and cream throughout. Michael helped Kim with her wrap and found his way to the kitchen where he checked on dinner, “We have about fifteen minutes, let’s go look around.” They worked their way to the backyard and found that it looked out over the Pacific and Kim felt the cool breeze hit her face and rush over her body. “It’s gotten chilly outside.” She said quietly. Michael buoyed by the brandy moved closer to her, “Here take my jacket.” as he placed his jacket over her shoulders and turned her around to face him as he pulled it together in the front. “You look great tonight, thanks for coming with me.” He bent down and kissed her lips gently hoping she wouldn’t shy away. When he finally pulled back he touched her cheek softly, “Are you ready to eat yet?” Kim just nodded, and he took her hand as they walked inside to dinner.

The staff cleared away the dishes and served them both brandy in the sitting room before leaving the house for the evening. Michael started a fire and found Magic 97.5 on the stereo so they could listen to Smooth Jazz while they relaxed. Kim watched as he prowled the sitting room moving from task to task and noted the graceful way he placed his hands upon things, the way his hips lined up perfectly with his shoulders, and especially the way his eyes took in every detail of his surroundings. As she looked up from his legs again she noted that those eyes were looking at her, “Are you comfortable?” he asked. She cleared her throat and looked away, “Yes, a little nervous I will admit.” Michael dimmed the lights and sat beside her, “Don’t be nervous, why would you be nervous girl?” She smiled and rolled her eyes at him, “Michael, here we are alone in this big house; of course I am going to be nervous. Guys don’t bring you home, like this….” Her voice trailed off as she gestured to their surroundings. He sat down beside her and took her hand, “I had to do this, I am not able to just go to a restaurant and relax and unfortunately the hotels here are small, so security might be a problem. I just wanted us to have a quiet night without interruptions.” Kim squeezed his hand, “It must be difficult for you, no wonder you bought that ranch.” Michael smiled and nodded his head, “That’s exactly why, and so I can bring the kids up to have a good time.”

Kim took a sip from her brandy and looked into his eyes. She could see the reflection of the fireplace glinting off of them and something deep inside stirred within her. A slight dampness on the back of her neck crept in and she blinked hoping it was the brandy making her weak, but within she knew it was something more. She longed for him to kiss her again, to touch her like he did before on the beach. She had spent every night since thinking about that stolen moment and wondering if she could have changed the outcome and now here he was again…so close.

Michael watched as her lips drew away from the brandy snifter and he could almost taste the honey colored liquid that lay upon them. Even more he wanted to taste the passion he knew lay locked deep inside her. She was staring at him with such longing and he could sense all he had to do was lean over to kiss her and she would be his. Did he dare…kiss her?

“Let me freshen up your drink”, his shaking hands took the snifter away, pouring them both more alcohol. He wanted Kim badly, but he was afraid. Afraid to move on, afraid to replace her….he still missed her so. As much as he craved physical pleasure, he still remained faithful to their promises from their night in Paris. He closed his eyes as he remembered his words, I didn’t think I could love you more than I did before this evening, but I do. Thank you for saying yes to me. I will never stop loving you; I swear this to you…with this ring”. He even kicked Frank out of his life when he tried to speak with him about moving on and being more public. The only one that seemed to understand was Elizabeth; she was always his rock through it all.

“Michael, are you OK”? Suddenly Kim was beside him and he broke out of his trance. “Uh, yeah…I have just had some things on my mind.” He drank his brandy in one shot and filled the glass again. Taking her hand he walked her to the fireplace and sat her down before bringing some pillows over and removing his jacket. He stretched out beside her and she could feel his energy, like a coiled snake ready strike next to her body. She kicked off her pumps and ran her feet over the soft comfort of the rug underneath her; it was supple, downy and luxurious to the touch. As she rolled over on her back she smiled, raising her arms above her head, “It’s beautiful here, thank you for inviting me.” Michael noticed the curve of her breasts through the fabric of the dress and the way it moved in at her waist. The fire light glistened off her face and neck and her lips looked like they were begging for a kiss. He took a sip off of his brandy and set it aside and took her snifter and placed it with his. Kim’s eyes glittered in the glow of the fire and she inhaled expectantly as his lips descended down to meet hers with a passion she hadn’t foreseen. His hands moved to her face and caressed her cheek as his lips continued to move on hers with a fervor not seen at the beach. His tongue soon found hers and performed a wild dance of torrid desire and anticipation. Michael pulled her to his body feeling her curves meld with his frame while her hands wrapped around his neck pulling him down for more. While his hands began to explore her body she could feel his growing hardness against her abdomen and she began to anticipate the hope of being with him completely before the night was over. Michael ran his hands down her thighs but not before stopping and pulling her closer by grabbing her and grinding her into his hips. The moan that escaped her throat made her neck go back and he attacked it with a vengeance. Licking and sucking on it with gentle nips of his white teeth. Kim could feel her points harden and longed for his mouth to settle there like before, and as if in answer he raised her one piece dress up and over her head to free them. “Oh God, they look so good.” He moaned as his mouth moved down her now naked chest to taste them like a man who had been starving. Kim watched him open wide and take mouthful upon mouthful of her breasts in his mouth, finally allowing them to recede through his lips where he sucked each nipple to an excruciatingly hard peak. When they finally sat at high summits he flicked each one with his tongue urging it to even greater heights of sensitivity. Kim arced upwards towards his touch; grasping his head in her hands…she bit her lip and cried out in pleasure. Michael sat up and removed his shirt looking down at her body in the light of the fire, “You look sexy laying there, I really want to do this with you.” She looked up at him and looped her thumbs through her panties removing them in one swift motion of her hips and arms, “I really want to do this too Michael, don’t wait anymore. Let me help you…” She reached for his zipper and slid her hand in feeling his hardness against her palm. Squeezing him gently she watched his eyes close and his mouth open slightly and she sat up to kiss him gently. Letting go briefly to free him of the rest his clothing, they faced each other on their knees as she stroked him gently. He grew harder in her hand until she finally dipped her head to taste him with her lips. His sharp inhale and involuntary tremble through his body let her know that he loved the feel of her on his shaft, his hand upon her head let her know that he did not want her to stop her expert manipulations either. He leaned back on the rug and she swallowed him down to his foundation, the small thrusts of his hips bounced the tip along the back of her throat over and over again. She could hear the short gasps of air he was inhaling through his teeth as he rocked her lips over him. Finally she drew her mouth up and over and used her tongue to stimulate him until he pulled her back by her hair. “Wait, wait…girl damn, you got me so close. Not yet.” He begged. He pushed her back and buried his face between her legs running his lips directly over her nub of pleasure and used his thumbs to open her folds up to his tongue. She began to move against him and the taste of her was better than any dessert. He didn’t know if it was the brandy or the situation but his head was fuzzy with desire and he ached for release. Her grinding and moaning were almost enough to set him off as he sucked on her core that was close to bursting. He had to be inside her and reached for his pants and pulled the condom out and quickly put it on. Kim placed her hand on him and stroked him as she guided his shaft into her wetness. Her gasp of pleasure when he entered her stopped him for a moment, “Are you OK? Did I hurt you?” “Kim ground her pelvis against him, “No, oh no…you are perfect. Michael please, I need this now.” She begged. He began moving inside her with slow strokes as her body stretched over and embraced him. Soon her movements gained in tempo and the sheen of sweat was visible as they worked to reach their climatic end. He placed his hands on either side of her and flexed his back into her, rolling his hips harder and harder. She met his strokes faithfully raising her hips up over and over until her building climax caused her to pull him deep inside and cry out with ecstasy as she reached her peak. When he felt her walls unite around his shaft he couldn’t hold back any longer and the familiar flash of heat formed along his spine and radiated outward and washed over him in long waves of pleasure. He rolled into her again and again as the sweat poured down from him upon her face and onto her chest before he finally collapsed, exhausted onto her breast.

They spent the night much the same way before he drove her back to her Mother’s house the next morning. He made sure to get her phone number and promised her he would call soon as he really enjoyed her company and had a great time.

While he drove up to Neverland in the Blazer he played “Pictures of You” again thinking of Hunter and how much he missed her. Making such a big step the night before hadn’t really changed anything inside, but at least he knew he could be intimate with someone again…and not have her face swim in front of his eyes. Even if it took the pain pills and almost a half day of drinking to get it done, he just wanted to be numb, and satisfied. He figured that’s how the rest of his life would probably play out now…it would have to be enough he supposed.

God giveth and God taketh away. He had been allowed to have so much in life, when he finally had the one thing he really cared about and wanted…God took them home.

He pulled over at the little beach and walked down to the water, glad that again no one was there. He smiled at the sea lions playing in the surf and wished his life could be so care free. As he reached in his pocket of his coat, he pulled out the CD and thought about the lyrics to the song. He was devastated that all he really did have anymore was her memories, pictures and mementos….He spun the disc like a Frisbee as hard as he could, flinging it into the surf watching as the sun caught it making tiny rainbows in the light. The small splash it made was hardly evident as he turned and walked up the stairs to the truck.

Before he drove away he walked over to the garbage can and reached in his shirt pocket, wondering if he should keep the paper or not. Finally he threw it away, the ink dissolving on Kim’s phone number, as it fell to the dewy bottom below.

The End

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supaflymagpie said…
Glad to see you continuing on with the stories. You know we all want to see MJ happy.

Re: coiled snake….oh, how little did she know…lol

Sunday, December 6, 2009 5:19:00 PM EST

DangerousPYT said…
I figured the DH”s would pick up on that. LOL

Mike has to make the baby steps….

Sunday, December 6, 2009 5:22:00 PM EST
SuperKelz said…
So he threw away Kim’s number? Haha that dog…I LOVE IT!!!

Great story Miss DangerousPYT!!!

Sunday, December 6, 2009 6:34:00 PM EST

DangerousPYT said…
Thanks Kelz…baby steps! One at a time.

Sunday, December 6, 2009 6:51:00 PM EST
NightGarden said…
Sometimes you cling to your pain because it’s the only companion you have. A wicked one, but it’s the only one you have.
Waiting to see what M is up to next!
*and setting and appointment with builders for a fireplace*

PS: Maggie, you DH, I SO knew you would immediately catch the “coiled snake” because… I did the same! 😉

Sunday, December 6, 2009 7:12:00 PM EST
DangerousPYT said…
You always seem to find the heart of the matter, and your turn of phrase is elegant as you are.

Sigh about the fireplace…

Love my DH’s and their love for herpatology.

Sunday, December 6, 2009 7:24:00 PM EST
Eri said…
Okay, I’m going to have to buy stock in Kleenex if you keep this up. You are weaving a some great fanfic, girl. I can’t wait to see what you have planned next!

Sunday, December 6, 2009 7:27:00 PM EST
DangerousPYT said…

Well we can use some Puffs Plus too. 😉

Thanks girl…lets see what we can cook up for him next.

Sunday, December 6, 2009 11:41:00 PM EST
NightGarden said…
Look what beautiful, dreamy, sweet-sexy eyes he has in the picture below!
Could look into them forever…

Monday, December 7, 2009 11:54:00 AM EST
Eri said…
Like the new digs!!!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009 12:33:00 AM EST
maria said…
yea! I can finally post a comment again! 🙂 ooooh La la to the new blog’s look! As I told you before- the story was grrrrrrrrrreat (think Tony the Tiger) and I like how you continued to build on the Michael & Hunter saga. Girl, you can capture MJ’s mannerisms like no one else! I love you for it and so excited that you have chosen to grace us with more of your talent! I will be waiting anxiously for the next installment!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009 10:14:00 AM EST
DangerousPYT said…
Thanks Eri: Like Mike, we needed a change..huh

Maria…we just found a girl named Maria (LOL, sorry my West Side Story had to come out of me). So glad you are here with us girl. Giggling at your Tiger refeerence as Tony is not the Tiger that comes to mind these days!!!!!

We will have a bit of a journey with Michael…I hope everyone takes the trip with him for better (or worse) and contemplates their own travels along the way as well.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009 10:52:00 AM EST

I just reread this story, and even if I do say so myself, it is pretty darn good!

You know what I really liked about it? Mike wore a condom! LOL I kind of like him being responsible and safe….I feel kind of bad for Kim though. It’s tough being that transitional woman.

Yeah Poor Kim….she had it bad.

But got it in!

By Mrs. Michael Jackson on January 1st, 2014 at 4:00 am

Does Michael throwing away Kim’s phone number make her a “one night stand”? Oh, Michael… Anyway, brilliant writing. I can’t wait to read more!

LOL, how about a stepping stone


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