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Take It To the Limit II

Take It To The Limit II

Summer 2007

TITTL2 Header

The humid air stuck to his skin as he stepped out of the Escalade. Looking around he realized the parking lot was normal, so normal he allowed himself a brief smile knowing that the paparazzi would never find him at a place like this. Glancing down at the just introduced iPhone he tapped his text messages to check one more time for the room number."VFMLID=24000813"

“Follow me this way Mr. Jackson.”

Javon stepped ahead leading the way to the hotel room at the Hampton Inn he had been at earlier that afternoon when he dropped off his assignment.

“Thank you so much.”

Michael’s voice held a hint of nervousness as they quickly walked to the rear entrance and slid in the extra room key. Instantly they were struck by the smell of the hallway and the vague scents of delivery pizza and disinfectant as they stepped inside. Luckily they were on the ground floor and only had to walk to the third room, so they easily escaped detection from other guests.

Lexi VirginiaJavon knocked quietly and the door was answered quickly. He noticed the sharp breath Michael took as the woman he dropped off earlier stood before them. Petite with dark hair, full lips and wearing a simple black slip dress with no shoes. He saw, even before Michael’s eyes dropped to her ass as she moved aside, that she was hot…and he felt the tension between her and his boss immediately.

Michael walked into the hotel room with his bodyguards following close behind.

Bill spoke as they both checked the place out,

“Mr. Jackson, everything appears to be in order. Javon and I will be outside in your car if you need us.”

“Thank you, I…we will be fine.”

Waiting by the door the woman couldn’t keep her eyes off of Michael, and Javon caught the waft of expensive perfume as they walked by her to leave. When they were safely outside once again in the thick air he spoke to his partner.

“Damn Bill, did you see that! The boss sure knows how to pick ‘em.”

Pulling the car keys out of his pocket Bill grimaced and said,

“THAT, was the ‘friend’ I told you about from Santa Monica. The woman who has his other child.”

Javon’s eyes widened as they slid into the Escalade,

“You didn’t say she was that fine! I wonder why he would leave her in California?”

Bill started the engine and began to pull the SUV into a protected spot near the entrance where they could watch the window and the door for the evening. Shaking his head he replied,

“I don’t know, maybe she wants to keep the kid in one place. You know how the boss likes to move around.”

“I know where I would keep her…”

Javon’s reply made Bill laugh as he turned up the radio and settled in for the night.


Hendrick's gin

Lexi remained by the door, unsure of how to approach Michael. She hadn’t seen him since he left for Japan earlier and she was nervous.

“You gonna stand over there all night, or can I finally touch you?”

Her smile lit up the room as she began to seductively walk towards him.


He whispered under his breath as he watched her move.

Standing before him at last he reached for her hands and pulled her into his chest. Their kiss was anything but timid, it was torrid with its intensity. Leaving each of them knowing how the other felt when they finished. Breathless and aching they stared into each other’s eyes before Lexi finally spoke.

“I…I made you a drink.”

His eyes never left her face as he replied,

“Good, I’m burning up.”

Stepping around him to the desk Lexi reached for his glass.

“It’s Hendrick’s, I hope that is alright. As you said it is hot…outside.”

A smile started to crinkle his eyes as he took the drink,

“Yes it most definitely is hot.”

Sipping off of her identical glass of Gin and Tonic she took in his appearance.

His face looked thin, but healthy and his clothing was new but oddly discreet.

“You look good Michael.”

Her eyes again locking with his.

“Uh…I don’t know about that. But I feel relaxed, especially now that you are here.”

“I’m glad I could come early, the conference starts on Wednesday.”

“You are going to DC then?”

Taking another drink she answered,

“Yes, I’m leaving here Tuesday afternoon.”

“That is great Lex, we have all weekend. I know the kids would love to see you too.”

“I’ve missed them, I think about you all…”

Her words tapered off as she was afraid to reveal too much.

“We think about you both too. Paris misses her sister.”

Finishing off their drinks, she set the glasses back on the desk.”

“ ‘lannah misses her too. Michael, she…she misses her Father.”

Closing his eyes as if to protect his emotions, Michael took a moment before he spoke.”

“I..I know Lex, I wish she could have come with you.”

“Well you know she is almost eleven, and she had already made her plans for dance camp with her friends.”

“Where is she going?”

Michael JapanLexi tried to ignore the feeling of his hands covering hers.

“Hollywood, to the Performing Arts Academy.”

“Uh huh…”

His hand found her waist and pulled her close.

“She…uh hmmm, she is taking Jazz and…and hip……..hop.”

Running his hand down to her ass he moved suggestively against her.


For a moment there was silence until he groaned quietly in her ear.

“Babe…damn you feel so good.”

Her chest rose and fell as he continued to find all the best parts of her. As she clung to him, he could feel her responding. Her body melding with his. Until at last she tilted her head up and hoarsely whispered,

“Oh Michael, I want you.”

As his lips once again found hers he murmured,

“I need you…”

His words were just the aphrodisiac SHE needed as she ravenously accepted his kiss. Nothing about it was polite. Their lust for each other overcame any pretense of manners. With hearts aggressively beating and clothes being practically torn from their bodies, they melded. Michael pulled the straps of her dress off her shoulders and grasped her breasts. Squeezing them together as his lips made their way down her neck. She felt smooth and soft and her perfume brought him back to passionate moments both stolen and planned.

Michael lowered his lips to her swollen nipple, sucking until it rubbed hard against his tongue. Not relenting he continued to suck and bite softly, till the attention forced Lexi’s head back and a hushed moan came from her throat. Grasping his head to her breast she cried,

“Yes Michael…”

Pinching her nipple he moved over, again sucking on her other breast…forcing it higher and harder. Urgently he pushed her dress down and off her body, leaving her with only a G-string.

She was wet, her desire becoming evident between her legs. Again his hands roamed her body, as he sought her softness and warmth. Lexi began to pull his shirt from his jeans, accidently scratching his side as she did so. Grunting slightly from the pain he raked his teeth across the tender flesh of her nipple. Biting and sucking harder in retaliation.

Searching fingers unzipped his jeans, longing to stroke his aching manhood.

“Take..take these, get…get undressed. I want this!”

Her forceful words stopped his lips and he stepped back as he reached for the button at his waist. Springing to life as he pulled himself out, he teased her by stroking in anticipation.

“This? You want all this girl?”

Unconsciously she licked her lips and with a shaky voice replied,

“Yes…all of it.”

Moving to hold her once again she felt his hardened length against her naked skin and when he ran his tongue along her ear she shuddered when he whispered.

“Take it, it’s yours.”

Encircling her hands he guided her movements. Up and down, squeezing hard, and stroking the tip. Glancing down she watched as they moved together and then looked up to his face. As he grew to full length, he stood eyes closed and mouth slightly open luxuriating on the sensations she was creating below. Opening his eyes his gaze locked on her, when he practically begged for what he wanted next.

“Do it..babe I want to feel your mouth on me.”

A thrill passed through her at his words and Lexi kissed his chest, causing her to feel empowered with his need. Her hands move steadily on their task as she dropped to her knees, and he released the grasp he had on her fingers and pulled her face close.

“Yes, yes take it.”

The heat from her mouth engulfed him and he moaned loudly. The sensation of her soft mouth and the tension she created when she sucked was irresistible. He began to run his hands through her hair and arch while she sucked. Her sighs and moans caused him to glance down just as she rolled her tongue around the head and swallowed him once more. Feeling the twitch that signaled the eminent finality of their bonding; he almost let himself go, but then their eyes locked again and he pulled her to her feet where she spoke urgently.

“Be inside me, make love to me Michael”

Hurriedly he stepped out of his clothes, fumbling like a school boy.

Lexi grabbed the small desk, leaning back while she accepted him. The gasp she uttered as he entered made him shudder. Lips met, chests met, and slowly they began to thrust. Rolling his hips, he stared into her eyes. Picking up the pace as their breathing became urgent and their desire inescapable.

“Fah…fuc…you feel so good Alexis.” He said as a bead of sweat trickled from his brow.

Leaning back on her hands she granted him deeper access and he pushed hard as she began to lose control.

“Aye…aye don’t stop, don’t…..stop.”

“Cah…C’mon, come with me.” He cried

With the desk banging in place and perspiration long since soaking them both, Lexi arched upward and began to spiral apart. Her wetness washing over him just as he released inside her on one last defining stroke.

Falling forward, his legs were weary from their lovemaking and he fought to catch his breath. Lexi held onto him as she wrapped her legs around his waist and kissed his face all over.

“Are you ok, can you breathe?” he asked

Her smile greeted his eyes as he lifted his head from the curve of her neck.

“I’m perfect, I’m here with you, yeah I’m fine.”

Wrapping her in his arms he pulled her to her feet and walked her to the bed.

“Lay with me.” He called delicately

Curling up, he held her close and whispered of his love. Till at last she let herself relax, the tension of the decision to join him in Virginia for a long weekend making her as happy as she had been in months.



LAX 2007

“Is she OK to stay in here?”

Lexi asked Michael as he waited for her outside his bedroom door.

“That’s fine, she is usually in here anyway. I can hardly make her stay her in her own bed.”

Glancing back one last time before she closed the door, Lexi smiled at Paris who was sound asleep in her Father’s bed.

“She had a big day, we did a lot of walking at the mall.”

Michael smiled,

“Thanks for taking them, it’s good they get out of here.”

Grace looked up from her magazine at his comment but kept quiet as Michael silenced her with a warning look.

“We are going to go for a drive, watch the kids for me.” He told the nanny.

Again Grace didn’t respond but instead turned her attention back to the magazine, silencing the bitter words so close to spilling out.

Michael’s jaw clenched before turning back to Lexi,

“Let’s go, I’m ready to get out of here.”

Making their way to the Escalade, Bill drove as Javon sat in the passenger seat.

“I’m sorry about that Lex.”

Michael’s face was set with annoyance and Lexi hope to calm him before the night out was called off. Sliding over she took his hand and rested her head on his shoulder as he pulled the curtain across for privacy.

Bocelli began playing on the stereo causing Lexi to giggle.

“What are you laughing at girl?” he asked as a slight smile crossed his face.

“The music, it’s very romantic.”

Kissing her lightly on the forehead he answered,

“Yeah, I thought I would try it out on ya.”

Not able to see her blush in the dark, he moved in for a kiss. It was soft and sweet, so unlike the urgent passion they had shared the evening before.

Watching the country side slowly turn in to city lights, they settled back. Their hushed conversation kept from the two men riding up front. Michael spoke of the stay at the lodge and how the children seemed to enjoy being back in the country and how he loved the solitude. It wasn’t long before the urban lights continuously flashed upon their faces and he caught the look in Lexi’s eyes.

“Why….are you looking at me like that?” he asked coyly

Embarrassed, she looked beyond him to the traffic streaming by and shook her head.

“C’mon, tell me.”

Lifting her chin up, he looked in her eyes.

“Tell me!”

“I guess…Michael I, this feels so right to be with you. I can’t pretend that I don’t miss you or wish we were together.”

Lowering his head to catch her mouth he whispered,

“I miss you too.”

Her lips felt soft and inviting and it was only a moment before his hand left her chin and slid seductively down her throat, not pausing until he found the warmth of her inner thighs. Unconsciously her hips moved up, yearning for his magic touch. Thoughts flashed through his mind that he was thankful for her short skirt as she spread her legs and his hand slipped her panties aside. Gasping as her folds were separated, Lexi allowed his middle finger access to her warmth. With his tongue twisting together with hers, his finger began to circle. Slowly around he moved feeling it grow steadily underneath his touch. Lexi pulled away and laid back in the seat aching for the full sensation she knew he would soon deliver.

Sensing her desire, Michael moved down..intent on tasting her. Sliding his tongue along the path that his finger had just traveled made her buck towards his mouth. Even though they were aware they could be found out, their passion could not be contained. It was audible and erotic as the sound of Michael’s lips and tongue worked on the moist softness that lay between her legs. Around and around he worked, sucking and licking….occasionally looking up, seeking Lexi’s face as he was buried between her thighs. Grinding her hips she pulled him closer, just as his bottom lip grazed across her swollen peak. It caused a shudder and Michael moved upon her rapidly, flicking his tongue as his fingers entered her. As he filled her up he danced with his mouth, knowing she was moments from coming. Ultimately she burst open when his fingers twisted and found her sweet spot. She didn’t care about any prying bodyguards, because she wasn’t aware of anything but the supreme satisfaction he thrust on her. Spiraling up and beyond control she came. Shuddering and grasping his head with her thighs. Not daring to let her go, Michael tasted her, drinking it up like an elixir for his soul.

Unaware of anything but each other, and were startled when Bill’s voice called out.

“Mr. Jackson.”

Michael was silent, his only wish was to bury himself inside of Lexi.”

The Escalade slowed and stopped…

“Mr. Jackson.”

Again Bill called his name.

Sighing Michael dropped a light kiss on her thigh.


His voice sounded strained and unfocused.

“Mr. Jackson, Sir…we have arrived.”

Glancing up at Lexi, he saw she still had her eyes closed, she clearly was relishing the last moments of her ecstasy. The sight of her so vulnerable caught his heart in his throat.

“Than…thank you.” He replied, his voice still shaking.

It took a few seconds but Lexi finally opened her eyes and began to sit up pulling her clothes together as she did so.

“You alright?”

He asked, still hushing his voice from the bodyguards.

She nodded still too overcome to reply.

“I think we need to go for a walk…c’mon”

Again she nodded extending her hand as he opened the door.

For a moment he held her against the closed door of the SUV, she could feel his ache for her and she yearned to make love to him.

Longingly he groaned in her ear.

“I’m gonna need a minute, I don’t think I can walk very well right now.”

Lexi held him close, loving that his arms were wrapped so tightly around her. When she opened her eyes she looked up and saw they were under the Washington Monument. The obelisk rising high above their heads.washington monument

“Babe…babe” She said quietly


“You feel as big as that damn piece of marble against me right now.”

Together they both laughed at her comparing him to what was formerly the tallest structure in the land, and it gave him something else to think about besides wanting to take her right there against the truck.

Eventually they calmed down and took a walk to enjoy their surroundings. Quietly taking pictures of the Monument and trying to outdo each other with historical trivia. Bill and Javon remained behind watching and gossiping amongst themselves as Michael and Lexi got to pretend to have a normal life for once.

Soon though they climbed back in the SUV where Michael asked to be driven by The White House. Slowly they drove by, stopping to take pictures and enjoy the beauty of the grounds. Michael reminisced with Lexi about the times he had been inside and how much it still meant to him to have been able to experience those days. It made her sad when he said that it would never happen again, since he had been through the trial. As they began down the road the SUV was lit up with police lights. Bill pulled to the side and Michael patiently listened to the conversation that was being exchanged as Lexi poked him with her elbow trying not to laugh.

“Yes Sir, I do know who this vehicle is registered to.” Bill spoke politely

The agent asked in turn, “Sir, can I see your license and registration, I need to confirm what the computer is telling me.”

Javon was handing the documents to Bill when Michael calmly rolled the window down.

“Is there a problem Officer?” His soft voice caught the attention of the agent who was clearly caught off guard.

Lexi coughed, as she desperately tried to stifle her laugh.

The agent stuttered as he spoke to Michael,

“No…no Sir we saw your vehicle on camera and wanted to make contact to verify who was inside.”

Using his best smile Michael replied,

“Oh..oh yes, that’s great. You can never be too careful these days.”

The agent was joined by his partner who was clearly amused by the look on his friends face.

“Well uh…um Mr. Jackson you are free to go. But, um would it be possible to get an autograph, you know for my kids?”

Bill shook his head in amusement as Michael reached for the pen and paper the agents offered. After much excitement Bill was finally allowed to drive away, leaving the two agents with a lifelong story to tell to their friends and family.

As for Michael, he rolled up the window and sat quietly for a moment before he leaned over to Lexi and cupped her ear to whisper,

“Now that man’s pen has your sweet honey all over it.”

Again she coughed…not knowing if she should laugh or cry.

He saw that her eyes were wide and embarrassment flooded her face.

“You tasted sooo good. Don’t be shy…now!” he whispered again as he placed her hand over his crotch.

He was hard and her body lit up with desire.

Anticipation overtook him when she unzipped his pants ready to convince him that she was not shy at all. When she dipped her head down, his eyes closed in pleasure as she expertly returned the favor he had so beautifully given her earlier in the night.



Summer began to slip in to fall and Michael had yet to return to life in the west. It was quiet and peaceful for him in the country and he cherished the picnics, late night fireworks and long drives it afforded him and the children.

TTITL EBONYSeptember brought a momentary change as the family traveled to New York. Although the bodyguards secretly fretted over money, they marveled as Michael once again transformed himself into the King of Pop. Morphing before their eyes into the icon they both knew from their youth. Ebony magazine planned a tribute for Thriller’s 25th anniversary and it was decided that the photoshoot would herald the return of music’s greatest star. A stylist was hired and Michael allowed her to draw upon the latest European fashions. Appearing refreshed and ready to face the world, Michael looked forward to the opportunity to once again take his place as a star. Walking on to the set in Brooklyn he marveled at the museum’s art and counted his blessings that his work was being in honored in such a place. Yet the bright spot continued to be marred by worrisome cash issues and he sensed his employee’s growing despair. Nevertheless, the group made their way back to Virginia…seemingly in retreat from a world that was increasingly moving on without him.

Receiving an assignment early one morning, Javon drove to the airport. He was curious about who was arriving, but had little information from his boss. A few minutes after the flight he was looking for landed, he received a text message from an unknown number. The sender requested his presence immediately at baggage claim. Clad in his black suit and shades she found him searching the sea of people looking for someone familiar. While she waited for him to take her suitcase, Saadiya could see the puzzled look on his face. Javon hesitated, wondering who this woman was and why it was not the “Friend” who had visited earlier in the summer. Since it seemed clear that Mr. Jackson was in love with the previous woman.

“Are you going to take my bags, or shall I?”

Her steady gaze brought him back to the moment as he reached for her luggage.

“My apologies ma’am, please come this way.”

She settled into the back seat reading off an address at least an hour from the lodge. Seeing the look of dismay she showed as she arrived at her room he noted that her Louis Vuitton bags had probably seen classier places than the non-descript chain hotel she had been brought to. As he deposited her and her luggage in her room Javon asked.

“Can I do anything else for you Ma’am?”

Watching as she removed the intricately hand painted scarf from around her neck he stared at the bright flowers that adorned it.

“No, he already knows my whereabouts. He will be around later.”

Politely nodding Javon left her, glad that his assignment was complete.

Soon Michael’s phone buzzed and he answered it with much trepidation.


“This is the best place you can find?”

“I’m glad you arrived safely Saadiya, I take it you are resting?”

With a voice that was clearly exasperated she replied,

“Couldn’t you even meet me at the airport Michael? It has been such a long time and I am ready to see you.”

His head hurt and he really wasn’t in the mood for her games. Since she had taken it upon herself to show up and march back into his life, much like his ex-wife had done many times.

“Blanket is sick, I have to be here to take care of him.”

She didn’t answer for a moment, a long moment.

“I shall see you tomorrow.”

It was a statement not a request and he momentarily thought about reconsidering and going to meet her. Remembering their lovemaking, he wished that somehow he could sleep with her, if only to silence the longing in his loins.

“I will do my best…”

Realizing she had hung up without answering back, he was relieved. While he slipped the phone back into his pocket, he watched through the window as Blanket played ball with his brother. Healthy and carefree. A pang of regret coursed through his body, but he knew ultimately he wouldn’t go to see her and his son would continue to be his excuse why.

Javon made the daily trip to check on her for the next four days until she finally asked to be driven to the airport. The hurt showed clearly in her eyes and she lacked the overt confidence of when she first arrived. Standing at the departure line she quietly thanked him for his help and wrapped the flowered scarf around her head, ready to return to her life without spending time with Michael.


Resting his head against the cold of the stainless steel bars, Michael tried to Uomo Voguefocus on his reality. The escapism he sought in Virginia was over and now he had to face his problems back in Los Angeles. Trusted employees had abused his kindness, lawsuits continued to pile up and his oldest daughter didn’t care to speak with him any longer. As he thought back on the conversation he had with her; it hurt to know that she felt abandoned and thought that her Mother, at least in her young mind was being used.

Concentrating on controlling the panic that simmered just below the surface of his morose exterior he picked up Lexi’s hand. As always it was tiny resting in his, but now it seemed cold and pale. He longed for her to reach out with her reassuring touch, to hear her soft voice assuring him that everything would be fine…but it was not meant to be. Raising his eyes he watched the IV slowly drip into her arm, enabling her to rest and be out of the pain she had lived with for so long now. The guilt he felt for not being by her side ate away at him. She worked too hard and pushed herself to never give in but now it had caught up with her and stopped her cold. The surgeons said the best they could do at the moment was remove part of her lung and she reluctantly agreed. Bernadette had called earlier in the week when she figured out her sister was not going to let him know what was happening with her health. So he immediately gathered the family and flew back to California, back to the one thing in his life that was stable. Yet seeing her so vulnerable in the ICU caused him to openly weep. He did not care if the nursing staff recognized him or thought he was crazy. He only wanted Lexi alive, well and happy. Alannah initially refused to visit the hospital and was terrified that her Mother was dying like her ‘Dad’. Michael eventually forced her to come with him and spend time there earlier in the day.

Praying silently he reminded God of the promise he had made years before. The promise to take whatever trials that might come his way, trading them for Lexi’s health. It tore at his guts to think that he had lived through so much, dealt with so much and still she could be torn away from him.

Looking away from the machines, the tubes and finally back at her fingers resting in his, He spoke to her lovingly, hoping he might reach her…and it was then that his heart leapt with joy as she gently squeezed his hand in reply.


To Be Continued……


story end

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SO happy to have a new chapter girl! Well done!!
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Hey! Let me see if I can figure out how to do that automatically. If not I will do my best to try to remember. Make sure I have good contact info for you from your comments

By DarthJackson25 on July 3rd, 2016 at 2:48 pm


Omg I just read the complete Lexi series and I have to say you are an amazing writer and the story kept me on my toes lol glad to see Michael ditched saadiya and is following his heart!!!! With L O V E

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading all of these stories! Sending prayers hoping things are better for you. Hoping they will have their happy ever after!!
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