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You have made it very clear that you would like more reading material about Michael here on DangerousPYT. (We do too LOL)

However we need your help to find it. Once again if you write send me your stories,  links to your blog or live journal and you can either have me host here or we will link to your accounts. Many of you have found MissRosstheBoss , doggonelovah ,and  God of Dance (Tigereyes) , this way so we know that you are out there writing your little hearts out. The only request we make is that it is GOOD and not password protected. We hate for everyone to have to sign up through layers of security just to be able to read a story…. Send ’em in ladies (and gents, I see you out there too   😉    ).

We are always on the search too so keep your eyes peeled for one to pop up as well as your favorite storylines with the PYT’s from right here on your grown and sexy place for MJ…

We want some more Dangerous Liasons at the DPYT!


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Ohhhhhhhhh! I’d LOVE to write something and have it posted! Thanks 4 the opportunity!

Please Gunnie, by all means the door is open

I added my email address to the post above

All I can say is many thanks for providing a link to The God Of Dance here on your site, PYT. I’ve quite a few followers now, it’s great catching up on the comments and finding out what people think.
The creative ideas come in fits and starts, so I have to write when they flow freely, you’ll know what I mean by that. No point in sitting down at a blank screen unless there’s an idea to play with!
Many thanks for linking for me babe.
Much love and hugs xxx
PS I replied to your comment on-site x

We thank Dangerous too !! I love the links to the stories. I’m reading not only The God of Dance but also the one written by doggonelovah. Love them both.

I wish I was talented enough in writing to post something up there, but Im not too good with words. But if I was, I would have more than likely create and put a story on MJ’s ‘Dangerous Liasons’ about the year 1981-which til this day Im very curious about who he was & what was goin’ on during that time. One being about him being sexual althroughout that year 1981, another about him & Diana Ross in that year-my own imagination on what I think was going on & lastly my best obession of all MJ & Madonna in 1991! I may even put in a fantasy story of MJ with Janet is hair dresser as well-if I was talented in writing. But that’s just me.

By shaylovesmj on December 20th, 2010 at 7:57 am

how do i sign up?

You are here girl.

You can click on the Facebook or Twitter links below if you would like a more personal experience or please email me at anytime.

Thanks for reading.


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