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DangerousPYT is happy to accept your Michael fan fiction and other art for publication. Some of you have expressed to me that you have thought about writing some of your own thoughts down on paper about this great man and I sure encourage you to do that. Since we have such a beautiful showroom here now I am more than happy to let you post your art up on our walls.

Lets all “Come Together” to share your stories, poetry and art on Michael. All I ask is that you dont get too, too graphic with your details. There is a way to put it that doesnt quite spell it all out… If you read the stories here you know what I am talking about. Keep it classy y’all….grown and sexy. Alright!  😉 (While I am all for reading that stuff…I just need to know who IS reading that stuff. If you know what I mean.)

Send your piece to

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He is The Legend of Pop Music…

I always love you, Jacko…


The link for Dangerous Liasons (the website) is on the right under Dangerous Reading. Those girls know they are linked here. I am sure one day they will return the favor. Please dont spam the site, your comment was removed as such.

Have a great day….

Hey Dangerous! I’m an MJ fanfic writer as well, and I’m really new to this all. You’ve inspired me to start my own line of fantasies, and I was wondering if we could become affiliates or, just provide each other’s links on our sites.

And BTW, Michael is so…ooooh weeee…in your stories.

Love ya!


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