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New Beginnings XXVII

New Beginnings XXVII

January 31, 1993


Traffic had been insane, and she regretted not staying with Michael at his suite. However, Lexi had no idea how bad security would be. Even though they had arrived early to get Junior over with the rest of the performers, she had to go through three checkpoints to finally get back to the dressing rooms. One more check of her pass and she finally was allowed to open the door and step inside, and it was controlled chaos. The room was packed with staff, the television was blaring the Superbowl Pre-game show and management barked orders at interns like they were planning an invasion. Lexi looked around in shock and sunk back against the wall and searched the room for Michael. She finally found him, sitting quietly across from her in the makeup chair patiently waiting as Karen attended to him. He looked bored and disinterested until he looked up and their eyes met in the mirror. Karen saw his eyebrow rise up slightly and then the smile broke out across his face. But most of all it was his eyes, the light in his eyes lit up his whole being and Karen couldn’t help but glance up to see where he was looking. Taking a deep breath she cleared her throat, “Be still for me, I want to keep this straight.” Rolling his eyes back up towards her Michael spoke softly, “Turkle, I can’t help it. You should know that by now.” Finishing with his liner she stepped back to survey her handiwork and Michael pulled Karen down and whispered in her ear, causing her to roll her eyes and set her brush down with a flourish. “Excuse me everyone, Michael would like to have a moment. If you could all step outside please, he will be just a few minutes I promise.” Michael looked sideways at her and nodded his head slightly as everyone began to shuffle through the door.

The television seemed louder than ever as the door finally closed and they stared at each other again in the mirror. Michael sat up straight in the chair and sighed, as Lexi moved over and locked the door. He watched her reflection as she walked towards him. Her white cut off men’s tank top and low rise baggy jeans along with the chuck taylors made her look like a teenager, but he knew underneath her gear she was all woman. “What are you wearing girl?” he asked as he switched off the television. Lexi laughed as she spun his chair around, “Odelay Vato, I’m representin…” Michael grasped her waist as she stepped between his open legs, “Security must have been hell girl. Wait hold up I think I better search you too.” Sliding his hands around her backside and down her legs he watched her face closely. “So far so good.” He continued on, slowing down as he traveled up her inner thighs until he stopped between her legs. “Oh no, I think I found something.”

As he rubbed his palm back and forth she braced herself by holding on to his shoulders, “Michael, sssh uhhh, you haven’t even kissed me yet.” Playfully he grinned up at her and brought a hand up to her stomach and lifted her shirt….pressing his lips against her skin. “Mmmm, how about now.”  Lexi shifted her weight and kicked off her shoes, and reached for the button of her jeans. Realizing what she was doing Michael pushed her hands away and unfastened them for her, unzipping them slowly. Tugging on her shirt she brought it over her head and tossed it on the floor as Michael slid his hand down and inside her willing divide. The instant he touched her, the wetness, and the swollen flesh waiting for him overtook his needs and he began to focus on satisfying her.

Unable to concentrate as his fingers began to dance across her flesh, Lexi leaned into his shoulder. “Aye Michael…ahh.” Michael’s forehead rested on her chest and his eyes focused on the scene below. Watching as his hand and fingers played across and in and out of her pleasure at will, he began to breathe harder… feeling his erection building with each pass he made inside her. His hand became covered with her essence and he brought his fingers to his lips, sucking her sweet juice from them, “That’s so good.” Looking up into her face as he returned to his task he finally kissed her. Tentatively at first but as she began to grind harder against his hand, she asked for more from his lips. Their tongues tangled in bliss and desire while Lexi pushed against him and Michael slid down in the chair. She sighed deeply as his two long fingers slid up inside her and she shook as he turned them…forcing her heat to gather. “That’s it, that’s the spot.” He whispered. He had found her G spot, and her walls began to grip him tightly as she neared her climax. “Come for me girl.” Inside he bent his fingers slightly, as he rose up in the chair. “Lex, that’s it. You’re so damn hot girl.” Like a guitar sting that had been strung too tight, Lexi felt her orgasm break free. With an audible cry she arched backwards on top of him rocking onto his arm, before falling forward heaving a giant lungful of air through her mouth as Michael stroked her and she shook wildly upon his hand.

“Are you alright girl?” Michael’s simple question was sweet and charming as Lexi looked up into his wide eyes. “Hmm, yeah, it’s hard to catch my breath…. Thanks.” He smiled shyly, “My pleasure.” Her body was still ringing and she could barely think but she could react and she had to show him. Show him how much she cared, how much his love meant to her. She reached for his robe, “I think now it is time for your turn.” Lexi sunk to her knees in front of him and distinctly heard him say, “Oh gahd….”

Unsnapping the fly of his pajamas, Lexi reached through and brought out his enlarged shaft. She could feel the heat it held in her hand, because his blood pulsed through it thick and heavy.  Moving between his legs she rested her face on his thigh and watched as her hand caressed his erection, the silky flesh moving up and down in a sensuous rhythm. She began to move faster as he shifted his hips, and the tip became wet with his excitement. “Michael?” His voice was strained when he answered. “Ye…Yeah babe.” Lexi ran her tongue up his shaft, “Do you want my lips around you?” He answered her by wrapping his hand gently around her head, “Mmmmm  girl.” She rose up slightly, and let his member slide across her silky lips. When he passed over her tongue, he thought he might come instantly. “Damn, your mouth is so soft.” He whispered. Lexi took him deep in her throat, relishing the feeling of her lips against his base as he filled up her mouth and throat. Michael’s hands grasped her hair as his hips began to grind while she moved upon him. He was lost, lost in ecstasy as she concentrated on the thickness of his head. She felt him pull her hair as she pressed her lips against him, then flicked her tongue on just the tip before twisting her lips under his crease. Unable to control his reactions, he jerked…sliding sexily against along her full lips. Lexi’s moan of satisfaction as he did so vibrated against him. His voice was strained when he spoke, “You want me to come….Huh?” Sliding up his shaft, she groaned. “Uhhh hmmm” Michael’s hips began to rock, forcing him in and out of her mouth faster and faster. Lexi wrapped her fingers around him and sucked deep and hard and he made love to her lips. Suddenly he cried out, and he pushed her down. “I’m gonna come Lex!” She drank of his sex, warmth and ultimate satisfaction as it flooded her mouth. Making sure he was spent before removing her mouth from his softening flesh.

“You’re amazing!” Michael sat stroking her hair thinking still of what had just happened. “I’m never gonna forget that Lex.” Looking up she smiled at him, “Really?” He picked her up by her arms so that she was on her feet and pulled her close, “Of course….Baby, that was so hot, and think about where we are. We will never be here again.” Michael held her for several long moments until Lexi finally broke away. “Michael, you should get ready. I’m sure they are wondering what is wrong.” Kissing her on the nose he stood up, and adjusted his clothes and grabbed her water out of the cooler, “I don’t give a damn Lex. They have been barking orders all day. I needed some peace and quiet for a minute.” Lexi laughed and kissed him on the cheek as she straightened her jeans, “Well you weren’t so quiet there for a minute.” Wrapping his arms around her waist he smiled, “Yeah…what’s up with that? It was like somebody was forcing me to be all loud or something.” Michael walked over to the door and unlocked it and opened it slightly. It was his cue that his break was over and the masses could invade again. Lexi kissed him quickly and found a place on the couch as Michael turned the volume back up on the television just as Karen walked in the door.

With three minutes to go until the half Michael left the dressing room and walked down the tunnel towards the area where the stage was being stored. As the crew and band gathered around for their prayer, Lexi stood back quietly and prayed for a successful show. She knew he was nervous, they estimated 80 million people might be watching the broadcast all over the world. That was a lot of people, even for Michael Jackson. With forty-five seconds to go he began to walk towards the stage surrounded by security and handlers. Feeling her heart begin to beat out of her chest, Lexi literally crossed her fingers for him that everything would come out perfectly. Sensing her nervousness, Michael spun around and walked backwards and started to sing. Most thought he was warming up his voice, but a few knew it was a calming message to the girl across the tunnel.

You must be a special lady
And a very exciting girl
You gotta be a special lady
‘Cause you got me sittin’ on top of the world
Sittin’ on top of the world

Their eyes met and he smiled before he turned and disappeared behind a curtain, ready to share his magic with the rest of the world.

Lying fast asleep on the couch, Lexi never heard Michael sneak in sometime after ten. He quietly made his way through the house and into the bedroom where he finally got to take a shower and climb into bed. Not wanting to disturb Lexi, he let her continue to sleep while he made his phone calls.

She heard the soft murmur of his voice as he spoke on the phone, when she woke up a little while later. Sitting up she rubbed her eyes, realizing she was hungry and hoping that Michael would eat a sandwich if she offered. Yawning as she shuffled down the hall she started to open the door but was caught off guard at his conversation.

“Why wouldn’t I tell her?”

“Of course, of course I do. More than anything”

“No, I think it would be good for you guys to get away.”

“I hope she can, but it shouldn’t be a problem.”

“Alright, we can talk later. Tell him I said goodnight then.”

“OK, Bye”   

Michael stared at the phone for a moment after he hit the off button and it puzzled Lexi what his conversation had been about. “Hey you’re here. Am I interrupting?” “Hey girl, hey…no, I was just finishing up the phone calls.” Michael stood up and kissed her lightly. “Are you hungry?” Lexi asked before she left the room. “No, I had to eat with the executives.” Michael followed her down the hall and into the kitchen. “Alright, I’ll just have an apple and cheese.” Sitting down at the table she sat quietly while Michael poured her a glass of iced tea. Finally she couldn’t stand it anymore and she blurted out, “Who were you on the phone with?” Sitting down beside her, he sat her tea down with a thud, “What are you talking about Lex.?” Stabbing her knife in the apple she stared at him, “Just now Michael, who was on the phone.” His finger tapped lightly on the table as she waited on his answer. “It’s nothing, just friends. Remember when my car broke down.” “No, I don’t.” Lexi continued to stare at him. Michael swallowed before continuing, “It was, um when you…hmmm, when you weren’t feeling too good last year Babe. You know after…” Her face turned red and she picked up the apple and stabbed the knife into it again. “After Brandon? Just say it Michael. Jesus.” Taking a long drink off of her tea he continued on. “OK! After Brandon. My truck broke down and I met this family at a car place. I talk to their son on the phone sometime.” Lexi stood up and walked to the trash can, her appetite suddenly gone. “That was no boy on the phone Michael. You were planning something, and by what I heard just now it was with a woman.” Eyeing the knife in her hand suspiciously, Michael stayed in his seat. “It’s nothing, I just wanna go to Vegas, but I want you to go too. I thought they might enjoy it. The kids having a hard time, his Dad’s kinda rough on him.” Tossing the knife in the sink Lexi walked off toward the bedroom, “Do whatever you want Michael, you know I have school.”  He knew she was mad and hurt and he really didn’t understand why. She could go, and he definitely didn’t want to be with June…at least not like that.

Michael waited awhile before he went into the bedroom; he hoped it had given her a chance to cool down some. He found her freshly showered, and reading a textbook in bed. “You still mad?” His voice was soft as he slid in the sheets beside her. Lexi silently turned the page. “Baby talk to me, I don’t want you all angry.” Michael’s lips caressed her shoulder as he spoke. “Don’t!” Lexi’s words were stern but he could see her pulse beating in her neck. Leaning over, he sucked lightly on it and then pulled her skin between his teeth. “Come on girl, you know you are everything to me. Feel what you are doing right now.” Taking her hand he pressed it into his crotch. Leaving it there, Michael reached up and took the book from her hands and threw it on the floor. He was already pushing her top aside to stroke her breasts when he heard her sob. “Lex…Alexis, oh damn. Don’t cry, why you crying?” Michael rolled over on his back and brought her to his chest. “Talk to me girl.” It took her several minutes before she could speak so he just held her and let her get out all her emotion. Finally her shoulders stopped shaking and she lay still. “I am not trying to keep you from having friends Michael.” Stroking her hair he quietly said, “I think I get that.” Turning her face upwards she looked at him sadly, “I just don’t understand why I am not enough to keep you happy?” The confused look that came across his face scared her at first because she thought he was angry. “Lex, what the hell do you mean? Not enough? I…you make me so happy. I  cant…why would you say that to me?”

 Sitting up she stood and grabbed her pillow, “Because you are still running Michael.” Meeting her as she rounded the end of the bed he grabbed her arm, “From what? Running from what?” Wiping away another tear Lexi looked at him for a long while before answering, “Your past; Joseph, Diana, Hunter…just all of it.” Michael’s eyes flashed, “What is in that damn book you are reading? Freud? It’s all garbage Lex…I love you. Those people are my friends and I just want to go to Vegas and spend a few days. Come if you like, but I’m going.”

The both stared at each other like prize fighters, nostrils flared and chests heaving as their tempers boiled.

 Lexi spoke first,

“I’m not going.”

“Fine, stay here.”

“I will.”

“I hope you read about it in the tabloids.”

“I’m positive you will make sure I do.”

“Well, come with me and it can be you.”

“Wouldn’t that be a bit inconvenient for the puta you are dragging around too?”

“Don’t be like that Alexis, she is nice and so is her boy.”

“Pendejo, I don’t care, They are just using you like everybody else. Can’t you see that Michael”

“Using me?”

Lexi saw his eyes turn dark and realized she had said the wrong thing. She took a step back but it was too late.

“Using me? Why would you say that? What would you know about that?”

“Michael, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to say that. Please…I”

“I love you so much girl, why do we hurt each other like this.”

Michael pulled her roughly against him and stared into her eyes.

 “Don’t ever say that to me again, do you understand?”

Shaking from his intense gaze Lexi nodded as his lips descended upon hers. It literally felt like he was crushing her as he moved her back towards the bed. This was not tender and kind, he was out to show her that he was in charge. The back of her knees hit the bed and she stumbled, thankful that it caught her fall. Not waiting for her, Michael pulled her panties off her hips and tossed them aside. She watched for the moment it took to remove his pajamas bottoms and saw his determination and when he stood…his desire. Laying over her, he was wordless as he spread her legs out with his knee. Grasping her hand he wrapped it around his hardened shaft and groaned into her ear, “Use me Alexis, isn’t that all I’m good for.” Fresh tears came to her eyes and she tried to tear her hand away but he held it there. “Do it, damn it…do it.” She arched her back up, begging him to stop. “Don’t do this Michael. I didn’t mean to say that.” Kissing her roughly he rotated his hips across hers before once again whispering hoarsely in her ear. “Put it in Baby. I want you…” Lexi’s body felt like it was on fire and his voice begged in her ear so urgently so that it was no match for her will power. Thrusting her hips upward she eased him inside her warmth. Michael felt her nails rake across his backside as Lexi moaned. He was still angry but it was slowly being replaced by lust and passion as his body became one with her giving flesh. He became out of control, his hips driving into her like a piston. Standing up on the side of the bed he watched as her breasts bounced in time with his thrusts, up and down as he buried himself deeply inside her.  All at once he stopped and Lexi was left laying there trying to catch her breath. “Mich…Michael, what… don’t stop, you feel so good.” Michael pulled her up to a sitting position on the side of the bed, “Do it again.” Lexi looked confused, as he moved in front of her. “Do it again, like you did today.” Understanding dawned on her and she took him between her lips. He tasted of her sex and he was huge, especially when he pulled her in to him with his hands at the back of her head. “Suck me, yeah gahd suck it girl.” Lexi’s lips worked up and down as he watched her please him. He was unyielding in his attention this time. He wanted her, desired her and he was letting her know he was in charge. “Mmm, I’m gonna come. Damn stop. STOP!” He pulled her back by her hair and stood her up. “Get on your knees.” He entered quickly, thrusting his thighs against hers quicker and quicker and he felt the tension building. Lexi brought her hand to her core and began to move it in tighter and tighter circles as Michael filled her up. “Michael, I…I’m coming.” Pushing back against him she released her energy, rocking back wildly into Michael’s body as he continued to pound into her. He felt her walls clench and instantly become slick with her orgasm and he couldn’t hold on any longer. He cried out with each pulse he sent deep into her. Until finally he collapsed, exhausted….twitching inside her.

Michael’s long fingers clasped hers as they lay locked together on the bed. They still hadn’t moved even though he had long since slid out of her body.

“Alexis, I love you.”

“I love you too.”

“They are just my friends.”

“I know.”

“Then what is it?

Lexi sighed and squeezed his hand tight.

“I just don’t trust my feelings this time Michael. Please be careful.”

“I’m fine. I feel sorry for this kid. He is sweet.”

“Yeah well so are you and people take advantage of that.”

“They know about my girl. They want to meet you, please try to come with us.”

“I cant, Babe I have school.”

“Alright then we can all go to The Ranch. You can meet them there.”

“Ok, that’s good. Michael, I was so proud of you today…you were really great. Everybody loved you.”

“I only cared about what you thought. I was wondering if you were going to say something, you know I was nervous right?”

“You were perfect…I came home and watched it five times on the VCR, that’s how much I liked it. You should hear the crowd, they are so loud.”

“Did you see Junior, I couldn’t find him. They were supposed to have him close to me.”

“I saw you look for him. He was close but over some. I guess those big kids kind of got in his way.”

“I just wanted Bernadette to be able to see him on television.”

“It’s alright Babe, you tried. He had a great time.

“Go to sleep Lex….”

Michael held her until she fell asleep, happy that she had calmed down about his trip and thrilled that she enjoyed the halftime show. He couldn’t believe so many things were happening; and he was looking forward to relaxing in Vegas and was really disappointed that Lexi wouldn’t be going. He knew that he would make it up to her soon though and they still had the wedding and honeymoon to plan and that would be fantastic. He also knew that if they were going to go public that now was the time because when he had dinner earlier he confirmed a mega deal. With all the drama they just had, he hadn’t even been able to tell her about the interview with Oprah yet… and he was willing to introduce her to the world if she was ready.

To be continued…

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First off…Im completely fanning myself with that last scene. Now THATS HOT!!

Second, Im really loving this story and seeing it fall into the timeline with what happened publicly. I got so scared because I knew HE was coming eventually, the kid who ruined it all.

This is just a really great story and I love every single update.

Fantastic job as usual

WOW! You are the MASTER!

First, the “pre-show” to the SuperBowl! To think I was home innocently watching the first half and this was what MJ & Lexi was doing backstage?! Dayum! How was MJ able to perform for millions of people after that?! I lost my breath just reading it!

Second, no you did not bring in June Chandler!!! The ish has just hit the fan big time.

And last, but certainly not least: the return of ANGRY MIKE!!! 🙂

Go on with your bad self DYPT!

OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!! She did it again! Finally! She brought back the angry man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ok, fisrt of all: I loooove the superbowl! He is sooo beautiful there (as always)….and than: wow, you killed me at the beginning, and hellll, you finished me at the end! How hot is this?! I am too speechless (breathless) right now and unfortunately I don’t have time (it i really really late right now )…but I will come back and comment this hotness later! Well, and to be honest: I am busy..busy with re-re-re-re-re-reading it over and over and over again!
I will be back, when I can breathe and speak and act like a human being again!

PS: and the second picture is just…..WOW!

WOOHOO ANGRY MIKE!!! HOW I LOVE ME SOME ANGRY MIKE!!!I got chills…fanning myself..we asked and you delivered…THANK YOU!! SO HOT!!!
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Wow !! That was goooooooooooood !! Fanning myself at that last scene… Angry sex… nothing better to calm down, at least when both agree of course. Anyway Lexi is his perfect match ! And she is so right about these people !! He shouldn’t take them with him to Vegas. We all know they are going to cause trouble ! Big trouble ! I feel sorry for Michael and Lexi already ! I hope she can safe him from his destiny. Please don’t let him undergo what he went thru…
But you are the writer of course…

Hey dangerouspyt am an mj fun and i need yor help with posting on lsa, I have been lurking on liml for almost a year now and sometimes i need to comment. I love your stories if you can help email me at thanks.

Damnnnnnnnnnnnnn! She pissed him off and they had “angry” sex! I love this new part. Keep it coming!

Hi everybody!

So it sounds like you enjoyed your latest chapter???? So glad to hear that!
Got you a little “Angry Mike” for the weekend so thats good…also some Superbowl backstage action too.

Wheee its so fun to put it all together

Superbowl Michael is supersexy, I loved his outfit. Thanks for that pic. And yes, you know we like Angry Mike and you gave it to us, *wipes up drool* Gawd, girl do I love demanding, dominate, AngrySex!Mike, “Get on your knees” I would have FALLEN to my knees if he said that me, Good Lawd.

Buuuuuut my heart stopped when I read the line about his car breaking down, I knew where that was going. *SOB* How I wish we could rewrite history. *cries uncontrollably* but whoooo my goodness are he and Lex hot together. The way you describe her giving head…LOVE IT! I’m scared to keep reading knowing what is to come, but you know I’ll be back.

Glad you made it here Gunnie!

“Time Waits for No One”

Found this article and it fits in with the story quite well

How Jackson Redefined the Super Bowl:

Gotta love “Angry Sex” lol. Michael seemed to not be playing games but he wasn’t rough with her…very passionate an all lol.

Ugh those people that made his life a living hell smh. Shame Shame SHAME!.

Lexi knows…she knows.

Can’t wait for the next chapter girl! <3

By Barbara Straughn on March 7th, 2012 at 5:07 pm

OMG – this is so amazing. The Superbowl – before the show – during the show – wow …. My blood ran cold when he started talking about the car breaking down because I know the sleazeball evil ones are fast approaching. Love jealous, passionate MJ – wow, this is just how I imagine him to be and demanding and masterful but not cruel or violent like the so called real men I have known. MJ is the ultimate, beautiful, sexy and dominant – my ideal. Thank you so much my friend – can’t wait to read the next chapter xxx

Yes, there is alot coming for them both. It def gets very interesting. I hope you enjoy it!!! Thanks so much for reading and leaving the comments, it makes me read the stories again and discover these two all over. I love them.

Loving angry sex mike. Lol



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