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New Beginnings IV


New Beginnings IV
July 26, 1991

The sound of children’s voices still rang in his ears as he stared out the window of the limo in the late afternoon rush hour. Remembering the day’s events at the Youth Sports and Arts Foundation gathering he smiled at how the kids reacted when they saw the large screen television he donated. Their yells of delight and hugs of appreciation made his heart swell.

When he presented the staff with the monetary donation he could see in their eyes that they were stunned but trying to control their reactions, but he understood how much it would help them nurture the children towards their goals. Ones like staying out of the gangs and learning the arts or excelling in sports. He still could remember seeing his brother Jackie wistfully watching baseball practices whiz by as their small van traveled the circuit when they were young. He had always known that sports taught good life skills to at risk kids; even Joseph made them box each other to settle differences at times. He was on cloud nine and couldn’t wait to share his story with Lexi.

Michael had tried to get to his Blazer so he could surprise Lexi at the fire station but changed his plans and used the limo because of traffic. Bill Bray opened the door to let Michael out and shook his head. “Mike, I don’t think you should be over here. I worked the beat here when I was on the force and it could get out of hand real quick.” Michael smiled and shrugged. “I gotta go see my girl Bill. I will be right back.”

Michael took a quick look around and ran up to the big bay doors of the fire house. Luckily they were open and he could see that the fire engines were inside. He heard noises coming from inside a room to his right and he peeked in and saw someone making dinner and a group of men sitting around the television watching KTLA’s evening news. Sam Rubin, the channel’s entertainment reporter was speaking on Michael’s afternoon visit to the Youth Sports and Arts Foundation earlier and noted that he had been in the studio working on the new album too.

Michael didn’t notice Lexi in the room, so he walked further into the large bay to see if he could locate her. Finally ahead of him he saw the open doors of an ambulance and two figures standing inside. They had their back to him and were straddling the stretcher. Lexi had her knee up on a seat working feverishly. What concerned him was the man that was behind Lexi had pressed himself up tightly against her; while she was slightly bent over and was jerking her body backwards into him every few seconds. Michael walked up to the back of the truck and watched.

“Uhh, its so tight….I can’t get it.”
“You have too, we are stuck if you don’t get it fixed Lexi.”
“Hold on to me, grab my hips, I don’t want to fall again. Yeah that’s good.”
“Damn it, you are not making this any easier on me are you?”

They both laughed and Michael felt his blood pressure start to rise and he took a deep breath. Biting his lower lip he crossed his arms and continued watching.

“Wait, there is a clamp around it..hold on”
“I am holding believe me…I don’t have a problem standing here all day doing this.” He bent down and nuzzled her neck playfully.
“Calm down Antoine, we just need to finish this up. Don’t make me mad now.”

Lexi removed the clamp and reached back in the opening and started rocking back against Antoine again as she pulled on something deep inside. Michael watched as Antoine closed his eyes and held her even closer. Unable to contain his anger or jealousy any longer he finally spoke. “Lexi? Can I speak with you for a moment?” She froze in position closing her eyes not believing Michael was standing at the foot of the ambulance or worse…seeing her in what looked like such a compromising position. Antoine turned around and his mouth dropped open and he stood there for several seconds before Michael finally stated simply. “Excuse me…Antoine? Would you mind getting your hands off of her please?” Antoine took a step back wiping his sweaty palms on his pants and looked around nervously. Lexi finally spoke, “Twan…um can you give us a minute, I am going to need to speak with him.” Without a word he walked past Michael and quickly into the living quarters of the department. When Antoine was safely out of sight Lexi walked to the back of the truck and looked down at Michael. “What are you doing here?” Michael looked her up and down slowly, “Maybe I should ask you? What the hell are YOU doing?” Lexi could see how angry he was and she jumped out of the ambulance and stood her ground. “I am working, that’s what I am doing.” Michael stepped forward and lifted her chin up. “Well if you work that closely with all your coworkers, your day must go by very quickly.” Lexi’s eyes narrowed and Michael could swear he saw the gold flecks flash lightning bolts in his direction. “Pendejo! A la verga!” , Lexi spat the words out and thought about slapping him but he grabbed her arm placing it behind her back and pulled her in close. His voice became thick with jealousy. “Alexis, you didn’t see the look on his face. It’s the same one I have when I hold you. How am I supposed to feel when I see another man lusting after my woman like that?” Michael saw her lip quiver and her eyes soften and begin to search his. He released her arm and moved his hand to the back of her neck as he bent down to frantically kiss her. Urgently he pushed his tongue past her lips and teeth searching for her warmth and sanctuary. Lexi felt her knees begin to buckle and Michael moved his arm to the small of her back to support her, bringing her even closer so that they were now pressed completely together in their embrace. She moved her hands to his face and softly answered him. “Michael you are everything I want and desire. Please trust me.” Michael moved his hands down and pushed her into him as he returned his lips to hers. “It’s not you I don’t trust Lex…what if I lost you. What if someone took you away?” Lexi returned his feverish affection with some of her own and they started to get carried away until a loud round of clapping and whistles began which broke the lovers embrace for good. What they found when they released each other was embarrassing, because standing outside of the living quarter’s door stood the members of Station 44…who had watched the quarrel unfold since Antoine had ran in and told them that Michael Jackson was in the fire bay with Lexi.

Michael had to take a moment before he turned around to the crowd because he was aching for Lexi and it was quite obvious from the swelling in his pants. He quickly removed his hat and held it in front of him with both hands and acted like he was looking over the ambulance. As the crowd of firefighters began to gather around he composed himself and turned around, putting his hat back on. Voices from the men echoed in the bay and rung in the air. “How long you know Michael?” “Yo, Mike…good to see you man.” “Lexi, girl you been holding out.” “Now we know where she got the car guys.” “He must be bad. I have been trying to get with that for years.” Michael recognized the last voice as Antoine’s and immediately stared him down in the crowd. Lexi stepped forward and raised her voice, “Listen! You have to back up. Damn you act like the girl fans guys. OK, here is what I will tell you. We have been friends this summer, it is none of your business what else might or might not be going on, and if you want an autograph I am sure Michael will be kind enough to give you one. Michael looked at Lexi and nodded his head. “Uh yeah fellas, what she said. I guess you saw that she is difficult to argue with.” The guys all laughed and Michael took her hand in his and it became a more comfortable situation as they laughed and joked with Lexi and Michael. Soon their Captain poked his head out and yelled, “Hey, I don’t know what you clowns are up to…But I don’t want to put out a fire at my own station. Dinner is starting to burn.” Michael noticed the man who had been cooking earlier turn and run off to attend his meal and another officer approached Michael graciously. “Mr. Jackson, we have plenty of dinner. Why don’t you stay and eat? You could spend some more time with Lexi too.” Michael brought his hand up to his face and blushed, shifting his weight back and forth on his legs. “I would love to, but I have a driver and security outside. I would hate to leave them hungry.” “We have plenty; we can make them a plate.” Michael looked at Lexi and she squeezed his hand. “All right, I think I will stay then.” Lexi pulled him down and whispered in his ear, “I have to work on the truck. I won’t be long I almost had it fixed…OK?” Michael smiled, raising his eyebrow and whispered back. “He best not touch you again…” Lexi saw something new in his eyes that made her believe that he wouldn’t put up with Antoine messing around with her. “Let me go get Bill for you, OK?” Michael nodded and Lexi left him with the group as they started walking toward the living quarters. She wondered to herself how long her coworkers would joke around with her about all of this, but she was happy that she didn’t have to hide from them anymore.

Lexi alerted Bill to the situation and he came in to join the group. Returning to the ambulance she still had Antoine stand behind her to catch her from falling when the line finally pulled free, but she didn’t allow him to touch her. It made it harder for her to stay on her feet. However, she was taking no chances with any unwanted advances now that Michael had told her what was happening earlier. She was able to quickly add the new line to the coupler and thread it back in the compartment securing it with the hose clamp, like the original had been except now it was run properly and the oxygen lines could be kept cleaner and be repaired quickly if they cracked. Antoine switched on the O2 and the hiss of the oxygen signaled that they had completed their work and could now join the rest of the crew for dinner.

Michael enjoyed hearing the different “war stories” from crazy calls and fires they had worked over their careers as they waited for Lexi to come in from the bay. Normally they would have eaten without her but out of courtesy they held dinner. Michael stood when she entered the room and the firefighters looked at him wondering what he was doing. Finally the Captain piped up and said, “He is being a gentleman you knuckleheads, that is what etiquette says you do when a lady enters the room. Michael held a chair for Lexi and sat down beside her feeling all their eyes turn his way. “Well thank you very much for inviting us to stay. I know you are busy.” Michael suddenly felt uncomfortable in the room full of such macho guys but Lexi broke the ice by saying, “Ron are putting that on the table or are we just going to sit here all night.” Ron stood up and laid out the pans of lasagna on the table. “These are meat and this one is cheese. We got cha salad here and bread too. Lexi fix him some ice tea won’t cha?” Ron leaned over Michael and slid a spatula in each tray of food and a large spoon in the salad and was gone. Lexi dished Michael up the cheese lasagna and salad so he wouldn’t have to reach across the table then grabbed him a large glass of sweet ice tea. Michael leaned over after taking a drink and whispered, “How did you know I liked sweet tea?” Lexi laughed and shook her head, “As much as you like candy? Of course you are going to like sweet tea.” Michael ate his dinner and laughed at the good natured ribbing that the crew gave each other. It reminded him of his brothers back when they were young and clowned around when they had free time. Finally they all finished eating and Lexi walked Michael to the limousine. “So…I guess I will see you then.” Lexi had her hands in her pockets and stood in front of Michael as he leaned on the car. “What? Why you looking like that?” Michael smiled and pulled on her belt loop. “I don’t know, I guess I miss you and I want to know when I can see you again.” She looked down at his finger entwined in her loop and ran her hand up his arm softly. “I have to be at the studios next week to start blocking out the first video.” Michael tugged on her belt loop and she stumbled a bit on her feet. “Well just let me know…” Lexi was interrupted by the beeping of her pager and the claxon inside the station that was going off. The sound of a disembodied voice came over the radio pager calmly advising of a call.

Engine 44
Rescue 44

1428 Cliff…1428 Cliff- Smell of smoke, residential unoccupied, no visible flames, 1428 Cliff.

Lexi gave Michael a quick kiss on the cheek. “Gotta go, see you later.” He watched as she walked quickly back to the station. The engine pulled out first with its lights and siren blaring and Antoine pulled out behind them driving the ambulance with Lexi in the passenger seat. She waved to Michael as they turned the corner their own lights and sirens shattering the air. He could only imagine how exciting it must be for her to have a new adventure pop up unexpectedly like that all day long. Michael climbed in the limo and they headed for Century City and the condo.

Lexi lay down in bed and switched off the light. She had on her new favorite thing to sleep in, Michaels long sleeve red shirt. She figured he had a hundred at least in the closet, so why would he miss one? Using this logic she brought it home from Neverland after the July fourth holiday. This one had been taken from the laundry though because it still smelled like him and she felt like he was close to her even when he was heaven knows where in the world. She realized she would have to wash it soon, but would wait for a few more days first…because it was still all Michael.

Her almost nightly phone call came right on schedule and she answered quickly so as not to wake her Mother or Junior up.

“Hey, did I wake you?”
“No, I just turned off the lights. I was hoping you might call.”
“What do you mean hoping? I always call you.”
“Michael, you know…You are busy. Something might come up or…”
“I want to see you Lexi”
“I want to see you too”
“Well I might not be able to control myself if I do see you though”
“Michael, I almost let you take my clothes off at work. I don’t think I have much control either”
“Can you do me a favor then?”
“Of course, anything”
“Oh yeah…anything?”
“Come open your front door so I can come inside and make love to you right now”
“What! Wait, you are here?”
“Lexi, I am in front of your house. Open the door”

Michael heard silence on the phone before the light from the front door came streaming onto the grass. He barely had time to stuff the cellular phone in its bag before she made it to the Blazer. Michael watched her run, bare feet and legs, with no bra and one of his red shirts on, it began slowly dawning on him that she wanted to be close to him by wearing his clothes. Michael smiled at the picture of her fresh from bed ready to jump in his arms. As he stepped from the truck she showered him with kisses all over his face and lips. Attempting to kick the door shut behind him Michael hoped he remembered to lock it as Lexi jumped up and wrapped her legs around his waist. “I can’t believe you are here, oh god…I want you so much Michael.” Carrying her towards the house he kissed her passionately, “I couldn’t wait to see you. I had to come over.” One of his hands caressed her back and he moved it down and rubbed her ass pushing her into his chest. Stepping inside the house he set her down carefully, she locked the door and took his hand. Quietly they snuck in to Lexi’s room and fell upon the bed together. Wrapped in a touching embrace their lips met as their eyes closed and they felt their bodies began to melt together again. Lexi led the way and brought her hand to Michael’s jaw and slowly ran her tongue across the surface of his lips. She sucked lightly on his bottom lip, pulling it out only to let it pop back again so she could kiss him deeply and start over. When she could see that it had begun to swell slightly and turn pink she plunged her tongue in his mouth and moved together with his. Their shared passion became hotter as the minutes went by, and as their bodies lit with fires that smoldered inside them. Sitting on top of Michael, Lexi unbuttoned his shirt, slowly moving down, pushing up his t-shirt she kissed his stomach and chest…sucking on his nipples until they were wet and rigid. All the while, relishing the feeling of his hand in her hair as she pleased him with her mouth. “Sit up! Sit up Lexi.” Lexi sat up on Michael’s stomach and he could feel her wetness through her panties as his staff began to ache from its confinement. Moving his hands to her throat he caressed her with his thumbs and forefingers before moving down and underneath the familiar fabric of the shirt. She arched her back and again he felt the wetness cross his belly, “Are you turned on girl? You look so damn sexy right now.” Nodding yes, she slowly unfastened each button of the shirt she wore and began to rock and grind on top of him. “Aye baby…look what I have for you.” The last obstructive button fell free and her full breasts rose and fell in front of his face, forcing him to bite his lip in anticipation of wrapping his lips across her willing flesh. Michael ran his hands over her ripe breasts, gathering her tenderly in each palm while stoking her softly. She felt his hips involuntarily rise up forcing a moan from her throat. Reaching her arm around she stroked between his legs feeling him grow even harder underneath her hand. “Let me help you with this, you need to be free.” Lexi rose up on her knees and turned around giving him a full view of her perfect backside. When she leaned forward to unzip his pants he ran his hands inside her panties amazed at how erotic her flawless shape was in front of him. “God Lexi…your ass is perfect. Take ‘em off girl, take of your panties.” Lexi stepped forward off the bed and removed her panties, bending over in front of Michael. Watching her unintentional show he could feel his yearning grow and he moved to stroke his hardening shaft. Glancing back over her shoulder she locked eyes with him and watched as his hands moved up and down steadily increasing in speed as he anticipated their union. Feeling her own need develop she moved below him and removed his pants completely, then she slid up between his legs to watch him continue. “Michael”, she whispered seductively, “You look so beautiful right now…talk to me. What are you thinking about?” His face twisted with pleasure and a small whimper escaped. “How…how much I want you, and to, mmm, feel you around me baby.” She still wore his shirt, although she had opened it earlier so he had free access to her body. Moving it to one side she licked her fingertips and slid them over her nipples while he watched from below her. “Touch yourself for me Michael, doesn’t it feel good? You look so hot right now, I want you so much.” “Lexi, please I want YOU… come here.” He reached for her with one hand pulling her on top of him. Moving her to his lips he kissed her deeply, his tongue exploring her mouth urgently. “Turn around and get back on top of me, like before.” Michael helped her as she turned and placed her knees on either side of him. He audibly gasped as she lowered down upon him, her tightness enveloping him in her hot, wet walls. “Oh yes Michael, yes. It’s….” Lexi inhaled as he thrust inside her, her voice trailing off as he ran his hands up over ass and hips. He was so deep and big that it was almost painful and she had to lean forward on her arms and catch her breath. “Are you OK Lexi…ohh god. I cant stop, damn you feel so good.” Michael moaned as he rolled her to the side and curled around her. She felt some of the pressure subside and pushed back against him. He began to move…from his steady deep pace, to a faster thrusting push. Lexi laid her head back against his shoulder and cried his name out against his neck. “Michael..oh Michael, huh…huh, yes do it, ah, just like that.” Placing his palm down on her pelvis he pushed it against her, feeling her immediate reaction to the pressure. Reaching back, she grabbed his shoulders and her cry of passion echoed in his ear. “Shh baby, we have to be quiet..your Mom.” Michael whispered softly, but he was only met with another loud moan. Feeling her climax approaching he placed his free hand over her mouth as she started quaking against him. The feel of her body moving in her ultimate release sent Michael into his own peak of ecstasy as he let go fully, deep into her taut space. “Lexi, I’m coming…take it baby, right now, take it!” His guttural moan in her ear caused her body to shake again as he pushed his hips hard against her in one final thrust.

Lexi fought to recover her breathing, still feeling a burning tingle in her belly as Michael drew her close. “Alexis” he rasped, “You know I am falling for you…do you know how much you mean to me, girl?” The soft kiss he placed on her neck felt like heaven after his sweet words and she couldn’t tell if the tingle she now felt was from their lovemaking or just from love. Lexi couldn’t bring herself to say anything though…she was afraid. It was all so perfect at that moment. So curling herself up tighter, she moved deeper into his arms as he wrapped them around her protectively.

Lexi was dreaming of Neverland when she felt Michael jump in the bed beside her. “Lexi something just happened…I think I just heard a gun.” “Get down Michael, God…get down.” Lexi pushed him off of the bed and onto the floor as the distinct sound of automatic weapons rang out in the night. “It’s a couple of blocks away, are you all right? I didn’t hurt you did I?” Lexi whispered as she lay on top of him. Michael smiled and wrapped his arms around her, “No, but that’s a hell of a way to get you to wake up on top of me though.” Lexi felt him becoming hard again and bent her head down. “Kiss me, you are insatiable. I do believe you can’t get enough Michael.” Michael kissed her softly and brought his hand between her legs sliding his fingers through her wetness. “Well, by what I am feeling you can’t get enough either baby.” Sinking his fingers inside her he felt her hips begin to move slowly against his hand as he moved them in a steady circle. Grinding steadily against him, he could tell she was going to be mounting his hardening shaft within minutes. He adored her intense concentration as she worked on her pleasure breaking through to the surface. Removing his fingers he raised her up and on to him, “Lexi make love to me. I want you right now.” She moved upon him, her emotions and needs taking over. Rolling her hips hard on his, she grabbed his hands and pushed against him, a newfound wetness creeping down her walls and over her center of pleasure. Speeding up her tempo she felt her climax approach…it had a life of its own. She fed upon it as it crawled though her belly and around her body like a warm swathe of energy. Michael pulled her to him and pushed as far as he could inside her and came with her on the floor of her bedroom. It seemed as natural for them to lie there together as it did the first time they made love in the five star hotel.

Michael kissed her all over, giggling like crazy. “Oh man…that was crazy. I was so freaked out. Those shots sounded so close. Does that happen all the time?” Lexi gave him a slow kiss and sat up, “Not in a while. Funny, but about the time I met you Michael, this neighborhoods crime rate went way down. You wouldn’t know anything about that would you?” Michael smoothed her hair away from her face, “I might have made a few calls…maybe.” “Who on earth could you call to do that?” Lexi pulled back and stared at him. “I know people who know people, I just want you safe.” Lexi opened her mouth to say something when a loud banging started on the front door. “Lexi…Lexi, venido aquí! venido aquí! It’s me Flako, hurry.

“Lexi be careful!” Michael admonished as she pulled on her sweats and his red shirt. For once he regretted not telling Bill and Miko where he had went to, but he got dressed with her and went along to the front door. “Stand back Michael, go to the hallway!” The look on Lexi’s face meant business and he followed her order. He stood there waiting as her Mother opened the door to her bedroom beside him. “Michael, Que Pasa?” Michael shook his head, “I don’t know Miss Sally.” and waited for Lexi to open the front door. Standing to the side Lexi asked, “Flako, who is with you?” “Let me in, Prima…it’s jus me.” Flako voice was agitated and Lexi decided to ask him a question, in case someone was trying to get to Michael. “Flako, where is Bernadette?” “Lexi, jus lemme in…she is in Saudi, with the Air Force.” Lexi opened the door and Flako practically fell through it stumbling onto the floor. Looking back outside Lexi checked again and slammed the door shut and saw the blood pooling beneath him as he lay on the tile floor. Sally’s high pitched wail sounded through the house as Lexi rolled Flako over to assess his bullet wound. “How many? I said HOW MANY?” She yelled at him to answer her question. “There were three.” “Who Flako, who hit you?” “East Side..east si…” He started to fade to unconsciousness. Lexi was tearing his pants away from his leg and she looked at Michael. “Get my bag from my room, hurry.” He knew the bag she was talking about, she used it the first night he saw her at the accident on the freeway. Grabbing it from the room he opened it for her, “Can I help you?” Lexi pulled her scissors out and cut the remaining material from his pants back. “Michael you have to get out of here now. Go, the cops are about to be all over this place.” Michael sat frozen looking at her in disbelief, “But Lexi…” “GO!” Lexi screamed at him and he ran to the room and got his keys and quickly back through the door to the Blazer. While he was running through the yard he could hear Lexi tell her Mother to call 9-1-1 for Flako.

Michael’s heart was beating a hundred miles an hour as he turned on to the freeway. He couldn’t believe he had to leave her in that house with all the craziness unfolding around her. He was terrified that whoever had targeted her cousin might come back looking for him again and she would be in the way. He thought about it the rest of the night while he tossed and turned in his bed until he finally came up with what he thought was the best plan for all of them. He knew he had to keep her safe, and if he had to take matters into his own hands then he would just handle it the only way he knew how.

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NightGarden said…
Ohhhhhh…jelous M is what was missing in my poker ! 🙂
I hope we’ll get to analyze and “dissect” the reasons for it…
Thumbs up once again Miss Laura!

Thursday, February 4, 2010 2:09:00 PM EST

DangerousPYT said…
@NG…LOL I love that after all that hot sex and the craziness of the last 5 minutes in the house, you still remember his jealous ass. LOVE IT.

Thursday, February 4, 2010 7:01:00 PM EST

Ok me and a co- worker would like to start from the beginning…. That’s how good the stories are!

Well girl, of course you do. Its so drama and set in LA! LOL

Excellent chapter!!!


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