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New Beginnings: Part III

New Beginnings III
July 1991

Lexi returned from her run on the Neverland property and promptly stripped out of her jogging gear and jumped into the pool. Michael had made sure that they still had the place to themselves after the early morning shift of employees had completed the chores and the animals had been fed. The only staff remaining was at the front gate monitoring the cameras that surrounded the fences and main entrance. The unusual heat wave was still affecting the Santa Ynez Valley and Lexi relished the cool water as it enveloped her body. Finally satisfied by her swim, she stepped out of the pool and could vaguely hear the bass thumping while Michael practiced in the studio, she decided to take some time and lay out to tan before showering and fixing them lunch.

Lexi sank into the soft comfort of the lounge chair and delighted in the warm rays of the sun as it began to dry the water from her skin. Starting to feel tired she closed her eyes, covering them with a towel….remembering making love with Michael on the same chair just a few days before. She smiled thinking about how much calmer he had been since he had shared his story with her. He had slept better and even been less frantic when they had sex. She loved sex with him, fast, slow, short or long it was always incredible. But she was glad to see him be so passionate now; it seemed like maybe it meant something to him that hadn’t been there before he confessed what was in his heart. It felt cathartic to talk about her experience as well; he seemed to find comfort in the fact that she had shared an unforgettable sadness too. She understood somehow that she had to be an example for him and show that you are able to make the best of things even though your world gets turned upside down. She was also quickly coming to realize that he didn’t trust many people with his innermost secrets and she was happy that maybe he was beginning to do that with her.

Dozing off for a few minutes Lexi was awakened when she felt the sun being blocked by a shadow. Feeling his presence she smiled and stretched seductively, “Hi, hey do me a favor? Put some lotion on me please, I don’t want to get burned?” Lexi left the towel on her face and gestured to the table beside the chair at the bottle of suntan lotion that she had left there earlier. Flinching slightly as warm lotion poured upon her stomach and chest, she arched her back up gracefully as she felt his hand upon her rubbing in the lotion. First he smoothed it over her belly in large circles then rubbing up and down he worked his way up. Both of his hands moved the lotion onto her shoulders and finally down between her breasts. The lotion melted languidly into her skin and she could feel his thumbs caress her as he ran them over her nipples in slow circles, trying to stimulate her as he worked. Stirring out of her half lucid state she realized that something felt different about his hands, the size…the texture. Lexi abruptly opened her eyes and flung the towel from her face and in her utter horror looked into the eyes of a stranger.

Jumping from the lounge she grabbed the towel and wrapped it around her naked body. “Who are you?” She was shaking and tears sprung to her eyes as she began to back away towards the house. “I guess I should ask who you are…the maid?” His hazel eyes stared at her with pure lust and she saw the bulge in his pants as he took a step towards her. “Don’t come near me, I swear I will call security.” Lexi backed towards the phone as she heard the music turn off. “Honey go ahead and call ‘em, they ain’t gonna do a thing ta me.” He smirked at her and tossed her, her clothes. “Maybe you should put ya clothes on now, fo theres trouble.” Lexi could hear Michael’s voice approaching, “No Mother…of course I don’t mind that you are here early. Let’s see, maybe he is out here by the pool.” Lexi’s eyes grew large as she looked at the man in front of her, “Are you Joseph?” His sick smile was the only answer she needed as she turned and ran in the side entrance of the house and up the stairs to Michael’s bedroom. Slamming the door she ran in the bathroom and collapsed on the floor. She felt sick and dirty, tears came down her face and she felt her stomach begin to spin. She crawled to the commode and pushed the seat up and heaved uncontrollably into the bowl.

“Lexi, Lexi…Hey! Hey, what’s wrong? Are you sick?” Michael sat down beside her. Lexi nodded her head, “Please Michael, I just need to be alone for a minute.” He shook his head, “No, let me help you. What happened girl?” Lexi got sick again and finally lay back down on the floor. “I think I got overheated running Michael, I just need to cool off.” She hated lying to him but she knew she could never tell him the truth. He put his hand on her forehead, “You are a little hot, here get in the shower. You can cool off. My parents are here, I came up to tell you. I guess they decided it would be a good idea to come up a day early. I am glad we weren’t doing anything crazy.” He half laughed at the thought of being caught in the act by his parents and helped her up and in the shower. “Michael, I will be down in a while, please go and be with your parents.” “Are you sure? I don’t mind sitting here with you. Or um getting in with you?” Michael peeked in around the shower curtain at Lexi and smiled as he watched as the water poured down on her body. “No, really…I am fine. I will see you in a minute.” Lexi leaned out and tried to smile convincingly. “Ok, don’t be long. I told Mother I had a surprise for her.” Michael closed the door and Lexi felt herself crumple again inside. She got the soap and loofah and scrubbed her entire body down over and over trying to get the feeling of Joseph’s hands off of her skin. How could she ever face Michael or meet his mother after what had happened? She leaned her head up against the shower wall and sobbed. It was only Friday and they would be together all weekend. Lexi couldn’t believe what had happened and wished that she could start her day all over.

“Hey are you coming?” Michael peeked in the bathroom as Lexi wrapped the towel around her. “Yes, I am.” Lexi sat down on the vanity’s chair and brushed her hair out trying not to lose control in front of him. “What is wrong with you Lexi?” Michael knelt down beside her and rubbed her leg softly. She put the brush down and put her face in her hands, “I just don’t feel good, I’m sorry. I am really trying to get ready Michael.” “You look beautiful just like you are girl, just get dressed. It’s OK.” Michael placed a soft kiss on her arm and stood up. “I’ll pick you out something to wear, so you can do your thing with your makeup.” Lexi stared at her reflection in the mirror and slowly picked up her eyeliner and began to apply it to her eyes, praying that she could keep it together for Michael’s sake.

Michael held her hand as they came downstairs and Lexi shot him a worried look while he gave her a strong squeeze as they came into the family room area of the house. Joseph immediately saw that his son was holding hands with “the maid” and raised his eyebrow looking her up and down salaciously. “Mother…Joseph, I have a guest with me this week. Well, she is more than a guest, we have been seeing each other for a while now and I want you to meet her. Lexi these are my parents Katherine and Joseph Jackson.” Lexi stepped forward and extended her hand to Katherine, “Mrs. Jackson it is a pleasure to meet you Ma’am.” Katherine shook it half heartedly, “Lexi, is that short for something else then?” “Yes Ma’am, Alexis…Alexis Garcia.” Katherine nodded her head and looked at Lexi up and down slowly. “Well Son, you do seem to find interesting friends don’t you.” Katherine looked at Michael reproachfully as he waited on her approval and she failed to notice the disappointment in his eyes or the way he clenched his jaw as he moved to retake Lexi’s hand. “Joseph, this is Lexi. Can you at least say hello to her please.” Joseph looked at her up and down as well but it certainly wasn’t the same way as his wife had. He tilted his head and looked at Michael, “Yes Michael, I bet she is a nice girl…real nice. Friendly too.” Lexi clutched Michael’s hand and nodded her head toward Joseph. Finally she looked at Michael, “Can I make us some lunch? I am sure everyone must be hungry.” “That would be great, thanks. I’ll be there in a minute to help you Lex.” Michael squeezed her hand and gave her a comforting look as she left. When she was out of earshot he turned to his Mother, “Please be nice to her, I really like her Mother.”

Joseph wandered away as Michael spoke with Katherine and made his way to the kitchen. He hadn’t stopped thinking about the girl by the pool and was wondering what she did on the property. He was hoping to see her alone again sometime later and was really surprised when Michael brought her downstairs from his bedroom and introduced her to them. His disappointment couldn’t have been greater, because at least if she was an employee he might have talked to her some more and maybe got her alone. But since she was apparently Michael’s girlfriend he would just have to be careful now, but he was still going to get close to her when he could.

Lexi was preparing a salad when he entered the kitchen. Her mouth turned dry and she picked up a knife when he approached her. “You cuttin up a cucumber right there?” He leaned in and picked up a slice off of the cutting board, allowing his hand to drag across her backside. “Bet dats real sweet tasting too. I sho would like to try some mo of that.” Joseph leaned in again and took another slice off the board and let his hand stay on her. Lexi held the knife up to him, “I don’t give a damn who you are, a la chingada cabron, get your hands off me right now.” Joseph backed up some and said quietly, “You acted like you liked me putting that lotion on you girl…that’s what it feels like for a real man to have his hands on ya.” Lexi felt her temper flare and she wanted to thrust her knife into his throat for his insinuations, but Michael turned the corner into the kitchen at that moment. “Lexi what do you need me to do.” “Find your Father something to snack on please; he acts like he is hungry.” Lexi stared Joseph down until he turned and left the kitchen to rejoin Katherine. “Pelon!” She spat out under her breath while Michael stared at her wide eyed wondering what she had said.

Lexi set the knife down and looked at Michael, “I want a glass of wine. Can you go and find something?” Michael shook his head, “Are you crazy, my Mother doesn’t like me drinking girl, especially at this hour of the day.” “Michael I don’t give a damn, I’m finding something to drink.” Lexi opened the pantry and walked inside searching the shelves for something she could use to take the edge off the tension she felt building inside.” Michael came in behind her and softly closed the door behind him. “What is going on with you?” You have been uptight all day, are you mad at me Lexi?” Michael took her in his arms and kissed her softly. Lexi felt her resolve start to slip away as he held her amidst the groceries and household goods. “No, of course not Michael…I am not mad at you. I…I just wasn’t expecting what happened this morning, I mean….oh god, your family they mean so much to you. I don’t want to let you down or embarrass you.” Michael stroked her face while he spoke in a soft voice, “You could never embarrass me or let me down. The way you have helped me has meant so much, and is something I can’t begin to express the difference you have help make in my life. My family will never be happy with my decisions, so please don’t think it is you girl…for whatever reason it’s the only way they think they can still have some control over me.” Lexi rose up on her toes and kissed him. “Thanks, I really needed to hear that Michael. No matter what, I am here for you.” She poked her finger in his stomach and he giggled, poking her back. “Me too, now c’mon how about some champagne? You can make a mimosa, Mother will never know.” Michael popped the cork on the bottle as Lexi grabbed a glass of orange juice from the refrigerator in the kitchen. When she came back in the pantry she laughed, “I feel like a teenager and we are hiding from our parents.” Michael poured her glass full and smiled. “We ARE hiding from our parents aren’t we?” “OK lets go, they are going to wonder where we are.” Lexi grabbed his hand after he hid the bottle behind a bag of chips.

Lunch was uneventful and Michael did a good job of keeping the conversation flowing. Joseph was quiet and Lexi only caught him occasionally looking at her as they ate their meal. She was grateful for the drink and laughed to herself when Michael kept stealing sips off of it as they ate. Lexi cleared the table when they were done and let the family retire together while she did the dishes. It wasn’t long before she heard a cacophony of raised voices and figured out that more Jackson’s had just arrived for the weekend. She thought she would refill her glass before she didn’t have another chance and ducked into the pantry. When she came out there were two well dressed men and several children digging in the refrigerator and helping themselves to candy. “Hi, can you make us something to eat. We are hungry.” Lexi knew he looked familiar but had never been able to tell Michael’s brothers from one another when she saw them on television. Now seeing them in front of her, she was really thrown as to what to say. “Jermaine, dang. You just ate when we left L.A., are you going to eat all weekend.” “Be quiet Tito, you know you want something too.” Jermaine gave her the once over and smiled broadly. “Um, yeah sure. Give me a second, I just put everything away.” Lexi started to get the leftovers out of the refrigerator making her way around the brothers and kids. “What are you doing?” Michael came in the kitchen and looked at Lexi. “They are hungry Michael.” She gave him a please help me look and he told his brothers. “Make your own food, she is not the hired help fellas…she is with me. Jermaine, Tito this is Lexi. Now we are going outside for awhile. Help yourself to whatever you want. You ready Lex?” Michael took her hand and headed out the back door and down the path towards the train station. Lexi could barely keep up with him. “It was a mistake to bring them here, they always wanna come…but it always gets crazy. Now they are here early and I have no staff on the grounds!” “Michael, it’s OK. We can handle it…babe slow down, wait for me.” Michael slowed down for her, “I’m sorry I just need a minute away, I just want to sit with you. Here, go in here.” Michael led her in the train station and into the office locking the door behind them, before taking a seat. Lexi was surprised at how big the office was and marveled at the extensive security system that ran around the property. “Michael are those cameras on the pool too?” Michael looked up at her from his seat at the desk and giggled. “No…Why, are you afraid of what they might have seen the other day? That would have been a hell of a show…” Lexi swatted him on his shoulder softly, “I was just wondering.” Privately she was relieved that he had no way of seeing what had transpired with Joseph earlier that morning. She was terrified what would happen if he found out. Would he blame her? Would he understand that she hadn’t wanted anyone but him to touch her since she met him? Worst of all, how would he react to his Father? What if he took his Father’s side and thought she lead him on. There was simply no way he could ever know that it had happened. Deep down inside she already knew that it would hurt Michael to know that his Father had betrayed his Mother, so easily and at Michael’s house. “Lexi, are you going to answer my question?” Michael was tugging on her arm waiting for her to answer. “I’m sorry; I wasn’t paying attention…what were you saying?” “What? Not paying attention? I guess I need to do something about that then.”

Michael pulled her on to his lap so that she faced him and he kissed her softly. “Were you thinking about something good?” “I was thinking about the pool, it was amazing.” Michael wrapped his hand around a section of her hair and pulled her head back so he could expose her neck to his lips. “Yeah the pool…Lexi, god girl. When you were in the water, you turned me on so much. Mmmm, just like right now.” He took her hand and rubbed it against his hardness. “See what you do…I couldn’t wait to get you out here.” Lexi explored his mouth with her tongue. A quiet moan escaped her lips when his fingers stroked between her legs. Lexi softly kissed his face and worked her way over so she could whisper in his ear. “Michael, I want to taste you right now. Don’t you want to feel yourself slide across my lips? Tell me yes Michael…tell me yes.” She slid off his lap and moved between his legs unzipping his pants, slipping her hand inside. “Yes, god yes.” Michael’s gasp felt like it was ripped from his throat as she wrapped her soft lips around him. Slowly she moved over his bulging tip and flattened her tongue over the top, swirling it under the crease as she pushed her way down. Hearing his sighs of pleasure she increased her speed moving in seductive highs and lows of softness, friction and heat. Michael leaned back in the chair watching her move upon his body with her mouth. He loved watching her float her lips over him as she slid up and down working her magic. Watching her stroke him he could tell she was turned on; by the way her eyes occasionally gazed out at him from underneath her lashes and the small groans that reached his ears while she worked his shaft incessantly. Michael began feeling the tension building deep inside as he coaxed her on through his clenched teeth. “Lexi that feels so amazing, damn look at you girl. You do that so good, it feels so…Oh my god.” Pulling her head closer he raised his hips pushing himself further down her throat. She moaned audibly as their eyes met again in the dim glow of the video monitors and she moved her tongue in a rapid beating pattern as she pulled her lips up his shaft. Michael groaned loudly and she felt him twitch hard under her mouth and hands several times before he finally released fully showering the back of her throat. He bucked wildly while pushing hard against her grabbing her shoulders to pull her closer to him. Lexi drew back one final time, drawing all the remaining potency from him before removing her lips and collapsing against his leg. Swallowing deeply, she watched him sit with his eyes closed for several minutes before he opened them and spoke. “That was incredible. Thank you.” Lexi smiled and started to stand. “Where are you going? Come here.” Michael pulled her back on to his lap. “Sit here with me for a minute babe. I just wanna hold you.” Pulling her close, Michael rubbed her breasts over her clothes and kissed her neck. “I’m so glad you are here with me, you help make everything better.” “Michael, I don’t want to be anywhere else but here with you.” Lexi laid her head on his shoulder and enjoyed the feel of his hands as he ran them over her body. Michael unzipped her jeans and slipped his hand inside to stroke her slowly. Nuzzling her ear he whispered in a raspy voice, “Oh yeah…you are so ready aren’t you? I can’t believe how wet you are.” He pulled his fingers from her and brought them to his lips tasting them. “You taste so sweet Lexi, like honey. Kiss me and see.” He kissed her softly and she tasted the passion he brought forth from her. Moving his hand back down he continued his manipulation. “I’m gonna make you come for me girl, I want to watch your face as you lay here in my arms. Does that sound like something you want to do?” “Yes..Michael watch me come for you.” Lexi began to grind against his hand, her belly flaring up with warmth and fire as he stroked her insatiable desire for him. She cried out and spread her legs. “hágalo a mí Michael, keep touching me..aye it feels so good.” He watched her face twist with desire and felt another flood of wetness spread across his fingers as he plunged into her tightness. He used his thumb to manipulate her budding flesh circling around while his long fingers continued to caress her deep inside. “You look so beautiful right now…come for me Lexi. Let me see you come.” He looked deep into her eyes and softly kissed her mouth before whispering again, “Come for me…” Lexi’s breathing quickened and she closed her eyes. He felt her quiver and her hips arched up into his hand. “Oh yes, come on girl, you’re so hot and wet for me. Let me do this for you.” She peaked with a enormous spasm crying out for him. “Michael aye Michael…ahhhh, Ohhh yesss.” Her hips undulated against his hand while she clung to his chest. Michael got his wish as he watched her face move through the emotions of her orgasm. Kissing her hard he drew her up to him rocking her gently as she caught her breath and her muscles stopped shaking from their recent contractions. “Lexi, I can’t get enough of you. I know I keep telling you that, but you turn me on so much.” “Can we just stay in here the rest of the night babe…I just want your arms around me tonight.” Lexi whispered to him as she snuggled her head down on his chest and he rested his chin on top of her head with a sigh. “Me too girl, me too.” His deep sigh of contentment as he held her made her heart flutter, she knew she had to hold back. “Don’t fall for him Lexi, he won’t ever love you. Just enjoy it while it lasts.” Her tenuous grasp on the reality of the situation cause a tear to roll from her eye. “Hey, what’s that about? Why you crying?” Michael pulled her chin up and wiped her tear away. “I’m just happy is all; I never thought I could feel this way again.” Lexi blinked away her tears and looked at the video monitor. “They are coming Michael.” “Damn, I don’t want to leave yet…my brother is here. Let’s go, I don’t want them to find our hiding place.” They buttoned their clothes and fixed their hair; Michael giggled when he brought his hand up to his face and could still smell her sweet scent on his fingers. “I am not washing my hands for a while, no way. It’s like medicine…it is going to get me through the next little while.” Lexi shook her head, “You are crazy!” Michael took her hand, stepping outside they walked back.

Closer to the house they met Jackie with Jermaine’s daughter Jourdynn. “Uncle Michael, there you are.” She ran to Michael and he scooped her up and spun her around in circles. “Hey Jourdynn I was wondering when you were going to show up?” “Uncle Michael, are we gonna watch fireworks?” “Yes, but not tonight…we will do that tomorrow, OK?” “Yes, thank you. That will be fun.” Michael sat her down and she ran off with her cousins. Lexi watched his smile and realized how much he loved the kids. “Jackie, um this is Lexi. She is my girlfriend.” Michael brought his hand up to his face and suddenly started giggling. Lexi looked at him excited that he called her his girlfriend until she saw what he was doing and then she laughed too, “Nice to meet you Jackie.” “You too Lexi.” Jackie shyly smiled and looked at Michael shaking his head. “I hope we get to talk later, but I better check on Jourdynn, I don’t know where her Father is, excuse me.” “Oh my god, Michael. You have lost your mind.” Lexi pushed him lightly on his arm and looked around in embarrassment. “Why girl, because I said you were my girlfriend?” “No, because…I’m gonna go up to the room, I will see you in a minute.” Lexi went around to the back entrance and up the stairs to Michael’s room. As she was cutting through the hallway Randy spied her from the library. “Damn, who is that?” He stepped in the doorway just as Michael was taking two steps at a time after her. “Lexi, wait…wait for me.” Randy heard Michael call after her and wondered who on earth Lexi was and why Michael was chasing her to his room.

Michael bounced in the room after her. “What are you doing?” “I just wanted to freshen up; it looks like everybody is here. Michael, I want to look nice for you.” Lexi started pulling clothes out of her suitcase trying to find something to wear. “You ARE embarrassed aren’t you?” Michael grabbed her arm and shook his head, “Lexi, what did you think you were, just some girl? I wouldn’t have you at my home or have come all the way back from New York otherwise. There is nobody else. I really missed you this last month, I even miss you when I am here and I can’t see you for a couple of days because you are working or have school. So, do I have to ask you…will you be my girl?” Michael pulled her close and waited for her answer. Lexi searched his eyes and touched his cheek softy with her hand, “Michael…you aren’t going to turn into a werewolf now are you?” His laughter was deep and loud and he picked her up and tackled her on the bed. “I can’t believe you said that! Oh my god, that was perfect…” Lexi laughed along with him while secretly thinking to herself how happy she was at that moment. “You better tell me that means yes.” Michael rolled over on top of her caressing her neck and planting soft kisses on her lips. “Yes, of course yes” Lexi smiled under his mouth and returned his affection with abandon. Lifting his head Michael pushed her tank top and bra up and brought his lips to her breast sucking her dark taut nipple like a piece of sweet candy he had been denied. Lexi raised her chest towards his mouth and swept his hair from his face so she could see him as his lips moved upon her. Quietly she spoke his name, “Michael…” It was enough to move him on and he used his tongue to flick her nipple to an even greater hardness as his hand gently pushed her flesh up to his eager lips for more. Unexpectedly the bedroom door pushed opened, “Hey Mike can you come help us…oh damn, oh I’m sorry…uh, I’ll come back…” Michael pulled Lexi’s shirt down quickly and jumped off the bed, “Damn Randy, you ever heard of knocking. Get out of here.” Randy was staring at Lexi, who was red faced and near tears on the bed. “Sorry Mike, I’ll talk to you in a minute”. “Leave!” Michael raised his voice to his younger brother as Randy quickly left the room. “Oh god, are you all right?” Michael sat back down observing that she had pulled a pillow to her chest. “This whole weekend is just a nightmare.” Lexi said as she fought the tears that she wanted to cry but didn’t want to do in front of Michael for fear that her secret from the morning would come out. “I can’t believe that happened, unbelievable. I understand if you want to stay up here for a while…just know that, I really need you with me.” Michael sat down beside her on the bed and stroked her cheek softly. “Yeah, I want to stay up here for awhile please. I just want to be alone.” She saw his posture change when his shoulders dropped and his head hung, and knew he was disappointed, “I understand…take your time. Whatever you need to do, my family can be a bit much sometime.” Michael kissed her softly on the cheek and stood to leave, “I will check on you in a little while OK?” Lexi tried to smile reassuringly for him but he wasn’t convinced. Michael grabbed a fedora on the way out of the room and she could hear his raised voice as he talked with his brother downstairs.

“Randy, what are you thinking? I know, you saw me go in there with her.” Michael stood in front of his brother with his arms crossed waiting for an answer. “Well, Mike I have to be honest with you, I never thought you would be doing THAT.” Randy ran his hand across his chest quickly trying to be cool for his big brother but it didn’t work. “Stop actin a fool boy, you were being nosy. You need to mind your own business. Now she don’t even want to come down stairs.” Michael put his hands on his hips and waited for an apology. “I guess I am sorry then Michael…she fine though. Damn bro where you find that.” Randy smiled at Michael and wondered why he still looked mad. “I can’t believe you, with everything going on right now with gonna say THAT! Go to hell.” Michael stormed off downstairs to find his Mother leaving Randy alone to think about his words. Randy looked towards the bedroom briefly before following Michael down the stairs.

Michael was met in the kitchen by Tito’s son TJ, “Uncle Mike can we order some pizza? We are getting hungry.” “You know what that’s a perfect idea TJ, get some for everybody and we will watch movies tonight. See if Taj will drive in to town to go get it, he knows where the cash is? It’s good to see you, I missed you.” Michael gave him a hug, “Where’s your grandmother?” “She is out by the pool.” “Thanks, take care of the pizza for me, can you handle it?” Michael stood back and held TJ by his shoulders, “It’s just pizza, of course. We will go get it now.” Michael smiled at his nephew, “Thanks I owe you, and you can pick the movie.” Michael left him to take care of dinner and went to check on his Mother at the pool. “Hi, are you having a good time Mother?” Katherine smiled at her son lovingly. “Oh yes and the children are loving the water. I am happy we came early.” Michael nodded slightly, “Yes, I am glad you are here too.” Where’s your guest son, we haven’t seen much of her since lunch?” He sat down on Lexi’s lounge chair and sighed, “She is not feeling well, and her name is Lexi…Mother, my girlfriend’s name is Lexi.” “I see, well don’t get too serious Michael. You have a lot on your plate right now, and you don’t need some girl who has nothing to do but sit around pining away distracting you.” Michael sat up and spun around to her, “Mother, she doesn’t sit around. She is entering medical school in the fall, works as a paramedic, and is helping to open a free clinic in her neighborhood too. She is really smart and like I told you before, I really like her, it was all she could do to get away this week to be here with me.” Katherine took a slow drink from her ice tea, “A free clinic in her neighborhood, where does she live Michael?” Much to Michael’s relief Jourdynn ran up to him from the pool, “Uncle Michael come watch me jump in, I can jump in all by myself now.” “OK, let’s go. Excuse me Mother; Jourdynn needs my help I guess.” Katherine took another sip of her tea and wondered about this Lexi and just how close her and her son had gotten.

Later Michael brought Lexi up some pizza for dinner. “Hey won’t you come and join us for awhile, we are going to go watch a movie.” Lexi gave him a look that would melt steel and he sat down on the bed beside her. Switching off the television she said, “Michael it’s really hard, you know. I understand they are protective of you…but I cannot tell you how much it bothers me to be under that kind of scrutiny. In fact…I think I might just go home in the morning.” “What! No, you can’t go home. Please don’t leave…I need you here.” He sat beside her on the bed taking her shoulders in his hands. “I already called my Mom and told her not to come. It’s just too much Michael; I am a decent person you know? “Oh girl, Junior really wanted to come…he is going to be so disappointed. Please, I will beg you if I have to. Stay here with me.” Michael pulled her close and Lexi could feel her will dissolve as he spoke to her. She wrapped her arms around him, wishing they could go back to yesterday and the freedom they enjoyed being alone and happy. The ringing of the telephone broke the tension and Michael reached out for the receiver.

“Michael, it’s me. I..I have to hurry before he comes.”
“Toya? Where are you? What’s wrong?”
“Michael, I’m scared, I have been so stupid, I want to come home.”
“Let me get you Toy, where are you”
“Michael, if you hear something please don’t believe it. Trust me, just trust me. I love uhhh..”

The line disconnected and Lexi saw the tears well up in his eyes as he held the receiver in his hand. “What, what happened…babe?” He wiped his eyes with the back of his hand before answering. “It was my sister; she’s in some kind of trouble. But I don’t know where she is, the line went dead before she had a chance to tell me. She told me not to believe the things I hear. I am scared for her Lexi, this husband she has is bad news…oh god.” Lexi got on her knees and pulled him close, “Baby, I am sorry. What can I do to help you?” Michael pressed his cheek against her chest, closing his eyes. “Stay..that’s all I need. Please just stay here with me.” She slowly closed her eyes as she stroked his hair softly. “OK, if you need me here, I’ll stay.”

Michael and Lexi met the family downstairs and they walked to the movie theater together. Joseph drove Katherine over in a golf cart and Lexi felt his eyes give her a slow once over as she walked up with Michael. Michael unlocked the doors and the kids ran in and scooped up the candy and grabbed drinks while the adults settled in to their seats. “Tito can you come help me with this projector, I gave the projectionist the night off.” Michael tapped his brother on the shoulder and led him up to the projection room to start the movie. Lexi sat by herself until Jackie sat down beside her and handed her a bucket of popcorn. “My brother will want some of this when he comes back.” Lexi smiled gratefully taking the bucket from his hands. “Thank you, I am sure he will really appreciate it.” “So I guess this must all be a bit crazy for you huh?” Jackie gestured to the family spread out around the theater and looked at Lexi for an answer. “I don’t know if I should answer that.” He laughed softly, “It’s all right, I understand. There is so much going on right now and Michael tries to stay out of it. He really just wants the kids to have a good time up here.” Lexi looked around at all the children gathered around and smiled, “I do know he loves you all very much, and he talks about your kids all the time.” “My brother is very special; he worries a lot about things. I know though that he wouldn’t have brought you here like this if you didn’t mean a great deal to him. Just remember it’s about you two, not what the rest of us think” “Thank you Jackie, it really means so much to hear you say that to me. I have had a very hard day.” The lights dimmed and the opening credits to “The Rocketeer” blazed across the screen and soon Lexi felt Michael sit down next to her. He put his arm around her shoulder and whispered in her ear, “Two more hours and I get to be alone with you again in my bed.” He kissed her deeply and looked in her eyes, while the flickering light of the movie lit up her face, all the while knowing that his Mother was sitting only three rows behind them.

Michael and Lexi stayed in the bedroom the next morning until they could hear the kids splashing in the pool. Michael watched Lexi as she pulled her jeans up while getting dressed, “That’s really the last thing I want you doing right now. You know that right?” “I don’t think we have much choice Michael, we have to just smile. Right? You always say smile.” She had her shirt in her hands and walked up to him for a kiss. Michael massaged her breasts over her lace bra and kissed her longingly. “Maybe I should just kick everyone out right now? I can just divide the fireworks up and they can take them to their own homes. I believe you and me can make plenty of fireworks on our own. What do you think; does that sound like a good idea?” Lexi wrapped her arms around his neck and moved her crotch on his leg. “Yes, that’s perfect; I believe you just hatched the perfect plan.” Slipping his hand inside the lace cup of her bra he tweaked her nipple, feeling it grow firm against his fingertips. “Let me take it off. I want you again…you’re the perfect breakfast. Like an all I can eat buffet.” Lexi giggled and moved her hand to his zipper. “Yeah I think we can probably manage to get you fed.” Michael popped open her bra as he moved her back towards the bed. Laying her down gently he kneeled over her unzipping her jeans so he could pull them off when a knock came loudly on the door. Michael rolled his eyes and chewed on the inside of his cheek in frustration, but he didn’t speak. Lexi sat up and he pushed her back down and put his finger over his lips to quiet her. The knock came again louder this time. “Mike..Michael, its Jermaine. I need to talk to you. It’s about Mother.” Michael sighed deeply and tossed Lexi her shirt as he zipped his pants. When Lexi was ready he opened the door for Jermaine. “What is wrong?” Jermaine glanced over briefly at Lexi before speaking, “She is not feeling well, so I am going to take her home. Tito said he would bring Jourdynn with him in the morning, do you mind if she stays?” “No, of course not, and she really wants to see the fireworks. What’s wrong with Mother? Lexi can take a look at her real quick if it’s serious.” As soon as he said it he could feel the daggers from Lexi being thrown at the back of his head and he regretted volunteering her to look at his Mother.” “She has a headache, it’s OK Michael. I think Randy would appreciate it if I left anyway.” Michael nodded his head in agreement, “Probably…what about Joseph, is he going with you?” “No, he wants to stay. He has his car here so he can leave anytime.” Lexi stood up and went in the bathroom tired of all the drama that was surrounding her. “Tell Mother I will be right down, don’t leave before I get there.” He closed the door and followed her in the bathroom. “Let me go deal with this, there should be some coffee out by the pool. I’ll meet you out there.” Nodding to him she continued brushing her hair until he took the brush from her hand. “I’m sorry; I will let you take it out on me later.” She finally smiled, “You better go deal with your mom, she is probably feeling neglected. I will see you by the pool.” He lifted her chin and kissed her passionately. “Thanks girl, it would have to be the pool wouldn’t it?” He smiled and patted her on the behind as he left, leaving Lexi to get ready on her own.

Michael saw Katherine and Jermaine off and met Lexi as they had planned. The kids all descended upon him and they begged him to have a water balloon fight. “Lexi you better be on my team, I don’t want you mad at me later.” “Why would I be mad at you?” Michael threw his head back laughing, “Because I would dog you, I am the King of water balloon fighting.” Lexi stood up and extended her hand. “Let’s go get our ammo ready then, I want to see you in action.” After nearly an hour of play Lexi was drenched and exhausted but actually having a good time. Michael of course was dry and had eluded even being hit one time. The kids decided they wanted to swim and Lexi went up to the room to change and dry her hair.

Michael remembered that Macaulay was supposed to be on the way and stepped inside to use his office phone to call him. After speaking to him and learning he had been called back to the set and couldn’t make it up for the weekend, he heard the voices of Joseph, Randy, and Jackie come into the kitchen. “Get me a gin and tonic, your Mother’s gone now. I want a drink.” Joseph’s voice was distinct as he made his request for alcohol. “Hold on, let me find everything…I think Mike’s girlfriend hid it all.” Randy could be heard opening the cabinets looking for mixers for the drinks. Michael started to step out of the office to help until he heard the next part of their conversation. Randy began, “Here, look I found it. Yeah…that girl is fine. I walked in on her and Mike yesterday and damn, he was about to get him some and I can’t say that I blame him. That girl is sweet as hell. You want some Jackie? “No, I am good with water, but Randy…I talked to her last night, during the movie and she is a good girl. I don’t think you should be like that. Besides you of all people shouldn’t be looking at your brother’s woman. I think it’s great that he is dating somebody” Randy stopped filling the glasses and looked at Jackie, “I’re right, but I’m tellin ya, Michael was mad at me, Being real? I thought he was going to rip my head off after it happened. He really likes this chick.” Michael had moved into the hallway to hear their conversation better and shook his head at his brother’s last comment. “Hurry up with my drink boy.” Joseph stared at Randy who quickly poured the gin into the glass for his Father. Taking a long drink he glanced up at his sons, “I don’t trust her. I think she is a hoe after his money, just like the rest of them.” Michael heard his Fathers words and clenched his fists in anger. “Why Joseph? He has been seeing her for a little while. I think he trusts her.” Jackie attempted to defend Lexi to Joseph but was dismissed with a wave of his hand. “No, what you boys don’t know is that yesterday… we got here early see. I went out by tha pool to look around and stretch from tha ride. Your Mother went looking for Michael so she was busy right? Well, when I got to tha pool, this girl was naked as could be laying there.” Joseph paused and took another drink and looked around at his sons. Michael closed his eyes dreading what he was going to hear next. “Why was she out there like that?” Randy closed the cabinet and waited for the story to continue. “Well I walked on up her, ‘cause I be thinkin she was the hired help. I didn’t figure he was letting ‘em slack off in the middle of the day but nobody was round tha place ‘cept her. Then like nothing she asks me to rub lotion on her. I can tell you that girl is firm and tight in all the right places.” “You touched her, and she was naked? What about Mother! Randy couldn’t believe what his Father had just said. “Son, if you would have been lookin at her laying there like I was, you would have rubbed her down too.” Michael thought back to the previous morning and how Lexi was sick in the bathroom and the scene later on in the kitchen when he walked in on her and Joseph when she had the knife in her hand. He also remembered all the subtle glances since then that his Father had given her, and the snide comment he made when he introduced them and he became enraged. He swiftly moved down the hallway and entered the kitchen. “Get out, get out of my house now Joseph.” “Michael, take it easy.” Jackie tried to get in between them but wasn’t quick enough. Michael knocked the drink out of his hand and grabbed him by his shirt collar and pulled him towards the door. “Get your hands off me boy.” Joseph pulled Michael’s hand off his shirt and stood up. “What tha hell do you think you’re doing? I can still whip you, and good too.” “How dare you put your hands on her, or on any woman in my home. Especially with Mother here, you are a pig.” Michael was screaming in his face and was close to tears. Lexi heard the commotion and ran down the stairs, she became really scared when she saw who was involved. “There she is now…ask her what happened. She tell you, she wanted it. Ain’t that right girl?” Joseph looked at her with a sneer on his face, expecting her to answer his question. “Go upstairs Lexi, this is family.” Michael didn’t even turn when he spoke and she didn’t hesitate to follow his instruction and ran back to his room. “Michael, yo girl is a hoe, you better get used to it.” Jackie grabbed Michael just as he lunged for Joseph and hung on with all the strength he had. “Get him out of here Randy; you guys go back to L.A.” Jackie’s eyes pleaded with his brother, as Michael fought to get away. “Let’s go Joseph, I’ll drive us home.” Randy pushed Joseph out of the kitchen and away from Michael. Jackie didn’t let Michael go until he knew they had pulled away from the house and even then Michael ran out the front door to chase his Father down. Realizing he was gone, he sank to the ground and held his head in his hands. “What the hell just happened” he thought. He could feel his heart beating out of his chest and he wondered if he could ever face him again. Like Lexi, he felt sick and he still didn’t know what her role was in all of this. “Michael, she is a nice girl…there has to be an explanation.” Jackie put a comforting hand on his little brothers shoulder and waited for him to calm down.

“He’s gone.” Michael burst in the room and stared at Lexi with his hands on his hips. She was sitting on the bed hugging a pillow fighting back tears. “Please tell me what happened, the truth…all of it” Michael pleaded with her, his eyes showing all his hurt. “I…I went for my run, just like I told you. When I came back I was really hot so I jumped in the pool like we did the other day. Michael there wasn’t anybody here but us, we were supposed to be alone yesterday. Wh..when I got out I laid down and fell asleep. I thought it was you standing over me, I asked for the lotion so I wouldn’t burn. When I realized it wasn’t you I jumped up, I was so scared Michael. I didn’t know who he was until I heard you coming. I swear that is what happened.” Michael sat down on the bed and rubbed his hand over his face, “Didn’t you see him, didn’t you look Lexi, I don’t understand.” Lexi started to cry, “I had a towel over my face. Michael I don’t want anybody else but you. I was sick, literally sick. I feel so ashamed.” Michael remembered images of his Father with women from various stages of his life, images that were too wounding to express to Lexi. “Did he hurt you?” Michael reached out for her and pulled her close. “No, not physically.” Lexi rested her head on his shoulder until her tears stopped. Michael finally spoke, “I believe you, and I’m so sorry, Neverland is supposed to be happy and carefree. Please forgive me for not protecting you.” Michael laid her down on the bed and curled up behind her, “Let me hold you Lexi. Lay here with me, I want you to feel safe in my arms.”

Dusk was approaching before they left the room. Michael and Lexi quietly picked up a picnic basket the chef put together and he grabbed a blanket before heading once again to the train station. “Where are we going?” Lexi helped him carry the basket and Michael smiled softly. “Just wait you are going to love it.” When they reached the station they climbed aboard and Lexi watched as the landscape began to move by. Michael held her hand and pointed out various points of interest to her and soon they had reached a summit overlooking the property. Michael told the train operator that he would radio for him later and to not bring anyone else up. “Michael it’s beautiful up here.” Lexi let her gaze fall upon the property below and up onto the mountains above. “I knew you would like it, I have been planning on bringing you here all week to watch the fireworks with me. C’mon let’s go have our picnic.” Michael’s eyes were sparkling and she couldn’t help but catch his enthusiasm for their date. They spread out the blanket and dug into the picnic basket to see what was packed for them. Michael squealed in delight when he pulled out the Kentucky Fried Chicken causing Lexi to laugh finally. They also found assorted cheese and bread, grapes and Swiss chocolate. Finally to wash it all down they found two bottles of chilled champagne which they quickly opened and poured. As they ate Michael watched Lexi in the sunset as the golden glow lit up her face and he realized how much she was beginning to mean to him. Knowing that someone so close to him had taken advantage of her hurt him deeply and he was still trying to process it. He hesitated to let himself go completely, he had lost so much of himself when Hunter passed. But Lexi made him feel alive again, for the first time in so long…and he was so very grateful to her.

It was nearly dark when Michael and Lexi cuddled together closely on the blanket waiting for the fireworks. “Thank you for the picnic Michael, it was very romantic.” She moved closer to him smelling his comforting scent. “I know, but only because I got to feed you grapes. I always wanted to do that.” Michael kissed the top of her head. “With me or just some female?” Lexi laughed and rose up to look at him. “Uh oh, you got me there; I plead the fifth on that one. I think I will stop while I am ahead.” Michael placed his hand on the back of her head and pulled her in for a kiss. Letting her body relax, she fell upon him softly as their tongues intertwined as one. He could taste the champagne on her mouth and softly pulled her bottom lip out with his teeth and bit it tenderly. Michael removed Lexi’s clothes before his own and took a moment to appreciate her beauty in the fading light, her full breasts…the curve of her hips as they flared out from her small waist, and golden hue of her skin in the fading light. Michael rolled her over straddling her by placing his legs on either side of her body. Rising up to his knees he ran his hand across her chest and shoulders bending down placing soft kisses on her flesh. Lexi moved her hands upon him pressing her palm against his flesh while feeling his hardness come to life under her grasp. Watching as he threw his head back baring his neck to her she moved her thumb across his swelling tip and around his crease to increase his pleasure. Leaning down he took her breast in his mouth sucking wholly on her swollen nipple. The dark flat plane soon began budding under his lips and tongue to an exquisite peak of sensitivity. Michael moved to the area between her breasts and licked her till she was damp and slick subtly preparing her while Lexi continued stroking his shaft as he moved up her body and placed himself between her breasts while pushing them together. Rolling his hips towards her face he moved in a steady passionate rhythm. The feeling of being buried in the soft, warm flesh of her breasts and seeing her watching him caused him to grow even harder and he moaned in wanton pleasure. Lexi bent her head and caught him between her lips pulling and sucking with every movement he sent towards her. Hearing his cries become louder she knew he wouldn’t last much longer when he suddenly pulled back and dropped between her legs. “Let me taste you girl, god…you got me so close, I don’t want to come yet.” Michael spread her lips with his thumbs and licked the sides of her entrance. Lexi’s groan reached his ears and he pushed her legs apart to obtain even more access to her body. She raised her arms above her head reaching for an imaginary object to push against so she could grind against his lips. “Michael, le quiero, le quiero.” Her tender cry in Spanish pushed him to fulfill her needs before his own. He pulled on her center with his full lips and felt her engorge with desire, flicking his tongue around it in soft circles it began to grow and harden as she rose up to meet him in a steady pattern of thrusts. Michael pushed his two fingers in to her tight abyss and moved up her body where he finally claimed her lips. “Lexi, you are so ready. I could stay there all night but I need to be inside you. Can I be inside you now?” Lexi licked her wetness off of his mouth and she felt him shudder on top of her. “Make love to me, ahora Michael ahora.” Removing his fingers he grasped himself and rubbed his tip up and down her lips and entrance. Lexi thrust her hips towards him tossing her head from side to side anticipating him inside her. Slowly he pressed inside her, feeling her walls envelope him as he progressed along her willing tight path. Michael pushed until he met resistance, “Relax baby, you are so tight. Mmmm you feel incredible.” Lexi exhaled and concentrated on allowing him to enter her fully. Finally he felt his goal and he began to move steadily inside of her. His elbows planted on either side of her face allowed him to kiss her deeply as he rolled slowly within her warmth. “Michael, don’t hold back. Let yourself go…” Lexi grasped his face between her hands and held his gaze while she rocked her hips with his. Burying his face in her shoulder he upped his tempo ridding himself of all the stress of the last day. She ran her fingernails down his back and heard his sharp intake of breath as he reacted to the pain and pleasure it caused him. Michael gathered her in his arms and rolled her on top of him and Lexi could feel the full force of his large shaft push inside her. “Oh god Michael, you are so big inside me.” It was dark and he could barely see her outline as she started to move against him. Slowly she started grinding her hips in small circles and he could feel his tip move over her innermost wall with every turn she made. He grasped her hips with his large hands and moved one of his thumbs over and rubbed her engorged center, encouraging her on to more movement and the rising of her body over his staff. As she upped her speed a boom was heard and a flash of light appeared above them illuminating their bodies as they lay on the blanket. The sparkles from the fireworks lit up Lexi’s body above him, and Michael watched her in glimpses as she had her head back arching in pleasure, then as she leaned forward her breasts full and tempting and even his own hands upon her throat reaching for her lips to pull her down for a deep satisfying kiss. Michael felt her wetness as it crept down his manhood and her walls constricted around him several times. As the next flash of light occurred he could see her face…her lips apart and her head tilted back as her chest thrust towards him in ecstasy. “Lexi you look so sexy right now. I can’t take anymore.” He rolled her back over and raised himself on his knees while she wrapped her legs around him. Using her hips for leverage he grasped her to him and rammed his body against her over and over not caring how loud or bold his moans had become. Lexi met him thrust for thrust feeling the tingle come from below her belly button and spread out rapidly. The sky lit up with dozens of rockets as they melded together in their blinding culmination of pleasure. Draining himself inside her he collapsed as she quivered silently trying to recover.

Michael pulled her leg over and rolled them so they could watch the fireworks together but he didn’t withdraw from inside her. “You have given me such pleasure, I don’t have the right words to thank you Alexis.” Michael held her close and stroked her hair. “You don’t have to thank me Michael; you have given me so much too.”

Michael held her close, breathing in the smell of her hair and the glorious feel of her body next to his. Hoping she didn’t notice the tear that fell from his eye as they lay together, he turned his face briefly into his hand. She honestly made him so happy but he was afraid to fall again. However, he knew it was more than a casual relationship. He wished he could just let go and jump…but too many things kept him from taking chances anymore. Watching her lying in his arms, underneath the sparking lights he felt a feeling he hadn’t had in years. He tried to push it down, but it kept coming back. No…it was too soon and, like his Mother had said, he had too many things going on.

He just needed to enjoy what they had for now, and let it be.

To Be Continued……

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NightGarden said…
Oh…Jackson family dynamics all the way here: from slimy Joe to suspicious mother hen Katherine to the brothers. Interesting! And those two DID have their own private 4th of July, didn’t they? 😉
PS:quote “Oh God Michael, you are so big inside me”…I bet he is!

Monday, January 25, 2010 1:14:00 PM EST

DangerousPYT said…
It was interesting writing the family in finally. I am so thankful to them for the reality show that allowed us to get a small peek at their personalities. LOL Love you Jackie ;-)….oh and Tito we will be getting to you more dear.

BTW 4th of July is my Favorite holiday, can you tell?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010 12:36:00 AM EST

Cup Cake said…
LMAO!!!! Oh god this just keeps getting better! Ok, Joe had me rolling on the floor, I could sooooo see this happening! Lexi is hot (according to the photo) and the siblings are mad crazy! Well done! Can’t wait for the next one….oooohhhhhh a love scene in the studio…Hizot!!!!! God I love your stories I swear it is a weekly fix!

Thursday, January 28, 2010 11:35:00 PM EST

Cup Cake said…
Ok, DangerousPYT has officially out done herself with the sex scenes

Removing his fingers he grasped himself and rubbed his tip up and down her lips and entrance. Lexi thrust her hips towards him tossing her head from side to side anticipating him inside her. Slowly he pressed inside her, feeling her walls envelope him as he progressed along her willing tight path. Michael pushed until he met resistance, “Relax baby, you are so tight.

Oh LAWD…LAWD…Calgone somebody come take me away!

Thursday, January 28, 2010 11:37:00 PM EST

DangerousPYT said…
I love you Cake…You are always so enthusiastic! BTW did you already forget Dita? They were in the studio girl!!!!!!!

I love when you copy and paste a portion apart from the story…somehow it makes it seem so much more steamy to read the words that way. LOVE IT! 😉


I read your story and I LOVED IT!You’re very talented!

If you dont mind I posted your story on MJ fan board. We’re all MJ’s fans so I think it’s okay. But if you dont want to me post your story I’ll delete.I apologise.

It’s just I think your story so wonderful that I wanted to share with MJ’s fans. I have no bad intentions.

Please, email me.

God bless!

Papa Joe, never seems to “disappoint” Gross as hell and made me want to vomit. The nerve of him.. Who the hell he think is he ? Ugh!!!!! Gross!! MJ and Lexi should have tear his sorry behind to pieces.. His behavious was inappropiate, disrespectful, lewd, gross. UGH!! need I say more……

Although this is not my first time reading this chapter, it seems as if some of the events are different, or maybe i read over it too fast the first time, either way, I’m loving it! MJ, MJ, MJ…such a sexy beast!!!! Great chapter!

By Barbara Straughn on March 2nd, 2012 at 5:52 pm

Love this story – you are so talented. It has been a fantasy of mine to have Michael perform Billie Jean wearing just his hat and sparkly jacket and glove – just looking at those thrusts makes me hot all over ……

By Mrs. Michael Jackson on January 2nd, 2014 at 7:11 am

Your writing is wonderful, as always, and I love how you managed to add Kentucky Fried Chicken in the mix… oh, how Michael must be longing for KFC right now… where ever he may be (hopefully Heaven). Before I go, I have a question for you, though: are there suppose to be pictures with this story? I haven’t seen any pictures with your stories since I read “The King”. Oh, well… can’t wait to read more!

These were copied over from my old blog on blogger, pics will start showing up again.

Hope you like Lexi…she’s my girl

By Mrs. Michael Jackson on January 2nd, 2014 at 5:52 pm

I do like Lexi, however, I miss Hunter! I loved her spunk and independence! Lexi is similar to Hunter in some ways, but I will always love Hunter the most… LOL. Kim is below Lexi because she was far too easy for Michael, and Diana is below Kim because of her manipulating ways… That’s just me though. I guess I’m a sucker for the girls that are careful and are willing to challenge Michael!


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