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Wasted Time

Wasted Time
December 1990

Sweeping into the condominium’s lobby she conducted the survey of her surroundings with the contempt of a spoiled princess relegated to flying business class. The doorman tipped his hat as he was enveloped in the redolent wake of her Chanel #5, and he happily held the elevator doors for her as she once again ran to Michael, confident of his loyalty to her.

“No Tommy, I want 25% at retail and that’s final! I’m telling you, I will not back down on this, I WILL walk and take the masters with me.” Michael’s voice was growing more demanding as he continued his debate with Tommy Motolla on the new terms of his contract with Sony. The alarm panel for the elevator sounded its warning that someone had entered the access code and were now approaching the hallway to his private residence. When he saw her in the security monitor he immediately ended his conversation, “Tommy I have to go, this isn’t over.” Slamming the phone down, he watched her check her reflection in the hallway mirror, plumping up her hair and adjusting her dress under her fur. Soon enough she knocked on the door and he waited, teasing her with her own nervousness. Again she knocked…louder and more emphatically. He smirked as he observed her in the monitor; and thought that she would probably keep knocking for an hour if he let her. Finally as she was mid-knock, he yanked the door open and snarled fiercely, “What the hell do you want Diane?”

Diana Ross tried not to jump at the sudden swing of the door but the tone of his voice and cruel look on his face stung like a slap in the face. Thankful for the ever present large sunglasses that covered her reaction, she pushed her way past his raised arm which subconsciously protected his private space. As he leaned back on the doorframe, she dropped her purse on the table in the entry way. “I want to talk to you Michael.” He slammed the front door and walked past her into the living room. “I have nothing to say to you, you should leave right now before I think of something that’s not very nice.” “Michael I thought we put all that behind us, I thought we were friends again?” Diana removed her sunglasses and looked at him for some shred of reassurance. He came to her and stared into her eyes…nose to nose. Slowly he began to walk around her like a drill sergeant at inspection. She began feeling vulnerable as his eyes traveled up and down the length of her body invading every space of her being, as surely as if he was touching her. Finally he ended his trip and stood eye to eye with her. “No Diane…I will not do this again, I am not the same person you used to run to. But, I can tell you haven’t changed a bit, go home to your kids, and…Husband.” Michael spit the last word out like it was a poison, and then he turned and left her standing in the entry way, as she stared after him longingly.

Michael walked back to the living room and poured a Lagavulin into his favorite snifter and gulped it down, feeling the familiar smoky burn roll down his throat. His nervous fingers grasped the bottle of scotch and he poured another praying to hear the click of the front door closing behind her as she left. His mind wandered back to the last time she had been standing here with him. The way she had felt pressing her body close to his…her lips upon his mouth promising that soon they would be together and how the world would finally know once and for all that there was more than mere friendship between them.

The smell of her perfume surrounded him first, and then he felt the heat of her body moving behind him as she whispered, “I need you Michael, please…I need you.” He shut his eyes and fought the urge to hold her in his arms, after all the hurt and disappointment she had put him through, he still ached for her. Even after knowing real, honest, and true love with Hunter…Diana could cast her spell with the slightest touch. She felt him stiffen and watched as he took a second shot of the scotch, “Diane, I asked you to leave…Please, just go.” His heartfelt plea barely audible as she ran her hands up his chest from her position behind him at the bar. For a stolen second he gave in, he relaxed to her touch and forgot all the heartache and deception, and only remembered the passion. Her lips settled on his neck, her hands searched his chest, and her leg wrapped around him like a black widow on its mate. When she dipped her head forward to capture his lips, her hair swung around and he snapped out of the moment as he remembered a sun filled morning in Marbella, and the confession of the heart he had made beside the pool. “Get off of me”, Michael said as he turned around and grabbed her wrists. “What? Michael what are you doing?” Diana looked stunned as he rejected her advances and pushed her away. “Michael, I know you felt that passion, why would you stop me? I want to be with you. Michael…I am leaving Naess.”

Michael’s face grew dark and sinister and Diana drew away in apprehension. She finally thought she might have gone too far, pushed the one button that should not have been pushed. “Stop! Just stop the lies, admit it, you only came here to satisfy your sick agenda. Let me pick from the list, please tell me when I can stop…Money, manipulation, or sex. Did I get it right, my dear Diana? Always SUCH A LADY, my how the world would be shocked to see you beg like I have when there is something you really want.” Michael polished off the rest of his drink and poured another, glaring at her across the glass. Diana hoped to diffuse his volatile state so she asked him sweetly, “Won’t you even offer an old friend a drink?” “Get it yourself; I stopped being your boy ages ago.” His spiteful words dripped with contempt and the dismissive wave of his hand pointed her to the bar where she found herself eagerly mixing a dry martini in a large glass to take the edge off his cutting words.

Diana removed her fur and perched on the edge of the loveseat and waited for him to return from his bedroom. She was strangely puzzled at his reaction to her appearance at his door, because the last several times he had sent word, he had been pleasant. The gifts he sent the boys were beautiful and it was obvious that much care and thought had gone in to the selection, and the notes he included was heartfelt and caring. As she glanced around the condo she noted that not much had changed in the years since she had been there last, he still had the same furniture and carpeting. The only major changes she noted were several small oil paintings of Paris and Spain that looked particularly out of place among the hodge podge of bachelor decorations.

Finally he came back to the living room and sat down on the couch, they stared at each other for several minutes until she finally broke the silence, “Michael, Why are you so upset with me? Can’t we put all those hurt feelings in the past and move forward…I have missed you so much.” He glared at her and looked away, “Move forward? Don’t you understand…I moved on. Now here you are, throwing yourself at me, making me feel…” His voice trailed off and he stood up and walked away before she could see his eyes give him away. He walked over and stood before the picture of Paris and pulled it off the wall and traced his finger across it longingly before placing it back in position. She noticed that his posture become straighter and his head tilted back before he turned to her. “I won’t play your games anymore Diane, there is nothing left of me to take.” She stood and walked towards him, “Michael, I never meant to hurt you, but you were so young and doting towards me…I wanted some excitement. I’m sorry if I hurt you.” Michael looked down at the ground as he spoke, “I waited all week for you, just like you asked me to. I rented the whole floor for us. I knew you were going to The Bahamas’s with the girls and I waited like we planned in Miami and you never came. I had a ring for you and everything, but you spent your week with him instead.” The anger and tears started to resurface as he recounted his heartbreak to her and she took a step back realizing what her unfeeling goals had cost him. “When I read in the paper that you had met someone on vacation I didn’t believe it, because you had promised me that we would finally be together Diane. Our tours were over and the time had finally come…how could you do that to me? To us? You know I loved you all my life.” As he finally looked up at her, his eyes reflected the heartbreak of a lifetime and he finally allowed her to take him in her arms and hold him close. “Sssh, baby…I’m so sorry. I know I hurt you. I can see it in your eyes. Let me take you away from here, from this place. I want to be with you again, let’s go to Paris together…just you and me. You always loved Paris. Hmmm?”

She stumbled to the floor as he pushed her away and shut himself in the bathroom with the slamming of the door. As she struggled to her feet and ran to the entrance she pleaded with him, “Michael, Michael, what is wrong with you. Let me in.” She could not mistake the sound of his tear filled voice behind the door, “Please just go away, I’m begging you now.” She reached down and tried the door handle and it gave way at her touch, what she found assaulted her senses. Empty prescription bottles crowded the vanity and glasses from the kitchen were strewn about haphazardly as well. She found him, struggling to get up before she made it inside, “Michael what is going on here, what has happened to you?” He stood up and wiped his eyes and grabbed her shoulders, “Just leave me alone, and stop asking me so many questions!” His yelling rang throughout the bathroom and startled them both. “I’m sorry, I…just can’t do this with you. It hurts too much.” He whispered, letting her go before he retreated to his bedroom.

Diana looked at the disarray in the bathroom and sighed; over and over again in her years in the business she had seen this happen with her friends but knowing Michael was traveling down this path was like a punch in the gut. What had happened to him? Was she the cause, was her rejection of his love the reason he was doing this? She did love him, in her own way. She loved that he needed her and desired her, she relished the moment he looked in her eyes with the sense that he wanted to devour her. Few men in her life could make her feel like that. That is why she always came back to him, but Naess had satisfied that need until now…and now she needed Michael again.

She found him on the bed, exhausted from his emotional outburst. “Michael, let me help you.” He closed his eyes feeling the strong scotch invading his brain and the pills he quickly took in the bathroom were beginning to numb the ever present hole in his heart. As she sat beside him he remembered the sweet taste of her lips on his and all the years when he longed to finally touch her started to surface again. The innocent days when he was young and he could only wish to have her beside him in his bed and here she was again, offering herself to him freely. He could hear her speaking but her words made no sense as he watched her face swim before his eyes, distant memories of the past melting into the fantasies he had dreamt of so many years ago. Her lips were so close; he had to taste them again….

He pulled her to him and kissed her, a moan of anticipation escaping his throat as she wrapped her arms about his neck. She still felt so right in his arms, as he stretched her out on his bed. “Oh Michael, I have missed your kisses.” Diana rose up as he found her neck with his lips and her hair fanned out across the pillow and he unzipped her dress and dropped it to her waist. “You still look incredible, I want you so much.” The sweet smell of her perfume filled his mind with memories of his youth as his mouth found its way down her supple skin to her large dark nipple. Quickly it went from swollen and soft to hard and rigid under his lips and tongue. His hand found its way to it’s companion and he savored her groans of passion as she moved under him, trying to find relief for her aching body. Diana pulled his head down towards her and watched as he moved his mouth over her in soft lustful patterns that caused her breathing to escalate in rapid pants of desire and he grew hard against her stomach with each breath. Michael pulled her dress off surveying her body, the body he used to dream of every night for years. “Why have you come here like this, I can’t resist you…not right now.” He pulled the black lace from her waist and kneeled down on the floor dragging her over to the edge of the bed as he opened her wide to taste her wetness that awaited his touch. His tender lips moved on her and she moaned and drove her hips against him. The cry of his name got lost on the back of her hand as he spun his tongue up her axis in tiny backward circles the way she had taught him so long ago. Her hips began to move up and down against his mouth and her fingers caught his hair and pulled him against her thighs while she felt the burning momentum build within her. “Michael, ahhh yes right there…oh my god.” Her cries filled the air as she felt his fingers enter and move inside her space, filling her up and turning to rub her G spot so expertly that she instantly jolted towards his mouth. The same mouth that tasted her wetness as it flowed for him in undulating spasms of passion. He manipulated her with his hand and he pulled his head back and watched her buck and moan his name in wild cries of pleasure. The untamed look on her face was a far cry from the prim and proper Diana Ross that had sauntered down his hallway an hour ago and it obsessed him to watch her writhe underneath his touch so freely.

“Tell me you want me Diane.” His fingers stroked her deep inside. “I want you Michael.” she begged. “Tell me you’re sorry Diane” he stopped the manipulation and she opened her eyes and moved against his palm, “Tell me.” He whispered as his fingers moved again. “I’m sorry Michael, I’m sorry.” “Tell me you love me Diana…tell me you love me.” He moved to lie across her body on the bed and look her in the eye. “I love you Michael, I have always loved you.” Diana found her hands removing his clothing wanting to feel all of him caressing her body now. He finally removed his hand and watched her face react in turmoil as she moved even faster to feel him inside her. Finally his body lay next to hers, with no more barriers to keep them apart. She reached for him and pulled him towards her, “Make love to me Michael; I want to feel all of you inside me now.” She heard him inhale sharply as her hand touched him, even after all this time the power she had over him was strong. As she began to guide him towards her, he suddenly picked her up and rolled her over on top of him, sliding her up and onto his shaft in one swift move. “Show me how much you want me, do it…give it to me.” Diana sat on him, momentarily stunned by his large manhood that had slid into her so quickly, but even more by his command to perform. She did want him, she always wanted him. Ever since he had become a man and touched her for the first time she wanted him. As she began to roll her hips she remembered her private moments when she thought about him underneath her just like this. When she would raise his hands up to her breasts and throw her hair back and cry his name without shame, just like this. As she opened her eyes she looked down and saw him watching her as he traced the outline of her nipples, his hips rising into hers. “Oh Michael, why did I let you get away…” He grabbed her by the hips and pushed hard into her, running his hands up her back as she lay down on top of him. He could feel the tension building as they pumped each with abandon. He finally rolled her, moving over her body and kissing her lips while he felt each stroke of her walls. “Diane, I will always love you, god I will.” She held him close as they climaxed together the ecstasy so intense their cries where almost silent as they shook with delight.

He waited until he could hear her softly breathing signaling that she was asleep before he climbed out of the bed. The sun had set and he had given her all he had that afternoon. After he pulled on his clothes, he sat back down and gazed at her sleeping in his bed, her wild hair flung back across the pillow and her face still glowing from their love making. Tears filled his eyes as he realized that twenty years of his life was lying there, twenty years of passion, love, but mostly heartache. This time he knew she was his forever if he just held his hand out to her, if he just asked her to stay. He bent down and kissed her lips and whispered in her ear, “I love you, Diana.”

Diana awoke in the dark and reached out for Michael, she found the bed empty and cold. Expecting to find him in the living room she wrapped the sheet around her and padded out to find him. The lights were off and he was gone, the clock said 10:30 PM…she waited until noon and drove to her office. Her assistant handed her a note and coyly told her, “Miss Ross, You received a large delivery this morning along with this note.” Diana snatched it from her hand with a frown and opened her office door. When she did she was greeted with hundreds of white lilies filling the space with their intoxicating perfume taking her back to a long ago day in New York City in 1977 on the set of The Wiz. His simple gesture spoke more to her that day than most men’s diamonds and pearls, but she was afraid of what it might say to her on this day. She closed her door and sat down at her desk shutting her eyes and inhaling the scent of the flowers. She remembered he told her he loved her yesterday, but she knew that he had always loved her. She could always count on his love. He was Michael…her Michael.

She slid the letter opener through the back of the envelope and began to read his words, she knew that it would take time to work out the details but this time they would make it work.


How many nights have I laid awake dreaming of you in my arms again. Too many to even count, but you probably already know that. What you don’t know, is that while I love you with all my heart…I can’t be with you. Not now, and not ever. You see, I finally found someone that loved me for me. And even though I can’t be with her, she taught me so much. So I am going to go find it again, I won’t settle for less than 100% commitment, and that’s something you can never give me or anyone else. I adore you, I am crazy about you, but we can’t be together. Like I told you last night, go home to your kids, and Husband. They need you.

I do love you, I always will, and I promise you one day the whole world will know just how much…I will find a way to let everybody know. It will shock even you Diana, it will shock, even you.

I love you more,


Diana felt the tears roll down her face knowing that she had lost him forever. She wondered who this woman was that had stolen his heart and she wished she could meet her. She found it odd that no one had ever mentioned Michael being involved with anyone. She supposed it was another mystery that he kept locked away. As she dried her face she looked around at the flowers and smiled at the memory of the night before and buzzed her assistant, “Mary, can you see to it that these flowers are taken to the hospital and given to the less fortunate, they are bothering my eyes…thank you.” At that she pulled her coat around her and left the building and headed home to her kids….and Husband.

The End

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By Anonymous on March 9th, 2010 at 6:45 am

Love the story
I hope you write more
D/M stories.

Comments copied over from blogger: 3/30/2010


Priyanka said…
Miss DangerousPYT,

You have outdone yourself this time. This is soooooooo good. I can totally imagine this scenario. Sometimes we love most the one who is worst for us. OMG you hit the nail on the head. And speaking of head (i’m such a DH), the sex description was amazing. Can just imagine all that pent up passion and desire bursting out. Love the end too – it makes perfect sense – he did find a way to tell the whole world, naming her his children’s guardian in the event Katherine was not able. You go grrrrrrllll! Spiced up my boring Monday night. Don’t settle. 100% committment. No Dirty Dan’s for us. LOL. LOVED IT. LOVED IT. LOVED IT. Huge hugs, PRI

Monday, December 14, 2009 10:15:00 PM EST
supaflymagpie said…
Dang! “Tell me you’re sorry”. Nice! Another good story DangerousPYT…

Monday, December 14, 2009 10:38:00 PM EST
supaflymagpie said…
Oh, and I love the new format and pics on the website 🙂

Monday, December 14, 2009 10:39:00 PM EST
Eri said…
There something about Diana fanfic that just feels too real to me. “…give it to me” without a doubt is the hottest line. As usual, I love it.

Monday, December 14, 2009 10:45:00 PM EST
Cup Cake said…
Thank you!! I really needed that! Sex scene in off the chain! Holly Molly!

Monday, December 14, 2009 11:26:00 PM EST
DangerousPYT said…
Glad that you all loved the story, and I am sorry that you had to wait a bit between entries. Unfortunately my landlord insists on my working for a living so that he gets paid (winks at Kelz) his rent.

@Pri- I think if MJ would have had this experience happen to him prior to his love affair with Hunter…he would have fell right back into her arms and never questioned her intentions. But after understanding the dynamics of a quality relationship he knew he finally had to walk away for good and just remain her friend. (in the context of the fanfic LOL yes lurkers we realize its not real) BTW I liked the end with the guardianship too!!!

@Magz- I love me some “angry Mike” (TM) and I can just picture him wanting to finally have some control over her. Thanks for the hint to correct my grammer (I cant believe I missed THAT, of all things LOL) Glad you like the new look. I put a lot of time in on it.

@Eri- Back to Miss Ross, LOL were it all began. Back to where we thought up the whole crack insinuation. LOL She is a handful isnt she? We kind of owe her or she deserves a smack for all this fanfic business. Lord knows after going on the hunt for more and better stuff look at where we all ended up!!!!! “Give it to me” , I bet she did,more than once too.

@Cake- Glad you like it babygirl. I had a feeling you would like this story. Make sure you tell Auntie to come read all about it too. Damn, now you have me thinking about chains…..

Tuesday, December 15, 2009 1:14:00 AM EST
NightGarden said…
I was waiting with my hand on the door frame, foot tapping, for my angry bambi…and here he is finally!;-)
Diana is probably the only woman in M’s life we somehow almost “know”. So much of his complex and deep feelings for her has transiped from his look, his behaviour, his choices throughout his life.
Anger, but also the love you know you’ll somehow feel for that one person for all your life are well conveyed through your story.
I loved it, Laura: loved it!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009 10:15:00 AM EST

Maria said…
Ohhhh boy! Damn DangerousPYT! Where do I even start?! Your words can capture a moment like no one else. Danielle Steel, sit yo butt down!! Nora Roberts, you got nothin’ on DangerousPYT!

I am literally still in a state of shock after reading this one. I don’t even have a favorite part this time because the ENTIRE story is my favorite part!! I mean Michael dominating and making demands on Diana?! (“Do it, give it to me”) WOW, YES PLEASE! Then you just came at me with those perfectly crafted sex scenes and lemme just say…I had to “ease on down” from my excitement. Also, the meaning behind the words in Mike’s letter to Diana was brilliant! You are so clever and I always get a kick out of how you can so seamlessly weave in the real with the fantasy. You amaze me DangerousPYT and I can never get enough. I will be eagerly and impatiently (haha) waiting for your next story!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009 11:09:00 AM EST
Lady In My Life said…
This is the first Diana fanfic I read… and I loved it! I like the angry and aggressive Michael too, just because I don’t think you’re far off base: I’m sure he had his moments.

Great read… keep them coming!!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009 11:33:00 AM EST
Anonymous said…
Actually, there another long & FABULOUS Michael & Diana fiction at

It is very good, so is this one I have just read, great work.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009 2:59:00 AM EST

This quote is priceles… LOL LOL
“Slowly he began to walk around her like a drill sergeant at inspection. She began feeling vulnerable as his eyes traveled up and down the length of her body invading every space of her being, as surely as if he was touching her.”

Still one of my fav stories so far. I wrote this one in about two hours, it came from another place.

I’m big fan of MJ & Diana and I love these stories of them. You should write more about these two. I see that somethings you write maybe really had happened, and also you are write so well.

The letter is so beautiful and sad at the same time. Maybe Michael felt how it’s in the letter, but I’m sure if he had the oportunity, in the reality, he would run to her arms.

I’m wondering, how is the way that Michael plan to let the world know about them.

Hi Roxa, welcome to DangerousPYT

There are more stories of MJ and DR, you can find them if you click on her name at the bottom of the page.

The way he told the world of his love for her is through his will…he left his children to her after his Mother. Symbolically telling her and world how he felt in his heart (at least in DangerousPYT land).

In the real world we all know that she is a wonderful Mom who has raised 5 great children.

Keep posting

By Mrs. Michael Jackson on January 1st, 2014 at 4:14 am

Picture Of You and Wasted Time made me feel for Michael so much. I love how you are able to give your stories such emotion, making it feel so real… I felt like I had sunken into a black hole when Diana opened the door to Michael’s backroom to reveal the results of such terrible loss. Although somehow, Michael’s reliance on alcohol to numb his pain in Pictures Of You is oddly affecting me… I keep thinking that if I just pour myself a glass of brandy, Michael will show up and give me the same ‘gift’ he gave Kim… LOL. I must say, however, your writing gets even better with each story. Well, off to read some more!

Yes, I would like that “gift” LOL You know I have seen Captain EO like 65-70 times and he takes the evil queen “The Gift” I never thought of it that way ha ha ha

Thank you for the compliment, I def agree. I only wish I had the time right now to devote to it. I miss being able to just write so much. Oh well I am blessed with many wonderful things. And I had 2 1/2 years caring for my Mom before she passed.

By Tree Jackson on February 9th, 2015 at 6:46 pm

I loved this! I felt for Michael and despite Diana marrying somebody else and hurting Michael, I felt for her too!!

Beautifully written…

Glad to see you here Miss Tree Jackson. Diana and Michael…always so hot together and so much lurking just under the surface that needs to be told…



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