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Michael’s Train of Love- Part III


Michaels Train of Love: Part III
London and Paris
July 11, 1988 London
July 12, 1988 Paris



Dang Mike

Hunter pulled back the drapes to look out over the cityscape that was London. Big Ben’s clock was keeping its steady time in the distance as it had for over a century but Hunter had an uneasy feeling as she gazed at the monolith rising above Parliament. She thought that just as designing it helped drive Augustus Pugin to despair, she too may be on the brink of the same kind of desperation. Since they had landed in the city she had a nagging feeling in the pit of her stomach that something was off and her happy life with Michael was about to change.

Michael stirred in his sleep and out of habit reached for Hunter, realizing she was missing from his bed he opened his eyes and caught sight of her at the window. He caught his breath at her silhouette outlined by the cities lights, her arms raised to the drapes had allowed the light from the window to shine through the sheer nightgown she wore…exposing her naked body underneath to his gaze. He lay a moment and just took in the vision of her standing there; it was something he wanted to remember forever. “Hunter, come to bed” Michael implored. She slowly turned her focus to her lover; he looked at her with such softness in his eyes. “I can’t sleep; I don’t want to disturb you”. Michael climbed out of bed and came to her, “You know I have trouble sleeping, and you are the only thing that seems to help me. Please come lay down beside me. At the very least, I need to feel you next to me.” He put his arms around her from behind and they stared out of the window together, swaying to a silent rhythm that only they could feel. Finally Hunter replied, “Let’s get you to bed; you have a long day tomorrow.”

Packing the blow dryer away Hunter dressed in her newest purchase. A black pencil skirt with a sexy slit in the back, a white men’s shirt tied at the waist, and sky high black pumps. She even added a bit of flair by putting on a garter belt and black stockings with a seam running up the back of her leg. She thought to herself that the stockings and lack of another piece of lingerie may be a fun surprise for later that evening after the meeting at MJJ Productions. Suddenly she heard a voice say softly, “I don’t think I am letting you go anywhere looking like that girl. Somebody might try to take you away from me. Damn, you look fine.” Michael grabbed her by her hips and covered her mouth with his lips. He pulled her close with his hands and forced her body to connect with his. For long seconds they stayed in their embrace until Hunter pushed away breathlessly, “God, why do you always do this to me Michael? Here we are about to walk out the door and now all I want is to jump back in that bed with you.” Michael looked at her flushed face and wild eyes and started to laugh, and at that Hunter started to laugh too so they both headed for the door knowing that as soon as possible they would be picking up this particular conversation where it left off.

“Michael” Hunter asked in the limo, “Do we have any more information on this gentleman you are meeting with this afternoon? I would like to know a little something about him before we head in to the office.” Michael shook his head apologetically, “No, John Branca set this up and has reviewed the documentation, since there is some other legal papers he needs me to go over. He thought he would have this guy meet with our team while we are here in London. With your background Hunter, I figured it would be good experience for you to sit in with us.” “Thank you again for giving me the chance. I could kick myself for flunking the bar exam, but with things the way they were at home, I just…” Michael stopped her thoughts from taking over with a quick kiss. “Don’t go there; I want you in the game with us today. You are strong, smart and beautiful; and are a better person than your Father will ever hope to be”. His deep eyes looked into hers and she believed every word he was telling her, for the first time in a ages she didn’t start to panic when she thought of her Father and his abuse. “I am still nervous” she whispered as she took his hand and the limousine pulled in at the London offices of MJJ Productions.

The doorman tipped his hat to Michael and his entourage as they entered the opulent offices of his London based operations. Hunter was walking in front of Michael and he leaned forward and whispered in her ear, “Watch this, oh and nice view from back here by the way”. Hunter shot him a look as he quickly winked and stepped up to allow the staff a full view of his presence in the office. Suddenly the room came alive with activity and noise. What had been a quiet hushed atmosphere exploded into a cacophony of greetings, telephones and work activity. Michael winked at Hunter again and smiled broadly at the employees who stepped forward to offer him handshakes, hugs and congratulations on his awards and tour success. It was then that Hunter noticed a nicely dressed man hanging back who had a slight smile on his face, he was accompanied by a powerful looking guy with long dark hair who looked like he could take on a giant if challenged.

Michael made it around finally to the patiently waiting men and he motioned her over, “Hunter, this is my attorney John Branca and Miko Brando, Bill’s security assistant, he had to return home on family business, but has finally been able to meet us again. Gentlemen, this is Hunter Leigh Davis and she will be sitting in on the meetings.” Hunter extended her hand and was greeted warmly by John and Miko. Miko raised his eyebrows at Michael and Michael quickly said, “A lot has happened since I last saw you “M”, you may want to have a discussion with Bill on the necessary security issues for us at the hotel as the fans are starting to gather there.” Miko quickly understood Michael’s unspoken implication in regards to his relationship with Hunter and he excused himself to join Bill as requested. As John and Michael began to move down the hallway, Hunter became aware of the staff at the office noticing her presence. Although she could not hear any comments, she could feel their eyes sizing her up. She smiled to herself as she realized she would do the same thing in their position. Here is their beloved employer showing up with some flavor of the month on his arm in their office. Yeah, her eyes would be rolling too.

Finally the group reached the conference room and they seated themselves around the table in the well appointed space. John had numerous issues to cover with Michael regarding legal matters with the record label, the ATV catalog, and issues with the Hayvenhurst property, Hunter took copious notes so she could review them later with Michael. After clearing them up, John told Michael that they needed to talk about the permitting problems at the Neverland Property and he was having trouble in Santa Barbara at the Clerk’s office. Hunter unexpectedly interrupted the meeting, “Excuse me Michael, but you own property in the Santa Barbara area?” “Yes, that is where my home is, Neverland Ranch. Why do you ask?” Michael turned to her and Hunter smoothed her skirt nervously as John waited for her to answer, “Well, when I needed to get away, you know…when I was younger, my Godfather owned a ranch near there. I would stay with him as much as possible. It was really beautiful and I loved it very much. The last time I spoke with my Mother she told me he was selling it though. Again, I’m sorry I interrupted; it just reminded me of how much I loved my time at the Sycamore Valley Ranch.” Michael and John looked at each other and back at Hunter, “What did say the name of the place was again”? Michael asked. “Sycamore Valley Ranch, that’s what he called it”. Hunter replied. Michael’s laughter filled the room and he looked and John and exclaimed, “John can you believe what a small world we live in”? John just shook his head no and smiled at the coincidence they had just discovered. “Michael, tell me what is going on” Hunter pleaded. “Neverland is what I have renamed it; its former name was Sycamore Valley Ranch”. Michael’s words hung in the air between them. Her eyes grew wide and her lips imperceptibly quivered at the revelation that her one safe haven in youth now belonged to the one person she now trusted the most. “Michael I don’t know what to say, I think it’s wonderful. The property is beautiful, and you will be able to find some peace and quiet there too.” Her sincerity shown through in her voice and Michael felt his heart skip a beat when he imagined her being there with him. “John, do what you need to do on the permits. I want those rides operational as soon as possible. When this tour is over, I want to get those kids from Los Angeles up from Make a Wish to enjoy themselves.” John acknowledged that he would get the permitting completed and that the meeting with the music publishing representative would begin at 1:30. Excusing himself to make some phone calls and attend a business lunch with Frank DiLeo he made his way to the door.

As Michael ushered John out, Hunter got a glass of ice water from the service that was available on the side bar, not noticing Michael lock the conference room door as he closed it. Although he did watch her as she drank the water and several drops clung to her lips. Provocatively she ran her tongue across them as she picked up her notes on the accounting firms contract for Hayvenhurst. As she turned to ask Michael a question he was pulling her in his arms, his kiss was urgent and forceful, bold and greedy. “Michael, oh, god, we can’t…Do this here, someone might come in”. She panted. “It’s my office I can do whatever I want, besides I locked the door” he answered back, smiling as he kissed her. His hands began to roam her body and he pulled her hips into his growing need. Hunter dropped her now forgotten notes on the floor and wrapped her arms around Michael’s neck, answering his hunger with her own that was just as intense. “I couldn’t concentrate all morning girl, just having you with me makes me crazy” Michael mumbled between passionate kisses. “You better be good to your boss, do you understand Miss. Davis”? Michael’s hands began to unbutton and untie her shirt, reaching around with one hand he deftly unclasped her bra and slid his free hand underneath it to cup her breast. “I don’t know if I understand where you’re coming from Mr. Jackson. Can you show me what exactly good to your boss means”? Hunter shrugged her shirt off of her shoulders letting it fall beside the notes on the floor. Michael then pushed her bra off her arms and let it go too, but never stopped the sweet massage of her breast that his hand was performing. He bent his head down to taste her nipple, moving his lips to where his fingers had been. Michael would drag his bottom lip slowly across her peak, and then suck it to a high point. Finally adding light flickers of his tongue to increase her sensitivity. Hunter held on to his hair, arching her back as the waves of sensations overtook her. Finally he stood up, licking and kissing his way up her body. When he got back to her lips he grabbed her backside firmly and pushed himself into her womanhood. Hunter finally separated herself from him and reached back for the zipper on her skirt, zipping it down she pulled it off of her hips and tossed it aside with the rest of her things. It was then that Michael saw the garter belt and stockings…and no panties. Michael visibly swallowed as his eyes traveled the length of her body. She saw they seemed to glow like black embers full of passion. He stepped forward and pushed her back on the conference table, mounting her body from above. “You look so unbelievable; I am the luckiest man in London”. He choked. Reaching above her head he grabbed the glass and put a piece of ice in his mouth. Michael started tracing invisible lines on her body with his lips and the ice. The sensation caused the flesh to stand up on Hunters skin and her need for Michael to rise. He placed a fresh cube in his mouth and sucked on her nipples with renewed vigor. Hunter arched her back and watched him through her lust filled eyes as he moved farther down her body and soon she felt the cold sensation reach her stomach. This time he took the ice in his hand and traced new lines and patterns on her soft skin, blowing on it for more effect. Just when she thought she was at her peak, Michael arrived between her legs; he placed the ice on his tongue and slipped it inside her warm divide. Her body jolted upright but he was ready for her reaction as he held her down while continuing his action on her soft folds. Sucking and stroking her now rock hard center of pleasure, Hunter’s moaning was becoming louder and louder, she was tossing her head from side to side and using her fingernails to hold on to his head. Michael was lost in pleasuring Hunter; he could smell the sugary aroma of her womanhood, taste the delicate syrup of her wetness and feel the silk of the stockings against his cheek. All he wanted was to see her beautiful face release in a ball of fiery pleasure. He glanced up at her, as she gazed down at him and held his face between her hands. Her eyes told him all he ever needed to know as he placed his two long fingers inside her body and moved in perfect motion with his tongue. He felt her gather up under him like a thoroughbred at the gate. Beads of sweat now became apparent on her brow and her breathing was coming in short spurts as she fell back against the table and she gasped for air, her body was shaking in a thousand cataclysmic bursts of fire. Her thighs caught his face and he had to catch her knees to keep from being overly squeezed. Spasms racked through her and her cries echoed through the room as Michael stood to remove his jacket and pants and all the while he watched her writhe in bliss on the table.

“I thought I would be able to just pleasure you and walk away, but it’s too much. I can’t wait for later.” Michael whispered urgently as he mounted her on the conference table. Hunter was still in ecstasy from her orgasm as Michael slowly entered her. He placed his palms on the table and arched his back so that his whole length slid up into Hunter. She gasped at the pleasant intrusion and began to meet his motion with one of her own. Michael pushed her further up on the table so that he was kneeling, and pulled Hunters legs over his thighs and held her by her hips. He stroked her deeper and deeper feeling her grow hotter and hotter once again. Hunter leaned back on her hands and could see the tracks their bodies were making on the glossy surface of the fine wood. As Michael looked at her neck and body exposed to him in such a trusting manner, all the passion he had for her came through. Quickly the familiar rush of heat in his spine forced him to increase his speed, and he moaned in enjoyment. Hunter heard his cry and once again couldn’t resist the passion they shared and they clung together in their climatic frenzy, and as if it was some sort of symbol of their love making, the last of the ice in the glass melted away.

Driving back from lunch they giggled together about the non-looks they received from the staff at the office. Michael’s employees in trying to be respectful and nonintrusive became parodies of themselves when Michael and Hunter left the conference room. Everyone seemed to be huddled at their desk or on the phone and the hub of activity that greeted them earlier had disappeared. They both had noticed several stray glances amongst the office assistants closest to the conference room. “Do you think they could hear us Michael”? She whispered. Smiling shyly he mumbled “I guess they should be working and not paying attention to my closed door meetings with my personal staff.” Miko and Bill were in the limo and exchanging looks too, not quite knowing what had happened but from the look of Michael’s hair they think they had a pretty good idea. Miko couldn’t believe the apparent change in Michael since he had last seen him in Gothenburg. He noticed the light back in his eyes and his smile just didn’t seem to leave his face, something Miko hadn’t seen since before Diana married Arne Naess. Bill said this Hunter was a good girl, and Bill was not one to dance tactfully around any subject. Yes, Miko thought, this one was very good for Michael.

Disembarking at the office they stepped into the lobby and were greeted by John Branca and Frank DiLeo. “Michael, the gentleman from Bay Area Productions has arrived and staff has already seated him in the conference room, are you ready to begin”? John asked Michael. “We will be, in a moment John, I need to ask Frank a question. Go ahead with Bill and I will be right there”. Michael directed John and Bill to proceed to the conference room. “Frank, can you get me a charter to Paris for early in the morning? I would like to spend some time with Hunter. Oh, and call Mohamed Al-Fayed and see if he can arrange something for us at the Hotel Ritz -Paris. I think that would be the best place for us to stay, you know.. This time…” Michael gave Frank a knowing look that he seemed to understand without question. “Are you all right with that, I didn’t even think to ask you”? He questioned Hunter expectedly. “It sounds like a great time; sure I would love to go with you to Paris.” Several of the secretaries heard this exchange and rushed to their offices with excited looks on their faces. “Michael shrugged and told Hunter, “They have all signed confidentiality agreements, if they call a tabloid they are in big trouble”.

As they walked down the hall Hunter led the way and let the men talk business as she dreamed of a couple of nights alone with Michael in Paris. Well, as alone as you can get with bodyguards in the next room. Even though the tour had been to Paris recently it had been so hectic that they didn’t have much time to enjoy the city. This would be an exciting trip, at last her and Michael and peace and quiet.

Hunter opened the door to the conference room and saw that John was speaking to someone who while seated, had their back turned to the door. The BBC was on the television and it was quite loud, so it was hard to hear what was being said. As John drew his gaze up to acknowledge their presence, time seemed to come to a standstill for Hunter. The man who was seated started to turn and rise and John switched off the television, Hunter saw his face and froze in her tracks causing Michael and then Frank who had been walking behind him, to run into her. Michael began to say something silly but saw the look of terror on her face and immediately pressed his body protectively against her. He could feel her trembling and saw her mouth moving to say something, and her eyes were filling with tears as she turned to flee. “Hunter, what is it, what is wrong” Michael implored. Miko, who was just coming in the door, saw the commotion and stepped around Frank to protect Michael. The stranger stood up and tossed a copy of the National Enquirer down on the table and said, “Hunter if you want to hide from your Father, try not to get caught with your new boyfriend on the cover of a tabloid”.

“I can’t breathe Michael, let me go. I have to go” Hunter fought against his arms. She was insistent on leaving that room, getting away from the man behind the table. “Frank, get her out of here” Michael insisted. “Hunter, you’re coming home with me. I promise you that your Mother and I will take you back to San Francisco. You are worthless! Especially to these people, they don’t want you, he doesn’t want you, and we need you to take care of things at home.” James Davis yelled cruelly after his daughter. Hunter escaped from the room with Frank while Michael turned to face her Father. “Why have you come here Mr. Davis”? Michael asked with controlled anger in his voice. “Well Michael, I CAN call you Michael can’t I? I have been searching for my daughter for some time now. She left home leaving many responsibilities behind and I need her to fulfill them. Several weeks ago, I happened to pick up some wine at the grocery store and who did I see on the cover of this rag? Wacko Jacko up to his old tricks, except this time he was getting off of some train in Berlin and for some reason my daughter was with him in the picture. Did you really buy that whole train just to use it to party on only once Michael, thats quite an article in The Enquirer!” James Davis sneered out his words and Michael could see how a lifetime of such degradation could lead to the suffering that Hunter just displayed. “Now, I know my daughter Michael and she always has ulterior motives, so I used my best judgment. You two are either sleeping together or she is your very special companion because you don’t have a partner right now, you know what I mean by partner don’t you Mike?” Michael felt his blood boil at the insinuations that James Davis was throwing around. “Mr. Davis, My relationship with your daughter is none of your business, that is and will be between the two of us. She is past legal age and wishes to remain with me and my tour. I am positive however, that she would like to see her Mother, leave your telephone number so that your wife may be reached and I will make arrangements for your daughter to see her. Is that all Mr. Davis?” Michael’s cold eyes sized up the small man filled with bitterness. After a long silence James Davis answered, “I will leave the proposal for the music publishing on the table along with the number to reach my wife, good day Mich…Mr. Jackson. James Davis gathered his things and leaving his business card he left the room a defeated man. “Make sure he leaves Bill, and ban him from the building as well”. Michael ordered. Miko and Bill followed Davis to his car and even several blocks away to make sure he didn’t return.

Michael bolted to his office to check on Hunter; Frank had been unable to calm her down and was grateful for his arrival. “Thank you Frank, I appreciate you stepping in like that” Frank nodded as he left the room picking a new cigar out of his pocket, he really needed it. “Hunter, Hunter, look at me, can you just look at me”, Michael begged, as tears started streaming down his own face now. “He is gone, he is gone, he left…he can’t hurt you. I’m so sorry, I promised you…I promised you” Michael lifted her off of the chair and pulled her to him on the floor, their anguished sobs melting jointly as one.

Eventually Hunter was able to pull herself together enough to sit up and get off the floor. She sat down on the leather chair and he faced her on the coffee table. Michael took her hands in his and looked in her puffy green eyes, “What can I do, do you want to leave London”? He was so sincere and regretful that Hunter kissed his hands gently with her lips, “Michael, I just want to be wherever you are”. He leaned forward and gently kissed her mouth whispering, “We will go to Paris tomorrow, just us”. “I would really like that”. She answered him quietly. “Hunter”? “Yes Michael”? “I love you”. His softly spoken words stopped her heart and fresh tears started to form in her eyes, “I love you too”. Came her reply as his soft kiss confirmed what they both had been feeling in their hearts.

Back at the suite Michael searched for some common ground that didn’t take them back to the day’s earlier events. Hunter had pulled a chair in front of the window and sat staring out, oblivious of the fans gathered below. Luckily she was seated down far enough that they couldn’t see her. As her gaze traveled to Big Ben and the tower, she watched as the hands of the giant clock moved from minute to minute and wondered if she could ever be as steady and solid as the monolith was. Michael sat on the floor beside her and stroked her leg absent mindedly, “Tell me about your time on the ranch”? She looked down at him from her thoughts, “Excuse me, I didn’t hear you’? Michael tried to give her a warm smile, “The ranch, tell me about your time there. I can’t believe that you used to go there when you were little.” Hunter sat for a moment taking a sip of her tea, “The house was really nice and I remember it has lots of wood and different levels to it. The banisters on the stairways all had the crest of a Sycamore tree carved into the wood. I used to sit on the edge of the stairs and run my fingers over it”. Michael smiled, “It’s still there, that banister is still there…go on.” Hunter continued, “I remember feeling so safe and free, my Godfather was an old friend of my Mother’s. He is very close to her and I think she would send me there to get away from the house.” Michael squeezed her leg protectively but she continued, “My favorite place to play was this tree, Michael it’s the most magnificent thing I have ever seen. It is very easy to climb, but my Godfather insisted on putting little steps on it for me to help me get up. Once you are up there you can see all around and the leaves shield you from anyone who may be looking.” Michael watched her face light up as she talked about her tree, he thought he remembered seeing one with some old blocks of wood nailed to it when he was at the ranch before the tour started, “Will you show me when we get to the ranch, I want to sit in it with you?” Hunter smiled her first real smile since lunch as she caressed his face she softly answered, “I would climb the Eiffel Tower with you tomorrow if that’s what you want to do.” He kissed the inside of her palm that had lain against his cheek and stood up to lead her to bed. “Come on girl, we are leaving early to beat the press, let’s get some sleep”. Lying in bed later they listened to the fans screaming his name below, they were both secure in the knowledge that they had each other to count on.

The back entrance to the Hotel Ritz-Paris was the best way to avoid any unwanted prying eyes and Michael appreciated the service by the discreet staff on duty. Miko made the trip over but everyone else stayed in London working on the upcoming shows at Wembley. Mohamed Al-Fayed had secured Michael the top floor rooms and suite for the next two days assuring him of some privacy and rest. It was still quite early and Hunter stretched out on the luxurious bed fighting to stay awake. “Michael slid in beside her and brushed her hair from her face, “Hey, Miko and I are going to run an errand; do you mind”? She opened her eyes and gazed into his seeing that they were sparkling so mischievously and shook her head, “I am going to take a nap, I will see you when you get back.” Michael kissed her forehead and called Miko to leave the hotel. As he pulled on his ball cap and sunglasses he glanced over at her sleeping form and wondered what tonight might bring.

Hunter was glad she had the nap, as Michael went shopping at all the best of Paris’ shops. As long as they used the back entrances to the stores they were able to have a relatively stress free day. They were approached by some fans, but luckily they were polite and did not announce on the street that Michael was in the store. Driving back to the hotel Michael said, “I have to ask you something; will you tell me the truth”? Hunter’s eyes flashed with annoyance at the audacity of his question, “When have I ever lied to you, I cannot believe you would say that Michael.” “Relax, it’s not that big a deal, girl”. He chided her with a smile. “Frank brought me the credit card statement the other day, and um…how come there aren’t any charges on it for your things”? Hunter slumped back in the seat and stared out at the architecture flowing by their window, “I told you before I don’t need your money, and I don’t need fancy things either. I brought some cash with me when I came to Europe and I had enough to get by until I started working on the tour. Michael, I didn’t want to use you either, that is not my way”. Michael took her hand, “I don’t think that’s something you would ever do”.

Arriving back at the suite, Hunter read the fax to Michael, which had been left by the concierge:

Mr. Jackson,

I am pleased to advise you that Julia Weitz’ recovery is improving faster than anticipated. Her white cell count is approaching normal and red cell improvement is indicated. The experimental drugs that you authorized on her behalf appear to have stopped the further need of additional standard treatment at this time. I will continue to keep you informed of her condition as you requested.


Werner Schwartz, MD

Berlin Children’s Hospital

Hunter flew into Michael’s arms covering him with kisses and laughter. “Oh Michael, can you believe it? She might make it, Julia might just make it”! Hunter’s happiness brought a smile to his face as he held her close, “I am so happy for her, she is such a special child”. Michael said. “Michael thank you so much for helping her, she would not have had a chance without you”. “I just authorized it, the Doctors and nurses, and God made it happen”. “Hunter kissed him and giggled with happiness, “That’s just one reason why I love you, your kind heart…among other attributes”. Michael pressed his attribute against her and told her, “Get your behind into that new dress so we can go out, I have big plans for us tonight.” Hunter gave him one more long lasting kiss before she broke away to get ready for their night out. Michael walked to the closet and wiped his sweaty palms on his slacks and thought about what was to come.

They ate dinner late enough so that they could be seated by themselves at the restaurant. The Chef prepared a five star meal but Hunter noticed that Michael was barely touching it. He seemed a bit distracted and moved the food around with his fork. “Are you OK, you don’t seem like you are feeling well”? Hunter asked Michael over her glass of Champagne. “I am fine, believe me. I just have some things on my mind.” He smiled at her and took a sip of his Perrier. Hunter made small talk for the rest of dinner, telling him about the letters she had exchanged with Julia during her treatment and how she couldn’t wait to get back to Germany in August to see her in person. Finally dinner was over and they met Miko at the back door of the hotel. “Is everything ready M”? Michael asked as they climbed in the limousine. Miko just nodded his head as he shut the door, leaving Hunter and Michael alone in the night.

“Where are we going, it’s so late I can’t imagine what we could be doing?” Hunter asked Michael as she curled up close to his body. “I have a surprise for you tonight; I hope you will like it”? Michael took her hand and stroked it softly. “Michael you are so quite, are you really OK”? She looked at him trying to figure out what was wrong. “I am just excited to get to your surprise, it’s important to me. Especially after yesterday at the office, I wanted to make sure you had a nice trip.” Hunter squeezed his hand and looked out at the lights of Paris, “I am just going to enjoy myself with you tonight, you are all I need Michael…you are all I need.” Michael softly kissed her on the top of the head and prayed that she was right.

They pulled up underneath the landmark and Hunter was unsure of what to do when Miko opened the door. “Go, get out”. Michael urged. The smell of roses greeted her as a nicely dressed woman approached and welcomed her in English to the entrance of the Eiffel Tower. Hunter took the bouquet of flowers and breathed in their heady fragrance. Michael caught sight of her face as he moved closer and drank in her beauty like he did the first day at the station in Switzerland. The lights of the tower caught the sparkle of her eyes and her skin glowed like it was lit from within. “Mr. Jackson, if you are ready we can proceed up the tower now” the woman suggested bringing Michael out of his state. “Yes, thank you, we can go” He replied and took Hunter by the arm. “I promise I won’t make you climb it tonight”. Michael joked.

They stepped onto the elevator which took them to the third viewing platform overlooking Paris. Their guide addressed them quietly. “When you are ready to return, I will have sent the car back here for you sir. Also, you are alone on the tower per your request. The Champagne is to your left and should be sufficiently chilled. If you do not have any questions, I shall take my leave” with a small bow of her head she entered the elevator and Michael and Hunter found themselves alone on top of the world.

“I think I need a drink”. Michael said as he walked towards the waiting bucket, “Would you like some”? “Sure, yes I would love a glass”. Hunter was puzzled as Michael did not drink much alcohol and seemed even more on edge than earlier. Hunter walked to the side of the viewing area and marveled at the city spread out before her, “Michael, the view is stunning” “Yes, the view IS stunning”. Hunter turned towards his voice and saw that he was looking at her not at the lights of the city. As he walked towards her he bit his bottom lip and tilted his head to kiss her lips, “Here is your champagne, by the way did I tell you how beautiful you look tonight”? Blushing she sipped from her glass, “You are embarrassing me now.” Michael put his arm around her and they leaned against the tower together taking in the beauty of the city. As he held her he placed soft kisses on the top of her hair and forehead. She felt so good in his arms, everything seemed just perfect. Hunter finished her champagne and smiled up at Michael, “That’s really good, my head is kind of dizzy already” He took the glass from her hand and returned them both to the table. Taking a deep breath he came back and took her in his arms, “I need to talk to you about something, are you all right with that? His sudden serious turn caught her off guard and she stiffened in his arms. “Michael, whatever it is you need to say to me, I can handle it. Please if it’s something that will hurt me, I want you to just say it and get it over with” Michael pulled her back to him, “It’s not like that, listen to me…I just need you to listen, please”. Hunter relaxed as the light from the tower danced in her eyes, Michael began to speak. “Much of my life has been lived in a fish bowl, everyone I meet thinks they know so much about me but nobody really gets to know the real me. The people I let into my life are few and far between and even then it’s hard for me to trust them completely.” Michael’s eyes were burning into hers now, “When I have allowed my heart to be in the hands of others they have only used me for their own gain. Hunter, this includes my own family. Sometime I feel like I have to test people, give them some sort of trial run before I can even allow them to get near me”. Hunter’s eyes became watery with tears, “Is that what this has been Michael, a trial run”? Michael pulled her close and buried his face in her shoulder, when he finally faced her his eyes too were wet with tears. “No, no…don’t you understand? You are the first one who hasn’t wanted anything from me. You are the first one who just wanted Michael, Michael from Gary, Indiana.” Hunter was stunned at his confession, what must it have been like for him all his life to have to size everyone up, to make sure they were not ready to sell him out to the highest bidder. “Michael, I told you before, all I want is you. I will be here as long as you want me.” Michael wiped his eyes and took a deep breath, “That’s why I brought you here, on this beautiful night, and even with this beautiful view, all I can see is you.” Michael caressed her face with his fingers, “Hunter Leigh Davis will you make me the happiest man ever and be my wife”. Michael reached inside his pocket for the ring and stood there expectantly. Hunter could see that his hand was shaking and it caused the ring to sparkle and glow along with the lights of the tower.

“Michael from Gary, Indiana…I would be the happiest woman ever to be your wife”.

Michael placed the ring on Hunter’s finger and kissed her passionately. When their lips parted their foreheads stayed connected and they just gazed intently at each other for several minutes. “I can see my children in your eyes…” Michael whispered. “That will be the best song you will ever write Michael”, Hunter replied as she kissed him lightly and closed her eyes dreaming of a future filled with babies and music.

Miko finally saw the elevator car begin to move down the tower, and stepped closer to provide any assistance Michael might need upon leaving the area. Miko had been nervous all day, ever since Michael had picked up the ring at Harry Winston while Hunter took her nap. Miko asked Michael if he really wanted to do this now, why not wait until the tour was over and things were more relaxed. But, Michael was insistent that it would happen tonight. He said the incident with her father only confirmed in his mind that she was the one he had been wishing for and that everything about her was magic. As the elevator car arrived at ground level Miko held his breath that it all turned out well on the tower. When the doors opened and he saw Michael and Hunter silhouetted in an embrace he smiled knowing that it indeed, was magic.

Michael and Hunter were looking at the ring as they were walking back to the limousine. “It’s a little bit big; we will have to take it in a get it sized”. Michael told her as he held her hand up to the light. “No way, not yet, it’s not going anywhere for a while”. Hunter gave him a blazing smile almost as bright as the tower above them. “I like that the diamond is not too big, it’s just perfect. The two emeralds on either side are so beautiful, really different, what made you think of that?” She asked. “They are the same color as your eyes Hunter, the first time I looked at you that’s what I saw”. Michael’s words stopped her before she stepped into the car, “You amaze me everyday”. She whispered before entering the limousine.

Hunter slid into bed beside Michael, happy that for once there was no crowd screaming his name, only silence as they held each other close. “I called Elizabeth while you were in the shower”, Michael finally said. Hunter rose up and laid across his chest, resting her head on her hands, “I didn’t think she even knew about me”. Michael stroked her hair and sighed, “She didn’t, but she does now. She wants to meet you when we get home. She…” Michael’s voice trailed off into silence. Hunter could see the beginnings of tears in his eyes and she moved to embrace him, “ She was happy for us, she cant wait to see us together. She is so different from my family, she doesn’t want anything from me but my love…just like you.” Hunter kissed him on his cheek and let the words fade away in the night.

Michael turned to her and while reaching for her hand he felt his jewelry on her finger. As he brought her hand up to view the ring he had placed upon it earlier in the night he swore to her, “I didn’t think I could love you more than I did before this evening, but I do. Thank you for saying yes to me. I will never stop loving you; I swear this to you…with this ring.” Hunter watched him seal his vow with a kiss upon it, “Michael, your love, faith and trust is my most valuable possession. Without those three things, and you… my life would have no meaning. I will love and support you through all life’s trials. I will be by your side always; I love you more every day.”

Michael found her lips and softly kissed her like he was savoring them again for the first time. Moving atop her he could feel her smooth skin welcoming his hands as they caressed her shoulders and collar bone. His teeth gently nibbled her bottom lip before his tongue parted and probed her mouth, tenderly feeling their softness combine in swirling combinations of joy. Michael’s hands were drawn to silkily trace his fingers along the side of her breast feeling her flesh respond under his touch as he did so. Hunter felt her body react and she gasped as he suddenly cupped her breasts in his hands and tasted each high mound with his lips. She could smell Michael’s unique musky scent as her hips began to inadvertently move against his body, a low moan escaped her throat as he gently bit her nipple with his teeth. Reaching down Michael spread her legs slightly and began stimulating her core. Stopping only to wet his finger inside her and start over again in a slow, soft circle. His lips moved their way back up her neck and he laid his head in the crook of her shoulder, letting the sweet smell of her hair engulf his senses as her hips moved against his hand. “I want to take it slow, we have the rest of our lives now, and I can lay with you like this forever”. Michael’s breathless pledge pushed Hunter over the edge; she reached out for his shoulders as her thighs clamped down on his hand. Her body rolled and ground on him as he whispered words of love and encouragement in her ear. Still shaking from her climax, Michael entered her slowly, pushing each inch of his shaft into her womanhood savoring the desire on her face like a dancer for the ballet. As she stretched around him she began to move her hips in time with his, he felt her tightness in every corner and he closed his eyes as he explored every sensation she had to offer.

For a moment he stopped and just lay on top of her, “Shhh, be still, I want to feel you around me, your body feels so amazing”. He held her close and stared into her eyes becoming one with her on a spiritual level as well as physical one. Hunter didn’t know what was happening to her, but she could feel the tears forming in her eyes as they made their silent bond. Michael began to move again and she felt her body begin its ascension to another climax. Rolling him over Hunter sat up and moved her hips against his, grabbing his hands she pushed down and leaned back and felt him slide even deeper inside her body. She looked down into his face and saw his sparkling eyes glowing with so much love that she couldn’t hold back any longer. As her tears fell she felt her body rock with a shudder from some place that hadn’t existed before this night, a connection on a higher plane. Michael saw the pure ecstasy on her face and pushed up inside her lifting her over and over till they buckled together in surrender.

Michael surrounded her body protectively with his arms and legs, watching the dawn of a new day rise above the City of Light. He thought to himself that he had a new life starting with this sunrise, and he had never been happier.


To be continued…

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Aprils said…
I don’t even know what to say. This story makes me so happy.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009 12:22:00 AM EDT
Nina said…
Wow DangerousPYT….I love it!! You really are a writer, I love the way you put things and all the details make it that much better.
Example of a description I liked 🙂
“He felt her gather up under him like a thoroughbred at the gate.” Or
“just as designing it helped drive Augustus Pugin to despair, she too may be on the brink of the same kind of desperation.”
Just appreciating your skills gurrrl…lol!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009 11:47:00 AM EDT
DangerousPYT said…
Thanks guys….I am happy that you feel like you are IN, the story.

More is on the way

Thursday, October 29, 2009 2:58:00 PM EDT
NightGarden said…
Very sweet and romantic: I enjoyed it!

Friday, October 30, 2009 6:04:00 PM EDT
Maria said…
DangerousPYT, go ahead with your BAD self! Girl, you are killing me with this saga! So damn incredible!! Thanks to your attention to detail I can live vicariously through Michael and Hunters lovefest. 🙂

Btw- I love that you wrote “sometime” instead of sometimes. Please never stop- I will be eagerly waiting for the Part IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, etc.. Love ya girl!

Saturday, October 31, 2009 9:50:00 PM EDT

yeah this story makes me REALLY happy. see you in the next chapter.

If only it could have happened like this in real life. *sigh* ok…now I am going to bed.

Love your website. Just wanted to tell you that. Continue with the good writing.I’m a writer too, but not as skilled yet 😉 I wrote about China Travel Deals. Feel free to read if you have time. All BestNick



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