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Michael’s Train of Love- Part II

Michaels Train of Love: Part II
Berlin and Munich
July 8, 1988

Michael was in bed, the itinerary said Munich, but it could have been any nameless hotel suite he had stayed in since he was 9 years old. The linens may have become grander, the floor plan larger, the staff more attentive, but life on tour had always been tough, and lonely…until now. Until this magnificent creature with the wild heart magically appeared in Switzerland. As he watched her sleep, he smiled as he looked at her full pink lips, the lips that kissed him with such passion just hours ago. Her eyes framed by her perfectly arched brows and long eyelashes, rested now, he loved how they blazed with fire when he touched her body. He longed to reach out to her, to light the spark of passion and fuel the flame of this hunger that their bodies and minds seem to have grown more intense for every day. However, Michael resisted temptation, she told him she had been tired and wanted to rest this morning. Maybe even sleep in, while he went to sound check at the stadium.
He settled down beside her and pulled her close, automatically she curled back against his naked form. Michael always marveled at how well their bodies seemed to fit together, smelling the perfume of her hair he became intoxicated in its aroma. How was it that he could want someone so badly, how was it that someone could steal his heart so quickly.

Michael thought back to the first night on the train and how they had shared so much together since that time. He asked her to stay and be with him, and he was honestly surprised when she accepted. He smiled when he remembered that he was not the only surprised person on the train that day. When Frank Dileo knocked on the private car door that morning for Michaels wakeup call he was stunned to find Michael only cracking the door open an inch for him. It was all quite funny now to Michael, “Michael, is everything ok”? Frank asked. “Yes, of course it is Frank”. Michael replied. Frank began looking around trying to figure out why Michael had the door only cracked open an inch. “Well, I just came to tell you we have an hour till we get to Berlin”. Frank added. “OK Frank, Thank you”. Michael closed the door but then quickly opened it again. “Oh and Frank, can I have some orange juice , rolls and coffee, with two settings please”? Michael asked. Frank was stunned, he never knew Michael to have someone in his room or quarters overnight unless it was family. Since the train had been a special reservation it was very limited who could be in his room. “Frank hello, can you do that please”! Michaels tone was a bit more demanding this time and snapped Frank out of his daze. “Yes, of course Michael, I will notify the staff to set you up within fifteen minutes” Frank replied. On that note, the small crack in the door that Michael had allowed open to his private car was quickly closed in his face and Frank was left to wonder what was going on in there.

Soon he received his answer; Michael stepped out after the coffee service arrived to speak with Frank and Bill Bray on how to handle the arrival at the Berlin Train Station. Quickly Michael explained that he would leave first and the crew could follow, he wanted a limousine at the end of the ramp as soon as possible when exiting the station. He also told them that he would take the limo alone to the hotel; security could follow in another vehicle. Next he asked them both to come inside as there was a private matter to discuss. Michael led the way into his private car and Frank Dileo and Bill Bray were soon face to face with Hunter Leigh Davis, a stunning blonde temptress perched on the edge of their boss’s bed.

“Allow me to introduce you both to Hunter” Michael said. “Hunter this is Frank Dileo and Bill Bray two of my most trusted employees”. Hunter could not imagine what they must be thinking of her right now. She had decided to sit on the bed because her legs were shaking so badly that she just needed to be sitting down. Nerves were not something that usually got to her, but for some reason meeting these two men after the wild night she had just spent with Michael made her feel more than vulnerable. They had been up most of the night and the room showed evidence of their lovemaking. The bed was a wreck, with the bedding torn away from the mattress. Pillows were lying on the floor and she could even see traces of somebody’s makeup on one of them. Hunter then decided to just deal with this situation the best she could, she stood up and looked them in the eye, shook hands and prayed that they would like her.

“Michael, I am afraid I have to tell you that I have reports from the railway company of pandemonium at the station in Berlin.” Frank said as he glanced at Hunter. “So what else is new Frank, we will just have to handle it”, “Hunter is accompanying me”. Michael stated adamantly and took Hunter’s hand in his. Bill smiled at Michael; he was pleased to see him find someone to take his mind off of the pressures of the road. Michael turned to him, “Bill, she left her guitar in the passenger compartment, will you get it please?” Never one to question Michael, Bill nodded and left to get the guitar and have one of the crew members carry it out with their luggage. He would have it delivered to Michael’s suite later in Berlin. “Michael, I think the best option would be for Hunter to walk in front of security as we exit the train, we can give her access passes and clipboards. That will make it appear that she is staff.” Michael’s face lit up and he patted Frank on the back, “That’s perfect Frank, thank you! He exclaimed. “OK, she has to change if she is going to work for me too.” Michael teased with a wink as Frank chomped down on his cigar and reached for the door, “We have about ten minutes Michael, don’t get distracted.” Frank smiled and nodded in the direction of Hunter. Michael laughed and threw a breakfast roll from the coffee service at Frank’s head as he darted for the passageway.

Hunter had changed into the only dress she had in her backpack for the arrival at Berlin station. It was not terribly wrinkled, clean and looked appropriate; Michael told her she looked beautiful. She had twisted most of her hair up in a knot on her head and stepped into the one pair of dress sandals she kept with her. As promised Frank gave her an access pass, it was one of Sheryl’s, but since they both had a bunch of blonde hair Frank and Bill hoped that the press would not notice the difference at a distance. Hunter didn’t understand why Michael thought it was so funny that she had on one of Sheryl’s passes, but she loved the way he laughed. Even more she loved the way he kissed the top of her head when he put it on her, the way he looked in her eyes when he held her shoulders. It was all they could do to leave that train car and not fall back down on the bed together. The outside world seemed so cold and uninviting; if they could just stay on their train of love forever it would be fine with her.

However, life goes on and Michael’s screaming fans were waiting. Hunter told him that she would be all right, but as he let go of her hand at the trains exit door he saw her eyes widen at the crush of fans, flashbulbs and shouted questions that greeted the group. Frank was at her side at Michael’s request and he, along with his group of security and Bill stepped out right behind them. Michael waved and smiled but behind his sunglasses, he was keeping his eye on Hunter. She was glued to Frank and had the clipboard in front of her like a shield. Bill sensed Michael’s tension and patted his old friend and boss on the back, Michael gave him a smile knowing that Bill was concerned too but that he would protect them both no matter what. Bill had been with him since he was a child and was more like a family member than employee. Michael literally trusted the man with his life.

Hunter’s eyes were blinded by the flashbulbs and she gripped the clipboard as if her life depended on it, the feeling of bodies pressed against her was oppressive and she wondered how much farther it was to the car. Someone tried to grab the access pass off of her neck by the cord and Frank had to push them away. Finally a limousine appeared before them and Frank shoved her in the door, but she was alone, and Frank was gone. She was breathing hard and tears were in her eyes when suddenly the door opened and Michael was beside her. As he slid in, he exclaimed, “That wasn’t too bad!” As Hunter turned her face to him, Michael saw that her eyes were wet with tears and he realized how scary it must be for someone who had never experienced THAT kind of frenzy. Hunter cried, “Michael, I don’t know if I can do this. “As a tear slipped from her eye, Michael melted inside. “Oh, Hunter, girl…come here”. Michael said. He pulled her close and kissed her tear stained face covering it with soft velvet kisses. “Baby, I am so sorry, but that’s my life”. He whispered. “I will do everything I can to keep you safe, I promise.” Michael swore this to Hunter as his lips met hers. Their long kiss sealed the promise of more than a few stolen moments together.

Michael rolled up the privacy glass and locked it. He turned off the driver’s speaker and locked the doors to the back of the limousine without ever taking his lips off of Hunters. They hadn’t even left the parking lot of the rail station yet, but he had to have her, he needed to show her that he would protect her and keep her safe from anyone who would hurt her. He took her face in his hands, “Hunter, I want you with me; do you understand what I am saying to you?” Hunter caught her breath with the intensity of his gaze “Michael, you don’t know me; you don’t know anything about me”. “I know everything I need to know. Hunter when I asked you to stay last night I meant it. I want you by my side, please tell me you will stay with me…I need you, God girl, I need you”. He whispered. Michael’s simple plea melted her heart; she pulled his face to hers and kissed him passionately. “Yes, Michael, Yes…I told you last night…I will stay with you as long as you want me” she whispered back. Their lips met with a frenzy of excitement and the emotion of the moment; Michael pushed her dress above her waist as Hunter brought her lace panties down to her ankles. Michael reached for them and put them in the pocket of his jacket so they would not get lost in the limousine on accident. As he did so Hunter was busy with his zipper and she could already feel his erection against her fingers. The shaking she felt from moments earlier caused by the crowds of fans pressing their flesh against her had now been taken over by the urgency to have Michael pressing his flesh inside of her. “Michael, hurry I need you inside me” she growled. Michael laid over her and placed his bulging shaft inside her, “You feel so good” Michael sighed as he began to stroke her slowly. The limousine started to pull away from the station and the chants of “Michael, Michael, Michael” could be heard by the entwined couple in the back seat. “I think they are cheering me on Hunter” he groaned. “I know I am baby!”, Hunter moaned. The crowd outside was so thick the car had to drive slowly and the cheers and yelling was deafening, some fans even banged on the outside of the car. This only spurred Michael and Hunter on, his stroke became faster and he took her hair down from its confines on top of her head. The crowd was even louder now, “We love you Michael”, “Michael, Michael, Michael you are the best Michael”! Hunter’s hips were grinding into Michael now and her hands had found their way under his shirt. Her nails were digging into his back, pulling him closer into her body. “Listen, they love you” she whispered in his ear. Michael was so turned on by her reaction to the crowd he pulled her on top of him and sat up in the seat. As she looked out the rear window of the limo at the faces of the fans, she saw the same look of passion on their faces that he had. This excited Hunter and she began to glide up and down on Michael’s shaft, rising up till his head was almost to her soft entrance then plunging down once more. Every time she did so, Michael’s eyes seemed to roll back in his head from the sensation of her slick wet walls passing over the tip of his manhood. Watching the ecstasy on his face and same look of ecstasy on the fans faces was too much for Hunter. She plunged down one final time, “Michael, cum with me, cum with me now” Hunter cried out. She rolled her hips into his body and her walls clamped down on him like a vice over and over. The fans seemed like they were right in the car chanting his name now, he could feel her hot juices dripping down the sides of his hard shaft; it was all so surreal…like a fantasy. Hunter’s head was thrown back and her hair was hanging around her shoulders and back, making her appear like a wild creature. “Girl, I am cumming with you, I can’t resist.” Michael growled his answer and released deep inside of her as the last her contractions squeezed him tightly. The chants of the fans faded into the distance as the limousine drove away and Michael and Hunter lay in each other’s arms.

They arrived at the hotel with no apparent problems from the press. Michael went in the main entrance and elevator with Bill and the security detail and Hunter was delivered to the service entrance and escorted by Frank. The ride up was quiet until Frank gave her a kind smile while nervously biting on his cigar and said, “It can be a bit scary at first, but we will take care of you Hunter. It is just a bit of a circus is all”. Hunter gave him a warm smile, “Thank you Mr. Dileo, I know that Michael trusts you with his very life, I want you to know that I am only here for him. You can trust me, and I will prove to you that you can…I promise you that.” The doors opened and they stepped out into the hallway, it was entirely rented by Michael for his privacy so they did not have to worry about prying eyes. Frank knocked on the door to the suite and Michael answered it right away, his eyes were big and he said, “I didn’t think you would ever get here”. He grabbed Hunter by the hand and shut the door leaving Frank open mouthed in the hallway.

“Did I tell you how hot you were in the limo on the way over here girl” he asked as he drew her in his arms. Smiling she told him, “Mr. Jackson you were pretty hot yourself, with all those fans screaming your name like that.” Laughing at the thought of it they sat on the loveseat and he kissed her long and hard, his hands roamed her body and he consciously had to restrain himself from taking her again. “Hunter, what have you done, have you put some kind of spell on me?” he asked her as his lips roamed the area by her ear. “No, but I think you have cast one on me”. She echoed back. Suddenly Michael jumped to his feet, “Hunter, I can’t do this right now, I mean…I want to do this right now, but I have to shower and leave for an engagement” “You can come along, or you can rest here, I will be about four hours”. Hunter could tell by the bulge in his pants that he did really want to stay with her and she smiled at him knowingly, “Would you mind if I just stayed, I have to get some things done too. I need to get some clothes Michael; I cannot go to functions with you in this one dress or wear my jeans everywhere”. He pulled her off of the loveseat and held her to him, “Girl, you can wear your jeans anywhere with me, I love them jeans.” He kissed her lips softly and smiled, “But I tell you what, I will give you my card and I want you to go shopping and get whatever you want, you’re my new um “Personal Shopper”. Michael erupted in fits of giggles at his plan for Hunter in his entourage. Hunter meanwhile was not amused she pulled away from him and said, “Michael I can buy my own clothes, I don’t need your money”. Michael realized his mistake, he thought, oh god, he thought she was some penniless drifter roaming around Europe like most of the College dropouts he had read about. “Wait, babe, I didn’t mean to upset you. I just want to do this for you. Please just take the card, find me something too…I am your boss now, it’s an order.” Michael stated very matter of fact. The smile on his face and twinkle in his eye made it very hard to resist, Hunter took the credit card and the kiss he gave her with no more objections, although in her mind she swore she would not use it for anything.

Michael’s arrival at the children’s hospital was low key but busy as there were many children in the cancer ward. The best part of being “Michael Jackson” was trying to make a difference in the lives of the kids, the kids who hadn’t really had a chance to have much happiness in life. His childhood had been so devoid of fun and play, that whenever he could bring that love to a struggling child he would do whatever he could to help them. Sometimes it was hard to keep it together when he met a certain child and seeing their pain, but bringing them a bit of joy for a few hours was worth the emotional sacrifice he had to endure.

Michael and the staff only had one more child to visit on this tour and he would be able to go back to the hotel suite and rest, and crawl into bed with Hunter; right now nothing in the world sounded better than holding her close. As his group approached the final room, Michael could hear English being spoken in soft tones. He was intrigued as most of the children today had spoken German and he used an interpreter to translate. He picked up the pace to see the child and saw a young girl of about 9 years old lying in the bed; he also saw the back of his girlfriends long blonde hair bent over her. “Hunter’? He whispered. Hunter spun around quickly at the sound of his voice, “Michael, I uh, Michael this is Julia, she is a dear friend of mine. Please come say hello to her.” Michael strode across the room with a puzzled look on his face, but as he looked at Julia he smiled broadly, “Hi Julia, how are you’? Julia looked at Michael like she was dreaming and she said weakly, “Hi” “How are you feeling today”. Michael stroked her forehead. “Better since I got to see Hunter, she always makes me feel good”. Julia answered. “She does make it better doesn’t she Julia, she has made me very happy since I met her”. Michael told Julia. Julia looked at Michael but he was staring at Hunter. “Hunter, is Michael Jackson the new friend you told me you had met’? Julia broke the tension with the innocent question. Everyone laughed and Hunter answered a simple, “Yes”. Michael piled lots of toys upon Julia and talked with her for what seemed like hours. He fell in love with her quirky sense of humor and knew why Hunter was attached to her. Finally the Doctors told them that Julia needed her rest so they gave her hugs and Hunter told her she would see her soon. She blew her a kiss as they left the room. Michael walked ahead of Hunter in the hallway, but as they entered the elevator Frank waited for the next car so they could be alone. When the doors shut Hunter melted into Michael’s arms. “Michael, I swear I didn’t know you would be here today. I was just going to stop by for a second after I went shopping.” “Hey, hey girl, its OK don’t worry about it. But I can tell you I was not expecting to find you here, of all the places in Berlin to be.” He comforted her. “How do you know Julia” he implored. “I know her from the orphanage, Michael. There is an orphanage I volunteer at when I can. We have been close and she is very, very sick. I, we, might lose her”. Hunter’s eyes began to fill with tears, and Michael held her closer. She pushed him away and wiped her eyes, “I can’t do this right now, I will not let myself think any negative thoughts. Julia will be fine, She WILL be FINE, Michael!” Hunter set her jaw and that was the end of the conversation.

Settling back into the suite Michael noticed the packages from Hunters shopping trip had been delivered. “I am glad you had a chance to shop today, did you find some good stuff”? Hunter handed him his credit card back, she dared not tell him that she spent her own money on it though, “Yes, I did get some good things, thank you for asking, I got some business attire, something formal and some things for you”. “For me, let me see”. He smiled eagerly. Michael was puzzled when Hunter pulled out a small box from the bags. She handed it to him to open, and his eyes grew large as the fine silk of the lingerie touched his fingers. “I told you it was for you, I just didn’t tell you I would be the one to wear it”. Hunter whispered seductively in his ear. Michael dropped the box and pulled Hunter onto his lap, his kiss was deep and long. His tongue searched her mouth and she matched his yearning with her hands unbuttoning his shirt. He became hard as her hands stroked his nipples lightly, the tips of her fingers tracing circles around the edges. Her mouth left his lips and began to trace a route down his neck, lightly sucking and biting his flesh as she drew her hand away towards his growing hardness. “Let me please you Michael, you drive me wild” Hunter whispered again into his ear. Michael hissed through his clenched teeth as her hand found his zipper and freed his hardness to her touch. She stroked him up his hard length and let her thumb caress the tip, she could feel his reaction and she moved her hand down his length again. Just as Hunter lowered her lips to take him in her mouth a loud knock rapped on the door. “Room Service” came the voice outside. “Are you kidding me”? asked Michael. Hunter tossed him a bed pillow and stood up to get the door, “Just a minute please”. Hunter answered the door, allowing the star struck wait staff in the suite. Michael sat indignantly with the bed pillow over his lap and turned on the television, absent mindedly flipping through the channels waiting for them to leave. Hunter started giggling at his apparent attitude and he looked at her like he was going to die of embarrassment. Frank came barging in the room and barked out some orders to the wait staff on how to set up the dinner and Michael stormed off in a huff to the bathroom slamming the door. Frank was startled and looked at Hunter with questioning eyes. Hunter shook her head and laughed, “Frank, you are going to have to ask him”. The dinner was finally set up and the wait staff left Michael and Hunter a romantic table for two. Frank had seen to it that they had the best of everything; he really couldn’t understand why Michael was so upset. So he was anxious when the door to the bathroom finally opened and Michael emerged. Michael had a fire in his eye when he first came out, but as he caught the beautiful table he visibly relaxed, his eyes softened and he turned to Frank. “Did you do this Frank”? He asked “Yes Michael, I knew you guys had a long day today, and I wanted to give you two a special evening. We will be pretty busy with shows and I figured it was a good night to relax”. Michael just shook his head and put his hand to his brow, he walked Frank to the door and Hunter watched as he whispered something in Frank’s ear. Frank got red in the face and chomped down on his cigar and quickly left the suite. “Well, let’s eat this before it gets cold” was all Michael said as they sat down to the best and most romantic dinner Hunter had ever had in her life.

Lying in the bed; Michael was drawing lazy circles on her body using her hair, “Why are you in Europe Hunter”? “I told you Michael, I wanted to backpack and see the world”. She answered him. He tilted her chin up towards his face and asked again, “Why are you in Europe Hunter”? Visions of her Fathers angry, drunken face filled her mind. His hurtful words in ears “Whore, slut, no good loser”, involuntarily she pulled away from Michael and curled into a ball. Her hands over her head to protect her from the invisible blows that were sure to come her way. “Hunter, Hunter, what is wrong why are you shaking? Oh my god, Hunter, it’s me Michael”! Michael held her softly in his arms stroking her skin, and talking to her in a low gentle voice. Slowly Michael’s face came in to focus and she stopped her shaking. “Michael, I’m sorry, I don’t know what to say. I haven’t had that happen in a very long time”. Hunter confessed. Michael knew that there was something Hunter was running from, “Hunter can you tell me what it is, what it is you are so afraid of back home”? “Michael, it’s so hard for me to think about, but I will try, please be patient with me”. “Go on, whenever you are ready” he waited patiently. “It’s my Father; I left because of my Father. He is a very driven man, he expects a lot from my Mother and me. Money is his God; it is what rules his world. He does not care about our feelings or needs. He is very successful in his field but it’s never enough. He always wants more; he always pushed me for more. When I didn’t deliver he was very abusive, at first it was verbal. I was a teenager and he would call me names. Horrible names you wouldn’t call your worst enemy. As I got older and he grew deeper into his addiction with alcohol his abuse became worse. One night I had been out with friends, I came home and the house was dark, he met me on the stairs screaming about some contract and that I should have been home to assist him with the verbiage on the disclosure affidavit. I tried to move past him, Michael I thought if I could just get to my room I could lock the door and it would be all right.” Hunter started to shake again, but Michael just held her close. “When I tried to move past him, he grabbed me by my shoulders and started shaking me. I begged for him to stop but he was so angry and drunk. When I pulled back from him, he backhanded me across my face. I stumbled and slipped on the stairs and fell. He left me there Michael, my Mother found me two hours later, I spent a week in the hospital with a fractured skull. I never went back”

Michael had listened to her story as memories of Joseph flashed through his mind. “Pick your switch boy”, “Stop Joseph your gonna kill him” a thousand nightmares of 2300 and Hayvenhurst flew through his minds eye. Hunter looked up as Michael’s silent tears rolled down his face. “Hunter, I told you I would protect you, you have my promise he will never hurt you again.” Michael sealed his promise with a kiss mixed with salty tears.

Michael brought himself back to the present and the suite in Munich, could he have gone through so much with Hunter in the last three weeks, the confessions, the hospitals, the orphanages, and endless nights of love? She fulfilled him in so many ways he never thought a woman could, and it wasn’t all just physical. They talked about so many things, her view on the world, the planet and of course helpless children inspired him. Her beauty was breathtaking; lying beside her with the morning sun across her face touched him deep inside. He felt the familiar burning begin in his loins; so he decided to let her sleep and slipped out of bed with a kiss to her cheek.

Michael let the hot water rain down on his aching shoulders. He had to admit this hotel had a great shower; it was roomy with two shower heads and a large seat to sit down on while relaxing. Michael was about to turn off the water when he felt her arms around him. Her palms rested against his chest and he could feel her soft kisses against his back. “Good morning handsome”. She murmured “Good morning beautiful” he whispered as he turned to kiss her lips. Michael immediately grew full and hard against her waist as she probed his mouth. The water from the shower soaked her hair and plastered it to her body, Michael grabbed the shampoo bottle and washed her hair. He made sure he massaged her scalp and neck, releasing the tension she had there. He then gently held her under the water and rinsed her long hair using his fingers like a comb. Hunter opened her eyes and reached for the bar of soap, she massaged Michael over his chest and arms moving around to his back. She reciprocated the massage on his neck and Michael sighed with approval. Hunter then moved the bath down to Michael’s lower half, kneeling she washed his calves and worked her way up to his thighs. Looking up at him, she saw that his eyes were intense and dark. “Don’t stop Hunter, keep going” he whispered. Using the bar of soap to lather up her hands she slid them over his engorged manhood. His reaction was swift, as he faltered a moment on his feet. She continued to stroke her hands up and down feeling him grow under her expert touch. As she added more lather she stood and moved behind him once again and washed his buttocks and thighs. He was smooth and strong; she could feel his muscles ripple under her hands. Michael reached around and placed her hand on his shaft and together they stroked up and down. Michael was leaning now with one hand on the wall of the shower, his breath growing more ragged with each pass they made. Unexpectedly he pushed her hand away and moved under the water, she watched as he rinsed his sinewy muscles off and glistened in the dim light of the morning streaming in the window of the bathroom. Michael approached her and pressed his body against her “Turn around and bend over” he growled. Hunter’s eyes narrowed with expectation and she was more than happy to oblige. Turning around she placed herself in position pushing against his crotch and leaning over so that her elbows rested on the seat of the shower. Hunter felt Michaels fullness enter her almost immediately, she gasped with delight at the slight discomfort she felt as he hit her innermost wall. He began to move in and out, dragging his stroke slowly through her warmth. The water rained down on their naked bodies beating upon them like a warm cocoon. Michael watched the pools of it as it ran off of her back and down her swaying breasts and he upped his tempo, grabbing her hips and moving his shaft to find her G spot. Hunter let out a small cry as she shook with a tremor, “You look so hot right now” Michael said as he stroked her fire incessantly. He gathered her hair up from her face and pulled her head back, “Talk to me, Hunter. Tell me what you want”. “Oh Michael, don’t stop, it’s you, it’s always you…” she exclaimed. Hunter’s climax forced her to her toes and Michael met her with a sudden flurry of thrusts as he came with hard spasms, spilling out into her and running down her thigh. They collapsed together on the floor of the shower in a twisted heap, lying there for what seemed like hours as the water washed their cares a way.

Later after handing her a robe Michael said, “We are leaving for London on the 11th. Frank has set up a meeting at the London Production offices with some guy that has some leads on publishing rights. I would like for you to be there with us”.

Hunter nodded her head and smiled, happy in the fact that this wonderful, talented beautiful man wanted her in his world.

To be continued…

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Priyanka said…
Time for a cold shower for me, DangerousPYT.

This was fantastic!

Thursday, October 22, 2009 11:19:00 PM EDT
DangerousPYT said…
Glad you liked it girl, LOL that you gotta cool off though. 😉 . That Mike sure likes to be clean!

Friday, October 23, 2009 11:13:00 AM EDT
NightGarden said…
A sometimes subtle, sometimes blatant sensuality; an alternation which creates a stimulating *rythm* and keeps the reader *involved* in the story. 😉
I really hope to read more about it.
Thank you, DangerousPYT!

Friday, October 23, 2009 4:40:00 PM EDT
Oh NG, it sounds like a “real” review. LOVES IT!

Thank You so much for the feed back

Friday, October 23, 2009 7:40:00 PM EDT
Aprils said…
Guuuuuurl, great story – great characters and scene setting. I love so much that Hunter used her own money. Finally…someone!

Friday, October 23, 2009 9:28:00 PM EDT
DangerousPYT said…
Yay…you liked it, I am sooo happy to hear that. I like that Hunter is strong, yet vulnerable. Plus she would rather go work than ask him for anything.

Friday, October 23, 2009 9:36:00 PM EDT
Maria said…
Hi DangerousPYT! Can I just say WOW! Are you trying to get me virtually pregnant as well?! That was utterly fantastic! Can’t wait for part III! Speaking of…when can I expect your latest installment? 🙂 haha thank you for sharing! Hot, sexy, Michael fantasy stories- definitely my cup of tea! Big time fan! 🙂

Saturday, October 24, 2009 10:12:00 PM EDT
bumblebgirl said…
very well written, love scenes were stunning! lol. will there be a part 3? lol

Saturday, October 24, 2009 10:20:00 PM EDT
bumblebgirl said…
btw, bbg is me dsw2jgsjust so you don’t think you got hacked by a troll LOL!

Saturday, October 24, 2009 10:22:00 PM EDT
Maria and dsw, part III is coming (LOL) I am writing it right now as a matter of fact.

Thanks for your kind words you guys. Keeps me focused and working. 😉

Saturday, October 24, 2009 10:41:00 PM EDT
PYT2 said…
Gat damn!!!!…..I would give my two arms to be HUNTER…I’ma cut this chick!

Saturday, October 24, 2009 11:10:00 PM EDT
DangerousPYT said…
LOL, PYT2…that comment has me rolling.

Saturday, October 24, 2009 11:46:00 PM EDT

Wow…that’s the hottest shower scene I have ever read. I mean whoa. I think I have a new fantasy! I wish it was earlier in the evening so I could keep reading! I think I am hooked.

LOL we will be here girl…theres lots more to “come” ha ha

BTW the next chapter is my fav out of all that I have written

i am so late, but i like this story.

Girl you arent late, just think of all you have to look forwared too!!!


whoa that shower was HOT!!! turn around and bend over… so hot !!

girl the limo and the shower….LOL

I was really using my “virgin” imagination back then huh?

@ DPYT: How can I forget the limo….they were so turned on the screaming fans!!! something about the limo… first with hunter and then with lexi…… yummy yes you really put your virgin imagination to use…..


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