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How do you start over?

  Greetings everyone, I dont know how many, if any will ever see this post…but I feel like I can finally put something down again. First of all I would like to apologize for not being able to update in so very, very long. Unfortunatly the last 6-8 months (at least) have been about the […]

Back to writing…

Sorry it has been such a long time since I have been able to offer you up a story. Unfortunatly there have been some issues I had to deal with in the 3D world that were quite taxing. I hope, at least for now, that I will be able to continue on with the saga […]

Bad Tour on DVD CONFIRMED: Stans Rejoice

  CONFIRMED: Bad Tour on DVD is Coming Sony’s ten part deal with The Michael Jackson Estate shocked everyone, especially close friends who said at the time there was not enough material for five albums, let alone ten. The fact of the matter is, the deal was for ten PROJECTS and not ten albums. “This […]

Heart of the Matter II

Heart of the Matter II January 16, 2004 (If you love Mike and Lexi…make sure you read/listen to the song that he sings to her in this chapter…alot of you will already know it, but the lyrics fit them so perfectly right now, at least I think)   “It came out really good” Lexi handed […]

Heart of the Matter

Heart of the Matter November 2003 Lexi slept for most of three days, except for the time that she spent locked behind the door of the bathroom. When she came out, she laid right back down again on the palette they had made on the floor. It consisted of two mattresses pushed together, the four […]

Justice and the #MJFamily

Two and a half years ago we lost our beloved Michael Joe Jackson. Most of us have become family in the time since that horrible day and in turn have leaned on each other through many dark and sad hours. Today we were able to join together again as one united family as we witnessed […]

Paris & Blanket interviewed in Gary

Paris and Blanket were interviewed at 2300 Jackson St. at the birthday celebrations for Michael. They are just great kids… Click here for the link to the video and story ( aka Blanket speaks) Michael’s Bday in Gary   August 27, 2011 (GARY, Ind.) (WLS) — As Gary, Ind., celebrates what would have been Michael Jackson’s […]

Frank DiLeo has passed away

Thank you Uncle Tookie, say hi to Michael for us   Music Industry Veteran Frank DiLeo, Dead at 63 Posted by Jack Silverman on Wed, Aug 24, 2011 at 12:16 PM Longtime music industry veteran Frank Dileo, who managed Michael Jackson for much of his ’80s heyday and again during the last months of Jackson’s […]

Victim of Love: XII

Victim of Love: XII     February 2003   The steady hum of the diesel engine had been purring non-stop for hours. Even before the documentary had aired Michael had ordered their bags packed and they all settled onto the bus, heading out to nowhere…or anywhere, just as long as it was away from the […]

Victim of Love: XI

Victim of Love: XI November 14 2002 Santa Maria/November 19 -20, 2002 Berlin   He really, really hated court rooms. Every time he had to be inside of one it ended up costing him money, lots and lots of money. The past ten years seemed like one court case after another, disrupting his life and […]



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