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New Beginnings

New Beginnings April 1991 Checking the utilitarian mirror for her appearance was no easy task for Lexi as she stood in the third floor nurses locker room at the end of her shift. She was exhausted having already worked the street on Alpha shift as an Paramedic with the Los Angeles Fire Department then took […]

The King

Just a caution, this is a bit more of a naughty story. So if you think you may be offended you have been warned. If not…have fun! The King February 1991 Pushing the video into the player she anticipated what images were held on the magnetic strip of tape firmly held between the molded plastic shell. […]

Christmas Morning

Christmas Morning December 25, 1990 Michael opened the door and closed it gently behind him, the crisp air catching in his nostrils caused him to pull his coat tighter around his slight frame. It was early Christmas morning and as usual he had not been able to rest, his head filled with lists of things […]

Wasted Time

Wasted Time December 1990 Sweeping into the condominium’s lobby she conducted the survey of her surroundings with the contempt of a spoiled princess relegated to flying business class. The doorman tipped his hat as he was enveloped in the redolent wake of her Chanel #5, and he happily held the elevator doors for her as […]

Pictures of You

Pictures of You November 13, 1990 The mementos were laid out loyally across the bed; pictures of a laughing happy couple, a diamond ring, an ultra sound picture…even a now out of tune guitar still in its case. He looked at each item before carefully placing them in the backpack and hiding it away again […]

Michael’s Train of Love- Part VII

Michaels Train of Love: Part VII All Good Things….. Neverland September 24, 1988 USA Midwest October 1988 Brisbane November 13, 1988 Hunter waited in the Blazer for the approach of the helicopter since there was a chill in the evening air. Michael had put his foot down and told her that under no circumstances would […]

Michael’s Train of Love- Part VI

Michaels Train of Love: Part VI Neverland September 13, 1988 Hunter poured the liquid down the sink and dropped the supplies into a grocery bag that she then slipped in to her purse. While rushing out of the room she passed Michael in the hall, kissing him quickly she said, “I am running into town […]

Michael’s Train of Love- Part V

Michaels Train of Love: Part V Marbella August 1, 1988   It was early morning on Monday as the wheels of the jet touched down in Marbella. The Bad Tour had played two sold out shows in Cork, Ireland and was now set to spend a week and a half in Spain. As the crew […]

Michael’s Train of Love- Part IV

Michaels Train of Love: Part IV London July 16, 1988 Michael sat slumped on the floor, the crumpled note still clutched tightly in his hand. Hunter’s message had become smudged from the tears that had fallen when he read her words: Michael,   I have to leave you   Hunter Two hours earlier he had […]

Michael’s Train of Love- Part III

  Michaels Train of Love: Part III London and Paris July 11, 1988 London July 12, 1988 Paris     Hunter pulled back the drapes to look out over the cityscape that was London. Big Ben’s clock was keeping its steady time in the distance as it had for over a century but Hunter had an uneasy […]



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