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MJ Fan Fest Tix on sale NOW!!!

  Pre Sale has started Click here for details….see ya in Vegas. Michael Jackson Fan Fest

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Great Update:Frank Dileo Has Complications from Heart Surgery

  Uncle Tookie’s Awake  4/4/2011 annamariex0 Great news today, my uncle, Frank Dileo is awake and improving! ThBk you everyone for your prayers! Never been so happy in my life   Urgent Prayers are needed… Click here for Radar Online Link:  DiLeo Hospitalized Michael Jackson’s one-time manager Frank Dileo is in a Los Angeles […]

Rest Easy Beautiful Lady….Elizabeth, We Love You..RIP

There are not enough words to capture the beauty, strength and L.O.V.E. that you brought to our world. Thank you for your love, light and laughter. You will forever be apart of my heart. In your final hours I know in my heart of hearts you were never alone….because among the many loved ones… one special […]

Updated:Japanese Earthquake Relief

Again we watch helplessly as Sisters and Brothers of our Planet are struggling to survive against all odds. Last year after Haiti we did our best to inform all of our readers of the best and most legitimate ways to donate and contribute your money and time. We will be updating this space throughout the coming […]

Join us at DangerousPYT-The Forum

We have a place to get together and hang out! The comment section seemed to be getting a little overwhelmed so we decided to get us some room on a little forum and post it up a bit. If you are interested in joining us, stop on by and register at the link below: DangerousPYT-The […]

5 Most Expensive Michael Jackson Collectibles

….Or things that make you Hmmmmm        Click on the article below for the complete collection as gathered by Deidre Wollard as posted by AOL MJ Collectibles I dont know about you all but I just need these…thats about the finest art or collectible I ever saw!

Michael Jackson: What A Man

Alright, getting back to basics…back to the matter of fact “He’s a Thrillah”   What A Man!

Elizabeth Taylor Hospitalized

NBC Nightly News is reporting that Elizabeth Taylor has been hospitalized for several days with symptoms of congestive heart failure. L.O.V.E and prayers are with her and her family at this time. Thank you Miss Elizabeth for always being there as a true friend for our Michael… > > > > > >

Janet’s “Together Again” Tribute to Michael

Kind of hard to take…but lovely as can be



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