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Heart of the Matter

Heart of the Matter November 2003 Lexi slept for most of three days, except for the time that she spent locked behind the door of the bathroom. When she came out, she laid right back down again on the palette they had made on the floor. It consisted of two mattresses pushed together, the four […]

Victim of Love: XII

Victim of Love: XII     February 2003   The steady hum of the diesel engine had been purring non-stop for hours. Even before the documentary had aired Michael had ordered their bags packed and they all settled onto the bus, heading out to nowhere…or anywhere, just as long as it was away from the […]

Victim of Love: XI

Victim of Love: XI November 14 2002 Santa Maria/November 19 -20, 2002 Berlin   He really, really hated court rooms. Every time he had to be inside of one it ended up costing him money, lots and lots of money. The past ten years seemed like one court case after another, disrupting his life and […]

Victim of Love: X

Dont Freak Out!!! LOL Love Dangerous!   Victim Of Love: X August 2002 The whir of the camera taking pictures was in stark contrast to the chattering of the birds that flitted from wire to wire above the parking lot of the restaurant. The convoy of black Escalades surrounded the Land Rover in a precision […]

Victim of Love: IX

Victim of Love: IX July 30, 2002 For once he was grateful for the ever present insomnia that plagued his life. Sitting in the darkened suite he drank from the ’94 Vintage Napa Merlot, enjoying the delicate flavor as it caressed his tongue and laughing quietly as he lifted the bottle to his lips for […]

Victim of Love: VIII

  Victim of Love: VIII July 2002 Staring at the television, Lexi held the tissue tightly in her clenched fist. It hadn’t mattered where she turned the channel, the late night comics continued to make snide comments and jokes at Michael’s expense. Most of them came back to the word “devilish” and had consisted of […]

Victim of Love: VII

Victim of Love: VII July 6th and 7th, 2002 Alannah was fast asleep by the time Lexi tucked her safely in beside Paris at the hotel suite in New York. They hadn’t left LAX until late evening, so it was early morning when she finally slid into Michael’s bed. Thankful for the First Class accommodations […]

Victim Of Love: VI

Victim Of Love: VI March 2002     She was exhausted from lack of sleep and he was giddy from happiness when he finally dressed the next afternoon. “Michael I wanted to ask you if it would be alright if “lannah and I came to The Ranch next week. Its spring break and I think […]

Victim Of Love: V

Victim of Love: V March 2002   All the hard work, the struggle, and the time away from his children…losing Lexi, it was for nothing. The album was dead. Killed and left behind with no promotion. Michael had retreated behind the gates of Neverland, and tried to decide what to do next. He was lost, struggling […]

Happy Birthday Lexi Garcia

      Hope you have a fun time celebrating… ’cause you sure have alot of “Drama” ahead   You say he’s a liar and he put out your fire how come you still have his gun in your hand   The Eagles – Victim Of Love (click above to listen to mp3)     […]



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