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After The Thrill Is Gone

After The Thrill Is Gone

February 2006

Warning: This one is a bit naughty


Michael pulled his coat tighter, and for once he was actually grateful for the slight chill in the air. The cheap red wine he had drank the night before had taken a heavy toll and the early hour that Prince had insisted they leave for the beach hadn’t given him time to clear his head or the dull thud behind his eyes. Yet, the early hour had provided solitude for him and his son that they didn’t otherwise get to experience. Just the two of them exploring and talking amongst themselves. The bodyguards kept a respectful distance as the rays of the sun began to break over the sand leaving the sky awash in glorious colors with just a subtle hint of the beautiful day ahead.

Prince bent to inspect a piece of wood and spoke to his Father,

“It was ok, but I like the old movies better. You know Dad, the ones with that Peter guy that we watched before. They were funnier.”

Michael smiled taking the piece of wood from his Son’s hand to inspect.

“I agree, Peter Sellers as Clouseau was perfect.”

Does Miss Elizabeth have a diamond like the one in the movie?

Turning around to hide his laughter, Michael threw the wood as hard as he could back in the surf.

“Um, well Son she has a big one that a husband bought her. It’s beautiful, she has shown it to me along with a bunch of others.”

Prince continued walking along, lost in thought. After several minutes of silence he turned to his Father.

“I bet Beyonce has a lot of diamonds.”

Michael laughed in spite of the headache and asked,

“Why would you say that?”

“She is pretty too Dad, I was watching her in that movie last night.”

Sighing, Michael pulled his son close.

“Oh yes she is…very pretty. I’ve met her a few times and she is nice and um yeah pretty.”

Prince looked up at Michael,

“Can I meet her next time then?”

“Sure, you met her once in New York but you were little, but I promise next time you can meet her.”

Running ahead of Michael, Prince found some more driftwood to play with in the surf and Michael sat down in the sand. The waves provided a soothing rhythm that lulled his aching head for the moment. Closing his eyes he let the sounds and smells take over his senses. It wasn’t long before the subtle smell of expensive perfume floated in the breeze. Michael’s eyes flew open realizing he was no longer alone on the beach, only to find Saadiya standing next to him.

“Hello Michael.”

Trying to scramble to his feet, she quickly sat down next to him.

“No, don’t get up…don’t get up.”

“Umm, hello Saadiya. Wha..what are you doing here?”

Adjusting her large hat she smiled,

“I come here quite often, I find it pleasant so early…don’t you?”

Michael relaxed and looked around,

“I do, I do…are you by yourself?”

Saadiya looked toward the sea before answering,

“They don’t know I come here. I prefer it that way.”

Nodding Michael followed her gaze,

“I understand, I value my private time as well.”

A long silence followed until Saadiya finally looked at Michael once more,

“Michael, you’ve never mentioned our time..”

Michael cut her off by abruptly standing,

“I need to check on my son, it was nice seeing you again. Have a nice day Saadiya.”

Watching him walk towards Prince, Saadiya felt her stomach hitch. She remembered what it felt like to lay underneath him on the sand. To hear the urgency of his breath upon her neck…

“Prince, lets go back now.”

His voice echoed against the surf as he called for the boy, and she wondered how she could ever feel his arms around her again.

Prince smiled and took off running to the truck. Michael suddenly felt the pain in his head return with a vengeance as he remembered the past that Saadiya brought back to life. Lost in memories, he longed for release, he longed for normalcy….he longed for Lexi.




Lexi was on a high. Her test results at the doctor’s office had come back with good news for once. Knowing that having the stress of the trial gone was a big part of the change. However, the hole in the pit of her stomach never seemed to go away. She was thankful though for having more energy to spend with ‘lannah. ….and she needed every bit of it.

Alannah had been doing alright at school, her grades were perfect and she excelled in dance and gymnastics. But….at home she kept to herself and never spoke of her Father or siblings. Lexi tried to get her to open up but all she received in return was a sullen look or a slammed bedroom door. Knowing that their daughter was not even a teenager yet and was acting so dramatically scared Lexi. She longed for Michael’s guidance, but she knew in the end what the problem truly was…and she didn’t know how to fix it; because deep down inside she felt the same way as her daughter.



Michael arrived at the beach before dawn. Grace and a bodyguard were bringing Prince along later after he woke up. He Bahrain 4thought he was being foolish and he realized it could compromise everything he had going in Bahrain but he couldn’t help it. Although he knew that he was playing with fire, he liked the excitement it created in his life.

Sitting at a picnic table he waited, wondering if she would show up. He hadn’t given her any notice that he would be there, but he guessed that she would be watching and make an appearance. He had just about decided that it HAD been foolish to even think she might come, when she stepped from the shadows.

“I hope I’m not interrupting you?”

Michael’s heart beat a bit faster,

“No, no not at all. I just came to have some time by myself before my son joins me. Please sit with me Saadiya.”

He gulped noticeably as he stretched the truth, but she didn’t notice in the dimly lit picnic shelter.

“Thank you, I would love to spend time with you Michael.”

The air became familiar with the scent of her perfume and Michael felt the hair stand up on the back of his neck. He didn’t understand why this woman made him feel so anxious but yet he had always been attracted to her.

“It is early to be out by yourself, does your Father approve?”

Removing her silk hijab she folded it delicately over her arm, before answering.

“I think you know the answer to that, but to answer your question…he also loves me very much and with that comes trust.”

Michael closed his eyes, it seemed that word always haunted him.

“Your Father is a good man, I’m sure his trust is not misplaced.”

Several moments went by before Saadiya spoke,

“Michael, I know you don’t want to talk about what happened in Los Angeles, but I…I – it has weighed heavily on me for so long now.”

Even though he knew it was coming, it didn’t make the moment any easier. He looked for an escape route but she had him blocked in, he had to answer her or be the biggest dick on the planet and ignore her hurt feelings.

His voice was soft when he spoke, and she strained to hear him over the pounding of the surf.

“You were young…barely 18 if I remember.”

She held her breath, daring not speak in case he closed up again…never to tell her what she ached to know.

“So so young…and I was in my 30’s already. I, Saadiya…I was supposed to keep an eye on you – keep you out of trouble. I failed at that, I was not…I was not very happy then. I guess I got carried away.”

Saadiya slowly slid her hand up and laced her fingers gently together with his as he continued.

“I shouldn’t have let you drink, or smoke…you know party. But there I was with you, drinking and partying…letting feelings get in the way of your studies.”

Michael felt her begin to interject and he silenced her with his words,

“It wasn’t you, it was me. I was the adult. I should have known better…it should have just been um well a lot different for us and I’m sorry for hurting you.”

Finally she felt like she could speak.

“But Michael, no matter how I felt or what happened between us. I still had to come back here for Al Akhd. My marriage had been arranged since I was a child.”

At this, Michael swung his legs over the seat and escaped his confinement.

“Exactly, I could not have you come home…um ahh Saadiya, I couldn’t ask to take THAT, your innocence,  from you….and I wasn’t ready to give you more”

Bouncing to her feet, she didn’t notice as her hijab fell to the floor of the shelter.

“Michael, you wouldn’t have had to have ask me for that. It was something that was already gone, I wasn’t a virgin.”

Closing his eyes he shook his head slightly,

“It was still the right thing to do…”

“…and now. What about now?”

Michael turned around to face her, the hint of dawn just beginning to hue the sky with her call of pastel colors.

“I’m not any better now, I’m not really much of a catch.”

“You still make me feel like I’m that 18 year old girl Michael.”

Michael stared into her eyes for a moment, he felt like he couldn’t breathe. Until slowly, he leaned forward and his lips found hers…tentatively at first, searching for companionship and connecting at long last in a lustful kiss. One that made his belly burn with pent up desire and a yearning for the release that needed he had to satiate soon. A kiss that culminated with frustration as the voice of his son was heard as he exited the SUV and called for his Father.

“Dad? Dad…where are you? I brought the kite.”

“I’ll see you here tomorrow morning Michael….”

….and with that she was gone into the morning.

Reaching down, Michael found her hijab on the sandy floor of the picnic structure. The beautiful smell of her still permeated the silk of the hand painted fabric as he stuffed it into the pocket of his jacket.


“A fight! You had a fight at school?”

Lexi gripped the wheel of her Porsche Cayenne tighter and cut over two lanes on the freeway.

Alannah sat in the passenger seat and sullenly looked out of the window at the traffic before turning up the radio on Rhianna’s “SOS”.

“No, oh no young lady you are not going to act like THAT with me.”

Lexi shut the radio off and glared over at Alannah. She whispered under her breath


“Now tell me what happened to make you have a fight.”

‘lannah turned her head to glance over at LA Live and The Staples Center,

“There is a Laker game tonight. Miss Katherine will be watching it. Maybe one day I can go there to Staples to see one?”

Lexi sighed and slumped back in her seat,

“Babygirl, why were you fighting? I know it had to be something to really make you angry.”

“That girls a bitch Mom….”

“Alannah Rey!”

“You say that word all the time, and she is. I wasn’t going to let her keep on.”

Lexi didn’t speak, she hoped that ‘lannah would finish her story.

Minutes went by in silence until at last she finally spoke again.

“She called him names. She was telling everybody that he was a fag and hurt boys. She said she saw it on the news and her Dad told her he should be in jail.”

For once she was grateful for LA traffic and that they were bumper to bumper and headed nowhere. Lexi put the SUV in park and leaned over and held ‘lannah in her arms. Wiping a tear from her daughters face she softly said,

“I’m not supposed to say this as your Mom…but I think I’m glad you did it.”



Starting to move forward again in traffic Lexi asked,

“Alannah do you understand what she was talking about?”

‘lannah looked again at The Staples Center before it fell away from view and they made the long curve around towards home.

“Yes, sort of. Prince and me kind of knew about it before. We read about it on the internet.”

“Poppa and I tried to hide all of that from you guys. That bothers me that you found out.”

“I told that girl today to take back what she said but she wouldn’t…..”

“Honey, it’s very important that…”

Alannah, got an irritated look on her face again.

“I know, I know. We can’t let anyone know that we know him, or he is my Dad. Why would I want to tell anybody, he doesn’t want me anyway?”

“That’s not true, that’s is the farthest thing from the truth.”

“Don’t…don’t lie to me Mom.”

Alannah started to cry and Lexi pointed the car at the next exit so she could comfort her. She knew that she had to convince her that she was just as important as the rest of his children, but she knew it would be a difficult thing to do.



Michael had left the party at the Prince’s palace early. He hadn’t eaten much food, but the wine was fantastic and he brought several bottles with him to cap off the evening. Paris had been awake and they talked about which movie they planned to see the next afternoon before he tucked her into bed with a kiss goodnight.

Enjoying the wine he brought home, he settled back with a book and the soft hum of the happy crowd next door. He could hear them occasionally singing and laughing, and he smiled hearing his friends enjoying themselves so freely. Glancing at his watch he saw that it was just after Noon in California and thought of Lexi. He wondered if he should try to call her and then decided he would do it later when ‘lannah would be home from school. The thought of them made him stop his reading and put his book to the side. He felt guilty for the time that would lapse in between his talks with his daughter. He just felt torn and the more he thought of them the worse it made it. It was easier to keep moving, at least that’s what he told himself.

bahrain pajamasNeeding to refresh his glass, Michael stood to open another bottle of the Casanova di Neri he had brought with him from the party. Letting the new bottle breathe he walked to his second floor balcony window and out of habit peered at the pool. Blinking his eyes he thought the fine wine was clouding his vision. Out of habit, Michael pulled the curtain close and watched Saadiya as she disappeared underneath the water. As she surfaced the pool lights glistened off of her tanned ass as she swam to the side of the pool. Turning to look up at his bedroom, she bared her chest to his view and smiled naughtily.

Michael felt his groin tighten, and he unconsciously bit his bottom lip. Saadiya pushed off of the wall and let herself float for a moment, allowing Michael full view of her lean, athletic body.

Michael whispered under his breath,

“god..what are you doing here girl?”

Saadiya called out quietly to him,

“Michael…Michael, come down and join me the water is great.”

Alarmed that the party goers next door might hear her, Michael shook himself out of his stance and took the stairs two at a time.

When he made it to the water’s edge he implored,

“What are you doing? Why are you in my pool?”

Swimming to the ladder Saadiya began to climb out with Michael looking around frantically….

“No, wait…you need a towel.”

“I don’t need anything…well not exactly Michael. I do need you.”

Michael froze, Saadiya was walking towards him…her body dripping wet and her eyes hungry with desire.

Her lips met his with a passionate fever and her body pushed against his, her heat and dampness soaking into his nightclothes. He didn’t care; he was drunk, drunk with desire…drunk with longing.

“Saadiya, I don’t think I can stop this…this thing with you. Not right now. I feel so alone here.”

Her hands moved under the waistband of his pajama bottoms, just as his mouth slid down her neck.

“That’s why I came to you tonight Michael.”

Saadiya was finally in his arms, the one place she had longed to be.

Michael’s mouth found her breast, her nipple filling his mouth as he sucked it to a hard diamond like point. Her hand worked him, her grip strong and steady.

Raising his head from her breast, Michael closed his eyes and let her stroke.


Sinking seductively to her knees, Saadiya ran her tongue over the tip, watching his eyes roll back as she did so.

“Michael? Tell me you want this? Tell me you want me like I want you.”

Michael buried his hand in her wet hair, his body on fire for her. His hips thrusting slowly in and out of her mouth.

It was then they heard it. The call from the party next door.

“Has anyone seen Saadiya, it is time to return home.”

“I think she might have went to Michael’s.”

“Someone go look for her, I want to leave soon…find her.”

Michael tore himself away from her mouth.

“Geh..get dressed. Your Father.”

Saadiya sat back a petulant look on her face,

“To hell with my Father…”

Michael, having pulled up his clothing, threw her dress towards her and ran back up the stairs. Exclaiming as he did,

“Get dressed, I will see you at the beach tomorrow.”

Pulling her dress over her head, she remained nude underneath. Just like when she dressed for the party earlier.


Michael was relieved to see Saadiya slip through the gate and leave his side of the property before any of her Father’s security came to find her. Lifting the wine bottle to his lips he gulped it down not caring that it was highly priced and he was already well on his way to being drunk…again. His body was still on fire from her touch and he paced the floor of his bedroom trying to shake off the encounter.

The breeze once again brought the sound of voices across the courtyard his way.

“There you are. I hope you are ready to leave, I looked all over for you.”

He couldn’t hear her response but did catch the laughter that followed it and hoped all was safe. Still having an extra beat in his chest he sat on the edge of his bed and drew a deep sigh. How could he have been so careless, out in the open with her family right next door? It was just so easy to want her. She was beautiful, alluring, and available. How was he supposed to resist her?

Propping himself up on the bed, he felt the cordless phone that he had used earlier poking him in the back. Pulling it out he let it rest on his stomach and stared up at the ceiling, his body aching at the memory of Saadiya at the pool. His thoughts raced and he felt his blood pressure surge through his body. He couldn’t believe that only months earlier he needed a pill to feel this much desire?j7u7ux

That damn pill….he could see Lexi now pressed up against the glass. Feel her perfect ass pressed up against his stiff shaft.

Reaching for the phone he dialed….


Her voice brought a smile to his face

“Hah..hi it’s me.”

He took a drink out of the bottle.

“Lex, Lexi can you hear me?”

“Yes I can hear you Michael.”

“Babe your voice sounds so sweet.”

“You’ve been drinking?”

Michael breathed deeply…

“Uh huh, it’s late. There was a party…babe, baby..I miss you. Gah…I miss you so much. I was here, jus now thinking about you girl.”

Lexi opened the refrigerator and poured herself another margarita, the pitcher now almost empty. She was off of work and Junior was taking ‘lannah to Universal Studios after school.

“I miss you too, it’s been awhile…”

She walked down the hall as he talked, automatically moving to her bedroom as she sipped her drink.

“I know, I…I should call more. I guess it’s still too early to talk to ‘lannah?”

“Yes, she is still at school. But Junior is taking her out later anyway.”

Michael closed his eyes, the sound of her voice soothing to him in a way that Saadiya’s couldn’t.

“How are you?”

Rolling her eyes at the question, Lexi tried not to sound sarcastic when she responded.

“Umm, I guess Ok. Not great… we miss you Michael, we’re just Ok.”

The silence after was real, he couldn’t expect her to hide how she felt.

“I…we miss you too. The kids ask about you all the time. Paris is worried.”

She took a long drink of the margarita and laid back on the bed.

“There are some things we need to talk about…but I guess now isn’t a good time.”

His quiet whisper floated over the phone line,

“Probably not, I uh…no, not if it’s something important Lex.”

“Yeah, it is…later on then Ok?”

Michael closed his eyes, the wine taking a hold.

“I wanna be with you..”

“I know.”


“I should hang up on you.”

A slight smile turned up the corners of his mouth.

“What are you wearing?”

“Your old red shirt and a black thong.”

“Unbutton it”

Lexi’s hands slowly moved to the buttons of the red shirt, easing the fabric apart. She softly spoke into the phone.

“There…it’s done.”

“You’re so hot. Mmm, I love sucking on your tits Alexis. Touch them for me…tell me how it feels.”

Her fingertips traced lightly over one of her breasts and she began to draw tiny circles around her nipple.

“Aye, Michael…touching myself, it made my nipple so hard. I’m thinking of your lips, the way they feel on me. I want to watch you sucking….biting uh god.”

Michael’s hand moved under his t-shirt and he twisted his own nipple in response.

“Mmm, pinch it, make it hard.”

“Ssss mmmm”

Lexi’s moan filled his ear.

“Harder, twist it…now do you like when I run my teeth over your nipples?”

He could hear her breathing increase and he pinched his own again.

“Yeah…yeah babe I do.”

Lexi moaned as she followed his command.

“You’re turning me on so much Lex…”

“You know I want you more than just turned on…”

Lexi’s voice was soft and deep as she spoke to him.

“I want you hard babe, I want to wrap my lips around your big thick head…and then suck you dry when you come.”

Michael gasped, his hand automatically traveling between his legs.

“Yes..Mmm fuck.”

“Michael pull it out, touch yourself”

He was semi hard but it wouldn’t be long until she had him right where he wanted to be.

“I am, god I want you right now.”

Lexi opened the drawer beside her bed,

“Baby…remember what we talked about last time?”

His fist steadily began to move upon his hardening flesh.

“Last time?”

Her voice was barely above a whisper and seemed like a siren song over the phone line.

“Yes, you wanted me to go to the store…the adult store and buy myself a present. I have it, its right here.”

Barely able to concentrate he bit his bottom lip,

“You got it? Is it, is it…is it big?”

“Yeah. It reminds me of you.”

It was then that he heard it, a distinct humming in the background.

“Oh god….Lex are you using it right now?”

Lexi pulled her thong to the side and slid the dildo inside.

“Fu…fuc…ahhh babe, yes yeah…yeah I am.”

“Alexis, girl…damn”

Michael reached for the lube on the nightstand and covered his cock in its slick warmth. Using two hands he stroked his shaft from tip to base as he listened to Lexi please herself.

“Are you rubbing your clit too? I want to taste you so bad….push it in, go deep with it. Mmmm Lex I bet your about to come. Damn your so sexy. So fucking fine.”

His large hands moved furiously up and down, his flesh giving and taking of their fantasy. He used his palm and fingers light on the tip forcing his precum to run down and mix with the lube. Creating more desire as he listened to Lexi work herself up. Squeezing hard at the base of his shaft he imagined being inside of her, solid strokes up and down pumping as his hips rolled to his sensual beat.

Their heat built with each other until at last she exclaimed,

“Mic…Michael, I.. I’m gonna come…god Im coming.”

Lexi’s orgasm was intense and explosive. Her cries of pleasure in his ear bringing him to the edge. Michael felt the pressure increase in his balls and knew he too was close.

“I’m gonna come…damn yes yeah”

His hands gripped even tighter, faster and faster he stroked.

“Fuck, fuck me Michael…you’re so fucking hot…fuck….come…come now.”

Her voice brought him to the brink, his load massive as it shot up and onto his chest, onto the expensive duvet and all over his writhing hips. He felt like his voice was lost as he let loose, but he didn’t care.

“Are you Ok?’

He heard he ask from a faraway place.

His breathing was still irregular but he found his voice at last.

“Um…um yeah. That was, um… you were amazing.”

“You are Michael.”

The both paused, enjoying the glow of moment. Michael searched for the towel he had after the pool to clean himself up and Lexi rolled over for another drink off of her margarita.

“I…um, I guess I should try to go to sleep. It’s getting late here.”

Lexi glanced at her clock and tossed the vibrator back in the drawer.

“Yeah, I guess it is.”

Swinging his legs over the side of the bed, Michael paused a moment before saying,

“I…I’ll call you back soon. I know you wanted to talk to me about something.”

“Ok….Kiss Blanket for me.”

“Same…tell her I miss her.”

“Yeah…goodnight Michael.”

“Night, Lex”

She hated herself for what she let herself do. Acting like some kind of groupie, waiting on his phone calls like a stupid girl looking for attention from the famous man. She walked back to the kitchen, her shirt still open just like her heart. She was just glad that the sound of the blender making her another pitcher of margaritas drowned out the sound of her crying.


FullSizeRenderLater on Michael had drifted off when he felt the mattress depress as Paris climbed into bed beside him. Rolling over to let her cuddle close he mumbled,

“You know you are supposed to stay in your own bed Babygirl.”

“I would rather be in your bed Michael…now where were we.”

It was then that he smelled the perfume and his eyes flashed open as she moved down his body…ready to take him to ecstasy.



story end

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Girl, you’ve done it yet again! Another hot story!
And loved the sweet interaction with Mike and little Prince on the beach.
And that hoe Saadiya…gurl……nothing but trouble.
Loved the phone sex and the big ‘two-hander’. Wink…wink…!

Keep the stories coming girl, their great!!!!

Omfg this is crazy. Mike better not sleep with her because when Lexi finds out she is gonn kick his ass. And I’m all for Lexi beating his ass lol. This chapter was extremely hot, two hands huh lol. Continue love this.

Thanks you guys. Two Hands!!!! But of course!

Saadiya is a mess, but right now she is hard to resist. A lonely man who needs some excitement, wants to feel young and vibrant again…uh oh!

How long will this last? What is Lexi going to do? Is Michael going to fall in love with her?

Come back and find out…

By shaylovesmj on November 14th, 2014 at 8:10 pm


When I say that this chapter had my stomach in knots… I mean CRAZY knots! (And I mean that in a good way) LOL!

The phone sex…
UGH! Moment of silence for the phone sex everyone

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Alright thank you.

BOOOOYYY! That scene……. had me on edge! I was cheese’n so damn hard I couldn’t even see to read no more. LOL! I should call my bf right now!

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But um ..I don’t know about this saadiya jawn. She seems a bit…. Idk… Sneaky?.she is GORGEOUS tho.

And I also I gotta say.. I feel for Alannah, and im glad she kicked whoever’s ass she kicked. YOU BETTER HAD KNOCKED EVERY LAST TOOTH OUT SHE HAD IN HER FACE TOO ‘LANNAH!!
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Thank you for the fast update tho boo this chaper was BOMBZ!!

I just… canNOT wait for the next update. 😀

don’t you mean Saadiyah crawled into bed with him in that last paragraph or so, not Paris???? I don’t think he’d be talking like that to his daughter!

Or there’s some other character named Paris I am unaware of?

Otherwise… decent story! NICE!

He thought it was Paris until he smelled that distinctive perfume. Saadiya had snuck in to his bedroom/bed to finally get some. She’s a baaaadddd B!


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