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Bad Tour on DVD CONFIRMED: Stans Rejoice


CONFIRMED: Bad Tour on DVD is Coming
Sony’s ten part deal with The Michael Jackson Estate shocked everyone, especially close friends who said at the time there was not enough material for five albums, let alone ten.

The fact of the matter is, the deal was for ten PROJECTS and not ten albums.

“This Is It,” “Vision” and “Michael” are all part of that deal, that leaves seven more projects. The next project will be a remaster of “Off the Wall” with the help of none other than Quincy Jones. The Estate say the plan is for Quincy to take charge of the project, which will include some never-before-heard outtakes.

More excitingly, another project will include a remaster of “Bad,” the album will include the first official release of Michael’s BAD TOUR!

The fans have demanded it and Sony, along with The Estate have taken action. No dates have been confirmed and will most likely not be for quite some time.

This information comes from John Branca, whilst in New York MJNEWSALERTS got the chance to meet him personally.

In other news….

Spike Lee is said to be working on a Bad 25 Documentary.

It will be a very, very “Bad” year for us Michael fans/Stans

Love you MJ

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