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Victim of Love: XI

Victim of Love: XI

November 14 2002 Santa Maria/November 19 -20, 2002 Berlin


He really, really hated court rooms. Every time he had to be inside of one it ended up costing him money, lots and lots of money. The past ten years seemed like one court case after another, disrupting his life and assets. He regretted that his insurance settled the first time, and now he wasn’t even sure why he was testifying. One thing he was sure of, was the ever-present press turning out in full force in Santa Maria and he was not ready to face them. Relying on his mask he readied for the onslaught that was to come and stepped out of the Escalade.


The view of the ocean through the window was astounding, azure waters rushing upon sugar colored sand called out to her as she lay in her bed. Sitting up carefully she felt the rush of blood leave her head and the dizziness return; her brow beaded with sweat and her ears rang with the hiss that the threat of approaching unconsciousness may soon bring her. Lexi swallowed hard, trying to fight off the urge to vomit. Praying to stay in the moment, praying to stay awake…praying for her survival.


Michael had been up for days, stressing over the backlash of the press and their negativity over his appearance during his testimony at the trial. It hurt him deeply that people could have such a visceral reaction to him. He had heard the gasps when he was ordered to remove his mask by the Judge and it took all he had to not shed actual tears in the courtroom. Even now as the van drove through traffic in Berlin, he became lost in a myriad of thoughts. Like how he was even more aware of the people and children he had visited so many times in the hospitals all over the world and their pain and suffering. If HE could be mocked…what did they have to endure because of their illnesses?

Still contemplating this, he was soon shaken out of his thoughts as the van made the final turn to the hotel. Michael leaned forward and asked his security,

“Wait…we are staying at Hotel Adlon?”

The answer was a brief nod as they began to assess the entrance for any threats to Michael or his family.

Clenching his teeth he looked up briefly, the railing of the balcony visible for a moment before they pulled into the VIP parking area. Michael’s mind again began to race,

“Why here, why now, I can’t do this. God, I really can’t take this right now.”

His whisper was barely audible and the guard closest to him asked,

“Mr. Jackson, is everything acceptable? Can I assist you?”

All he received from Michael was a curt shake of his head before they swept through the lobby and up to the Presidential Suite….the same suite that Michael had shared with Hunter so many years before.


“Mommy? Mommy look at the TV.”

Small hands pushed into her back as her eyelids fluttered open.

“Baby, Mommy can’t get up right now.”

Again she felt the push of tiny hands,

“Mommy, wake up. You have to see.”

Blinking against the harsh light of the afternoon sun, Lexi felt the room spin and reached for the bucket next to the bed. It was only a moment before she vomited up what little she had in her stomach and laid down again shaking uncontrollably against the cool comfort of her pillow.

Alannah had fallen silent, already used to the routine that seemed to play out every afternoon….while for Lexi the faint sound of the television filtered though to her consciousness.

But unlike every previous afternoon, ‘lannah suddenly jumped and turned the up volume, once again pushing her Mother to pay attention,

“Look Mommy, its Poppa and the baby. They keep showing them on the TV.”

Finally rolling over Lexi pushed a strand of unwashed hair out of her face and watched the video tape footage of the love of her life and their son on the balcony of Hotel Adlon for what would be the first of hundreds of times that afternoon.

Quiet tears spilled down Lexi’s cheeks as she listened to news anchors opinions and man on the street interviews as they analyzed what Michael had or hadn’t done in those few seconds on that balcony. Soon she began to cough, hard dry hacking spells that ended with bright red spatters of blood on her tissue. In time Alannah finally went to her room and Lexi turned off the television; scared for Michael and Blanket and wondering what had really happened in that room a half a world away from her. Hoping to speak with him she tried to dial the phone but couldn’t get it to work. Eventually Lexi laid her head back down in defeat and prayed for her family who felt so distant, and she was scared.


“It was everything. This place, the fans, the award tomorrow…just everything.”

Michael was pacing the suite glad that Bashir had finally left and he could relax. He was on the phone with the publicists back in Los Angeles and everybody in his camp was expecting a statement to release to the press.

“Of course, of course I want to acknowledge him, he is my Son.”

Bringing a shaking hand to his forehead he closed his eyes listening to the excited voice on the other side of the conversation before interrupting,

“Listen…listen just take this down. Are you ready? Here is my statement:

I offer no excuses for what happened. I made a terrible mistake. I got caught up in the excitement of the moment. I would never intentionally endanger the lives of my children”

Again he listened as it was read back nodding along with the speaker.

“Yes, is fine. No I don’t want to speak with anyone about this, my fans will understand. Just issue the statement. I have to get going; yeah I have to go change to take my kids to the zoo.”    

Looking around the room, Michael looked towards the dining table. The same dining table that Frank DiLeo had surprised him and Hunter with their first romantic dinner on so many years ago; it was just one of the hundreds of memories that were making him crazy with anxiety.


Before the nanny had left for the evening she had brought Lexi a note that had been delivered to the house,



I have tried to call you but your telephone is not working. I will be back at the beach house this evening. I can’t wait to see you, and I hope you are feeling better.



Knowing she had to finally get up, Lexi struggled through a shower…sitting on the cold tile and having ‘lannah help wash her hair. When she was finished she stared at her reflection in the mirror wondering why she couldn’t get any better. She took her antibiotics and breathing treatments regularly, but she knew she was getting sicker. The Doctor told her that her cancer hadn’t returned but something was wrong….seriously, seriously wrong.

A chill was in the air and Lexi sat in front of the chimenea draped in her Great Grandfathers poncho. Patrick seemed to have not stopped talking since he had walked in the door and she was doing the best she could, to keep up with his conversation.

“So, the last of the shipment arrived from Boca and can you believe it…one of the crates had damage all over one side. Lexi, it had a Renoir inside and it had this horrible damage.”

Lexi watched Patrick as he took a drink of his wine and continued on with his story,

“I wouldn’t even let them open the crate. I called the adjuster and the shipping manager to be there first, thank god it was fine. My shots all made the trip all right as well.”

Pulling the poncho tight she smiled slightly,

“That’s wonderful…”

Alannah appeared from the house and stepped up to her Mother,

“Mommy I am tired, I am going to watch a movie in bed.”

“OK Baby, let me come with you.”

Interrupting Patrick stood,

“Lexi, you are tired. If you and Alannah don’t mind I can take her in. When my girls were little; they always told me I did a great job at bedtime.”

“I don’t mind Momma.”

Looking between the two of them Lexi felt a moment of apprehension but finally relented when Alannah took Patrick’s hand and smiled sweetly at her and led him back to the house. Lexi, tired as usual, laid her head back against the chair struggling to hold the burning sensation of her cough back.


“Look that’s the one, see her. The one I hugged earlier in the parking area.”

Michael stood with his bodyguard, parting the curtain slightly and looking out over the sea of bodies that stood below.

“Yes sir I remember.”

“I want to talk to her….alone”

“Yes Mr. Jackson, right away sir.”

Touching up his face in the bathroom mirror, Michael quickly swallowed his medication. His hair was acceptable and he quickly mixed a drink before she arrived…after all she was a fan.


“Would you like a drink of water Alannah?”


“That’s no thank you to your elder’s you know?”

He was met with an icy stare as Alannah sat in the bed.

“Well then, OK…what movie are you watching tonight?”

“Men in Black II”

“Men in Black II, alright…let me have it and I will put it on for you.”

“It’s ready; I will watch it when you go away.”

Patrick looked towards the television and then back at ‘lannah, a curious look on his face.

“Men in Black II? How did you get that, it is not out yet.”

Again her face was like stone as she stared at Patrick waiting for her answer.

At last Patrick sat on the edge of the bed next to her and softly spoke,

“Alannah, I know it must be hard to have me here with your Mom. I mean you have had her all to yourself for so long and all…”

Interrupting ‘lannah said,

“She had my Daddy.”

“I know sweetie but he died when you were very little.”

Her tiny body jerked forward, a retort on the tip of her tongue but she eventually just fell back upon her pillow letting him finish.

“I don’t ever want to try and take his place, but I do want to be your friend. Can we be friends?”

Her eyes searched his, dark brown pools that somehow seemed so familiar looking deep in his soul,

“I am ready to go to bed now. Goodnight.”

Patrick was taken aback, her dismissive answer shocking him.

“Oh…OK then. Goodnight Alannah.”

He heard the beginning of the movie start as he shut her door and he knew that opening her heart would take much, much more than tucking her in to bed.


He had felt her nervousness. She was shy and quiet and he was surprised that she took the drink he offered her. Security had stayed in the private suite for some time before silently slipping away. Another well rehearsed dance of Michael’s team that appeared so natural but was really executed with precision timing. She asked about how he was feeling since she was worried about all that had happened the day before with his young son. Taking his cue he offered to show her the view from the window. Standing behind her at the curtains he cracked it open slightly to show her the fans below,

“See, isn’t it fantastic to see how beautiful you all look from up here. It can get very exciting sometime. I just wanted to show him to all of you.”

“Everyone looks like a carpet all together like that. It is beautiful.”

Michael moved closer smelling her hair as he whispered softly in her ear,

“I think you look beautiful. I could see you out of all those people…all the way up here.”

She froze, shaking from being so close to him.

“Don’t you know you are beautiful girl?”

His voice was tender and his arm pulled her back against his chest before he spoke again.

“Will you turn around? I want to see your face.”

“Oh Michael”

Her breathless cry in her lilting accent only added to her appeal as she slowly turned, her head slightly tilted as she waited for his lips.

Sliding his hand around it rested on her rib cage where his thumb moved towards her breast, while his tongue delved into her mouth; hesitant, moist caresses that soon began to turn into an urgent need for fulfillment.

Michael felt her soft hands at the back of his neck, pulling him in…asking for more even as he pressed her against the wall beside the window.

“I cannot believe this is happening, that I am here with you.”

“Shhhh, you are girl…”

He sighed as his lips found their way on her neck

“you are…so let’s make the most of it.”

As their tongues twisted together he felt her piercing, hard yet smooth as it swirled delicately together around in his mouth. Inadvertently he groaned as he imagined it sliding over his shaft and he grew hard against her lithe body.

Pushing her sweater up, his fingers caressed her nipples and discovered another piercing. The large piece of jewelry held securely in place by the bar running through her erect nipple.

“Damn…god Mmmm”

Michael’s voice was shaking as he brought his lips over the metal, sucking hard as it brushed his tongue.

“and the chain goes down to your belly button and below?….thats so sexy.”

Her sweater dropped to the floor as she reached for his zipper,

“Are you sure you want me Michael?”

Watching his face as her hand found his erect shaft, she smiled slightly at the look of bliss that spread across it at her touch. Her thumb spread the liquid that had spilt at the end and she felt his hands bury themselves in her hair as she sunk to her knees before him. The first stroke of her tongue caused him to moan in desire as the ball of her piercing slid underneath the tip and into the crease. Unable to take all of him at once, she made up for it with her hands and thoroughness. Her mouth was everywhere, literally proving how much he meant to her. As she worked up and down he leaned his forehead against the wall, the coolness of it in stark contrast to the raging inferno she was creating below. As she pulled him in by grasping his legs with her hands, he could feel the now heated metal of the piercing on her nipple pinch his thigh. Looking down he watched the chain as it dangled from her breast to her belly button ring and lower…lower to a spot he knew was also pierced. He imagined running his own tongue over the hidden piercing as she moved her mouth against him and it was finally too much to bear. He felt himself twitch as he gasped and pulled her in by her hair until at last he released three climatic shots that were expertly swallowed.

Closing his eyes he had a rush of thoughts,

Fuck that was great

I want to taste her too

Make her leave

Let her stay

Hunter was so beautiful when I made love to her in the loveseat I’m leaning on

Fuck you Lexi…I hate you. Why did you leave me?

Eventually he opened his eyes and zipped his now flaccid member back inside his pants, all the while feeling her eyes upon him.

As he made another drink he softly said,

“, I have to check on my kids.”

He looked over as she pulled her sweater back over her head,

“I need to go too I guess, I left my friend down there waiting.”

Picking up her purse she started for the door as he interrupted,

“Hey…um I need to ask you something can you hold on a sec?”

Nodding, she waited as he opened a briefcase and fetched a piece of paper placing it on the table in front of them,

“Um…can you sign this, it’s a standard form we have all the visitors fill out when they come up.”

She smiled brightly, stars still in her eyes as she signed her name to the non-disclosure document. Michael glanced down at it briefly as he walked her to the door,

“Thank you for visiting with me…Helen. Maybe you and your friend can come back tomorrow night after the awards?”

“Oh yes, we would like that very, very much. Thank you. Good night.”

Awkwardly she kissed him on the cheek and closed the door….hearing the dead bolt lock align as she walked down the hall to the elevator.


The breeze felt cool as it flowed into the bedroom from the balcony and across the bed. Lexi stared out at the stars as Patrick sat down next to her,

“I picked up your medications at the Pharmacia. Let me help you with them.”

She smiled up at him gratefully, glad that he was back in Mexico after being gone for the last five days.

“It was hard while you were gone Pat; I was so weak and sick. I seem to do better when you are here.”

“Well I like to wait on you. Here sit up, turn your head so I can give you your shot.”

“I will really be glad when I don’t have to take these antibiotics anymore…c’mon let’s get it over with.”

“Oh take these pills first…”

Lexi swallowed the pills then offered up her arm for the shot…

It pinched as the needle pierced her skin and a drop of blood trickled out, then in a rush it filled the syringe before the contents plunged into her vein. Lexi looked into Patrick’s beautiful blue eyes and smiled slightly before the warm feeling invaded her mind. It made her dizzy, the medicine made her dizzy but it also made her free and the pain…yes the pain in her heart went away. The pain that only Patrick seemed to be able to help her hide went away.

“That’s it Lexi, lay back and relax. I’m going to take real good care of you now. Real, real good care of you….and your little girl too.”

Spreading her legs as he sunk down to use her body again she turned her face, looking out blankly at the night….and fell into her dream of watching stars fall and suns rise at Neverland.

To Be Continued……

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Patrick is giving me vibes…bad vibes. Something is weird there, and Ive got a feeling something bad is going to happen.

Poor Michael and Lexi…neither can ever catch a real break can they?!

I got kicked out before my message posted. I will try again.

Mike is using fans? Something is definetly not right with him. Sounds like he’s blaming Lexi for this.

And why is my tummy doing flips regarding Patrick and Alannah? She is fine with him infront of her mom, but not when they are alone. And I don’t like how he said that he was going to take real good care of her. A man who takes advantage of a sick woman is not to be trusted with a child.

And Lexi is seriously sick again, but it’s not cancer. What could it be? I hope she gets better. She needs Mike to help her through this, just like before. And ‘lannah needs her daddy to get her away from Patrick.

By Yukon girl on August 8th, 2011 at 1:51 am

OK what is Patrick injecting into Lexi ???That does not sound good to me , and what is wrong with her anyway , I am worried about her , very worried about her ..

This chapter made me feel sad , Mike bringing a fan up for some quick sex ? WTH ,….Visions of Neverland for Lexi in some drugged up high …..I want this to stop has to stop ….Poor Alana watching Daddy’s brief appearance in Men in Black 2 all by her self
Patrick having sex with a drugged up addicted Lexi …
Yes , I sad …

By Yukon girl on August 8th, 2011 at 2:00 am

Lexi had been made into an addict by the asshole Patrick , she is not sick , she is withdrawing , she needs her fix , she does not need anitbiotics , she needs detox !!!!! OMG I am mad , I want to come to the rescue damnit …..

OK Patrick is freaking me out I don’t like him and I hope he doesn’t do anything to Alana god I just want them to get back together and whats wrong with Lexi?

Ho paura per Lexi e la bambina, ma anche tanta per Michael, se accadesse loro qualcosa ne sarebbe devastato.
Un abbraccio.

I fear for Lexi and the child, but also a lot to Michael, if something happened to them would be devastated.
A hug.

By CandydiMJBadLova on August 8th, 2011 at 12:28 pm

Oh damn! I’m scared about how that part ended!

I started thinking about what Patrick was giving Lexi too. I hope this isn’t some horrific plan of his to get at “lannah by getting rid of her mother. Lexi is a strong woman and will do whatever she can to help her child, as soon as she figures out what’s going on.

I hear you guys thinking…
Puzzle pieces falling together
You are all so smart…
as are our couple
and their kids

But its a dark time
and hearts have been broken
they have to hold on tight
and keep their love unspoken

F**k I was so drawn in u have to continue pppllleeeaaasseee

Piercings?? Kinky! I like it!

So Mikey picks out a lucky fan, gets a BJ (and a “revenge, I hate the world” BJ at that), doesn’t return the favor, makes the chick sign a confidentiality agreement then invites her to come back later with a friend?? Oh yeah. Now that’s the life of a pop star! LOL And yes, I could see this scenario happening for real….the whole Peter Pan thing makes me laugh!

And Lexi?? OMG, what a mess! What the hell is she shooting up with and why is she letting Patrick do it in the first place???? I’m really confused here. That baby of hers better call Daddy for help ASAP or she and her momma are both in serious trouble.

The whole thing situation is very sad…..Mikey can’t escape his memories, continues to be ridiculed by the world and has legal woes up the wazzoo. Lexi sounds like she’s being murdered one day at a time and Alannah is at risk…..Good Lord, how is this all going to end?????

OMg if she’s preggo that would be awsome! But someone(michael) needs to save lexi like asap!

i really dread where this is going! i don’t like this patrick guy and what the hell is he injecting her??? uuurgh! i can feel this is no good! mike better get his hands on that! jesus, heavy stuff on both sides. i hope they get back together soon!

i like the dark atmosphere you creating here girl! keep it coming!

Damn….can’t believe what is going on right now.

Lol at Mike picking out a fan and getting some head from her and not returning the damn favor…i would be like well damn Mike >_> lol. But I see he let her sign an agreement. His thoughts must be eating him up inside though…sad.

and SMDH at this Patrick guy…I had a bad vibe since when I read when Alannah was looking through his eyes…this dude is too damn creepy and Im not feeling it at all. Lexi is being drugged up by this fool and that’s why she is feeling like this lately…I don’t know why he is harming her like this…and that line at the end when he said…oh Ima take REAL good care of you…and your little girl…I was like oh hell naw that shit is some of psycho mess!

I hope Alannah will call or someone to come through and get them away from this man…cause he is crazy.

Can’t wait for the next chapter love…I love your writing so much <3

i don’t think it was a revenge bj. more like he was lonely.

i don’t like patrick and whatever he is giving to her is what is making her sick it seems like. he seems disgusting.

i hope mike and his girls are reunited again soon.

Omg!! Lexi’s not sick, it’s withdrawal. What kinda drugs is Patrick giving her??? Heroin??? It’s sumthing heavy! And he’s a sick dude…preying on her and her pretty little girl…pls rescue them soon, I don’t like where this is going. It doesn’t have to be rainbows and unicorns…but please don’t harm the baby. Lexi needs rehab & Michael!!!

By shaylovesmj on August 13th, 2011 at 11:31 am

Im so sorry for being late; But! you did great on this chapter. I feel like I don’t like parick and I miss mike and lexi and I also feel that Alannah is very smart, she knows whats going on and she has every right NOT to like him. …..very good chapter hun, I love it! 🙂

well in back and im so glad i got to read another chapter.

Okay patrick is a sick man. Drugging lexi and then using her body after her ‘medicine’. Where do he get his hands on it anyway. I hope she gets away from patrick before anything serious happens.

As for michael. I think he used this fan because of all of the frustration and hurt. You can see it when he says it in his mind ‘fuck you lexi & i hate you. Why did you leave me’. I hope he isnt taking that path of the typical rockstar. Get a different dirty diana every night and then make them sign a disclosure contract. Then to make it worse he is in the same suite that he and hunter shared.

This is a dark time for lexi and michael.

By Forever Michael on August 15th, 2011 at 10:06 pm

OMG How did I miss this unitl now.. I am so glad I decided to stop in here… Ok so I totally dont like this Patrick guy.. he is up to something and it isnt good… Seems like he is drugging her or poisoning her one..And then to have the nerve to take advantage of her.. How damn sick is that…. I sense that Alannah can see through him and I am just waiting for the moment when she tells Michael that her momma has been very sick.. I have a feeling Michael will go to her then.. And this whole Michael thing using the fans.. So not like the Michael we know he is…

I cant wait for Michael and Lexi to be together forever…Til death do they part…

Love you Dangerous….

OMG! Where I have been?! This was awesome, but so, so sad. I think Patrick has some agenda, the way he said he wanted to take care of them, ehh, it didn’t sit well. And Alannah seems to have vibes as all children do, I hate this, she is taking care of mommy more than the other way around.

@Cinbad, Loved your comment about the life of a pop star, lol. I agree girl. But I felt Michael’s isolation and pain, feeling so ridiculed over the Blanket thing, you handled that well.

Across the world they are both suffering alone even together with people. That BJ felt good but it was still empty. But DAMN Michael just picked out a fan (and a freaky pierced one at that) for some random head?! Must be good to be Michael Jackson. And now he’s gonna get it on with her and her friend later? Day-um. This is not the Michael or Lexi I want, and then Lexi just letting Patrick have his way with her…so sad.

Great chapter!

I meant you handled this chapter well DPYT, not at Cinbad, lol

Wow, I’m late to the party but, glad to see there was one 😉

What can I say that hasn’t already been said? I’ll just say that looking at the dates, jacka** Bashir’s doc should be out soon and that’s when the ish really hits the fan.

DPYT, you took a very interesting, dark turn for our couple. Can’t wait to see what happens next.

Patrick is preying on Lexi and Alannah. I hope Alannah calls someone, or when Her daddy calls, something will happen and he will hear through the phone. Patrick sounds like a sick bastard.

Hi Tia girl….glad you are catching up. I am loving your comments….they are making me read some of the old stuff too. Mwah!!!

By Barbara Straughn on March 14th, 2012 at 4:32 pm

MJ always picked fans out from the crowd to share dinner with – we don’t know it was any more than that but it’s possible. I don’t like this Patrick – what is he injecting Lexi with – where is Michael when she needs him …… oh God the torment


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