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Victim of Love: IX

Victim of Love: IX

July 30, 2002

For once he was grateful for the ever present insomnia that plagued his life. Sitting in the darkened suite he drank from the ’94 Vintage Napa Merlot, enjoying the delicate flavor as it caressed his tongue and laughing quietly as he lifted the bottle to his lips for another drink.

“Who needs a damn glass, wastes time anyway?”

He spoke to no one, since he was alone in the room waiting for her to arrive. The children were tucked safely in their beds a floor beneath him, tired from their evening at the show. Las Vegas always had its wonders and tonight he treated them to the works; including Lions and Tigers, and the Lions and Tigers had met his children…well three of them.

Three of them had ventured out earlier to see the magic and the magicians and soon the world would know of his precious and most magical youngest son.

But now it was hours later and Michael was becoming impatient, she was taking too long and his second bottle of wine was almost dry before the soft knock sounded on the door.

Punching redial on his cell he said softly to his security staffer stationed outside,

“Let her in.”

After twisting the cork out of another bottle he watched as the light from the hallway splayed across the floor, and her shadow filled up the space momentarily before the door closed.

“Hello?” she called out “I’m going to get a drink real quick.”

Her voice was soft and friendly and he breathed a sigh of relief. He watched from the darkness as she turned on the light over the bar and mixed up a cocktail taking a quick sip.

“Ok, you are being really quiet…so I guess I will put on some music then.”

Michael sat back on his loveseat, the bottle settling between his legs as he watched her power up the stereo.

It didn’t take her long and she was ready to join him, drink and remote in hand.

His dark eyes watched in anticipation as she dragged one of the dining room chairs behind her as she made her way towards him,

“I guess I’m ready…I hope you are.”

Michael took one last drink out of the bottle and set it aside; knowing all she could see so far was the tips of his shoes peeking out into the soft light that radiated from the bar.

“Go ahead.”

He said softly.

Draining the last of the cocktail she hastily set it aside, kicking the glass away with her foot.

As she aimed the remote back towards the stereo the music kicked in, loud…lurid and just what the moment called for.

Michael was ready for her to dance, dance and twist and grind and take his mind away from the ache that stayed in his heart but she stood still… seemingly frozen in place. The music was thumping; loud even for him…for a brief second he worried about the children and wondered if it might wake them from their sleep.

Picking the bottle up from the floor he took an extra long drink and waited, hoping she would finally start moving but when she didn’t, he picked up the empty glass she had kicked towards him earlier and threw it past her head and onto the wall beside the bar.

In her eyes, he saw the look of panic that ran through them momentarily but he didn’t care. He wanted what he had paid for. When he jumped to his feet the girl stumbled back against the chair and fell upon the remote killing the power to the music.

“What are you waiting for?”

“Please just give me a minute…I just need a minute, can I have another drink?”

“Is that what it’s gonna take to get you moving girl?”

He still stood in the shadows but he saw that she had a fleeting moment of recognition begin cross her face so he sat back on the loveseat.

“Get it then.”

She noted the sound of disapproval in his voice as she moved to pour the drink.

Her hands shook as she poured the shot out of the bottle and she spilled it across the marble of the bar.

“Damn it”

Her mumbled curse was evident as she mopped up the spill under his watchful gaze.

Michael tried to be patient; he didn’t want his mood to fade. He wanted to do this; he wanted to be THAT GUY!

Another shaky shot streamed down her throat and she finally felt loose enough to begin,

“Um…alright, I think…I think I’m ready now.”

“Do you have something else…a different song?”

His voice was barely audible from the dark.

She already felt exposed and she looked down as she spoke,

“Yeah…um yeah I do. Anything you might want really…”

“Something soft, slow.”

She noticed a change in his demeanor; the tense atmosphere had begun to thaw.

She began to shuffle through the CD randomly using the remote and it finally fell upon a slow song.

“Is that one alright…I mean its kind of old.”

Michael hesitated, the lyric hitting too close to his emotions for his own good. But he finally answered her with a soft whisper,

“It’s fine….now turn around.”

She didn’t hear him when he walked up behind her, as she was trying to start the song again. His footsteps, as always were quiet and catlike on the carpet.

Her ears began to ring, when the silk of his tie was suddenly around her eyes, blocking her sight and frightening her in the process.

“Please…please Mister, please don’t hurt me.”

“I’m not going to hurt you; I just don’t want you to see me. Since you changed the plan for the night so am I. Stay right here, I’ll be right back.”

His voice was soft and soothing, and she started to calm down…forgetting about the glass he had thrown earlier.

Moving quickly to the bar Michael found the bottle she had mixed her drink from and brought it back to her. Placing her hand around the neck he brought it to her lips and quietly spoke,

“Here have another drink; I don’t want you thinking I am some kind of crazy nut.”

He watched as she drank the amber liquid while he helped her hold the bottle to her mouth, her golden skin glistened in the single light still shining from the bar.

“It’s not that, I just…Mister…I’ve just never done this before is all.”

“Oh god….you’re not a dancer.”

“No! Yes…yes I am a dancer. I just got off…oh man. I mean I dance in a show. I don’t do this. I, god, I guess I do…do this now……..”

Michael walked back to the bar and returned the bottle switching off the light in the process,

“But you are in the book, why are you in the book.”

The liquor was starting to make her feel dizzy. She could smell his cologne and feel the heat from his body as he stood behind her.

He whispered it again, softly in her ear,

“Why are you in the book girl?”

“It’s a long story, but I guess I’m not really here for stories, am I.”

She was actually relieved that she had the blindfold now; he couldn’t see the tears that threatened to spill from her eyes but the slight sob in her voice was unmistakable.

Michael inhaled the scent of her hair and pressed against her,

“No, you’re here to dance for me…..”

His innuendo left her breathless and oddly attracted to him. This stranger with a magnetism so powerful that he seemed to fill her with desire even though she had never seen his face.

Raising the remote towards the stereo to start the song they had picked out, she was surprised to feel him gently take the control out of her hands.

“Wait; let’s make our own music, our own rhythm.” 

Her head was spinning suddenly, and she couldn’t stop the swell of feelings that swept over her. She felt so comfortable with him, she was excited, nervous, and more and more she was becoming turned on.

“Can I take this off now, I heard you turn off the light?”

“No…I’m sorry, shhhhhh girl…..shhhhhh.”

Slowly he began to sway side to side and she felt his fingers softly touching her face, his full lips pressed on her neck, heavy breathing against her ear, all the while she twisted her firm ass against his growing need.

As their desire increased Michael’s hand began to caress her waist, fingers sneaking in between the fabric to find bare skin before he finally grasped the belt of the dress that had been carelessly tied across her and pulled it free.

Dropping the remote on the seat, he used both hands to feel her curves.

“Damn girl, I could dance with you all night.”

“I already planned on staying….”

Reaching up he took down her hair, watching as it fell down her back,

“What do you call yourself?”

She hesitated slightly before answering, almost wanting to give him her real name. But finally she gave him the name she had picked out for the job.

“Diamond. It’s Diamond.”

“You’re perfect Diamond, so…mmmm, god you’re beautiful.”

Diamond felt like her knees might buckle at the soft tone in his voice when he led her back to the loveseat.


“Just stand there, I wanna look at you.”

He was entranced, she looked amazing. Better looking than the stupid book’s picture, and unbelievably she was new to the game. He was puzzled because he had been told that all the girls knew enough to be discreet but engaging and professional.  Slugging again off his bottle, she waited…clearly looking uncomfortable standing before him but so was he. Feeling torn, he knew that he should send her away because he wasn’t ready for anything like this right now and neither was this girl. NO, this woman he corrected himself silently… but he wanted her. It wasn’t what he planned on, because he just wanted to watch her dance for him… because he had just wanted to take his mind off of things. To try and forget, to try and not remember how it felt being in HER arms. How it felt touching HER body. How it felt to press his lips against HER skin. To forget how much he loved HER and now he had picked someone out of a book who could pass for HER….

Sitting down he felt the remote underneath him and hit play, grimacing slightly as the song started from the top.

“You Ok now?”

She heard his voice soft and clear over the music as it began to play.

Nodding slightly she stepped between his legs; letting the dress slip off her shoulders and to the floor. Her hips moved softly side to side while she reached up and untied the halter she wore, freeing it from her neck as she bent over.

“Don’t let me fall, I’m dizzy…”

“Come here, damn girl come here.”

Diamond felt his large, strong hands pull her close and then she sat facing him in his lap.

“I wish I could see you…”

“It’s better that you don’t, trust me on that.”

Michael ran his hand up her thigh and let it rest on the curve of her hip.

“If  you are still nervous about this really it’s Ok.”

Leaning forward he pressed his lips against the top of her breast that peeked out from the halter, his tongue dipping below the fabric that barely concealed her stiffened nipple.

“Mmm that feels so good” she said quietly.

Throwing her head back at his touch, she pushed her chest out causing the halter to slip off of her breasts as his lips wrapped around its point.

He drew in a deep breath trying to slow down his longing, but even as he did so he moved his mouth to capture and caress her other nipple. His teeth felt sharp against her sensitive flesh as he bit down slightly before wrapping soft lips around it.  Diamond pressed his head closer when she heard him moan, moan as his tongue flicked the tip that was slick and soaked in saliva.

Unable to control her body she pressed her wetness against his leg straining for more; wanting to feel what other pleasurable delights he could offer her.

“You like that girl? Huh?”

Michael continued speaking when he pulled her head down to his mouth and he whispered seductively in her ear,

“Show me what else you like then…c’mon”

“Oh god Mister…you’re turning me on so much.”


She used her own hands to push her breasts together and towards where his mouth should be.

“Suck them again.”



His shaft responded as she pressed them against his face, but then she fell clumsily against him as she tried to find the edge of the loveseat with her hands and his teeth tore across her skin as she crashed down.

“Aye, ow…mmmm”

Her muffled cry was soon lost as she buried her mouth against his shoulder while he tenderly soothed her bruised skin with his palm.

“I’m sorry…sorry.”

“It’s Ok…”

Raising her head, Diamond nuzzled his neck and her tongue darted out tracing  delicate sensual patterns up to his ear.

“I’m so wet Mister. I want you so much.”

“You do?”

“Mmm, this is so hot.”

“Um Girl…yes it is.”

Michael’s hands ran down her back, until he clutched her ass cheeks with a firm grip. Slowly he started to grind into her crotch, pulling her towards him. Making sure she felt every hard inch of his need.

Laying back on the loveseat he pushed up and into her, becoming more aroused at the feeling of her soaked g-string through the thin fabric of his pajamas. Arching her back, Diamond rotated her hips as she sat astride Michael, anticipating the feeling of his large, swollen shaft surging into her at any moment.

Placing her hand upon him she felt him swelling with desire,

“I want you…I want to come with you.”

“You wanna come?”

He heard her suck air in between her teeth as his thumb met her swollen bud,

“I asked you if you wanna come?”

His thumb was moving faster as they both twisted and ground upon each other like two teenagers at a drive in.

Diamond was perspiring, a light film covering her body and dripping down her face,

“Make me come…”

Long fingers slipped inside her slick folds and found their mark, plunging and filling her up while his thumb continued to move her inside her with a sensuous rhythm.

“Say it again..”

“Make me come Mister”

“Mmm louder, say it louder”

“Aye Papi, make me come” she cried out.

Rolling her to the side Michael manipulated her with his practiced touch, and all while her breast was skillfully sucked between his lips while he lost himself in pleasuring her,

“Come for me baby…you’re so wet.”

“I’m coming…Papi, Aye I’m I’m”

The heat, the wine, the sex…he was That Guy.

Sucking roughly on her nipple he let it slip though his lips as she reached her climax,

“That’s it Lex…yes baby let it go.”

His eyes were closed and he clenched his bottom lip between his teeth and she rolled underneath him. Erotic images of making love to HER invaded his mind even as he thought of achieving his own climax.

Her release finally subsided and Diamond began to slide to her knees, the tie  beginning to slip off of one eye.

“It’s your turn now Mister, let me take you there.”

Opening his eyes as she reached for his pajamas Michael looked down at the girl in front of him. She had grasped him fully in her small hand and was about to take him between her lips when she spoke,

“Call me whatever name you want it’s Ok.”

“What are you talking about?”

Her hands stroked him up and down, keeping him hard.

“You called me somebody else…it’s alright Mister.”

She moved towards him but he suddenly stood up and pulled the drawstring of his pajamas back together.

“Give me a second…I need to fix a drink.”

“Can you bring me another?” she asked as she laid her head on the edge of the seat.

“Yeah sure.”

Michael walked to the Master bedroom and closed the door. Leaning briefly against the wall he struggled to catch his breath.

“Lexi…I called that…that whore in there I called her Lexi. Oh my god, what am I doing. What have I done?”

He had to get out of there, what had he been thinking. He wasn’t THAT GUY, was he? He was Michael, Michael from Gary, Indiana. Michael from Gary, Indiana that proposes on top of the Eiffel Tower and has a beautiful daughter with a beautiful woman, and he had forgotten about both of them tonight.

Moving through the second bedroom he left through the door at the end of the hall and ran down the stairs to his family’s suite of rooms.

The button on the phone was blurry from alcohol and tears when he hit redial,

“Make sure she leaves…just take care of her and make sure she leaves.”

By the time security opened the door; Diamond was dressed and had already packed her bag.

“I am already leaving; I will get a cab from the lobby.”

“We can arrange transport Ma’am.”

She thought about saying no for a moment, but then quickly changed her mind. Why spend the cab fare when she could ride for free. It was always nice when these new guys believed her “first timer” act. Checking her bag one last time she noted the crisp bills she had tucked discreetly inside, lying just beside the designer tie that had been over her eyes only minutes before.


Michael’s heart rate had returned to normal after he freshened up in the bathroom. He was too restless to lie down and decided to check in on the kids. Stepping out into the hallway he met Grace just leaving the baby’s room,

“Is he good?”

“Hungry and eating like a Tiger.”

Smiling at her joke, Michael took the bottle and led the way to the kitchette.

“What did you do tonight?”

“I just watched some television. Did you have a nice time?”

Embarrassed Michael looked away as he put the bottle on the sink,

“The show was great and everyone was really surprised to see the baby.”

“Well it won’t be long and the whole world will be really surprised to see him period.”

Grace turned and started washing the bottle and the kid’s dishes from their snacks before bed. Michael watched her in her oversized t-shirt that barely concealed her panties. She looked so natural in her bare feet and her face was glowing and freshly washed.

“Grace, I want to thank you for everything you do…it really means so much to me.”

Shaking the water out of the bottle she set it up to dry,

“I would say it’s just my job, but I love them like they were my own. You know that Michael.”

He saw the film of tears in her eyes and his stomach dropped,

“I do…”

God he was still drunk, it was hard to think. His hormones were still on edge from his encounter with Diamond.

He took a step closer,


She looked over at him and sighed in resignation,


“Grace I jus wanna say….”

Michael tilted her chin up and stared intently at her for a moment and then gently placed his lips on hers.

She pulled back slowly,

“Michael, don’t do this again.”

“What? I wouldn’t do that. You know I care about you.”

Moving behind her he lifted the t-shirt up and passed his hand down her stomach,

“You’re part of me girl….I dont want to be alone tonight.”

Her back arched as he pulled her panties aside and entered her. It was never about passion on his part and she knew it. But her heart was with him and she couldn’t say no, when he beckoned she came for him…literally.

…and for Michael all he needed was to be safe, he needed comfort….he needed another night with Grace.


The call came for her late the next night.

Black stockings, black high heels, black bustier and panties. Don’t be late.

The door was opened promptly on arrival and her drink already waited on the bar. The dining room chair was positioned in front of the loveseat and she could see the tips of his shoes as he waited for her just like the previous evening.

“I am happy you called for me again Mister”

“You have my tie”

“I brought it”

“Bring it here and sit down”

Diamond did as she was told, but as she brought it up to her eyes she heard his voice from the dark,

“No…not tonight. I’m not going to hide your eyes; just dance…I want to watch you dance for me.”

….and even though she hadn’t brought her music NIN began to play again on the stereo and she felt a thrill course through her. The music was loud, lurid and just what the moment called for. It made her feel sexy, and a bit dirty to dance to this song for him.

As she danced she remembered the heat of desire they had shared the night before. The passionate feel of his expert touch his hand on her body had and it made her use all her best moves. By the time it was finished she was topless, breathing heavily and splayed out on the chair.

He eyed her warily, sizing her up before he spoke,

“Your dancing is good, but you can be better.”

“Is that really what this is about now, my dancing?”

“It can be.”

Diamond sat up on the chair and picked her top up off of the floor,

“Listen Mister, I’ve been in this town since I was fifteen years old. I have auditioned for every show on the strip and if I’m lucky I get past the callbacks. So don’t try to make me any promises you have no intention on keeping.”

“It won’t be me making the promise… Angela.”

Diamond’s mouth dropped opened at hearing her name coming from the stranger in the dark and she pulled her top to her chest.

“ the hell did you find out my name?”

She could tell he stood up from the sound of the leather creaking on the loveseat.

“Do you want to get out of this business and make something of your life?”

“…of course”

“Be in class tomorrow morning at 8:30, I paid for the next two years for you. The information is on the bar.”

Her eyes flashed first with suspicion and then excitement,

“Are you serious Mister?”

“Go look.”

She sprinted to the bar, ripping the envelope open in one motion.

“Oh jesus, it’s true. Why…why would you do something like this Mister?”

Michael waited, not really sure why he wanted to help her,

“I guess I think you deserve a chance, we all get in to times in our lives when nothing seems to go the way we want it to.”

The girl he now knew as Angela turned to the bar and picked up the bottle she had drank from the night before. When she approached him she didn’t even bother trying to hide the tears that fell from her eyes,

“What do you want from me in return?”


“Can I see you now?”

He stepped back again towards the seat, afraid of her reaction,

“No, please don’t.”

After wiping her eyes she set the bottle on the floor so he could take a drink,

“I know, hold on a minute.”

Michael watched her as she scampered to her bag and pulled out a CD, her naked breasts bouncing with each step.

“Where’s the remote?” she asked when she returned

“I have it.”

“Ok…press play and come dance with me. I’ll shut my eyes and you can turn off the lights.”

She heard his quiet laughter before he said,

“Turn off the light then girl.”

Once again he watched her bounce across the room as she went to turn off the light and he hit play on the stereo.

Again it was the same song as the night before, but the slow song…A song that brought the memories of a happier time and another woman.

Angela stood before him again and gracefully stepped into his space,

“This song made you feel something last night, do you want to go there again.”

“Not really, let’s just dance…”

Michael held her close as the music washed over him and he felt his heart breaking in two.

“Thank you for what you did. I will pay you back some day Mister.”

“You don’t have to; just get out of the book.”

“I will…. Michael, I promise I will.”

Taking a deep breath of resignation he held her tight and began to sing along with the song….

Why didn’t I say the things I needed to say
How could I let my angel get away
Now my world is just a tumbling down
I can say it so clearly but you’re nowhere around

The nights are lonely, the days are so sad
And I just keep thinking about the love that we had
And I’m missing you
And nobody knows it but me

To Be Continued…..

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You’re back DPYT; you’re back! And you didn’t lose any of your fire.

I like how you’re showing MJ getting on with his life. Maybe he & Lexi needed some space before they can decided where their relationship is going.

Isn’t Grace the best employee ever LOL?! Nothing she won’t do.

I have to say when I first saw him on that doc. and he said he liked the Vegas entertainment; gals like Diamond and their services is exactly what I thought he was referring to.

When I watched it again I thought of Siegfreid & Roy LOL.

LOL about the entertainment. I think Triple D Diamond in a one woman show would certainly be right up Mike’s alley.

By craziousmj on July 9th, 2011 at 2:06 am

1. was shocked.
2. was unbelievably shocked.
3. the story was cool.
4. made me think of MJ MORE
5. heck MJ fictions are really wild.

By iam_music on July 9th, 2011 at 3:07 am

…so who is Lexi doing?? I hope she got her some young thang wherever she’s at.

By Forever Michael on July 9th, 2011 at 3:55 am

You definetly havent lost your touch girl…I just hate to see Michael doing such crazy things.. Drinking playing around with someone from the book and even sleeping with Grace. I mean what has gotten into him….He needs to get his self together………..

Ok so, this was in my inbox for approval when I woke up. In the right of free speech I will post it. If I approved from the email then the poster is available to come back at will and continue to post at will. I do not think that would be advantageous to the thread or forum. I will post my response below:

Author : Tigereyes
Well, I must say, this chapter is soooo good! I read with interest this time around…

There were several points that jumped out and caught my attention.
The lap-dance in the darkened room.
The blindfold.
Grace coming into it as a sexual plaything.
Mike’s hesitance between partners.
Mike giving someone struggling the chance to become a professional dancer.

Then it hit me why it seemed so good…I’d read this before in Sugar Daddy.

Plagiarism comes to mind here. At least if I can’t think of anything new to write I take a break for a while. I don’t go copying other people’s chapters. Still – I suppose imitation is a sign of adoration…

Or desperation


Tiger, while your devotion to BOD and her story are admirable (I have seen the digs you are apparently taking at me in your comments there), because she is a superb writer and it has been very exciting watching her grow these last few months. I think it is quite evident by the almost 70 chapters and nearly two years worth of stories here at DPYT that there is no plagerism afoot. I am embarrassed for you saying that actually. Diamond’s character has been planned for awhile, even before BOD existed in this sphere and as you hopefully are aware this particular story follows the course of his life. He has several hurdles to cross in the near future and she will be a small part of it. As will some of the other PYTs.

I hope you dont continue to demean yourself by writing such non-sensical drival like what you put here, but it will be easy to solve. STAY THE HELL OFF OF MY SITE YOU CRAZY FOOL.

I have been nothing but nice to you, but that is over. It too bad you get so stark raving mad that I deleted a post on the forum that you arnt able to figure out should be a PM but thats the way it is. Deal with it. Gets some tissues for your issues and leave me out of your head games.

Fan fiction is not reality and we are all just supposed to be here having fun.

Thank you

By Forever Michael on July 9th, 2011 at 9:49 am

I support you and everything you write Dangerous……. Love you girl…..

Love you too Babygirl…your support through the last few months has meant so much. I know you understand how much is sitting on my plate. This place is my getaway, and its beginning to feel like a chore especially waking up to comments like the above. I just want to have a good time with some sexy Mike and fun disscussion. I dont want to lose my passion and thats what i started all this for. Maybe I need to change the slogan to “Keep it Passionate”. I’m just so tired….

Great Post dangerous! I hate seeing Michael in this state. I will have to email you, I’m typing on an iPad and I’m not used to it. I hope you’re doing better, glad this can be an escape. Love you!

I am loving this story! Good thing that you’re back,lol. I was getting bored without your MJ soap! LOL!

Love you too!

I will keep my eyes open for your email, and iPad! I am jealous, that is my next purchase..but of course I want the works. LOL QVC doesnt sell them so there is not payment plan.

Hi Candy, thanks for hanging in there girl. I’m sorry I cant write as much as I used to, but please dont give up on me just yet. Hugs to you…XOXOXO

I LOVE it when Mikey throws glassware!! Damn!!! So HOT!! Poor little Boo Boo has lost his way for sure….he’s paying call girls and messin’ with Grace. Lexi better come to her senses and get back home STAT before he becomes completely unhinged….

Why do I have the feeling Lexi is off with the blue eyed man???? Frickin’ A!!!

By shaylovesmj on July 9th, 2011 at 5:22 pm

Oooooo girl. you are just amazing with your stories. I just love how you put everthing together! keep doin ur thing , you are truely wonderful with your work and I love and respect you for that. 🙂 anyway for some reason, think that she’s going with patrick ctfu! great chapter.

Wow, how unnecessary for Tiger to say that. I love BOD’s story myself, but I would NEVER accuse you of doing that. Thats just not right, and its completely out of context even in relation to that story. Its not even in the same realm.

This was a really great chapter and youre an AWESOME writer!!! Keep it up!

Dangerous yay I missed this story its was worth the wait amazing as always keep doing your thing!!

Dangerous!!! finally a new chapter! 🙂 this was too good….i wanted some more but girl…you did the damn thing lol.

Michael and Diamond…sheesh that was pretty hot…he was throwing glassware and didnt care at all lol. Looks like she got her orgasm on from his long fingers…lawd lol.

Not suprised with him getting a lil some some with Grace boo lol! looks like Grace does not mind at all.

Lexi is probably off with that blue eyed guy she saw when she left. Mabye…mabye not…but hopefully she will find her way back to Michael soon…cause he is missing her as I can tell from this chapter.

Can’t wait for more love and i know my ass hasn’t been commenting lately but you know im here girl! <3 Hope things are well with you and your family. Can't wait to see the next chapter you have in store for us 🙂

Durante la lettura i miei occhi si spalancavano sempre più.
Dopo Grace anche la mia bocca è restata aperta.
Dangerous PYT porta la storia dove vuoi, io ti seguo.
Amo il modo in cui scrivi, gli imprevisti che succedono.
Spero che continuerai (apro il sito tutti i giorni in cerca di aggiornamenti) a farmi, farci (portavoce delle tue fan italiane) sognare, piangere, preoccupare…la tua storia è parte di noi.
un abbraccio.
(traduco con Google)

While reading my eyes widened even more.
After Grace also my mouth remained open.
PYT Dangerous brings the history where you want, I will follow.
I love the way you write, the unexpected happens.
I hope you will continue (I open the site every day looking for updates) to me, us (Italian spokesman of your fans) dream, cry, worry … your story is part of us.
a hug.
(Google translate)

By shaylovesmj on July 10th, 2011 at 9:54 am

I just read the comments over and it really hit me what tiger had said! ….hhhhhhuuuuhhhhhhhh whatever! keep doing your thing,but if one person can’t show any love or respect for all your hard work, then you better belive the rest of us will. your doing great, just take your time you don’t have to rush. …….xoxoxo

By IamMrsJackson on July 11th, 2011 at 11:59 pm


and omg tigereyes…i cant believe she said that…this is all supposed to be fun and what did michael preach? LOVE! there is no need for the hostility…

wonderful chapter…very dark and dirty…just sexy…although he needs to get himself together…and that song!! it is so sexy…

i think i may get on my pole tonight…lol

OMG! I can’t believe I totally missed this update! I haven’t read it yet, but I will be back to comment once I do. And just so you know, there will always be so many, many more admirers of your work than detractors.

My eyes were glued to the screen! Michael is so sexy when he is THAT GUY.

I wonder how much time has gone by since Lexi left, because it sounds like Grace has taken care of him more than once. Funny how he doesn’t feel bad about doing it with Grace. He is more emotionally involved with her than with a call girl, which means he is disrespecting Lexi even more by being with Grace.

Thanks for another fabulous update.

By Forever Michael on July 18th, 2011 at 9:42 pm

Stopping in to show some love to my girl Dangerous… Cant wait to for another update…..


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