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Home III

Home III

He smelled it even before he was awake, the heartwarming aroma of breakfast being cooked. Notably the smell of fresh bacon wafting in the air, he didn’t even bother turning over as he already knew he was alone in the bed. Taking a few minutes to come to wakefulness, he imagined her in the kitchen. Still sleepy eyed dressed in her soft pink robe and slippers, cup of coffee at the ready on the counter. He had watched her so many times when he was young go through the same routine, but this was the first time he had been lucky enough to wake up in her bed to the smells of her cooking breakfast. The rumble of his belly finally beckoned to him to climb out of the warm cocoon he was immersed in and he took a quick trip to the bathroom to brush his teeth. Staring in the mirror he didn’t think he looked worse for wear after the long night at the awards show the evening before but he decided to take a quick shower to freshen up. After stepping through he returned to the bedroom looking for his clothing and was puzzled when he was unable to locate them on the window seat where he had left them when he joined her after the party.  Wrapping the towel back around his narrow hips he walked out to ask her what she had done with them and was shocked to find that they were no longer alone.

Diana was in deep conversation looking troubled and confused. He overheard her quietly say,

“No, it’s not the time. We need to give her a while before we tell her you are her father.”

 It was then that Michael saw who she was speaking with and their eyes locked together both in shock and dismay. Diana had been so involved in the conversation she had completely forgotten that Michael may walk out at any moment and Berry might see him. Her face gave away the truth before the question was even asked and Berry glared at her with dark eyes.

“What the hell are you doing Diana; you can ruin EVERYTHING, everything you have ever worked for.”

 Never feeling more exposed Michael didn’t know what to do until he saw his clothing neatly pressed on the end of the couch. As he reached for them and hurried back to the room he heard her say,

“We’re being discreet Berry; you should know how that works.”

Michael’s heart was beating out of his chest as he closed the door and walked to the bed. He was overwhelmed that their secret was out and that it was Berry who had discovered it. His head spun with the scene that had played out just moments before. Michael was taken aback at what Diana had said about Berry being one of the girl’s father and that he had been caught spending the night after the party, it was all so much to take in. He felt like a kid again and wasn’t so sure he was ready to play such adult games. 

Ten minutes later the door opened and Diana saw a wide eyed Michael sitting on the bed, waiting in anticipation.

“Come eat some breakfast, he left. His plane is leaving soon.”

Wiping his perspiring hands on the towel and he followed her to the kitchen and took the glass of orange juice she offered hesitantly.

“What is going to happen? Do you think he will call Joseph?”

Pouring herself a cup of coffee, Diana mumbled under her breath,

“No, he ain’t calling anybody.”

Suddenly the bacon didn’t seem appealing anymore, but she was and he moved towards her,

“I don’t care If the whole world finds out about us, I don’t care anymore. I want to be with you Diane, now more than ever.”

Resting her head back against his chest Diana sighed,

“I wish it was that easy, but it would be the end of our careers Michael…and I have my girls to worry about too.”

He wrapped his arms around her waist,

“I have some money now, Joseph didn’t keep it all. I’ll sing in Las Vegas, don’t you know how much it kills me when I can’t see you. I don’t want to pretend with these other girls anymore.”

His lips found the soft spot behind her ear and she bent her neck over as he slid his mouth lower,

“I wanna wake up to you every morning Diane, and make love to you every night.” Her arms wrapped around his and she closed her eyes, dreaming of the possibility.

“You make it sound so easy Michael…keep talking.”

Untying the belt of her robe he breathed seductively in her ear,

“How ‘bout I just show ya; like I did last night?” Sliding his hand up, he cupped her breast, rubbing his thumb softly over her nipple.

A slight smile crossed her face and she whispered,

“That’s a good start, show me more.”

Diana felt his hand travel down, lifting up the edge of her nightgown before she felt the heat of his fingers against her thigh. As he spread his hand out his thumb parted her divide already sticky with her wetness.

“Mmmm, gah girl. You are so wet already.” Diana reached down and placed her hand over his where he had begun to move it over her pulsing need. He felt her hips pushing and grinding and his own need began to press against her.

“Michael” she breathed impatiently, “Now don’t you wanna?”

Diana’s moan was more of a command than a question and Michael wildly pushed her robe and nightgown up over her hips. As she bent over the counter, Diana reached for his towel and flung it to the ground…allowing Michael to enter her all in one motion.

He still closed his eyes and shuddered when he felt her close around him. Sometime he thought if he just could stand still like they were he could think himself to an orgasm just by the sensations that she elicited in his body by being underneath him. But yet, he was compelled to move. To stroke her velvet softness, that also held him vice like when he glided back and forth inside her.  

Diana’s moan brought him out of his bliss and as she forcefully brought her hips back into his as he bent over and pulled her close, forcing the top half of her body onto the counter.

“Ahhh Michael”

 Diana’s cry echoed through the kitchen while he concentrated on trying to please her. Rotating his hips he felt her tremble with every forward plunge, until finally she shook with a massive tremor of delight. His shaft was slick with her juice and Michael rose up and drove into her, invigorated with her release.

“Diane, Mmm…gawd, I’m gonna come. You turn me on so much.”

 He vaguely heard the slapping sound their thighs made as he moved against her and finally he released, just as he pulled out and let go covering the small of her back with his essence. Clutching the cabinets above her Diana struggled to breathe, her legs still shaking from their wanton session of love making.

Eventually she opened a drawer by her side and removed a hand towel and passed it to Michael.

“Are you still hungry?” , she asked casually.

“Not for breakfast.”

Michael replied as he took her by the hand and led her back to the bedroom, her pink slippers scuffing along quickly behind him as she hurried to keep up.


Michael bounced up and down waiting on the cue. He could sense her out of all the crowd standing above him and it had to be perfect…absolutely NO MISTAKES. They were both dressed alike in pure white, their shirts as sparkling as they both felt inside.

Did she just say sexy…SEXY in front of all those people? Oh my god…he just said it back! No, never mind, she’s like his Mother. Yeah she is dating that Gene guy anyway.

The whispers of gossip filtered out and were forgotten with the extras….




Did he hear her right?  She wanted him on the stage, at her concert. Oh god…he wasn’t dressed for it, but he was going up there anyway.

Boy….you turn me inside out and round round

Awww look how cute they are together….Michael has really gotten handsome huh….that Diana she crazy, look at her tryin to dance with him

The happy crowd smiled and cheered as the stars embraced in front of them, unaware that they had been lucky enough to witness a treasured moment that would one day be relived over and over again by their fans.


Diana checked her makeup one final time,

“Ok are you ready?”

“Sure, of course. Let’s go.”

Michael stepped out of the car and turned around for her hand. It only took a moment to walk down to the press line and Michael stood patiently by as Diana answered questions from the reporters stationed along the red carpet. The thrill he got when she called him her date was intense and embarrassing but nothing compared to the kiss that came after. THAT was spectacular. It was such a great night, oh and he met Brooke Shields too. She seemed like a nice girl…




“You are all over the papers this morning and television too.”

Diana held the phone to her ear and took a sip of her coffee.

“Yeah, I hear.”

“Michael, aren’t you happy about that?”

“Of course Diane, it’s…it’s just that I haven’t seen you since that night and it was so crazy. My life is so crazy. I miss you.”

“I miss you too, how are rehearsals?”

“Don’t ask…”

“That bad?”

“Do you have to ask me? You know my brothers and you know I don’t even want to do this.”

“I’ll see you when we cross paths…”

“I know”

“I’m proud of you Michael, really proud of you.”

He paused before answering…..

“I knew you would be.”


The studio was full of stars but he couldn’t help but gravitate to Diana. She knew he was excited about the event and made sure she was there to lean on in case he needed her.

They helped millions of people with one song that night and when they left the studio they finally got to help each other.


He had his hands full of her all spring. Finally everything was working out, neither one of them were touring and they were both in the studio. Michael had even helped her with another song for her album.

He just knew that all the endless talking between them about being a couple could finally cease and now they could just be together. No more talking, just the two of them and the kids as a big happy family.

Michael loved being in Connecticut, it felt so right to be there with her. Something as simple as watching a movie made him feel at ease. Even though the Nanny was there he finally held her close and didn’t care, the plot of the movie getting lost in the distraction that seemed to play behind his eyes. His plan would be perfect, Diane, the girls and him in Miami for a long week before she started recording the single…he would ask her then. Give her the ring then. Kissing her lightly on the side of her lips in the dark of the room he silently pledged his heart to her forever.


Diana tossed the lyric sheet on top of her clothes and closed the top of her suitcase.

“I think that new chorus will work great on the single.”

Michael caught her arm and pulled her back on the bed,

“So, that means you will tie me to a tree then?”

Straddling him she brought her lips down on top of his and kissed him feverishly before she finally said,

“Can I tie you up right now?”

“Oh god…Diane, girl that’s embarrassing.”

Reaching down she felt his growing member and said,

“I think you would like it, you can’t play that innocent crap with me anymore.”

She hadn’t stopped manipulating him and he closed his eyes, a slight grin on his face,

“You don’t want to be my slave Michael? That’s what you wrote?”

Biting his lower lip he groaned and pulled her tight,

“Mmmm, you keep that up and I will be anything you want me to be.”

Hastily she pulled her panties aside and mounted him, arching her back as he slid up and inside her body.

“Uhhh ah, you’re so amazing….”

“You like that?”

His eyes opened and he stared into her face, he wanted to give her everything he had. Take care of her, cherish her, spoil her…

“I love you….Diane, I love you so much.”

It shocked her for a moment, she didn’t know if it was the words, the way he said it, the look in his eyes…but it shocked her. He had told her over and over before but this time it shocked her…and frightened her too.

“Michael, I know….I know.”

He was so vulnerable, he had put everything… his whole being out there for her and she just couldn’t take it.

Burying her face in his neck she moved on him with renewed vigor. She just had to make him stop thinking about his emotions and just remember how good they felt together.

It wasn’t long till he cried out to her in ecstasy and she was able to relax and join him in her own release. He didn’t say it again until she walked out of the door; he figured he would save up his declarations of love for the big moment. After all this time she would finally be his and at last the world would know it.


The suite was filled with White Lilies; he hoped that she would remember when he sent them to her on her last day of filming The Wiz. He checked the safe and the ring he bought her had been safely tucked away just waiting for her to arrive. He was glad that she had taken a few days with the girls in The Bahamas and didn’t even mind that she was late arriving in Miami, he honestly expected them all to come bounding in the room any moment full of hugs and presents from the islands.

The Herald was under the door and he pulled out the entertainment section interested to see what the nightlife had going on at the moment on Miami Beach. He caught his breath looking at a photo of Diane, looking very happy and content next to a man while vacationing in the islands.

He knew then that she wasn’t coming, he knew then that the ring would never have a home…he knew then that he would still wait on her until the weekend was over just in case but he would leave alone and heartbroken.


“Who cares if we are late darling, you look magnificent.”

Elizabeth put her arm through Michael’s and waited for the doors to open during a commercial break. The murmur of the crowd was clear to them as they were escorted to the front row and they took their seats.

Diana was a bit intimidated when she saw him, she could see the hurt and anger on his face. But it was his eyes; they were dead…at least for her. The love he had for her was gone and in its place was an overwhelming sadness.

Calling him on stage was traumatic for them both, somehow they managed to be professional and at first glance no one seemed to notice the change.

Until he didn’t go to her fairy tale wedding, the gossip columns were abuzz with the story of Michael refusing her invitation. But nothing compared to the buzz when his album debuted and a song appeared on it, a song with her name in the title….

“Dirty Diana…..”


And so he found himself the most famous man on the planet.

Rich, handsome, talented beyond belief…but heartbroken and only a few knew…in utter despair.

He had been left unable to trust his feelings to anyone, and was now someone without a Home.

 ….until he saw the girl with the green eyes standing in the rain.








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Damn you Dirty Diana…. Hurting our baby like that…… Love it DPYT…. Love it DPYT.. Well done. You encapsulated every moment in MJ life during the early eighties, leading up to the BAD Era and paving the way for his beloved Hunter…
Great Update 🙂

*Shedding tears* How I wish Diana would have done right by him, or vice versa, however it played out. I think he’d still be here, happy, healthy and with a house full of little Michaels and Dianas running around.

I don’t know the circumstances of their “relationship” but, that thang would’ve been a beautiful romance.

I love how you wrapped up their story through the years! So well written & we have closure. (Until the bish comes back when he’s with Lexi.)

This series helped me understand their “relationship” better. When I was younger, I only understood his side & it was full of love & rejection.

I now understand her side. Someone is giving you nothing but pure adoration and if your “unsure” about things in your life (which happens as you get older), you might take the bait (um, Force). Still tacky as Hell to take his innocence but she had to be really needy (um, horny) and that can makes you selfish sometimes.

All those photos & memories of her & him, UGH!

My fave parts: “I wanna wake up to you every morning Ty-Ann, and make love to you every night…I love you…Ty-Ann, I love you so much.”

Yes I changed the names! I was called Diane several times in my life and this is sweet revenge!

Thanks DPYT for finally giving the Home fans this story! Miss Prince is so HAPPY right now (she LOVED this series)!

I hate to reference J. Randy Taborelli but he said Liz & Diana hated each other! Do you think he started his friendship with Liz to make Diana jealous?

By Stefiebea on March 17th, 2011 at 5:27 pm

You need to see the dance I just did when I saw this had been updated lol …..ok back to the story lol


She was back before Lexi girl

You need to read Wasted Time!!!
she came back to him after right after Kim and Hunter

By Stefiebea on March 17th, 2011 at 5:59 pm

I loved how you wrapped it up…It made me sad though because I really think they would have been good together and that it was probably one of the only times in his life that he was truly happy ( of the birth of his children but you know what I mean). Great Chapter xx

DPYT: oh yes, thx for reminding me! That makes Diana even needier (hornier).

Great wrap up to the story. Even know, she still wont admit to anything. I understand she’s protecting that privacy and what not, but she knows she’d look bad in alot of people’s eyes by doing him wrong. But she should also know how much he cared for her by putting her second behind his mother in raising the most important things on Earth to him.

I know it sounds kinda weird, but there is a big part of me that feels for her.

She must/might feel incredibly guilty over so much. I mean yeah we dont know what REALLY happened, but if it went down even close to this (even if they were never intimate) she knows how much he loved her.

Just knowing that and having the knowledge that your actions caused that kind of pain to someone at some point has to weigh heavy on your mind. Then to suddenly find out he left his children to you…man thats deep. Thats devotion.

No matter what he said on those tapes and that it took years to get over her, there was still SOMETHING there…I guess only those two will ever know for sure how much.

I do hope that whatever it was they were able to resolve it in time. If you think about it, Diana has lost alot of dear ones in her life…Michael might just be the most dear. So much so that she cant even speak about it to this day.

You are so good. I love how you tie it all together instead of having random plots and stories. Thank you for sharing these wonderful chapters with us!

You are welcome PflyGirl

Thanks for being here with us and posting your comments.

Wow!! That was amazing!! Dangerous, you rocked the mic with this installment! All the loose ends tied up. Preparing the way for Hunter. Hot, steamy sex. Trauma and heartbreak. It has it all….

I’m in agreement with Ty-Ann…the best line in the chapter is clearly this: “I wanna wake up next to you every morning CIN, and make love to you every night.” (Hey, I’m entitled to take some license with the story as well…) Honey, I will “fry your bacon” every morning for the rest of your life if you promise to keep up the hot monkey lovin’!!

I think Michael’s death was really hard on Diana. I’m convinced she didn’t go to the funeral because she couldn’t handle it emotionally. Whatever their relationship entailed, Michael would have laid down in traffic for that woman. No questions asked. Now that’s devotion!

LOVING this! Yeah…finally some Mike/Diana stuff!!

Been saving this for when I had a moment of peace and quiet, and it was well worth the wait! Like others have said, you tied all the pieces together, and it all fits perfectly. You sure you weren’t a fly on their wall?

And to top it all off, you hit us with that last line. The green eyes, the rain, the train….caught me in an OMG moment of surprise! You brought me right back to the start, with the pleasure of meeting Hunter, but the overwhelming sadness of her loss.

its so amazing. and the ending bringing back hunter to our minds. you made my day, dangerous pyt 😀

@Cinbad, you know that Michael would’ve done exactly that or taken a bullet, whatever to show his devotion to Diana…and I’m sure she knows it. What would be cool, is if one day she opens up. Not about the romance, but just about how much he meant to her. How much they meant to each other. That would be cool.

She had to hurt badly to not attend his funeral or memorial service. Can you imagine what she might have been doing at the time??? My uncle mourned my great-grandmother’s loss so much so, that it changed him. I mean he’s no where near the man he was when she passed. I wonder if that rings true with Diana? I’m sure it does…theirs was a love, that came only once in a lifetime. To even just have that “one” person who adores you so much, you’re always perfect in their eyes. That’s what she was to Michael…

This was the best Home chapter yet, it was so heartbreaking and I loved how you went through the years too. The kitchen scene was so hot, it was short but you packed a punch in it!

@ Ty-Ann, the line you quoted was my fav too, lol, funny you quoted it. I re-read it several times, imagining Michael (or anyone, lol) saying that to me. I also loved when he said he wanted to cherish and spoil her. Ahhh…

This chapter it was so heartbreaking. And what makes it even more close for me is that I FINALLY watched my DVR’d Oprah where she was on there and in reading your comments about how knowing she caused someone that much pain, then knowing they left their children to you…man you are right about devotion.

All those years and he never, NEVER, stopped loving her, she was still on his mind all these years later, I’m sure her knowing he left her his children had to be emotional; she knew he still had deep feelings (maybe still in love with her)

I didn’t expect them to mention Michael on that Oprah, but looking at her, she is still beautiful, still looks the same, and I couldn’t help but drift to Michael and think of how he’d still be in awe if he saw her.

I agree that I don’t think she can talk about him like that today, not in depth anyway. I don’t know how you handle those feelings and emotions. In some ways this was not just a broken heart she was dealing, it was almost a broken life.

Another great fanfic, naughty and dirty, just how I like it.

I really feel that Michael’s first time with Diana really must have been mind-blowing and unforgetable for him, another reason why he never got over her and you always see the look of love and lust in his eyes when he’s around her and looking at her even when she was still married to Mr Naess.
He really loved her like no other, if only a man would love me like that, sigh!!! (I am always blown away as well by the look on his face watching Diana at the 96 wmas, WOW ) I also feel so bad for Michael as well cause even though he had her and probably one of his happiest time was when he’s around Diana but in the end he really didn’t build the marriage and family he wanted with her.

Feel bad for Diana as well, cause she had to deal his passing, I bet she never thought that she would outlive her baby Michael and I always wonder whether she has any regrets not marrying him?????

I love your fanfics on Michael and Diana, Michael certainly did love himself some Diana Ross.
He certainly would have taken a GRENADE for her.
Talking about Grenades, here’s a new video of Michael and Diana with the song “Grenade” playing.

Amazing chapter, but it’s sad too. Poor Michael, he didn’t deserve that.


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