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The Salesman III


The Salesman III

December 1965

Leaning over, Michael picked up his glass of whiskey and took a long drink closing his eyes momentarily so he could listen intently as the voice from the television wafted through the air. He loved lying in bed before he went out for the evening, watching the latest shows…cocktail in hand. Letting the feeling float over his body, warm, soft and sensuous too, he lifted the glass once again to his lips as he listened to the voice on the television and wondered what she would be like. She was so young and vibrant, only 21 but already so beautiful. His body reacted as he thought about her noticeably shifting and he opened his eyes to watch. Michael’s heart began to beat harder as her hips shook to the beat of the song and her eyes met his in the dark of the room and just when he thought he didn’t want to hear another note of music he pushed himself up into the girl who sat astride him. Imagining she was the famous woman on the television, wishing she was the one who begged him to “Stop…in the name of love.”

Draining the remainder of the whisky he dropped the glass on the carpet and rolled the girl over on the bed. Placing her knee in his hand he pushed deep into her as she cried out, “Yes, Oh Daddy.” Feeling obliged to keep her quiet and fulfilled he drove deep inside her, reveling in the feel of the tight grip of her warmth as he slid in and out. Moving his hand over to her breast he pulled on her nipple and twisted it back and forth, watching as she gasped with desire. Their hips met in an undulating roll, building with a steady momentum as he felt his sac begin to contract with his orgasm. He fell upon her and drove hard between her legs with an urgent groan of release. Time after time he pushed inside until at last he was complete and rolled off of and away, ready to catch his breath.

Peeling the condom off as he walked to the bathroom, Michael glanced a final time at the television…watching as Diana took a bow and waved to the crowd, perfect as always.

As he slipped the gold watch he had won for Las Vegas Real Estate Rookie of the Year 1965 on his wrist he glanced at his reflection in the mirror. He had decided to wear all black and ran his fingers through his perfect hair making one final adjustment. As he came back into the bedroom the girl was still laying under the covers while he sat down to put on his new, custom made boots. “You have to go Valentina, I will call you.” His tone was dry and when he stood to make another drink he admired the shine of the silver toes that peeked out of his jeans as he walked.

“I can wait for you, my show is dark tonight….or better yet. Let me go?” Valentina sat up on her knees with an expectant look as he picked up the glass he had tossed down earlier.

“I have to meet some clients. I told you I would call.” Taking her hand he helped her stand, tossing her the dress he had stripped off of her earlier. “Here get dressed, while I telephone them.”

The look of disappointment on her face was evident but she took the clothes and made her way into the bathroom without another word and Michael breathed a sigh of relief that he would be rid of her for the evening.

Michael waited until her cab pulled away from his curb before he climbed inside his Aston Martin. One of the perks of being successful when you sell high dollar properties was to be able to buy the toys that go with it. But it was cold that night, late December had brought the first bite of frost to the valley and he hated that the top had to stay up on the car. He didn’t mind too much though, once he sunk in to the sports car. Like a good woman she seemed to melt around him, obeying his every command as he pushed her for more and she answered with faithful devotion…always delivering him safely after a thrilling ride.

Tuesday nights at the casino were usually laid back, so he was glad to head upstairs and talk business with some of the entertainers who had the night off because their shows were dark that night. However this night was big, Sammy was in town and Michael had been invited to join his group at the tables.

Michael tossed the keys to the valet and moved confidently through the casino. It felt great to be greeted by staff and wealthy gamblers as they moved around the floor. His aged whiskey was top of the line as it seemed to magically appear by his side throughout the evening but he made sure he took it easy so as to keep his head clear for business, because he had money to make and planned to put all his energy into making it happen.

Looking up from his place beside the craps table he spotted Eva’s driver, he was in his street clothes and hanging back from the crowd.

“Hello Charles, I haven’t seen you in quite some time. How have you been?”

“Mr. Jackson, pleasure to see you Sir. I have been marvelous. Thank you.”

“Nice to see you out, I guess you are still on call?” Michael fished for an answer, wondering about the whereabouts of Eva and John.

“Yes, my employers are still in Europe. I was told at least through the New Year. I do not expect them anytime soon. I suppose the shopping and parties are quite fantastic this time of year.”

“Yes, I suppose they are. I did receive a Christmas card from the company, probably the same one you were sent Charles. I guess as long as we are making them money they are happy.”

“Well, Mr. Jackson. You make the money and I will, continue to be discreet is that a deal?”

Michael hadn’t realized that the affair with Eva was so easy to recognize. He had thought they had hidden their tracks, but apparently not everyone was so easily fooled.

“I will continue to make the money Charles, and thank you.”

He was grateful for the murmur that gently rolled through the crowd signaling the arrival of Sammy Davis Jr. and his entourage. Michael noticed it was only a small group, but they seemed close-knit, and impeccably dressed. As the introductions were being made at the table he hung back just to observe and take in the scene. Until finally he was shaking his hand, Mr. Davis nodded his acknowledgement and squeezed his hand slightly as he moved along to the next person in line but Michael could tell that they would talk later when the time was right.

It wasn’t long before the Davis party was whisked upstairs and away from the crowd. Michael had been to the big money rooms before with Eva. Rooms with the finest liquor, best cigars and the most beautiful woman on demand; she ruled them like the Queen she was and he smiled thinking about the last time he took her on top of her chips. Hoping the poker table where she beat the men at their own game wouldn’t collapse. God he missed her, and he wanted her home and back in his arms, five months was too long….

Several hours later he was up seven thousand dollars when the girls finally arrived. He recognized most from the shows around town and the game came to a sudden standstill as the men decided to take a break and “stretch their legs”. As Michael reached for his glass he felt a pair of arms encircle his waist and a firm body press seductively behind him.

“So, I guess we meet again stranger.”

Spinning around he looked into her face, and he was dumbfounded.

“Valentina, what the hell are you doing here! I told you I would call.”

“But Baby, I…I had the chance to come here tonight. Don’t you want to see me, be with me?

Michael took her by her hand and pushed his way through the group of people out into the hall. “Damn it, I specifically didn’t want you or anyone else with me tonight ‘tina. Why in the hell would you defy me like that?”

By this time he had moved them all the way down to the end of the corridor out of ear shot of the guests.

“Michael, why would you say that to me after what happened between us tonight?”

“What happened? What happened tonight Valentina is that I wanted to screw you. What did you think it was?”

He could see her eyes starting to water and her face becoming red, “But…but you said you liked me. Why, why would you take me out on those dates and bring me to your home?”

Michael was trying to keep her quiet so the others wouldn’t hear. He pressed her hard against the wall, “Be quiet “tina. I swear to god if you mess up my deal…”

“That’s all you ever think about is money and things. I want to love you Michael, that’s why I am always around.”

“Shut up” His eyes were enraged and pulled her face up to his by her coat. “That’s not true, if you only knew the truth Valentina. Besides, if you wanted to just love me why do I always find my cash missing from my wallet when you leave?”

That was when her tears finally let loose, her truth was finally out. “That’s right, ‘tina…it’s tough to get treated like the cheap whore you are isn’t it.”

Valentina began to cough and he turned her loose with a look of disgust on his face, “Stay away from me Valentina, I’m done with you.”

Stalking back down the hallway, Michael received only a casual glance from one of the girls that had come to the party. When he entered the room Sammy shook his hand and Michael gave him his phone number to call later. He told him he knew of a big client looking to purchase land and he would set them up. As Michael began to leave Mr. Davis bent down and whispered softly,

“You keep handling your business.”

“Thank you for allowing me to be here tonight.”

Before he even had an acknowledgement, Sammy was swallowed up in people and girls. Michael cleared his chips off of the table and cashed them in, ready to head home to begin plotting his strategy.

Glancing up at the clock above the fireplace it was three in the morning, just as the flames started to devour the wood he had carefully arranged behind the screen and it began heating the room. At last he poured the stiff glass of whiskey he had wanted to drink all night and polished it off in one shot. Pouring another he retreated to his supple brown leather couch, pausing long enough to pull his boots off and unbutton his shirt. His calculating mind went over hundreds of pieces of property that could be possible places of potential residences or even casinos depending on what Mr. Davis’s contact was interested in. He figured he could locate and arrange any sale if the price and buyer were right….and he was ready.

His mind swam with the heat of one last drink and his belly burned with its fire, he was in a good place when the doorbell rang out. Instantly his good mood vanished and he was angry again. How dare Valentina come to his home after he told her to stay away, especially after he told her to her face that she had been stealing from him? Michael drained the glass and slammed it down on the bar and stormed over to the door. The temperature had dropped another ten degrees with the approach of the cold front and the window was frosted over so he just threw it open. Yes, it was just as he thought; she stood there with her back to the door watching the cab drive away.

It probably didn’t help that now he was fueled by the alcohol, but he grabbed her by the arm and yanked her forcefully inside and slammed the door.

The entryway was dark as he pushed her back against the wall,

“What the hell do I have to do to get you to listen? Stay the hell away from me, damn it…I don’t want to see you.”

There was no reply, tears, resistance or did she even try to escape his entrapment. She just gazed up at his face; until finally, as his eyes adjusted and his anger began to subside did he see her…her big beautiful blue eyes that stood out against her black hair.

“Eva?” His breath caught in his throat. “Eva, how…why…oh god.”

Michael was pulling her to him now instead of holding her down. His hungry mouth found hers and instantly their tongues twisted together, moans of desire rising from their throats. Michael pulled her hair from the black sable coat she was wearing and ran his fingers through its length.

“I can’t believe you are here. I think I am dreaming.”

“Me too, I had to come back, back to you Michael.”

Bending down he picked her up and carried her in front of the fire. Carefully he removed her coat and laid it on the floor. She was wearing a turtleneck sweater dress that zipped all the way up the front, and he grasped the ring and pulled it down slowly. Kissing languidly along her skin as it parted until he reached her crotch, at that point he stopped and pushed the dress off her body and helped her step out of it.

The lump that seemed to be stuck in his throat occurred because she was entirely nude under her dress. Totally nude except for the Italian leather boots that crept over her knee and she began to use them to rub against his leg seductively as she begged him to continue.

“Michael, don’t you like what you see anymore baby?”

Stepping up to take her in his arms he moaned into her ear, “I like it more…I want you more.”

He could feel her bare skin where his shirt was unbuttoned and he grew hard in his pants. Eva’s hands searched him out, setting him free while sinking to her knees in front of him. Pushing his jeans around his ankles he stepped free of them as she wrapped her lips around his shaft. Instantly he filled her hand, his hardness exciting her and causing her to move in place as she felt his head rock over her lips time and again. Squeezing right under his head she let it engorge as she flicked her tongue repeatedly across the tip until she felt him begin to rise up on his toes. Then suddenly she released and sucked as hard as she could over and over as she used her hand to stroke the rest of his shaft. Pushing down to his base Eva grasped his thighs taking all that she could of his length, Michael tangled his fingers in her hair while thrusting back into her throat. At last she took long, drawn out strokes as he held her face steady.

“Stop, stop keep it right there…aww Eva”

Looking up as she moved upon his tip, she watched as his face contorted in a mix of pain and pleasure. She plunged down once more and moved quickly up and down again as he exploded against her tongue and down the back of her throat.

Michael had crumpled to the floor with her after he came and it took several minutes for him to function again.

“I can’t believe you are here.”

His hands caressed her back and pulled her close.

“He let me go; he could tell I was miserable. I don’t think he even cares anymore Michael.”

“Does he have someone?”

“I think so; there is an assistant he hired. He doesn’t do much. But they seem happy. I don’t care, I really don’t.”

“I am trying to make it happen Eva. One day…”

Michael rolled over and looked at the ceiling, stopping himself before he said too much.

Climbing on top of him, Eva began to grind her hips,

“Shhh, don’t think about any of that right now. Just think about how good it feels to be together.”

Wetting his thumb and forefinger with his tongue he reached up and tweaked her nipple. The softness of the fur upon his back and the slick space of Eva’s center as it moved on top of his enlarging shaft was erotic, and his hands began to knead her breasts in time with her hips.

“Mmm that’s it Baby, get hard for me again. I want you inside me.” Eva’s voice was drenched in desire and he watched as she began to move her fingers against her center in slow deliberate strokes.

Michael pulled hard on her nipple and watched as she threw her head back, “You like that girl. Gawd you look so beautiful in the firelight.”

gif jail sigh gifClenching his jaw, he let her rub herself against his growing erection until he finally had to feel himself slip inside of her tight space. As he rolled her over he pushed her face into the fur and pulled her hips tightly back into his shaft. Using her wetness to cover the tip he watched as some spilled on to the inky blackness of the sable and he felt his sac tighten in anticipation. Eva’s breathing was heightened as he began to push, disappearing slowly as she accepted his length bit by bit as they were both engulfed by waves of pleasure.

When he pressed all the way in he paused, waiting to feel her acknowledge him by caressing him internally. He almost came when she did, and involuntarily bucked against her. For a moment the only sounds to be heard was the crackle of the fireplace and the heightened sound of their breathing, until he finally spoke.

“I don’t want to do it like this Eva; lay down baby…lay down.”

Stretching out she lay flat and felt Michael rest gently on top of her. His face settled in the crook of her neck and he gave her a long kiss as he began to move slowly inside of her.

“Mmm that’s better. I want to touch you, cherish you, and be with you Eva. I’ve missed you.”

Lifting her up slightly he placed his hand under her stomach and pushed up as he ground into her from above. Thrusting back into him, Eva could feel him moving deep inside. Reaching up for his free hand she clasped it tightly as her eyes met his.

“Make me come Michael.’ She whispered onto his lips.

Hearing her beg, he moved upon her with renewed vigor and ran his tongue along her ear. “Come on beautiful, you turn me on so much. Come for me…come for me now.”

Her back arched and Michael felt the rush of her juices as they ran down his shaft and onto his sac. Even though he didn’t think it was possible for him to come again,  he thrust into her coming almost in unison. Curling up around her they drifted off together in front of the fire.

There were only coals left and he was getting chilly when the phone rang just as dawn was approaching,


“Yes, speaking”

“Who? He would?”

“Sure, of course…yes of course.”

“Three O’clock”

“I will be at this number waiting for the call…thank you.”

Eva had pulled off her boots, but was wearing her coat by the time Michael hung up the phone.

“Who was that Michael?”

Michael flopped down beside her on the floor.

“You won’t believe, I swear…you are not going to believe it.”

“Tell me, Michael. Is it good?”

“Babe, it’s better that good. Howard Hughes talked to Mr. Davis last night and he wants me to represent him.”

Standing up, Eva walked over to the fire and tossed a couple of logs on the embers and then a rolled up newspaper. She watched momentarily as it burned and the logs ignited before turning back to Michael.

Her coat slid off of her shoulders and hit the floor in front of him before once again she lay back down.

“So…you are available till three?”

Michael thought of the Aston Martin as he took her in his arms, Eva was his sports car… a good woman who melted around him, obeying his every command as he pushed her for more and she answered with faithful devotion…always delivering him safely after a thrilling ride.


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OMG! I should be embarassed to say that I kept my PC on this site all day today waiting for this but, I have no shame when it comes to your stories. You said you would put it up tonight and you did…thx for being dependable!

We have 12+ inches of snow in the Northeast but I feel as warm as the pic of that fireplace after reading this. Now I can have sweet dreams of me & MJ in front of the fire (Eva already had her chance, my turn now). Thx & have a good night DPYT.

P.S. I love this timeperiod for him & the freedom he has. Him meeting Sammy Davis Jr. & working with Howard Hughes was icing on the cake! Love it!

P.P.S. Felt a bit sorry for Ms. Valentina but, I did get my Angry Mike! hee, hee.

By IamMrsJackson on December 27th, 2010 at 12:46 am

Shut up” His eyes were enraged and pulled her face up to his by her coat. “That’s not true, if you only knew the truth Valentina. Besides, if you wanted to just love me why do I always find my cash missing from my wallet when you leave?”

man that shit did it for me…i can picture him sayin that…i can hear him…but valentina was after the money anyways…she aint care about that her money was gettin cut off…lol

“The entryway was dark as he pushed her back against the wall,

“What the hell do I have to do to get you to listen? Stay the hell away from me, damn it…I don’t want to see you.”

more angry mike….push me…spank me…just hurt me shit…

and eva and mike…my…my…my that was hot…i might go have fun with my pocket rocket…hehe…lol

man wifey what a wonderful gift for the holidays…loved it…

I told you, I would figure out a way to get you some Angry Mike. You know I loves ya.

Thanks for the comments, I know its not Mike and Lexi but I do work just as hard on it, so its nice to hear the feedback. And you’re right Ty-Ann I like the freedom too, its kind of fun to put him in some different situations.

!!!MMMMHMMM!!!! Shaking my head valentina lol poor girl…. which part no did she not understand……??? hee hee… “mmmm love me some business man mike..lawd have mercy…. mike surely enjoys oral services…. all i can do is shake my head at this latest installment…. angry mike…whiskey mike,,,, hee hee 🙂

I’m so happy Dangerous thank you now am going to read the story.

more angry mike….push me…spank me…just hurt me shit…

Yep that’s all I was thinking….. Maybe choke me alittle bit too *sigh* how I love angry mike.

Great chapter Dangerous mwah!

Mike is so sexy when he’s angry.
That was sooo good.

“a good woman who melted around him, obeying his every command as he pushed her for more and she answered with faithful devotion…always delivering him safely after a thrilling ride. ”

Ohh, I like this description. sexy.

And I love whiskey drinking Angry!Mike. I can see him when he was pulling Valentina down the hall and when he was tossing her her dress to leave, damn Mike! lol.

Him and Eva was soo hawt, love him gettin’ it from the back but the oral blew my mind. Soo gooood. *smacks lips*

Smoking a cigarette as I type this response…a change of panties is in order…hubby coming home in 30 minutes…time to tear it up!!….

So funny how many women in here look for their men after reading, lol. DPYT is definitely doing her part to aid in sex in relationships! Lol. And they have no idea why.

I’m feeling a little bit better about you all liking the story now.

Glad it is hitting the spot and also helping to warm up the sub warp capabilities of my ladies.

My man knows I read these stories and that I have a thing for Mike. He’s perfectly okay with it since he always reaps the benefits of my recreational endeavors. LOL

@Dangerous, Bless you, oh Mistress of smut…

Angry Mike is the shit lol. Loved it.

That scene between him and Eva was very passionate…sexy…and too damn lovely…berry nice <3

Can't wait for the next chapter…keep it up babe 🙂

Three words


Hello and welcome M1ssb0ssy. It has been quite cold out for most folks so glad that this may have been able to warm you up a bit.

Keep reading and enjoy the “ride”

By NightGarden on April 5th, 2011 at 6:58 pm

This one is another personal favourite of mine.

Holy crap!!!! That was amazing!!! No it was beyond amazing!!!! I have to go change my panties! I hope my boyfriend doesnt get too upset! Last night a accidentaly called out Michaels name….

@ Grace: So you accidentally called out Michael’s name…Ummm It is safe to say that the Salesman will be making another visit ? 😉


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