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End of Innocence II

End of Innocence II

A chapter filled with snapshots of Michael and Lexi’s life


December 22, 1993

She wasn’t the only person waiting. She was surprised to see the crowd when she pulled up to the gates and was concerned when they wouldn’t allow her through. She showed them her key, asked them to check the list, told them to call Bill…but it was of no use. They were the new hires on the security team, only shrugging their shoulders when she showed them the key, her name no longer on their list and Bill had retired. It wasn’t quite panic but she began to get nervous and she tried one last desperate attempt to reach out to Michael. Looking into the back seat she pulled out the stuffed animal and handed it to the guard and basically begged.

“Please, I know this sounds crazy…but if you just show him this, he will vouch for me. I need to talk to him, tonight.”

Taking a deep breath the guard shook his head and answered, “Ma’am do you know how many women leave toys for Mr. Jackson? He has had a very stressful week; and I was given strict orders to not disturb him.”

“I understand, but I know he will want to see me. Please, I’m begging you…just show him the duck.”

Looking over at his relief for the next shift Ray whispered softly, “Listen normally I wouldn’t do this, but she seems sincere. I’m going to take it up to the house and drop it off. Who knows maybe he really does want to see her?”

Lexi gripped the steering wheel of the Mercedes between her fingers as she watched the two men speak. Eventually watching Ray climb aboard a golf cart and drove away with her duck. She hoped she would see it again and soon.

It had been a very long forty-five minutes and Lexi sat on the hood of her car shivering in the December cold, hoping against hope that the gates would open and she would get to see Neverland again. Several vehicles had driven down the road while she waited; including a large production truck that she guessed uplinked Michael’s statement that was broadcast to the world earlier that evening. Every time she saw headlights her heart leapt into her throat and she anxiously awaited the return of Ray, the security guard, but so far she had been disappointed and disheartened.

His house was full of people and he hated it. He wanted them gone, everyone seemed to talk at once…and everyone had an opinion on what he should do. Food held no appeal and even trying to drink water was a chore. The girls had managed to get him to keep some soup down at lunch but it wasn’t much and he hadn’t had anything else all day. Now all he wanted was quiet, he wanted to go to bed and be left alone. He was moving through the living room with Sandy trailing behind him reading off the latest feedback from his statement earlier in the evening when he saw the security guard leaving. Normally he wouldn’t care and if anything he would have questioned why he was in the main house but he saw what he had in his hand and it stopped him in his tracks. It was the Duck, a toy duck, the meaning of which had grown to encompass so much more than a mere toy or play thing. Speaking out before the door closed Michael caught the guards attention, “Excuse me, may I see that?”

Ray stopped and handed the toy to Michael, “Yes sir…is this something familiar to you?”

Running his hands across the soft surface Michael felt his eyes getting moist with unshed tears, “Where did you, hmmm…did she leave?”

Relieved that he hadn’t sent her away Ray replied softly, “No Sir Mr. Jackson, I asked her to wait at the gate. Would you like me to escort her to the main house?”

Michael thought a moment as he looked again at the duck and then towards the stairs, “Please tell her I will send a car in a moment. Thank you.”

Turning with a slight nod, Ray left and Michael called for his driver. “Please go to the front gate and bring up a Miss Garcia. I will meet her in the drive, but park over to the side please”

Lexi saw the golf cart approach and stood to greet Ray, “A car will be down soon. I owe you an apology Miss Garcia; we have many fans approach the gate.”

Taking a deep breath Lexi nodded, “I know, I understand. Thank you for helping me.”

The short drive to the house had never seemed as endless for Lexi and she was happy when the driver finally pulled the limo up and parked. “Miss Garcia, Mr. Jackson asked for you to wait for him here. He will be out momentarily.” Lexi was surprised that she was being asked to wait in the car but eventually assumed that the house was still full of staff and that they stood a better chance of being alone in the car than in the house.

It took several minutes before he slid into the seat beside her. In the few moments that the dome light illuminated the interior of the car she saw the changes, he was paler, and thin…and he looked so tired. Sitting in the dark and silence neither of them knew what to say, but both of them were left wanting to say everything. Slowly Lexi slid her hand inside his and brought it to her lips. “I’m sorry Michael…I’m so sorry. I had to come to you.” He didn’t say a word, he simply lay down and put his head in her lap and cried. Lexi could feel his body shake as his anguished sobs engulfed him. It wasn’t long before she draped herself over him and once again they were as one. Her love and comfort surrounding him like a warm cocoon as he struggled to regain his composure.

In time they finally sat up and Michael rested against the door of the limo and held Lexi in his arms. “Thank you for coming up here, I know it’s a long drive.” Turning her head slightly she breathed in his smell, so familiar but something that had become hazy in her memory. “I had to Michael. I saw your statement tonight and it broke my heart. I’ve tried to get a hold of you since you called me last summer but I can’t get through. I have really been worried….” He rubbed her arm and out of habit kissed the top of her head, “I’m sorry girl. Things have been so crazy, I…I have just tried to make it through the shows. Lex…please I want some good news. How are you? What is going on?”

Michael tightened his grip around her waist as she held his other hand up against the light, measuring it against her own before clasping them together. “Well after the holiday break I start a new semester. But what makes that exciting is in the spring I will finally get my white coat, they have a big ceremony and everything. There is a big exam I have to pass to continue on to 3rd year but as long as I get that under my belt then I will get to start my rotations finally.” She felt him squeeze her tight as she spoke, “Wow, I am really proud of you. I know how hard you have worked girl….it hasn’t been easy.” She rolled her body slightly so she could see his face, he had washed the makeup off from the earlier television broadcast and she saw his sincerity shining in his eyes. “Thank you Michael. I owe you so much. I couldn’t have done it without you.” The moment seemed full of tension as they both gazed at each other with an obvious longing. Lexi’s heart was full and she wanted to tell him all the things she had collected in her head during the time that they had been apart. “Michael I…I just want to tell you, that I still lo….” She wasn’t able to finish telling him that she loved him because her lips did it for her. Tentatively she touched her mouth upon his, she was afraid that he would reject her or his current state of mind would not be receptive to her kiss. But she was wrong; his hands caught in her hair and pulled her face to his. He seemed thirsty like a man lost in a desert that had just found a sparkling clean watering hole. Automatically she parted her lips as his tongue asked for an entrance; his lips upon hers were perfectly in synch…perfectly in tune, just like their minds and bodies. Michael broke away and placed his forehead against hers; he seemed out of breath and was shaking nervously. “I still love you too Alexis, I will always love you. Please remember that no matter what.” Now it was her turn to cry, Michael watched as silent tears fell down her cheeks and he wiped them away with his thumbs. He wanted her; he wanted to make love to her right there in the car. He didn’t know what to do….why did he have to be his father’s son? “Lexi, I…..I need to” She silenced him with another kiss aching to feel him again in the most intimate of ways. Her hands began to move along his body and she heard him sigh, “Oh god baby please…..” As she reached for his zipper a shadow passed in front of the car and she heard voices nearby that stopped her. She felt Michael begin to tremble and she turned to see who it was.

The driver who had picked up Lexi had walked away from the limo and was speaking with someone.

“Yes Ma’am, can I help you?”

“Tom, I hate to bother you…but it’s getting late, have you seen Michael?”

“I saw him leave towards the barn about twenty minutes ago Miss Presley. I believe he might be taking a walk.”

“Alright, I’m going to bed. I don’t feel like getting dressed again to go find him, would you tell him I will see him when he’s done.”

Lexi followed her as she walked back into the house and watched as the light in Michael’s bedroom turned off after a moment. Michael was silent, his arms still around her…his chest rising and falling with his deep breaths.

Now it was her turn to bury her face in his chest and cry. It was like she knew that it would never be the same for them and so did he. Sitting up in the seat, Michael pulled her close and whispered in her ear. “I will always love you Alexis. I swear to you…no matter what. Thank you for loving me.” He kissed her again, the passion as strong as the first time he held her in his arms at the hotel in Los Angeles. When he pulled away Lexi reached out to memorize his face with her fingers. As she softly traced the lines of his face she whispered, “I don’t want to forget any part of you Michael, I don’t want you to fade away from my mind.” She felt his tears as they once again fell from his eyes as he pressed his lips to her palm, “You won’t, we can’t…Lex we are a part of each other forever. Please…make yourself a happy life. I want you to be happy girl, I love you so much.” Lexi’s eyes were huge and glossy when she nodded to him, “You too Michael, I love you so much too. Be happy. I hope she makes you happy.” With a quick press of his lips to hers he was gone. Lexi watched as he made his way up the walk and then glanced up as the light to his room switched on. By the time Tom the driver was pointing the limo down the driveway the light was extinguished in the bedroom and in Lexi’s heart.

Lisa was asleep when he made it upstairs to his room. She had helped him so much and he was falling in love with her more and more every day, but as he watched the taillights of the limousine leave the Neverland property his heart ached. Lexi should have walked with him hand in hand up those stairs; it should be their bodies singing together as one for all time. Why? Why did it have to all go so wrong? He clutched the toy tightly and inhaled its scent, it smelled like her. He knew she had spent hours holding it when she felt scared and lonely and now that’s just what he was going to do. He had never been more scared or lonely than he was right now. Once again he looked at the sleeping woman in his bed and he hung his head in confusion….

Driving around Los Angeles at 3:30 in the morning Lexi was lost. Not lost as if she needed a map but lost in life. She had lived the months since she found June in Michael’s bed with school and family and now she felt so empty. The Christmas lights on the houses all looked so cheerful but her heart didn’t feel any joy anymore. As she pulled over at a gas station she filled up and watched a young couple with their baby. They looked to be headed somewhere for the holidays and were filled with love and expectations of family and it made Lexi feel even more empty and alone as she climbed back in the car. She wondered how it had been so easy for him to move on but realized that with everything he was dealing with, he was terrified and probably thought she had pushed him out of her heart. If only he knew she had never done that, if only he knew she had never stopped loving him…and that she had tried to find him but he was gone. She knew from the look in his eyes earlier that he had fallen in love with Lisa and that the tears he had shed in the limo were not just for his current situation but also for the love that they couldn’t get back.

The neighborhoods started to look more familiar and soon she found herself driving down a street she knew well. She sat in the car staring for several long minutes before she finally walked to the door. Lexi’s hand nervously rung the doorbell and he looked sleepy as he opened the door.

“What are you doing here Lexi?’

“Twan?  Are you still here for me? I need you to pick me up now.”

Antoine saw the tears in her eyes and stepped onto the porch. “I told you all that a long time ago, remember? That I would pick you up? Yeah I’m still here…. Babygirl, I’m right here, I’ve been right here…waiting for you.”

He didn’t try to kiss her or bring her into the house, he just held her close. Antoine hoped that his whispered words of comfort made her feel that she wasn’t alone and that he had always loved her. She closed her eyes and did her best not to see Michael’s face staring back at her, it didn’t help he was still there in her heart. She knew deep down, he would always be there….


May 1994

It was waiting for her as she walked up to the plot. She hadn’t seen the duck since December and honestly thought it was gone for good. Kneeling down she picked it up and noticed that there was a note attached around its neck. Lexi sat down and closed her eyes unsure if she was ready to read what it held but she decided it was worth it and unfolded the paper and saw the familiar scrawl of his handwriting.


I was here early today, I am sorry I missed you but I have to fly to New York City for business.

Things are better now. I guess as back to normal as possible, whatever that is.

I hope things are going well for you and that your studies are continuing along as planned. Lex, I think of you often…there are so many things I wish I could share with you. Today is one of those times, I get asked why I am being quiet and I have no way to explain…no one but you would understand.

This summer might get weird in the press. I’m sorry for that. Please ignore it; I don’t know how to change it. Lexi it is so hard sometime…I feel excited and trapped and scared too. I guess you will understand soon, just remember how much I care about and love you… never forget. Please don’t forget…and be happy girl.

I love YOU…more


She must have read over the letter 15 times before she left the cemetery that day. It felt like a puzzle in her hands and she thought about it as she drove to the mall and shopped for a dress to wear to her White Coat Ceremony.


Summer 1994

Lexi barely heard the doorbell ring over the music and laughter of her relatives. She dodged Junior and his friends as they played by the pool and made her way through the house. Opening the door she was greeted by a sweet faced woman with freckles and brown hair. “Hello, I am trying to find Lexi Garcia?” Smiling back Lexi replied, “That’s me can I help you?” The lady chuckled and waved behind her before turning back to Lexi, “I have a floral delivery for you Ma’am, and I hope you have lots of room.” She was totally blindsided as she saw three vans pull in front of the house and open their doors. Arrangement upon arrangement began to be brought into the house and placed on every available open space they could find. Soon the scent of pink roses and white gardenias filtered through the house overpowering her senses with their perfume. At last the woman returned with one final flower and a card for Lexi, “Thank you for everything.” Lexi exclaimed as she took the lone sunflower from her. Carefully she opened the envelope and read the words he had sent to her.

To the best medical student in all of Los Angeles, I am so proud of you.

Be happy…



Turning to look at the house that was now full of flowers, her sparkling eyes locked with Antoine’s, “I swear Lexi, there are three of us in this relationship. Are you ever going to let him go?” Twan walked past her and left the house. She heard his car speed away down the street and squeal its tires around the corner. Bernadette walked in to get more towels for the pool and stopped short, “Let me guess, these are from Michael?” Lexi couldn’t help her smile as she nodded back to her sister, “Yes, he remembered Bernie. Can you believe it?”

Even for him it was a bit warm. He covered his nerves up with giggles and silly banter but he was nervous and scared. Twice before he had been sure, he knew that is was the right thing to do. This time he just wanted to jump and he hoped fate would catch him. When the ceremony was over he walked with her over to the sea, the waves rolled in on the shore and the breeze blew her hair back and he saw the smile upon her face. He thought he could be happy with her, she understood what his life was like. She had grown up in the same fishbowl. “Be happy….be happy.” He repeated the words in his head trying to convince himself that everything was going to work out. Funny though that all that came to mind was Lexi, when he thought about being happy…

The rumors had taunted her all summer; deep in her heart she knew they were true. Until finally sitting in the break room at the hospital she heard it come across the television.

“My married name is Mrs. Lisa Marie Presley-Jackson,” said the reporter reading from the prepared statement, “My marriage to Michael Jackson took place in a private ceremony outside the United States weeks ago. I am very much in love with Michael; I dedicate my life to being his wife. I understand and support him. We both look forward to raising a family.”

The news flash elicited a few snickers from the others in the room and Lexi quickly made her way into the bathroom to try to pull herself together. It was no use, she broke down. Knowing that the biggest mistake she had made was walking away from him without a confrontation the day she saw June in his bed. It took awhile but she finally opened the stall and found a resident waiting for her. Lexi was expecting to be disciplined but the resident handed her a paper towel and said. “I was an intern that day you both were in that little girls room a few years ago. I’ve never forgotten the way he looked at you. I don’t know what happened but I don’t believe he hurt that boy, but I do believe he was in love with you.” Lexi took the paper towel and dried her eyes. “Thanks, it’s a long story. But I miss him, very much.” The resident nodded her head and softly said, “Take your time Garcia, we can handle it.” Looking in the mirror, Lexi dried her eyes again and repeated. “Be happy, just be happy.”


May 1995

Michael laid the rubber duck on the grass; he knew she would be there later. He wanted to stay, but he knew it would be alright. As long as she was aware he had been there, she just had to know he didn’t forget.


June 1995

Michael had a disguise on; luckily no one had made him out yet because he was determined to see this through and hopefully give her the gift he had brought with him. It was hot already for California; he liked to call it earthquake weather to watch his little cousins squirm. Ever since Northridge had happened the year before they took it more serious and listened to him about being prepared for those kinds of things. The heat made his beard itch and he hoped his makeup didn’t start to run. Standing behind a tree he watched the graduates file into their seats. He spotted her right away; Michael thought she looked more beautiful than ever. When she walked across the stage her smile seem to radiate across the lawn and for a moment he thought she looked right at him. His heart ached with longing and he wished he could hold her, kiss her. Tell her how happy he was that she accomplished her goal. Dr. Alexis Garcia. She had done it…she had really done it. Michael took several steps to leave and heard a small voice call to him, “Tio Michael…Tio Michael is that you?” Shaking his head he turned around and smiled at Junior. “Hi Junior, you can always spot me cant you?” Marveling at how much he had grown Michael hugged the boy and looked around for Bernadette. “Where is your Mom?” Junior pointed to the seats, “She is sitting down over there. I just wanted to say hello.” Michael knelt down beside Junior and looked him in the eye, “Son, do you think you can do me a favor?” Junior smiled and nodded happily at Michael. “Will you give this bag to your Aunt Lexi for me? It’s a little present for her graduation.” Junior took the bag and put the handles over his shoulder, “I will, I promise. Tio…I miss you. So does Tia, cant you come sometime and see her.” Michael stood up and ruffled Junior’s hair. “Maybe someday Son, maybe someday. Listen I better go before somebody sees me. I love you, thanks for doing that for me.”

Junior returned to his seat and Bernadette asked him what he had in the bag, shrugging he said. “A present for Tia Lexi.” Everyone had forgotten about it until later in Santa Monica, Bernadette had gone to put her feet up. The new Doctor in the house told her that pregnant women need to rest and her new husband agreed. Sally had left already and Lexi was doing dishes in the kitchen. “Tia Lexi?” Junior sat and placed the bag down on the table. Lexi dried her hands and sat beside him,

 “What do you have Junior?” 

“It’s present for you.”

“A present for me, Junior you shouldn’t have done that.”

“Tia it’s not from me, Tio Michael asked me to give it to you.”

“Tio? When did you see him Hito?”

“Today, at the thing. He was behind the big tree. He wanted to see you.”

Lexi’s hands were shaking as she reached for the bag; she had no idea what he could have given her. He had already done enough all these years and she was leery about accepting anything extravagant. Reaching in the bag she pulled out something heavy wrapped in tissue. When she unwrapped it she smiled and started to laugh. Junior didn’t understand what was so funny about the gift but he was happy that Lexi was happy for a change and he left the table. Michael had given her a prop from the short film “Say Say Say” it was the snake oil that they sold from the back of the wagon. “Mac and Jack’s Wonder Potion” just what every new Doctor needed she thought, a wonder cure from Michael Jackson.

The phone ringing broke the spell of the moment and she picked it up before it woke up Bernadette,


No Twan

I’m sorry, I just can’t anymore. I…I  Twan listen to me. It’s just not working, I’m sorry; you know how much I care about you. But I just can’t make it work anymore.

Lexi held the phone out as Antoine’s emotions came pouring out on the other end. She had tried, she just didn’t love him. How could she when she was still in love with Michael.


January 1996

Watching from the back of the Lincoln Town Car he saw Lexi standing outside holding a baby in her arms. He felt so many emotions, joy, sadness, jealousy, love. He didn’t know where to place them all inside his head or his heart. It looked so perfect for her to be holding a baby, her face was lit up and even from a distance he could see her eyes were glowing. His stomach twisted and he clenched his jaw. This is what he wanted, what he had prayed for…for years he wished for it with Hunter, with Lexi and now with Lisa. Why couldn’t he have his family, why would God deny him his happiness? Michael watched as a car pulled into the driveway and a tall handsome man parked and took the baby from her. Lexi opened the door and put a diaper bag inside and kissed the man on the cheek after he buckled the child in. The car pulled away and Lexi waved and walked to the mailbox as they drove away. Michael couldn’t help himself he had to see her, his head had been full of thoughts of her for weeks. “Go” he told the driver, “Go down there to that house, the one with the girl.” Lexi had started back up the driveway when they pulled up. He didn’t wait, he rolled the window down surprising her, “Michael?” she started walking towards the car, “Oh my god, Michael. What are you doing here?” He saw her smile and his heart jumped in his chest, “Lex, I just wanted to say hello. Is it alright?” Suddenly she turned and bolted for the house, “Hold on let me open the garage door” she yelled. Michael rolled up the window and instructed the driver to pull into the driveway. The smile on his face couldn’t be dimmed.

Lexi waited for him at the garage door leading into the house, and Michael felt excited and shy when he walked through. “Hey girl.” He tried to control his voice but he felt like it broke when he spoke. “You look great….um really great Lex.” He looked around and noted the changes she had made since the last time he had been there. “Come, sit down. Do you want something?” Michael sat on the couch, it was new…soft creamy leather. “Yeah, a Coke would be great.” It took a moment but they both started to laugh. Remembering the first time they met and the drama with Coke vs. Pepsi. “OK, let me get you a Coke.”

Lexi tried to stop her hands from shaking but she couldn’t help it. Ice cubes landed on the floor when she pressed the glass against the dispenser and she was startled when he was suddenly next to her helping to pick them up from the floor. “I was hoping maybe you might have some enchiladas in there.” They both reached for the same piece of ice and their hands met, then their eyes. “I have some leftovers if you’re hungry Michael. It will just take a minute to fix.” She tore her gaze away and stood up, leaning against the counter for support. Michael tossed the ice in the sink and moved close to her, “I am hungry Lex, but not for anything in that refrigerator. I miss you….” Michael slid his palm softly against her cheek and bent down and kissed her. “I want you baby, be with me.” Lexi felt her knees buckle. Not only had it been so long since she had been with anyone, it was Michael. It wasn’t a dream he was right in front of her, asking her to be with him. Her body responded and she kissed him back, his lips felt soft against hers and his body insistent as he pressed her back against the counter. Lexi reached up and wrapped her arms around his neck as his hands began to roam her body. She could hear his breathing become ragged as he moved his mouth over her neck. When he pushed her shirt up he confessed in a tortured moan, “I think about you at night Alexis, you haunt my dreams.” Something in his confession made her stop and push him away, “Michael We, I…please we can’t do this. It’s not right.”

Pushing past him she fled back to her room and into the bathroom where she washed her face. She had to think and regroup. It would be so easy to slip and just be with him. Michael knocked on the door, “Lexi are you alright?” Drying her face off, she took a deep breath and opened the door, “Uh huh, I just needed a minute Michael. I can’t just have sex with you on the kitchen floor because you decided to show up at the house two years after we broke up. You are a married man; I won’t do that to your wife. It’s not fair.”  Picking up the remote to the stereo, Michael turned on the CD changer, “You are a good person Lexi, and I wouldn’t want to do that to your husband either. I saw you with your baby earlier, I’m really happy for you.” Lexi started to laugh and sat down on the bed, “You saw me with my baby?” Michael blinked and gave her his most innocent look, “Yeah, right before I pulled up, you were holding a baby. Then a man came…are you telling me that’s not your baby?” Lexi smiled and shook her head. “No, that’s Bernadette’s baby and her new husband. His name is Jose and he is a Detective for LAPD, Bernadette is working security at The Forum right now but she wants to go to the police academy soon.”

Sitting beside her on the bed he just blinked for a moment then shrugged, “Well you know I was always jealous, I just thought you would have gotten married by now Lex. I mean, I was stupid enough….” He mumbled something under his breath that she couldn’t quite hear. “What did you say?” She asked softly. Michael sighed and took her hand. “I said…I was stupid enough to let you leave.” Looking down at his fingers she caressed them softly with her thumb, “But Michael you’re happy aren’t you? I mean I’ve seen you on television and you guys seem so….” “in love?” he finished the sentence for her. “ love.” Michael saw her eyes become glossy as she said it and he lifted her chin up. “She left me; we’ve been separated for a few weeks now. I don’t even know where she is, probably with her ex-husband.”  Lexi’s mouth was open in shock, “Wha, what are you going to do?” He rubbed his eyes and laid back on the bed, “I don’t know; I have a video to shoot in Brazil next week. I guess I will think about it when I get back. It’s over though; she doesn’t understand she pushed me too far this time.”

Lexi was stunned, here she was with the love of her life once again lying on her bed and he was telling her he was free. “What about you Lex? Have you just been going to school this whole time?” She shook her head and gestured with her hands, “Nothing as exciting as you Michael, it just didn’t work out.” Sitting up abruptly Michael caught her wrists, “Tell me, why you would be so…wait a second. Son of a bitch, it’s Antoine!  I swear to god Lexi if he hurt you I will hunt him down myself.” Cutting him off Lexi retorted, “No! No, Michael it wasn’t like that at all. I just never had the same feelings for him that he had for me. I feel awful about it. He was wonderful to me though. I introduced him to one of the girls in my class and they are engaged, I am really happy for him.” “But what about you Alexis?” Michael moved her hair behind her ear not even thinking about how intimate his gesture was, “I’m fine, really…the fellowship program I am in keeps me busy so I don’t really have time for dating. In fact I might spend a year in Baltimore at Johns Hopkins on an exchange beginning in March.”

The CD changed tracks and “Tootsee Roll” came blaring out of the speakers. Michael giggled and grabbed her hand, “Aww girl come on, get up here and dance with me.” Before she knew what was happening he had pulled her up from the bed and in front of him. “Do the Tootsee Roll part.” He was surprised when Lexi did the dance perfectly and all he had to do was watch, and watch he did. Well watching, and pulling her close so that by the end of the song it was almost an erotic dance instead of the club thumper it was originally intended for.

Lexi felt out of breath and leaned back against him for a moment still trying to grasp the fact that he was holding her in his arms. She turned to ask him a question when the next song started to play and it stopped her cold. The bass line literally took the breath from her lungs and the beat from her heart. Sade’s “No Ordinary Love” had become her anthem and now it was playing, and Michael was gazing into her eyes. The look she had seen so many times before, the look she fought so hard all night to resist. The look she had finally decided she could no longer fight.

Michael saw her eyes soften before she finally rested her head on his chest. He softly kissed the top of her head and lifted her face up, “Baby, I don’t want you doing anything you might regret tomorrow or later. Tell me now and we’ll stop.” She could only shake her head, due to the lump in her throat. She loved him so much; she decided she had to be with him. He was there with her, at that moment in time and she might not ever have another chance to show him how much she still cared. Michael grabbed the remote for the stereo and then took her by the hand and led her back to the bed.

I gave you all the love I got
I gave you more than I could give
I gave you love
I gave you all that I have inside
And you took my love
You took my love

He didn’t rush her; he just let the moment melt over them both. Sade’s smooth alto echoed through the room reflecting both of their feelings:

Didn’t I tell you
What I believe
Somebody say that
A love like that won’t last
Didn’t I give you
All that I’ve got to give baby

I gave you all the love I got
I gave you more than I could give
I gave you love
I gave you all that I have inside
And you took my love
You took my love

Lying on his side he traced the outline of her face with his finger. Her lips had always seemed perfect to him, even when she was angry he couldn’t help but watch her lips and imagine. Lexi closed her eyes and tried to commit every stroke of his fingers on her body to her memory.

I keep crying
I keep trying for you
There’s nothing like you and I baby

This is no ordinary love
No ordinary love
This is no ordinary love
No ordinary love

When you came my way
You brightened every day
With your sweet smile

Didn’t I tell you
What I believe
Did somebody say that
A love like that won’t last
Didn’t I give you
All that I’ve got to give baby

Moving closer to her, Michael leaned in and stroked his tongue against her ear. She smelled warm and sweet like vanilla and he felt his loins stir with longing for what they had once shared. His hand gently moved down the front of her throat and he whispered softly to her, “Alexis, I didn’t lie earlier. I do dream of you. I promise you have never left my heart.”

As hard as she fought to hold it back a single tear fell from her eye and he pressed his lips against it lovingly. “Shhh baby, I’m here.”

This is no ordinary love
No ordinary love
This is no ordinary love
No ordinary love

I keep crying
I keep trying for you
There’s nothing like you and I baby

This is no ordinary love
No ordinary love
This is no ordinary love
No ordinary love

Rolling towards him, Lexi found his lips and was surprised when the moan she heard was her own. “I want you Michael, make love to me.” She felt a shiver pass through his body and he pushed her back against the bed, “I want you too, god I need you so much.”

Keep trying for you
Keep crying for you
Keep flying for you
Keep flying I’m falling

I’m falling

Keep trying for you
Keep crying for you
Keep flying for you
Keep flying and I’m falling
and I’m falling

Michael sat up and turned off the music and took his shirts off. Lexi pulled her tank over her head and lay back for him. He couldn’t help it, but he stared at her perfection. Her breasts were full and inviting, with nipples pointing up at him begging to be sucked and caressed, Michael obliged them…gently rubbing his thumbs in gentle circles across her aroused nipples. Arching her back, Lexi closed her eyes and let his expert hands find their way on her body. “Mmm  yes, Michael that feels so good.” His mouth found her breast and his lips took the place of his fingers, slowly sucking her nipple to a high mound of arousal before he traded sides and started over again. Watching him through hooded lids, Lexi saw his hair flop over his one eye as all his concentration seemed to be gathered in making her satisfied. His short hair made him seem so virile and she felt stirrings in her body that she had hidden away for so long come rushing back to the surface. Rising up again Michael kissed her mouth, “Are you alright?” Lexi could feel him pushing hard against her leg and her hips began to move reflexively. “I’m fine…Michael it’s time.” Her shaking hands reached for his pants, unfastening them quickly then reaching inside. Michael caught his breath as she grasped him, “I want you Michael. Don’t you want to be inside me?” Burying his face in her neck he whispered to her, “More than anything.” Lexi rolled him over and rose to her knees where she pulled him free. As her lips covered him she felt him rise up in anticipation, “Ah gahd…yes. It’s so good.” Her hand moved his flesh down as her lips moved upon him and she could feel his hardness push against the back of her throat. Michael’s hands became lost in her hair as he pushed it aside to see her better. Her eyes locked with his as her lips slid over the top of his shaft, before plunging down again. Over and over again she pleasured him, using her tongue to accentuate every stroke of her mouth. He fought as long as he could but he had to stop her, “Lex you have to stop. You’re gonna make me come girl, I can’t help it.”  

Lexi sat up with a wild gleam in her eye and looked down at him as she wiped the back of her hand across her mouth. “I’ve wanted to do that for so long…” He had sat up and tossed his pants on the floor and he answered her, “Believe me; I have wanted you to do that for so long too.” Michael pushed her back down on the bed and pulled her shorts off, “Relax Babygirl, now it’s your turn.” Her eyes rolled back and her hips thrust upwards when his lips found their mark between her legs. Her cry sounded disembodied to her own ears as his tongue slid across her engorged bud, “Right there Michael, oh right there.” Stopping on the spot he sucked gently and then flicked his tongue lightly across her as she began to writhe underneath him. His lips were slick with her juices and he watched her face as she basked in the pleasure he was giving her. The quiver of her thighs against his cheeks was his first sign that she was close; the second was the almost inhuman cry she uttered as she began to shake and roll against him. Michael continued to drink in her essence after she settled back to allow himself time to calm down too. He was afraid if he didn’t wait a moment he might not last and he needed this to last. He owed her that much.

Kissing and caressing his way back up her body Michael finally found her lips, Are you ready Lex.” Still on her orgasmic high Lexi pulled him close arching her back so that he rubbed against her slick opening. “You’re perfect Michael. I want you so much, can’t you feel it?” Lexi gently pushed his face against her chest and Michael heard the fast beating of her heart, “That’s how much I want you.” Reaching down she placed his tip just inside of her, “It’s been so long baby…” Flexing his back, Michael pushed slowly inside. He felt so many sensations; she was so tight, warm, wet, along with the slight bit of pain from her nails as they bit into his shoulders. He heard their heavy breathing perfectly in synch as they began to move together, their tiny cries blending into a sensuous symphony.

Michael rolled her over so that she was on top; he wanted to see her moving above him. His hands wrapped around her small waist and he watched as her hips began grinding against him. Lexi felt like his hands were everywhere and she threw her head back lost in the moment. Watching her make love to him took his breath away; he fell in love with her all over again. She was the one; she had been the one since he met her.

It was close and he knew he wasn’t going to last much longer. Moving her underneath him once more he began to roll steadily in and out as he balanced on his forearms. Staring into her eyes he felt all the pressure he had been under begin to fade and he just let himself go. Sensing how close he was Lexi called out, “Michael come with me….Te Amo, come with me now.” Her nails ripped down his back as her hips bucked up into him and he couldn’t hold on any longer. He clenched hard, so hard that he arched back then unleashed inside her in a volley of thrusts that caused the headboard to crash against the wall. Falling upon her they both worked to catch their breath until finally Lexi was able to reach for the lamp and they fell asleep.

That night they didn’t have to dream, it was a perfect reality.

To Be Continued

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I’ve gotten to the part where he is at her house and she is telling him about her and Antoine and I’m like “ON WITH IT MAN, FUCK HER ALREADY!!” smh lol…..I think I got some frustrations I need to work out lol

Done reading now and again I’m spent…..I’m curious to know why these chapters are called the end of innocence??…..the innocence of their relationship???? Ohhh is Lexi a woman he’ll keep coming back to??? Anyho I’m glad she relized the error of her ways knowing that she should of had it out with mike…great chapter as always. Can’t wait for Home III…read the sneek peak and was like 😮

Oh hell yeah – this is the chapter we’ve been waiting for! Now maybe they can get their heads out from their asses and work on makin the relationship go places, instead of tryin to be happy with folks they’re not destined to be with. This has been a long time in coming…

Another great piece of writing Babe! I’m at a total loss just now…I knew from the start how I wanted my story to end, but now I’ve done it, I feel like I’m in mourning; I got to know and develop the characters over hundreds of hours as I wrote and re-wrote and changed bits here and there. I’m def down in the dumps just now, I know there’s no goin back. No catchin up twenty years down the line or anything. God…I need help..! I’m gettin emails and messages to write another one, but I don’t know what I’m goin to do yet.
I’ve made some major changes here at home this last week, and I think endin The God Of Dance right now was maybe a mistake…too much all at once.

Keep up the good work honey, I’m startin to relax a little now as far as MJ and Lexi go…dare I say they might just be happy together at last?? Fingers and toes crossed lmaooo. I’m off to weep quietly in a corner somewhere for Mike and Alisha.

Big hugs xx

“End of Innocence” reprents Michael’s change in not only the public’s eye but in her personal life from boy/young wonder to troubled superstar. His innocence has vanished and his privacy laid bare for all the world to see.

I know just how you feel. Thats how I was with Hunter and I had no intention on continuing on any longer, and I was devestated at her loss. But after a week or so I saw how I could begin to keep imagining things falling into place and, like you, with the encouragement of my friends I wrote Kim’s chapter.

You can start a whole new adventure for him and make whatever you want to happen, happen! If you enjoy writing just write.

oh ok course it is……Sorry Dangerous my horny ass brain couldn’t process that…

LOL no problem girl. Man my spelling was horrible up there. You can tell I was up all night writing this story. I forget that that good ole Michael SEX is the main reason most of you guys read this stuff. And here I am worrying about making sure all the dates and times match. Hee hee, I should just throw ’em in the bed and let ’em go at it.

(and scene bang bang bang)

Also I dont think anyone has picked up on this but I use “The Eagles” as references to name some stories. LOL I started with Diana

Wasted Time (off of Hotel California)
The End of the Innocence (Don Henley solo)

They are my favorite band (The Beatles dont count as they are sitting out there alone in The Universe) Who knows, “The Police” might jump in there too.

I am a weirdo…ha ha

By Forever Michael on October 24th, 2010 at 2:28 pm

Whoa Baby that was an intense update! Wow! Dangerous you sure know how to deliver. I must tell you that I love the sex scenes but I love your story line too. You capture everything! Love, Sex, & Magic! It’s AWESOME!!! I am glad that they are finally together and they know how each other still feels. Now they need to make this thing work! Perhaps a baby will be in the future!!!!
Cant wait for more!!

Dangerous you so totally ROCK!!!!

Great chapter !! They are back together again. I feel so relieved !!
And I’m glad you didn’t add too much of the drama that infected his life during that era. And I loved the pictures and the gif…Perfect !! As always ! Thanks

Whew..Lord I am Fanning myself here. This is some seriously great stuff. I had wondered how the whole Lisa thing would be handled, but I knew she would never just move on and neither would he really. Ive got an idea of what might happen in their timeline in a few years, but I’ll keep that to myself hehe.

Once again, beautiful job and keep on writin girl, cuz everything u do is gold!

Don’t mind my horny ass Dangerous…I love that you have story line with a timeline. It makes it real and I get so caught up. I love it and appreciate it so much. If helps me escape the real world for a bit so thank you so much xxx

WOW, I shouldn’t even be on this site today because I should be studying but, this has become like an addiction to me and I’ve always been weak as far as MJ is concerned.

That being said, it was so worth it!! You really heard us and are allowing us to get the closure we need on this relationship. I’m glad they had this moment of happiness and I don’t want to think too far down the timeline and try to figure out where and if Lexi comes in. I’m just willing to go wherever you lead us.

What? I don’t just come here for the Michael sex; I am seriously coming here for the story! The ‘Mikegasms’ you are describing however, are just beautiful, wonderful, incredible,……for Lexi! (Note to self: tell Miss Prince what a Mikegasm is, I don’t think she had one and we know she is missing out, hee, hee.)

I do want to give you love for all your extra effort and research when writing this story (including keeping the dates right). After that ridiculous show, the LSA ladies went on a fact finding mission and they found out ALOT! One of the things they found out was how LMP was actually introduced to MJ from ‘Child Star’ and it actually spoke about her bday party at Six Flags & how she invited MJ and Prince. When MJ didn’t show up, she thought it was because she invited Prince. I couldn’t believe it! I thought you just took literary license when you wrote that part a few chapters ago! Go head with your bad self DPTY!

P.S. So nice to see the site ready for Halloween with Thriller and my favorite, sexy, ANGRY Mike ghost! hee, hee

Man i hope him and Lexi make it work. It’s obvious they are meant to be together!!!! LMP needs to take her ass on somewhere. And lawd please dont bring Debbie’s big ass into this.

Oh, forgot to say that my fave part (well 2nd favorite) was when he gave her the prop from “Say, Say, Say,” the “Mac and Jack’s Wonder Potion” as her dr gift. He is so sweet and special!

Ok, last one and I am off to study…one word that I’m so suprised no one has said yet. We’ve been through this whole saga with MJ and Lexi and never once did I read this word in their chapters.


‘Nuff said.

You guys are awesome!!!

I am really glad that you enjoyed the chapter. I owe Miss Ever an apology because I promised her that Diana would be next and as you can see I did start it, but Lexi and Michael kept coming through. That is one reason it took so long to post a story. I would sit down to write up the other one and I was blank but I was seeing this one evolving instead. I also had some musical editing to do for a RW project to do for next week so it took up some time.

@Ty-ann, I do believe I have mentioned the headboard before but I dont think Michael has ever “broken” it quite like this time. I will let you ladies go back and check for mentions. I know Dita made use of hers… 😉

Nooooo, I like when Mikey breaks the headboard! Me likey, ME LIKEY….:)

No problem Dangerous. I will wait patiently for the next Diana/MJ story…no rush.

I must admit I missed MJ and Lexi knocking boots and when LMP appeared in the picture I wanted Lexi and MJ even more. There is something about LMP I don’t trust but their story makes me curious. LMP left MJ hanging when he needed her most so in my eyes she sucks! I thought MJ & Lexi were going to slap skins in the limo, and then on the kitchen floor and/or on top of the kitchen sink….I was wishing and even started daydreaming about it. But banging and breaking the headboard was nice too. MJ tore that ass up. And when Lexi slob his knob watching him squirm with the eye stare…I wouldn’t be surprised if he nose is wide open for her again.

Great story Dangerous!

Imagine my exuberance when I saw there was a new chapter today!!!

Ex-sa-len-tay!!!!! Soooo tough to read through to the end, cause I just want MJ and Lex together…that LMP and Antoine just don’t belong in Mike and Lexi’s world!

“Watching her make love to him took his breath away; he fell in love with her all over again. She was the one; she had been the one since he met her.”

OHHHH WHEEEE! I want to be in love like this. I love it, love the update. And yes, we love the S-E-X but that’s because you give it to us good like Mike, but I love the story too, I feel like they are real, the dialogue, the situations, the drama, the love, I love it all. I told you I’m hear as long as this story can go.

I LOVE how you intertwined the time line, giving us the main points and letting us know how much time has passed, but I love that they stayed close, he always kept tabs on her (graduation, coming to the house, the flowers) I love that they can’t be away from each other, and the sex at the end was just the right time because we know they’d been heating up for each other for 2 years and when they get together after all that time I surprised they didnt’ break the bed too! haha, love it!

@Tigereyes, I’m in the middle of reading ‘God of the Dance’ so I’m glad you didn’t give anything away. I’m enjoying it a lot so far, I try to read all this stuff on my iphone too, anyway I can get it in, lol. *high fives DPYT*

OK guys…I’ve thought long and hard about this…I’m bringin back Mike and Alisha. Anyone who’s been followin them for the last few months, check out the site in a few days. I hope to have somethin up by then. I’ve missed them so much, hubby has given me an idea on how to bring them back. Stay with me guys! xx

Hey ladies…

I told you the timeline works didnt I? Thats one reason I cant just bang out story after story though, I want to make sure they make some semblence of sence. Gunnie…I just see Michael yearning for her but being tangled in his affairs. I guess that is the best way to describe what has gone down with them.

Tiger…whatever you do dont rush to publish. Before you hit enter make sure it is something that stands the test of time. I try to tell myself that with every chapter. (Will I be happy with this in a year…5…or 10?) If not, it does not see the light of the net.


Now that’s what I’m talking about!! Bless you and your active imagination, DangerousPYT. Keep it comin’!

Who said this was ALL imagination?

😉 mwah

Damn girl….yes!!! they done made love….it has been forever with those two lol.

That Sade song is the best…wooh…love her lol. That just made it passionate AF.

When I saw Lisa’s triflin ass smh I was about to yell and scream but i didn’t girl…woo lol.

Great chapter as usual…now off to read Chapter 3 hehe <3

Girl I almost stopped reading.
Is it possible to want to reach through my phone to choke that bitch Lisa out. But it all worked out because mike came back.
Sigh. Makeup sex, the best


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