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Michael’s Train of Love-The Lost Chapter I.V

Since it is our anniversary week, and we are taking a look back. How about a tiny look at Michael and Hunter that first night on the train after they got together…love those memories


Michael’s Train of Love

The Lost Chapter

Chapter I.V


Looking over at him in the moonlight, she saw how strikingly handsome he really was. Not in the classic Hollywood movie star way, but in a gentle, almost what you could say…beautiful way. He was searching though his case, looking for a pad of paper and a pencil. Sometime during the night his hair had come down from its usual ponytail and it hung in soft rings about his face and neck.  As he stretched across the small bed she could see every sinewy muscle along his back move under his skin as he reached around inside his case looking for the tools that would capture a moment he envisioned only moments before. His smile was bright and his eyes shown like glittering dark gems as he plotted enthusiastically what he would preserve forever on the page. He didn’t seem bothered by his apparent nakedness and she gently reached out and ran her hand across his thigh and behind, the temptation of his lithe body finally becoming too much for her to resist.

Hunter’s was still on fire from the passion that had ignited between them in the last several hours and she was happy that he had asked her to remain with him on the remainder of the journey to Berlin. However, she knew that daylight was not far off and like Cinderella she too would have to return to life among the regular folk that were not so lucky to be plucked out of their boring existence to spend the night with such a captivating man. It was like she had to blink her eyes to remind herself that it had really happened. Their meeting was antagonistic to begin with, but ultimately exhilarating and he was fast becoming the most fantastic man she had ever met, and if she was being honest…she didn’t want it to end.

Turning on the lamp beside the bed Michael laughed as Hunter pulled a pillow to her nude body. “Why you covering up girl, you’re beautiful just like you are.” Feeling the flush of heat rise to the surface of her skin from her sudden embarrassment she pulled her hair forward and hid behind her hand. Setting his pen down he moved to her side, “Hey, don’t be shy NOW. I mean it. God…look at you. I’m serious girl.” His lips softly caressed hers and his fingertips gently grazed over the tops of her breasts. “I can’t keep my hands off of you. “ Breaking away from her lips his eyes lit up, “I know, here put my shirt on and you can ditch the pillow, deal?” Taking the shirt Michael had worn earlier to the party from his hand she put it on and said, “Deal” Looking at her in silence for a moment he finally sat back and picked up his pad and pen. “Give me ten minutes; I hope you will like it.” Hunter watched as his mouth twisted and his brow furrowed. The pad turned this way and that and his large eyes would look up at her from time to time. The seriousness of his work was clearly evident on his face and written in his body language, as he worked to perfect the image so diligently on the paper.

She took the time to study him more closely as he worked. His long fingers and elegant hands, his thighs so muscular that had just minutes before pushed into her own. His stomach, flat…lean but strong and rippled from dancing long hours in the show. Then most especially, what lay underneath the paper. Thinking about what she had experienced earlier made her heart skip a beat, the slight glimpse she was having made her mouth water and knowing the night was not over yet made her juices flow again. Michael seemed to sense her arousal as he looked up with a single eyebrow raised as if to question her. “Are you OK?” Clearing her throat she blushed bright red, “Uh yeah, I was just um thinking about something is all.” He glanced back down at the drawing and spoke, “Yeah I was thinkin about it too.” When his eyes looked up again they were jet black and intense. He held the pen still and locked his gaze onto hers and stared. “Are you OK with this Hunter? Do you want to go?” Pulling the shirt around her she shook her head, “No…no Michael. Not right now. I would really like to stay.” He pushed the pen over the paper several more times and then set the pad aside. “There that’s enough; I am not paying enough attention to you.”

He slid close to her and locked his legs around her waist and brought hers over his own. Pressing her back against the bulkhead of the train he moved his mouth to her ear. “I’m glad you accidently walked in here when you were mad at me.” Rubbing her jaw against his cheek she moaned slightly, “Me too Michael, me too.” She could feel her desire building for him again, as she grazed the tips of her nails along his chest. Michael’s lips caressed her neck and he ran his hands along the side of her breast. “Mmm girl, when I saw you standing in the rain…I wanted you right then.” Pushing her breasts up and together he wrapped his lips around a nipple. Pulling all the color out of the tight pink tip and then watching it fill back up as he released it with his teeth. Hunters cry resounded in the small space of the car, “Ahhh…Mmmm Michael.” Tenderly he began to lick and suck, while her fingers buried themselves in his soft curls. Arching her back, she pushed her body closer to his, and she could feel him shudder…it only cemented her desire to make love to him once again before reality forced them apart. “Michael, Michael” she breathed as she lifted his lips to hers. “Michael lay down.” Her kisses seemed frantic and he was not willing to argue with her as she ran her hands up his chest as he fell back on the mattress. Hunter still wore his shirt and her hair surrounded him as she stretched out along his body and cupped him in her hand. “I want you inside me again, that’s what I was thinking about when you had the pen.” Her hand slipped up his shaft and began a solid stroke, “Michael, make love to me.” Hunter swung her leg over him and she sank down upon him. The feeling she had when he entered her was intense, so intense she almost didn’t hear his groan of pleasure when he completely filled her up. “Shhh gahd, oh gahd…its soo good.” His eyes were closed as he pushed up into her and his hands ran up her thighs. Leaning down to kiss him, she started to roll her hips as he pushed again. It was electric, stimulating and she whispered to him of her pleasure, “You’re driving me crazy Mr. Jackson. I can’t get enough of you.” Opening his eyes he stared into her face and felt his emotions begin to flicker, “I can’t get enough of you either Hunter. Come here…” Their temperatures rose, both of their respirations climbing as they moved together. Hunter’s hips moved faster and faster against his and she buried her face into his neck, the sweet smell of his hair surrounding her while he pulled her body tighter. She could feel the tingling begin deep inside, and she prepared herself for the kind of climax that you remembered long after it passed. Moving her lips to his she kissed him deeply before raising her head slightly, “I..I’m almost there. I’m going to come.” Stroking her deeply he whispered, “Show me…” Rising above him she began to ride his shaft, throwing her head back with wanton abandon. Michael watched her in amazement as she let herself go, and released herself to him and the moment. Her rocking and grinding and his thrust upwards caused her to finally cry out and grasp his hands off of her hips. “Ahhh, righ…right, oh ahhh, Michael….yes.” The heat spread out from her pelvis and though her core, she could feel the pulses radiate out and she shuddered over and over on top of him. Eventually she collapsed on top of him and for a moment he lay in stunned amazement, listening to her heavy breathing and sighs of contentment. That is until his body called out for satisfaction. Rolling over on top of her, he resumed his stroke. Spent from his lovemaking, she opened her eyes and smiled up at him. “Come inside me…let me make you feel as good as I do.” Hunter wrapped her legs around his hips and pulled him in, lifting up to meet him stroke for stroke. Michael could feel her wetness and he finally felt himself clinch in anticipation of release. Gritting his teeth he exclaimed loudly, “Yes, aww yeah…gahd!”

Hunter knew he was content. Especially when he curled up on top of her and didn’t move except to twirl her hair lazily around with his finger.

Michael eventually slipped out of her and reached up and picked up the note pad and said, “This is what I did a while ago. I hope you like it. I think you look beautiful.” Looking at the sketch, Hunter marveled at the image on the page. It only took him a few minutes and he captured her so closely. “That’s really great Michael. Do you draw often?” Hunter studied the drawing closely before handing it back to him. He smiled and pushed an errant strand of hair over her ear, “I just doodle mainly; you know when I am bored or really inspired…like I was a while ago when the moonlight was shining through the window on you.” Michael saw the gleam in her green eyes as she reached for the lamp and switched it off suddenly casting them in darkness again. “I liked the moonlight too Michael. Can I lay with you for awhile?” Opening up his arms, she curled up and moved into his warm body. There was something about the way that he held her that made her feel so safe, so secure and so at home.

The sound of the train was soothing as they lay together both of them thinking their own thoughts until Michael finally spoke, “What are you going to be doing in Berlin? Do you mind me asking?” Not quite knowing how to answer him, Hunter blinked in the darkness. “Well, I have a friend I am going to check on, and I just thought I would try to pick up some work while I was in town if I could.” Michael felt his heart almost stop in his chest. A friend? He hadn’t even thought about her being with another guy. She wasn’t wearing a ring, and she hadn’t mentioned a boyfriend. Taking a deep breath he decided to find out, “Um…does your friend plan on you being there anytime soon?” Glancing up Hunter looked at his face, so serene and placid. She had no idea that his stomach was tied up in knots. “Oh well, she knows I will back sometime soon. I promised her sometime in the next week or so.” Closing his eyes he was felt relieved that it was really a friend and not someone she was serious about.

At some point they fell asleep until Hunter awoke with a start. Sitting up on the bed she realized that it was almost dawn and Berlin was not far away. Slipping off the bed she searched the floor and found her clothing and made her way into the small bathroom and freshened up and dressed so she could return to her seat prior to arrival. Michael was sitting on the edge of the bed when she opened the door and dressed in his jeans from the night before. His hair back in the ponytail and a wide smile plastered on his face as he greeted her, “Hey, Sorry I fell asleep. I don’t usually do that. It must have been the train.” Picking her backpack up off the ground, Hunter sat down beside him. “Don’t worry about it. It was a long day I bet.” Standing suddenly Michael kissed her cheek, “I’ll be right back.” He said as he entered the bathroom. This gave Hunter time to brush her hair and dig her toothbrush out of her bag. She started brushing before he ever got out and he laughed as she waited on him at the door so she could rinse. “I brushed too girl…there’s some mouthwash in there if you want it.”  Wiping the back of her mouth as she stepped back into the car, she stood for a moment then stepped towards the door. “Well Michael I….” He was on his feet in a flash meeting her before she made it all the way. “Wait! You’re not leaving are you?” Hunter looked up at him and nodded, “Yeah, we are almost there and it will be light soon Michael. I should go.” Taking hold of her backpack he took it from her and set it down, “Hunter, I…I want to ask you um…I want to ask you if you will stay with me while I am in Germany?” All she could do was stare, she really couldn’t believe what he had just asked her. “I mean, I understand if you don’t want to stay…” Michael mumbled and looked down, now clearly shy and uncomfortable. Finally it was like a light had gone off and she spit out, “Yes! Of course yes. I would love to stay with you while you are here.” Her reward was the light in his eyes when he realized that she was really going to stay. He seemed to radiate happiness and he pushed her gently against the wall to show her how much so with a deep, passionate kiss. “You just made me so happy girl, thank you.” He whispered and caught his breath.

It was at this moment that a knock came on the door. Michael ignored the first one, continuing to kiss Hunter in spite of it. It was only after the second knock did he pull away. “You better go sit down over there, out of site of the door. I..hmmm I’m sorry.” Michael waited until she was out of the view of the door to finally crack it just a bit, only to see Frank DiLeo standing there kindly letting him know that they had an hour to go until they arrived in Berlin. Michael ordered a coffee service and quickly shut the door.

“They will be back in a minute, are you ready for this?” Michael asked her sweetly as he started to get dressed to disembark.  Hunter felt her palms begin to sweat and her stomach felt unsteady but she was willing to try anything. She hadn’t felt this way about a man in her whole life, maybe she would be lucky enough to have her happily ever after.

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Awww, Hunter & MJ have such beautiful memories! This was muy romantico!

Miss Prince and I are clinking our champagne glasses in a toast to you, your talent, and wonderful stories.

P.S. Her glass has a strawberry in it and because she is reading, I’m sneakily pouring another glass, hee, hee

Well I def think champagne is warranted this week.

Thanks so much for the comments and support. You guys are the best.

BTW I loved going back and writing about these two again. It was like a visit from two old friends.

I liked that! It was nice! Awwwwwwwww!!!!!

That was such a nice treat to read! I love how they were kinda shy and her riding him was hawt! I life the cuddling too. I’m sure we’d all fall in love with him this fast. That was good, I love having a happy moment with these two again. Yea DPYT!

Thank you Gunnie

I SMH when I think about all the story I crammed into 7 chapters with these two…so as I was thinking about what I wanted to do to celebrate I said, “How about a lost chapter!” So back to the beginning I went, it was fun. Damn I love that train.

Excellent has always.

I am with Gunngirl for sure! I love reading about those two. Just for the time I hope that he had someone like hunter in his life. sigh… thanks DPYT you rock girl, and congratulations on the year anniversary!!

By Forever Michael on January 6th, 2011 at 10:48 pm

This cant possibly all of the lost chapters…I have read this story again and I absolutely love it… Hoping for somemore lost chapters between these two….

She was thinking about what laid underneath the paper… . 😉

Just started to re-read the Hunter series, my favorite. It’s just as good if not better than it was the very first time. Hot?yes! But the writing itself, so great, it really transports your mind to that place.
Excellent as usual(:

By Mrs. Michael Jackson on December 1st, 2013 at 5:11 pm

I came across this while searching for an image on, and let me just say, WOW! While I haven’t read the rest of the chapters, I definitely be bookmarking this! Oh, and a link to the other chapters would much appreciated! <3

Hello Mrs Jackson LOL…WELCOME You can begin reading here start with the bottom story and just hit previous page and it will take you story by story thru time. Hope you enjoy.

Also here is the homepage of the site

By Mrs. Michael Jackson on December 2nd, 2013 at 6:55 pm

Thank you so much DangerousPYT. By the way, I wanted to compliment you on your fantastic range of vocabulary. I didn’t even know what the word “sinewy” meant until yesterday! Also, did you draw the “Hunter Sketch” yourself? I really like it. Oh, and before I go, if you don’t mind me asking, in what era did picture Michael for the story? I pictured “Bad Era Michael”. You know, lighter skin, soft curls, same beautiful chocolate brown eyes as always… (:

By Mrs. Michael Jackson on December 3rd, 2013 at 7:44 pm

One last thing… I read “Michael’s Train of Love: Part I” last night, and I noticed you mention a certain female named ‘Diana’… At first I thought you were referring to Diana Ross, but soon realized after scrolling down to the bottom of the page that your writing consists of ‘Lexi’, ‘Diana’, ‘Hunter’, and ‘Kim’. Should I read about Lexi and Diana first, or continue on with the story of Hunter?

Sorry, I haven’t been able to log in because my parrot ate my keyboard. LOL I had to buy a new one today.
No you are good…just keep hitting the previous page “Hunter” is the first stories I wrote and it follows the years beginning with the Bad Tour. You will see as you read….You asked about the drawing and no I didn’t do that I wish I knew who did so I could credit them. I just found it online. Hope you enjoy.. Oh as you read you will see some extra stories in there, but they are fun.
Since everything is in order that they were posted in the blog it will start making sense if you just go from that first story back or forward LOL.


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