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The Salesman II

The Salesman II

August 1964

Las Vegas, Nevada


 The taxi pulled up in front of the hotel and it was hot; more than hot it was HELL! Las Vegas in August was insane, like a blast furnace of dry heat that bit into your skin like a Mojave rattlesnake and sucked you dry. “Sucked dry” now there is a thought, Michael pondered as he tipped the bellhop and felt the cool air conditioning of The Sands lobby hit his face. Yes, being in Las Vegas for the sales convention might just be the perfect place to get sucked or well…whatever, over the long weekend. He just hoped it wouldn’t be his wallet that was “sucked dry” on the casino floor.

Making his way up to his room he took a cool shower and changed into a simple white t-shirt, blue jeans and short boots. He still wore his hair in the same mod style of the year prior and fluffed it with his fingers before applying a splash of Aramis to his jaws and neck. Double checking that he had his key, watch, and wallet he bid adieu to his room for the moment and headed down to the casino to catch the action.

He decided he wanted to play Roulette; he could watch the table…and maybe win a bit of cash for the weekend too. Cashing in two hundred dollars for chips he played the outside and stayed even money for the first half hour. Red seemed lucky for him and he was happy to stay small until she arrived. Her dress was tight and cut low. Too low to be leaning over the table to collect the chips that suddenly seemed to flowing her way. Soft pink, her dress was soft pink. It matched the hint of lipstick she wore and the blush on her cheeks from the excitement of winning so much money. Michael suddenly felt bold and placed a corner bet on 14-15-17-18, and she stacked her chips on top of his and seductively lit a cigarette. Dragging the smoke slowly through her lips before exhaling with a long flutter of her lashes, she stared seductively at him daring him to challenge her. Michael felt his stomach tighten at her boldness and he bit his bottom lip and unconsciously flicked his tongue out, all the while wondering what her lips might taste like against his. Meanwhile the wheel began to slow and once again red was lucky for Michael. 18 was where the ball landed and he gratefully accepted the load of chips pushed his way. Realizing his luck he left the game, cashing out at the table and began to make his way to the door. Suddenly he felt a hand on his arm, “Excuse me, I have a proposition for you. I need an escort…one for the afternoon. Do you have plans?”

Trying to act nonchalant as they made their way through traffic in the brand new Rolls Royce limousine, Michael uncorked the bottle of champagne for his new friend. He had already noticed her huge wedding ring and wondered why he was chosen to go along on this little adventure and where exactly it was that they were going. As he handed her the glass of bubbly he watched her breasts jiggle within the confines of her dress. He could almost smell her desperation; her boredom was written on her face.

“What is your name love?” she asked while accepting the flute of champagne. He loved her eyes. They were blue, so blue they were almost purple. With her black hair and softly tanned skin she was stunning. Not to mention the slight pout she had in her lips. He realized he had to concentrate, what was it she had said…oh yeah his name. “My name?” He laughed and smiled, it always seemed to work on the ladies. “My name is Michael. What’s yours?” “Eva…nice to meet you Michael, I think you might enjoy where we are going this afternoon. It really is the hot ticket in town. My husband is busy and told me to find some lucky fella to be my escort for the evening. So…I guess you could say you stacked your chips in the right place today, yes?” Her laughter sounded like ice in a cold glass of water and he was a thirsty man. He was becoming more and more exhilarated about their destination and hoped it would be quite, dark and intimate.

It wasn’t long before the limo was caught in a long line of traffic and Eva shifted in her seat. “Would you like another glass?” Michael offered the bottle as she held her hand out delicately. “It should not be long and we will have an escort to the valet. The Chief of Police promised us that he would send out a patrol to escort us in.” Eva took a sip of her champagne and glanced ahead and smiled as two motorcycle policemen pulled alongside their car and directed them into the oncoming lane of traffic that had been stopped to allow them access to the driveway of the Las Vegas Convention Center. Michael tried to hide his gasp as he caught sight of the sign advertising the show they were apparently attending and Eva was right it was the hottest ticket in town, the country…hell the world. They were going to see The Beatles!

Their afternoon wouldn’t be quite, dark or intimate. 1964 it was the year of Beatlemania they were everywhere television, movies, magazines and especially the radio. Tickets were hard to come by and Michael never dreamed he would ever have a chance to see them perform yet here he was sitting next to this beautiful, rich woman with a police escort, heading inside to catch the biggest band in the world. It turned out Las Vegas was very special so far and he had his own beautiful lady luck on his arm. They danced along with most every song, sipped off the flask of whisky Eva had slipped in her purse and screamed along with all the young girls. The afternoon was glorious and it was a shock to them both when they stumbled out of the show to find the sun still hanging low in the sky to the west.

“Where do you have to go Michael?” Eva slung her arm through his as he walked her up to the Rolls. “I am free for the evening. I had planned on being at the tables tonight but I am defiantly having a much better time at the moment.” Michael opened the door and softly whispered in her ear as she brushed passed him, “A much better time Eva.” Walking around the car he wondered what might happen next, he figured he would probably end up back at The Sands pressing his luck on a slot machine. But she had him crazy, he wanted to press himself inside her. He didn’t care if she was married or not, she was exquisite and he desired her, all of her. “Charles, take us back to the house. I believe Mister…Mister?” Eva looked at Michael questionably, searching for his last name. “Jackson.” He answered. “Mr. Jackson and I are going to take the Rolls out for a drive in the desert.” Batting her eyes at him she smiled lazily, “You do wish to drive it don’t you Michael?” Glancing out the window at the mob of people exiting the concert Michael smiled to himself before turning back to her and said, “Oh yes, I want to drive it alright. I really want to drive it.”

Wondering how she accomplished it so quickly, he was stunned when Eva was changed in less than ten minutes after arriving. She was dressed for tennis in a very white, very short pleated skirt with a zippered, sleeveless top and tennis shoes. “Are you ready Michael?” He looked at her up and down and opened the front door to the Rolls Royce. Her smile let him know that she too was more than ready.

They drove south until they were far enough into the desert that they couldn’t see any buildings. Michael pulled off onto a tiny rutted road and faced the car to the west so they could watch the sun as it made its last fiery stance of passion before it yielded itself to the blackness of the night. They talked about their pasts and he found out she had been a showgirl who met her husband five years earlier. He owned and sold real estate, big real estate and was hardly ever home. He had political aspirations and needed a wife who knew her place and looked good doing it. She had begun to think he was more of what the gossip magazines called “limp wristed” as he never touched her anymore and spent most of his free time in Hollywood with his movie star friends. She didn’t care much though; she appreciated her lifestyle and had the freedom to do as she pleased. Michael opened another bottle of champagne and they forgot about drinking out of glasses and just shared it. She laughed and told him she would buy a vacuum from him first thing in the morning and that he didn’t even need to demonstrate it. They were having such a good time it took a moment to realize the sun was setting and a blaze of color began to streak across the sky.

“I love the sunsets, they are so peaceful…so beautiful.” Eva was gazing up at the sky and Michael watched her as the expressions of wonder flashed on her face. “Just like you Eva.” Snapping her head towards him she stopped, “Do you mean that?” Taking a step forward he pressed her against the car, “Of course, look at you.” Michael’s hand slid slowly up her back and rested on her neck, he leaned forward and breathed in her ear, “I want to kiss you so badly Eva…will you let me?” His lips trembled against her ear and he felt her suck her breath in as he pushed closer to her body. “Yes.” She said it so quietly he almost didn’t hear her but she turned her lips toward his and tentatively pressed them against his mouth. They were soft just like he imagined, soft and sweet and giving. His hand traveled to her cheek and caressed her face that seemed lit up with the golden hue of the sunset. Her mouth opened easily when he pushed his tongue inside and they seemed to swirl together perfectly. Like a dance of two halves that finally found its whole. His hands began to wander, sliding down her back and pulling her in close to his body. He wanted to unzip her top and feel her breasts but he was afraid he might be moving too fast. God he wanted her, he could tell she was ready to be set free. Eva had been a prisoner and he wanted to be the one to give her a bit of joy.

Flinging back her head she moaned, not unlike the coyotes would be doing when they began to prowl later under the light of the moon. Her chest heaved in passion and Michael ran his lips down her neck before stepping away to try and pull himself together. Turning his back to her he watched as the last bit or orange flared in the sky and decided he needed to head back to town before he tried something he might lament. She was dangerous and he liked it, too much. He wanted her badly and it would only lead to trouble. “Michael?” her voice called to him and he slowly closed his eyes. “Yes” he cleared his throat, “Yes, Eva?” “Michael I want to make love to you.” “We should go, I…I don’t want you to do something you will regret.” Several moments passed and he finally heard the car door open when he turned to face her. She was sitting naked waiting for him in the back seat of the limo. “I won’t regret it Michael, believe me I have been waiting for you for a very long time now.”

Standing for several moments he took in her body. Even in the dusk he could see her perfection. Her long black hair spilled over onto her full and firm breasts. Her stomach was firm, athletic and his eyes were drawn to the dark triangle waiting between her extremely long tanned legs. Michael moved towards her knowing he shouldn’t but his body overcame his mind and he sank to his knees in front of her moving between her legs and pulling her in for a ravenous kiss. There was no gentleness this time, no thought behind trying to protect her. “I want you too Eva, god I want you too. From the moment I saw you.” She was intoxicating and he couldn’t have enough of her. His lips found her neck and he bit and sucked his way down to her breast. Her nipples had already tightened into tiny buttons and they both moaned together and his mouth clamped down over it and sucked. “Mmmmm, yes that feels good.” Eva urged Michael to continue to pleasure her as he raked his teeth across the peak of her nipple. He could feel her trembling under him and knew that he had to get undressed. “Wait, hold on…” Michael moved again outside of the car and removed his t-shirt, boots and slid his jeans and underwear off in one motion. Eva had moved into the car and was laying on the back seat and could only see him from the chest down and caught her breath at his erection. She felt the wetness creep down her walls and dropped her foot to the floor of the limo as he once again entered. Michael saw her stretched out before him and couldn’t resist. Sinking to his knees he lightly stroked her belly above her sex. “Eva you are so beautiful.” Planting a soft kiss inside her thigh he spoke again, “I want you so much.” His fingers stroked down her leg to her knee where he kissed her softly, and with his eyes closed he said, “Did you see how hard you have me woman?” Eva’s cry sounded strangled and she reached for his cheek, “Ye…ye..yes.” Her hips were moving in small circular patterns craving something she didn’t even know she wanted. Michael began licking and kissing her thigh until he reached her sex where he blew a tiny bit of air across her. “ahhhhh” Her hands dug into the leather. At that moment he knew no one had ever satisfied her orally and he was damn happy to be the first. Lightly he parted her lips with his tongue, finding her already hardened rosebud protruding at the top. She was already wet and tasted so good. His mind was reeling and he felt like he might burst but he wanted to please her..Show her what a real man can do for a woman. Her hips came up into his lips and her moan of ecstasy was music to his ears when he began to roll his tongue against her. Roll, suck, flick. Roll, suck, flick. When he moved down and tasted her juices she was tangy sweet and so wet. Placing his finger inside of her he watched for a moment as she moved on him, rotating her hips on his hand. Working to have that feeling she hadn’t felt in so long. “You’re close baby, I want to watch you.” Placing another finger inside her he bent down and rubbed his bottom lip against her and sucked hard on her bud. The light flicks of his tongue after that seemed to set her off and she bucked against his hand and he felt the rush of sweet nectar move against his fingers as she came for him. She called his name and held his face to her body as she shook through her bliss. Her eyes glazed over from happiness before she was even finished. Never one to miss an opportunity, Michael moved down and tasted her, closing his eyes and enjoying her essence.

“Can I be inside you now?” Michael had moved up and was kissing her lips and neck. “Hurry, I want to feel you in me.”Eva reached for him and moved him towards her entrance. Placing his tip just inside, he looked at her one last time, “Tell me?” Nails clawed down his back and her legs wrapped around his hips. “Be inside me. Be inside me now!” Entering her was like nothing else he had experienced. She wasn’t a virgin but she was so tight his eyes rolled back in his head for a moment. His breath caught in his chest and he had to stop for a moment or he would have come right away. “Eva, you feel incredible.” Her hips were inadvertently rocking under him and he could hear tiny whimpers from her throat. It took a moment but he was able to begin to stroke her, his mind was racing…what did he like better? Her perfect body, her tightness, her wetness, how hot it literally felt to be inside her, the way she was moaning his name. He caught her mouth with his and kissed her wildly, they were sweaty and crazy and wild and passionate and he was about to come. “Eva, I’m gonna come. I better pull out now.” Michael felt himself tighten, his sac twitched and the fluid moved. He pulled out just in time to come on her belly and the dark patch between her legs. It seemed like it took forever for him to finish and she jumped when he used the cold towel that had wrapped the champagne bottle to clean her up.

Somehow they both managed to lie on the seat and Michael was holding her in his arms. “This has been quite a day for me, thank you.” He said. “You’re welcome; I have had a wonderful day too. The concert and the, uh after party were spectacular.” Michael laughed lightly in her ear, yeah the concert was spectacular. Soon he started to quietly sing to her, not the fast tempo of the original but a slow soulful groove as his fingers found their way between her legs.

Ooo I need your love babe

Guess you know it’s true

(His middle finger spun slowly as he continued singing)

Hope you need my love babe

Just like I need you

(Michael dipped inside her, she was so hot…so wet)

Hold me, love me, Hold me, love me

Aint got nuthin but love babe

Eight days a week

Eva could feel his hardness beginning to grow against her back and she knew she wanted to feel him inside her again. But she wanted freedom she wanted out of the damn car. “Get out with me Michael.”

She slipped outside and it was black with thousands of tiny white stars above them and a bright crescent moon. Michael stood up beside her and pulled her close. “Where was I?”  He began to run his hands slowly along her side and sway back and forth as he sang again softly.

Love you everyday girl

Always on my mind

(his thumb circled her nipple, causing it to harden)

One thing I can say girl

Love you all the time

(Eva began to stroke his shaft)

Hold me, love me, hold me, love me

Aint got nuthin but love babe

Eight days a week

Michael’s lips found hers and he spun her around to face the car. “Bend over baby.” Pushing his leg between hers he forced her legs apart and gently pushed her body over so that she was laying on the trunk of the car. Realizing what was going to happen Eva let out a sigh, “Oh yes, Michael yes.” Entering her this time he didn’t hold back. He held her hips in his hands and brought them back until he was buried fully in her velvet softness. Eva squeezed with all her might and arched her back giving him the perfect canvas to make his art. It was dark but he could see in the moonlight the sway of her breasts as they moved under her as he thrust into her from behind. Her cries and moans began to hit a fever pitch and he knew he couldn’t hold on much longer. She was slamming him as hard as he was thrusting and it was time. “Mi…Mi, Michael oh god . I am ahhhhh” Eva fell into her orgasm grasping at his shaft and flooding him with warmth and he couldn’t resist. He didn’t have time to pull out; honestly he couldn’t even think about it. He came hard and heavy inside her. With the last load he practically picked her up off of her feet. Finally they buckled onto the trunk of the car, catching their breath and kissing and laughing together in the dark.

The lights of the stage were bright and he was astonished when his name had been called for “Salesman of the Year”. It had been a great weekend and to cap it off with such a prestigious award from the company was icing on the cake. He dreaded heading back to Los Angeles and he knew he didn’t want to say goodbye to Eva. She had promised to call him later in the evening after her husband went to bed. Making his way through the crowd of his fellow salesmen as they offered their congratulations he finally got to the back of the auditorium and was shocked to find Eva with a well dressed man at her side. “Hello Michael, I would like you to meet my Husband John. John this is the gentleman I told you I met earlier this week in the casino. As you could see by this award he is quite a salesman. Perhaps you can employ him here in Las Vegas; we all know real estate is the next big thing here right?”

John placed an arm around Michael’s shoulder and walked away to discuss business as Eva lit a cigarette and secretly took a sip off of the flask in her purse.

Stay right here on for more Salesman adventures….


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Yay I’m first!!! Fantastic as always Dangerous. You rock. Him bending her over the trunk was the best…gotta try that sometime. Hopefully this will plant the seed for a MJ sex dream 😉 xx

LOL On the car sex is GRRRR-eat! (said like Tony the Tiger)

Lawd forgive me for having sinful thoughts on a Sunday evening! Thank you for this update.

Freaking amazing…Your writing is so outstanding . I am so happy you r back and hope every thing is good with the family.

I am so enjoying Michael’s wild side, can’t wait to read the next chapter,I feel like Michael will stick around in Vegas..He loved Vegas any way.
Peace,love and MJ hugs.

@T You are welcome, I hope you got a good nights sleep girl!

@Candy These Salesman stories are fun cause he can be so out of the box but still him. I really have a great time with them. Plus the research is a blast, I stumbled upon the pic of the sign for The Beatles and I was like “oh hell yeah” I am so using that for the story. LOL

I want to keep The Salesman kinda light and carefree, no heavy stuff. “A groovy trip maaaan” LOL

Dammit girl! You did it again! Lol loved it as usual.

Mike and Eva def got it in the limo and right outside it on the trunk! Mmhm they was not giving a fuk! Lol. Too damn good though.

Hope John never found out….aha Mike gave Eva the business and she knows it too aha.

Can’t wait for the next chapter girl! <3

Loved it! So is Mike going to stay in Vegas? Sounds like dangerous, but very sexy situation. Can’t wait to see what happens.

We will get back to our Salesman soon. Thanks for reading Cyn!

So Rolling Stone magazine has a special television issue out this week. On the cover is part of the cast of Mad Men.

I was TOTALLY freaked out when one of the girls was wearing the exact dress I had in my mind when I typed out Eva’s dress here last week. I so had to share it with you. How crazy is that?

I love this new chapter! This guy totally has me lusting after him. I’m glad to know we’re gonna have more ehm great adventures.


She is here, she is here. OMG she is here

Runs around the room like a crazy girl. My little cat is here. YAAAAAAY

I love this one too! LOL!

Ha ha

He is very very VERY special isnt he

I just read this again.

Thats a damn good story if I do say so myself. LOL

All I could say was OMIGAUD OMIGAUD OMIGAUD. Great as always dpyt.
oh and I write fantasies as well. Just starting out
You inspired me too!
god bless



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