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New Beginnings XXV

New Beginnings XXV

October 1992

Early Monday morning in Paris was quite, especially after hearing the screams of the crowd at the Hippodrome earlier in the evening. His car sped along the seemingly empty street, ready to deliver him to hell…or unburden him of some his guilt. He wasn’t really sure why he was going there yet, but it was just something he had to do. Memories started rushing back as they moved closer and he sat forward in his seat and stared up through the windows as it came into view.

The way the lights reflected in her eyes, how their love for each other seemed to make her glow from within. Closing his eyes he could almost hear her voice again,

 “I am just going to enjoy myself with you tonight, you are all I need Michael…you are all I need.”

“Mr. Jackson, we have arrived.” His driver spoke softly from the front seat, causing him to return to the present. “Oh, yes of course…thank you.” Michael collected his thoughts and waited for the door to open. This time there were no roses and he knew there would be no waiting bucket of champagne on the third floor viewing platform. A young man in his early twenties met them at the car, “Follow me please. I guess you have been here before?” Michael nodded as Bill followed behind. Walking up to the elevator the staff member leaned in and punched a button for Michael, “This will take you up and then you can stay for about thirty minutes. I have to start cleaning up after that.” Michael smiled, “Are you from The States?” The staff member smiled, “Yeah, So. Cal. I am here for the summer.” Scratching behind his ear, Michael entered the elevator with a sigh. When he turned he looked at Bill as the doors closed seeing a look of sadness on his old friends face.

The elevator doors opened and he almost fell against the back wall as an overwhelming sense of déjà vu came over him. Nothing had changed, it seemed frozen in time. He literally had to will his feet to move out of the elevator and onto the platform of the Eiffel Tower. He stood for several minutes riveted in place, just staring at where she had stood in his arms. He remembered everything so vividly, every detail….every nuance.

“Michael, I told you before, all I want is you. I will be here as long as you want me.”

He moved forward and leaned against the same place on the tower where they had stood and thought about that night in the past.

“Hunter Leigh Davis will you make me the happiest man ever and be my wife?”

He pulled her engagement ring out of his pocket and turned it over and over in his fingers. It seemed to come alive again under the lights of the tower.

“I can see my children in your eyes…”

It seemed like only yesterday that they had stood high above the city and made their plans. Promising to always love and be there for each other. Michael felt the tears begin to fall from his eyes and he didn’t try to stop them. He wanted to feel her close to him again, if only for a moment. God he missed her, he stuffed it down and went about life. But it always felt like there was a hole in the pit of his stomach that was empty and it was never full, never satisfied…and he never felt complete. Sliding down to the floor he lost himself for a moment to his grief and pain. This was the one thing he dreaded when he stopped moving, the one reason he seemed to always run…because if he didn’t it might catch up to him.

At last he caught his breath and wiped his eyes and stood up and surveyed the city that had brought them both so much promise. He stuffed her ring back in his pocket and turned to leave. When he got half way to the elevator he stopped and walked back over to the edge and touched the side of the tower singing softly while looking over the city

When you take the chance on love you see
It’s not a waste of time if you truly believe
The impossible can be
So hold on tight if you think you’re right
‘Cause nothing hurts as bad as when you see
You gave up too easily

Now I remember spending all my time
On a dream that kept me wishing that you could be mine
And I was hopin’ there could one day be
Be a chance for me to…

Get the love that I’d been missin’
Sometimes love takes a long time
But, wait for love and you’re gonna get the
Chance to love – wait for love, wait for love
Ooh my

“……I love you Hunter; I miss you with all my heart.” Michael softly whispered to the night before he finally turned to leave.



Saturday, she loved Saturday’s! Especially this one, she didn’t have any hours at the hospital or any lab work and was able to catch up on her homework and housework. The latter had really been suffering. Lexi had laundry, dusting and vacuuming and she really hoped to sneak in a nap at some point during the day. It had been a hectic week with school and she had stayed up late watching Michael on Pay per View from the Bucharest show. It seemed so different to watch him on television now. After watching so many performances from the wings she could tell what he was thinking as he went through each song. She loved every bit of it, but it made her miss him more. When he called after the show he was so relieved to have it over with. Cameras had been following him for a several weeks for MTV and he just wanted to get back to normal.

She was clever, so she did her homework first then concentrated on her housework. She was on her fourth load of laundry already and had her music blaring throughout the house. She chuckled to herself about hanging and folding clothes as she danced around. Michael always kidded her about her problems keeping her clothes hung up. She harassed him back that all his clothes were the same, so what did he know. Pulling one of his red shirts out of her laundry basket she held it close and thought about him. She hoped he was getting some rest knowing that he was tired and even a bit cranky. He told her it was because they had been apart for over a month and all he needed was her to revive him. She couldn’t say that she didn’t feel the same way.

As she went to hang up the shirt she heard Chaka Khan on her mix tape and she lunged for the remote and turned up one of her favorite songs. She let her eyes close and she began to groove along….

The house was rattling with music and Lexi was dancing and singing at the top of her lungs, thinking of Michael as the lyrics filled the house.

I’ve been waitin’ for you
It’s been so long
I knew just what I would do
When I heard your song
It filled my heart with your bliss
Gave me freedom
You knew I could not resist
I needed someone

And now we’re flyin’ through the stars
I hope this night will last forever

Ain’t nobody
Loves me better
Makes me happy
Makes me feel this way
Ain’t nobody
Loves me better, than you

His heart turned over in his chest as he saw her singing her heart out. She looked so happy and carefree. The smile on her face seemed to light up the whole room and it made the thirteen hours he had spent flying to get to here worth it. She hadn’t noticed him yet and as much as he wanted to rush to her side he waited and just watched her. She danced over to the dresser and put her lingerie away and picked up a picture of him and looked at it while she sang along.

I wait for night time to come
And bring you to me
Can’t believe I’m the one
I was so lonely
I feel like no one could feel
I must be dreamin’
I want this dream to be real
I need this feelin’

I make my wish upon a star
And hope this night will last forever

Ain’t nobody
Loves me better
Makes me happy
Makes me feel this way
Ain’t nobody
Loves me better
Ain’t nobody
Loves me better, than you

Giving his picture a quick kiss she turned around and grabbed her chest, “Michael!” His name caught in her throat and he moved towards her effortlessly.

And first you put your arms around me
Then you put your charms around me

Michael pulled her into his arms he pressed his lips close to her ear and sang

I can’t resist this sweet surrender
Oh! My nights are warm and tender

His hands framed her face and he looked deep into her eyes, as his thumb traced the curve of her eyebrow.

We stare into each other’s eyes
And what we see is no surprise

Got a feelin’ most would treasure


Unable to resist any longer he found her lips with his, with a desperate yearning kiss that spoke of how much he had longed for her. He moved her towards the bed as the song continued to play, the lyric describing exactly what they both felt at that moment

And a love so deep we cannot measure……

Lexi shook with happiness, her arms pulling him close. “I think I’m dreaming…tell me this is real?” Pulling her top over her head Michael whispered, “Its real Baby. I’m here.” He found her lips again and kissed her softly, several quick passes as her hands started unbuttoning his shirt. “Lay back Alexis, let me look at you.” Lexi fell back on the bed as Michael straddled her legs. He finished removing his shirt and t-shirt and sat a moment gazing down at her. He swallowed hard as he did so realizing how much he had really missed her. “You look incredible.” His voice was low and soft and she gave him a sweet smile. “I’m a mess….been cleaning all day.” He reached up and brushed the back of his fingers over her nipple, “I don’t care, you’re perfect.” He bent his head down and took her breast in his mouth, gently sucking on her already hardened nipple. Lexi caught her breath and ran her fingers through his hair. Her lungs expanded as he brought his hand up and gently twisted her other nipple between his thumb and forefinger.  Michael groaned his delight at having her softness surround him again. Her smell, her touch, and the sound she makes for him when she is turned on. He couldn’t get enough. Her legs wrapped around his waist and pulled him in as her hips began to churn automatically. Moving away briefly he stood and removed his shoes and jeans, before pulling off her shorts. Lexi’s eyes widened when she caught sight of his erection. He was so ready, so thick, and so hard. He caught the direction of her gaze and smiled, “You ready girl? I want you so bad.” Sitting up slightly she grasped him in her hand and stroked, “Take me there…” Lying down beside her he slid his fingers between her legs, stroking the inside of her lips with her moistness. Lexi stretched her leg over his hip and felt him press against her, every roll of her hip bringing him closer to pushing deep inside her body. Reaching down he guided himself inside, slowly…steadily. He wanted to make it last, touch every part of her that he had desired since they had been apart. “I’ve imagined being inside you just like this girl.” Michael whispered softly in her ear as he slowly worked his hips against her.

Lexi rolled him over and sat on top, grinding down upon him in steady motions. It was almost sensory overload for Michael. Her breasts with her taut nipples were in his hands, and she was so tight around him he was having difficulty concentrating. Plus every time she rotated her hips, her perfect ass moved across his sac causing him to almost come. Reaching down she moved her finger slowly across her enlarged bud. It was peeking out between her wet folds and he knew she was close. “Don’t stop girl, you know how much you turn me on when I watch you.” She threw her head and shoulders back and arched into her pleasure, “Ahhh….yes.” Her hips began to pick up speed and Michael grabbed her firmly and pushed up into her, swelling with lust. “Come on, I wanna feel you. Let it go.” She began to pant and her brow furrowed. Her hips rolled deep and long and finally a deep moan slipped from her throat. “Nooooow, Michael ahhhhhh.”

Feeling the sheen of perspiration on her back and the flood of wetness down his shaft he flung her over. She was so slick that he easily moved inside her. He pulled her up, underneath her shoulders and held her face next to his as he moved steadily in and out of her body. Lexi studied his expressions, and listened to the small moans and whimpers that slipped from his throat as he neared his completion, “Mmmm, Lex…I’m gonna….uh….” His eyes locked with hers momentarily before rolling back as he was swept away. Unconsciously he pulled her head back by her hair and buried his face in her neck as he thrust time after time deep into her waiting tenderness. Till at last he lay limp atop her, breathing in her scent. Reveling in her curves, and loving her completely.

“Ow, damn it.” Michael woke up to hear a crash in the pitch black of the bedroom. He was startled and didn’t quite know where he was. “Stupid laundry basket!” Resting his head back against the pillow he remembered he was in Santa Monica with Lexi and smiled. The door quietly closed to the bathroom and he saw a sliver of light appear under it. Pulling her pillow into his chest he breathed in her scent and thought about how happy he was to be with her again. He heard the shower start and decided he would join her and reached over and switched on the lamp. Just as he swung his legs over the side of the bed the phone rang:


Silence filled the line and Michael spoke again


“Uh…is Lexi there?”

“Who is this”


“I asked who this is.”

Michael found himself becoming annoyed and wondered who and why a man would be calling Lexi this late at night on a Saturday.

There was another long pause before the voice on the other end of the line spoke.

“It’s Antoine.”

Lowering his head he swallowed hard before speaking, “She is not available right now. I can tell her you called though.”

“Ah yeah that would be fine…thanks. Thanks a lot.”

Michael clicked the off button and tossed the phone on the bed. He had a mixture of anger and curiosity about why Antoine was calling his…their house. He realized he had a huge debt of gratitude that he owed him, one that he could never…ever be repaid for pulling Lexi out of the fire the night of the riots. But he still knew that Antoine was in love with her, and that he would most likely do anything to get her all to himself.
 The pain hit him again out of the blue. Forcing him to his knees beside the bed, he tried to stand up but his knees buckled so he just lay there holding his head. It was hard to see and the ringing in his ears wouldn’t stop. He gritted his teeth and waited hoping that it would pass like it had before.

Stepping out of the shower she quickly wrapped her towel around her body and towel dried her hair. She was so excited to crawl back into bed with Michael that she forgot to turn off the light to the bathroom. When she opened the door she stopped momentarily as she caught sight of him in the stream of light as he lay on the floor. Rushing to his side she knelt down and assessed him. “Michael…Michael are you alright?” Looking up he tried to focus on her face, “It hurts Lex…again it hurts.” She opened the drawer and grabbed her flashlight and checked his pupils. They reacted normally, “What hurts Michael?” He reached up, “My head, god my head.” “Have you hit it today babe?” Lexi held the back of his neck. “No…no that’s why I am here. We cancelled the shows. My head… I just need a minute.” Reaching up towards the bed he crawled in and laid down, his breathing heavy and sweat pouring off his naked body. Lexi ran to the kitchen and made two cold pacs, placing them on his neck and forehead. Eventually, she got dressed while he rested.

After about thirty minutes he felt better and was able to sit up. Bringing him a glass of water she sat down with a concerned look on her face. “So you want to tell me what is going on.” He tried not to move too much but answered her, “I don’t know, they say it could be migraine or cluster headaches. Maybe from my scalp they don’t know. They wanted me to come home and get some tests done.” They sat there for a moment holding hands before she spoke again, “Do they just come out of the blue or does something trigger them?” This time his voice was soft when he spoke, “Usually something triggers it.” She sat up and looked at him, “What Michael? When I left you here you were asleep.” He cleared his voice and swallowed, “You got a phone call.” He stood up and put on his pants trying to avoid a confrontation or another attack. “Just call Antoine when you get a chance OK?” Michael walked out of the room trying not to get over excited when he told her. Lexi jumped at the sound of the French Doors slamming as he walked out to the patio. “Well, at least he can slam them now, no more sliding doors.” She said to herself.

Lexi reached over on the bed and picked up the phone and dialed Antoine’s house.



“I guess that must have been a bit unexpected huh?”

“You could say that.”

“So I guess I won’t be able to see you tomorrow.”

“I already figured that out. No worries. I’ll see you soon enough.”

“Yeah, alright….take care then, and Twan?”

“What’s up?”

“Thanks for everything.”

“Anytime Lexi, you already know that.”

“I know…I just have to remember to tell you is all.”

“Bye girl”


Michael hung up the extension by the pool and felt his heart drop in his chest. She was cheating on him with Antoine, even after making love to him like she had that afternoon. She was cheating on him with that slick bastard.

As she stepped out to the patio she smiled broadly at Michael. “Are you feeling any better? I can make you some enchiladas.” Trying not to cry he looked at the ground, “I…I’m not hungry. Listen I, um need to go over to my Mother’s. I’ll, um see ya later.” He brushed past her and walked quickly into the house to get his shirt. She was puzzled, his Mother’s? Trying to catch him in the bedroom she hurried down the hall, “Michael…Michael. What is going on?” He entered the hallway with his shirt in his hand right as she reached the room, “Excuse me I have to go.” Lexi stepped in front of him blocking his way and she saw his tear stained face, “What is wrong?” “Lexi please move, I have to go….I don’t want to get mad.” Lexi grabbed the shirt before he got too far, “No, talk to me. What is wrong with you? Is it Twan.” Michael’s face grew dark and he pushed her against the wall, “Of course it’s Twan! Isn’t it always Twan! Give me my damn shirt so I can go.” Reaching up she touched his face and it broke her heart when he pulled away.

“Baby, it…it’s not what you think. He is giving me a ride.” The look on his face was brutal as he spat out his next line, “I bet he is giving you a ride. He’s been wanting to give you a ride for a long time now. Geez Lexi, how long were you home before you started with him?” Now she started to cry, “No, no Michael he wha…was taking me to Meh..Mexico tomorrow. To a Dah..Doctor….” Her sobs made it hard for him to understand, “He…he, spec….specializes in my pr….problem. The Doctor wha..wants help me tra..try to ha..have your ba…baby Mi…Michael.”

“Mexico?” Michael looked at her incredulously. Running his hand through his hair he stared at her like she had lost her mind. “Why wouldn’t you tell me this?” “Why didn’t you tell me about your he… headaches?” Lexi still hiccupped from her confession and he couldn’t get over what she was willing to go through to make him happy. “Lex I told you that I spoke to Debbie and that it was not happening. Why would you go off and do something like this without talking to me about it first, it could be dangerous.” Reaching for his hand she placed it on her stomach, “Because you want a baby, and I want to give you one.”

Wrapping his arms around her he pulled her close, “When we have our baby we are doing it together. Every step of the way, every appointment, every test, I don’t want to miss a thing. But first, we are going to get married.”

 His lips found hers and he kissed her passionately. “Run away with me. Go with me to Vegas…marry me right now. I don’t want to wait anymore. I love you so much, Alexis Maria Teresa Guadalupe Garcia, will you add one more name on and marry me tonight?”

To be continued…..

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After I read this update I had to check the calendar and make sure it was not my birthday month of December! I read “The Salesman” this past Sunday and today, two “Lexi” updates!!! You are sooo spoiling me, LOL! I picked the right Satuday night to stay home. Thx for your hard work!

I am bored, should be being constructive. Ahem but I have Mike on my mind. I guess cause its his birthday.

You are welcome, hope you liked it.

Oops, just also wanted to say that Lexi is living out my fantasy! I am so jealous of her right now! I always wanted to run away to Vegas and marry MJ. I feel weird now because I want her and MJ to be happy but, I’m hoping it doesn’t work out so I can have a chance.

Gosh I just love jealous Michael… hell, I almost wish something was goin on between Lexi and Twan.. she’s been so damn good to Michael..hmph. Anyway, I wonder are they just gonna go ahead and elope now.. they’ve been through hell and back. Just marry him already Lex! Geez.

Wow ! Another update already !! And a great one indeed !! These two are so good together but it hurts to still watch him grieve over Hunter. I guess she will always be in his heart. I still hope he’s gonna give Lexi the love she deserves. She is alive with him and loving him dearly…
I hope you will be bored for a long time… LOLOLOL }:)

The love making was so good and so passionate. I luv passionate Michael. Do you know I put on Chaka while I read that? Lol.  These MJ pics u used I never saw b4. The awards is sad, MJ does not look happy. I love the jealousy with ‘Twan and the intense love between him and Lexi. Jealous, mad Michael is so sexy.

Him remembering Hunter in the Eiffle Tower made me cry, well written. So heartbreaking. 

“Jealous Mike” is almost as hot as “Angry Mike” huh? That Jackson gene really comes out in him then. LOL

Putting on my writers hat…I just felt like if this had happened to him, and he was in Paris (alone). He would have made an effort to go visit that place where they (Hunter) had such a profound experience together. It was his first time back in the city since, I would think there would be an ache for him. He has moved on with Lexi, but it doesnt mean he has forgotton the hopes and dreams that ended with Hunter either.

Lexi: has “Mi Vida Loca” with Michael. Up and down from one minute to the next. She lives on the edge of an extroidinary existance and holds on for dear life….lets see where she ends up.


We posted at the same time, sorry I didnt get you above girl.

I hope the Chaka embed played for you???? I try to be convenient in all ways. LOL

I have got MJ pics for daze…right click/save as. LOL I made the 88 awards gif. He WAS pissed that night. I dont blame him either.

I guess I need to write a happy chapter. Damn everybody always talking about the heartbreak. I dont mean to be such a downer….I just am not a rainbows and unicorns fan fic girl.

(I swear to god I just typed rainhoes) LOL

Oh wow hunni…this chapter blew my socks off! I cried with Michael at the Eiffel Tower. I squealed when he surprised Lexi as she was singing, I almost died when they were making love….aaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh! I don’t think Lexi would cheat on him, she’s absolutely crazy about him and has stayed loyal all this time. She’d be nuts to sleep with someone else, and let me tell you woman – if Michael really did do IT like you describe, any woman who left him was bloody mental!!! I thought there would be an innocent explanation; as usual she’s trying to do something that will help them as a couple.
Damn – you’re too good at this! I clicked on to see how the Birthday Messages were coming along, saw a new chapter and almost did a backward somersault over the bed to grab my tea so I could settle down and read it. Woo-hoo!!!!
Keep up the good work babe – I love catching up when you update!!
Much love and hugs xxx

Oh yeah – I forgot – I think they should bugger off and get married. To hell with the press, everybody wantin a piece of them, all the hanger-ons and the arse holes.
They should just sneak away and pledge themselves to each other.

Glad you liked it girl. I was in a funk this weekend and this one seemed to fly out of my fingers…itching to be written I guess. It has been awhile since that has happened.

Thanks for letting me know you liked it, the site got hit up really hard but everyone was real quiet. I guess its difficult with all our emotions so raw and all.

Oh man, so I’m like over here, almost in tears. They went from one extreme to the other and took my emotions with them. I was like “she can’t be cheating…can she?” Not dancing around and kissing on Michael’s picture. Have they learned nothing about keeping secrets from one another? Here’s to a wedding the ends well!!! We can only pray right? Great update Dangerous. Girl, you’re awesome!

“I guess I need to write a happy chapter. Damn everybody always talking about the heartbreak. I dont mean to be such a downer….I just am not a rainbows and unicorns fan fic girl.”

= Nooooooo! I want the story the way YOU want it! Don’t bend to peer pressure LOL.

“the site got hit up really hard but everyone was real quiet. I guess its difficult with all our emotions so raw and all.”


DPYT, I’m not a rainbows kinda fanfic girl either, but you kill me with the dying babies. ack! I love the drama in their relationship, it doesn’t have end with kittens and roses, like T said, you write what you want. The emotions are so hard to deal with that that makes us pray for a happy ending, but you know some of my fav movies end like that–sad and real.
But even tho I like relationships like Mike and Lexi. Mexie? lol, I always like hope at the end too. hahah also lol at ‘rainhoes’

I discovered your page/stories 48 hours, and I must say that I am hooked.. The story line with Lexi is simply amazing…. Seeing the dominating side of Michael is shall I say,intoxicating.. Your stories with Lexi and Michael are intriguing, captivating and intoxicating. Passion is intense.. Dangerous you have got me hooked…. Gotta run…:-)

Oh boy COCO, welcome to the site. I am really happy you are here. These two have quite a ride.

There are other great stories that fit in with this timeline too and make sense to what you are reading so make sure you check them out.

The Salesman stories are just some good fun… 😉

Dear Dangerous,
I will check out the Salesman story…:-) You have piqued my curiosity… I havent read all of the LEXI/MJ Stories as yet. I read one of the Hunter stories,which gave me a sneak peak into the relationship between Lexi/MJ. I am all over the place with stories. I came across your website, by “accident”. MJ was traveling salesman. I will post my feedback when I am done. You need to publish these stories in a book format. No I will have to run out and buy a printer. 🙂

Woooo, we got us a live one here! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!

I am really interested in knowing how you found us? If you dont want to say here, you can email me at

also you can like us on facebook by clicking the icon below, it takes you right to the page

I’m loving jealous mike. Mm hmmm 🙂



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