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Home II

Home II

NYC 1978

Closing the front door quietly, he began stripping his shirt off, stalking his way around the furniture that he had come to memorize in the dark over the last several weeks. He could feel his blood pressure rise as the pounding in his ears filled his head with a hiss of anticipation. Pausing as he pushed her bedroom door open he flinched as it creaked, hoping it wouldn’t alert the girls who would certainly want to join their Mother in her bed if they woke up. However his fears fell away as he saw her lying on her stomach, the curve of her backside beckoning to him. Tossing his shirt on the floor, he kicked off his shoes and socks and slid his pants and underwear off in one motion.

The sway of her back, it mesmerized him as he stood above her. The lights of the city illuminated her skin as it glistened like ebony against the white of the fabric. The sheets fell just below the two dimples that lay so delicately above where the curve of her ass started its rise that he had spotted when he entered the room. Bending over her he ran his tongue between them connecting them with a light stream of saliva and kisses. As he pursed his lips together to blow lightly over where his tongue had just traveled, he watched the goose bumps rise on her flesh. Thousands of beautiful dots of aroused skin were waiting to be caressed, just like his particular arousal was beginning to need to be caressed at that very moment.

The curve of her breast peeked out from under her arm and teased him with what lay underneath. Pressing his lips against it he could smell her perfume, it was sweet and delicate. He had already begun to associate it with her. So much so that whenever she stood near him during the day, he had begun to feel stimulated at the hint of it in the air. He had to remember to ask her what she wore. Finally she stirred, shifting so that her naked breast lay in front of him. Her nipples had yet to constrict and he stared longingly at it, until his mouth descended down taking the puffy, perfect specimen between his lips with an audible groan. Michael felt like he was in heaven, he could spend the rest of the night exploring her body…even if she was asleep. She made him feel such feelings that he couldn’t think straight or hardly even function. He knew this was far more than the puppy love his brothers had teased him about for all these years. He loved her; he loved her with all his heart and soul. Somehow, he had to figure out how to convince her she loved him too. But for right now he would just pleasure her, better than any man ever had….and every night he’d start over, from scratch.

Diana’s eyes fluttered open and rolled back as she registered his mouth upon her breast. “Mmmm, oh…Michael”, her voice was hushed and dripping with desire as she pulled him on to the bed and on top of her body. Michael whispered softly in her ear as he climbed on top of her, “I got here as soon as I could. I hate being away from you.” Her hands seemed to be everywhere, his chest, his back, and finally grasping him…one hand softly massaging his sac while the other stroked his shaft against her growing wetness. His face contorted in the dim light and she saw the power she held over him, “I thought about you all night, about this being inside me.” Her hips rose up so that she moved against him and she relished the fact that he was struggling to maintain the climax that had already built up inside. “I want you Diane; let me make love to you?” Michael’s voice was soft and sweet as his hips ground against hers.

She released her hold and rolled over, turning her back to him. “Where were you? With her, were you with that girl?” She heard him grunt and recoil for a moment. It hurt; it physically hurt to be pushed away when he was so close to entering her body. Michael tried to steady his breathing to calm the burning in his groin. Moving close to her from behind he whispered in her ear as he reached between her legs, “You know it’s only you I think about. I counted down the minutes ‘till I could get here. I had to wait for Toya to go to bed.” Lifting her leg and resting it on his knee, she helped him slide inside. Michael’s growl of satisfaction rumbled low in his chest.”Ahhhhh god yessss.” Throwing her head back against his shoulder she looked up into his face and said, “Is this what you were thinking about Baby? Don’t…uh, yeah…don’t forget who gives it to ya good.” Biting his lip Michael thrust hard inside her. His skills in the bedroom had come a long way in the few weeks they had become intimate and Michael had put all he had in to learning how to please her. “I haven’t forgotten Diane. But something tells me you like this as much as me.” His lips covered her mouth and he could feel her smile as he kept the steady push and pull of his hips moving into her from behind. Michael pulled his lips away and suddenly felt the urge to take over, to take charge and show her he was really the man he claimed to be. Wrapping his arm over her stomach he climbed up on his knees and dragged her to the side of the bed. “Uh…Michael what are you…?” Diana’s protest didn’t last long as he spread her knees apart and he stood on the side of the bed. “I think you need to feel this…” Michael pushed inside. His length hard and slick with her wetness, he thought to himself that his legs might buckle at the sensation of ultimate power he had over her finally, but soon he stood tall and grasped her hips firmly. She had to brace her elbows in front of her so that he didn’t knock her off balance, especially when he hit her deep and with his full strength. Her back arched as he rubbed her ass with his large hands, and she could feel his hips swivel slightly has he pushed through on each long stroke. Plaintive moans rang out in the room in spite of her pulling her pillow to her face, “Yeeeessssss, that’s it.” Faster he thrust, watching her bounce in front of him. Michael started to grind his teeth in an effort to hold off his orgasm, but it only forced the air through his mouth in such a way that it became so erotic it added to Diana’s impending climax, “I, I’m….comin” He cried. Michael pulled out and Diana felt his heat spread upon her back, flooding it with his seed as she shook uncontrollably and collapsed on her stomach with him falling on top of her.

Michael mumbled into her neck, pressing his lips against her at the same time. Rising up slightly she ground against his shaft that was lying lightly between her cheeks. “I can’t understand you Michael, speak up.” Biting her ear he asked again, “What kind of perfume do you wear. I love it.” Rubbing her lips together she laid her head back on the pillow, “Chanel, Chanel #5.” “Promise, you will always wear that for me Diane? Please…promise?” Reaching back she kissed him slowly, “I will, I will wear it just for you.” Burying his head in the cradle of her neck he pulled her close knowing that he needed to get up for a towel but hating to break their connection. “I am just going to hold you like this for just a minute. You feel so good in my arms; it was such a long day.” Diana didn’t resist. It did feel good; even if they weren’t meant to last…it felt amazing.

Diana awoke with a start. Michael’s body still draped over hers in a warm embrace. Looking over at the clock she saw that it was already 5:30 A.M. Sitting up quickly she reached for her robe, “Michael…Michael, wake up. You have to go. I need to get the girls up so I can get to the set. His sleepy eyes opened and tried to focus, “Wha, what did you say?” Jumping up from the bed she picked up his clothes from the floor and tossed them at him on the bed. “I said get up! You have to get out of here, we both have to be on set this morning and I need to get the girls up.” Sitting up on the edge of the bed he rubbed the sleep from his eyes and watched as she rushed around the room. Eventually he pulled his underwear and pants on and made his way to her bathroom and closed the door.
When he opened the door she was waiting, “I need to take a shower and you need to call your car.” Michael pulled her into the bathroom and shut the door, “Let’s shower together then.” He was already pulling on the belt of her robe as she spoke. “Michael no!” Diana pushed him away and she sounded exasperated. “You have to go.” He stood before her still holding the belt of her robe in his hand and he looked at her with hurt filled eyes. “Sure…alright, I guess I’ll see you later.” Swallowing hard he left the bathroom and slipped quickly into his shoes, stuffing his socks in his pocket. Pulling his shirt over his shoulders he buttoned it on the way out of the door, not caring if her nosy neighbor saw him or not this time. Michael was glad it was early and the building was quiet as he made his way off the elevator and onto the street as the doorman flagged down a cab. He was off to Sutton Place and alone with his thoughts. ”

“Toya?” “LaToya, You here?” Michael burst in the front door of the apartment after they finished from the day of shooting at Astoria Studios. Bouncing out of her room with a giggle and a perfect hairdo LaToya Jackson sat down on the couch and batted her eyelashes at her little brother. “Yes Michael? Why are you yelling?” “Let’s go out tonight, I wanna go dance.” Michael paced the room with the energy of a pent up tiger. “That wouldn’t have anything to do with you coming in here this morning slamming stuff around now would it?” LaToya crossed her arms and waited on his reply. Throwing a look over his shoulder, Michael walked off to his room. “Just be ready to go at 10:00, I’m gonna take a nap.” Locking the door to his bedroom Michael collapsed on his bed thankful that the day was over. He had kept his distance from Diana except for their scenes together and left as soon as he cleaned the makeup from his face. His heart burned in his chest and he fought against the panic that was beginning to build in the pit of his stomach. There were only a few weeks left of principal photography and then he was due to leave for Los Angeles when they wrapped. He stared at the wall vacantly wondering if she was tired of him already, wondering if the mystique that had first led her to want to be intimate with him was wearing off. As hard as he tried he couldn’t hold back the tears that slid slowly down his face as he remembered the look on her face earlier that day in the bathroom. She had scolded him like a child, like she hadn’t done since he was a boy when he had spilled his drink on her white carpet. He had cried then too….silent and alone.

It was early in the AM and Michael was still on the dance floor, LaToya twirled through the sweat soaked crowd and yelled as loud as she could. “I’m ready to go. I am tired.” Looking down at the scantily clad dancer’s behind in front of him he yelled back. “I’m not ready, not yet.” Having had enough, she grabbed his arm and pulled him toward the exit and out the door. There was a chill in the air and she took a deep breath before speaking, “You have to be on the set tomorrow Michael. We need to go.” Frowning as the line of people gathered out front began to yell his name he spun on his heel nervously. “God, the car is not even here yet. What are you thinking…?” Giggling as the limo pulled up to the curb, LaToya pulled him inside as he looked longingly back at the door of Studio 54 one last time for the evening.

Alone again on his bed he stared at the clock and wondered what she was doing. Stupid thought, she was asleep. Diana would never lay awake and wonder where he was or what he was doing. Michael rolled over praying he could go to sleep, but all he did was lie there feeling the minutes that really felt like hours. The ringing of the telephone caused him to jump and he clutched his chest for a moment before he answered it.

“You’re late”

Michael couldn’t help it, his face lit up in a smile from ear to ear. Pulling the phone away, he took a deep breath before speaking,

“I’m not late for anything, what are you talking ‘bout?”
“Michael, you should have been here two hours ago. How you gonna be?”
“I made plans.”
“Plans? Hmmm, I suppose they involved date night and TV watching?”
“No, don’t be like that. You are the one that said we had to act like nothing, remember?”
“Did you take her out?”
“Dang, what is this? Leave her alone. She is a nice girl.”
“Girl…you said it girl. Michael, you don’t need a girl. You need a woman, and I am right here. Hurry up and get over here baby.”
“I’m kinda tired. I just got back.”

He knew he wasn’t being truthful. He wanted to run down the stairs and all the way to her apartment right at that very moment, but she needed to know that he was his own man too.

“You went to the club? That damn club….”
“Mmm hmm, I had fun too.”
“Not as much fun as you will have if you get your ass over here to my apartment.”
“That’s not what you were saying this morning Diane.”

The silence on the phone was deafening and Michael was afraid he had lost her for good. He finally heard her clear her throat before she began to speak,

“Is that what you are upset about?”
“But you know we had to get going. We were late.”
“I’m not one of your kids, or employees. But then again I’m not your boyfriend either. I’m going to go to bed now Diane…I’ll talk to you tomorrow.”

She couldn’t believe it when she heard the dial tone; he had actually hung up the phone on her…ON HER!

The tension was palpable between them on the set; well at least they could feel it. Everyone else went about their business with no problems. No problems at all. When Mr. Lumet finally wrapped the day Michael sprinted for his dressing room hoping to make a quick get away, but he had barely had the makeup department out when he heard “the knock”.

“Oh no, here it comes…” He thought to himself as he headed over to the door. Sure enough there she stood her hand on her hip, lips pursed in annoyance. “Ya gonna let me in big man?” Diana’s perturbed look did nothing to boost his confidence that hanging up on her the night before had been the smartest move he had ever made. Taking a deep breath as he turned he waited for the onslaught of words that she must have been saving up all day. Instead he heard the clicking of the lock. He swore the gulp he took was audible when he felt her slide up behind him. “I wore it Michael….I wore the perfume. Turn around and smell it.” Diane had wrapped her arms around his hips and her hands had begun to slowly move down. His eyelids slammed shut as he tried to resist her, but a quiet whisper escaped, “Oh god…please.” Rubbing gently with her index and forefinger she traced tiny circles over his groin. Moaning as he hardened under her touch. “Don’t be mad.” Not able to stop himself he spun around and pressed his body close to hers, “Then show me…show me you want me for once Diane.” Pressing her lips to his she kissed him, her lips softly meeting his as she spoke to him in hushed tones. “Mich…Michael. I want you, you do things to me I can’t explain.” Her tongue slid inside and spun against his, “I waited for you last night.” Pressing her lips on the corner of his mouth she made her way to his ear, “Baby, don’t you know I ached for you to be inside me this morning.” Reaching down she unzipped his jeans, pulling back the elastic of his underwear. “So you want me to show you? You want me to make you feel like my man ….” Kneeling down she rested on her knees and waited on his response, “Tell me Michael, what do you want?” His body shook as he stepped closer to her, “I want you too…Diane I want you right now.” Her eyebrow arched in triumph as she pulled him free of his constraints and to her full lips. Michael felt the vibration of her moan travel up his shaft and through his spine. The sensation caused him to reach behind him and steady himself on the countertop. Opening his eyes he watched her mouth push past his head and down along his shaft. With every pass of her lips on his flesh; it caused increasing pulses of erotic spasms to engulf his senses. He couldn’t help but move his hips,  forcing his way deeper into her mouth. “Please don’t stop.” He whispered, still in disbelief that she would please him this way. Spinning her tongue around his crease as she sunk down his shaft, she knew he was hers for the night. His hand reached out and pulled her closer, his eyes widening as she lowered herself to his base. Lifting his sac, she rubbed against his shaft every time she ran her lips to his tip. Hearing his sighs with each tender pull and knowing that the sensation would bring his gratification quicker. Faster she moved, her moans shaking him with every stroke. He began to feel the quickening, a hard twitch as he filled with fluid. She felt it too and sucked him hard, her eyes meeting his…silently begging him to let go. “Yesss, you have me right ther…” He lost control, and fell back against the counter, Diana followed him, sinking her lips low as he released fully. Drawing back slowly she watched as he gave himself over to the feeling. His body clenched then released and finally the most gratified look over took his face as he sank to the floor. Her tongue traced over him one final time as he sat with his eyes closed, satisfied, oh so beautiful and once again submissive to her and her needs.

Michael spent his last night in New York in her arms. He did everything he could to hide his feelings but she could tell he was scared. Looking back she knew she should have broken it off then, especially when he finally admitted he loved her. The tears in his eyes as he held her after making such tender, passionate love with her that night didn’t allow her to do anything but hold him close. Her own voice silent, from her own fears of rejection and loss, she couldn’t categorize what her feelings were, at least not yet. She explained to him that the world wouldn’t accept their relationship, but maybe one day things would change. He had to be older, and he needed to see other women…as much as she hated to admit it. He told her he didn’t want to and that he knew she didn’t want him to either. Their discussion got rather heated before they fell back into each other’s arms again. When they could finally think, they decided to see each other when they could and show the world what “wonderful friends” they really were. Michael held her all night, even whispering to her when she was asleep how he would take care of her forever. He wasn’t as naïve as everyone assumed. He knew the rumors; he knew that she wasn’t innocent by any means. However he didn’t care, he loved her flaws and all. No one could ever ruin that for him…no one could ever rip that from his heart.

Michael left before she woke up, he couldn’t stand for her to see him cry, not that kind of cry. LaToya was kind enough to let it go, she just held his hand on the airplane knowing how much he hated to fly. That was the excuse anyway.

Diana had one final day of scenes and showed up to the set with a heavy heart. It wasn’t the same without Michael by her side, and she hoped it wouldn’t show on her face. She knew the press was already scrutinizing her landing the part and being too old to be Dorothy and the stress of their night together had taken its toll. It was still dark out when she opened the door but she smelled them first, their scent was overwhelming. However it wasn’t so much the scent as it was the gesture and the sheer magnitude and scope of the hundreds of white lilies that filled her dressing room.

Locking the door behind her she sank down onto the chair and finally let her own tears fall. Tears for herself, tears for Michael and tears for what might never be. Picking up one of the blooms she held it in her hands, it was fragile and sweet, pure yet resilient. She realized it was a lot like Michael, she also realized that she did love him…in some crazy, odd, mixed up way. She needed to have him in her life.

He had been home a week and already back in the studio. Idea’s for songs filled his head and he scratched them out onto paper as quick as he could write. Taking a moment to rest he picked up the phone, twirling the cord around in his fingers before finally deciding to dial the number.

“Hi…yeah I got back last week. Uh huh yeah it was alright…So listen girl, you think you wanna go by The Roxy later tonight? Yeah..right sure, ask your Dad and call me back. No…I’ll be right here. OK, talk to you soon Tate”

Michael rubbed his eyes; it really wasn’t the person he wanted to call. It really wasn’t the woman he wanted to spend the night with either, but he had to act “normal”. His heart literally ached from missing her….so he did the only thing he knew to do and he put his pen to paper and wrote down how he felt.


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DangerousPYT once again thank you for your wonderful stories about Michael and Diana. Amazing job – can’t wait for more 😀

Greetings from site “Michael and Diana Forever” 😉


1978 the year I was born and the best of them all.

The MJ & Diane stories are the best to me. The erotic, exotic, forbiddances, and sneakiness is the attraction. She lets him be the naughty man and thinks he is in control while she puts her cougar skills in effect and takes over. Only Diane can do that to him.

Once again you are the bomb!!! I so enjoy your writing and go through withdrawals when waiting for a new story. My favorites are the MJ & Diane forbidden lust/love stories.

More Please!!!!

Thanks guys, glad you liked the chapter and of course I love going back to visit Mike and Diana’s past. I spent so many hours with my “Destiny” album back in ’78 and ’79 just staring at how gorgeous Mike was on that inside picture of the band and wondering what was going through his mind when he was singing those songs. Who knows…maybe it was something like this?

YES! YES!! YES!!! I love Michael and Diana too. So erotic and undercover. I always wondered like when exactly did they start a fling (if it happened, which I absolutely believe it did!). Waiting for your stories are always worth the wait…just don’t keep us hanging too long!!! I might go withdrawals too! Great job!!!

You paint Diana and Michael’s relationship just as I think it must have been. Her manipulating and him lost in lust. As much as I don’t like her, I love the stories you write about them together. It’s seems so real and a little sad. Keep it up!!

Thanks Cyn…I think your comment nailed exactly what I do try to convey. I grew up mesmorized by DR. Her glamour, talent, bigger than life personna! I remember these two together and my friends and I just assuming they were together. It wasnt a big secret (at least to us). I am conflicted in my heart and head about her now. It is hard to seperate DR the Star with DR the person who most likely broke his heart (yeah I know we dont know exactly what happened…I just know after her marriage to Arne that light in Michael’s eyes seemed to dim, alot.) I do know…I do know that there was a time when they burned bright and hot together and I want to try and capture that here somehow.

Wonderful! I loved it! I’ve missed your stories especially these kind of stories. You know I am a big Michael Diana fanfic fan!!! xox

… But I also miss Lexi! It’s been a while! I wanna hear and read about them! 😉

By Stefiebea on August 6th, 2010 at 3:45 pm

I love love love di & mike stories. I agree too this is probably how it play out , with di messing around with mike’s heart to make herself feel better or simply when she was bored. I love your attention to detail. I get so caught up in the stories. Can’t wait for the next installment. If I don’t say it enough, thank you for your hard work. Mwah!!

DabgerousPYT I just wish your very best in you Birthday!!! Love your stories and wish you more and more inspirations :*

Hope that you write once again about Michael and Di 🙂

I just wanted to say I love all the stories & insight that’s on here! & Is there one story or anything on MJ & Diana Ross from the 1981 year era? I would luv to see & read what u can come up with that year with the 2?!

I am getting there eventually…stick around and welcome to DangerousPYT

Thanx for welcomin’ me! I can’t wait now that u’ve said that u’re gettin’ there eventually! Im very excited & I plan to stick ’round.

What Im gonna do now is take my preicious time & read all the many different stories, info & insight u have! I’ve grown very interest’d in all u have!



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