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The Salesman

A bit of a change of pace

Using the Dangerous performance from MTV

Michael is a Traveling Salesman bringing delight wherever he goes

(this was a suggestion so I hope it meets with your approval)


Counting down the numbers on the front of the houses he finally pulled his Pontiac Station Wagon in the driveway of the address listed on the paperwork sent to him by his home office. “1255 Cherrywood Lane, well this looks to be the address alright.” Checking his reflection in the rearview mirror before he opened the door he noted his new hair style. It was a bit long for him but with all the musicians that had been moving into the area he wanted to try something new. After all it was 1963 and everyone seemed to have a new attitude. His new suit fit him perfectly except for the pants which were a bit short. He liked the style though. He thought that it made him stand out from the crowd and that maybe his clients might remember him, perhaps even recommend him to their friends if they needed a quality vacuum. Topping off his look with his fedora, he headed for the front door. Hoping that today he might make a sale.  

Scarlett dried the last of the dishes and closed the cabinet door, glad that she had cleaned the remnants of her lonely breakfast away. She had begun to untie her apron when the doorbell rang, distracting her as she hurried to answer it. Pulling it open she saw him standing there, the salesman that she had completely forgotten was scheduled to arrive that morning.

 “Good Morning Mrs. Shaw, I am Michael, Michael Jackson and we have a demonstration scheduled this morning for 11:00.” Scarlett automatically reached for her hair, she felt plain and ordinary without much of her makeup on.

“Oh, uh good morning Mr…”


He interjected with a bright smile, “May I come in?”

“Oh, of course…pardon my manners.”

Scarlett held the door while he lifted the vacuum across the threshold of the house and into the living room.

“It will take just a moment to assemble, and then we can begin.”

“Mr. Jackson can I offer you some lemonade or a Pepsi perhaps?”

Once again he smiled at her and she felt something stir that she had not felt in a long time.

“I would love a Pepsi, thank you. They just seem to keep you young. You know that’s what my Grandmother tells me anyway.”

“I will let you get ready then while I prepare your soft drink.”

Scarlett felt her hands shake as she cracked the ice trays in the kitchen and wondered why she was so nervous. It wasn’t like she had not ever had a sales demonstration in her home before. She thought that perhaps she was nervous because this was the first time she had been alone for one. Gripping the bottle of Pepsi in her hand she forced the top off with the opener and poured the fizzy liquid in the Tupperware cup and returned to the living room.

“Here you are Sir, nice and cold.”

Michael took the cup from her hand and took a slow drink.

“Thank you, I really needed that, and call me Michael.”

He noticed her finally and realized she was beautiful, frail but beautiful. She was thin with dark hair pulled back from her face with a headband, golden skin and almond eyes that had seem to be sizing him up from the moment she had opened the door. Realizing he had been staring at her he set his drink down and set about showing her the advantages of the vacuum.

“The Sentar” he explained was the top of the line vacuum. Able to lift dirt and debris from the padding as well as everyday items from the carpet, using the test kit in his bag he compared the machine to hers and she was impressed and wanted to try the unit for herself.

“Is it heavy”

“Oh no, it’s self propelled”

“So, I just step on the lever here to start it?”

“Yes..yes here let me help you.”

Taking off his jacket he moved behind her and placed his hand over hers bending over slightly as he stepped on the lever to start the machine. As he did so, she shifted her weight back and their bodies connected. For a moment they stood pressed together neither wanting to move. His hand brushed down her arm and he breathed in the scent of her hair until he finally came to his senses.

“Excuse me, um…”

Michael took a step back and tried to compose himself.

“Mrs. Shaw, I have some brochures here in my briefcase I can leave with you if you would like….”

Scarlett cut him off mid-sentence, “Mr. Jackson…Michael. I need something more than this Pepsi. I make a great martini, and I am going to have one. Please join me.”

“I think I would like to do that, very much.”

Packing up his equipment Michael watched out of the corner of his eye as she made the drink at the bar. He realized that it was inappropriate to share alcohol with a customer but there was something about her…he wanted to comfort her somehow.

“I am going to take this out to my car; I will be back in a moment.”

“Don’t bother knocking, just open the door Michael.”

He noticed her smile for the first time since he arrived and nervously smiled back. Setting his hat back on his head he picked up his demo model and hurried out and unlocked the station wagon. Glancing at himself in the window he thought he looked ok, not bad for a 36 year old traveling salesman.

“What am I doing” Scarlett thought to herself. “I am not a teenager; I am certainly not Mrs. Robinson…although he is a bit too old for that.” “Oh to hell with it, I am tired of being alone; at the very least he can sit here and talk to me before I buy that damn vacuum.”

Michael stepped back into the house and Scarlett handed him the martini.

“Thanks. It looks great, I love olives.”

She eyed him up and down before sitting on the couch.

“Have a seat Michael, tell me about yourself.”

“Well, I am from Indiana originally, but I have been in California most of my life though. I love it here, the weather is great.”

“Yeah, I grew up mostly in California too.”

“Is your family here?”

“In San Diego, My Father was Navy, my Mom is from Korea.”

“Oh, I see…”

“Are you married Michael”

He blushed wildly, and straightened his tie.

“Um. I am recently divorced. It still sounds weird to say it.”

“There seems to be more and more divorces these days. I guess the 60’s are a real time of change, let’s hope it keeps getting better.”

She stirred her drink with her finger, and watched him over the rim of the glass as she sipped. She thought he looked somewhat nervous, soft spoken and beautifully handsome. His wide eyes and full lips fit his face perfectly and his long fingers were enticing as they held the glass delicately between his fingers.

“Mrs. Shaw can I show you the brochure now? I would really like you to understand how everything works.”

Unbuttoning the top of her blouse she leaned forward and refilled his drink, “Oh Michael, I think I understand how your machinery works just fine. Why don’t you just relax and finish that drink while we discuss what kind of offer you are making me today.”

Taking a long swallow of the strong brew he blinked his eyes as it burned his throat. “Uh hmm, Mrs. Shaw, I only have my demo model with me right now. I will have to have a new unit shipped from the factory.”

Scarlett felt numb from the martinis and leaned forward, melting onto Michael’s arm, “Oh Michael…come now. I think your unit is just fine.” Placing her hand on his leg she whispered in his ear, “I would really like to demo it, if you know what I mean.”

Michael tried to pull away as she reached up and unfastened another button on her blouse. It hung open and exposed her cleavage to him and he stared at it longingly.

“Um, Scarlett…Mrs. Shaw, I should g-g-go. “

“I don’t think you want to do that really now Michael. Don’t you like what you see?”

Scarlett grabbed his hand and placed it on her thigh. He could feel her stocking as it peeked out from the edge of her skirt and he wanted to run his hand under it and explore her body.

“I love what I see, but really I am just here to…”

“To what, sell me a silly vacuum?” Pulling on his tie it unsnapped and she giggled. “Oh that’s adorable, a clip on tie…here now let’s loosen up your collar.”

Leaning back he let her unbutton his shirt as he felt her lips next to his ear. “I’m bored Michael, come play with me today.”

Sliding his hand up her skirt he felt her firm thigh as she wrapped her leg over his, “Scarlett you are making it hard for me to say no to you.”

“Then say yes, I am here alone all week Michael.”

Slipping his finger inside her underwear he felt her. She was hot and already starting to get wet. She slid even further down in her seat and opened her legs wider for him. “Oh yes…” Scarlett’s moan filled the room and he moved his finger down her lips. She reached for her drink and sipped off of it as her hips began to move side to side under his hand. Sitting back with his eyes closed Michael enjoyed the powerful feeling of control he had over her. “Mmmm, that’s it Michael. He doesn’t…oh…he doesn’t touch me. Sometimes I wonder if there is something wrong with me.”

Michael turned his head and looked at her and took the drink from her hand. After he set it aside he placed her hand over his crotch. “Believe me Scarlett, there is nothing wrong with you.”  

Abruptly she sat up and pulled his hand away, he was afraid he had went too far with her. He should go…he should go and forget this ever happened. Standing up she swayed on her feet unsteady but blocked his way. “Why are you looking at me like that? Sit back Michael…relax.” Reaching for the last button on her blouse she pulled it off her shoulders and stood before him and unzipped the back of her skirt. Slowly she slid it down her legs and sat facing him in his lap.

“I should kiss you.” She whispered

Michael’s voice was heavy with lust as he stared at her breasts that were heaving in front of his face.

Reaching behind her she unsnapped her bra and pulled it off her shoulders.

“Oh god…you…you are so.”

His fingers and mouth reached her at the same time. Sucking and massaging while she pulled his head forward. A long strand of his hair fell over his eye and she pushed it back as he ran his tongue over her nipple, the hardened point of her flesh disappearing between his lips.

“Bite it…bite it. I want to feel your teeth.”

Drawing it out with his lips he carefully rolled his teeth over the end. Side to side before sucking it back in and burying his face in her chest.

Scarlett clutched at his shoulders and pulled his shirt away.

“Take it off, take off your clothes.”

Leaning forward he pulled off his once wrinkle free shirt and then she clawed at his t-shirt pulling it over his head. Feeling his skin next to hers, she let out a moan as she rolled to lie on her back on the couch. Her skirt seductively slid up her thighs as she moved up and she reached for the fasteners of her stockings. Popping them quickly, she lay back as he reached for and removed her underwear. Michael unzipped his pants and pushed them down around his ankles, kicking them free, he laid on top of her. Finally he kissed her, he could taste the liquor..Along with the faint trace of a cigarettes on her mouth. It was thrilling, sexy and he was ready to enter deep inside her. Scarlett spread her legs and reached above her on the couch pushing down against arm as she felt the tip of his engorged member beginning to stretch out her opening.

“Go inside…Ahhhh”

Sliding in, he was consumed by her wetness and the heat that surrounded his shaft. His groan contorted his face and she pushed her hips forward into his thrust.
“Oh Michael, you are a real man. Just what I needed.”

He couldn’t believe his luck. She was wild and beautiful and ready to let him go crazy. He closed his eyes and buried himself in her body. Not caring if he was rough or too big.

“Mrs. Shaw…your incredible.”

“Shut up and…. oh yes”

Pulling him in by his ass she wrapped her legs around his waist, arching her back into his.

Michael wrapped his hands around her small waist and jerked her forward so that he was buried deeper. Pushing with all his strength, her whole body shook under his. He felt her quaking and watched as her face rippled with feeling. He thought to himself “how long had it been since he had come hard inside a woman and he was so close, he was on the verge…Oh god yes…there she goes she is squeezing tighter and tighter….jesus I can feel it running down…I’m coming…oh god yes…I’m gonna come..” Michael came with a roaring orgasm, his groan of ecstasy mingled with hers and they fell as one together on the couch.


Michael sucked on her breast for several minutes before he finally got up and dressed, draining the last of his martini from its glass.

“I’ll be by tomorrow to show you the brochures Mrs. Shaw.” I hope you have some more questions to ask me about the product, I would sure like to give you another demonstration of what we have to offer.

Walking to the front door Michael donned his fedora and tipped it to a naked Scarlett Shaw as she lit a cigarette and sipped from her  freshly poured Martini, a wanton smile spread upon her lips.

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By Stefiebea on June 10th, 2010 at 8:05 am

Damn you Dangerous. That’s the last time I read one of your stories when I know I’m not gonna see my man for a few days. …….That was too hot!

By NightGarden on June 10th, 2010 at 9:07 am

I loved it! 60s Michael and restless housewife: it was a great read PYT! But now the question is: is she going to buy a vacuum in the end? 😉

By mickeyjames on June 10th, 2010 at 9:52 am

thats the shit im talkin bout right there!!!!!!!

Love it when you “damn me” Stephie!

NG I think she bought something all right…or will be. LOL

Preach Mickey J, preach

By minidasha on June 10th, 2010 at 2:07 pm

love it. Sexy Mike strikes again.

I really like this! I have serious ADD and I love short stories!
I love all of your stories of course. But I do like the idea of a “quickie” vignette style story like this.

Okay love! I finally read it! Aha =)

Damn…ugh I swear Business Man Mike??? Str8 up sex right there!

Scarlett was like fuck it…lets do it dammit! Mike was feeling a lot too!
I need another onee gurlll….hurry up! Aha <3

i love your stories right now am bored i need something to read pliz whens the next one?


I am writing now, however they take a bit of time. sorry

By pammy666 on July 9th, 2010 at 4:22 pm

Thanks for directing me here my dear, i needed this 🙂



Glad you liked it, and welcome. Hope you decide to stick around some.

OMG. Girl….I’m dying here. *fans self* You rock!

Welcome girl, glad you finally made it here and I am certainly happy you liked the story. Keep reading!

That was HOT!!



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