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New Beginnings XV

New Beginnings XV

Christmas 1991

New Years 1991

The long driveway was decorated with glittering lights and snow covered the ground as his car crunched to a stop in front of the lavish home tastefully decorated for the Holiday Season. Michael wrapped his scarf around his face and stuffed his hands in the pockets of his long wool coat and made his way up the stairs. Taking a deep breath he rang the door bell and waited….it seemed like an eternity before it finally opened; in fact he was about to turn and leave when she appeared.

Even answering a door she still knew how to put on a show, drink in one hand and dressed in a flowing silk nightgown she gazed at him up and down before speaking, “I heard you were in town, and something told me you would be coming to Connecticut too. Come in Michael, the kids are with Arne in Europe and the girls are in California…I have the house alone this Christmas. Your timing is impeccable.” Michael paused momentarily before he walked through the door, wondering why he had come to Diane’s house. He had promised Lexi he would not see her and yet here he was, his old habits leading him to her door. “What do you want to drink Michael? I have scotch, vodka, tequila…ha ha ha. Remember that? Yeah…how about some tequila?” Diana took a sip off of her drink and smiled knowingly over the rim of her glass at Michael. “I am fine, I quit drinking. Thank you though.” His nervous smile hid the tension he was feeling even though he longed for a shot of tequila to steady his nerves. “YOU stopped drinking? Hmmm, that’s interesting. Not that I am not glad. After what I saw the last time we were together, it is probably for the best. What about the pills?” Never one to hold back,  she let loose with both barrels. Michael stood there embarrassed, looking down at the ground and shook his head, “Everything, I gave it all up but I told you that on the phone.” Diana walked up close to him and looked him over carefully, “So, it must be for this girl you are so crazy over. Am I right?” Michael’s smile was genuine when he thought of Lexi and Diana could see it right away. “Mmm hmm, I am crazy for her. We are getting married after my tour.” He held up his hand and showed her the ring. Barely glancing at it she turned toward the bar to refill her drink, “Let me ask you something, do you mind?” Shrugging his shoulders he sat down on the leather chaise and made himself comfortable. “Michael, if you are soooo in love with this woman, why are you sitting here in my house…on Christmas Eve?” He felt his eyes get moist and he struggled to keep his emotions in check, “Because Diane, you are the closest thing I have to family here and I’m lonely.”

Diana suddenly felt embarrassed at her behavior and she looked away remembering the scared boy she took into her home in California all those years ago. Clearing her throat she put her hand on his shoulder, “Are you hungry? I haven’t eaten yet…I could make you your favorite.” Looking up at her she finally saw his eyes brighten at last. “Really? You would make my Fried Chicken and greens for me Diane?” “Yes I will, let me go change.” Hurrying away before he could see the tears in her eyes she took the stairs two at a time. Hoping she could maintain her composure and her jealousy. She knew she had no right to interfere, and he had every right to finally be happy….even if it wasn’t with her.

Michael pushed back from the table as he finished the last piece of chicken and smiled gratefully at Diana. “That was fantastic, just like I remember!” Standing to clear their plates she spoke authoritatively, “I told you before, let them sit after you coat them. Then coat them again before you fry ‘em up. They come out great that way.” Shaking his head Michael said quietly, “Nah, I think it is just the cook, she always made perfect fried chicken.” Standing at the sink she smiled remembering a picnic they shared from long ago. “Here let me help you clean up.” Diana looked up at his face and handed him a plate for the dishwasher. “So what are your plans Michael? Why are you in New York?” Loading the dishes he cleared his throat softly before speaking, “I have a meeting after Christmas, but I came early because Toya is here. I want to convince her to come home.” Turning off the water Diana dried her hands and stared at him, “Michael, are you serious? After all of the things she has said and done recently you are here to take her home?” Bending down he closed the dishwasher and faced Diana. “I know, it seems crazy huh? But…gah, you know her. She isn’t like that, he..Jack is controlling her.” Diana stepped close to Michael to make her point, “Michael, he may be controlling her but a lot of what she said in that damn book of hers was not so far from the truth and whether you like it or not you know that.” “I realize it, more than you know! But…but I am afraid for her Diane. I am afraid he is going to hurt her.” Michael moved past her and sat down at the table again burying his face in his hands. “I will make some calls for you and see if anyone has seen her. Relax, if she is still in town we will find her.” She patted his shoulder lightly trying to comfort him before sitting down. “Thanks I just need to know she is alright.” Michael ran his hand through his hair and sighed deeply. “Let’s go watch a movie; we haven’t done that in years.” Diana stood up and took his hand. “Yeah, that sounds good.” Michael obediently followed her to the game room and tried to find an interesting movie.

Michael pulled the movie out of its case and set up the VCR and waited on Diana to join him. When she finally came in the room she had changed yet again into a white mini skirt and a spaghetti strapped tank top. She carried her bottle of scotch with her and sat down gingerly on the plush couch. “Did you find something to watch?” Michael laughed quietly, “Yes, but you won’t like it.” She eyes him suspiciously, “I won’t? Michael, please tell me it’s not a cartoon.” He smiled at her and tossed the video’s case beside her on the couch and watched her reaction. “Oh god, Beauty and the Beast? That is the kid’s movie. Surely there is something over there for us to watch.” “There is! Beauty and the Beast. I love this movie.” Michael’s laugh was infectious and Diana smiled up at him sweetly. “Michael, I swear some things never change with you do they.” “Nope, they don’t.” He laughed and sat down beside her on the couch. “Here I think we should just watch TV for a sec while we make up our mind, OK?” Diana looked at him questioningly. “Alright, fine. I will reconsider.” Michael picked up the remote and turned on the news while Diana made her way over to the videos to pick out something to watch.

They both stopped and paid attention as the weatherman spoke of the storm that was bearing down and was expected to dump up to two feet of snow on the area by morning. “I should go, I can’t get stuck here. I have to be back tonight.” Michael moved to the window to look outside and saw that the snow was falling and had already drifted against the car he had parked in front of the house. “Unbelievable, how did this happen?” he mumbled softly under his breath. “Michael you can stay here. It’s not like you have never stayed at my house before.” Diana glanced over from the rack of movies at him as he stared out of the window in dismay. “No, it’s just, I…I…Diane, I am not supposed to be here with you at all. I promised Lex…her I would stay away from you. I should call her.” Diana watched him stalk out of the room to make his phone call and she yelled after him, “I hope she doesn’t have Caller ID Michael.” And mumbled under her breath, “or you just might be single again.”

“Hi, it’s me. Sorry I missed you…guess you must be at your Mom’s for Christmas Eve. I just wanted to check in and tell you I love you and miss you. It is snowing real bad here…um so I guess I will call you tomorrow. Hey Lex? Merry Christmas babe. Talk to you soon. “Michael hung up and walked back in the room with Diana, “She wasn’t there, I left a message. Did you find something to watch?” Diana was sitting on the couch nursing her drink as he sat back down. “No, we can just watch your cartoon, its fine. Let me turn on the fire.” Picking up the master remote Diana pushed a button and the gas fireplace shot to life and lit the room with a soft glow. “Make yourself at home Michael.” Diane pulled a pillow tight and curled up on the opposite end of the couch to watch the movie.

Eventually Michael removed his shoes and socks, signature red shirt and curled up on the couch almost mimicking Diana. They were both laughing and singing along with the movie when suddenly the power failed and they were plunged into darkness except for the light of the fireplace. Diana sat upright startled at the sudden loss of light, “What on Earth just happened?” Hearing the roar of the wind outside Michael guessed that it was the storm, “I think this blizzard just took your power out. It might be a long night.” Diana stood up defiantly and he could see her silhouetted against the fireplace, “Are you serious? Well hopefully it won’t be long. Let me get some candles and blankets.”

Returning with the candles she spread a blanket over Michael and sat down beside him. “I need another drink. I think you should have one too. It’s a good way to keep warm.” Pulling it close he stared at her shaking his head, “I can’t, you go ahead.” Pouring out two glasses anyway she handed him one, “Just drink it. No one is going to know, it will be our secret Michael.” Accepting the glass he held it in his hand for a moment before he tossed back the warm fiery liquid. “You’re a bad influence on me sometime girl.” He leaned forward to put the glass on the table but she quickly refilled it for him. “Take your time, we have all night.” Looking up from pouring, he saw the firelight flickering off of her eyes, “Don’t…don’t do this to me.” Glancing away she set the bottle down by her feet, “Do what?” Michael took another drink of the scotch and closed his eyes as it melted down his throat, “Play your games with me. Use this…this power outage to pull me into your web.” “Michael, I have never made you do anything you haven’t wanted to do. Please don’t put that on me.” Suddenly feeling more nervous than he had all evening, he drank his second glass of whiskey down. “You have got to be kidding me right? You have always used my feelings to your advantage. You knew you had me wrapped around your finger.” Reaching over her leg he grabbed the bottle and filled his glass again. Before he sunk low into the seat and pondered the situation. As he felt the alcohol slowly taking over, he relished its grasp on him closing his eyes. She watched him closely, thinking about past times they had spent together… tender moments they had shared. She began to wonder why she had made the choices that had brought her to this point in her life and felt the hurt and loneliness that had filled her heart start to pull desperately at her again. She was thousands of miles from her Husband and inches away from the one and only man who had truly ever loved her.

Michael brought the glass to his lips and gave silent thanks for the diversion, thankful that it was already numbing his racing thoughts. How could he stop this screaming train he was riding from running off the tracks? He couldn’t leave and wasn’t sure if he really wanted to resist. Damn, why? Why was it always Diane who tore him in two…every time he reached for happiness it was her name, her face that seemed to pop up to try and ruin it. His mind and body struggled to hold on to his sensibilities.

“Michael…I’m cold.” Trembling when he heard her voice, he knew it was starting. “Go put some clothes on then.” He heard himself resist, as he took another long gulp off of the scotch to try to calm his nerves. “I don’t want to; I’m just going to curl up next to you for a minute.” He could smell her perfume, the same perfume she always wore for him…her Chanel #5. The same perfume that triggered his memories of their passion and lovemaking. “Oh god” he groaned to himself, now she was next to him and he automatically pulled her close. Taking the final drink out of the glass he set it on the table and rested his head against the back of the couch, “Mmmm, it feels good.” He spoke softly. “It does feel good.” Diana whispered and looked up at him expectantly. Feeling her move against him, he glanced down and saw her staring up, with a look of longing in her eyes. “Please don’t do this…” Michael begged again, trying to fight a losing battle. “Michael you don’t have to do any….” Diana’s words were cut off as his lips met hers in a soft gentle kiss.  

He had a hard time catching his breath as he kissed her, images and patterns swirled around behind his closed eyelids and he fought to think straight. Diana’s moan as he parted her lips with his tongue made his heart beat faster in his chest and he held her tight. “Why? Why do we always end up here?” Michael’s whispered question hung in the air as he set her upon his lap. Diana pulled the blanket around them as if it was a cocoon, shielding them from the outside world. “We are meant to be together Michael, just let it happen.” Rising up on her knees she lifted her top over her head, revealing her naked chest to him. Automatically his hands moved to touch her as his lips found her most tender places. “Yeah, that’s it baby.” Diana urged him on in a lust filled voice as she lowered herself so he could find her breast. His full lips searched for her hardened nipples and she could hear his sigh as he captured one and sucked deeply. Looking down from above she watched as he appeared to be in ecstasy, licking and sucking on her tautness as he held her in his large hands. Reaching down for her drink Diana tossed her head back and moved her hips building up a steady rhythm. Michael reached for her glass and took a long sip and seeing it still held several pieces of ice he held it teasingly against her breast. Jerking back from the sensation Diana smiled as he then covered it with his warm mouth and sucked seductivly. “Oh yes…Michael. Your lips feel so good.” Letting his mouth trail over her chest, he sucked on the other nipple with abandon. His tongue darted out flicking her delicately, before drawing her against his moist lips. All the while the sounds he made against her skin echoed within the shelter of their blanket.

Diana let it fall away and Michael saw the glint of the firelight shine against his ring as he ran his hand down her side. Pausing, he looked at it in the dim light before he removed it. Placing it on the table beside his empty scotch glass, momentarily forgotten like his promise to Lexi.  Diana’s mouth found his and he answered with an unwavering lust for her body. “What have you done to me? Why is it always you Diane…why is it always you?” Michael’s pulled her across his lap and slid his hand up her thigh. Easing her panties off, he pushed his fingers into her wetness. “Do you want this?” Michael circled his center finger around her hardened bud and watched as she gasped in pleasure, spreading her legs open for him. Leaning down he kissed her roughly and trailed his lips down her neck, as he felt her succumbing to his magic. “God…you look so good laying there. You torture me so….” It began in the center of her core and spread out rapidly. Diana grasped his shoulders and buried her face in his chest. “Ahhh….ohh Michael…..” Undulating spasms forced her hips to rise up over and over as he continued to work her until she cried out near tears. “Stop, please stop…I can’t, no more. Please no more.” Michael looked down at her as she clung to him, “What do you mean no more. Diane you already turned me into a sinner, you can’t stop it now.”

Picking her up, he sat her down beside him before standing up to remove his clothing. Leaning on one knee he pulled her in front of him and turned her around, pushing her skirt up he entered her slowly. Diana felt his shudder as he slid inside, his groan filling her ear. With each stroke he groaned again, softly at first as he moved slowly. But as he gained momentum he seemed to get louder and harder. Pushing and pulling as she held on, feeling her own passion building again. “I’m so close to coming…turn around.” She immediately obeyed him and Michael practically fell on top of her, ready to fulfill their destiny.

Kissing her passionately he entered her again, “You’re breaking my heart…” he whispered as his increasing stroke began. “Damn you Diane, I love her so much…please, please, just let me be.” Michael loomed over her, his face inches from hers. She could see the sweat beading up on his forehead as he worked his body. Looking up into his eyes as he came inside her she saw the tears begin to stream down his face. Tears of love, betrayal and confusion fell upon her as he finally buckled; his emotions finally giving way after his infidelity was realized. 

Pulling the blanket from the floor Michael staggered to the bathroom and locked the door. “Michael…Michael. Please come out. It will be alright. No one has to know.” Diana pleaded for him to come out but all she heard was silence. Eventually she returned to the game room and lay down in front of the fire wrapping up in her own blanket.

When he did come out finally, he slipped his pants on, before cradling the scotch bottle in his hand. “What have we done Diane?” Taking a long drink from the bottle he seemed resigned to the fact that his fate was sealed. “No one has to know Michael.” “Don’t you understand…I know it! Once she accused me of being just like Joseph…I guess she was right.” Diana stood up and came to him, “Never, you could never be like him; you are loving and caring…” Michael interrupted her, “and a cheater just like my Father.” She took his hand and held it to her chest, “You haven’t married her Michael, and you haven’t broken any vows. That would be me. I am the adulterer.” Pulling his hand away he pushed her hair back, “The other sin I committed tonight. Diane you are my Eve. I would follow you out of Eden, you are my forbidden fruit. Alexis and I made a commitment to each other just days ago, and I threw it all away…for you. It’s always you Diane.” Seeing his eyes water again, she looked away hoping not to cry herself. “I can’t tell you I am sorry Michael. I won’t deny I want you.” Wiping his eyes Michael turned around and headed for the stairs carrying the bottle, “I am going to bed…are you joining me?” Diana followed him up the stairs and into her bedroom where he once again took her in his arms. Thoughts of the outside world locked away behind the deep drifts of snow.


Lexi pulled another file out of her paperwork from the clinic and turned up the volume on the television. Listening as the announcer rattled off the names of the STARS scheduled to perform on New Year’s Rockin Eve she couldn’t help but roll her eyes at the lineup. It was all so boring and predictable and she almost wished she would have taken her Cousin up on her offer to go out and celebrate New Year’s Eve this year.  It was the first time she could remember that she didn’t have to work, but here she was sitting at home going over budgets and reports and wishing she was doing anything but being responsible. Michael had two more days and then he would be home from New York and she couldn’t wait. LaToya had heard he was looking for her so Jack immediately flew them out of town and to Germany to avoid a confrontation.

 Michael had been upset about it. Lexi felt like he was even more upset than she expected him to be, spending hours with her on the phone and telling her how sorry he was that he couldn’t rescue his Sister. He also kept apologizing for letting her down over the holidays. She told him that it couldn’t be helped and that they would make up for it as soon as he got home, but he was insistent that he had let her down by not being there with her to celebrate their first holiday season as a couple. She chalked it up to stress and listened as he talked about the final negotiations over the tour and the Pepsi contract. Soon it would be official and he would be home and then rehearsals would begin. She marveled at how jam packed his life had seemed to get since they had gotten back together but was happy that he was doing so well.

Lexi became engrossed in her calculations and soon she realized that the countdown was set to begin for midnight. Laying her pencil down she watched the replay of the festivities in Times Square and wondered what Michael had been up to when the ball dropped. He had called her earlier that day and told her he would be at a small party and wouldn’t be able to call at midnight in New York but would call her for her New Year’s in California. As everyone on the television looked skyward, the ball lit up and the countdown began…when it reached the bottom she watched as the couple’s embraced and kissed each other. She could hear the boom of the fireworks in the distance from the Santa Monica pier and glanced over at the phone waiting for it to ring. Unexpectedly a giant boom shook the house and Lexi jumped and clutched her chest. It was followed quickly by another loud boom and a bright shower of lights. Running towards the door, she threw it open and heard the familiar squeal of unmistakable laughter.  Another boom….”Happy New Year Baby, I guess I forgot to call, but this is how much I love you!” Michael was lit up in blue and red as the firework exploded over the neighborhood. The technician set off another as Lexi launched herself off of the porch and straight into Michael’s arms. She wrapped her legs around his waist and clung to him with wild abandon. “Oh my god…Michael, what are you doing here?” Wild passionate kisses showered his face and he spun her around in circles. “I couldn’t stay away anymore girl. I asked them to please close the deals. I needed to get back to you.” She released her legs and slid down against his thigh seductively. “I love these fireworks Michael; they remind me of last summer at Neverland.” He pulled her into his growing manhood and whispered softly, “I know, I think of that all the time. I wanted to remind you of that beautiful night.” The technician yelled out, “We have ten more… here we go.” Flowers of light filled the sky with sparks that lit up their faces with hope for the New Year. Michael and Lexi waited until the last of the sparkles cleared before they made their way inside.

Michael didn’t even stop in the living room he pulled her right into the bedroom. Lexi expected him to push her back on the bed but was surprised when he went straight to her closet and grabbed her suitcase instead. “What’s up? What are you doing?” Michael pulled open her drawers and started shoving panties and swimsuits in the suitcase. “Grab some shorts and outfits…hurry, we have a plane waiting.” His smile was huge as he turned to her, “Come on we are taking a vacation.” Clapping her hands together Lexi tossed her clothes in the bag along with her makeup and shoes. “Let’s go.”  Michael pulled her close and laughed softly, “That’s it…that is all you need?” Looking up at him seductively she flashed her eyes, “I saw you packed a few swimsuits so I figure I will be wearing them or naked most of the time. Let’s go, the sooner we get there the better.” She started to walk towards the door but he caught her hand and pulled her back, “Hey, come here girl…in case you couldn’t tell. I missed you. Let me show you.” Bending down he placed his lips against her ear, “I love you so much Alexis, please know that.” Tenderly he kissed her cheek until his lips found hers. She could feel his hand on her neck possessively holding her and she leaned into him and parted her mouth instinctively. His tongue slipped in to meet hers and they spun together perfectly, their practiced movements almost as one. Michael’s hand crept up from her neck and stroked her cheek, “Mmm, Happy New Year girl. Thanks for being with me.” Lexi wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him close, “Happy New Year Michael. I am so glad you came back early.” They stood for a long moment just relishing the feeling of being together in each other’s arms before she finally spoke. “We should go, your pilot is probably wondering where we are.” He pulled back and kissed her again, “We’re not done here, just a rain check. Alright?” Lexi nodded her head and took his hand and they headed off for Michael’s surprise vacation.

The Captain turned off the no seat belt sign and Michael took Lexi by the hand and led her to the back of the jet. “Michael this is a big plane.” Lexi said in amazement. “Yeah I asked the label for it so I could get home and take this vacation. We are going to bring something different back to LA but I wanted to use this on the way down.” Opening a door Lexi stood transfixed in front of a near full sized bedroom. “Go, go inside Lex, so I can shut the door.” Lexi stepped inside and turned around looking at the glamorous accommodations. “Michael, we didn’t need anything this elaborate…I mean we can sleep in the passenger cabin.” Locking the door to the room he smiled and stepped over to the champagne bucket. The in-flight attendant had already opened it and he poured Lexi a glass and handed it to her. “Do you think this is about sleeping?” Michael tilted his head toward the bed and looked deep into her eyes. Taking what seemed to be an extra gulp of the cold champagne she felt her palms start to get wet, “Why do I feel nervous all the sudden.” She took another drink of her champagne and sat down on the bed trying to find something to do with her hands. I am going to rinse off, I have been traveling for hours. Drink your stuff. I will be right out. She watched as he disappeared in to the bathroom and she refilled her drink gulping it down and then finally taking the bottle and taking a nervous chug like she was a college student. Laughing to herself she finally felt the liquid courage hit her belly and she took a good look in the mirror. “Oh no, this is not going to work.” She laughed. Seeing her suitcase she fished out a matching set of lingerie with a black bra and panties and sat down on the bed to wait for Michael.

She was brushing her hair when he opened the door wrapped only in a towel and they both stopped for a moment and stared at each other. He cleared the area between them in less than two strides and the towel floated to the floor as he stepped to the bed. His swollen manhood was already visible to Lexi as she pulled him to her almost desperately. “Michael I missed you so much, Te amo. Tómame ahora.” Kissing her slowly Michael pulled the straps of her bra off her shoulder and let his lips shower her with soft tender kisses. “You taste so sweet; your skin is so soft.” Lexi arched up seductively and moaned from low in her throat as he ran his tongue between her cleavage and looked up into her eyes.” His fingers tweaked her nipples but his lips continued to move down her stomach. She buried her hands in his hair and scraped her nails on his shoulders as he moved lower and lower finally breathing hotly on her now ready entrance. After removing her panties, he reached for her hand and moved it down on to her bud, “Can you feel that baby, god you are so hot.” She moved slowly against her flesh as his tongue joined in, the two like a duet of seduction. Michael’s lips held the evidence of her arousal, wet with her desire he licked them free of her flavor and buried himself back down again. Knowing she was close he pulled back and rose above her, “Do you want this now girl.” Lexi pulled her hand back and reached out for his shaft stroking him her in palm, “I always want you…always.” Pushing his hips towards her she guided him in as her legs wrapped around his body. Her tightness enveloped him, surrounded his senses. His lungs seemed to seize up as he started his thrusts but behind his closed eyes images of green eyes and blonde hair and then black hair and dark eyes flashed in front of him. “No…no, god no.” He moved into her harder and opening his eyes to find her staring at him, “Baby…oh Michael…” Focusing on her, his heart jumped in his chest as he fell forward on to her body. Pushing into her, he moaned into her ear, “Lexi you mean so much…” He felt her body clench and twist around him as he pressed up on to his hands. Her face twisted in passion and she fell into her orgasm crying out his name, “Mich…ael.”  He felt the pressure building as he thrust into her, staring at her face he felt all the love he had for her come flowing out as he came deep inside her stroke after stroke. He dropped into her arms and lay there desperately trying to catch his breath.

Michael looked up into her face and they recognized each other’s tears, “Yeah I missed you too.” Reaching around her back he unbuckled her bra and flung it across the room. “I can’t believe I didn’t even get this off of you this time.” His lips landed on her now naked breast and she pulled him close finally confident that their relationship was solid and she could stop worrying about anything but their future together.


It was after five AM and Diana was sprawled across the empty bed of her home holding her pillow. She had him for two whole days, two days of passion and romance.  He had finally told her he had to leave and he would never be back, but she figured it would be just like the letter he wrote. Full of meaning, but empty on promises. They always seemed to find their way back together. Her body ached for him now and she wondered if he was with his lover or still in New York. She longed to call him and see him again…maybe a trip to Los Angeles in a few weeks would suffice. Yes a nice surprise from an old friend might be good for him. Rolling over she took another drink out of the bottle and smiled, right before the tear fell from her eye.


To be continued…



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By NightGarden on May 15th, 2010 at 4:29 pm

Ahhhh he’s been naughty again, hasn’t he? And then he runs back to Lexi. Ladies, many romantic surprises by our men stem from something they want to be forgiven for. 😉 And the ring? Don’t tell me he left it at Diana’s…

Aww damn!! Mike got it in with Diana ass lol then gave it to Lexi?? I see yooh mike!! lol sheesh..her ass is comming to LA!!

This is getting too damn crazy…hope only Michael finds out and not Lexi…its still some shit all around tho so wtf???!!! sonn!! lmao!

I need moree…keep it comming love <3

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Awesome job!

I can tell ya, he didnt leave the ring.

I cant tell you if Lexi finds out….we will find out soon though

By iam_music on May 16th, 2010 at 12:56 am

I hope Lexi finds out and leaves his ass.. FOR GOOD!!!!!

By NightGarden on May 16th, 2010 at 5:21 am

wow…that gif leaves me speechless and wide eyed.

Wowwwwwwwwwww…..what a potent man!
WOw wow wow….that was sooo hot and very good written…I could almost smell the room, Michael and Diana were in..I could almost feel him while he was with her…I could feel the whole situation…
I can’t help feeling sorry for him: again he has still to deal with old days and bygone times….he is confused and after all: he is a darn passionate man, a wonderful lover, but also weak (especially when it come to Diana)…

And of course I feel sorry for Lex, but then again she is with a megastar, who is the most sexiest ever, and women would kill just to catch a glimpse.
So I guess, these stuff is a part of it…even when it is about Michael Jackson.

He is def not like Joe (cause Michael doesn’t sleep with random girls…no, actually he is not a pimp…but he is weak when it comes to women, he love! And it is obvious, that he loves more than one)…

Both lovemaking were very sexy and breathtaking, but I have to admit, that I would like to read more about thos two Diana days..I mean, first I thought it was just one time…but it sounds as if they had two marvelous, passionate and sensual days…
I would like to know, what happened?!

I can’t wait for the next chapter! Please please don’t let us wait too long!

Just WOw!

By Ingridje on May 16th, 2010 at 4:40 pm

Very well written but heartbreaking !! How could he do that ? I thought he was special and not like any other men !! I’m so disappointed ! He doesn’t deserve a nice girl like Lexi !! 🙁

Aww Mike! That dag on Diana. Poor Lexi, and she’s such a nice and beautiful woman. I hope she doesn’t find out.

On another note I’m watchn Fuse TV and its Michael Jackson takeover all nite. I don’t really blame either woman for giving him the business. He’s so HOTT!

OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH this was so good. More Diane and MJ please. I love the line where MJ said, “You are my Eve…my forbidden fruit.” Oh that was the bomb!!!! More Diane and MJ…..More Diane and MJ…….More Diane and MJ please.

Ok I am working on the next chapter. Voting is up for input on the Facebook and Twitter pages. Now is the time to have your say people. Become and Fan or follow and have your say. Catch me tonight…its Friday BTW.

Do we have a confrontation in our next story or not……

So much to get out that I apologize in advance for my jumbled thoughts. First off, LOL @ Diana in complete diva mode even when she is alone at night in her pjs at home!! Hahaha she WOULD be dressed to kill on any ol’ night when she is home ALONE and still wearing a flowing silk nightgown. smh

“What do you want to drink Michael? I have scotch, vodka, tequila…ha ha ha. Remember that?” –> oh, we remember alright Diana!! You seductive vixen! I am already feeling uneasy about this. Michael boy, you KNOW you shouldn’t be there!

“She knew she had no right to interfere, and he had every right to finally be happy….even if it wasn’t with her.” –> Exactly Diana! So keep your paws off and help him to let go by letting go yourself! Please!

NOOOOOO! Michael Joe Jackson!! Put the damn drink down. Ugh! This is a toxic combination and all I can see is the disappointment that will eventually be on Lexi’s face.

“Michael, I have never made you do anything you haven’t wanted to do. Please don’t put that on me.” –>I would curse Diana out right now if it wasn’t for that absolutely stunning picture of Michael in red that you posted. Can’t.Stop.Ogling. Ok, back to reality. Someone cue “Dirty Diana” for me right now!

OMG! I get the significance of removing the ring and all…but but but noooooooooooooo!! (even though this love scene is super HOT! LOL) And then you go and play nice with Lexi and make love to her with that guilty conscience? Michael Michael Michael!

Okay there is so much more I want to say but those sex scenes just blew my mind!! Girl you just outdid yourself here! My mind is mush…blank…speechless. I am giving you a standing ovation for this entry! WOW! There was a lot to take in with this one. I need to catch my breath for a moment! Lol! (Oh yeah and side note—I want that hot bra and panty set Lexi is wearing in that pic! Haha)


jesus christmas we have missed your comments girl!

so glad you are catching up.

we kinda ran a race for a couple of chapters…buckle up

Please please write more stories about Michael-Diana and other girls that really existed in his life like Lisa Marie. PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.Youre stries about Michael and Diana are Fantastic !!!!

Lovin’ all the Diana stories & lovin’ the ‘After the Show’ stories too! Great to take the time & read these time of stories! LOL!

i had about this particular love scene with mike and lexi in the airplane….hot as hell 🙂

*forgotten* about that love scene 🙂

I don’t remember reading this one. So they are in thr mile high club now. 🙂 and Diana will be causing havoc very soon. 🙂



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