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New Beginnings VII

New Beginnings VII
Early November 1991
The pager urgently buzzed for the second time, as she made her way down the pediatric oncology wing at UCLA-School of Medicine. She had begun her part time job again as a lab tech to earn some extra money and take her mind off of her loneliness and problems. Checking the room number she rushed in and made her way past the med students and an irritated looking resident who were attending the young patient. Lexi took the order for the blood work and tenderly prepped the girls arm. “This will just take a moment and you can go back to sleep. It will be just a pinch.” The young girl looked up with a weak smile and lightly touched Lexi’s arm, “I am alright, and I have been going through this for a very long time.” Without thinking, Lexi brushed the girl’s hair out of her eyes and marveled at her poise and her lilting accent that sounded so different from everyone else in the room. Breaking them out of their moment the harsh voice of the resident cut through their brief connection, “Who can tell me treatment options….we have a 12 year old female with a relapse of chronic leukemia of approximately 36 months after remission?” He was greeted with silence from his pupils and he shifted in position and clicked his ball point pen several times waiting on the answer. Without thinking Lexi muttered under her breath while completing her blood draw. “Radiation followed by bone marrow transplantation, preferably from an unrelated donor.” “Who said that?” The resident turned to her asking with an incredulous tone in his voice, “I did Doctor, my apologies sir.” She quickly finished her draw and placed the tubes in the tray, giving the girls arm a final check. “What is your name?” His demanding tone stopped her before she could move from the bedside. “My name? My name is Lexi, or er…Alexis Garcia, Doctor.” Turning back to his students he thrust his clipboard towards her and loudly stated, “You have all just been soundly overshadowed by a LAB TECH…I expect you all to find me a matching donor as soon as possible, be an asset…like her.

While the Doctor reached for the chart, the curtain dividing the room slid aside and an audible gasp arose from the med students. “Yes, Miss Garcia is always an asset and I appreciate her having the right answers…even if I don’t always want to believe they are what are best at the time.” Lexi’s shocked face betrayed her as Michael stepped forward from where he had been resting. His eyes burned into hers as he spoke and no one else in the room mattered for those few moments. “Michael you are awake?” The girl spoke softly from her bed and broke the tension in the room. “Yes, I am awake, I will be right there honey.” Michael spoke quietly to her but his eyes never left Lexi’s. “Ms. Garcia get the blood work to the lab stat. The rest of you…out of here, our patient needs her rest, and if you breathe a word of who is in this room right now, you will be on scut work for a month.” The resident shepherded the star struck students out and down the hall to their next consult as Michael cornered Lexi in the hospital room. “You haven’t returned my calls, why not?” “Michael, YOU didn’t call me…your people did. I have to go.” He caught her hand in his and she instantly felt the familiar fire hit her. “Please don’t leave, we have to talk. I…I, uh god girl. I miss you so much. Don’t you think it means something that you walked in here today? That I am here today?” Looking down at the floor, hoping that her eyes wouldn’t give her away she simply said, “Sure, it meant I came to work and did my job. Excuse me.” “Lexi!…LEXI? WAIT!” Michael walked as far as the room entrance but knew he couldn’t follow her any further or there might be a scene. He hung his head and stood there for several moments before returning to the girl’s bed side, taking a seat beside her. “She is pretty Michael, I like her.” She took his hand and held it before she drifted off to sleep. Michael sat unmoving in the chair hoping that Lexi would come back. Finally laying his head on the girl’s shoulder letting his silent tears fall.

His life felt like complete hell since Lexi had left in August. Sony was holding him to the late November deadline for the album and he was so nervous about meeting everyone’s expectations he was physically ill at times. Miko stuck to him like a bad penny but he had kept his word and had not been drinking and he had not taken any more pills since his detox, but it was difficult. There were nights that his skin crawled and his body begged for relief. Nights when the music ran through his veins and ached for a companion, nights when he lay alone and dreams of haunting green eyes called to him through the mist of time and space. When he awoke from his torment he yearned to hold Lexi in his arms, to feel her soft body next to his and bury himself in her warmth and love.

When his anger subsided and he thought about her sacrifice at the hotel he realized she had really helped him, even though he was egotistical and cruel. He wanted to apologize and had Miko and Bill call her to meet him, but she refused. He couldn’t understand why she rejected him…there was no way he could go by and see her if she wouldn’t call him back! Now seeing her unexpectedly tore his heart apart again. He didn’t know how much more he could take, especially with Julia so sick. God…Hunter’s little Julia, he couldn’t lose her too. Why was life so brutal?

Frank DiLeo had let her mother know what had happened to Hunter shortly after the accident and explained Michael’s grief and reluctance to talk about his loss. Michael and Julia began corresponding again about a year after Hunters accident, but it was a process for Michael to open up again. Julia was not deterred and just kept sending him letters to The Ranch till he finally wrote her back. Julia never spoke of Hunter, instinctively sensing his fragility. She spoke of her school, favorite movies and of course her latest boy crushes. Letter after letter arrived and Michael read them all until he finally sat down one day and answered her. It wasn’t much but he told Julia that he really missed Hunter and reading all the letters helped to keep their love alive in his heart. Julia kept every one she received. Adding them to the pile of letters that Hunter and Michael had mailed her during the tour and read them over and over when she was lonely or scared.

When Julia’s mother Elise contacted him about the relapse of her cancer, he was taken aback and devastated. It was only a couple of days after his detox and breakup with Lexi. Insisting that they fly immediately to Los Angeles for treatment at his expense, he searched for the best hospital to take care of their needs. Feeling lost and alone he had come to the hospital after he left the studio for the last time, earlier that morning to relieve Elise before he headed back to The Hideout. He never expected to see Lexi walk in the room out of the blue like she had but, it was one of the most fantastic and one of the most depressing moments of his life.

Rushing in breathlessly Miko looked exasperated as he saw Michael sitting beside Julia’s bed. Cocking his head to the side he looked at his boss and friend sitting dejectedly in the chair and said, “Michael, I have been everywhere looking for you, why did you just take off like that? Dude, you have to let us know where you are going.” Not even glancing up at him Michael mumbled, “I just needed to get away from everything and Elise needed a break.” Miko sat on the bed Michael had been sleeping on earlier and stared intensely over at Michael. “What happened to you, why are you so down?” Rolling his eyes, Michael busied himself with changing the channels on the television. “Nothing happened.” His surly tone and cranky disposition did nothing to convince Miko, who was sure that something or someone had caused Michael to be upset. “I want something to drink, how about you?” Hopping off the bed Miko walked towards the door. “Some orange juice would be fine, thank you.” Michael looked over at Julia but she was still asleep. He stood up and pulled her blanket up around her and stroked her forehead before acknowledging Miko leaving the room.

Following the signs overhead to the floors break room, Miko stared at the rows of vending machines, eventually sitting down while deciding what he wanted. How could they possibly fit pancakes in a box and make them suitable for eating out of a vending machine he wondered. As he sat there pondering his decision he saw several young hospital workers enter the room and stand around the coffee vending machine as they waited for their choices to dispense.

“Can you believe that Michael Jackson was in that girls room this morning”
“I know! That blew my mind. I mean he opened that curtain like he was gonna come out and moonwalk or something.”
“Yeah, but what about that lab tech? They know each other obviously…did you see the way he looked at her. I thought he was going to have sex with her right in front of us.”
“Yeah, so much for him being gay!”
What was her name again? It was weird.”
“I don’t know, it was like Dynasty or something”
“Crystal? Sammy?”
“Ha Ha, No, no…now I remember it was Alexis. That was it, Alexis. I thought I was going to die laughing when she said that.”
“Come on we have to go, that compound fracture in 510 is going to surgery in ten minutes I want to go watch.”

Miko sat slumped back in his chair with a thud. So that’s what happened to make Michael so down in the dumps, he had seen Lexi this morning. Those girls said she was a lab tech and that meant maybe he could find her. Now he had a plan…and a damn good plan too. Quickly finding some orange juice he headed back down to the room and quizzed Michael, “Are you going to stick around here for a bit?” “Yeah, till Elise gets back…but it will be a few more hours.” Miko looked quickly away as he talked, “Alright, I need to move the car. I didn’t really park it in the right place and security told me I could only leave it there for a few minutes.” Hating his lie, he headed for the door as Michael answered him politely, “Ok, see you in a minute.”

Heading down to the fourth floor Miko stopped at the nurses’ station and asked where the lab was located that would handle the fifth floor. After a confused pause from the petite nurse she directed him to the last elevator bank and the sixth floor. Stepping onto the elevator car he noticed that a man was holding a large tray with a handle filled with blood samples and decided to follow him after seeing him push the button for the sixth floor. Feeling somewhat like a stalker he trailed after him as he made his way down the sixth floor hallway and towards a large doorway that required a code to enter. Taking a seat in one of the horribly covered orange chairs, Miko decided to wait to see if Lexi came or went from the lab, and do his best to convince her to talk to Michael.

His chin slipped off his fist when she kicked his foot, “You are drooling, wake up!” Jerking his head up, he saw her dark eyes staring at him intensely. “Jeez, Lexi…I didn’t think you were ever going to come out here.” “I think I can probably guess why you are here Miko, and I don’t have anything to say to him. Not with what happened…he had the opportunity before I left the hotel and he treated me like, no… worse than dirt. I don’t think I can get over that, he really hurt me. Does he even get that Miko, he really hurt me.” Standing up Miko took her by the shoulders, “He does, and he can’t or won’t talk about anything else. Will you please just let him say his piece; if you decide that you are finished after that, then walk away.” Sitting down in one of the chairs Lexi pulled her hair back off her face and blinked her eyes trying to clear her head. “Madre Dios…Miko, I still love him so much. I miss him every second, I want to run down there right now and tell him.” “Then do it Lexi, just tell him.” Miko waited expectantly as Lexi made her decision, “Tell him I will be home tonight at seven thirty.” Quickly standing she took a final look at Miko and he saw the tears forming in her eyes, “I have to go take these in, thanks my friend.” He watched her walk away and punch the code into the secure door, wiping her eyes as she entered. Giving a quick look to the sky, he punched the air as he headed toward the elevator and back to Michael.

Rushing back to Julia’s room, Miko found them watching cartoons together. “Hello, I remember you. You were in Germany before with Michael and Hunter.” Julia smiled brightly at Miko. Nodding at her he smiled back and pulled up the extra chair that had been brought in while he was gone. “That right Julia, my name is Miko and I work for Michael. It’s so nice to see you again.” Julia giggled and went back to watching “Doug” on Nickelodeon. .” Michael leaned forward and whispered to Miko, “What took you so long Miko, I thought you were going to move the car and be right back. I am getting hungry man.” Smacking Michael on the leg Miko grinned knowingly and said, “I set you up big time man, you owe me.” Michael’s brow furrowed in confusion, “I don’t understand, what you are talking about?” Michael, Lexi said to be at her house tonight at seven thirty…she will talk to you then.” Hearing her name Michael suddenly sat forward and grasped Miko’s arm, “Are you serious, tonight? Where did you see her” Here? Just now?” Nodding his head Miko moved Michael’s hand away, “Just be there, she misses you. Don’t get me wrong Mike, she is pissed…but I think you have a chance man. Don’t blow it.”

Lexi climbed in the car and took a deep breath. She knew that tonight could make it or break it for her and Michael. Pulling out onto the freeway she turned on the radio and started to scan the stations hoping for something to take her mind off of her nervousness. Catching the end of what was apparently Michael’s new single Lexi listened intently bobbing her head and catching herself smiling as Michael sang the chorus to “Black or White”.

The DJ came on and announced in his jocular voice, “As promised earlier ladies and gentleman, Michael is not the only Jackson brother premiering a song tonight. That’s right Los Angeles…Big Brother Jermaine has something to say! Listen up Mike he is coming at you on KPWR the only place you will hear “Word to the Badd”

Lexi listened incredulously as the lyrics filled the car, unbelieving that the person she had met standing in Michael’s kitchen could have written such mean things about him. When the second verse began she cried, knowing that the damage was surely done and most likely would never be repaired.

Once you were made
You changed your shade
Was your color wrong?
Could not turn back
It’s a known fact
You were too far gone
You know I tried to be there for you
Like a brother I care for you
It didn’t matter you always play me off
You only care about what you want
You don’t care about how it’s done
You only think about you, your throne
Be it right or wrong

Finally, mercifully it was over and the DJ laughed heartily as “Black or White” began to play again. Prophetically he suggested to his listeners that Jermaine’s song would be forgotten in twenty years while everyone’s children would still be dancing to Michael’s new song. But Lexi was too upset to concentrate and turned off the radio as she pulled into her driveway to escape the madness beginning to swirl around her. Unlocking her door she ran to her room to change into her shorts and t-shirt before Michael arrived.

Before she even had time to walk back into the living room she heard his knock on the door. What she found when she opened it shocked her, Michael’s face was streaked with tears and his eyes were red and swollen. Lexi shook her head, “Oh no, Michael did you hear it too?” He couldn’t even choke out his reply he simply fell into her open arms. “Come inside, come inside baby.” Michael was shaking and barely made it to the couch before he collapsed, “Why Lexi, why would he do this? He is my brother; I have always been there for him.” Burying his face on her chest he let all his pent up stress and frustration out, “Even when we left Motown, I tried to keep us all together. He made the decision to stay there with Barry, I didn’t do that…Lexi I worked hard for everything I have.” Holding him close she let him vent, kissing him softly, “I know baby, I know you have. Nobody can take that away from you.” “This hurts so much; he sent that song to the station on purpose to punish me. What he doesn’t understand is that it is only going to backfire on him. His album will fail and he won’t have anything. He has children, he needs to work. It’s like he didn’t learn anything all these years in the business.” Lexi stroked his face, wiping his tears away. “Michael, you are going to make yourself sick. Calm down. Listen…look at me.”

Turning his face up Lexi saw his red, tear filled eyes look to her for reassurance that he was going to be alright. He needed to know that he had one solid thing in life that he could fasten his anchor to. “Lexi, I miss you. Can you please forgive me for hurting you? I love you so much.” Lexi lightly touched his lips with her fingertips as her own eyes welled up with tears, “I have to know that you trust me Michael. You hurt me so badly… with your words and actions, but mostly your inactions. You let me walk away after I fought for you…for your very life.” She paused and reflected inwardly, “ I can’t lose you too, you mean too much to me.” “Don’t you know I trust you girl, I trust you with my life. I regretted letting you leave that hotel suite the moment the door closed but I was too stupid and egotistical to go get you. Besides I thought I was going to….” Sitting up Lexi released her hold on him, “What Michael, use again? Have you, have you been using?” Taking her hand, he held it to his chest, “I swear to you I haven’t. Not booze, not anything. Ask Miko he is like a damn dog, he follows me around constantly.” As she blinked away fresh tears Lexi thought over the last two months and how difficult it had been without him. She remembered the endless nights lying alone hour after hour wishing her phone would ring or a knock would rap upon her door. Slowly closing her eyes she absolved him of his sins and resolved her spirit to a new start.

“Yes Lexi?”
“I love you”
“I love you too girl”
“I don’t want to be without you anymore Michael
“Me either, you are everything to me.”

Catching his lips in hers, she tasted the salty sting of his tears as they ran down his cheeks. Gently she brought her hands up to cup his face and hold him steady as he trembled underneath her touch. “Stay with me tonight Michael. I want to show you everything special that our love can be.” His quick intake of breath caught her by surprise and she felt her stomach tense up in a knot as he swallowed deeply and said to her, “I will stay with you forever, if that’s what you want.” Finding his lips again Lexi allowed herself to get lost in his magical spell; the soft warmth of his kiss caressed her tentatively…like he was afraid he would break her spirit again. Moving softly, she opened her mouth slightly pressing her tongue tenderly against his lips. Urging him to open up to her again…until at last he allowed her advance and taste his affection and gentle softness. Carefully she pulled his head forward and she reached to quench the yearning that had grown so long inside her. “Michael, I need you. Let me make love to you, let me show you how much you mean to me.” His deep groan of desire filled her ear with a sensual craving that pushed her to move upon him with a hunger she couldn’t control. Kissing his neck she unbuttoned his red shirt and released him from it promptly. Michael brought his t-shirt above his head and Lexi pulled her own off her body and soon pressed her naked breasts against his bare chest seductively. “You are giving me chills Alexis. God…you are so beautiful to me.” Running his hand seductively up the side of her body he grazed the curve of her breast watching her face react as she felt the pleasure of his touch. Sucking on his neck she could hear his breathing heavy in her ear. “I want you so much.” She whispered as she ran her tongue and lips from his collarbone slowly down his chest licking, flicking and sucking till she finally found his nipple, working it until it was hardened into a tight mound of bliss. Pushing him down onto the couch she unzipped his pants and slipped her small hand inside and caressed his hardening shaft. “Mmmmm, Michael, how could you deny me this. We fit together so perfectly.” Sliding down, she pulled his clothing aside. As he tensed with anticipation, Michael watched her move upon him, setting his jaw in expectation of her lips taking him to ecstasy. Licking her hand, Lexi massaged him forcefully, preparing him for her lips. Carefully she pulled down his pulsing flesh and wrapped her lips around his thick throbbing head. At the first contact of her lips he reacted with a jerk forcing his hot shaft deeper inside her eager mouth. Earnest moans greeted her ears and she rose back up holding him hungrily in her mouth and stared up into his lustful dark eyes. “Yes….deeper, take it deeper girl.” Michael gently rocked and heard her groan with desire as she moved further down sucking and stroking him as he filled her throat fully. Reaching out, he twisted her hair around his hand and pushed her deeper down till she sucked him back to the tip, swirling her tongue around and back again. Lexi’s moans were overpowering and Michael’s senses were overloaded. “Let me be inside of you Lexi, I need to feel you. God girl, it has been so long.” Glancing up once more from between his legs she stood and removed her shorts and pulled off his pants. Not being able to resist she wrapped her lips around his shaft again before rising up and straddling him as he lay back on the couch. “Let me love you Michael, feel me love you, mi amore.” Grasping him with her hand, she held on as she slowly lowered herself down upon his hardness. Her wetness surrounded him, hot…slick and all encompassing. His groan of passion passed uncontrolled from his lungs as she sunk completely upon him. “Lexi, hmmm, Alexis…move with me.” She fell upon him, finding his lips as her hips ground his. Eventually her composure was lost. “Show me you want me Michael…show me you still care.” Rolling her into the back of the couch he gained leverage and dominance over her. “I want you Alexis…I can’t get you out of my mind. Feel how much I want you. FEEL IT. God, you know I still care baby.” His thrusts moved deeper and a sweat moved over their bodies as they ground against each other in synergy and excitement. Lexi felt an odd loss of control and her legs disconnected as she began to burn with anticipation deep within her center. “Ah Michael, oh god….I can’t…I can’t, I’m….come with me…now!” Michael watched as Lexi threw her head back and melted into his body. As she did he felt his own completion drawn near and he grasped her hips and pushed deep inside her warmth. Pumping her thrust for thrust as her walls pulled him close…reaching his own intense climax as she raked her nails down his back, he released deep inside her…shaken to his core. Finally when he could focus on her face again he kissed her deeply as he wrapped her tightly in his arms. “I love you Lexi, I swear I love you.”

Looking over into Michael’s eyes she couldn’t help but see a bright sparkle, one that she had never seen before. “Michael, something about you is different. You are, clearer…brighter. You are luminous.” He stroked her face tenderly and kissed the tip of her nose. “Are you kidding me, why wouldn’t I be? The woman I love just took me back and made the best lovin to me. Hell yes baby, I better be glowing.” Burying her head into his shoulder she smiled wide and gave him a tiny kiss on his chest, “I like this look on you, it reminds me of those times I saw you on TV when I was a kid.” She giggled and started singing, “Oh baby give me one more chaaaaannnnce…” Looking at her from the corner of his eye Michael chimed in, “Show you that I love you” then they sang together “Won’t…. You…. Please…. Take…. MEEEE….back in your arms.”

Collapsing in laughter they fell back on the couch and giggled together happily. “Lexi, I haven’t felt this good since you left…I” Michael’s voice trailed off as he lightly rubbed his fingers on her arms. “Don’t leave me again Lex, I can’t be alone. It scares me so much.” Reaching for his jaw she turned his face to her and kissed him gently, “I’m right here Michael, I’m right here.”

Lexi had left for school and Michael eventually made his way over to Encino to confront his brother about the song. As he drove he hoped that he would be able to reason with Jermaine and make him realize that he needed to pull the single down off the air as soon as possible and have his Public Relations people go to work to correct the damage that had already occurred. He took a long deep breath as the metal gate to Hayvenhurst swung open before him and he nodded briefly to the gate guard as he pulled through knowing that the family would know he was on the property before he had even stopped the truck. Hearing the roar of the fountain was oddly soothing when he passed by it and through the side door and into the oppressive atmosphere of his Mother’s house. Not bothering with pleasantries when he caught sight of Margaret out of the corner of his vision he headed to the library and heard his Mother’s uneven footsteps fall in step behind him. Holding the door for Katherine he could hear the collective breathing of the household staff as they waited for the fireworks to begin with his brother.

“Jermaine your brother is here to see you.” Katherine’s soft voice echoed through the library as Michael shut the door and stood waiting for his brother to speak. The sulking look cast by his older brother caused Michael to feel a pang in his heart as he remembered the cutting words of the song he heard the evening before. “I heard the song Jermaine, why did you do that?” Michael walked towards him but Jermaine moved away and placed the desk between them protectively. Michael glanced at his Mother and continued, “You have to pull it down, you must…you get that right?” Jermaine slammed his fist on the desk and raised his voice at Michael, “You only want it pulled because it will look bad for your album Michael. I am not pulling it, NO!” Michael sat down in a Louis the XIV chair he had so lovingly helped his Mother pick out for her special day ten years before. He caressed the dark wood and he found his mind wandering back to the night before and Lexi’s hips underneath his hands as she moved upon him lovingly. Curiously the thought helped keep him grounded and focused and he swallowed hard before speaking again, “Jermaine, my fans won’t care and will buy my album anyway. You are only hurting yourself and your career. Please don’t do this, don’t hurt the family.” Jermaine walked around the desk and stood in front of his brother, “Why are you always so positive they will take your side Mike? It is not 1983 anymore you know. I wrote a good song and I stand by it.” It felt like a knife had been passed through his heart when he heard the painful words come out of his brother’s mouth. “Jermaine you know I can’t help my skin, why would you say that about me. I would never deny my heritage or my family.” Again Jermaine slammed his hand down on the desk, “Don’t bring your crocodile tears in here Michael, I have called you over and over and I never heard from you. Not once.” Looking down Michael wiped his eyes discreetly, embarrassed that Jermaine was making fun of him for being emotional. “Jermaine, you were at my house this summer. We had all the time in the world to talk then.” “No, no we didn’t. You were with that, that little barrio tramp and I took Mother home early.” Michael stood up and anger flashed in his eyes as Katherine moved in between them, “Michael, Jermaine… this isn’t about that, now what are you going to do about this record.” Tears rolled unabated down Michael’s face as he and Jermaine stared each other down, each awaiting an apology. Jermaine finally spoke, “I am not pulling the song.” Michael could hear the phone ringing and Margaret’s voice speaking softly somewhere beyond the library door. Outside a bird was singing a beautiful melody that belied the horrible tension that filled the air as Michael looked down briefly to wipe his eyes on the back of his hand and again saw the beauty of the antique chair with it perfect curves and upholstry. He realized that there was many such examples of beauty that manifested themselves beyond his immediate surroundings, and he had embraced such beauty only hours before when he made love to Lexi. Finally understanding that it was time to let negativity like Jermaine’s to its own devices he straightened to his full height. “I love you Jermaine, good luck with your album. Mother I will call you soon.”

Michael walked out to the clear, bright California morning and stopped and really listened to the bubbling fountain and the cheery singing of the songbirds in the garden. Yes beauty was everywhere, all you had to do was look around and you could find it.

Climbing in the truck he drove back to Lexi’s house and packed her a suitcase for the weekend. Two days…they both had two days to run away and get lost and he intended to do just that. Searching the closet for warm clothes, He laughed as he put on her ski hat, jacket and goggles, imagining that she would probably be the hottest ski bunny on the mountain. Keeping them on to put himself in the spirit of the trip he was shocked when he was suddenly body slammed from behind and pushed into the bedroom wall. The tip of a gun was cruelly pressed against the base of his skull and his arm was behind his back before he could react. “Don’t move. Unless you think today is a good day to die.” Michael’s own exhale of breath was the last sound he heard before he blacked out and slid to the ground.

To Be Continued…….

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DangerousPYT, Wonderful update as usual…hot make up sex…but who has the gun?? I really love this story. Update soon. Dawn

Thanks Dawn.

I know ya'll love the lovin!!!

Poor Mike, just wants to go to the mountains and now he is on the floor…Who has the gun? Scary!!!!

Stay tuned!

By NightGarden on March 4th, 2010 at 10:24 pm

This chapter is really full of interesting things: from little Julia back, to make up sex, to the Jerm…and the Thrillah finale…of course we'll stay tuned miss DangerousPYT. Our antennas are all up!
Oh…and Miko really deserves an Easter basket from all of us, doesn't he?

By Anonymous on March 4th, 2010 at 11:05 pm

Yes DangerousPYT!!!! I love it!! Well not the suspense, lol but the story it's getting scary! Please don't let them hurt our poor Michael. Oh please oh pleeeeease! LOL


Girl, you know you like the suspense. LOL
It makes it fun. Lord knows we need an escape these days. LOL tell ya what, I write it, you read it…and we forget our problems for 30 or 45 minutes a week. Deal?

Love ya

By DangerousPYT on March 5th, 2010 at 4:37 am


First off thanks for pointing out the interesting things. I was really happy to bring Julia back. I wanted to get her back sooner but this is perfect timing I think. I also thought it was weird that I was writing this story and all the stuff with the kids happened this week in the 3D world. Sometime it is a bit surreal…and yes Miko is the man. I swear, if I was ever to meet him he would be like girl you are a silly one. LOL Why do you act like you know me. Ha ha

I forgot about the end of this chapter…lol!!! Michael in Lexi’s ski jacket…ummmmm dude, what???? LOL!!!

He was packing her clothes…LOL

This is one of favourite chapters…. love the showdown between Jermaine and Michael, and of course the loving… the reconciliation between the two…

I loved writing this chapter….

and the dialog between him a Jermaine, for some reason I felt like I was in that room. I dunno what really happened but I wonder if this was close? (Thanks Margaret for the tidbits from her book)

@DPYT: I have a got feeling that’s how the dialogue between Jermaine and Michael went down…. Yeah Margaret gave us tidbits, and I think Randy Taraborelli, also mentioned the showdown in his book as well…. Jermaine was/is mess, what was he thinking when he release that song ??? I loved when Jermaine placed the desk between him and MIKE.. I guess he knew better not to let Michael get too close lol lol …

Coco & DPYT, I just reread this chapter and it was the bomb! I love the family fight bet’n Jermaine & Mike. I love how Katherine is always in the middle.

“you’re both my boys, you’re both my boys”…LOL

Sigh. So it’s been awhile but I’m back. The feelings for Michael and lexi never left. Starting all over again.
Can’t wait to see what’s new!


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