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New Beginnings IX

New Beginnings IX
November 1991
His hot breath burned across her face as his hips ground against her perfectly round curves from behind. The darkness engulfed her as she was brought out of a sound sleep by his yearning hands roaming her body. His hardness pressed urgently between her legs, searching for sanctuary inside her protective warmth. “Baby, let me inside you. I want you right now.” His voice begged in a low whisper while he pulled her thigh up to allow his aching manhood free access. Having already touched her while she slept, she was wet as he slipped his thick shaft inside, “Lex, I had to have you. I had to take you…forgive me, oh god forgive me.” Moving back against him she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled his face down to her lips. “What is there to forgive? Take me…I am all yours.” Their lips met in a brief flurry of passion before Michael pulled out of her and brought her to the edge of the bed where he stood and entered her again from behind. Pushing in slowly he watched in the dim light as he disappeared into her tight warmth…inch by inch he pushed, gliding along her strong, slick walls while she threw her head back in the passionate heat of acceptance. Finally burying himself completely he reveled in the feeling of her legs and backside pressed against his hips, as well as the velvet softness that surrounded his most private of parts. Slow gyrations began to emanate from deep inside his body and he used them like he did when he danced. Delicately at first, just the slightest bit of movement, he could feel her squeeze him tight and then release. The moan this caused from his chest increased his next pulse into an escalation that included a roll from deep down within his spine. His arms hung free and he inspected his view and felt his groin twitch in response. Reflexively he stroked her thigh and up towards her smooth round cheek, “Girl, it’s so perfect…I could just..could just” Unexpectedly he smacked her and followed it quickly with another powerful stroke of his hand. Burying her face in the pillow she flinched but found it pleasurable and discovered herself rocking harder back into his body. Michael leaned over her and whispered in her ear, “Did you like that girl…oh god, I had no idea. That turns me on so much.” Reaching down between her legs he felt the hardness of her center and knew she was as ready as he was. “Michael, I’m so close…” she begged hoarsely. Rising up to his full height he grasped her firmly in his hands and arched his hips deep into her and pushed. Over and over he thrust barely hearing her groans of ecstasy as she used her own strength to push back, until at last he felt the hot fire begin to burn within his belly and fan out around his hips and into Lexi. Her warmth and tightness enveloped him and pulled him into a kaleidoscope of color and emotions as he poured out his energy into her body. Somehow he heard her cry out and he was able to respond to her. “Come for me baby…come for me.” Lexi’s force melded in to his and they became one once again as dawns sleepy eyes opened onto the day.
Michael held her in his arms resisting the urge to move as the clock ticked the minutes away, “Lex, I am scared about today…I don’t think I can do this.” Kissing him lightly on his chest she whispered softly, “We won’t be there long babe. All you have to do is walk through.” She could feel his body shake with tremors as he lay next to her, “It’s just one more thing right now. I am really overwhelmed Lexi, and I don’t think I have ever told anyone that before.” “I will be there; right there…in case you need me.” Lexi wrapped her arms around his neck and her leg draped over his waist before continuing, “Michael I understand how hard this will be for you, but just remember why you guys did this in the first place.” Closing his eyes he breathed deep and buried his face in her neck and embraced her for a long moment. “I just don’t want to remember Lex; there are days now when I can almost forget.” With a deep sigh she finally said, “We have to get up Michael; the car will be here soon.” He shook his head and squeezed her tighter, “No, I have to stay here just a little bit longer, lay with me Alexis. Right now it seems like my world is perfect, holding you in my arms…knowing I don’t have to deal with that pain again. Please just let me stay here with you a little bit longer.”
He could feel his stomach become a mass of twisted knots as they got closer to the clinic and he reached out twice for the bottle of vodka in the limo’s bar before placing it back carefully between the gin and whiskey. The street was clear but his driver pulled around back and Miko and Bill were standing at the door waiting for him as his car slowly rolled to a stop. “Michael, are you alright?” Miko asked apprehensively as he opened the door. Not moving from the center of the seat they heard his voice reply, “Where is Lexi”? Bill stepped forward hearing the agitated tone in Michael’s voice, “I haven’t seen her yet, but I am sure she is close. Come on out, it is just the designer, Mr. Lawson and Miss Brette inside Mike.” “I’m not getting out until Lexi is here. I’ll, I’ll wait Bill. Go find her please.” Bill gave a long look over at Miko and turned to walk inside as the back door opened and Lexi appeared dressed smartly in a black slim fitting knee length skirt with a camel colored silk blouse and black pumps. A wide black metal belt accentuated her waist and her hair was pulled back from her face on either side with a simple black clip. “Michael, I had to park out front, listen it’s just us babe…we won’t be long.” Reaching in she took his hand and he gripped it like a scared child. His skin was pale, his palms clammy and cold. He had placed a surgical mask over his face and he wore one of his hats on his head along with his sunglasses. “We won’t be long, really.” Lexi once again reassured him. Eventually he climbed out of the car and stood next to her whispering in her ear, “I don’t think I can do this, it’s too much Lex. I can’t go there again…not again! I am sure everything is fine; I know you made it beautiful. I know you wouldn’t let me down on this.” Lexi reached up and adjusted his hat, “I think her Mom really wants you to see it babe. Do it for her…OK.” Even with the mask on she could see his face flush as he tried to control his emotions, but he only slightly nodded his head as he took her hand and stepped in the direction of the medical clinic.
“Hello Michael”, Brette Davis’ smooth voice greeted him as he stepped into the long hallway of the clinic. “Hi..hi Brette, how are you.” Michael replied giving her a long and earnest hug. “Jason it’s nice to see you again, thank you for doing such a great job on the project.” Shaking hands with their legal counsel Michael let his eyes wander towards the front of the receptionist area as they approached, “Excuse me, Brette have you met Alexis Garcia? She was awarded the grant for the clinic.” Brette smiled for a moment at Michael, “We have spoken briefly on the phone Michael, and she seems like a lovely young lady. I am pleased she will be overseeing things here…and elsewhere.” Lexi couldn’t miss the surprised look on Michael’s face as he glanced over at Brette when she made her statement or the little smirk of acknowledgment she returned as they stopped at the reception desk. “It is lovely to finally meet you in person Alexis, thank you for all your hard work here. I believe my Daughter would find what you have accomplished an honor but more importantly a valuable resource for your community.” Lexi reached for Brette’s outstretched hand and proudly took it in hers, “Thank you Ma’am. I am truly looking forward to our opening. I have people stopping me everyday asking for services, and from what I have learned of your Daughter she was the first person to want to help others less fortunate. We will honor that spirit everyday here. Can I show you both around?” Michael and Brette nodded and Lexi proceeded to give them a tour of the clinic. She proudly showed off the converted warehouse that could now provide walk in and scheduled low and intermediate medical care to poor and indigent patients. As they walked, the designer popped out of an office and briefly explained the layout and how he picked out the elements for the lobby. It was low price and many of the furnishings and artistic prints were donated by area merchants to offset the costs to the clinic. Brette had some questions on the registration area and Michael wandered away and towards the front door.
A small entrance lead to the lobby and he suddenly found himself looking at a beautifully made wooden shadow box, it was filled with dozens of pictures of Hunter. Softly lit with diffused lighting and carefully arranged pictures from her life, it brought Michael back to the reason he was standing in the clinic. Some of the pictures of her were from when she was a girl visiting her Godfather at Sycamore Valley Ranch standing by her tree. Another one was with Jessica at a concert at Golden Gate Park, and he was in several but since Brette had taken them you could only see the back of his head, or just part of his hand, and her smiling face. The final picture was one Michael had sent to Brette from the morning she left for Australia…he had caught her in silhouette as she caressed her growing belly in the morning light as she stood by the French doors of the bedroom at Neverland. Michael read the attached plate and it simply read “In Memory of Hunter Leigh Davis…Loving Daughter, Mother, and Fiancé”
Michael felt his heart lurch in his chest when he read the words and his tears spilled over underneath his sunglasses. His hand reflexively came up to his face as his eyes closed in deep thought. “Michael, are you alright?” Lexi’s soft voice cut through his pain. Shaking his head he couldn’t respond. “I…I wasn’t going to bring you in here. Michael, I’m sorry.” Lexi rushed forward to comfort him. Trying to catch his breath he pushed her away, “Please don’t, just go away.” She stood there helplessly with her hand outstretched as Brette stood in the doorway and made her way slowly towards him. “Michael don’t punish Alexis. I sent her those pictures; but she made that box…for you.” Ripping the mask off his face he bent down trying to breathe, “Brette, it’s all my fault. I’m so sorry for everything, please forgive me.” Brette went to him and put her arms around his shoulders as he slid to the ground, “I told you already Michael, it was an accident. Please stop blaming yourself…..” Lexi backed out of the room to let them talk and collect her own emotions. Throwing open the backdoor Miko jumped as she practically fell out of it. “What’s wrong, are you OK?” “No, he lost it Miko. He saw Hunter’s pictures and he lost it.” Miko saw the tears in her eyes and gave her a quick hug. “Are YOU alright Lexi?” Nodding her head she replied, “Yeah, I just feel so bad for him. He carries the weight of the world around inside of him. One day, he is going to break Miko. One day it’s going to come crashing down on him.” Miko took a look around the property before answering, “I don’t know Lexi, he is stronger than you think he is…..”
Hospital security cleared out the stairwell and hall so that Michael could visit Julia that afternoon but what he found when he got to her room chilled him to the bone. Her skin had a bluish tinge and she was on constant oxygen to help her breathe. Michael looked around the sterile room and prayed that a donor could be found soon knowing that she would not have long if it didn’t happen. Julia slowly opened her eyes and looked at him somehow managing a smile. “Michael.” She said weakly. “Don’t try to talk Julia, just rest…I am right here with you though.” Michael held her hand through his rubber gloves not failing to see the irony of the situation. “Sunday night…will watch, promise.” He felt the tiny squeeze of her fingers as she gave him her word that she would watch the premier of his new video on Sunday and he prayed that she could hold on for that long. Elise entered the room as Julia fell asleep and Michael walked around and talked softly with her enquiring about the latest updates and donor matches. Michael promised he would check back later and made the same exit as he did when he entered. Unbelievably he was virtually undetected and he finally made his way back to the house for the evening.
Lexi found Michael stretched out on the bed staring at the ceiling when she got home later that afternoon. Jumping on the bed, she crawled up into his arms. “Are you feeling any better?” she asked. “A little, I guess. The phone rang all day but I ignored it. I hope you didn’t try calling.” “No.” she replied cautiously, “I was busy, “Michael, I do have some news for you.” He absentmindedly kissed the top of her head before replying, “Really, is it good or bad. I honestly don’t know how much more I can take today girl.” Lexi rolled over and put her arm around him. “Michael we found a donor for Julia.” It took a moment to register what she had said as she watched for his face to change from its placid state to finally one of joy and amazement. “Oh god…are you serious? Girl…When? Who? What happened? I was just there, this is crazy! Tell me everything.” He jumped up and started pacing the floor beside the bed waiting on her to tell him what changed since he had left a few hours earlier. “Michael, calm down. Come here, please sit a second.” Lexi pulled him by the arm and forced him to sit down. “I need you to listen, OK?” Don’t freak out on me, but it’s one of your fans.” Turning to Lexi he grabbed her arm and held on tight, “Does she know about you? Lexi did she talk to you?” Calmly removing his hand she reached over and kissed him softly, “No, she doesn’t know me. I guess she saw you leave the studio the other day and followed you. Security has been keeping an eye on her and she is just a nice girl who wants to meet you. I suppose someone finally told her why you were there and she volunteered to be tested. Michael, we have to do this…Julia doesn’t have any more options left.” Staring for an extended amount of time at their entwined fingers he finally answered, “I want to meet her first. I need to know that she is a good person, it’s important to me. I’ll um talk to Elise, let me call her then…OK?”
Leaning forward he took her face in his hands and kissed her tenderly, “I love you so much. Thank you for what you did at the clinic, I know I didn’t tell you…but Lexi: that is something more than kindness. You showed me your heart and soul today, and I don’t think I can put into words how much you mean to me.” Feeling her eyes brim with tears she gently kissed his lips before whispering, “I did it because I love you Michael. Go ahead and make your phone calls now.”
Rushing from the room she threw open the patio door to breathe in some fresh air. Her mind was racing from his declaration and she couldn’t imagine her life being any better than it was right at that very moment. However, she couldn’t help but feel like a dark cloud was approaching and her very life was soon going to be turned upside down.
Lexi tossed her wine cooler in the garbage and decided that she had given Michael enough time to speak to Elise and make the rest of his business calls. Opening the door to the bedroom she saw that he was still in a deep conversation on the telephone with his back to her.
Yes, it’s true.
I am not going to ask you again
Mmmm hmmm
Sexual? Maybe?
Violence? Just releasing my frustration with the system is all.
Listen, why do you care anyway? Where have you been?
No, I’m not. NO! Nothing. NOTHING!
What did I tell you the last time we were together?
Diane, I told you, I will always love you.
Lexi closed the door with an audible click and Michael turned around with a jump.
“Listen I have to go.”
Slamming the phone down he jumped up and rounded the bed.
“It’s not what you think, please girl…don’t go jumping to conclusions.”
Behind her fresh tears he could see her fury, “How dare you Michael. How dare you call that woman from my house…our house!”
“I told you it’s not what you think.”
“Not what I think? I heard you with my own ears!”
“What did I tell you last night Lexi, I told you I would always love her. Didn’t I?
Michael pulled her near, her face dangerously close to his,
“Didn’t I?”
Turning her face to the side, she closed her eyes not daring to look in his steely dark gaze.
“What else did I say to you?
Hot tears poured down her cheeks as she continued to ignore his demands.
“What else did I say to you Alexis?”
Michael pressed his body against her pinning her against the door. Lexi could feel his every muscle straining with tension as he waited on her answer.
“Let me go. Don’t do this to me Michael. Don’t you dare leave your mark on me again.”
Releasing his hold he stretched his arms out above her head so that the only part of their bodies that were touching were their chests and hips, and he began to slowly grind onto her as he whispered in her ear.
“What else did I say to you, tell me now?”
“That you always will, but it’s over”
She could feel him growing against her as he moved seductively and she hated that her body was responding to him.
“Michael, stop it. Get off of me.”
Moving to the side she ducked under his arm and tried to flee to the bathroom but he caught her hand and pinned her against the wall beside the closet. Turning her head again she caught their reflection in the sliding mirrored doors.
“Look at me Alexis. Just look at me and listen to what I have to say to you. Why do I have to keep repeating myself over and over? I am really starting to get angry!”
Struggling to get away she pulled her arms back and jerked wildly but he had a firm grip and held her still.
“Let me go, or I swear to god Michael I will…”
“Or you will what, you gonna get the gun out the closet? It’s still in there you know? ”
He let her arms go and she tried to push him away,
“Is that what you expect me to do, act like some barrio hota? Going off on you, and living up to the standards your ‘family’ has placed on me… hijo de la chingada!
Thrashing her palms against his chest she struggled to get away as his lips powerfully descended upon hers. Reaching up he seized her chin and held her face steady as his tongue parted her lips, probing and searching for her response to his questions. “Don’t resist me, I told you how much I love you already. Now I am going to prove it to you.” His hands stroked her face and roughly ran down the side of her neck. She could feel his thumb slide forcefully across the front of her windpipe. It was rough but sexy as he closed his large fingers around her throat and pulled her head closer. Bringing her leg up between them she tried to protect herself but he reached down with his free hand and pushed it away until he spread her thighs with his leg. “Michael, I ….uh…Mmmmm” Lexi’s guttural cry only urged him on and his lips traveled lower dragging down her neck as he pulled her silk blouse away from her body. Buttons flew wildly when he tore the fabric apart and buried his face on her breasts. She began to give in to her most primal urges and grasped his head in her hands as he unclasped her bra and slipped it off her shoulders. Soft lips encircled her nipple sucking it hard until she cried out in a pleasurable pain. “Yeah do you like that baby…you still want me to stop?” Michael’s question went unanswered as he returned to satisfying their needs. Sliding his fingers up her thighs he slid her panties aside and touched her slick center. “Take off the rest of your clothes.” His demanding order catching her off guard, “Do it…take off your clothes.” Lexi hesitated momentarily and she felt him slide his large fingers inside her. “Take off your clothes or this is all you get.” Quickly removing his hands from her body Lexi felt her yearning and moaned out loud. Kissing her again he brought his wet fingers to her lips and let her taste them, “Do as I say…or this is all I will let you have.” Feeling her wetness mix with his mouth she felt her knees grow weak as she reached for her belt and finally pulled off her skirt. “Leave your heels on…oh god, Alexis you look so sexy right now.” Michael ran his hands down her naked body sliding to his knees in front of her.
Her audible gasp filled the room as his lips found her center with his tongue. Gently spreading her open with his fingers he concentrated on her swollen mound, kissing and sucking it as it rose to a bud of tension high above her surrounding flesh. Lexi fixed her eyes on him as he lifted her leg over his shoulder and he glanced up at her as his fingers once again slid slowly inside her body. “Aye Michael, aye dios mio.” Tossing her head languidly from side to side she finally stopped when she caught sight of their lovemaking in the mirrors. Seeing Michael buried between her legs as she stood above him pushed her over the edge and she came with an earthquaking orgasm. He held her up as best as he could, while he continued stroking her rippling center.
Gliding down the wall, Lexi sat with her eyes closed trying to recover from her experience… “Open your eyes.” Already undressed Michael loomed over her. Through clenched teeth he snarled, “Sit up Lexi…I said sit up.” Hungrily eyeing his body she moved forward, toward him as he wrapped a handful of hair around his fist. “You know what I want…” Showing no reluctance, she pulled him between her lips and felt him glide back towards her throat. His arousal was evident as she had trouble fully accepting him at first. Feeling his hand around her hair he pulled her closer by the back of the neck. “Oh baby, damn you are so good at that.” Glancing up she saw that he was now watching her in the mirror and she quickly stole a look at their reflection as she pushed down on his manhood. What they both witnessed was intoxicating and Michael felt he was going to explode at any moment. Moving back he stumbled but recovered before sinking to his knees bringing Lexi to face the mirror. “Bend over, I said bend over…NOW!” Pushing hard inside her he watched their reflections as her breasts bounced before him and her face reacted to his thrusts. Leaning over her he struggled to speak “Is this what you want Lexi? Does this prove to you that I love YOU!” Rising up, she brought her hands up on the mirror and cried out for him. “Michael please…please.” Her hips moved back against him and she cried tears of lust and passion, pain and pleasure. “Please what Alexis…please what?” Beads of sweat emanated from their bodies as they moved together as one. Watching the pleasure they always seemed to find from each other Lexi felt her body begin to reach again for its peak. “Michael…ahhhh….” Her hand left a long mark along the mirror as she shook from her release and crumpled before him…. trembling, before he drove himself to the hilt, completely draining him inside her.
No more words were said as they caught their breath. Michael stood over her for several moments and watched the silent tears fall from her eyes and finally put his clothes on and left the room. Lexi laid on the floor for a long while trying to figure out what was happening between them before finally taking a hot bath. She decided she would just stay in her room and he could leave or have the run of the house, but for now she needed to be alone. He wasn’t the only one who had a bad day.
Sitting in the backyard apartment Michael thought about the day’s events, he wondered if he should just leave and stay at the condo or go to the hotel. What he really wanted to do was take Lexi, like he had planned to the mountains and get away from everybody and everything. Now he knew they wouldn’t have that chance…maybe for years. She had to stick around because her sister had come to town and he had to stay with Julia, and now to top it off they had fought over Diane!
Before Lexi had walked in the room he had told her that he was head over heels for someone and to stop calling him. She told him that Landis had reached out to her because he was concerned about the ending of the new video and perhaps she could convince him to edit it out. He couldn’t understand why it was so difficult to see his vision; he knew that in time it would be the end of the short film that would be iconic. The pièce de résistance that would make everyone talk and think about the current human condition. Looking around he knew he had been gone a long time and he needed to go talk to Lexi, to try and explain what had happened. Dragging himself off of the lounge he headed back into the house, grabbing her a wine cooler before he went to the bedroom.
Carefully he opened the bathroom door, “Hey, can I come in?” Her dark eyes just stared at him from in front of the sink. She had already wrapped up in a robe and her hair hung around her shoulders freshly washed but wet and tangled. “I brought you a wine cooler.” Squeezing out a drop of moisturizer she applied it to her face and ignored him. “Lexi, please talk to me…really, that phone call is not what you think.” “You don’t give a damn what I think anyway Michael, so why does it matter.” He hurriedly moved to her side, “Why would you say that? I have a handful of people that I can trust and honestly rely on in this world and you are one of them. Of course I care about what you think. Lexi, I don’t want to be with Diane…not anymore.”
Slamming her hand down on the counter Lexi finally confronted him, “Then why the hell were you on the phone with her Michael? Why do you call her name out when you are making love to me? Why do you call for her when you are in trouble? Mich…Michael, isn’t it supposed to be me you reach out for…I thought I was the one you are supposed to call out for when you are scared or lonely?” Michael stood before her with no answers to her questions. Her pleading eyes begged him to speak but she finally turned and picked up her hairbrush and continued on with her routine. “She called me about my new video; the director thinks there is a problem and wants to cut the ending out. He asked her to intervene.” Lexi stared straight ahead and kept brushing her hair willing her eyes to stay dry. “I told her about you. I told her to leave me alone; I told her I was in love with you….and happy again.” Slowly closing her eyes she felt the teardrops roll down her cheeks as she clutched her hair brush to her chest. “Don’t; don’t do this to me Michael. Please stop making things up to try and make me feel better.” Moving closer to her he took it from her hands and started to brush her hair, “I’m not making it up baby. I did tell her.” Reaching up and clutching his hand she pulled him close, “Then why did I hear you tell her that you loved her Michael. That hurt me so much.” Michael softly kissed her lips, “I told you last night…I will always love her. But it’s over. You and me that’s right here, right now. Diane was years ago.” Lexi laid her head on his chest and thought about his words, “Please don’t go see her Michael, not for awhile. I’m sorry, I don’t trust her.” Putting his arms around her he held her tight, “I promise you I won’t girl, I don’t want to anyway.”
They embraced each other for several minutes before Lexi finally pulled herself apart from him. She opened the drawer to put her brush away and Michael spotted her birth control pills. Picking them up he said, “Lexi, would you stop taking these? I want to have a baby with you. I want a family…..”
To be continued…….
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By Anonymous on March 27th, 2010 at 2:48 am

Wow.. I hope Diana's ass leaves him alone and let him be happy with Lexi.. and I'm hoping Lexi will get pregnant soon too. Lol. Update soon, I love this!!!!!! You have got me reeling! This chapter is heavy! I found myself wiping away tears at at least 3 different occasions! From the very beginning (which I might add starts off with a BANG–pun intended) I knew I was in for some major drama. How did I know this? Michael called Lexi, Alexis. When a relative, spouse, or significant other refers to someone who primarily goes by a nickname or a shortened version of their name by their full name…you know something serious is about to go down. The scene at the opening of the clinic felt so real. Reliving all of the tragically beautiful memories of the time Michael and Hunter spent together had me clutching my kleenex. And then lord have mercy…I don't even know where to begin about the passionate, aggressive, and assertive dominatrix Michael. I didn't know he had it in him…but I must say, I will be re-reading that scene again. Mark my words! LOL. Also, why does that Diana keep crawling back in and still messing with my Michael's head. At the flip of a coin that woman could just turn Mike's world "upside down!" Ugh, that scares me! I really hope this doesn't cause further problems down the line…*bites nails in anticipation* haha. Anyway, another WONDERFUL edition! I agree with anonymous above and to quote her (or him? it's possible haha) "Update soon, I love this!!!" 🙂

By DangerousPYT on March 27th, 2010 at 4:15 am

@Anon 10:48

Thanks for the feedback! Michael has an album dropping…you know Diana gonna be bugging Michael. LOL Let's see what Michael and Lexi decide to do about this Family thing.

By DangerousPYT on March 27th, 2010 at 4:26 am


Wow…look at that COMMENT girl. LOL
See what I get when I hold out on you? ha ha

But seriously, glad you liked it. I even got misty eyed writing about Hunter again too. I will always have a huge soft spot for that "time" in Michael's (fan fiction) life.

I must give credit for the little spin around the bedroom to one of our readers, from somewhere in Germany, (I will let her reveal herself if she chooses), Who wanted to see a little fight with our couple and angry Mike. So hats off for a great idea.

Love that you caught the "upside down" reference. I was going to capitiize the first letters but I know how smart my readers are…and you proved me right. 😉

As always I will be updating as soon as I can. I wish I could just do this all day….but Sistah has to work ya'll.

OMG DangerousPYT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



That was one great, hot, passionate story! Thank you for involving my needs in your story! That was hellahot!

I think Michael has also an aggressive side, which you can hear in many many songs (if you listen to some of his lyrics), which you can see in his beautiful face- expressions while performing from time to time (his eyes, his gaze, his lip moves…sometimes it is full of passion and yes, aggression) which you can see in his moves, his thrusts which are sometimes soft and very emotional and slow, sometimes playfull and innocence, but sometimes full of strenght, almost violently and merciless..which you can hear in his screams moans and groans between the lyrics, which you can see in his whole being… He is a passionate man…full of varying moods..
And I love this (aggressive) side, too! It makes him even more sexy, and we all know that Michael can sometimes (like we all) be a wee bit selfish, if it comes to the worst!
And as I said: a moody Michael is a darn sexy Michael, too!

Wooooooaaa….I am still speechless…I had major pleasure while reading the story and particulary the Fight scene (read it several times)…
Thank you DangerousPYT!

Keep it up, gurl!
hugs and kisses from Germany

(Gonna mail you soon!)

By DangerousPYT on March 28th, 2010 at 8:59 pm


Yesssssssssssss, she didnt keep it In The Closet!!!! So glad it met your expectations girl…and thank you for the suggestions. I appreaciated them very much.

As always I enjoy your and everyone elses emails and comments too. Make sure you bookmark the new site, we are moving outta here and on to that deluxe apartment!


Muy Caliente, DangerousPYT. As usually not only is it hot, steamy and passionate but the attention to detail is spot on! I love how you always incorporate what was going on in his life at the time and weave it into the story. Its make you almost believe these stories are real. Who are you really, girl? LOL

Thanks for the props. But more importantly thanks for all the hard work on the new site. We all owe you so much for helping to make this place as beautiful as it is. A true tribute to Mike! Mwah…love you girl.

DangerousPYT!!! i loveeee thisssss….need moree girly <3

sexy sexy ! You make me want to write about michael’s demanding side!

Oh man, I forgot about this chapter.

“…stop taking these I want to have a baby with you! I want a family.” Kinda sounds like he’s pulling, reaching for straws here to solidify the relationship. Though, I’m pretty sure he was serious about it, just seems like not the best time to bring up babies after their misunderstanding. That’s just my take on it.

Loving it though. Luv-in it!!!!

loving reading your comments as you go back through…its so cool

Once again, Sexy Freaky Michael Strikes Again… Lawd have mercy….. Such a dominatrix… 😉

Thanks so much for this information … I’m already doing some of these suggestions but there are many others that are new to me.

Its nice to have the ability to read top quality work.

Girl!! This chapter is as f’n hot as it was the very FIRST time I read it years ago! Damnnnn!
Kudos and props to you bb. 💋
We need more!!


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