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Climbing in the truck he drove back to Lexi’s house and packed her a suitcase for the weekend. Two days…they both had two days to run away and get lost and he intended to do just that. Searching the closet for warm clothes, He laughed as he put on her ski hat, jacket and goggles, imagining that she would probably be the hottest ski bunny on the mountain. Keeping them on to put himself in the spirit of the trip he was shocked when he was suddenly body slammed from behind and pushed into the bedroom wall. The tip of a gun was cruelly pressed against the base of his skull and his arm was behind his back before he could react. “Don’t move. Unless you think today is a good day to die.” Michael’s own exhale of breath was the last sound he heard before he blacked out and slid to the ground.


“Michael get up! Are you alright?” opening his eyes slowly he held his pounding head in his hands and wiped away the slight bit of drool that had collected by his lips. “Get up!” Bony fingers grabbed his shoulders and shook him with a strength that belied her size, “I swear, the only reason you brought me here was to keep you on track Michael, and all these late nights are not helpful to your early mornings on the set.” Putting the pillow around his head he tried to block out her shrill voice. Even though she was a soft spoken female, the pitch she could achieve when she was on a rant could rival Ella Fitzgerald on a high note. “Toya, give me a minute, just another five minutes.” “No, Michael…get up, seriously you are really running late.” Pulling the covers back, her eyes grew large as she caught sight of his morning erection through his underwear. Quickly jerking the blankets back over his body he flipped over, cringing as he pushed his hardness between the mattress and his stomach. “Leave me alone, get out of here.” “That’s disgusting, can you just get up…oh err, never mind.” Running from the bedroom Latoya slammed the door leaving Michael to wake up on his own. Glancing over at the clock he saw that he really WAS late and swung his lean muscular legs over the edge of the bed and made his way to the bathroom.

Relieving himself quickly helped alleviate the pressure of his rock hard erection while he thought about the nights of partying at the club that were beginning to take their toll… but god he was having fun. His head was hurting badly from it though and he had to focus hastily before he got to the set. The club had been extra smoky the night before and he had hardly slept all week, he was sure that was what gave him the headache. So he swore that tonight he would be tucked in early…

After making sure the shower cap was protecting his hair Michael stepped under the water. The pressure and the heat beat upon his young muscles invigorating him and helping clear his mind of the cobwebs and pain that had gathered over the two hours of rest he had when he returned home. Lathering up his chest he started going over his lines he had for his upcoming scenes.

“A brain your majesty…some of your great, Wisdom.”


“A brain your majesty…some of your great, Wiz….DUMB”

Dumb…yeah dumb, because here it was 6:30 in the morning and he was already messing up his lines because he was thinking about Diane. It was maddening being so close to her all day long. The slight hint of her perfume would hit him out of nowhere at odd times and he was so grateful for the overstuffed costume he had to wear. Sometime she would unconsciously touch him in a friendly way, and he couldn’t help but react to it like the man he had grown to be…and not like the boy she still thought of him as.

His erection grew again as he thought of what her response to him might be; all he wanted to do was to be finally courageous enough to take her in his arms. Reaching down and sliding his hand firmly around his shaft he began to move his receptive flesh back and forth, the image of Diane’s hand in place of his caused him to shudder as he backed up against the shower’s wall. He pictured her supple lips tenderly taking his as she whispered how much she wanted him and how long she had hoped he would come to her. Michael’s moans grew louder in the small bathroom as his shaft became more rigid under his palm. Quicker and quicker he stroked, feeling hot flashes of fire beginning to burn deep within his belly. His eyes closed tightly, while his tongue darted out and he licked his bottom lip…before biting it slightly in his teeth. “Oh god”, he whispered as he continued his motion, his steadily moving fist now raised high as his hardened member threatened to explode. One last thought crossed his mind as he held his other hand under his sac and squeezed slightly. Her eyes…Diane’s eyes looking up at him as she held him in her mouth…he longed to feel her lips around him. Caressing him with her soft tongue and sucking him like he had fantasized about over and over. In moments he felt the tension rise, a hot force that started low in his back and rolled through his hips like a storm unleashed. As his final groan of satisfaction filled the room, the hot stickiness of his explosion hit his hand and belly for a moment before the water washed it away. It left him spent and longing for ultimate fulfillment. Shaking legs curled awkwardly underneath him as he sunk to the floor of the shower, trying to recover as Latoya pounded on the door. “Michael, the car is here. Get a move on.” Standing up again he slowly lathered his pleasurably depleted member and the remainder of his body as he continued to imagine Diana and her eyes locked with his.

Astoria Studios were alive with activity when Michael left his dressing room in full makeup as the loveable but brainless scarecrow. Little did he think any of the crew knew that he kind of felt brainless trying to hide his feelings day after day. It was easy to look at her when he had a line to run or a scene to shoot, but as soon as they wrapped he would head for his dressing room and try to mind his own business or practice the choreography for the next shot.

Mr. Lumet wrapped the scene Michael had practiced earlier that morning and released the actors for the day. Skipping back to the trailer, Michael looked forward to scrubbing his face and heading back to Sutton Place to relax and catch up on some reading and maybe hang out with Stephanie. She was a nice distraction and a sweet girl, even with her attempts at cooking. Just as he rinsed off the last of the makeup, a loud knock rapped upon his door. “Come in.” Michael called out as he turned off the water and dried his face and hands. “Michael, I hope I am not disturbing you?” He felt his stomach flip flop as her voice fell upon his ears and he took a final look in the mirror hoping he was presentable, although he had no time to put a shirt on before she entered. “Oh… uh… hi Diane, Come on in. Here have a seat.” Michael moved his latest stash of books he had found and made her a place to sit, nervously wondering why she had come to his dressing room. “What are you doing tonight, the girls are away and I thought we might have some dinner…just the two of us.” He watched as her eyes slowly traveled down his torso eventually focusing on his jeans and quickly came back up again. Feeling the sweat break out on his forehead he shifted on his heels trying to think of a reason to say no. “Uh…I don’t know, I think Toya might have plans for us.” Diana shook her head, “I already called her Michael, and she said you are free. So I will expect you around 7:30 then?” “Yeah, sure…I guess.” Unconsciously seductive, she walked towards him and held his shoulders in her hands, “Michael, you are doing fantastic. Sidney is really impressed, and so am I. I really think we should celebrate tonight” Leaning forward she kissed him lightly on the cheek and quickly turned and left his dressing room.

Panic suddenly set in as he realized he would be at HER place, ALONE!!! What would he wear, how was he supposed to act? It was one thing to be at work, but quite another to be with her alone. God, he had spent the last two years fantasizing about her…damn who was he kidding, he had fallen in love with her when he was ten years old. He just didn’t know what was happening then. Her voice, her touch…the kindness she showed when Joseph was angry and would drag him and his brothers away after a show to “rehearse” the act some more. She had saved him on more than one occasion and he would always be grateful to her for that. Going over what could happen was terrifying, especially when he thought of how his body reacted to her. He prayed that he could just keep everything in check and go a few hours without making a fool of himself or heaven forbid lose control.

“Sooooo you are going to Diane’s for dinner huh?” Latoya smoothed her hand down Michael’s slacks that he had laid out on the bed. Patting the cologne on his face he walked from the bathroom wrapped only in a towel. “Yeah, I guess. You could of said I was busy you know.” Frowning with disapproval she jumped up and opened the closet, “What would you want me to tell her Mike? Oh no, he can’t come over…he has been in love with you for years Diane but he wants me to lie to you and say he has a date with Stephanie tonight.” Michael watched as she pushed his shirts aside and began sliding them across the rack searching for the perfect one for him to wear. “Toya it doesn’t matter which one you pick, she is not going to notice anyway. Just hand me one alright. They are all nice.” Her obvious annoyance flashed across her face as she flipped out the perfect shirt, “Ah ha, this one…this is it little brother.” She held up a simple white silk shirt that had raised white stripes running down the length of the fabric. Smiling he took it from her hand, “You’re right; this will be perfect, unless she makes spaghetti or something like that.” Michael smiled slightly and then his eyes got wide as he thought again of making a fool of himself in front of Diane. “OK, get out of here girl. I need to finish getting ready.” He opened a package of new underwear and pulled on clean black socks, cursing his big feet that looked so out of place on his body. Sliding his legs into the slacks was no problem and he maneuvered his privates around so he would hopefully contain any potential problems that might arise. It didn’t matter how much time he spent in the shower or even in his bed relieving himself, he could get hard just thinking about or looking at a cute girl. Sometime it was so embarrassing and he was just glad it hadn’t happened on stage. He would just be mortified if it did. Picking his hair out one last time before he put on his shirt he made sure it was perfect. He checked it with the hand mirror and the back had no dents so he gave it a good dose of Afro Sheen before finally slipping on the shirt Latoya had picked out. Out of the blue he had an idea before he tucked it in and he placed a bit more cologne on his hands and ran it down his chest and under the waistband of his slacks…just in case. He tried the shirt unbuttoned like Jackie but decided that was just too much and eventually fixed it like his Mother would have approved of. Finally coming out and into the living room Latoya gave him a long whistle of approval. “That’s noooo jive there my brother. You look fantastic.” Michael smiled sheepishly at his sister, “Is the car here yet?” Batting her eyes in her Latoya way she smiled encouragingly and handed him his black leather coat. “Uh huh, it’s here. Have fun. I put your key in the inside pocket so you wouldn’t forget it again. Love you.” With a peck on the cheek she pushed him out the door with a small sigh and a smile.

The ride up the elevator seemed endless as Michael waited for the doors to open. Making his way down the hall he stopped for a moment and steadied his nerves before knocking. It seemed like forever before the door opened and he looked nervously around the hallway afraid he might be spotted by her nosy neighbor, whom always seemed to have one eye on the peep hole when it came to Diane and her visitors. The door swung open and he found he was looking at a very casual woman. Gone were the glamorous gowns and makeup and in its place was just Diane…in a pair of Gloria Vanderbilt jeans and a blue button down Polo shirt. “Hi, come on in, dinner is almost ready.” Nervously looking around Michael stepped inside her apartment, he had been there many times before but somehow this felt different, especially since her divorce from Robert in March.

“Michael you didn’t eat much, are you feeling alright? Normally you would clean your plate.” Diane rinsed the dishes in the kitchen sink and stacked them in the dishwasher. “I’m fine thank you, can I help?” Michael had his hand in his slacks anxiously looking at her while she finished up her duties in the kitchen.

“OK, I am done Michael, we can relax now. Come on…scoot. Go sit down. Oh!…I will meet you in there.” She rushed to the refrigerator and pulled out some precut lemon wedges and grabbed the salt shaker. Setting them down in front of Michael and he gave her a perplexed look until she moved to the bar and pulled a bottle of tequila out with two shot glasses. “You don’t think I am doing any of that do you?” With a devilish look in her eye she replied, “But of course I do, we don’t have to be on the set tomorrow. Come on Michael, all that partying at Studio 54 and you haven’t had a drink?” He shook his head furiously from side to side, “NO! No nothing I stick with the water or ginger ale. I don’t want any of that Diane. Go ahead without me.” Diana unscrewed the top and poured out two shots of the fiery brew. “Just one…for me?” She grabbed his arm and pulled it close, so close he could feel her chest push against his elbow. “I don’t know, it’s kind of strong and there’s all this stuff.” He waved his free hand around the lemons and salt and shrugged as he rolled his eyes skyward. “Oh, is that it? Look I will help you then.” Diana slid closer to him on the couch. “OK you have to wet your hand.” He looked at her like she had lost her mind. “Diane there is no water, what do you mean wet my hand?” Giggling she reached for his hand, “No..You lick it.” “LICK IT, that’s horrible, I’m not doing that.” Michael’s mouth turned down in the corners and he put his head down embarrassed to think he was so naïve about such adult things. While he looked down he noticed her holding his hand and softly caressing his fingers with hers and he couldn’t help but stare, momentarily mesmerized at what he was witnessing. “Let me teach you Michael.” Diana’s whispered words seem to spin in the room as he sat transfixed staring at her fingers moving upon his skin so seductively.

“Michael?” her tender voice called to him. “First you lick the soft place on the back of your hand…you know right between your thumb and forefinger, just like this.” Slowly her soft, wet tongue rolled across the top of his hand seductively. He watched as she closed her eyes and even seemed to move her chest up against his arm. “See like that. Do you understand?” His voice broke with an uneven tension as he answered her, “Yeah, I think so.” Her smile was as seductive as her tongue and she reached down for the salt shaker. “Next you put some salt on your wet hand…like this.” She made sure to hold his hand close to her chest again as she sprinkled it with salt. His breathing quickened and he shifted slightly in his seat at the feel of her so close to him. “Now, this is the important part., I want you to lick the salt off, then you have to drink this shot all at once…And as soon as you’re done, suck this lemon and get all the juice out of it. Got it?” Licking his lips he took the shot glass she proffered, her potion soon to pass across his lips…there was no turning back. “Do it Michael, you will be fine. I promise, you trust me don’t you?” “I have always trusted you Diane, always.” He looked at the glass one final time, before she raised his hand to his mouth forcing him to lick the salt away. Closing his eyes he drank the alcohol down in one shot. His eyes screwed tightly shut. Finally Diana fed him the lemon, gently passing it over his lips and squeezing its juice into his mouth. “Bite it, bite it…get all of it out.” Obeying her command he bit down into the fruit and swallowed deeply, allowing the tastes of the alcohol, salt and lemon to combine into one intoxicating blend. The burn began in his stomach almost immediately and he was surprised that he felt it was a pleasant sensation. “Well, what do you think? Do you like it?” Diana’s eyes burned bright anticipating his answer. “I think I do, it burns, but not too bad. Will that much make me drunk?” His naiveté was sweet and Diana shook her head slightly, “No, probably just a little buzz is all.” She reached for the salt but he quickly grabbed her hand. “Wait, let me help you.” He didn’t know if his newfound boldness was from the tequila or because she had been a bit fresh with him, but he was eager to return the favor.

Stretching out his hand he measured her fingers with his. “Michael, you have always had the biggest hands, they are really quite beautiful.” She studied them briefly before he brought hers tenderly to his lips. Kissing the back of her hand graciously he held the tips of her fingers against his lips for a moment and stared into her eyes. He had memorized every inch of her face over the years but at this moment it was like he was learning it all over again. “Diane, I…I, want to thank you for everything.” Carefully curling her fingers under he softly licked the back of her hand breathing deeply of her perfume as he did so. The flakes of salt seemed like diamonds as they landed on her dark skin and he could only imagine running his tongue back over her it to taste the flavor they left behind. Finally he picked up a slice of lemon and asked, “Are you ready?” Her heavy lidded eyes fluttered and she replied, “I have been ready Michael, don’t make me wait any longer.” Helping her to lick her hand he laughed as she drank the tequila down rapidly. When he moved close to press the lemon to her mouth he squeezed the tart liquid and her perfect teeth bit down sucking the juice and the fruit out in one bite. “Diane, that was fantastic!” he exclaimed. “I want another one.” She clapped and threw her arms around his neck. “Oh Michael, I knew you would like it. Come on, here drink it.”

Time seemed to slip away and soon they had four or five shots, they had lost count and were feeling warm and loose laughing at the fun times on the set of the movie. “You wanna do another one?” Diana’s question was met with a nod from Michael and she sat up and poured the shot a bit unsteadily. “Ok are you doing the salt then?” Diana’s simple question made him daring, “No, it’s better when you lick it.” Her eyes flashed as she reached for his hand and slid closer than ever to him. “Do you want the lemon too Michael?” “I want all of it Diane, all of it.” Staring at her, he licked his hand free of the salt and swiftly threw back the alcohol. As Diana raised the lemon to his mouth she was entranced by his lips…he was so close, and her own intoxicated state caused her hands to shake as she squeezed. Most of the juice slipped past his mouth and down his lips onto his chin.

She watched in slow motion as the tart liquid started to trickle down slowly and involuntarily she leaned forward and brushed her lips against his. Her tongue darted out and licked the juice away before her lips finally met his fully and he greeted her with a moan of expectation. Michael pulled her against his chest and softly kissed her back, his mind racing with desire and alcohol. Dropping the lemon wedge on the carpet Diana slowly brought her hands to cup his face softly. “Michael, oh Michael….” The breathy whisper of his name caused his heart to beat faster and he stroked the back of her hair with his hand. Tentatively he pushed his tongue against her lips and she parted them swiftly, drawing him in to her web completely as she wrapped her arms around his neck. “I have been waiting so long for this…for you.” He murmured as he dragged his lips across to her ear, “I dream about you Diane.” Rising up above him she looked slowly in his face, “I need another shot.” Not bothering with the glass she reached for the bottle and raised it to her mouth. Michael watched as she bent her neck back and sucked off the bottle. He felt the pressure in his slacks intensify as her neck moved up and down as she drank and he closed his eyes trying to control his reaction. Without warning he felt the liquid splash upon his chest and waist, Diana had lost her grip on the bottle and during her battle to catch it soaked him with tequila in the process. “Damn Michael…hold on let me help you.” Diana set the bottle down and ran to the kitchen and grabbed a towel before he could even sit up straight. When she returned she patted down his shirt and without thinking placed the towel and her hand over his building erection. Once again their eyes met and locked with an understanding of what was to come.

“Michael?” She felt a yearning, a longing deep inside and couldn’t stop herself when her hand slid under the towel and moved upon him as she laid him back on the couch. His breath burned in his lungs as he sucked it in under her touch…with her knee between his legs and her hand on his crotch he felt helpless, hopeless…and it was fantastic. “Your shirt, unbutton it, god…open it now.” Diana’s pleading eyes bore into his as she pulled the bottom of his shirt from his slacks with her free hand. Eager to obey, he unbuttoned his shirt and let it fall aside, as she bent to run her tongue along his skin. Looking down upon her as she lifted her head, he caught a glimpse of her hardened nipples down the front of her shirt as it fell away from her chest. They were dark and sat upon her small firm breasts begging for attention. Diana stopped her exploration of his body and rose up once again and began to unfasten the buttons of her shirt, when he realized what she was doing he moved her hands and finished for her. Slowly pulling it out of her jeans he took it off her shoulders and touched her softly. “So beautiful…God you are so beautiful.” His whispered words were so reverent, so hushed she was almost afraid to move. “Michael, are you sure?” Pulling her on top of him he kissed her softly, “Diane, I have never been more sure of anything in my life.”

The feel of her flesh against his was like silk and he wasn’t quite positive how it all happened but he knew he would relive this moment over and over again for the rest of his life. He felt her unzip her jeans before she quickly sat up and removed them. Taking the opportunity he pulled his slacks and shirt off and waited for her to return to him. Soon they were tangled on the couch and Diana was exploring his neck, gently nibbling close to his ear. He could hear her heavy breathing and the soft touch of her hand against his stomach was driving him wild. Turning against her he felt the wetness of her crotch against his leg and he groaned inwardly. “His hands moved to her breasts and he caressed them, feeling her nipples rise and fall under his palm and fingers. Moving up again she nipped his earlobe and eased over to his lips, “Kiss me again, I love your lips, I want your kisses.” Michael took her more forcefully, pushing his way deep inside with his tongue and sucking on her bottom lip catching it between his teeth. Her roaming hands searched his body, eventually stopping on his waist. The tips of her fingers pulled back the waistband of his underwear and she tentatively grazed the top of his member with her fingers. She was shocked when she felt his size and the slight wetness collecting on the tip made her drip in excitement. Wasting no time she slipped him from the confines of his underwear easing them off his legs. As she stretched out along his body, he breathed deeply trying to shake off the feeling that he was dreaming and that soon he would wake up at Sutton Place alone in his tiny bed. Diana’s lips pressed against his and he realized it wasn’t a dream as her hips began to grind in small circles over and over. His body that had lusted for her, dreamed for her, begged for her…was finally lying underneath her and he could feel her wetness beginning to enfold around him. With every roll, her space embraced his shaft and seemed to massage him in a million different directions. He tried to think of anything but her sweet warmth, anything but finally being inside her, anything but what the feel of her velvet walls caressing him would be like. Diana rose up on her elbows and kissed him passionately, “Michael, I want you inside me. Won’t you make love to me?” He gritted his teeth and his face almost seemed in pain, “Baby, baby what is it?” The tension in his body grew until he finally called out feverishly, “Diane, I…ahhhh, oh gawd. Ahhhh.” Shaking softly he fell back upon the couch and she felt the hot wetness on her stomach. Michael quickly turned his face to the side so she wouldn’t see the tear that fell from his eye… he was ashamed.

Soft lips caught his tear before it fell, “I didn’t know Michael. Please forgive me.” He laid there staring at the ceiling embarrassed that he had lost control with her. Reaching down she found the towel again and cleaned them both up as discreetly as she could, but…. she laid right back down with him again. “This is your first time?” Her direct question took him off guard and he glanced at her briefly before returning his stare back at the ceiling. “Michael, come with me….”

Diana stood up and held out her hand, he couldn’t help but admire her body…so perfect to him. “I….I don’t think I can.” Her soft smile was reassuring, “Take my hand, I want this to be perfect for you.” Slowly he reached out for her and placed his hand in hers as she led him to the bedroom.

Tapping the switch on the wall Diana dimmed the lighting till it was soft and low. Leading Michael beside the bed she stopped and held him close placing her head on his shoulder. “Hold me for a moment…I just want to feel you close to me.” Michael wrapped his arm around her back and pulled her into his body, her perfume filled his nostrils and her hair fell about her shoulders like a cloud. They stood as one almost like a dance for what seemed like forever until she finally turned her face to him. “Are you alright? We can just take it slow OK?” Smiling at her he ran his hand along her cheek, “As long as I am with you I can do anything. I mean that, I really do.” Finding her lips he pulled her head in possessively. He followed her neck and collarbone relishing in the fact that she threw her head back as he finally found her breast with his mouth. Sucking intensely he massaged her with his hands, feeling her grow more impatient by the moment. Soon her hands began to wander his body and she explored his chest and back before she finally started to lower herself down placing her lips near his shaft. “Michael have you….can I please you this way?” He gazed down at her and moved her long hair away from her face, a deep shudder screaming through his muscles. “Yes, Oh god yes…” Michael remembered his fantasy, Diana’s lips taking him to ecstasy while they watched each other and he knew it was about to come true. He felt the blood immediately rush and fill his shaft as her hand touched his aching, pliable flesh. Watching her begin to move her hand back and forth was pure sweet torture, but feeling it was delightful agony. Her touch sent thousands of reactions racing through his body and her eyes would glance up at him until finally he was rock hard again and she slid him past her lips and along her willing tongue. Arching his back he felt his pulsing tip slide down and inside her throat. He was amazed it was actually possible but more amazed when she drew him back out and sucked him expertly. The feeling was indescribable and Michael knew that of all the times he had imagined this very moment…none of it lived up to the real thing. Diana’s eyes looked up seductively as she rolled her lips around the tip of his shaft. “Do you want to come Michael, or do you want me to stop?” Michael pushed his hips into her, causing her to take his full erection again. “Don’t…don’t stop. Uh,…I want to come, please make me come girl.” Her head moved faster and faster taking him, all of him. He dared her to make him come and she wanted to show him that it was the most fantastic thing that would ever happen between two people who cared about each other. As she sucked him she glanced up to see his eyes focused on her, lovingly caressing her face before his eyes widened in disbelief. “I can’t wait..Mmm, I’m gunna…..yeah, oh yeah….” He became rigid and tense and then exploded into her eager mouth. Closing her eyes she drank in his young elixir and he pushed into her, unconsciously stroking as he released… physically, emotionally and sensually.

Standing up afterwards she moved with him back to the bed and helped him lay down to recover. Holding him in her arms he caressed her body tenderly, quietly thinking about what had just happened. “Can I ask you something?” “Of course Michael you can ask me anything.” Rolling over onto his stomach he rested his head on her chest and looked up at her with an obvious question in his eyes. “Are you doing this because you are drunk?” Diana felt her stomach sink like a stone and she brought her hand to her mouth to cover her shock. “You can’t be serious…No, Oh god no.” He saw her eyes become moist and her lip slightly quiver as she tried to cover her emotions. “Michael, I am not drunk. I feel…like I am in a daze, a dream. I really can’t explain it right now.” He pulled a piece of her hair down and twisted it in his fingers. “Yeah me either. I know I don’t feel normal, but I am not Foster Brooks or anything.” Smiling at his reference she blinked her eyes quickly to clear them of her tears. “You know I am with you because I want to be, right?” Michael sat up and moved up close to her face, “Do you really? Diane tell me it’s true, tell me you want this as much as I do.” Slyly licking her lips she pulled him in for a kiss, “I want you…right here, right now.” All he seemed to hear was “I want you” and he melted in to the moment, in to his long held fantasies, and in to Diana.

Her mouth was softer than before he thought as he rose above her to settle down protectively across her body. Dragging his hands lightly across her arms he moved his lips down her neck and between her breasts. Her back curved towards him and she closed her eyes seductively waiting for him to suck on her nipples. Groaning in pleasure she opened her eyes again as he wrapped his mouth around her peak and drew it against his tongue. His hands steadied them both and he again drew her pleasurably between his soft lips. Moist luscious noises met her ears as he moved his mouth against her and she moaned in satisfaction. Rising up on his arms Michael dipped his head down and kissed her stomach. It was smooth, soft and the color of fine chocolate. Unable to deny her, he placed more tender kisses down her belly, lower and lower until he realized he was almost between her legs. He had never tasted a woman like that before and he could feel the beginnings of another erection returning. He knew that all the messing around with Tate and Stephanie hadn’t been enough to prepare him for this.

Tentatively he looked up towards her and Diana reached down and cupped his young face in her palm. “Do you want to Michael? I know you will be extraordinary.” He reached down and lightly placed his lips against the soft flesh of her inner thigh, “Teach me, tell me what to do to please you.” She spread her legs apart and dipped her finger between them slightly before she raised it to his lips. “Taste me…taste my love.” Her finger rose gracefully to his parted lips and he accepted it with no objections. She watched as his tongue soon snaked around it and he sucked on it ravenously. “Do you want some more Michael?” Her question hung in the room like a thick snare of lust and she pulled his chin towards her slowly. “Be gentle, I will guide you.” Perfect lips settled on her thighs and he used them to move towards the center of her being. Slowly he parted her with his tongue and felt her wetness greet him with warmth and a sensual womanly fragrance. Diana’s hips reacted to his touch and he wrapped his arms around her legs and pulled her closer, as an uncontrolled groan escaped his throat. He felt her begin to grow under his lips and he unconsciously focused on pleasing her at that most sensitive spot. Automatically licking and sucking with his lips and tongue while she began to writhe and moan beneath him she whispered, “Michael, oh god…use your tongue and lips and go…uh go the other direction. Oh yes.” He felt her hands in his hair and he glanced up and saw the ecstatic state on her face as she came closer to her release. Her wetness began to flood his face and suddenly he thought to bring his finger inside her. First one…then two as he flicked his tongue against her and then rubbed his bottom lip firmly on her slick wet core. Fingers grabbed the sheets, balling them up into fists as her orgasmic cry met his ears. Shudder upon beautiful shudder greeted him as he watched her writhe in her extended liberation.

“Diane, I have never seen you more beautiful than just now.” Michael placed small soft kisses all over her body trying to recover as well from what he just helped create. She could feel him straining against her again and knew it was finally time to release him from his lifetime of waiting. “I need you, Michael…it’s time.” Stopping in place he moved atop her, “Are you sure…I mean you just…Diane, I can wait.” Her hips started up their magical dance and she reached carefully between his legs and grasped him in her hands and whispered, “It’s time…” Looking her deep in the eyes he understood and took and deep breath as she raised her knees up and placed him against her wet, soft entrance. “I’m scared…” Michael’s voice broke as he slowly, finally, slid into her softness. Time stood still as he sucked in a lungful of air and clasped his eyes closed and froze for a moment. Eventually he spoke, not so much to her but to himself…”Everything I ever dreamed of…it’s Magic…magic.” Diana finally began to move carefully, a soft slow roll, one that forced his eyes to open and a huge smile to open up on his face. “That’s incredible, oh god…” Falling upon her he buried his face in her neck and joined her, moving in their steadily increasing groove. The friction mounting as they found their way with each other. Michael rose up on his arms and began to push harder against her as Diana wrapped her long legs around his waist. “Go deeper, yes, Michael, you feel so amazing inside me.” Diana felt another orgasm forming in her core and clung to him as he explored all his newly found sensations. “Diane, I can’t hold it, it’s too much.” Michael began to grind her harder and she returned his tempo until they melded together with a primal bonding as he came deep inside her. His thrusts pushed into her over and over as he felt his love for her overflow, while she experienced her own wrenching, heart stopping orgasm.

Michael collapsed onto her and tried to catch his breath, and soon heard Diana break out into fits of laughter. Fearing she was laughing at him he rolled away and sat up on the edge of the bed. “I guess I should go then.” Diana reached for him her smile still firmly etched on her face, “Why would you go, I want you here with me.” Hanging his head he just sat in place until she realized what he was thinking, “No..oh no. Michael listen to me. I am laughing because I am thrilled. You are amazing, incredible, and breathtaking. I want to do this with you all night long. I am laughing because I am happy and my boy is all grown up into a great big man. Now come here and make me happy some more.” Michael turned around and flashed his beautiful smile, “Alright as long as you promise me one thing Diane?” “Sure, anything.” She replied. Michael looked at her seriously and said, “Promise me you won’t ever call me your boy again?” “I guess I can’t do that anymore, now can I?” Rolling over Michael fell into her arms and began to once more kiss her passionately, the rest of the night a blur of seduction and happiness.

Michael stood patiently on the set waiting for the next scene as the gaffers adjusted the lighting and mics on the scaffolding. He couldn’t help but keep his attention focused on Diane, she looked extra radiant even in the plain costume they dressed her in as Dorothy. Every time he looked at her he could only see her as she was the night before. Beautiful, naked and yearning for him. God…she wanted him. How did that happen? Day dreaming about how he could get her alone again he didn’t hear the gaffers yell their warning as the boom mic fell from the scaffold and struck him on the back of the neck and land on his lower back. As he fell he saw Diana run towards him calling his name before he blacked out and slid to the ground.


“Diane…Diane, where are you?” He mumbled in fear as he tried to move.

The knee in the small of his back felt like a log as his lungs burned hotly in reaction to the wind being knocked from them when he hit the wall. Trying to breathe, his coughing racked his body, and tears filled his eyes fogging over the ski goggles he had put on while searching through Lexi’s closet for her clothes. “I told you don’t move. I promise you, I am a perfect shot.” Michael shuddered out of fear and tried to speak, “Please I am only…” “Shut up, just save it…creep.” He turned his face into the carpet and took a long deep breath, praying that something or someone would save him from the nightmare that had just invaded his life.

To be continued………………………….

Hope you liked it…….First times a charm
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By SuperKelz on March 11th, 2010 at 7:52 am




By Anonymous on March 11th, 2010 at 8:44 pm

One thing is sure: if Diana never made love to Michael in real life, I'm sure she has regretted it and will for the rest of her days…Very sensual: but please, now take him out of the big troubles you dragged him into, will you? 😉 We are worried…:-)

By DangerousPYT on March 11th, 2010 at 5:35 pm

@Kelz… I am assuming that is in the positive? Such suspense, hangin on a string. But at least we know how it first went down

Damn girlie…sheesh i enjoyed it!

I need moree! haha =]

By DangerousPYT on March 11th, 2010 at 10:32 pm

@ Nightgarden,

Why do I have the feeling Diana dipped her foot in this pool (see above pic) a few time. 😉

Dont worry, we will be back to Michael and his mystery next week…

Thanks for your reading and sticking around.

By DangerousPYT on March 11th, 2010 at 11:12 pm

@Anon 5:59

LOL…even I enjoyed this one. It is one of my favorites yet. Imma take up a collection so I can quit work and write full time. 😉

Laptop check
Boatdrink check
Sunscreen check
Beach check
Hot Michael Pics check
lots of inspiration check

yep I could do that full time

Confession: I am "going back in" for my 2nd read….so, does that mean when I read it now it technically won't be Michael's first time anymore? LOL! By the way, you are a force to be reckoned with! Lawd have mercy…now let me get myself a fan, towel, and some ice cubes while my pregnant butt prepares myself for the effects of another reading. haha 😉

xoxo (and hope this comment actually goes through),

By DangerousPYT on March 12th, 2010 at 5:48 am

We see you and I hope you made it through your "horrible" ordeal in one piece. Glad you had all the tools that are required to get you out of a jam though. You know how fond of ice I am.

DangerousPYT you are the best honey! I love it! Wow your stories are amazing! Girl I'm starting to not mind the suspense at all. I guess it gives me something to look forward to lol! Keep it coming girl (*In Michael's voice LOL*)

DangerousPYT!!!!!!!! I am speechless! As I said: you have "THE EYE" for such wonderful stories! From the first word of this story, till the last it was a pleasure and I am really amazed!

For some reason (As I told you), I love the Diana stories very very much!

The imaginaion of those two poeple is just…so sexy!

Keep it up girl!

I would love to finish my comment with Michaels words, he wrote for Diana and sang it with his own voice:

Gotta do her, crawl all over me
You can rip my shirt, drag me in the dirt
I will be your slave, anything you say
I don't ever wanna be, eaten alive!!

(Michael Jackson, Eaten alive)


By DangerousPYT on March 12th, 2010 at 8:45 pm

@Shan (in Michael's Voice)
"Keep it comin girl"

OMG, I might have to use that line…I can just hear him whispering that to his woman now. It wont be long and your suspense will be lifted…maybe. LOL

By DangerousPYT on March 12th, 2010 at 8:48 pm

@Sissy….Love the lyrics

Michael was really letting his true feelings out in that song wasnt he. He wanted to tear that stuff up.

Thanks for posting…and more goodness is on the way.

I LOVE IT!!!! If I didn't know any better I'd think you had some inside info… Can't wait for the next installment.

By DangerousPYT on March 15th, 2010 at 4:18 am

Thanks Eri

LOL, oh you know that little voice in my head. Bwahahahaha

I feel Left out because I haven't read in a while. Ok a must read for me this week! Laura I'm adding this blog to my twitter page!

By DangerousPYT on March 15th, 2010 at 11:36 am

Oh boy Cups, we about to blow up!!

You can catch up with us…it wont take long. I know you have been busy and I am so proud of you.

By Ebonystarr55 on June 17th, 2010 at 8:22 am

How u gonna leave me hanging, boo?!

That was a GREAT read. Now your ass has me staying up til the wee hours to get my dose. That was your plan alllll along, wasn’t it? You ain’t slick! Hmmmmph!

Loved it…can’t wait to read more!


Glad you are here girl…I only try to be slick.

Enjoy the “ride”

Holy cow! this one has rendered me speechless! whoa.

By Barbara Straughn on February 29th, 2012 at 5:46 pm
That’s the link for Eaten Alive with lyrics. Hot, hot lyrics and MJ blushes when he reads what his fans want to do to him? He is such a tease. Love this story – always been convinced there was something between them – maybe he wrote Dirty Diana for her?? Off for a steamy sweet night of dreams about MJ I hope .. L.O.V.E xxx


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