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New Beginnings V

New Beginnings V

August 1991
The last hint of dusk slipped from the summer sky and darkness fell across the interior of the car illuminating her face with the warm glow of the instrument panel, Lexi checked the address that Michael had provided and pulled into the driveway and parked. Checking under the welcome mat at the front door she found the key he said would be there and she let herself in struggling to find some light in the darkened house. He had told her earlier in the day that he had an urgent errand he needed her to take care of and had faxed over the directions and instructions on where to find the key. Eventually she pulled a small flashlight out of her purse that she used for work so she could make out the interior of the house. Michael had told her that she would be met by a messenger and to make sure she waited until he arrived. After several minutes of waiting in the empty foyer she decided to investigate the rest of the place as her curiosity got the better of her. The back of the property held a small pool and hot tub along with a pool house that had been converted to an apartment along with luscious foliage filled with hibiscus, morning glories, elephant ear and King Palms that completed the landscaping. Lexi thought it was beautiful and really wanted to dive in and cool off from the heavy evening heat that was clinging to the Southland. Continuing her walk though the house she found a friendly kitchen with a cozy dining area that was cheerfully decorated in bright blue and white. It was situated close to the patio doors so you could expand your dining outside by the pool with friends or family. Lexi imagined having a place like this with huge family dinners and parties with all her loved ones around the pool enjoying food, drinks and their favorite music together.

Walking down the hall she found two nice sized bedrooms and a full bath. Finally she opened up the final door and caught her breath as the soft glow of candlelight lit the room with a gentle hue and the sweet smell of gardenias filled the air with their scent. “I didn’t think you would ever get in here, I hope you don’t mind that the messenger couldn’t make it?” Michael called to her from across the Master bedroom, where he reclined upon an opulent King Sized bed made up in luxury linens. “Michael? What is all of this?” Lexi asked in wonder. “I will tell you later, first I need to feel you next to me.”

Stretching out his arms she fell into them easily, her lips finding his as he embraced her against his body. Hungrily he tasted her, pulling her down on top of him whispering softly, “Lexi, the last two weeks without you have seemed like torture.” Returning his kisses with a fervor of her own she replied, “I have thought about you almost every minute. I was so scared for you that night Michael, I never want to put you in that situation again.” Pressing the small of her back with his hands he squeezed her tight, “Girl, I won’t lie…it scared the hell out of me. God, I swear…the worst part was leaving you there. I haven’t been able to sleep or concentrate, because all I can think about is you and your family being safe, and being so sad too”

Nestling her head on his chest she closed her eyes and thought back to the night of the drive by shooting with her cousin. After Michael sped off into the night everything seemed to have become one big blur for days. Several LAPD units arrived moments after Michael left and tried to question Flako, but he was unconscious. The rescue personnel soon joined Lexi in the care of her cousin and they packaged and loaded him aboard the ambulance for transport to the trauma center. During the drive, his blood pressure dropped abruptly, and CPR was started attempting to pull Flako back to life. The trauma team fought for longer than normal to save his life but in the end Lexi watched them pronounce her cousin at 4:20 AM. For the last two weeks she had maintained her cool resolve, the kind her training makes her have every day on the job. She was the one who told her Aunt that her son had died, made most of the funeral arrangements, and even helped his common law wife and infant daughter file for assistance. Now as she finally lay in Michael’s arms she felt all the weight of her responsibilities come crashing down around her.

Smoothing her hair Michael reveled in the feel of having her next to him again. His body screamed to take her immediately; he had missed the exhilaration of moving as one with her. The instinctive journey their bodies seemed to take when they explored each other with abandon was magical. He almost jumped from the shudder that came when her body shook him before he heard her heart wrenching sob. “Lexi, baby…aww Lexi. Come on girl, let me hold you.” He pulled her up and whispered in her ear. “I am here for you, just let it out now. Let it out. God, baby….you are so amazing. I am so honored to be with you.” She buried her head against his neck and let all the tears out that she had held back the last two weeks. Stroking her and holding her close he concentrated on making her feel safe and secure until he heard her breathing steady and realized that she had fallen asleep in his arms. It was easy to smile now that he had her with him. Even with her breakdown, she was close and he could explain the rest later. For now she could sleep and he would stay by her side, she looked so beautiful in the candlelight anyway…

Two dark pools of sensuous brown, surrounded by soft curls greeted Lexi as she opened her eyes several hours later. “Hi beautiful.” Michael kissed her softly on the cheek and ran the back of his hand across her brow. “I love watching you sleep, but it’s not easy keeping my hands off of you.” Rolling over and stretching out lazily Lexi smiled up at Michael who was leaning on his elbow. “I’m sorry I fell asleep, that was really rude.” Michael bent down and kissed her lightly “I have a feeling you needed it. Do you want anything?” “Uh huh, the bathroom…where is it?” Lexi sat up trying to see past the dim light of the candles. “Go through that door right there. It has everything you need; you can even take a shower if you want.” Michael rubbed her back while she patted her hair down. “Oh my god, do I need one?” Lexi looked at him quickly, worried that she looked a mess. Sitting up beside her, he pulled her hair back and nuzzled her neck, “Alexis, girl…the only thing you need to do, is hurry up and get back in this bed with me. I want you so much, I can’t wait anymore.” Looking at him again she saw that his eyes now looked black and fiery, ready to smother her in lust. Gently touching his lips with her fingers she slid out of the bed.

Opening the door to the master bath, she was amazed at how nice it was. A separate Jacuzzi tub and glass enclosed shower stood on one end while on the opposite end a fully enclosed commode ensured privacy at all times. Double marble sinks lined the wall and after freshening up she brushed her teeth and hair with the pre-packaged brushes on the counter.

“Michael, this house is really nice. Is it yours?” Lexi posed the question as she closed the bathroom door and climbed back on the bed. “I will tell you all about it in a little while, but right now….I have something better to talk about.” Pushing her onto her back he straddled her body with his legs and pulled her wrists above her head. Lexi expected him to crash his lips upon hers but he stopped just short of touching her. She struggled to reach him but he stayed just out of contact, “Promise me you will stay here with me tonight?” “Here? Really…you don’t have to leave?” She tried to pull her arms free but he gripped them tighter. “No, I cleared my schedule tomorrow. Stay Alexis, I want to hide out with you all day, we have so little time left…”

Lexi stared at him and started to shake. Struggling to speak and not sound panicked she could only choke out a whisper. “Michael you are scaring me now. What do you mean?” She blinked quickly but he saw the soft film of tears that once again returned to her eyes and it broke his heart that he put them there. “Say you will stay with me, I need you so much.” Michael felt his own tears form and watched as one fell upon her face. “Michael…please what is it? You know I will stay.”

Their eyes stayed locked together as their lips finally met. Michael’s lustful moan rose from somewhere deep in his throat and she felt his tongue skillfully invade her mouth searching for an answer to the growing lust he felt inside. Releasing her wrists, he sat up quickly and pulled on her shirt ripping the buttons from their stitching. “I can’t wait anymore babe, I have to have you.” Michael caught his bottom lip in his teeth when he realized that she didn’t have a bra on, and her perfect body was half exposed to him in the candlelight. Moving his mouth to her nipple he took it forcefully. Sucking and biting on it as though he was savoring it again for the first time…or as Lexi wondered, the last. Arching her back she pulled him in and stroked his face as he wrapped his soft lips over her peak. When he opened his eyes and gazed up at her he knew he had to be inside her right away. “Lexi, I am sorry.” Michael pulled off her jeans and panties and quickly undressed. Rising up above her he grasped himself in his hand and rubbed the tip up and down the length of her swollen wet opening. Having already planted her feet, Lexi pushed her hips toward him, her involuntary moves, begging…yearning to feel him enter her fully. At last he slipped completely inside, her slick walls offering no resistance to his loving intrusion. Hearing his primeval grunt of satisfaction caused her to move faster, grinding her hips into his quicker and deeper. Needing more, she pulled him into her body, using her hands to grasp his shoulders…her lips to connect their minds, and her muscles to connect their souls. Michael rolled her on top and pulled her down by her hips. “Ride it, ssss uh, god…you are so tight and so, um..damn….” Rising up and down she stroked him completely, watching the ecstasy etched across his face as it rippled in pleasure. Michael pulled her down to him and kissed her hard, “Alexis, come with me….ahhhh Come on girl, let me take you there with me.” Michael bent his knees and pushed deep inside of her causing Lexi to moan and see colors deep behind her eyes. When he pressed her again she felt the familiar hot sensation begin behind her belly button and threw her head back exposing her neck. As Michael saw her back arch as he pushed deep inside again, feeling his shuddering release flood inside her warmth. While Lexi ground her orgasm all over him, Michael pumped her full of his own powerful energy until she collapsed on top of him, sweating profusely and trying to catch her breath as she breathed in the smell of his sex. Feeling her heart beating wildly against his, Michael felt like he had captured a tiny bird…one that he had to help take care of…at least until its wings were strong enough to carry it in flight. Wrapping his arms around her small frame he rolled over on top of her and slowly began to take her soaring back to new heights of ecstasy.

Slipping softly out of the bed Lexi pulled on Michael’s shirt and quickly grabbed her flashlight. Finding the electrical panel in the laundry room she flipped the master circuit breaker switch restoring power to the house. Laughing at his ingenuity, that he used to surprise her…she grabbed a beer from the refrigerator and sat down beside the pool enjoying the cool breeze that finally swept in off of the waters of the Pacific. She couldn’t help but think back to what he had said to her earlier, and wondered what he meant. It was the reason she always tried to keep from giving all of her heart to him, but the more she thought about it especially over the last two weeks…she knew she had fallen in love with him. Madly, passionately, deeply in love, but now he told her that they had so little time left. To say she was confused or hurt would be the least of her emotions. Taking a gulp of the beer, she pulled off his shirt and dove in the pool. She hoped the cool water would be some sort of emotional baptism for her breaking heart. Diving down, deeper and deeper into the water she struggled to break free of her sorrow, holding her breath until her lungs were on fire and she finally had to surface sucking in great lungfuls of oxygen like it would save her life and her sanity. Swimming to the side of the pool she clung to the edge gasping as a new round of tears came to her eyes and she buried her head on her arms struggling to compose herself. After eventually calming down she decided that she had to be positive and use whatever time she had left with Michael and make the most of it. Somewhere inside her practical mind she always knew it had to end, she just thought they would have more time together. Diving again below the surface she swam to the shallow end and floated on her back.

Michael had felt her leave the bed and waited a few minutes for her to return before he decided to get up and find her. When he reached the sliding glass doors he watched as she slipped out of his shirt and disappeared into the water. He waited for what seemed like forever for her to surface and watched as she sucked the air in her lungs and eventually cried softly at the side of pool. Knowing she was thinking about his careless words earlier he felt a pang in his heart. How could he have been so stupid, so cold and unfeeling? He had to go to her and tell her how much he cared…how all he thought about, even when he was working was when he could be with her again. Watching her dive under again, he saw her perfect body slice through the water as the full moon reflected off her curves. He stepped through the door to call to her as she rolled over in the water and his voice caught in his throat, her hair splayed around her and her breasts stood firm and glistening in the soft light. “Now is the time.” He thought to himself. “I have to do it…finally.”

Feeling his heart swell he dove in and swam to her side, “I’m sorry, I am so sorry. Lexi…you are so precious to me. I never meant to hurt you.” Michael pulled her close, his thumb caressing her lips. “I am not ready to let you go, not yet. Michael don’t me leave yet.” Lexi’s dark eyes met his and she pulled his face close for a kiss. Pulling her up out of the water Michael held her close to his body, “I swear to you, I want you and only you. God girl, don’t you know how much I care?” Pressing close to him she wrapped her arms around his neck and felt him grow hard against her. “I only know what you have told me. That’s all I have…that’s all I have! I swear to you though…I will never ask you stay with me again, ever. Do you understand me Michael?” He stared at her in confusion so she said it again. “Michael, I will never, EVER ask you to stay with me again. I have too much pride.” Hanging his head he stood there exposed and admonished, “Lexi let me show you.”

Running his hand down her back and under her leg Michael lifted her up and onto his pulsing shaft. She pulled up and wrapped her legs around his hips and sunk down fully, gasping as he filled her with his thickness. He walked to the side of the pool and laid her on the edge pushing with all his might into her heat. “Can’t you feel it; don’t you feel how much you mean to me?” Michael’s hair dripped onto her as he groaned his heartfelt plea between strokes. Suddenly he slowed to a roll and picked her head up underneath his hand and whispered. “Alexis, hear me now, I don’t want anyone else. When I think about somebody in my life it’s you…it’s you! Look at me woman, look at me…Lexi; I’ve fallen in love with you. Do you understand? I love you.” He stopped his motion and kissed her passionately. Lexi’s nails scraped down his back as he began to move inside her again, “I mean it girl, I love you…I do.” “I love you too Michael, Oh you know I love you too.” Pulling her face into his shoulder he picked her up against him, both of their bodies climaxing together in a scintillating movement of emotion and physical expression. The moon seemed to bless them with her approval as well, as she bathed their bodies in her warm glow, her silent consent promising closeness that neither distance nor time would ever break apart.

“Is this a dream Michael?” Lexi lay in the crook of his arm beside the pool watching the palm trees sway slightly above them. “No, we’re not dreaming. We both deserve this girl…don’t you think we have been through enough?” Michael kissed the top of her still damp hair and pulled her close. Lexi still wondered what he was talking about earlier, but she was in disbelief that he had professed his feelings so passionately. It was the last thing she had expected, she honestly thought he had brought her to this place to say goodbye, and now here they were…happy, satisfied and in love. It was time she just stopped second guessing him and let it ride, if he loved her he wouldn’t let her down.

“Are you hungry? I saw food in the refrigerator, I can cook something. Wait… is that all right? Can I use this kitchen?” He smiled and laughed softly, “Yeah you can cook all you want. What did you see? They got a Kentucky Fried Chicken in there?” Lexi sat up and pinched him lightly, “Michael I swear you are going to start clucking one day. No, there were some eggs, cheese and stuff. I will make an omelet.” “Now who is clucking?” Michael joked as he jumped to his feet to help her up. “Get to cookin woman, your man is hungry.” Lexi got dressed, improvising by tying her buttonless shirt into a halter top tied under her breasts. Walking into the kitchen Michael whistled at her, “Damn baby you look hot. I should rip your clothes off of you more often.” Shaking her head as she opened the door to the refrigerator she grabbed the eggs, cheese and looked around for more ingredients. Michael tried not to look at her as she bent over but couldn’t help himself, eventually he walked up behind her and grasped her by the hips. “Damn girl, your ass is so fine. Why you gotta go bend over like that.” Lexi stood up with mushrooms and bell pepper in her hands, laughing at him and his arousal. She moved slowly against him, “Oh yeah, does it make you hot for me to shake my vegetables at you baby.” Running his hands up and down her body she could feel his breath on her neck and leaned back into him. “Hurry and cook, so we can go back to bed, I swear I want to take you right here…right now.” “I will hurry, it won’t take long I promise.” She pulled away and started opening cabinets in earnest so she could finish the chore. Michael sat down at the table with his chin on his hand and watched her in the kitchen. Smiling as she floated around like she had always been there.

Michael had taken a shower while Lexi cleaned the kitchen and she quickly stepped through it after he was done. He held a robe for her when she turned off the water and she let him tie it close around her. “I thought you always wanted me naked, why are you dressing me?” Giving her a tender kiss he smiled and took her by the hand. “You asked me a question earlier, I guess it’s time I answer you.” “I did? I don’t remember. What did I ask?” Lexi looked at him strangely and let him walk her down the hallway to the living room and the couch. “Sit down, we need to talk.” Michael waited while she got comfortable before he sat beside her, propping her legs in his lap. “Lexi, you know how worried I was about you the last two weeks, and not just you….but your Mom and Junior too. “ Lexi nodded her head and took his hand, “I know Michael, and you told me so when you called. I really appreciate your checking on us all the time. Mom said even when I wasn’t there you were calling. It really means so much, really.” He pulled her up to him and held her close speaking softly, “No, you don’t understand. When I left your house, I was so scared. All I could think about was someone tracking your cousin down and you being in the way. I….I can’t live through that again girl, I couldn’t handle losing you too.” Lexi saw the tears in his eyes and felt the tremors rumbling through his body. “I am all right…I told you he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Michael, it wasn’t about me.” Michael held her tight and she could feel his heart pounding. “But next time it might be you being in the wrong place. Then what? Then What!” Lexi inhaled deeply, desperately thinking of a way to reassure him that she was fine. “Michael…I…I will be….” Abruptly interrupting her, he pushed her away and stood up and walked to the bedroom. Shrugging her shoulders and rolling her head trying to throw off some of the tension Lexi remained on the couch waiting for him to return. Michael eventually bounced down beside her again and looked at her with a furrowed brow. “I don’t know how to tell you this, here just read it.” He handed her an overly stuffed envelope full of legal looking documents and Lexi could feel his eyes burning into her as she began to read. Lexi’s eyes grew wide as she realized what she had in her hand. Michael saw the papers start to shake and eventually fall to the floor. “No, no….you, um, I …we can’t do this Michael. Please, don’t do this to me.” Michael knelt down beside her grabbing her hands in his, “Please, look around you girl. Aren’t you happy here? Lexi I watched you awhile ago cooking, you looked right at home. I looked at so many houses…when I saw this one, God girl, it’s just you. Everything about it…just everything, I see you here in this space.”

Pulling away she stood up and walked to the bedroom and began to put on her clothes. “I am getting out of here; I can’t believe you did this to me Michael. You know I can never repay you for ANYTHING this extravagant.” Michael reached down and snatched her jeans away before she could put them on. “Give them to me, I swear…” Lexi grabbed his jeans instead and pulled them up but they wouldn’t go past her rear end. The bottom of the pants hung past her feet and she tripped and fell as she struggled to pull them up. Michael let out a loud squeal of laughter and was immediately thrown a wicked dirty look as she pulled the pants off and sat sulking on the floor. “Stop it, stop laughing at me, I am so pissed off at you right now Michael. Just let me be mad.” Watching him bend over and hold his stomach as he continued to laugh and point at her finally started to turn the corners of her mouth up. Eventually she felt her face turn dark red and she shyly smiled, “OK, ok…just stop. I’m embarrassed for busting it in front of you, all right.” Michael sat down still giggling, “ should have seen your face. Oh my god, your eyes they got all big…and then you just went down.” He started laughing all over again and Lexi finally joined him. When they finally calmed down Michael kissed her softly on the cheek and quietly said, “Are you still pissed off?” Her deep sigh didn’t give him much hope and he slumped back against the bed and shook his head. Lexi opened her mouth and started to speak than stopped, her hand still raised in mid air. “Say it Lexi. WHAT! What is the big deal? It’s just a house.” Michael sat up on his knees in front of her waiting for a response. “That! That’s the problem Michael. It’s just a HOUSE. Are you so out of touch with the real world? You don’t just go around buying people a house because you don’t like where they live.” Michael frowned and looked at her like a puppy who had heard a high pitched dog whistle, “I do.” Lexi shook her head and let out an exasperated sigh, “Michael, I want to buy my family a house…one day, someday and with MY money, and MY hard work.” He took her hand and squeezed it gently, “OK, but for now let me do this.” “This is so much bigger than a car; don’t you see what I am saying?” Lexi’s dark eyes gleamed at him and he saw hints of gold flash with fire as she set her jaw and dared him to defy her. “You are right, absolutely. But let me tell you this, and I know it’s hard to understand and it might sound crazy or like I am being boastful….but….oh god….girl, I have spent more shopping in a day than I did buying this house for you. I paid for it already, so just take it. Baby…it’s yours, all yours.” Holding her head in her hands she tried to continue to reason her way out of why she should keep saying no, but she didn’t have any. “I love it, it is everything I ever wanted.” She whispered through her fingers. “What? You love it? Lexi, Tell me you will move here! Come on let me show you everything then.” Michael pulled her to her feet and proceeded to show her everything about the house that made him think she would like about living there. She of course agreed and had already noticed many of the things he pointed out. The last thing he showed her was the converted pool house in the back yard. “I saw this and I thought it would be perfect for your sister and Junior. It’s small, but there is room for both of them and she will be able to get back on her feet when she gets back from Saudi Arabia.” Lexi walked inside the apartment, it was almost the same size as the house that they lived in now. “Michael, I swear you thought of everything. Bernadette can’t wait to come home, and she has always worried about Junior growing up in the neighborhood.” Michael looked down embarrassed, “So you will stay?” “Yeah, I’ll stay. I guess I am moving to Santa Monica.” Expecting him to get excited she turned waiting for his outburst but only saw him with his fingers over his eyes. “I thought that’s what you wanted? Aren’t you going to say anything?” Quickly nodding he cleared his throat and she finally saw that his eyes were wet with tears. “Oh no, babe…come here. You are so good to me, thank you. Thank you so much.” Lexi fell into his arms feeling him pull her close, “I don’t want to worry about you, not with me leaving.”

Lexi froze in place, not sure she heard what he said. “Did you say you were leaving? Michael, what are you talking about?” She pulled away feeling the fear rising in her chest again. “Is that what you meant earlier….you know about having so little time left?” Michael shut the door to the apartment and sat on the brightly upholstered chaise lounge. “I haven’t talked to you about it. I just thought you would figure it out.” He could see her hands shaking as she sat down beside him. “Did you do all this, and tell me what you did today because you are leaving me Michael? Please just tell me now so I can go back to my stupid, normal, regular life.”

Watching her reaction he felt guilty again for not explaining himself better earlier. He was so naïve when it came to this love thing. Diana had always played her games and Hunter was so independent…she was able to just be with him, never answering to anyone. Now he had fallen for Lexi, but she was tied down in Los Angeles with family, work, med school, and the clinic that was opening in a few months. He kept going over and over it in his mind but couldn’t understand how they would make it work. “No, I am not leaving you Lexi, but I am leaving. Not forever, but I will be gone a lot. The album is out in November, we are starting the video shoot for the first single next week. I have press to do and eventually there will be a tour. I can’t expect you to drop your life and join me, even though I want you to. You know, if I am being honest.” “So what are we supposed to do Michael? How do we make it work?” Lexi looked at him trying not to cry again. “I got to go to school, the clinic is scheduled to open in December, and I have to work.” Biting his lip he hung his head and mumbled something under his breath. “I can’t hear you, what did you say?” After a deep sigh he looked up and said, “I paid for your school too.” Lexi just stared at him before standing up and heading for the door. Reaching for the knob she turned around, “You are unbelievable. You might be used to controlling everybody else’s life around you Mr. Michael Jackson, but you aren’t going to control mine. I love you, god knows I do. But you have to include me in these plans, not just expect me to follow them because that’s what you decided is best. I need some air….DON’T follow me.” Michael watched dejectedly as she slammed the door and wondered how he had messed up so badly. He didn’t have the time to tell her that if he didn’t pay for her school it would just be someone else who got the help.

Eventually he made his way back inside the main house and saw that Lexi had dressed and left in her car. He caught the acrid smell of smoke in the air from the candles that had once burned so cozily but now stood dark and empty of life. For the first time since he met her he felt abandoned…all he wanted was to make her happy and keep her close and safe. However, at that particular moment what he wanted and needed was a drink, making his way to the kitchen he dug the gin and tonic he had brought with him out of the cabinet and mixed a large, cold drink. It was extra dry and extra good as it crawled down his throat and started to relax the tension that he had felt since the shooting in East LA. Soon enough he mixed another and then another before eventually making his way back to the bedroom and crawling under the covers, feeling alone and cold without the woman he finally admitted he loved by his side.

Pulling onto the Santa Monica Freeway from the drive thru, Lexi turned up the radio to Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Game”. Listening to the lyrics she contemplated her relationship with Michael.

The world was on fire
No one could save me but you.
Strange what desire will make foolish people do
I never dreamed that I’d meet somebody like you
And I never dreamed that I’d lose somebody like you


No, I don’t want to fall in love
[This love is only gonna break your heart]


No, I don’t want to fall in love
[This love is only gonna break your heart]

Slamming her hand against the power button she switched it off. Funny, she thought, that when you are in love or have a broken heart every stupid song on the radio reminds you of your relationship. She also wondered if Michael wrote any of his music with that in mind. Probably she decided, just so he could torture his girlfriends for eternity.

After driving in silence she pulled into the driveway, grabbed the bag out of the passenger seat, and fished the house key out of her pocket before opening the door. Disappointed not to find Michael waiting up for her she made her way to the bedroom and waved the bag under his nose and counted to 25 before he finally opened his eyes and looked up at her. “You took longer to wake up than I thought; I figured it would be 15 seconds with Kentucky Fried Chicken up under your nose like that.” “Are you still mad at me Lexi?” Michael sat up rubbing his eyes and waited for an answer. Sitting on the bed Lexi placed the chicken on the nightstand and curled up beside him. “Michael, I know you are only doing what you do, and please know how much I love you for it. I just need you to talk to me first. I mean, don’t you think it is kind of a big deal?” He lifted her chin in his hand and kissed her gently. “I guess it is, but I can’t help it. I want…no I NEED to do this. For you, for your family…I guess for me too. Lexi someone is going to accept this or something else from me, god knows I get asked everyday for help. So let me help you, I have fallen so hard for you girl. Do you at least believe that?” Lexi brushed his curls back from his eyes before tracing the line of his lips with her fingertip, “I do believe you. I have fallen for you too, and it scares the hell out of me.” “Don’t be scared Lexi, like I told you that first night. Let’s try this thing…I still don’t want to be alone and GOD, you make me crazy…in all the best ways.” Michael bit her finger that was on his mouth lightly and pulled her down on top of him. “Michael, is there anything else you need to tell me?” Flipping her over on the bed, he buried his face in the crook of her neck, using his teeth to softly nibble her between his soft kisses. “Yes, there is one more thing….Mmmmm….I need….you to…get….damn girl…..get your clothes off….right now.” By the time he finished he had untied her shirt and had her breasts in his large hands. Sucking lightly on her nipple he brushed his thumb over its counterpart, urging them both higher and harder under his lips and tongue. “Lexi your body is magnificent; I just want to be beside you…and inside you every second.” His fingers began to lightly trace a path down her stomach, swirling to and fro across her brown skin. Lexi stopped him and stood up pulling him with her while she wiggled out of her jeans. Opening his robe she kneeled down and took him in her mouth. Reaching for the wall to steady himself he watched as she expertly moved upon his shaft. Using her hands to cup him while she pulled him slowly past her full lips, until finally reaching the base, and giving him a sexy glance up like she had won a prize. Pushing her in for more he urged her on, “Suck me girl, yeah all the way…hmmmm” Onyx eyes glazed over as he arched into her. Inadvertently his hips started to grind as his hands returned to the wall. Lexi felt him tighten and prepared for his release as he moaned loudly much to her excitement. Moving over him with exuberance she was startled when she felt his hands grip her underarms and pull her up forcefully, pinning her to the wall. Michael’s hands roamed her body and his lips once again found her breasts. His moans as he sucked on her rigid nipples forced her to feel her own heat and she could tell that her thighs were thick and glossy with her wet lust. Reaching out for his hand Lexi pulled it in between her legs, guiding him to her engorged sex. “Feel what you do to me? Aye Michael….make me come for you, I do love you. Let me show you.” Lifting her leg, she felt him enter her. The feeling of fullness was almost painful when he slid so quickly into her and she fell against Michael and struggled to breathe. Pulling her other leg around him he pushed her against the wall and thrust into Lexi repeatedly. “Oh my god, lean in baby. Yeah…oh yes…Lexi…” Michael started banging her over and over into the bedroom wall, unable to realize that his exuberance was almost violent. Her cries formed no legible words, but her walls locked around him and she released her body to his desires. When he felt her rush of juices flow for the second time he begged her, “I can’t take it anymore. You are too much…I’m gonna come” His release pumped into her filling her so full she felt it as it spilled out around them and down her leg. When Michael came he reached out blindly and pulled her hair which triggered a raging climax in Lexi that caused her to cling to Michael who barely made it back to the bed before collapsing.

Wrapped together for a long while after their love making they laid awake and worked on their plan. Eventually, they decided to just take it day by day. Hoping that their new found love would see them through…

Michael held a sleeping Lexi as the sun came up over her new home. He was joyous that she finally decided to accept his gifts, but feared it would be difficult to maintain their relationship. He couldn’t imagine his life without her now; she had filled such a void. Yes it was different than Hunter…or even Diana. But it was good, and he was happy. Everything else would just have to work out….Love always worked out.

To Be Continued….


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Priyanka said…
WOW! Great installment Ms. Laura. I need a cold shower now. LMAO @ Lexi not being able to fit her J.Lo. buns into MJ’s skinny jeans.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010 11:07:00 PM EST

DangerousPYT said…
Comment emailed to me from Nightgarden…I accidently put another commenters name on it. Sorry bout that girl. Shameful!

Hey girl,
I tried to post on the blog but I couldn’t
I had written this:

Nightgarden said…
Love it! The continuous yes-no-yes-no makes it very interesting, both emotionallly and psychologically. And of course we LOVE pool scenes: hot’n’wet!

And what about this little sister returning for Saudi Arabia…? 😉

Keep up the good work!

Wednesday, February 18, 2010 4:25 PM EST



Hadnt read this in a bit, and you are right…it is HOT!

Because Mike it is so sexy and hot!A real man!

O.K…i have not passed the picture with Michael’s HOT ass in that bed looking as fine as ever ..I am just going to bed with that wonderful image in my mind…Your writes,pictures and music is just freaking awesome.
I just can move pass the pic..I need a cold drink.

Yes girl…those thighs look GOOD in dem jeans…I hope you had sweet dreams. Ha ha I almost typed jeans again. LOL

I remember this chapter, oh man I have run the gamut of emotion right along with Lex and Mike!

LOL reading with you

By Barbara Straughn on March 2nd, 2012 at 6:36 pm

What was the video that we can’t watch any longer? I love the almost violent scene at the end where he reaches out and grabs her hair after taking her against the wall – so hot – I need a drink. Wonderful chapter x

The video is “Wicked Game” Chris Issak. I will get it replaced ASAP, thanks for pointing it out and joining in on the reading and posting your comments. Glad to have you here girl!!!

By Barbara Straughn on March 5th, 2012 at 4:02 pm

Hi frien
You are so very welcome and I am just loving this – only shared it with one special friend. It’s a pity you can’t publish it ‘cos I would keep it close and read it often – I don’t think you could ever tire of it. You have Michael so right – I can see him in my minds eye and I can feel him and his emotions right the way through this – amazing, awesome – LOVE IT LOVE IT girl xx


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