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New Beginnings

New Beginnings
April 1991

Checking the utilitarian mirror for her appearance was no easy task for Lexi as she stood in the third floor nurses locker room at the end of her shift. She was exhausted having already worked the street on Alpha shift as an Paramedic with the Los Angeles Fire Department then took a three hour chemistry class and picked up an extra shift at the hospital lab for extra credit. She rose up on her tip toes and struggled to see her rear end in her white linen pants before slipping the matching white blazer over her shoulders. She had debated what blouse to wear with the suit, but was glad she had decided on the lavender silk as the black blouse would have been a little to Saturday Night Fever for her taste. Deciding on a shoe had been easy, white hidden platform pumps. She needed the height if she was going to make a good impression on the possible benefactor’s representative, and she was so pleased that his flight was arriving late at LAX and he was still able to meet with her to discuss her proposal.

Derek Ward the hospital’s night security guard met her at the ER entrance and walked her out to her car, he had known her since she was a candy striper and felt like she was family. “Lexi, you look nice tonight, where are you going all dressed up like that?” Lexi smiled and touched his arm softly, “Derek, I have a business meeting, if all goes well it might help all of us out in the neighborhood. Wish me luck.” Derek pinched her cheek and laughed, “I know if you are in charge, it will happen. Go get ‘em.” Lexi unlocked her new Honda Civic; it was her pride and joy. She worked the extra shifts to make sure she could afford to drive it. With all the school and work, plus the appointments, she realized she had to have reliable transportation. When you live in LA, you have to have a decent car. Derek made sure she made it safely out of the parking lot and Lexi started practicing her presentation while taking the on-ramp to the 5 freeway. She was relieved that at this late hour she wouldn’t have to worry about traffic and the usual rush hour delays. Turning up the radio on KROQ she decided that she just needed to relax and let it happen, this man seemed like a nice gentleman who was representing an enthusiastic organization and she had a good fit for their situation. She smiled to herself knowing that it would all work out great.

As she eased over to take the ramp for the 10 freeway she suddenly saw a flurry of brake lights in front of her. To her horror she watched as a car careened sideways and rolled several times about a hundred yards ahead of her and came to a smoky stop on its side, in the middle of the freeway. Pulling over into the breakdown lane Lexi grabbed her EMS jump kit and ran to the damaged car. Steam and smoke still were billowing out of the vehicle and she could see that there was a gas leak. “Are you ok?” she asked the driver. Groggily he tried to focus on her face but he couldn’t speak. Several more people ran up to the car and asked if they could help, Lexi told them to call 9-1-1 to send a fire engine quickly for the leaking fuel. Luckily no one else was in the car, but the driver was bleeding badly. Lexi had stabilized his neck and compressed the worst of his wounds when she heard the hellish sound of brakes squealing and metal meeting metal. Praying for the best but fearing the worst she briefly looked up from her position at the still dangerous accident scene and saw that someone had rear ended her car, demolishing her brand new baby almost in front of her eyes as she treated the critically injured patient. The driver of the second vehicle stumbled out and staggered around, quite obviously drunk and oblivious to what he had just done. Finally the California Highway Patrol arrived along with Fire Rescue and took over the scene. Lexi’s coworkers complimented her on her swift actions and several of them admired her in her off duty attire. When she looked down at her suit…she realized that it was ruined now. Blood stains, oil, gas and asphalt covered the once pristinely white linen. She had broken a nail and her hair hung dank and sweaty in her face.

Walking dejectedly back to her car; the tow truck had arrived and was pulling it up on the flatbed. “Hey, Joe…I need to get my stuff out of there, do you mind?” Joe turned and shook his head, “Lexi, is this YOUR car? Come on get your things, I had no idea. Let me know how long you need to keep it at the yard. It’s on me.” Lexi gave him a grateful smile and climbed up and retrieved her purse and notebook for her presentation. “Thanks Joe, I will call you tomorrow.” “Hey Lex”, Joe called after her, “I am glad you weren’t in the car”. Lexi nodded in agreement, “Yeah ya know what Joe? You are right, it could be worse.”

Traffic lined up behind the accidents waiting for CHP to clear the roadway. The lights of the emergency vehicles reminded Michael of one of his concerts as they splashed on the inside of his limousine in scattered patterns of chaos. He had seen the accident happen too, watched the tire blow on the car, and the endless times it turned over and over. Michael had jumped out of the limo and was well on his way to help when Miko pushed him back inside, his words still echoing in his ears, “Michael, you can’t help them, you will only cause a scene.” It broke his heart; he wanted to save them. He felt like he should try…he was here; he was here NOW, like he hadn’t been in Australia for Hunter. Was this how it was for her, did people stand around her dying body and stare at her while they did nothing to help? He felt like he was going to be sick, his head was pounding and his hands were shaking. The only thing that made any sense to him out of the whole awful scene was the girl in the white suit. She had literally run in like an angel and saved the man in the car. He couldn’t take his eyes off of her. When the second accident happened he flinched and ducked down in the seat for a brief moment. He was amazed when she just shifted her eyes away from the man in the car for a moment and then proceeded back to helping him.

When she walked back by the limo, he slid across the seat and watched as she climbed on the tow truck and got her things out of her now wrecked car. “Miko, ask her if she needs a ride.” Michael prayed that she did, he wanted to meet her, to find out who she was. Miko approached her and Michael watched as she shook her head no, then no a second time. She gestured with her arms and then finally he saw her shrug and nod yes. He felt his heart skip and he slid back across the seat and checked his reflection in the mirror. When the door opened Miko popped his head in, “I didn’t tell her anything, but she does need a ride.” Miko winked at Michael and opened the door wide for Lexi. Michael cleared his throat quietly and pressed himself tighter into the corner of the car. “Hi” Lexi sat down and arranged her things on the floorboard of the limo without so much as a glance at Michael.

Michael wet a towel from the bar with a bottle of water and handed it to her. “Here, would this help?” “Thank you, yeah I do need to clean up a bit. Please, excuse my appearance” Lexi took the towel from his hand, wiping her face, hands and forearms down thoroughly. They both sat quietly watching as the last of the public safety vehicles pulled away from the scene and traffic began to flow again. Lexi turned to toss the towel in the seat across from Michael and finally looked at him. “OH!…Well, um…thanks. I guess I don’t know what to say. I hope you don’t think I was being rude to you. I wasn’t really planning on losing my car tonight, is all?” Michael shook his head, “You can stop apologizing, and you haven’t done anything wrong. In fact, watching you out there was one of the most amazing things I have ever seen.” Lexi smiled briefly, “Thanks again, that’s just my job, and this one was pretty minor. Unfortunately it can get a lot worse.” Michael flashed back again to his nightmare scenario of what happened that day in Australia and visibly swallowed; his voice was still shaky when he finally spoke. “Uh, where can we take you….I don’t even know your name.” “My name? It’s Lexi….Oh I guess to Figueroa and Cypress, I will just go home. But Mr. Jackson, it’s not a very good neighborhood. I can just get a cab. I will be fine.” Michael smiled at her, “Don’t be silly, we will be all right. I will take you home girl.”

Michael instructed the driver to take them to the address in East Los Angeles and asked Lexi if she needed dinner or a drink. “Can we stop by Del Taco? I am starving. I hate to impose, but I haven’t had anything except a tortilla early this morning. Michael looked at her with a funny look on his face, “Del Taco? People really eat there?” Lexi giggled at his naiveté and replied, “They have tacos and burritos and soft drinks, and you should try one.” He chewed on his bottom lip momentarily and answered her, “Maybe I will, we all need to live a little huh?”

Lexi decided if she wasn’t so damn tired she would have been jumping over the moon at what was happening to her. Her emotions had run the gamut in the last hour from the ultimate stress at the accident scene to giddy excitement at meeting and possibly sharing a pretty horrible fast food dinner with the actual King of Pop. Now if she could just figure out how to get a hold of the investors and find another car her life would be OK.

The limo pulled off the freeway and into the parking lot of a Del Taco. Michael looked longingly at the Kentucky Fried Chicken across the street, “You sure you don’t want some chicken?” Lexi shook her head and reached for the door, “No, this is great…besides its cheap and quick. I don’t want to hold you up. I’ll be right back.” Michael leaned forward and grabbed her hand. “Wait, Miko will run in. Stay here with me.” Lexi looked down at his hand on hers and slowly back up into his eyes; they seemed to pierce her heart with a pleading loneliness. “OK, sure, no problem um, Mr. Jackson.” Her voice didn’t sound like her own to even her ears, as she looked back down to his hand again. Michael quickly jerked it away and averted his gaze, “Miko, go inside please and get us some food.” His voice seemed agitated and stern. Miko opened the back door again and stood there waiting on a decision. “May I have a beef taco and a chicken quesadilla, and a Coke.” Lexi looked at Michael after telling Miko her order, “Chicken quesadilla and a water…and make sure that it is a Pepsi “M”…we don’t want no trouble.” Lexi gave Michael a questioning look and he shrugged his shoulders, “I have a deal with Pepsi, you never know who might be around.”

Michael looked at her in the light of the parking lot and realized she was really beautiful. Exotically beautiful, her chestnut brown hair was pulled lightly up on her head but had began to fall down as she worked on the accident. Her big chocolate brown eyes beckoned him with flecks of gold…long lashes framed them to perfection. Her cheeks bones spoke of royalty and held just the hint of a blush, he wondered if it was natural or was she reacting to the situation like he was. The one thing he knew he was reacting to was her lips, my god he thought…her lips were luscious. Full, perfectly soft pillows that were apparently asking him a question as he stared at them, “Pardon?” his heart beat quickened from embarrassment and he blushed and looked away. “I asked you if I was keeping you from something.” Michael shook his head and half giggled, “Oh…No we were on our way to pick up someone at LAX, but we called and let them know to grab a cab. It’s no bother.” “I really appreciate the lift, I didn’t want to ride back on the fire truck to the station tonight, and this is much nicer.” Lexi smiled at Michael and he felt his stomach flip flop, “What you did was amazing. I can’t believe you do that every day? That’s crazy.” Michael shook his head and thought about how fearless she must be to deal with such turmoil day after day. “You are a very brave girl, very brave.” Lexi waved him off right as Miko returned with their food. “Yay” Lexi exclaimed. Michael laughed at her happiness, she had every right to be really mad right now, but she was happy over a simple taco and some cheese melted between a couple of tortillas…this girl was cool.

Michael looked at his quesadilla and questioned his decision, “I don’t know, it looks dangerous girl.” Lexi had already finished her Taco and was tearing into hers, “Just go for it, it’s good. I promise.” Closing his eyes he took a bite and surprisingly found that it wasn’t too awful. “Well, what do you think?” She asked. “Not bad…not bad at all.” Lexi gobbled down the rest of her dinner and waited for Michael as he struggled though the one section of his quesadilla. “Don’t eat it if you don’t like it.” She laughed at his facial expression as he set it down and folded the wrapper up. Without thinking she grabbed the paper from his lap so she could put it in with her trash. As she leaned forward her breast caught his arm and her fingers grazed his inner thigh, their eyes locked again and seemed to hang there, suspended in time for a long moment…both of them held their breath to see what would happen next. “I should throw this away…” her voice trailed off and she reluctantly stuffed his leftover food in the takeout bag and flung open the car door slamming it behind her in a hurry.

“Oh my god, what was that, what was that, WHAT WAS THAT!” she thought to herself as he walked to the garbage can. “I almost made the biggest fool out of myself, and I didn’t even care. He is so gorgeous, why has no one ever told me this before?” She tossed the food away and giggled, “I could probably sell that damn quesadilla someplace for a lot of money! Michael Jackson’s leftover food…come and get it.” Her head was spinning but she realized she had to pull it together because they still had to drive to her house. “OK, deep breath, and don’t be a fool. Lexi, you are a grown woman so stop acting like a teenager.” Miko jumped out to let her in and gave her a quick smile, “OK, what the hell was THAT about? Why did that guy just look at me like that?” Lexi sat down in the limo and grinned, “I am ready if you are Mr. Jackson.” “Please, call me Michael. I would really appreciate it if you would.” Michael took her hand and shook it firmly, “I am Michael, and it is a pleasure to meet you Lexi.” “The pleasure is all mine…Michael.” He held onto her hand a bit longer than he should have and it did not go unnoticed as the limo made the turn onto the freeway towards East L.A.

“So, you work at the Fire Department?” Michael asked sipping on his water. “Uh huh, plus I go to school and work part time at a hospital too, it keeps me pretty busy.” Lexi was trying not to stare at him but it was hard not to, his eyes were so penetrating and he would not look away. “That must be hard for your Husband; I mean…to not have you home with him?” Michael didn’t see a wedding ring but he had to know if she was in a relationship so he threw the question out there wildly. “I’m single Michael; I don’t really have time for a relationship right now.” Lexi spoke quietly, the statement was true technically…but how could she explain to him what it was like to lose someone you love suddenly. Just because some gang banger decided to do a drive by on the grocery store one night. No it was easier to just tell half the truth, she just didn’t have the time to date right now. “I understand that, I am pretty busy too. Besides…it is really hard to meet people. At least it is for me.” Michael shifted uncomfortably in his seat and looked away. For a moment they both sat in silence lost in their own thoughts until Lexi realized that the limo was turning on to her block. “I am almost home, thank you so much for your help. It was so nice of you to give me a ride.” Michael smiled nervously and nodded his head slightly, “Lexi you saved that man’s life, it is the least I could do.” “Turn in the second driveway.” Lexi instructed the driver and gathered her things off the floor, “Take care Michael, and it was nice meeting you.” “I can walk you to your door if you like?” Michael asked her expectantly. She smiled and leaned over and kissed him lightly on the cheek, “Michael I would love for you to walk me to my door, more than anything in the world. But you see, in my neighborhood, if you got out wearing that shirt at this time of night…you might not make it back inside the limo alive. The Crips run here and you are wearing red.” Michael’s mouth fell open and he sat up straight, “Are you telling me that you can’t wear certain colors of clothes?” Lexi nodded her head and opened the door, “Take care Michael, keep being you. You are a great person.” Michael watched her walk up the driveway and heard several whistles travel up the street that sounded like birds but were obviously man made. He had heard the stories but always thought they were exaggerated…life in the barrio after dark was certainly different from Neverland and he worried for Lexi…Lexi oh god, he didn’t even get her last name.

“Tia! Tia Lexi, get up. Tia Lexi, get up right now.” Lexi groaned and pulled the covers up over her head. “Tia, get up right now. Abuela said to wake you up right now.” The young boy insistently pushed on Lexi to wake up and she rolled farther away from him in the bed. “Mijo, tell my Mom that I am off today, I want to sleep in.” “Tia, she said to get up, it’s important.” “Que-lah, Junior I don’t want to get up, why can’t you people let me sleep for once.” Lexi sat up in bed staring at her nephew, “Tia, she told me to get you and to come quick, there is a man here asking for you.” “What? Oh my god!” Lexi grabbed her robe and ran to the living room where she saw her Mother at the screen door speaking to a nicely dressed man. “Mom, que pasa? Why is he at our house?” Lexi questioned her Mother as she rushed to the door. “Mija, he wants to talk to you and only you, and he has a paper for you to sign. I don’t know nothing else. Lexi cautiously approached the door to speak to the man. “Can I help you I am Lexi Garcia?” The man smiled and extended his hand, “Hi I am Daniel and I need you to sign and print your legal name on this Bill of Sale, so you can accept the delivery. “I’m sorry sir, but a delivery of what?” Daniel handed her a business card along with the paperwork and smiled. “Oh no, no, no, there is no way. Daniel please just take it back with you. Oh my god.” The hiss of the airbrakes on a truck caught her attention and she looked up to see a champagne colored, fully loaded 1991 Lexus LS 400 being lowered to the ground in front of her house. “Miss Garcia, if you will sign your name the title will be sent here in about 20 days along with the tags. Also Lexus of Glendale will take care of service and maintenance for the life of the vehicle as long as it remains in your possession. Sign here please.” Lexi stared slack jawed at the new car as it slid off of the ramps of the truck, and she involuntarily signed the paperwork. “Mija, what is happening…I don’t understand?” Sally Garcia looked at her daughter with a confused look after asking for an explanation. “Mommy, my car was totaled last night…the rest is a very long story. I thought maybe I dreamed it all until Junior woke me up just now.” Together they all three walked towards the new car as Daniel finished attaching the temporary tag and handed Lexi the keys. “Alexis Maria Teresa Guadalupe Garcia, who bought you this car?” Sally asked her daughter emphatically. “Lexi looked at her Mother with tears in her eyes and said, “Michael Jackson did Mom, can you believe it?

“Madre Dios! What have you done Alexis?” Sally exclaimed throwing her hands up in the air. “Mom, I didn’t DO anything. There was an accident last night when I was on my way to the airport and I stopped to help, my car was rear ended and totaled. Michael was stuck in the traffic jam and gave me a ride home” Lexi thought it all sounded very logical as she explained it to her Mother. “MICHAEL, you call him MICHAEL? Mija listen to yourself, you sound loca. You can’t take this car…Oh my god, Lexi, what will the neighbors think?” Sally was pacing the driveway in front of Lexi and Junior, frantically trying to figure out what had really happened to her daughter the night before. Maybe this car accident had hurt her and she was sick, she should call the hospital and have them check her out. “Lexi, I think I should drive you to the must have hit your head last night in the accident.” Lexi looked at her Mom and giggled, “Mom, I wasn’t even in it, I was treating a patient. Please calm down, let me figure out what is going on, OK?” “Tia, I wanna go for a ride, take me for a ride.” Junior climbed in the front seat and was trying to buckle his seatbelt, “In a minute Junior, give me a minute.”

Lexi saw her cousin peddling his bicycle down the street. He had made it in to a low-rider and chromed out the handlebars and rims. After making a slow circle in the street he pulled up next to Lexi in the driveway. “Sup Primo?” He asked with a nod of his head. “Nothing Flako, what are you doing up so early?” Lexi eyed him suspiciously as he looked at the new car in the driveway. “I jus wanted to cruise by your crib, cause your name is on the street this morning?” Flako peered out from underneath his blue bandana that was slung low on his forehead and waited on Lexi to speak. “What do you mean?” Lexi asked as she walked over to him, not intimidated by his menacing ways. “Esi, word came down from the top to stay away from your house, even tha whole block. Crips and Bloods….it all protected now girl. What did you do?” He lit a cigarette and waited on her to answer. “Flako, I really don’t know what is going on right now. I had a long night last night. I need to get back to my Mom, she is freaking out.” Flako watched her walk up to the new car and wondered how his cousin got it and the protection. He knew it was a good thing for her and for him too. He just wished he could find out more so he could use it to his advantage somehow. He would be keeping his eyes open just in case opportunity came knocking.

Michael was so excited over his surprise he could hardly sit still at the studio. He kept after Teddy to get the drum track right so he could leave, and he was happy when the beat was finally down just how he wanted it. He had hoped everything went smoothly with the delivery of the car but since Daniel hadn’t called back he figured she had it by now. Miko kept turning around in the limo and laughing as they made their way over to East LA, “Michael are you sure you want to go over there? I could go and pick her up; it is not the best place for you to be hanging out.” “M, that’s not a nice thing to say. I have fans that live there, and if they can live there, it is OK for me to visit. Besides it’s not any worse than where we lived in Gary.” Michael shook his head at Miko and tapped his foot on the floor board. When they made the corner and he saw the car in the driveway he let out a little screech and Miko clapped his hands together and laughed hard at Michael. “You are so excited, I love it.” Michael turned beet red, “C’mon man, don’t embarrass me. She is a nice girl. Besides it wasn’t her fault her car got all smashed up last night.” Parking in front of the house Miko got out and took a good look around before opening the door for Michael, “It will be all right M, I took care of it. let’s go” Michael walked right to the front door and knocked like he had been there all his life. When it opened he found himself face to face with a boy about five years old, wearing a Raiders jersey with long denim shorts. “Hi, is Lexi here?” Michael asked the boy. “Yeah, just a minute.” The boy closed the door leaving Michael and Miko standing on the porch. Turning to look at each other they both cracked up laughing at the situation, they had toured the world and met Kings, Queens and Presidents…yet here they were in the barrio and the little boy shut the door in their face, just like that.”

“Tia Lexi, someone is at the door again.” Junior walked in the kitchen where Lexi was making enchiladas for dinner. “Who is it Junior, what do they want?” she stuffed the pan in the oven and pushed it closed with her hip. “I don’t know, he asked for you.” Lexi’s eyes grew wide and she quickly walked through the small house in her bare feet to the front door. Opening the door she drew in a deep breath as she saw Michael and Miko standing on her porch laughing hysterically and gathering in the background a crowd of about 10 people staring. “Get in the house, get in here right now.” Lexi grabbed Michael by the arm and pulled him in. “Hey, you ARE glad to see me. Did you see that M she pulled me right inside.” Michael’s smile was a mile wide as he looked a Lexi in her bare feet and apron that she still had on from making the enchiladas. “Michael, did you not see all the people out there? They already saw you.” Lexi saw his face fall and disappointment cloud his eyes. Miko turned and walked to the window, the crowd was growing, “Michael we have to go, NOW.” Michael pulled her close and whispered, “Meet me at the Century Plaza Hotel tonight; please…I really want to see you.” Lexi’s felt her heart skip a beat and she didn’t know if it was his proximity or his voice in her ear but she knew she had to go. “All right, give me a couple of hours…how can I find you Michael.” “Here, take this key, it’s the Reagan Suite. We’ll have dinner” “Michael I am cooking now, I will bring you some; it’s good Mexican home cooking. But go, before you can’t get out of here.” Michael pulled her closer and brushed his lips lightly across the top of her forehead, “See you soon girl. Let’s go Miko.” Lexi walked them to the door and watched as they made their way down the driveway. Suddenly Flako and his crew were in front of them and she tensed up with dread, but just as quickly Flako extended his hand to Michael for a handshake. When the group finally turned, the crowd quietly parted and let him climb easily into the limo with just a few handshakes and hugs. Lexi was grateful to her Cousin for his help and even more excited about tonight, until she turned and saw her Mother watching her from the hallway entrance.

“Lexi, I don’t want him to break your heart.” Sally looked at her daughter as she clutched her chest. “Oh Mom, we are just having dinner, it’s nothing serious.” Lexi moved away from her Mother as she spoke because she too was afraid that he would break her heart. She hadn’t been able to stop thinking about him since he dropped her off last night and now he had just been in her house. “Don’t lose yourself Lexi, keep part of yourself for you. It would be easy to get lost with a man like him.” Sally put her arms around her daughter and hugged her tight. “I love you Mija, have fun tonight.” Lexi hugged her back, “He scares me Mommy, I could learn to like him way too much.” “I know baby, I know.” Sally stroked her hair softly and held her daughter close.

Lexi was in the middle of madly trying on one outfit after another when the phone rang. “Hello. Yes this is she. Yes, yes…thank you so much for returning my call sir. I am so sorry about missing you last night; yes I am fine, No, I wasn’t hurt in the accident. Unfortunately it is not repairable but it was replaced today so that is a relief. Yes Sir, tomorrow at 1:00…Great. I will see you then.” AWESOME! Lexi thought as she turned in the mirror examining the light gray halter dress and strappy high heeled sandals she found as she confirmed her rescheduled meeting for the next day. Lexi freshened up her makeup and hair and packed up the dinner supplies and headed out for the hotel in her new car. She took a deep breath and smelled the new car smell and smiled to herself at the crazy dream her day had been. As she turned on the stereo she couldn’t help but laugh as “Rock with You” came blaring out of the speakers, she didn’t know if he had planned it that way or if the car dealership placed it in the player as a courtesy, but she turned it up louder and sang along all the way to the hotel.

Lexi pulled up to the valet parking, mainly so she could get some help with the dinner supplies from a bellhop. “Miss Garcia?” A good looking older gentleman appeared before her seemingly out of nowhere. “Yes, I am Lexi Garcia.” “Very good Ma’am, please right this way if you will. I will see to it that your things are brought ‘round. If you would be so kind, we will also park your auto for you. Here is your ticket so that you may pick it up at your leisure.” Lexi hesitated for a moment before handing over the keys, “Miss Garcia, shall we proceed?” “Yes, of course, excuse me.” The concierge escorted her to a bank of elevators and held the door for her to enter. “I understand you have a key Ma’am? Please insert it here so that we may climb to the suite level please.” Lexi placed the key Michael had given her into a keyhole above the buttons on the panel. “Normally, if you do not have the key the elevator would only allow access to floor 18. However, your key unlocks the suite level to the 19th floor.” Lexi tried to not look impressed but she didn’t feel that her face did a very good job of hiding her emotions. It only took a moment and the elevator opened up on floor 19, another innovation of the key was that it did not allow any interruptions as the car made its ascent or descent allowing for the security of the guest at all times. “I shall leave you here Miss Garcia, make a right out of the car and walk down the hallway to the double doors, have a pleasant evening Ma’am.” Lexi stepped out of the car and heard the door swoosh shut behind her. She felt small, like a child on her first day of school, except her parents forgot to drop her off. The hallway walls seemed to breathe and move around her like Alice in Wonderland as she followed the white rabbit down his hole. She held her stomach and willed her feet to keep moving one in front of the other when unexpectedly the double doors flew open and Michael stood in front of her. “Hey girl, what is taking you so long…I am starving.” When she saw his smile and bright eyes she forgot all about being nervous. “They are bringing it up right now; I promise…you are going to love it.” Lexi made it to the door and couldn’t believe when he swept her up in his arms and held her close. “I am sure I am going to love it.”

Michael stared into her eyes and wondered to himself what it was about her that had him so intrigued. It had been so long, and he had wanted to feel this emotion that seemed to be gripping him. God it felt good to hold a woman that fascinated him like this again. He had gotten so tired of one night stands and being lonely. He knew that Hunter would have wanted him to move on right? He felt his heart drop in his chest as he thought of her, and he let Lexi go. “Come on inside, it is nice here.” Lexi felt the almost imperceptible change in his demeanor and filed it in the back of her mind. “Thank you Michael, it is beautiful and I appreciate the invitation for dinner.” Michael laughed, “What are you talking about, you cooked. I am just providing plates and a table. Where ARE they with the food by the way?” As if on cue a loud knock on the door came and Michael let the hotel staff in with the food Lexi had prepared for them. “Do you want them to set this up Lexi?” Michael asked her innocently. “Are you crazy? No, I will get it.” Lexi was already going through the cabinets in the kitchen looking for plates and silverware to set the table. Michael let the staff out and rejoined her in the kitchen. “Girl it smells so good. What is it?” “Enchiladas, beans and rice with some salad.” The menu rolled off of her tongue as she laid out the dishes on the table. “Are you kidding me? After Kentucky Fried Chicken, enchiladas are my favorite. So, Where are yours at? Cause…these are all mine.” Michael’s eyes were sparkling like a kid as he eyed the homemade meal sitting on the counter. “Go sit down and I will get you a plate.” Lexi started dishing out the food and Michael grabbed them each some water before sitting down. As she put his plate in front of him he smiled so sweet she had to look away, she didn’t know how she might make it through this night if he kept looking at her like that. When he took his first bite of his cheese enchiladas his eyes rolled back in his head and he grabbed his chest. “Oh no, I can’t take it. These are just too good.” Lexi shook her head and ate a bite, “I am glad they are still warm enough, I was afraid they would get cold driving over here.” Michael looked at her and gave her the OK sign with his fingers and just kept eating, she didn’t figure he was going to say much until he was done and she wondered how he stayed so thin if he always ate like this….

Michael sat down on the couch and watched expectantly while Lexi cleaned up the dining room, “Leave it girl, they will pick it up in the morning.” “Michael there are two more left in here, I am putting them in your fridge.” She put the last of the leftovers away and finally walked into the living room where he was waiting for her. “Can I get you a drink?” He asked as she sat down beside him. “I have to drive Michael.” His face reddened imperceptibly and he said quietly, “You can stay here ya know.” Lexi caught her breath trying to make sense of what he just said. He wanted her to stay…with him. “I…I really don’t know how to answer that Michael.” “Just say yes, Lexi.” Michael moved closer to her and reached out for her hand, “However, you want this night to end. It’s your decision.” He pulled her next to him and lifted her chin up to look in his eyes, “You are so beautiful, and I wanna be close to you Lexi. Please…let me be close to you.” Lexi watched his eyes as he spoke to her and they seemed to look right in her very being. Her heart began pounding and she felt dizzy as his lips met hers, tentatively he found her mouth, which seemed to tremble with anticipation. Michael moved his hand to her face and gently stroked her hair away from her cheek before he pulled away and held her tightly to him. “That was nice”. Michael spoke softly and his voice seemed soothing as her head lay upon his chest. She could smell his cologne and feel his lean strength as he stroked her back and hair. Lexi looked up realizing she wanted to feel his lips upon hers, “Kiss me again Michael.” Her whispered plea was met with his passionate answer as he moved on her with unleashed abandon. “Mmm, I want you so much.” He pushed her back on the couch and pinned her down while his tongue began to slowly explore her mouth. He felt a charge of excitement when she met him with a deeply passionate return of emotion. Moving together she wrapped her arms around him and pulled him close. He could hear her breath quicken as he slid his hand down her side and up her stomach to caress her chest and shoulders. He pulled away slightly and caught her bottom lip in his teeth and pulled gently before returning to softly suck on it between his lips. As he did this Lexi threw her head back and exposed her neck to him. Michael naturally followed the line of her now throbbing pulse down and kissed and sucked on her aching flesh. Her hands automatically moved to his hair and a small groan escaped her lips. “Do you like that girl?” Michael was so caught up in her…the sweet smell of her perfume, the softness of her hair that lay on her shoulder….That he wanted her, all of her before the night was over. Reaching up behind her neck he opened the clasp of her halter dress and began to pull it down, sliding his large soft hands underneath it as he moved it down her body. He hadn’t noticed she was beginning to push him off of her, “Michael…Michael please we have to slow down, MICHAEL!” Lexi’s voice finally broke through to him and he sat up quickly and pulled her up with him. “What’s wrong, did I hurt you?” he asked her quietly. “No, no you didn’t hurt me. I just…Michael….I…Michael, I should go.” Lexi pushed him out of the way and stood up holding her dress against her chest so it wouldn’t fall down exposing her to him. “I don’t understand, what is wrong.” Michael tried to comfort her, but she turned her back as she clasped her dress back together. She moved quickly to her purse and grabbed the valet ticket, and laid it on the table. “Here is the ticket for the car, the valet has the keys. It was the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me; and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are so wonderful for doing that.” “Lexi, don’t go. What did I do? I’m sorry; please let me make it up to you.” Michael caught her hand and tried to keep her from leaving the suite. “Michael I just have to go. Please…take care of yourself, OK.” He could see the tears in her eyes and knew she didn’t mean what she was saying but he didn’t have the courage at the moment to chase her to the lobby to beg her to stay. He watched the door close behind her and stood there for several minutes praying that a knock would come. Finally he made his way to the bar and proceeded to make the first of many scotches he would drink that night. What had he done? He asked himself that question over and over until he finally passed out on the couch.

Lexi banged the down button of the elevator willing it to open for what seemed like an eternity. She was petrified that Michael would follow her out into the hallway and try to stop her from leaving. She knew she didn’t have the willpower to say no if he did, and she really didn’t know why she ran away in the first place. All she could do was react, and her mind and body told her to run, as fast and far away from this situation as possible. Even though her heart was telling her to stay…stay and be with him and damn to hell what makes sense in the world. Finally the doors opened and she punched the ground floor button and took a deep breath it signaled she was safely ensconced and on her way home. As the car neared the 10th floor it slowed down and the doors slid open for a hotel guest to enter, to her embarrassment it was Michael’s bodyguard Miko. She looked down at the floor hoping he wouldn’t notice her but he spoke soon enough, “Going home already Miss Garcia?” Lexi kept her head down and didn’t say anything but a big sniffle gave her away. “Hey, what is going on, why are you crying? Lexi are you all right?” When she looked up at him her eyes overflowed with tears and her face had turned a shade of purple he hadn’t quite seen before. He tried to make out what she was saying but she couldn’t catch her breath and it was almost impossible to understand. All he got was “Go Home.” Miko nodded, “OK, we can get you home. Where is your car?” This started up a new round of crying and he made out through her sobs that she had given Michael back the car. “Lexi, I will drive you home. Don’t worry about it. Come on lets go.” The elevator made it to the lobby and Miko escorted her out to the regular guest parking and opened the door to his plain Toyota Corolla. “Hey, I don’t know what happened tonight, but I promise you that he is the nicest guy on the planet and he really likes you.” He stared at her for a moment before starting the engine and she started to settle down, “Miko, can we go get a cup of coffee? I need to calm down before I go home, I can’t let my Mom see me like this.” Miko smiled and nodded his head, “Sure thing, there is a coffee shop not far from here, and my Dad loves their cinnamon rolls.” Lexi smiled at him, “I miss my Dad, he passed away when I was twelve. He called me his Princess…” Miko pulled out into traffic and headed toward the coffee shop, “I bet you were his Princess, we have had a hard time with my sister and brother this last year and I know my Father would do anything to help them both. It’s just difficult when the tabloids won’t leave them alone.” Lexi looked carefully at Miko trying to put the pieces together, “Miko, who is your family if you don’t mind me asking?” Miko ran a hand through is thick, straight hair and sighed, “No, I don’t mind you asking. My Father is Marlon Brando. I guess the rest makes sense to you now.” Lexi felt like she had been punched in the stomach, here she had been sobbing to this gentle giant and he had so much to be sad about. His brother Christian had been in jail for murdering his sister Cheyenne’s boyfriend accidentally one night at their Father’s house. The tabloid’s had been having a field day with the drama and there had been reports that his father’s heath had been suffering because of it all. “Oh Miko, I had no idea. That is such a burden to carry. Is he doing all right?” Miko shrugged his shoulders, “He has the best lawyers working on it, and hopefully it will all work out. I worry about my sister though, she is not well.” Miko pulled up in front of the little coffee shop and glanced over at Lexi, “Let’s go get some coffee and a cinnamon roll. It will make my Dad jealous when I tell him I was here with a beautiful lady.” He managed to get a small smile out of her and they headed in to the bright lights of the coffee shop.

Lexi and Miko nursed their coffee as the waitress cleared off the plates from the cinnamon rolls. “Thanks for bringing me, I needed that.” Lexi smiled across the table at her new friend. “It’s no problem. I couldn’t leave you all upset. So….do you want to tell me what’s going on?” Lexi looked down at the table and twisted the napkin around in her fingers. “I should tell you this Miko, Michael didn’t do anything. He is wonderful, charming, handsome…everything a girl could ever wish for.” Miko waited patiently for her to continue, he had spent years watching women throw themselves at his friend, but it was rare that any of them ran away from him. “He, Michael…he…I…he really scares me Miko. I really like him, so much, but I don’t even know him yet. I am not stupid; I know how these things are. He will move on in a few days or weeks and I will wonder what hit me. I don’t want to live with that. I have already lost too much in my life…I can’t get my heart broken again.” Miko tapped his fingers on the table and breathed deeply, “Lexi, I can’t get into it with you, but Michael has had his heart broken too. Really broken, and he is still recovering. I am not saying he is a saint, but you are the first girl I have seen him really become interested and excited over in a very, very long time. Do not write him off because of a perception you might have from stories you have heard about the music business. He is different, that is why he is who and what he is today.” Lexi lowered her eyes and watched the coffee cup get blurry in front of her as the tears filled them again. “I probably already blew it Miko. I don’t think he would see me again after tonight.” “Don’t sell yourself short, when he makes up his mind about something he usually finds a way to make it happen.” Miko picked up his car keys as he finished his sentence and slid out of the booth. “I guess if we do see each other, we need to talk.” Lexi looked at Miko for reassurance and he took her hand and gave it a squeeze as he helped her stand up.

Michael heard the faint ding of the microwave and the clack of a fork scraping against a plate. “Hey, you need to get up; we are going to be late.” Miko’s foot pushed at Michael as he rolled over on the couch. “What are you eating Miko? That better not be my enchiladas.” Michael rubbed the sleep out of his eyes and frowned at his friend. Miko scraped the last of the plate and smiled, “Sure was…they were good too. Snooze you lose, buddy. Get up.” Michael swung his legs around and sat up and felt the full force of the previous nights alcohol hit him. “Oh God, what did I do?” He grabbed his forehead and rubbed his temples. “I don’t know, what did you do Michael? I ended up having to drive her home last night. She was pretty upset.” Michael turned his head and looked out from under his fingers, “Are you kidding me? You saw her, what did she say?” Miko pulled him to his feet, “Go take a shower and I will tell you on the way, we have to get moving.” Michael reluctantly moved towards the bedroom to get ready and inwardly groaned and realized that there would be no moon walking for him on that morning.

Lexi drove in to downtown Los Angeles arriving a few minutes before 1:00. She parked her Mom’s beat up Chevy at a city parking lot and walked the two blocks to her meeting location at a typical steel and glass fronted office building like the kind that housed most of the offices in the city. She checked her appearance in the reflection as she opened the door and approached the receptionist who asked her to wait for a moment while she contacted the proper office. Lexi knew she should be concentrating on her meeting but all she could think about were the events of the prior evening. She realized that she had most likely blown it with Michael…a once in a lifetime chance and she had thrown it away. However she couldn’t get over the nagging feeling that leaving had been the best choice, at least for that moment. They didn’t know anything about each other and even though you could cut the tension between them with a knife, she didn’t want to be another “do not disturb” sign in Michael Jackson’s hotel of life. She would rather move along and go back to her safe, normal life in Cypress Park.

“Miss Garcia, follow me please.” Lexi was torn out of her thoughts by the receptionist escorting her to a small conference room. “Mr. Lawson will be right with you.” Lexi arranged her notes and handouts around her and tried to mentally prepare for the challenge that lay ahead. The issue was that Michael’s face kept appearing before her eyes and his voice was in her head, “You are so beautiful, and I wanna be close to you Lexi. Please…let me be close to you.” It seemed to echo over and over driving her mad, how would she cope if she couldn’t think straight? She had to get it together before she messed things up, she had worked too hard to get this far. Just when she thought she couldn’t take it another moment the door swung open and a casually dressed man entered the conference room. “Hi, Miss Garcia? I am Jason…Jason Lawson. It’s a pleasure to finally get to meet you. We have talked so much on the phone I feel like I know you.” Lexi stood up and grasped his hand warmly. “Mr. Lawson, thank you so much for meeting with me while you are here in town. I know you are very busy so I won’t keep you, shall we get started?” “Please, tell me what the plans for your neighborhood are?” Jason watched carefully as Lexi spelled out the reasons why her area needed a free/low cost medical clinic. She explained that she had lined up volunteer and low wage Registered Nurses, Paramedics, Physician Assistants, and Doctor’s to staff a clinic twelve hours a day six days a week. She had also located a building that needed only moderate rehabbing to house the facility. She went on to explain that a local contractor would donate his time and labor if she could arrange for materials and permitting to be completed per government code. Lexi ended her presentation with the fact that most neighborhoods tend to improve their surroundings if they have a point of interest to create a common goal for the people. Jason leaned back in his chair and studied the numbers, “$250,000.00 is a lot of money Miss Garcia?” Lexi tried to look confident and secure, “Yes sir but much of that is start up costs, so when you help us next year hopefully it won’t be as painful.” Jason smiled at her and laid the proposal on the table, “Miss. Garcia, I am going to recommend this project. It still has to be signed off, but that should not be a problem.” Lexi felt her heart start to pound and Jason stood to shake her hand and wind up the meeting. As they were saying their goodbyes Jason asked, “When this gets approved we should probably meet to discuss the dispersion of funds and accountability. How about lunch?” The door to the conference room behind her had opened while Jason was talking, but in her excitement she didn’t hear or see it before she answered, “Sure lunch would be great. You have my number so just give me a call.” The smile on her face was so bright and she shook Jason’s hand and gave him a quick hug before she began to gather her things. Lexi was madly stuffing her files in her briefcase as Jason left the room and couldn’t believe that everything had gone so easy. “You look happy now, maybe I should have just asked you to lunch?” Lexi became frozen where she stood, closing her eyes thinking she imagined the voice in her head again. Her hand began to shake and the keys to her Mother’s car fell to the ground beside her. Michael picked them up to give to her. Lexi slowly closed her eyes and held out her hand. “So ARE you happy?” Michael asked her so softly she barely heard him say it. “Yes….and no.”She replied as she finally turned to look at him

“Why are you here Michael, how did you find me? Lexi asked him, trying not to let her emotions betray her. Michael wanted to touch her so badly; it was all he could do to keep his hands to himself. “Believe it or not Lexi; I am here for work too.” Jason is one of my attorneys. He asked me to come by this afternoon because of a project that needed my signature, in fact the other night we were on our way to the airport to pick him up when I met you.” Lexi bowed her head and sighed; it was all really too much. Can fate really step in to your life so quickly and change it all around. “Lexi, if I did something wrong last night, I am so sorry. Please accept my apology.” Without thinking she took his hand in hers and squeezed it tight. “Michael, don’t do that…please, I just needed to think. Everything was happening so fast.” Michael couldn’t contain himself and he leaned forward and took her lips with his. The swift sigh from Lexi confirmed to him that she too felt the same passion and raw energy that flowed between them. Lexi pulled him towards her this time pushing against his lips as she strained to feel him again. Pulling away Lexi managed to whisper into his ear, “I’m sorry Michael; do you believe me when I tell you how sorry I am?” He passed his hands across her chest, and softly up her neck. “It doesn’t matter anymore; I just want to be with you right now. I just want to hold you Lexi.” Finally she allowed him to just wrap his arms around her and hold her close. His tender kisses landing on top of her head. “You are going to get a backache from bending down so long.” Lexi finally said. “I don’t care, I know a good paramedic that can fix me right up.” She felt small but strong in his arms and it made him feel protective of her too. “Will you meet me later? We need to talk I think.” Michael looked down at her and she nodded her head. “Yeah, about six is that good?” Michael squeezed her tight and kissed her again, “Yes, but I might not let you go girl….tell your Mom, it might be the last time she sees you.” Lexi smiled as they finally released each other. Michael walked her to the door and Lexi was surprised to see both Miko and Jason waiting in the hallway as she left. Miko gave her a wink and Jason acted appropriately innocent.

Michael watched her walk down the hallway until she turned the corner and disappeared. “So…she has the grant for the clinic then Michael?” Jason asked as they walked back into the conference room. “I don’t know Jason, is it a worthwhile project? I promised her Mother that I would find something special for us to invest the trust in.” Michael turned to Jason waiting on an answer. “Yes, it actually is. Most of the costs will be mortgage, insurance, maintenance and supplies. It is possible she can get the supplies donated, at least partially. She has covered many of the other aspects though.” Jason handed the file over to Michael for inspection. After reviewing it for several minutes he paused and rubbed his hand over his face, contemplating his decision. “Are you all right Michael?” Miko asked from the corner of the room. A small nod of his head confirmed to Miko that Michael was doing the best he could to hold his emotions in check in front of Jason. But finally he held out his hand and Jason placed a pen in it for his signature to grant funds up to $250,000.00 for fiscal year 1991-1992 authorizing Alexis M. Garcia and her designees to begin work on the “Hunter Leigh Davis Memorial Clinic” soon to be serving the needs of the citizens of East Los Angeles.

Lexi pushed her Mothers Chevy as hard as it would drive through the increasing traffic and was relieved to finally pull on to her street. She was stunned to see the Lexus once again sitting in her driveway as she pulled up to the house. Tossing her Mother’s car keys on the table she called out as she walked in the door. “Mom, what happened with the car?” Sally appeared out of the laundry room with her arms full of clothes shaking her head. “Mija, it was about an hour and a half ago. A truck dropped it off again and the man left the keys for you.” “Did he say anything?” Lexi took the laundry from her and walked into Junior’s bedroom to put it away. “No, he just dropped it Lexi.” Lexi shook her head and smiled as she put away the clothes, Miko had told her that Michael was focused and she was beginning to see what he was talking about. “I saw him just now Mom, we are going to talk tonight.” Sally sat down on the bed concerned that her daughter might be making a mistake by meeting with Michael. “How did you see him, I thought you were meeting with the man about the money?” Lexi sighed and sat down next to her Mom, “I did meet him Mom, and the meeting went fantastic. He is recommending the project to the people who sign off on it. He said he is pretty sure we will get it. I am so excited.” Sally’s face lit up and she hugged her daughter, “Lexi I am so happy, it is a good thing you are doing. You are helping so many people. But when did you see Michael, did you go by the hotel?” “No, that is the weirdest thing. He was there Mom. That man I met today is one of his lawyers. The other night on the freeway, Michael was going to the airport to pick him up. That’s why we were both there at the same time. Isn’t that freaky?” Sally unconsciously moved away from Lexi and crossed herself, “Mija, I don’t think that is just ah …how do you say it…a coincidence. It’s like fate.” Lexi nodded her head, “I don’t know Mommy, but something keeps putting us together and I am going to stop fighting it.” “You are a smart woman, I trust you to make a good choice.” Sally gave her daughter a hug as she stood up to get dressed, and Lexi hoped she was right.

Lexi made it up to the 19th floor thankful that she had forgotten to leave the elevator key with Michael the previous night. Before she knocked on the door she took a deep breath and thought about all the positive reasons she had for being there, she realized that the good things outweighed the negative and she had to take a chance. She lightly knocked on the door and was startled when he seemed to snatch it open before she finished. “Hi, I couldn’t wait for you to get here.” Michael’s smiling face greeted her with anticipation. Lexi sat down on the same couch where they were they night before and looked around nervously. “Can I get you something Lexi?” “Sure a Coke would be fine…oh I mean Pepsi.” Her embarrassment showed on her face but Michael moved to the bar and fixed her a glass while he poured himself a scotch. “Can I sit on the couch with you?” Michael asked politely while handing her the drink. “Yes, of course you can, it’s your place.” Michael took a gulp off of his drink before speaking, “What happened last night? Lexi if I pushed you too far…” His voice trailed off as he fought off images of Joseph in the clubs when he was a child, pawing women late at night. “I would never want to make you do anything you weren’t comfortable doing.” Michael finished the rest of his drink and walked to the bar to pour another. Lexi waited for him to return before she spoke, “Michael, I was right there with you, I didn’t want to go home last night.” Michael grabbed her hand and squeezed it tight. “So why did you? You are confusing me girl?” Lexi stood up and walked over to the window and looked down at the cars below. “Because, I like you too much to just be a one night stand Michael, I would rather just walk away now.” She felt him behind her, she never even heard him move from the couch or walk across the room. But his body was pressing against hers and his arms wrapped around her protectively when he spoke softly in her ear. “I don’t want a one night stand with you either. Let’s try this thing girl, I don’t want to be alone anymore…I have been alone for a long time now. I have to start living again.” Lexi shut her eyes and leaned back into the sound of his voice, it would be so easy to just let go and fall for him. Would it be so awful to try? His hand smoothed her hair back off her face and tilted her chin up. “Be with me Lexi, I want you so much.” His dark eyes seemed to pierce her resolve as she looked up into them for reassurance. She had made her decision when she turned her body around to him, “Take me to your bed Michael, I want you too.”

Michael’s heart jumped out of his chest when she said those words. He pulled her close and kissed her deep letting his lips caress every part of her mouth he could find. Her sweetness already seemed like it had become a part of him and he longed to savor and taste every part of her body during the night that was to come. Lexi almost couldn’t stand the anticipation of waiting any longer. His lips were agonizingly sexy as he spun and twisted his tongue gently against hers. He pulled away to take her hand, “Come with me.” Michael led her down a hallway and through a set a large double doors, when he opened them she was taken aback by the size of his bedroom since it was bigger than her whole house. Michael led her towards the bed and sat down on it pulling her close as he did. Slowly he unbuttoned her blouse starting at the bottom and placed soft gentle kisses on her stomach. Lexi stood in front of him and pulled his head close and arched her back as she watched his lips and tongue move in slow motion up and down. His tongue felt warm against the cool touch of his breath as he blew tiny puffs of air across her and she felt her insides tighten in anticipation of his next move.

Releasing the last button of her blouse Lexi finally let it fall to the ground and watched as Michael reached for the button on her jeans. “Oh god” he whispered as he released it and unzipped them allowing for his mouth to settle lower on her body while he pulled the jeans down and off her legs. She could feel his hot breath through the thin silk of her panties and gasped involuntarily as he moved his lips across the top of her now swollen core. Michael pulled away and teased her by bringing his finger slightly underneath the edge of the elastic of her panties and gently began rubbing her and then retreating. He repeated this several times until he could see her eyes beginning to roll under her eyelids and he finally pulled her onto the bed with him.

Lexi sat up on top of him and reached for her bra and removed it quickly. “I want you now Michael, no more waiting.” Michael felt his body instantly react to her boldness and rolled her over on the bed and took her nipple in his mouth. He sucked and pulled and mouthed her breasts holding them in large hands like fine works of art. Lexi let her hands travel his body and found her way under his t-shirt where she mimicked his movements when she found his nipples. Soon they were hard and sensitive like hers. Finally he moved up and kissed her again and she rolled back on top of him. Lexi reached down and stroked him softly between his legs and felt his hardness as it wrapped all the way across his hip. “That’s it; these are coming off of you right now.” Lexi reached up and freed him from his black pants and underwear, pulling them off in one movement. As she kneeled on the side of the bed she couldn’t believe her eyes, he was perfect and huge and he was waiting for her. She stepped out of her panties and leaned across him, letting him slowly slide across her lips and tongue before hitting the back of her throat and moving even farther down until her lips had him satisfied. Michael raised his hips up and she felt his hand on her head as she began to move steadily up and down in a rhythm that built momentum all for him. “Lexi, that’s unbelievable…oh my god.” She could feel him twitch with anticipation underneath her lips and she knew he couldn’t hold out much longer. “No…no, not the first time, come here!” Michael grabbed her almost forcefully and pushed her back on the bed. “We’re doing this together, come on girl…” He entered with a quick shove. Lexi felt a jolt that took her breath away initially, but he let her lie there and relax and they finally began to move together. “Lexi, you feel so incredible. Thank you for staying.” Michael stared into her face as he rolled his hips deep into her softness. He bent down and kissed her mouth and felt her legs wrap around his back as he increased his speed to a hard push that thrust his shaft in and out quicker and quicker as her hips rose to meet him with every stroke. Lexi raised her legs up so that her ankles wrapped around his neck and he felt a new tightness he hadn’t experienced with her. “Michael come with me, can you feel it?” Michael felt her tighten around him and he couldn’t hold back any longer. As she seemed to explode around him, the tingle in his spine let loose in a flurry of energy that finally released inside Lexi. Clinging to each other with cries of passion ringing in their ears they rocked each other until the tension faded. Sweat covered them as they fought to catch their breath. Michael covered her with kisses and he was giddy that he was lying in bed with her after such an amazing moment. “You are not going home are you?” Michael whispered to her softly. “Not right now Michael. I plan on staying with you tonight.” Lexi snuggled up close to Michael as he pulled her next to him.

Later that night when Lexi was asleep he snuck into the bathroom and took his medicine. He fixed a couple of drinks in the living room and watched some television. Finally he got out the check for Lexi. He still had to explain to her how he was involved in the clinic. He took a drink off of the scotch and looked at the name of the clinic and smiled. He knew Hunter would be happy that it would be helping all those people, especially the kids. When he had finally talked to her Mother again she had been so understanding and reasonable. She said she knew that he was heartbroken and would one day show up to check on her. When Brette spoke to him about the trust she had set up with the insurance money he was impressed. He never knew that the trucking company had paid out such a large amount of money over the accident. But since she had been pregnant, young and they had heard the rumors that she was engaged to a world famous entertainer they settled quickly and for $10,000,000.00. Brette had asked him to be in charge of the trust and he agreed, there would be many people and charities helped because of Hunter for years to come. He had said at Christmas: “What he needed to figure out now is how to celebrate Hunter instead of still grieve for her” He hoped he had finally started to get there.

When he looked at the clock and saw that it was 4:00 AM and figured he should climb back in the bed with Lexi before she figured anything out. He watched Lexi lying there and his heart skipped a beat, he really did care for her. He didn’t know if he could ever fall head over heels again. But he thought he could find a nice girl and settle down. Sliding into the bed he pulled her close and tried not to see images of green eyes flash through his mind, but as usual he had no luck. This time though there was someone there who held him close when he reached out to her, and as she began to move her body again on top of him the sad images left him for the rest of the night.

To Be Continued……

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NightGarden said…
I’m loving also this one Miss DangerousPYT and I’m really interested in seeing how these two people, coming from such different worlds, will open up to each other. M has still his own issues to deal with and now we have to find out about hers as well…As usual, I like the link with other bio data (in this case, a fictional one, Hunter). Can’t wait to see what happens next!

Saturday, January 9, 2010 10:48:00 PM EST
Shan said…
Wow! DangerousPYT that’s all I can say! I’m looking forward to reading the rest!

Sunday, January 10, 2010 2:09:00 PM EST
Eri said…
Your stories just keep gettting better and better, girl. I can’t wait for the next installment!

Sunday, January 10, 2010 2:16:00 PM EST
Priyanka said…
Wow – this one is muy caliente! Great job, DangerousPYT!

Monday, January 11, 2010 12:12:00 AM EST

I have’t be able to read any thing else the last few days, i can’t seem to get enought. I most agree with one of our read and say the story is Muy caliente!.

Hey Candy…

Si si, Senor Jackson and Senorita Lexi are def smokin. Strap in tight cause you are in for quite a ride girl!

I decided to start over, while waiting for tge next installment of End of Innocence…wise choice, this story is soooo gooooood!!!!

Thanks kikib

it is fun to go back and read it again. They have come along way…baby

LOL Michael looked longingly at the Kentucky Fried Chicken across the street

Did you read the stories in between LA?

Hmm? What do you mean?

There are stories between Hunter and Lexi

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They are in chronoligical order…
you can read them seperate but they do follow a “flow” especially Kim and Diana


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