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The King

Just a caution, this is a bit more of a naughty story.
So if you think you may be offended you have been warned.
If not…have fun!
The King
February 1991

Pushing the video into the player she anticipated what images were held on the magnetic strip of tape firmly held between the molded plastic shell. She watched as the tape counter ticked off the numbers as it rewound back to the beginning of her favorite part of the concert. Pushing play she examined the dancers as they lined up on the stage and the familiar melody started to play. Her eyes, as always were drawn to him. Seeking him out in the middle of the full bodied men, she couldn’t help but look for his lean frame and straight shoulders and of course his perfectly tight ass protected by row upon row of buckles down the legs of his black form fitting pants. His energy was raw; his smile, as always, electric…the crowd captivated by the spell he cast upon them as he practiced his own special form of supernatural display. She lay on her bed and wondered what kind of magic he could make on top of her, moving like he did on the stage. He must be amazing to make love to and her mind was full of fantasies about him. Her hand moved to the elastic of her panties and she could already feel the wetness building as she slid the barrier aside and touched her herself slowly watching the man on the stage as he double stepped and whirled himself around to the beat of the classic songs he once sang with his brothers when she was a girl. The blood began to build under her finger as she made slow circles and her hips thrust up to meet the imaginary lover she watched on the screen, the tiny moan that escaped her mouth was only heard by the pillow she turned her face to when she grabbed the headboard with her free hand.

 When suddenly the music on the tape slowed down and he seemed to be singing right to her, she could hear the crowd scream and he began to walk towards the spotlight…her anticipation grew as she moved her finger faster against her now engorged flesh and the tingle in her center grew outward spreading like warm honey through her body. When he finally stepped into the light, he was already half hard with the passion of the music, and the love of the crowd…his shaft had grown and was almost half-way to his knee and he wasn’t even fully erect. She imagined he was walking towards her, ready to take her right there on her bed. Her orgasm came deep and hard, and she pulled desperately on the rail to keep from crying out too loudly. Eventually her breathing started to become normal again and she could hear his sweet voice singing “I’ll Be There”, and that’s when she decided that yes, indeed…next time she came with him, he would be there.

Hollywood is a small town, one where everyone eventually knows everyone else or is related to them, and Dita was still wary about people gossiping and future career endeavors being sabotaged by silly flings. However, she had watched Michael from afar for years, long before she ever came to California or even New York for that matter. She had been lucky enough to meet him several times at industry parties and he was always pleasant and charming and had even posed for a picture with her, as stars do. She treasured that picture. Her ex-husband laughed at her and called her star struck and weak, but she knew that one day she would be as famous as Michael if she just worked hard enough. She was still working and had dumped her ex, now she just had to get to Michael.

Party season was in full swing and if she played her cards right she could be in the right place at the right time to put her plan into motion. She made sure she had the best in designer clothes, spa treatments and her hair shone like pure platinum. Subtly she asked about him, how his time in the studio was coming along or if he had worked with any new choreographers yet. Her own job kept her busy as well, as she coordinated production and video schedules. Still though she couldn’t stop the longing to have him submit to her needs, her wants, or her desires. It ate at her like a growing hunger, becoming an obsession that sat at the back of her thoughts day and night as she went about her routine. When she put on her glamorous clothes it was with the hope that he might be attending the same event and she could finally seduce him with her charms. When she was in bed with a lover, she would sometimes close her eyes and imagine Michael’s body under hers as she controlled his whims, and fantasies. Forever casting aside, in her mind, the “he’s so chaste” rumors that dogged him around town.

Michael stood in the office at the Hollywood Palladium and surveyed the crowd lazily. He had only stopped by for a moment to catch the band on stage as he heard they were hot and on the scene. He scanned the VIP area and caught sight of her and quickly moved into the shadows before she looked up and saw him watching. As he observed her with her friends dancing and laughing he wondered why she insisted on her phony, pushy act that she pressed upon everyone. He really felt that deep down she was insecure and lonely, maybe even as much as he was.

He signaled to security to bring the car around back, as he hastily scrawled a note:

I understand you have been asking around about me,
meet me at Record One at Midnight, Studio A…come alone.



Security tipped the waitress two hundred dollars to deliver the note and he glanced over his shoulder as she opened it, he was confident by the look on her face she would be at the studio at midnight.

Her heart skipped a beat as she read the words on the page, he had been there…he knew about her. He had asked to see her. She grabbed her friend and kissed her long and hard creating a frenzy of excitement among the crowd and left in a hurry. She had just enough time to reach the studio for his midnight rendezvous. She buzzed the driver twice on the way and told him to hurry while she checked her appearance in the mirror, all the while hoping that it would be enough to seduce him. She could feel the tingle between her legs building into a slow burn, and she hadn’t even seen him…yes this night would be all hers.

Arriving at the studio she sent the limo away, telling the driver she would summon him when her session was finished. She laughed to herself at her cleverness as she pulled on the unlocked door and walked inside. She discovered the next door locked and the first door locked behind her after she entered, essentially trapping her for a moment. Her heart raced wondering if maybe she was stuck in the entryway with no one to rescue her and no phone to call for help. She pulled on the interior door and yelled for assistance. With much relief, she finally heard a click and the second door opened and she made her way to “Studio A” and glanced up when she heard the whine of the security camera as it followed her progress down the hallway to the door, along with the click of her heels echoing in her ears. The loud clack of the magnetic lock signaled that she could enter and she found herself in the main studio at Record One. It was dark except for a low spot light illuminating a futuristic chrome and leather barstool.

“Hello?” Dita called softly into the chambers of the studio. No one answered back. “Hello, is anyone here?” She called again, hoping to hear someone, anyone that would answer. She laid her purse down and tried to look around in the studio but it was too dark, except for the barstool that was illuminated…so she finally sat there. Suddenly her arms were behind her and her jaw was being held in place from behind, “I understand you want to spend some time with me, are you willing to do what I say? Tell me no and your free to go, tell me yes and you play by my rules…do you understand?” She nodded her head as much as she could, her eyes flashing wildly around, but seeing nothing. “Now, what is your answer…yes or no?” His voice was low and seemed like a growl that came from some primeval place. Her voice barely above a whisper, almost begged him to finally begin, “Yes, yes…your rules.”

“Don’t move.” He released her arms and carefully placed a soft satin blindfold over her eyes. The kind of blindfold that wouldn’t let you cheat and see underneath the bottom…it was dark, and it excited her. Then she heard the zip of a pair of handcuffs as he cuffed her wrists, behind her back, and on to the barstool. She didn’t understand why he was restricting her movement but she was thrilled because he was so close. She could feel the heat off of his body, and smell the musky powdery scent of his cologne. He moved around in front of her and he used his knee to push her thighs apart, straddling her leg with his own. Leaning in he whispered in her ear, “All those things you always pretend to do, I am going to do to you tonight. Are you ready?” Dita felt herself quiver inside but was unsure how to react. “I asked you a question. Are you ready?” Weakly she answered, “Yes”. His eyes narrowed and his lips touched her ear, “Yes, what! You address me correctly when I ask you a question, do you understand?” “Yes, Michael.” Goosebumps rose on her skin from his lips contacting her flesh and it did not go unnoticed. He started dragging his lips and tongue around her ear and neck, “You look great sitting there like that, if you are good you might get a treat later.” Michael’s lips planted tiny kisses on her neck as he pulled her head back by her hair.

The groan that escaped her throat was spontaneous and she strained against the restraints that bound her wrists behind her back. She longed to touch him, to guide his lips to hers and to look upon his face when he touched her body so intimately. Her thighs clamped shut around his leg as she involuntarily moved against him trying to relieve herself of the pressure that had been building since he bound her wrists.

His voice was as smooth as silk but cold as steel as he spoke in her ear again, “I didn’t tell you that you could move your legs, if you don’t stop I will tie them up too. Is that what you want?” He reached down and forcefully pulled her legs far apart at the knees and held them there as he finally kissed her long, and deep. She gasped at the feel of his lips on hers; they were so soft and warm. His hands moved to her face and caressed her with a gentleness belying the words he spoke in her ear. His tongue softly explored her mouth with a tenderness she did not expect. Finally his hands moved and stroked her arms and she heard him stifle a small moan, she smiled under his kiss and he pulled her up against his body and issued a warning. “This is my place and my rules, you already agreed. That is your last warning…don’t make me tell you again.” Dita shivered under his hands and hung her head. He smiled to himself as he could see that his plan seemed to have begun to work on her. Before this night was over, she would finally understand. This was his town, and his industry…there was a reason why they called him The King.

He walked around behind her and eased her face to the side as he ran his lips up the outside of her neck. He felt her body relax onto him and he was tempted to let her go and take her to his bedroom he kept down the hall. She was beautiful in the soft glow of the dim spotlight. Her milky white skin radiated from within and she seemed so trusting as she laid her head back against his chest while he explored her body. His fingers found the trail from her ear down her neck and to the top of her cleavage. He watched the skin rise up underneath his touch as he traced down her body slowly and with purpose. “I bet you want me to touch you there, don’t you? Of course you do, or wouldn’t have worn this bustier tonight.” Michael began to unhook the back of the bustier and she let out a small sigh. She didn’t want him to stop; she wanted to feel his beautiful hands on her as soon as possible. Halfway down he did stop and she bit her lip but didn’t complain. “Did you want to sit here naked, with your arms behind your back?” She didn’t answer him immediately and he pulled down on the handcuffs, “How many times do I have to ask you a question before you answer me woman?” His voice was hostile and gruff and he moved his hands to her shoulders. “I just want you to touch me….please.” her voice had become tiny and small, a big difference from the usual haughty air she displayed around town. He caught her lips under his; kissing her hard and deep, tilting her head back to meet him halfway. His hands started to roam her soft skin and departed her shoulders and momentarily encircled her throat. She kissed him harder, straining to find his body closer to her…the chain of the cuffs clanging on the metal of the chair. He flattened out his palms and slid them slowly down her chest, grunting in her mouth with pleasure as he slipped them gently under the fabric of the bustier and cupped her breasts.

They were full and natural, not like most in a town full of plastic and it felt good to have them under his hands. Her nipples were rigid under his palms and he started to encircle them both with his thumbs. “Is that what you wanted girl? Mmmm they feel so good.” She could hear the lust in his voice and her head rolled back and forth across his chest as he manipulated her body so expertly. He pulled them out of the constraints of the bustier and made his way back around in front of her. She felt his lips find her nipple and she arched toward him without thinking. “Damn woman…” his lust filled whisper made her even crazier and she started to pull on her restraint. “I told you it was my rules. Why did you have to go and break them by doing that?” She could hear the disappointment now and wondered what she had done. “Now I will have to punish you, and that makes me very unhappy. Because I am really turned on…and now we both have to wait.”

Moving around in front of her he pulled off her skirt and once again used his thigh to move her legs apart. He leaned in, kissing her hard and began to stroke her sex. He felt the heat that he created sitting between her legs and the dampness of her panties felt good against his hand. Pushing aside the thin strip of material he grazed his middle finger above her entrance, slowly trailing his way up and down her line. He watched as her head fell back and her teeth clamped down on her bottom lip. He repeated this several times before finally sinking in and slowly moving it around as he spoke to her in hushed tones, “You are going to have to wait for more. You were too impatient…tell me do you think it will be worth it? The guttural cry that escaped her lips made him smile as he began to rub her sensitive core with his thumb, “Answer me, will it be worth it?” Her hips began to lift off of the seat and her arms strained against the metal cuffs. He watched as her breasts pointed up at him, nipples straight in the air, “Oh yes, it will be worth it…please don’t make me wait anymore.” His eyes darkened suddenly as he remembered her recent machinations and he removed his hand and pulled her panties down and off her body. “You will wait.”

She felt a pair of headphones being placed over her ears and a beat started to pulse through them. A heat began to pour over her and she soon it felt hot and a sweat started to bead up on her body. The loop of the beat played over and over and she desperately wanted to cool off. Her arms were beginning to ache from sitting with them behind her and her back and legs were growing numb too. She knew she was exposed and for once in her life she felt it. She wanted to cover up, hide herself and not flaunt her body so wantonly. It seemed like she had been there for hours, with the heat, the beat and the ache. Her mind started to wander and her body started to give in.

Michael sat in the booth and watched her. He had cued up one of the new beats from the album and looped it over and over. He had also turned on all the spotlights and pointed them at her. If she wanted the spotlight, he would give it to her. His idea was to break her superiority complex but not her spirit. He did admire her for who she was, but he knew that somewhere deep inside she was more complex, more real…and she needed to get in touch with that person. As time passed he watched her will bend, finally her shoulders gave way and he knew he could return.

He stood behind her and watched as her head hung down and he briefly felt a sense of pity for her. He finally pushed the pedal on the chair and it sunk to the ground so her feet could touch the floor and he walked up behind her and removed the headphones. He tilted her chin to the side and she could smell his leather pants as her cheek rested against his crotch. He spoke softly to her as he returned the lighting to normal with the remote control, “Are you tired?” “Yes, I am Michael.” He stroked her face softly and she could feel him growing hard under the soft leather. “Just sit here and rest.” His fingers slowly caressed her face, gently touching her eyebrows and lips while she continued to rest her cheek against him. She couldn’t believe what she was feeling; he was becoming hard right under her. She wanted to beg him to unzip his pants but was afraid he would leave again. She felt his hand leave her face and touch himself several times and she couldn’t help but squirm in the chair. At least this time he didn’t seem to notice or care and she imperceptibly moved her face over his hardness enjoying the softness and smell of the leather and the anticipation of his body.

She heard the jingle of the keys and rejoiced as she felt her arms being released from their prison. He held them over her head one at a time and massaged them softly and she cried out in pain as the tingling sensation grabbed her as they came back to life under his hands. Finally he picked her up and carried her down the hallway to his bedroom. She had heard he always had one in the studio when he worked and now she was finally in it. He laid her down on the bed and whispered in her ear, “Don’t move, I will be right back. She dared not disobey his order and she lay still as he left the room. She strained to hear, to get a clue of what he may be doing but nothing came to her. The blindfold was still firmly in place and she was in a soundproof room.

Eventually she heard the door open and he came to her, “Ok, I am going to undress you now. Don’t fight me.” She smiled inwardly since it was the last thing she ever wanted to do was to fight him, of all people undressing her. She didn’t have much left to take off and he made quick work of it and soon she could hear the sound of water and the soft feeling of him bathing her. She was shocked and confused and wanted to ask him what he was doing and as if he sensed her questions he spoke. “You looked tired and hot, I do like you…you know that right?” “No Michael, I didn’t.” He finished drying her off and pulled her to him, “I do girl, I just don’t know what to think about you…I don’t think we would be a very good mix.” He reached up and pulled off her blindfold and her blue eyes finally met his. “Can I kiss you now Michael?’ Her words were soft and gentle. “Kiss me, girl.” They met in a torrid frenzy of desire, Michael lips pressing down on hers begging for a release from his structured life. She moved upon his body wanting to slow her life down before it ran off the tracks. She reached for his zipper and gained her prize, she inhaled deeply when she felt the size and weight of it in her hand. “Oh my god, Michael. This is unbelievable.” He stood removing his clothing and she knelt down in front of him, “Please don’t make me wait for it any longer.” He pulled her close leaving his hand upon her head and watched her lips wrap around him. Skillfully she pulled him in inch by inch until he disappeared completely. She felt him shudder and she hummed slightly so he could feel the vibration roll across his member exciting him further. As she withdrew him from her mouth she rolled her tongue underneath urging him to feel his heat. Her expert manipulations explored every inch of him as he slid down her throat and back filling it up so full she had to use her hands at times. As she rolled her tongue around his width she looked up into his black eyes and felt him twitch against her… she travelled down his length and pulled back using her lips to create as much friction as possible and watched as his face and body released with a giant gasp. He grasped her face with his hands and arched his back and let out a cry that melted her on the spot.

She could feel his legs shaking and helped him lay on the bed so he wouldn’t collapse but later, she would come to regret that she didn’t take advantage of his moment of weakness.

He pulled her close on the bed and they caught their breath. Finally his hand travelled down and spread her legs. Michael began rubbing her already hot sex slowly. “Damn girl, you are so wet. Did that turn you on?” “The whole night has, Michael. I want you so badly.” Her hips began to move against his hand and she turned and pushed her breasts against him too. He kept moving against her adding a second finger and finally plunging them deep inside. Her gasp surprised him and he laughed at her urgency. “Do you wanna come, is that what you are doing? What if I don’t let you?” He began rubbing her with his thumb and using his fingers to stimulate her, he could feel her arousal and the pool of desire as it crept onto his hand. “Don’t do it girl, if you come before I let you…I will have to punish you again.” He heard her whimper into his shoulder and he smiled at the thought of this woman of all women being controlled like this. What was she calling herself…Dita? Right now she was just turned on and literally putty in his hand. “Dita, is that what it is today? Dita don’t let go, don’t do it…even if it feels so good you can’t help it.” Her legs were wrapped around him now and he knew she was close; he wanted to push her over the edge. “God, you look so hot. You make me want to take you right now.” He whispered the words in her ear and she looked him in the eye as he spoke them. Her body began to quake and roll and he continued to encourage her with how she turned him on and what he wanted to do to her. Her orgasm was long and wet, and she was left panting when it was over. When her ears finished ringing all she could hear was his laughter in the room.

“I told you not to do it didn’t I? Now what am I going to do with you? Come here, in the meantime I want to finish what I started earlier.” He reached over and grabbed the lotion he had brought in when he bathed her and started a massage. He sucked on each breast and applied lotion liberally to the front of her body. Her legs were strong and smooth and he spent extra time on her thighs making sure they were rubbed out and treated well. He even bent his head down to taste her, loving the way her wetness settled over his lips so quickly. Finally he turned her over and massaged her back, watching the muscles ripple under his fingers. He settled her on his lap and warmed the lotion between his hands and worked his way down, and that’s when it came to him. He thought of the perfect idea for her punishment.

Dita felt him begin to grow hard under her again and the anticipation caused her to tremble. She dare not move away or he might change his mind. “Are you comfortable?” He asked her while rubbing the lotion on her legs. “Yes Michael, I am.” She felt a sharp sensation across her backside and she would have jumped up but he was already holding her down. Quickly the pain turned to pleasure and she ground a little against him. “Are you still comfortable?” “Yes Michael, I am” Whack…another smack. The sharp intake of breath made him grow underneath her and she shuddered visibly. “How about now Dita” “I..I don’t know” Whack…there your last one. She sighed into the sheets and felt him big and full against her. He could see the red marks where his hand had been as he rubbed the last of the lotion on her and bent down and kissed each one of them.

Rolling her over he entered her slowly. He took each of her hands and led them to the cast iron bars of the bed and ran his fingers down her arms and the side of her body and breasts. As he began to move inside her he kissed her long and hard and pushed himself up above her on the bed. His thrusts stopped deep inside her tight center, her walls wrapping around him like a velvet blanket. Thrust after thrust they parried with each other pushing and pulling until she finally came with the enormous orgasm she had fantasized about since she was a teenager. Wave after wave and color after color of energy rolled over them sweeping them away from their egos and professions for the moment. For a brief time they were just a man and a woman who finally let their guard down long enough to enjoy each other. They both wished that it could have stayed that way sometime, but their lives were too complicated…too public.

Two weeks later they had a real date. Dinner at a paparazzi infested restaurant, they planned their wardrobe for the Oscars and slept together again. By the time the Oscars rolled around they both realized it couldn’t work. She still cared more than he did and he regretted asking her to work on the track for his album.

When she showed up at the studio unannounced he took her to the bedroom and put her over his knee again and then took her from behind, the sex was always fantastic. When he was finished he told her he had found someone else to do the record with him and not to come back. He could tell he hurt her, but he knew she wouldn’t go away if he didn’t. His sound engineer asked about her and he said “Oh Madonna…she scares me”. Little did anyone know that it was Michael who was always the one in charge in their relationship.

Over the years they had words through the media, but in the end she stood up for him. In the end…she let the world know that he was always “The King” and everyone wondered why she had a twinkle in her eye when she said it.


The End

Madonna gets back at Michael for dumping her:
1995 her version of “Human Nature”


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Comments copied over from blogger: 3/30/2010

Cup Cake said…
WOW!! (Maddona)I must say, that I have waited for this story. I absolutely enjoyed this story. Hot and spicy just how I like it. Keep up the great work. Whew, this story had the hairs on my arms up! Loved it! Well done! I can’t wait for the next one.

Saturday, December 26, 2009 8:19:00 PM EST
Cup Cake said…
Oh yeah, um maddona’s song was titled human nature? I remember that album one of her best!

Saturday, December 26, 2009 8:24:00 PM EST
Eri said…
You did it again girl. Fantastic! Mike could have been my Dom any hour of the day. I like her version of “Human Nature” but I’m feeling the beat to “Justify My Love” when I read this….HOT!

Saturday, December 26, 2009 9:30:00 PM EST
SuperKelz said…
Awwwww I just turned 5 when all this went down…*sigh* good times…Good story Miss DangerousPYT!

Saturday, December 26, 2009 9:38:00 PM EST
NightGarden said…
From angry M to naughty M: wow!
Very spicy, but to the right extent, making it an exicting, yet not too scary or “extreme” an experience: loved it!
Quote: “there was a reason why they called him the King”. We can bet there was! 😉
And I always like the way you find a connection with “real” facts and data in your stories, DangerousPYT.

Sunday, December 27, 2009 10:13:00 AM EST
Cup Cake said…
So I was just listening to “Take A BOW” and the lyrics seem like she’s some what speaking to MJ…..I love that song.

Thursday, December 31, 2009 1:34:00 AM EST
DangerousPYT said…
I think the first verse could apply Cake, especially the last line:

Take a bow, the night is over
This masquerade is getting older
Lights are low, the curtains down
There’s no one here
[There’s no one here, there’s no one in the crowd]

Say your lines but do you feel them
Do you mean what you say when there’s no one around [no one around]

Watching you, watching me, one lonely star
[One lonely star you don’t know who you are]

Thursday, December 31, 2009 6:16:00 PM EST

I always said I thought sumthin went down physically with those two. I like how you portray it here. Juicy and spicy and very intriguing. Good job.

By Sophia_de_OLiz on July 22nd, 2010 at 6:39 am

WOW!!this is H.O.T—hot!!!
oh btw,do u really think that there is really “something” between them??
bcuz their relationship leave me lots of wonder~

Hmmmm, I dont know. She certainly seemed to admire him a GREAT deal over the years though. Then suddenly all seemed to turn a bit weird, she seemed so full of regret at the MTV awards…it sure makes you wonder. I think they maybe were too much alike in some ways to make it work. But what a beautiful couple they made.

By IamMrsJackson on September 15th, 2010 at 8:42 pm

oh love this story…had to read this a second time…

mmmm…mmm…mmm….i think my lez crush is turning into love…lol

Love you more….

We have lots more to read here girl. If you need help where to start just ask I am more than happy to help.

I just to give my 2 cent, I love all of this! I luv the details, I luv this complete story, I luv everythin’ ’bout it! To me, it is very realistic & believable! I luv readin’ it peroid, & don’t think I could ever b bored w/it! Thanx for even putting the thing together & sharin’ it to all of us!

I don’t care what anyone says, Many peops usually arguments on y the it could never b that MJ & Madonna didn’t have sex is cuz she would’ve told the world! Well, how ’bout lookin’ at it this way, maybe she really wanted to, but if she respects someone & honor someone she would b kind enough to chose to keep it a secret also if she really wanted to respect ’em & not have ’em to not trust her as well! I think that’s what happened, she knew if she told that would’ve devastated him & yes he’s no longer here now but I think she still chose to keep in mind ‘his’ wishes & that’s what has done. Time & time again throughout the yrs, Madonna has really proven herself to b alot more ‘supportive’ & ‘respectful’ towards MJ alot more than LMP or DiRoss or any other woman that has been in his life!

Michael Michael Michael.. Naughty Naughty Boy…. Using handcuffs and stuff…..

Love, Love This Quote…. …. Sweet Heaven….
What was she calling herself…Dita? Right now she was just turned on and literally putty in his hand. “Dita, is that what it is today? Dita don’t let go, don’t do it…even if it feels so good you can’t help it

By Barbara Straughn on March 2nd, 2012 at 3:40 pm

Oh my – this is naughty and so hot – can you just imagine Michael being the ‘master’. He was master of so many things, a real ‘American Master’ – I’ve gone all hot now – need a cold drink

By Mrs. Michael Jackson on December 29th, 2013 at 3:15 am

I haven’t been able to do much reading lately, but I’m not sure where to start again. I finished reading about Michael and Hunter, and read this one about Michael and “Dita” a few days ago, but where should I go now?
Thanks and much L.O.V.E, Mrs. Michael Jackson

Hi, You will see the last Hunter story on this page, go to the one above called “Pictures of You” its the next in line. After that yu can just hit the back button it will bring you back to the page below and click the story above ttis and so on and so on. At te bottom of te ink is a previooous page to click. click it when you hve read all these stories and it will take you to the next ones and begin at the bottom of the page and read up.

By Mrs. Michael Jackson on December 29th, 2013 at 11:05 pm

Thanks for your help! I will hopefully begin reading again sometime between now and tomorrow! Oh, and while I’m here, I actually started writing my own Michael Jackson fan fiction, and was wondering if maybe you would like to read it and give me some feedback. I started writing before I found this site, but unfortunately, I have decided to give up on my writing and just enjoy all the great stuff that’s already out there, like your writing! Anyway, if you’d be interested, just let me know and I will email it to.
L.O.V.E, Mrs. Michael Jackson

The King
Oh I did enjoy this, what a treat – well done and welcome back. Please can we have more ……..
HAPPY NEW YEAR to you Dangerous
Wishing you a year filled with love and laughter and friendship xxxx

Happy New Year!

Mrs Jackson, by all means please send me your stuff.

I would love to read it. YAY

Thanks Ms Barbara!!!!!!!



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