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Michael’s Train of Love- Part VII

Michaels Train of Love: Part VII
All Good Things…..

September 24, 1988

USA Midwest
October 1988

November 13, 1988

Hunter waited in the Blazer for the approach of the helicopter since there was a chill in the evening air. Michael had put his foot down and told her that under no circumstances would she be driving her car anymore and that as soon as the tour was over they would get her a Volvo. Ugh, even thinking about driving a Volvo made her want to cry. It was such a Mom car! “Well”. Hunter thought to herself, “Get with the program girl, you are going to be a Mom soon enough.” Since she refused to drive the Rolls Royce she had been using the Chevy Blazer. It was big and manly, but it suited her. Plus it was fast, however, she didn’t dare tell Michael how quick she drove it down the hill to Los Olivos, he would be so mad at her if he found out. .

Soon she spotted the lights of the helo headed inbound and hopped out to greet Jessica. Hunter had called her to come and stay with her for a couple of weeks since the doctor had told her she wasn’t quite ready to travel yet. Hunter had not told Jessica the whole story about her relationship or even about being pregnant, so it was about to get mighty interesting when the aircraft landed.

Jessica Suguri stepped out of the helicopter and let out a huge scream when she saw Hunter standing there waiting for her. “Oh my God, it is soooo good to see you. So, like what is going on? A helicopter? What does this guy do? Own a winery that is all they have up here. He must be loaded…totally.” Jessica strained to see the property but in the evening gloom and many trees past the clearing it was hard to make out any landmarks. Hunter grabbed her arm, “Come on you will know everything soon enough, and then you won’t shut up about it I am sure.” Jessica shot her a dirty look and they both cracked up laughing. “I have missed you so much Hunter, are you OK?” Jessica asked her friend. Hunter confided back to her, “I am better now, but thanks for coming to stay with me. He is um, serious about me not being alone…and he needs me to have someone I can trust here. Mom is working now, so I said I would ask you.” Hunter opened the hatch of the truck for one of the crew of the helicopter to put Jessica’s suitcases in and they stood there looking over the mountains. “There really is nothing out here is there.” Jessica said. “Well, there is no mall, if that’s what you mean.” Laughing they both got in the Blazer and headed to the house. As they made the turn in the driveway Jessica let out a gasp and said, “What the hell is going on here?” Hunter sighed and laughed and said, “I kind of thought you might say that.”

The Ferris wheel was moving with all its fanciful lights, and the Merry-Go-Round was spinning round and round with the perfectly painted horses ready to speed off into the night. The Zipper was flipping and flopping and carnival music was filling the air. Hunter stopped the Blazer and Jessica got out and stood open mouthed staring at the scene. “Come on woman, you aren’t done with your mouth hanging open tonight” Hunter pulled her arm and headed for the house. “I mean…WHO does this?” Jessica said. She got her answer as the door opened and Michael greeted her with, “Hi, I’m Michael…Welcome to Neverland.”

“Jesus Christ!”

“No, I’m Michael, Michael Jackson”

“Are you kidding me?”

“, I’ve been him all my life”

“No F-ing way!”

“Pretty girls like you shouldn’t talk that way”

“Are you serious?”

“It’s not attractive”


“Hunter, will you bring your friend inside please?” Michael gave Hunter the (oh my god the fan has lost all touch with reality look that she had come to recognize from the road) and smiled nicely at Jessica and stepped aside to let them in. As Hunter passed him he whispered to her, “Sit her down for a minute and give her a glass of wine.” Hunter smiled sweetly and told him “Don’t worry I got this”.

Jessica walked in to the house gazing at all the art and furnishings, suddenly her head snapped and she turned to Hunter. “This is your Godfathers house! I have been here before, when we were kids.” Hunter laughed and hugged her, “That’s right, I knew you would remember. Once you quit freakin out.” Jessica raised her arms in the air, “Well what do you expect me to do, Michael Fuc…um , Michael Jackson opens the door and I am just supposed to act like it happens every day?” “Oh god Jessica, you crack me up. Well around here he does open the door every day, at least when he is home. So can you two talk for a second? I am going to get you your white wine.”

Michael offered Jessica a chair and sat down across from her. They both stared at each other like two prize fighters sizing each other up in the ring. Then all at once they started to speak. “Where did-how long- Hunter”… all came out at the same time. Michael stopped and smiled, “We met on a train in Switzerland; it was one of the best days of my life” Hunter entered the living room just as he said that and kissed him lightly, “Mine too, Michael.” Jessica’s eyes grew big and she said, “So this thing is for real, you are really getting married?” Hunter smiled and showed her the ring as she handed her the glass of wine, “Yeah Jess it’s very real, but it’s a secret. The press is very hard on Michael and we have managed to hide this from them so far. We have to trust you with this too. I have to ask you to sign a confidentiality agreement, I’m sorry but it’s just business.” Hunter retrieved the document from the desk and handed it to Jessica who said, “Michael, I may come off as an airhead but I can assure you I am not stupid. Quickly she scanned the document and Hunter explained to Michael that Jessica graduated at the top of their law class and passed the bar exam with the highest score in the state. “This looks to be in order, do you have a pen?” Jessica signed the agreement and leaned back taking a sip of wine. “OK Hunter, I say this calls for a toast, where’s your glass?” Hunter looked at Michael and he shrugged his shoulders, “Well Jess, that’s why you are here. Michael has to go back on tour and I have been sick. The doctor ordered me to rest for a couple more weeks until…my morning sickness eases up.” Jessica gulped down a huge mouthful of wine and stared at Hunter, “YOU ARE SO NOT PREGNANT…OH MY GOD! How did it happen?” Michael started giggling which made Hunter laugh and then Jessica snorted wine all over herself. “Ha ha ha, I guess I know HOW it happened, I mean, give me all the details” Michael started laughing out loud at this point, “I am going downstairs, you guys are too much…you are embarrassing me.” Hunter grabbed his hand as he passed by and he leaned down and kissed her and softly moved the hair out of her eyes, while rubbing his thumb across her lips where his mouth had been. Jessica stopped her laughing and took it all in. She had known Hunter since third grade; they had been through boyfriends and heartache together. Hunter would hide at her house when her Father would be on his rampages at night. She was amazed by what she had just witnessed. When Michael was finally out of earshot she whispered to Hunter, “He is totally in love with you…TOTALLY!” Hunter looked at her friend and said, “I am TOTALLY in love with him too, Jessica.”

Hunter snuck down several hours later and sat on the stairs as Michael was working on a song in the dance studio. Jessica had went to bed after drinking way to much wine and getting her fill of Hunter’s life with Michael, so Hunter wanted to join him before bed. She expected to hear the speakers blasting his little sister Janet’s Rhythm Nation and him whirling across the floor, but she heard him softly singing a ballad. The melody was the same one that he was humming in the limo the day her Mother left London and she crept closer to hear what he was singing about in the lyric.

“My heart had locked the door…ahhh, ok from the top”

Michael counted down,

beginning again…2…3…4

Can’t forget the day
That she walked into my life
It was just the kind of thing
That was so right on time
After all the love changes
My heart had locked the door
Then that girl released her magic
And made me love once more, ooh

Like the warm rays of the sun
Her sweet love came shining down on me, oh
All at once turned my life around
And with one kiss, she set me free

She’s given me joy, joy, joy
That girl, she brings me joy
She’s given me joy, joy, joy
That girl, she brings me joy

Goodbye loneliness
And so long to my heartache
Now that joy has taken over
And decided to stay

Her love lifts me up
Like no other love before
With every beat of my heart
I’m hold, holding on, hey

Just look what she’s done for me
She’s erased all the sadness away, oh
I can never repay the deed
Cuz she keeps loving me more and more

She’s given me joy, joy, joy
That girl, she brings me joy
She’s given me joy, joy, joy
She brings me joy

Michael turned when he heard the sniffle from the stairs, “What are you doing girl? She got up and sat down beside him at the piano, “I love it Michael, thank you.” Michael looked at her blankly, “Who said it was about you?” Hunter furrowed her brows and socked him in the arm, “Shut up, don’t try and be mean.” Michael turned sideways on the piano bench grabbing her up in his arms, “Damn, girl you know it’s about you, this summer has been the happiest of my life and all because of you. You really and truly have given me joy.” Michael put his hand on her stomach, “I can’t wait till next summer, it’s going to be crazy.” Hunter covered his hand with hers, “Michael I wanted to ask you something, I hope it won’t upset you.” He smiled at her reassuringly, “You know you can ask me anything, except for Joseph to come over for dinner, right?” Hunter smiled and put her head down and took a deep breath, “I know we don’t finish up the tour…oh man this is hard, Michael, it will be after Christmas when we get back from Japan; but can I have your permission to decorate Neverland for the Holidays? I know it’s a very sensitive matter for you but I would like to at least have a tree.” Michael’s shoulders slumped and he turned and faced the piano, “I have never celebrated Christmas Hunter, I don’t know how.” “Just a tree Michael, we can start with a tree.” Hunter took his hand and kissed it softly. Michael nodded his head yes and held her hand on the piano keys and slowly plucked out the notes one by one to Silent Night.

Touring the Midwest had been nice but it was great to get back to California. Hunter was happy because it was getting harder and harder to hide her growing belly. She had bought some larger jeans and was glad that it was cold in Ohio and Michigan so she could wear sweaters and coats. However, now that they were back in California she would need to keep a low profile. There was one person who had figured it all out though and that was Sheryl. She had come up to her at the craft services table in Detroit and commented on the ring and told her it matched her eyes. Then if Hunter wasn’t freaked out enough Sheryl whispered, “So about April, is that right Hunter? You look great and ya’ll are gonna make one hell of a good looking kid.” With that she walked off, smiling over her shoulder. Hunter was flabbergasted as she didn’t even wear her ring on her ring finger around the crew and didn’t think she was showing either. She chalked it up to women’s intuition and just let it go, it wouldn’t be long before the whole world would know and so she was just going to have to get used to it.

Michael and Hunter decided to run up to San Francisco and see her Mother for a couple of days during the break before the Orange County/Irvine Shows. After a nice meal at their hotel suite, Brette gave a Federal Express package to Hunter. “This actually involves you both but it was sent to Hunter. Remember the publishing company your Father spoke to you both about in London? Well they have contacted you directly in this proposal Hunter. As the next of kin and heir, they are hoping you could assist them with closing the deal that he started. Apparently he must have mentioned that you both were involved because this is one of several packages that have come to the house.” Hunter glanced through the proposal briefly, “Michael did you ever look at this?” “No, after everything that happened that day I told John to dismiss it, why? Michael reached for the paper work and took it from her hands. “Well it looks like a good deal and would probably make a good addition to the ATV catalog.” Hunter grabbed the papers back from him as Michael shrugged at Brette. “The only issue is legal review and closing the deal which would have to take place in Australia within the next two weeks.” Michael shook his head, “There’s not enough time, I mean Branca can look it over but he is busy with some other matters right now and can’t make it to Australia.” Hunter looked at Michael chewing on her lip, “I’ll go, Mom needs the money. I have the time and when I come back you will be in LA and I can meet your Mother and family.” Michael looked at her like she had lost her mind, “Are you nuts, no way am I letting you go by yourself over there. Not as sick as you were and God, Hunter, YOUR PREGNANT, with Michael Jackson’s baby.” Hunter started laughing at him when he said that, “Why are you laughing, it’s not funny.” “Yes it is, it is very funny…I love when you talk about yourself in the third person.” Hunter wiped a tear from laughing away from her eye and kissed him on the cheek. “I tell you what…Mom can go, and I will get Jessica to go too, how’s that?” Michael shook his head, “I don’t like it Hunter, I want you with me. Even those two weeks you had to stay behind at Neverland about killed me.” Hunter took his hand and squeezed it gently, “Aww, I know babe, it’s just a few days then I will be home. Besides I can’t wait to hang out in your big bad bachelor pad. What do you call it, The Dungeon?” Michael smiled, “No, I call it The Hideout silly. No girls allowed.” He kissed her and reluctantly said “All right, go and make the deal…and I better make a lot of money off of it too.”

Hunter looked out the bedroom window at Louie chasing the giraffes as she listened to Michael talk to Frank DiLeo on the phone, “So they have a limo at their disposal? I don’t want them waiting around Frank, 24/7 it needs to be ready. Oh and their hotel in Brisbane I want them at the one we were at in the spring it was nice. Wait, wait, wait, one last thing. Have the clipping service send me the whole paper from Brisbane. I want to know what’s going on over there. Have it start tomorrow. Yes, overnight it. Frank, if some serial killer or man eating shark is going after my fiancé I want to know about it all right! Yeah, um, huh. No, I will be down for rehearsals in the morning. I want to stay with her tonight, and then they can all leave from LAX together. We will drop ‘em off on the way to Irvine, Frank. Gah. OK. See ya tomorrow. Bye” Michael sighed as he hung up the phone, “Man, I swear, it shouldn’t be that hard.” Hunter smiled at him and shook her head, “You are just worrying too much. Michael looked her up and down stopping at her chest, “Your boobs are getting really big, did you know that?” Hunter’s face turned red and she looked down at her chest, “I guess they are, are you into that Mr. Jackson?” “You better believe I am” he said as he moved to kiss her. Her lips felt soft under his and he moved her towards the bed, “Michael we both have so much to get done this afternoon…I don’t think we” Michael silenced her with another long, slow passionate kiss, his lips relishing the taste of her mouth under his. He pulled her shirt up over her head and laid her down, quickly removing his before lying down beside her. “I just want to hold you close baby, I love you so much.” Michael removed her bra and pulled her up to his chest and caressed her back. The feel of her skin against his, her breasts against his chest made his heart swell. Hunter suddenly jumped and let out a tiny squeal, “What, what is it?” Michael asked. Hunters face was glowing as she looked up at him and took his hand, “Michael, the baby…the baby is kicking”. As she placed his hand on her belly Michael felt his child kick for the first time. His eyes flew open and a smile blazed upon his face, “Oh my God, it’s unbelievable. A miracle, she’s such a miracle.” “So you want a girl?” Hunter asked as the baby kicked again. “Oh yes, I would love a girl.” Michael said laughing at the dance his baby was performing inside Hunter. “Me too, I would love a girl too.” Hunter said softly. The next few minutes they spent waiting to see if another kick would come and holding each other close, thoughts of packing for trips and concerts all but forgotten.

Hunter woke up from her nightmare gasping for air and coughing. Michael was still awake and talked to her softly, reassuring her that she was fine and that it was just a dream. “Was it the same one” He asked her quietly “Yes” was her only answer. Hunter got up and washed her face and brushed her teeth hoping to get rid of the fear that plagued her mind. She wished she understood this dream and she really wished it would stop haunting her. Michael lay propped up with his head on his hand watching her as she came back to bed, “You ok girl.” She smiled and softly answered, “Yeah I will be.”

Michael looked at her as she lay underneath him, her golden hair falling like a cloud around her. Tenderly he stroked her face with his fingers, “Hunter you are so beautiful, I know I don’t tell you enough…but you take my breath away.” Hunter turned her lips into his palm and kissed it gently, “Michael you don’t have to tell me, I can see it in your eyes when you look at me.” He lifted her chin and kissed her softly, he just wanted to taste her. Feel her lips against his for a moment. She tasted fresh and clean but familiar… like coming home. Hunter raised her hands up to his neck and pulled him closer; she had to feel his body against hers. Arching her back her breasts pushed onto his chest and her lips parted begging for more from him. Finally he yielded to her, as her tongue found his and they swirled together in perfect time. His hands rediscovered her body, her full breasts and expanded hips, the rise of her stomach that carried so much promise for their future. He pulled his lips away to begin exploring the same places his hands had just traveled. The hands that held her breasts made her moan in pleasure as his tongue flicked her nipples to a newfound hardness. She could feel him rigid against her leg and she reached down and stroked him gently with her hands. Michael’s sharp intake of breath as he bit his lower lip let her know he wanted more…So she slid down until she found his shaft and took him wholly in her mouth feeling him rock slowly back and forth as she moved her neck back and forth for his enjoyment. His small cries and moans filled her ears and made her weak as his movements became more forceful. Suddenly he stopped and was pulling her up to him, kissing her neck he gasped, “No, not yet. I want this to last. Hunter I want to see your face, and to be inside of you, I love you so much, I want to show you.” Michael entered her slowly, pushing in bit by bit. He held his body up and she could see all his sinewy muscles straining with self control as he achingly steadied himself for her. The sweat was covering them both as he finally started to move; slowly he rolled his hips into hers. His solid grind like a familiar groove he had suddenly remembered. “Oh Michael, that feels so good, don’t stop” Hunter begged as he pushed into her. Her soft walls felt like they were melting onto his hardness like a soft leather glove. Gradually his tempo grew and she pushed against him harder spreading her legs as he started to rotate his hips. “Girl, you make me so happy, do you know that, you feel so hot…I could stay inside you forever” Michael bent down and kissed Hunter as their bodies fused into one, moving faster and faster, their building climax peaked together and their passionate cries of love echoed through the room.

Michael stayed inside her for as long as he could, burying his face in the sheets so she couldn’t see the tears he shed after he made love to her. He knew he could never put into words what she meant to him, but he decided that he would just spend the rest of his life showing her and their children how much he cared. The dreams they both had for Neverland were coming true a little bit every day.

Michael and Hunter sat on the tarmac at LAX next to the chartered Gulfstream G-IV that was to take Hunter, Brette and Jessica to Australia. Hunter had wanted to fly commercial but Michael had insisted on chartering the aircraft for her comfort and safety. “So you will be home on the 14th, I was thinking we could go to Hayvenhurst on Wednesday the 16th around Noon, you know before the show. Mother said Joseph is supposed to be in town and Jan is coming by for the LA shows too.” Michael wiped his palms on his pants and chewed on the inside of his cheek. He really didn’t know what he was more nervous about, Hunter leaving without him or introducing her to his family. “That sounds good, it will be fine. What are they going to do Michael, unengage us? Hunter squeezed his leg trying to get a laugh out of him. “I don’t want you to go.” He finally said. “I know, but I won’t be long and you are going to be busy anyway, right?” Hunter turned his face towards hers and kissed him lightly. “I love you Michael, don’t forget that. I love you with every breath in me” Michael took her in his arms and kissed her deeply, he could smell her perfume and her lips tasted like sweet cherries. “The baby is kicking again, feel” Hunter put his hand on her stomach and he felt a strong kick. “She must be a dancer like you, Michael” He pulled up her shirt and kissed her where the tiny kicks had just taken place. “Be nice to your Momma, little one. I love you both so much.” Hunter smoothed his hair as he laid his head in her lap knowing that he was struggling with his emotions. “Michael it’s just a week, then I will be home. You are just tired babe; this tour has worn you down.” He nodded his head, “It has, I am exhausted and I haven’t slept much knowing you’re leaving, but what else is new, right?” He sat up and kissed her again, laying her over in the seat pushing himself across her body, “I could just take you hostage, and runaway to Mexico with you.” “Like Bonnie and Clyde? She asked. “Yeah, just like that.” He said as he kissed her again. Michael looked deep into Hunters emerald green eyes for what seemed like an eternity, “I just want to stop time right here, just you and me…in this moment forever. Damn I love you woman.”

The taxi carrying her Mother and Jessica from their terminal transfer pulled up next to them and they both reluctantly left the limousine to greet them. The ground crews loaded up the baggage and Michael boarded the jet with Hunter prior to them leaving. Hunter and Jessica giggled with each other as Michael pulled the pilot aside and talked to him about precautions he wished them to take during the flight. Eventually it was time for departure so Hunter walked to the door to say goodbye to Michael. Michael didn’t even care that the cabin crew was watching as he gathered Hunter in his arms and kissed her passionately. He cradled her face in his hands whispering softly, “I love you Hunter, take care of our baby.” Hunter looked in his eyes and swore, “I will always be with you Michael, always.” He rubbed her stomach one more time and placed a tender kiss on it and Hunters lips and turned to go, stopping once more at the bottom of the stairs he looked back. She still stood in the doorway, the wind whipped her hair and her lips were still pink from his kisses, she raised her hand and waived to him…smiling a big beautiful smile.

Hunter had enjoyed the trip to Brisbane but was excited to finally be heading home. She had called Michael everyday and hoped that he was enjoying the little notes tucked in the overnight letters that she sent. Brette and Jessica finally were ready and they checked out of the hotel suite and piled in to the limo. Hunter slid in last because she wanted to prop her feet up on the seat on the ride to the airport. Jessica was talking nonstop as usual, “Hunter, do you think Michael could talk to John about a position for me. I would love to work for him.” Hunter smiled at her friend, “I could ask him Jess, John could probably use a bright girl like you on his staff.” Brette looked over at Hunter, “Can you hand me that magazine, I want to take it home with us.” “Sure Mom.” As Hunter leaned forward to get the magazine she looked out of the window just as a huge semi-truck ran a stop sign. Hunter screamed as the limousine braked and was hit broad side by the truck. The sound of metal and glass rang through the car and reverberated in her ears. She felt her body being thrown against Jessica first and then her Mother finally coming to rest on the floor of the limo. At last silence filled the air.

Michael had a horrible headache, he took some aspirin and lay down and hoped it would ease up before the big show the next day in LA. So many celebrities and music executives would be there he had to be on top of his game. What he really needed was Hunter to be home by his side.

Hunter felt the grass underneath her back, it was such a beautiful day and the sun was shining so pretty through her tree. The light danced like fairies to and fro from the branches as the morning dew dripped off the leaves and onto the ground. Blinking her eyes she was happy to see him, it felt like it had been so long. But he was here for her, reaching down from the tree to help her climb up. Hunter tried to raise her arm but for some reason she couldn’t do it…”Michael, help me up. I can’t get to you.” She called out but no sound came. She decided she would wait and he would climb down and get her, he always took care of her, he loved her…he always told her so.

Michael went back to Neverland after his opening show in LA. Everything had been perfect. All his friends had come by to see him and his parents had even visited. He even told them he would be by on Thursday to have lunch. Miko had brought in the overnight mail from Australia and the kitchen had set up his tea service. Michael pulled out all the paperwork from the envelope and saw Hunter’s note. As he started to open it he spied the article on the Brisbane newspapers front page. “Oh they have something about the sale of the publishing.” He said to himself. Michael took a sip of his tea and read the article. They were complimentary of ATV and MJJ Productions and felt it would widen the appeal of the artists who were signed to the old publisher’s title. Michael was proud of Hunter for pulling off the deal and keeping the press happy, he would call John when he finished his tea and let him know what the article said. As he flipped the newspaper over he scanned the headlines.

Michael’s heart pounded and his blood ran cold…..

Miko heard his wail and the crash of the glass and ran to see what the commotion was about. When he found him there was a pool of blood where Michael had slashed his arm on the tea service and he was curled up on the floor clutching the newspaper and screaming. Miko froze for a moment not knowing what to do. Bill Bray ran in the room and yelled, “Pick him up!” They picked him up and wrapped a towel around his arm, Miko managed to pry the newspaper out of his hand after a fight and he read over the front page quickly. It didn’t take long to see what was wrong. The simple headline read:

Two Americans Killed in Brisbane Accident:

Hunter Leigh Davis 28 and Jessica Suguri 28 of San Francisco…

Miko stopped reading it feeling sick and carried Michael to his bedroom. He yelled back at Bill to call Frank and read the paper he left laying there.

Michael grabbed on to Miko begging him, “Bring her back to me M…please bring her back. My baby, what about the baby. I can’t live without them Miko. Please, go get her and bring her back to me.” Michael fought hard trying to get free, “She has to be all right, it is some kind of mistake. I have to go over there. LET ME GO M…just let me go find her” Michael’s anguished cries filled the house and broke Miko’s heart. He grabbed Michael in a bear hug and held him close, his own tears mixing with Michael’s.

Frank arrived about an hour later on the corporate helicopter. He had brought a doctor who would stay with Michael and keep him sedated for the time being. Elizabeth was on her way and would stay at the ranch for as long as she was needed. Frank and John talked and they decided that the official story would be that Michael had strained his vocal chords and that the rest of the LA shows would be postponed until January. This would give them almost three weeks to get Michael rested and to Tokyo.

Elizabeth crawled on the bed and sat beside Michael, he looked up at her with puffy red eyes and she pulled him close, “I know darling, it hurts more than words can ever say.” Michael curled up in her lap and sobbed till no more tears were left.

Michael barely spoke; he would go for long walks with Louie and sit in the tree or lay in his bed. Elizabeth had to remind him to eat and drink. He never slept and refused to let anyone wash the sheets. He would find himself going through her backpack over and over again, anything to feel close to her. Frank told him that Brette was finally back in San Francisco and a service was scheduled for the memorial park. Michael drove up alone in the Blazer and watched from a distance. He saw Brette in a wheelchair and Sheryl sitting with the small gathering. Brette and Michael made eye contact and he felt his heart breaking again. When he saw the groundskeepers moving in he jumped into the Blazer and left as he couldn’t stand the thought of her there…like that.

The flight departed for Tokyo and Michael sat in the back, away from everyone. Michael had ordered Frank to instruct the crew not to speak of Hunter. He knew it would probably turn out to be another crazy Michael Jackson story but he had to just get through the next month, God he couldn’t get through an hour…a month seemed like forever. To the crew they just thought she had left and that was fine with him. They didn’t need to know he was half crazy with grief over a fiancé and baby dying. Every time he thought of it, he wanted to scream, he wanted to rip what was left of his heart out and curl up and die too.

“Michael?” Sheryl stood there in the dark of the cabin, “You don’t have to say anything, and I know you can fire me…but you can’t kick me out over the Pacific Ocean, so I am going to sit here tonight.” Michael looked at her and moved over to share the row. “I miss her so much Sheryl.” Michael’s eyes watered in the dim light of the cabin. “I don’t have any magical words for you, but I do know she loved you very much.” “Sheryl, can you help me with something while we are in Japan?” Sheryl looked at him and smiled, “Sure Michael, whatever you need.” The tears fell freely from his eyes as he looked out the window into the night, “Can you get me a little Christmas tree for my hotel room please, I promised her we would have one this year.” Sheryl felt her stomach fall and struggled to hold her voice steady, “Michael, I will get you that tree, I promise.”

“Michael you have a visitor”, Frank said as he opened the door. “I don’t want to see anyone before the show Frank.” Michael snarled as he put his belt on.”Michael, its Brette Davis” Frank lowered his voice as she waited at the door. Michael steeled his nerves and took a deep breath, “Please show her in Frank”. Brette was still in the wheelchair as Frank helped her enter Michael’s dressing room in LA. “Hello Brette, how are you feeling?” Michael asked seeing the cast on her legs. “I am getting better, thank you” Michael stood up turning his back on her. She could hear him trying to steady his breathing, “Michael I didn’t come here to upset you before your show, but I haven’t been able to find you.” “Um, yeah we were in Tokyo, but we are almost done now.” Michael wiped his eyes and turned around to speak to her. “I won’t keep you Michael, but I brought you, there is no way to put this delicately. I brought you Hunter.” Michael looked at her in astonishment, “You what?” “Brette nodded and said it again, “I brought you Hunter. Brette handed Michael a leather bag, when he opened it he saw that it held a simple wooden box. “I never buried her Michael. I could never put her beside her Father. They belong with you, I wanted them with you. Let everyone think she is at the cemetary.” Michael clutched the bag to his chest, “Thank you, Brette.” His voice cracked with emotion. “I really have to get ready for my show now.” Brette took his hand, “I understand Michael, and take care. Oh, her engagement ring is in there too” Michael never saw her leave because of the tears in his eyes.

Michael lay in bed with the box for three nights after the tour ended. He set it on her side of the bed and stared at it for hours. Sometimes he would drift off to that place between waking and sleep and see her green eyes, see her smile, or hear her laughter. Those were the times he longed for, that split second when she was with him again, when he could almost touch her.

The Neverland Staff got the order to leave the ranch for the day so that Michael could be alone. He turned off the rides and the happy music. Then he went to the gardener’s barn and got the shovel and dug the flower bed up as deep as he could go. He took the box and climbed up the tree and sat with her. He looked at the ultra sound picture of their baby and he sang her the song he wrote. He told her that he had decided to call her tree The Giving Tree because of all that she had given him. He promised to always love her and never forget her and he knew one day he would see her again. Finally he climbed down and lifted her ashes from the box and spread them out. As he watched them mix with the earth his tears fell anew and he dropped to his knees in pain. He pushed the dirt over her with his bare hands until there was nothing left. Michael lay on the ground looking at the stars, in the cold for the rest of the night and wondered what he was supposed to do with the rest of his life.

Miko found him there on the ground shivering in the morning. “I’m all right M, I had to get it all out that’s all.” Miko helped him off the ground and asked him, “Do you wanna go take a shower Michael?” Michael put his arm around him, “I do, and could you see to it that the gardener puts these particular kinds of flowers back in that bed please?”

Michael handed Miko a note that said:

Red Carnations/Red Roses

He had one last thing on his list, and that was to read her letter. He took a deep breath and opened the envelope.

Dearest Michael,

So many wonderful things have happened since I met you. I just wanted to let you know how much better my life has become because I decided to take the train that day in Basel. I am sitting here quickly jotting this down as I pack my bags to return home to you and our beloved Neverland. How I can’t wait to wake up there every morning with you and soon hear our baby cry out for us during the night. Michael, I know we talked about having a girl and I was wondering about names. On the flight over here I was thinking about how you proposed to me and what you said that night. Do you remember? You told me you could see your children in my eyes. Michael how wonderful was it that we made our baby that night, with all that love flowing between us. I would love to call our baby Paris if we have a girl. It probably sounds so cliché but she would always know she came from love.

The Doctor says we can do the next ultra sound in a couple of weeks so we will know if we are having a boy or girl. I am so excited now. I can’t wait to decorate and get ready for her (or him) to be here with us.

You are only a few hours away from me now, boy are you gonna get it when I get home.

I love you,


Michael laid the letter on the nightstand and took a shower. He still saw her things in the bathroom where she left them, he didn’t plan on moving any of it for a long while. He took his prescriptions and lay on the bed to sleep.

April 1989 came and Newsweek magazine announced that Michael was retiring from touring but returning to the studio. Michael tossed the magazine in the garbage and checked his messages. Frank had called and confirmed the studio time in LA for the next week. Elizabeth wanted to have lunch, and the Royal Family wanted to confirm that he would check on their niece while she attended college in California. He wrote a note to himself to send the song over to Teddy to use for one of his groups; he knew he wouldn’t ever use it. Joy…how foolish it all sounded now. All Michael was thinking about was how he should have been bringing Hunter home from the hospital and holding his baby this week. Paris, yes that would have been the perfect name for his baby girl. Michael took another drink out of the bottle and headed for his bathroom. What he really needed right now was to make his head quit hurting..His head and his um back too. He had set his prescription bottles everywhere; the green ones worked really good on pain, so he took three of those. Plus he really wanted to sleep tonight. The doctor told him to take one or two of those white ones to sleep so he took four. That should help, along with the wine. He might just relax. He was bored and wanted someone to talk to. Who could he call that didn’t know any of his garbage, someone who he could just relax with? He didn’t want the “how are you doing” Michael questions this time. Hey, that’s right…he could call her!

Michael looked up the number in his old address book; he hoped it was still the same. She had always seemed real nice in the past. He dialed the number taking another drink as it rang,


“Hi, is Glenda there?”

Epilogue 1          June 25, 2009

Michael returned from rehearsal, exhausted and cold. He checked on the kids giving Paris a kiss on the cheek. He marveled at how smart she was becoming, and never afraid of anything it seemed. Prince and Blanket were his little men, but he believed she could take on the world without much help.

He sat on the edge of the bed thinking of all he had to do. His body was weary and his mind was on overload. The songs came harder now, but the show would be spectacular; he just had to recharge a little. He thought back to before and how easy it was to just step out on stage and dazzle the crowd. Back to the days when he could look to his left and see her face smiling back at him. He had begun feeling her closer to him than he had in a long time. Sometime when he was under he could almost touch her, almost hear her voice. He told them he just wanted to sleep a little while, but there was more to it..Sometime he saw her in the twilight and it made it all worthwhile…somehow.

The doctor came in and hooked him up, he promised him he wouldn’t be late in the morning. As Michael faded, he finally saw her face clearly after all the years….and then she took his hand forever.

Epilogue 2          July 7, 2009

Janet returned from the memorial service and decided to go through some of the things she had removed from Michael’s Holmby Hills house. There were boxes with paper work she separated out for John Branca and pictures she set aside for the kids. Eventually she got to a box that looked like it had been frequented often. As she pulled it open she found a worn backpack. There were pictures, journals, letters, and crew passes from Mike’s Bad tour and many other interesting things. Janet opened the backpack and found a ring in a box first; next she found an ultrasound picture. “Whoa, what is this?” she whispered. She grabbed a letter and read through it quickly…”What, BABY, proposed, Oh My God…name her Paris?” Janet dug deeper into the bag. She finally found an obituary for the girl on the crew pass buried deep inside, the yellowing page didn’t hide her beauty after all these years. Janet picked up her cell phone and dialed, “Miko, hi it’s Janet. I really need to speak with you. Are you able to come by my house? Yeah I know it was a crazy day and we just left the repast, listen Miko. I was just going through some of Mike’s things…can you tell me who Hunter Davis was? No, I’m not going anywhere…OK I will see you in twenty minutes.”

Janet spread the contents of the box out on her floor and waited on Miko Brando to tell her the story of Michael and Hunter.


The End

Thanks for reading about Michael and Hunter…….

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NightGarden said…
No literary critics this time: I can only say that the story (especially the epilogues) has shaken my emotions.
It’s all I can say right now.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009 8:58:00 AM EST
Aprils said…

Wednesday, November 25, 2009 11:47:00 AM EST
DangerousPYT said…
Please dont hate me!!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009 12:15:00 PM EST
NightGarden said…
Awww, dear: why? We could never hate you.
Personally, I am truly very shaken and it was really hard to read through this chapter till the end…

Wednesday, November 25, 2009 12:21:00 PM EST
Aprils said…
I understand why you had to do it. They were deeply in love and starting a family, and in order for this to play out and be plausible, you had to clear the way for the future romances in his life, and after Hunter there would have been none if she had lived. Don’t hate you too much 🙂

Keep writing! Do you have any other stories swirling around in your head?

Wednesday, November 25, 2009 12:48:00 PM EST
NightGarden said…
yes: keep writing! 🙂

Wednesday, November 25, 2009 1:13:00 PM EST
DangerousPYT said…
Thanks guys, it was really hard saying goodbye to this character. I had several times I had to leave the computer and walk away. The baby kicking, The last time they made love, when he said goodbye to her on the plane, Him screaming to Miko…

I dont have anything left in me right now, maybe in a bit. It is kind of a relief to finally get this all out of me. I always knew the ending, it was just putting all the pieces in place to get there. I tried to make each part have meaning to the story.

BTW I was asked..where I came up with her name:

Hunter was derived from Diana-Goddess of the Hunt from Mythology.

I tried to make her exactly the opposite of Miss Ross.
Long blonde hair
Green eyes
sort of a tom boy
but still captivating to Michael

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy lives to read my story. It has really meant a lot to me.

I love you more….

Wednesday, November 25, 2009 2:12:00 PM EST
NightGarden said…
Love you back!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009 4:22:00 PM EST
jenna_hodge2003 said…
OMG, How could you DangerousPYT!

No im only joking, beautiful story. really enjoyed 🙂

Thursday, November 26, 2009 2:19:00 PM EST

Eri said…
Beautiful ending to a beautiful love story. Loved it.

Saturday, November 28, 2009 5:14:00 PM EST
Priyanka said…

You, your story and your writing are beautiful and don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise. I knew the ending could not be a happy one but I loved the story nonetheless. Thank you for sharing your gift w/us.


Sunday, November 29, 2009 7:42:00 PM EST

supaflymagpie said…
I’m sorry it look me so long to get to this. It sure didn’t go in the direction I expected 🙁

you’ve written beautiful stories and I hope you find the inspiration to continue to write 🙂

Tuesday, December 1, 2009 3:39:00 PM EST

OMG! This was really good, even down to the epilogues. It all seemed so real! Awesome!


Hi and welcome! So glad you liked reading the first group of stories here at DangerousPYT. These are very special to me since Michael and Hunter’s journey started all this off for us. I hope you choose to stay here and keep reading and posting too. Again welcome and thanks for being here. It is really appreciated.


By Ingridje on May 2nd, 2010 at 5:49 am

I just discovered your site, only yesterday and I have been reading from then until now.
Wow, you are an amazing writer. You bring happiness and sadness in your story. Sometimes I cried and then the other minute I was laughing out loud. You bring Michael so close to us and make us love him even more. The epilog to the Michael-Hunter episode was heartbreaking but very very beautiful. Thank you
Addicted I am ! Keep up the good work.

I am new here, just started reading a few days ago. And wow, that’s all I can say! I just finished this story about Hunter and Michael today, and I am sitting here crying my eyes out! I have never cried this much from reading a story, ever! It just really got to me, and now I am soooo sad! And that only means one thing: you are an amazing writer!!! This story was so beautiful, and I loved every sentence of it. I can’t wait to start reading the other stories now. Thanks!


So glad you found us, Michael and Hunter are very, very special. They will always be “the couple” as far as I am concerned. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the other stories too.

Wow,just Wow! I had to keep telling myself this wasn’t real! You are an amazing writer.

Welcome to DangerousPYT!
Thank you for reading about Michael and Hunter, and your comment on the writing are really appreciated.
Please stick around and catch up with us. Kim will be the next PYT on your list…(Pictures of You is the name of the chapter)

omg just finished the last bit of the Hunter/MJ story through tears….I knew how it had to end, but when Michael read the letter from Hunter, where she suggests they call their first baby girl Paris….I cried so much I had to stop reading. Tears are still silently rolling down my cheeks now…u r an amazing author.

Could u tell me in what order I need to read the other stories in order to get the timeline correct? Thank u. I love u more <3 <3 <3

Hi MiJacDK
Glad you found us…love Hunter so much too.

I hope you enjoy your time here and trust that there are happy times too.

The easiest thing to do is click on Michael’s PYT’s on the top of the page and scroll through till you get till you see this story. The next story to read is “Pictures of You” Michael’s PYT’s is in the order that the stories were posted so you can just follow along there or the PYT’s in order are (some stories intertwine):

(The Salesman)

I just discovered your stories yesterday and have been read this one about Hunter every chance i have gotten.I read a lot of these stories about Michael, you can say am addicted.I most say you are one incredible writer, you spent time to research details that you use,the pics you use are perfect.I am in love with your characters, not just the Michael..You had me so emotional i had to be telling myself its just a story and not real…For me the end was bitter sweet, bcuz that would have been a good life experience for Michael true LOVE…And thinking that he passed going to the arms of some one who he loved and who loved him would be just beautiful.Let me just say thank you for sharing your gift with me, i can’t wait to spent the next few days reading the rest of your stories..peace love and MJ hugs.

Thank you so much for being here! Your post really touched me.
In my heart of hearts I hope that he was at a point in his life where he was finally happy, with the kids, his career and hopefully there was a special lady too.

I hope you stick around with us.


you know i like to read fanfiction because it takes you away from the reality that he is gone, now dont get me wrong i thoroughly enjoyed this story and i love the way you write but, and this is a big one, this kind of ending messes with my emotions real bad, i cried my eyeballs out, i was caught off guard. im really upset. i dont know what else to say.

Okay, first that last pic of his hat and glove just about did me in *whimper* I’m fairly new and hate I’m commenting so late, but I’ve been reading and DAMN! That was a doosy! I always have to put down the paper and take a breather when you write about their emotions, you got a way with descriptions and words girl! Whew!

That was so, so heartbreaking for me, the tears really flowed when he went to bury the ashes and looked at the ultra sound again and when he slept with the box for 3 days, oh God, just him holding the ashes and not being able to hold her..God, really did sit there and go ‘why did she write this? This is so depressing I can’t stand it!” but it’s so good, it’s just too much grief, but I still thank you for not shying away from a story like this.

Me? I always want a happy ending. But you really capture a true picture of a grief stricken Mike, it’s so believable it’s scary, the emotions are really, really hard to read–that’s great writing. It’s so hard reading about the baby loss. *sob* I really cry girl, stop it! lol. I don’t meant to have such a long post, but I just finished Hunter and had to post. I really enjoyed it, I love them together, Michael loved her with everything he had, I loved how he expressed his love verbally and physically. I want a man saying those things to me! So beautiful. Thank you for the stories!

Oh, and one last thing, about the june 25th epilogue, that was really heartwrenching, but like you said I too hope he was at some peace in his life. That is equally depressing to think a change had happened and then he died but I won’t go all into that, but I am still not ready to touch on a story of that moment or go there yet, honestly, I could’t read a few lines, it was just too hard to go back to that time, but I love you put a ‘love’ spin on it and used that horrid backdrop as him going to his beloved again. I like that idea very much.

@ gunngirl

“God, really did sit there and go ‘why did she write this?”

I have mentioned before that this all started as an idea for a one off story about Mike meeting a chick on a train. An aquaintence helped me with the first story as I had never written anything except some papers in creative writing class waaay back in high school. (Thriller wasnt on the charts yet OK). Well since my online friends wanted more I decided why not and I already had the idea for the end of the story (Hunter) in my head. I wanted answers for Michael, since we weren’t getting any from “the insiders”. Why did our bright shiny star fade and what was the cause. So this was it….I started with Hunter and her and their baby’s loss and I am slowly filling in the blanks. Thats it. Its life, a fictionality life as my friend calls it, that I am making for him. So maybe I, we, and maybe even Michael will find that peace and yes even love at the end.

I hope maybe now it makes more sense why he does and act the way he is with Lexi. When you add in the past with Diana and Hunter that he has had…it kinda (I hope) adds up.

I love the blanks you’re filling in. Your stories help me a lot, there are not that much quality MJ fanfic out there and it is a blessing to find some as great as yours, they truly fill in that black void I have with him gone, and I feel like you captured his complexity, especially in the Lexi story. Keep it up as long as you can, I NEED them.

WOW What a story.Very believable. I am sitting here crying like a child. I was not prepared for the ending. I adore how you tied it all together with the real events, and all the research! Top notch! I am so very impressed, and that is so hard to do. I am hooked and can’t wait to read more of your work! Thank you for allowing me to escape from the hum drum reality of my life.


I am glad you appreciated it. I know it is a tough one. I love Hunter so much. I still cry myself when I read her story, and yes I do go back and read it. She, for some reason really means alot to mean…even though she is a fictional character.

I read this story and bawled like a baby when it was finished. No lie. I went through a half a box of tissue. This completely had me….

I’m so glad I found your website and will be reading the rest of your work ASAP. You are an awesome writer!

Simply Amazing Dangerous !!! A new phrase to describe Michael in your stories: “Sexy Freaky” Simply outstanding..

I love Hunter…her and Mike were great together too.

LOL @ “Sexy Freaky”

I missed my stop on the train this morning reading the HUNTER/MJ Chronicles…. LOL LOL MJ ON THE BRAIN…

Remembering Hunter one year later. Thanks for the inspiration girl!!!

By Forever Michael on January 6th, 2011 at 11:03 pm

As I was reading this last part… Michael at the giving tree.. I know that he poured Hunter’s ashes in the ground around the tree but now I cant help but wonder what he did with her ring?

WOW dangerouspyt you are an amazing writer
That took me on a real emotional roller coaster

Thank you for all your excellent stories

@Forever Michael
Hunter’s ring is still in her backpack. Jan found it when she started going through his things.

HELLO!!! Welcome to DangerousPYT. Thank you for commenting and I am happy that you appreciate the stories. Dont know if you have had a chance to read any of the others yet but there are tons more here. Just let us know if you need help finding them. Also we have a neat Facebook page too where we chat and stuff. Click on the icon on the bottom of the page for the links to it, Twitter and Formspring.

Have a great day.


Wow! Since I found this site through links to your other stories I haven’t really read them in the order they were written. When I decided to start reading from the beginning, I kind of knew what the ending for Hunter and Michael was and avoided reading this chapter skipping around through Michael and Lexi’s story. I finally did and it is so sad and heartbreaking, especially the Epilogue part. DangerousPYT, you are such a great writer and your stories are so good. I love how you set everything up to match with real-life events in Michael’s life. Oh, and the hot scenes are HOT! Thanks for sharing your talent and love for Michael with us!!

Yeah girl, the boulder that caused the landslide. While I hope its good to read in whatever order, if you read them as they were written it makes much more sense thats for sure.

Thanks for being here.

I am similar to the person that commented above…I started with Lexi and then to find out that Hunter died…I didn’t read her story right away. But I just finished it and wow it was so good. Yes a very sad ending but she was so good for Michael. I also think she is so very different from Lexi…so it’s interesting to compare and contrast.
Very good..I am going back to read the sad parts again…that is what you will find with me…I am sadistic when it comes to a sad Michael..there is something so sweet and endearing about him when he is troubled..thanks for writing this lovely story. Terry

Glad you are here whatever order you are reading these chapters and stories in Terry.

I do hope to make them all fit together, like little puzzle piecies of the life we always wondered about. Somehow it might make it all make some sense.

Again, so glad you are here.

I must say I was very intrigued by the last epilogue…I wander how u will fit Lexi back into this puzzle…and I am wondering if this epilogue is written in stone? Looking forward to reading more. Thank you my dear! T

So, so, so, so, so, so sad!!!!


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