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Michael’s Train of Love- Part VI

Michaels Train of Love: Part VI
September 13, 1988

Hunter poured the liquid down the sink and dropped the supplies into a grocery bag that she then slipped in to her purse. While rushing out of the room she passed Michael in the hall, kissing him quickly she said, “I am running into town to find some shoes for my dress tonight, I won’t be long. Do you need anything?” “Only you, to be here on time…” Michael muttered as the front door to the house slammed shut.

Hunter pointed her car down the long driveway at Neverland, her hands shaking and her stomach in knots. She had to get out of the house for just a little bit before Elizabeth arrived for dinner, and she was never happier of a decision in her life than the one she made to have her car delivered to the ranch. A little over a month had passed since they had time off in Spain, and she smiled as she remembered the memories they had made in Marbella. The tour had returned to America so they were able to visit Neverland to check on the progress of the renovations. He also wanted to spend time with Hunter there; since they had both had been looking forward to it for what seemed like so long now.

It was a quick drive in to Los Olivos and Hunter pulled in at Jed’s Saddlery at the edge of town to look at some boots. To her luck there was a garbage can outside the door and she breathed a deep sigh of relief as she tossed the trash away she had in hidden in her purse as she entered the business. Breathing in the warm smell of the leather Hunter looked at row upon row of boots finally deciding upon a simple pair of black Justin Ropers that she could wear with her jeans and around the horses and livestock at the ranch. As she waited to pay for her purchase she overheard some old timers in the store talking:

“I hear he is back, yep?”


“What do ya think about him a living up here Don, I think it will bring nothing but trouble”

“Well, if he stays to his self and don’t cause no one a hassle it should be all right”

“But I hear he is building a carnival up there, that’s just weird now!”

“Well he is buying a lot of feed from me for his animals too, but as long as he pays his bill I don’t mind that. Now you go on and get your coffee Bob and let me help this pretty lady with her boots

Hunter glared at the old man pouring the coffee, she wondered how he could be so judgmental to someone he had never met. She was grateful that at least the man named Don was nice enough to give Michael a chance; suddenly it occurred to her that he was giving her a chance too. She was going to be living “up here”, and they would all be talking about her the same way. “Thank you very much” she said to Don the saddle maker as she got out of the store and back to her beat up Datsun B-210. She couldn’t wait to get back to the safety of Neverland and Michael.

“I thought you were buying shoes?” Michael’s question rang out across the bedroom at Hunter. “I changed my mind, I really need a pair of boots for the corrals and the animals” she poked her head out of the bathroom, mascara wand in hand. “Any more questions, or are you going to get dressed?” Hunter went back to her makeup leaving Michael to roll his eyes and mutter, “Boy is she testy today”. Finally they both were ready for dinner and met downstairs right as Elizabeth’s limousine arrived at the front gate. Hunter felt her stomach turn over, “I don’t feel so good Michael, I think I am going to be sick.” Michael’s eyes grew big and round, “What, are you serious?” Hunter ran back up the stairs her face pale and her hand covered her mouth. At that very moment the limo pulled in, so he stepped out to greet Elizabeth. “MYY-CHAAAallll, Elizabeth Taylor’s sing- song voice cut through the evening stillness like wind chimes in the breeze. Michael embraced her with all the love and affection he had inside. The spell was only broken when Sugar, Elizabeth’s Maltese bounced down off of the seat to sniff his leg. Michael yelped and jumped back, while Elizabeth scooped her up in her arms. “I am sorry darling; I always forget to tell you she is there. I must work on that. So, where is she, I want to meet this woman who has stolen your heart.” Michael put his hand up to his mouth and smiled sheepishly, “She will be down in a moment Elizabeth, she is very nervous about meeting you. I still haven’t told anyone in the family about her yet. I was thinking maybe when we get to LA I would. Right now I just want to keep her to myself. Everything is so good between us. I don’t want them to…” Elizabeth put her arm through his as they began to make their way inside, “I understand dear, and I think your fears are perfectly justified. Enjoy this time together, just the two of you. Once the family and the press finds out, you will have no peace.” Michael kissed her cheek, “Thank you for understanding; you are going to love her too.” Elizabeth smiled back at Michael, “Michael, if you are this crazy over her, I already do love her.”

Hunter’s legs felt like they were about to buckle as she stood over the commode. She didn’t think she could be any more nervous or scared than she already was, but she took a deep breath and tried to steady herself. Wiping her eyes and brushing her teeth helped, plus adding another deep breath as she came down the stairs calmed the new wave of fear that gripped her belly. Michael saw her first and stood to meet her, subconsciously she ran her fingers along the Sycamore Tree that was carved in the banister of the stairway. The years of habitually doing so not lost on Michael as he waited for her, “Hunter allow me to introduce you to Elizabeth, my dearest friend…Elizabeth this is Hunter.” “HUUNTaaar”, Elizabeth embraced her in the tightest hug imaginable. “You are just as beautiful as Michael said you were, I am so happy to finally meet you dear.” Michael swayed to and fro with his hand over his mouth, his smile beaming from ear to ear. “Ms. Taylor, it is such an honor to meet you, I know that your friendship with Michael means so much to him. Thank you for coming tonight to meet me.” Hunter’s knees were literally knocking and she felt like she was going to pass out as Elizabeth said, “Don’t be silly dear, the honor is mine. But please, call me Elizabeth darling.” Sugar danced around the two ladies begging to be picked up. As Elizabeth reached down, Hunter stole a glance at Michael who gave her a wink that helped her to relax a little bit. “Michael dear, do get us something to drink, I would love some lemonade. Hunter what would you like?” Startled Hunter just stood there for a moment before replying, “Oh, uh, 7-UP please that would be fine, thanks.” Michael left for the kitchen as the two ladies sat down together with Sugar. “Did you have a nice drive up from LA”, Hunter asked as sweetly as she could. “Oh yes, but it is so long, I think I shall have to use a helicopter from now on dear. Sitting for that long in the car is not good for my back.” The ladies continued talking until Michael came back with their drinks and also announced that dinner was ready. As they walked to the dining room Michael whispered to Hunter, “Are you feeling any better?” Hunter took his hand and smiled, “I feel much better right now, thank you for asking. I might even be able to eat something.” Michael squeezed her hand as he held out her chair, kissing the top of her head he smiled across the table at Elizabeth who was closely studying them with her beautiful violet eyes. “Lemme get your chair Elizabeth, I will be right there.” “Well Michael, I want you to take all the time you need, I have been sitting in chairs for a while now.” Elizabeth smiled warmly at Hunter as the servers brought in dinner.

“Hunter”, Michael asked, “Would you like a glass of champagne with dessert?” Hunter closed her eyes briefly, “NO!……no thank you, I am fine. I think I might have some chamomile tea.” Michael’s hand stopped in mid-air as he was reaching for the champagne flute, “Tea? Chamomile tea?” Sighing he smiled and started to head for the kitchen but Hunter stopped him, “Uh huh, I can make it, you visit with Elizabeth.” Hunter ran off to the kitchen to brew her tea and Michael sat down with Elizabeth while he suspiciously eyed Sugar. “She’s lovely Michael, simply lovely.” Elizabeth’s endorsement brought a smile to Michael’s face, “I knew you would like her, she is funny, smart, and beautiful. God, I love her so much.” Elizabeth patted his arm, “It’s obvious, and she adores you too, I am happy for you both dear.”

Hunter came back with her tea and Elizabeth stood, “Michael, walk me to my cottage. I am exhausted darling and I have to get up early to get back to LA. Will I see you then?” Michael started laughing, “Of course, I will get up to see you off.” Elizabeth embraced Hunter, “My dear, welcome to our crazy little family. I am so happy to have you.” “Thank you so much Elizabeth, your kind words mean so much to me. I promise you I will be good to him.” Hunter whispered the last line softly in her new friend’s ear, and felt a tight squeeze of affirmation from Elizabeth in return.

Hunter was already in bed when Michael finally came back from Elizabeth’s cottage. “Do you want some more tea?” He asked quietly. “No, I think this is good, thanks.” Hunter mumbled. Michael undressed and crawled in beside her and she moved to lie in the crook of his arm. “She really likes you, you can stop worrying.” Michael said as he stroked her arm softly. “What, what did you say?” Michael moved to kiss her mouth, “I love you Hunter.” The long slow burn of his kiss was not as much passionate or fervent as it was promising. He continued down her jaw and neck, dragging his lips across her body lovingly. As he reached her breasts he placed light kisses on each one, as if they were each a precious treasure. When he reached her stomach he tenderly touched her lightly with his fingertips, following occasionally with a gentle kiss. Finally he laid his head down on her belly, his large hands clutching her sides. Hunter lay still afraid to move, barely breathing for fear of what was to come next. Michael turned his head to look at her and she saw the tears already rolling down his face. Finally he asked her the one thing she had been hoping not to hear, “When is our baby due Hunter?”

His simple question seemed to echo over and over in the room. Hunter’s eyes filled with tears and she reached out for him blindly, “I’m so scared, what are we going to do?” Michael took her in his arms his voice breaking with emotion, “What do you mean, what are we gonna do? We are getting married and having a baby, right?” The two sat intertwined while the emotion of the moment played through. Finally they became able to think clearly and Hunter asked him, “How did you know Michael.” Michael smiled and quietly said, “Well I do have three sisters you know. I have noticed that, um you didn’t get your…” Hunter laughed at his embarrassment and told him to go on, “I also heard you in the bathroom getting sick Hunter, I knew you weren’t just taking extra long showers. Then today you were so sick and cranky and you ran out of here like a bat out of hell. When you left I came upstairs and I found this, it was on the bathroom floor” Michael reached over to his night stand drawer and retrieved the instructions to the EPT pregnancy test that she had taken that morning. Hunter felt her face turn red and thought she just might get sick again, “Oh my god, I can’t believe I missed that”. He kissed her cheek and said, “I am glad you didn’t, I have been so worried about you, God…I was out of mind. Anyway, I knew for sure tonight when you said you were feeling better and you ate at dinner. But when I asked you if you wanted some champagne you turned it down. I knew girl, I knew. I wanted to scream it out too. I am so happy, Hunter…We are going to have a baby!” Michael grabbed her in a hug and squeezed her so tight she thought she might burst. Hunter sat there not quite as enthused as Michael was, sensing this he pulled away, “What’s wrong, aren’t you happy? Don’t you want to have a family with me?” “Oh Michael, I am just scared. I am still getting used to the idea of being married. Now a baby? I don’t know if I can do it?” Michael took her in his arms, “We can do it, WE, both of us…will do it together.” His promise seemed to comfort her, Michael turned off the light and she drifted off to sleep as he lay there planning nurseries in his head.

Michael looked at the clock and it was five in the morning. He must have drifted off at some point because he could see the light on in the bathroom and hear Hunter getting sick. He got up and knocked on the door gently asking, “Can I get you anything?” “Go away!” she sobbed. He opened the door and sat beside her. Holding her hair, and rubbing her back until she could finally stand up. Michael washed her face with a cloth and got her some mouth wash and stood there as she eyed him suspiciously. “I am just here to help”, he pleaded raising his hands innocently. Hunter wet another washcloth for her forehead and headed back to bed. “Take your time today, I am going to see Elizabeth off and check on the animals”, Michael headed out of the door praying she would feel better soon.

Elizabeth met Michael in the kitchen about six and helped herself to a cup of coffee and a piece of banana nut bread. “Good morning darling, thank you for the new mattress. It is perfect for my back, I must get one.” Elizabeth kissed his cheek and sat down to enjoy her breakfast. “Yeah, it’s some kind of space age foam. I guess it is good stuff. I wanted you to try it first; I might get some more of them for the other beds.” Michael poured some orange juice and sat with Elizabeth, “I have to tell you something…it happened after you went to bed.” She looked at him curiously, “Tell me Michael, what on earth could have happened that is so exciting since I saw you last?” Michael took a drink, and jumped up and paced the kitchen. He spun around and faced Elizabeth opening his mouth to speak, but he could only bring his hands to his face and laugh. “Michael, what is going on with you? Have you already had too much candy this morning?” Elizabeth’s eyes danced in the morning light. “Elizabeth, the most wonderful thing has happened. Hunter is pregnant; I am going to be a Father!” Gazing into his eyes, Elizabeth Taylor had never seen her friend more thrilled or alive than at that very moment, she stood up embracing him and said, “Michael, you’re going to be the best Father anyone could ever imagine, I am so happy and proud for you both.”

Michael and Hunter watched as Elizabeth’s limo left the property on the way back to Los Angeles. “How are you feeling?” Michael asked Hunter as they walked back inside. “I am better, not quite ready for eggs but maybe some more tea in a little bit.” Hunter squeezed his hand and sat down to pull on her new boots. “What do you think you’re doing?” Michael said as he sat down beside her. “I am going with you to see the animals, what do you think I am doing.” Hunter examined one of her new boots before she stuck her foot in, “You know I am going to have a baby Michael, I am not dying.” Michael laughed at her and agreed, “Ok, you have me there…My Mother had all us kids and she seemed to manage fine. Let’s go see Louie.” Hunter looked at him oddly, “Louie?” Michael laughed heartily, “Yeah Louie, he’s my Llama. Bubbles is here too, with the trainer. Hurry up, let’s go.” Hunter slid her other foot in her boot and stood up to leave, “Michael you always have something up your sleeve, there is never a dull moment with you. I love it.”

Stepping in to the livestock barn Hunter was in awe at the extreme thought and care that was taken for each animal to have its required amount of space, food and water. Louie was turned out with two giraffes behind the barn and Michael stepped out and called to him, “Looooouuuie, Louie come here, Loooooouie!” Hunter was laughing at the scene and Michael had no idea why. “Why are you laughing?” “Because, I had no idea you could be so loud.” Michael started giggling but as they stood there Louie came running up to the edge of the fence, “I guess I am loud enough to call a Llama, right Louie?” Michael snapped a lead onto his harness and walked him into the barn. “He is really beautiful, I had no idea Michael. Oh my, look at his eyes; they are so kind… looking at us like that. I can tell he really loves you.” Hunter was amazed at Louie and the apparent bond he had with Michael. “Yeah, I have had him a long time now, at Hayvenhurst even. Louie knows all my secrets, I tell him everything.” Michael scratched the Llama between the eyes and patted his neck.

It wasn’t long before a man came in with a bag of feed; he set it down and removed his cap to Hunter before he turned to leave. Michael called out to him, “Archie come here a minute, I want you to meet someone.” The man reappeared quickly still holding his cap in his hand and stood before Michael and Hunter, “Archie Taylor this is Hunter, you will probably see her out here with the animals so give her a hand if she needs it, OK?” Archie smiled at Hunter and replied, “Yes, Mr. Jackson. Anything you need Ma’am, I will be happy to help.” “Thank you Archie” Hunter said politely returning her attention back to Louie. But at that moment they all heard the faint but distinct cry of a human baby. Michael and Hunter looked at each other then looked at Archie. “Mr. Jackson, I can explain sir. I had to bring my daughter in today. I promise it won’t happen again.” Michael put Louie in his stall and started walking towards the sound, “Where is she Archie?” “The office sir, in her playpen.” Archie followed behind Michael and Hunter dreading what was going to happen when they found his daughter.

Michael reached the office first and knelt down next to the playpen, “What’s her name?” “Kellie, its Kellie Mr. Jackson.” “Hi Kellie, why are you crying girl, are you tired of being in there by yourself? I bet you are bored, in this office all day huh?” Michael spoke to the toddler in his soft voice and she calmed down and looked up at him with big, brown eyes. “Can I pick her up Archie?” Hunter smiled at Michael’s request knowing he was thrilled to have a child to hold after all the excitement of the last few hours. “Yes, of course you can hold her.” Archie reached in the playpen and picked his daughter up handing her to Michael to hold. “How old is she Archie, she is so cute”, Michael never took his eyes off of Kellie as she sat on his lap. “She is two sir.” Kellie reached up and grabbed Michael’s hat so he bent his head down so she could take it off his head. “Do you want to wear my hat Kellie, here let me put it on you.” Michael put his black fedora on Kellie’s tiny head and she laughed and clapped her hands at his gesture. “Archie I could watch her for you today if that would help you out? That way you can work and not have to worry about her.” Hunter’s suggestion took Archie by surprise but he seemed more than agreeable to the offer. “I would be happy to let you do that Ma’am, if Mr. Jackson doesn’t mind?” Michael didn’t even hear the conversation he just followed Archie and Hunter back to the house with Kellie in his arms.

Did you see her trying to play the piano with me today, she has real talent. I’m telling ya. That girl is gonna be somebody” Michael yelled as he stepped from the shower later that night. Hunter smiled as she relaxed with her book in the bed. She thought that if he was this crazy about someone else’s kid what would he be like in a few months time with theirs? Michael came out of the bathroom still talking about baby Kellie, wrapped only in a white towel. He was drying his hair with another and did not see Hunter eyeing his near naked body so appreciatively. His skin was still damp from the shower and an occasional drop of water fell from the curls of his hair melting across his caramel colored skin enticingly. Hunter felt a wave of desire sweep over her and she set her book aside biting her lip in anticipation.

Michael sat down on the bed turning his back to her, his non-stop talking not even registering in her ears at this point. Unexpectedly Hunter grabbed his shoulders from behind and pulled him down, clamping her lips on his. “Be quiet and kiss me.” She groaned onto his mouth as she slipped her tongue past his teeth and sunk it deep inside of his mouth. Closing her eyes she felt her tongue find his and they began a slow erotic dance that eventually ended with her sucking on his lower lip seductively. Michael came up for air and whispered, “I don’t think I have ever kissed you upside down before, I like it.” He could feel the curve of her breasts brushing the top of his head as she kissed him. Reaching up he stroked them gently and Hunter arched her back involuntarily as his thumbs found her nipples and began tweaking them in soft circles. The quiet moan that escaped Michael’s lips was an aphrodisiac to her as she moved forward and rose up slightly to allow him to suck on her breast as it hung above his mouth. Hunter paused, enjoying the moment of being so intimately cocooned around Michael’s face while his hands caressed her body. Her hair hung like a shield protecting them from everything but the pleasure of that very moment, the only sound to be heard was her heavy breathing and Michael’s lips as he hungrily savored her breasts. When she finally moved she kissed and licked her way down his body, still playing the temptress and teasing him with tiny nibbles and caresses. Michael finally received his silent wish as her thighs were directly over him and she slowly lowered her hips down and raked her swollen sex across his lips and tongue. Steadily she rocked and rolled in a small figure eight pattern over his face, holding her body just far enough off of him so that they both moaned lustfully. Michael’s mouth worked its magic on her and she felt the precious warm glow in her begin to rise with each pass of his expert lips across her axis. Hungrily she laid her body across him once again and took his shaft in her mouth. As she did this she felt his body respond and tighten in anticipation of each pull of her lips. As Michael came closer to his release, he worked her for all she had. His tongue traveled in tight circles and she could feel him suck on her bringing more life to her bursting core. Hunter’s legs began to quiver and the first waves of her orgasm began to overtake her body. Michael felt this and grabbed her waist with his hands pulling her securely to him until she peaked. As the tide came rushing at her, she never stopped pleasuring him either. Her lips continued their path up and down, savory his hard, long staff as it touched the back of her throat over and over as his hips moved in perfect time with her mouth. Wave upon wave washed through her, her body moved with abandoned ecstasy till Michael could no longer contain his excitement. Hunter felt him tighten briefly before finally releasing with a cry of exhilaration as he did so. She kept stroking him with her lips until he pleaded for her to stop.

Hunter rolled on her side panting heavily from her lovemaking with Michael, their eyes gazing at each other with unspoken emotion flowing between them. Unconsciously he placed his hand protectively on her stomach, touching her softly as they caught their breath and reveled in their closeness. Eventually he crawled under the covers and pulled her close beside him and switched off the light. “Are you not even going to say goodnight Michael?” she asked in the dark of the bedroom. “Let’s just say you took the words and everything else right out of my mouth girl, I am done….you wore me out.” Quickly switching the light back on Michael looked at her and said, “I love you more than anything, good night.” “I love you too Michael, good night.” Michael turned the light off and unbelievably Hunter heard him fall sound asleep within minutes.

It was 6:00 AM on the dot when Michael felt Hunter jump from the bed and run to the bathroom. He was so worried about her; she had been sick every morning that they had been back at Neverland. He got up like he had every other time since he found out and held her hair and rubbed her back and sat with her till she stopped. This time when he washed her face she looked so small and tired he decided to put her in the shower, “C’mon girl let’s get in the shower.” Michael turned on the water and they stepped in under the rejuvenating spray. He just let the hot water hit them as he held her close. “I’m sorry you are so sick baby, I want you to know how much it means to me that you are going through this for our family.” Hunter could only lean on him weakly, so he gathered her up in his arms and sat down and held her on his lap under the water. Her face lay against his chest and he could see the dark circles under her eyes while she rested. Her cheeks had begun to sink in from the weight she had lost and her hair and skin had lost its luster too. What worried him most was that she wasn’t able to eat or drink anything the last several days without getting sick, no matter what time of day it was. It was getting serious. Michael kissed her forehead and leaned back against the wall of the shower, he had to get her to the doctor. They had put it off long enough and were scheduled to be back in Pittsburg in less than a week, he would make some calls later in the morning. Looking back down at her, she had fallen asleep in his arms and Michael hoped that the water heater would last for awhile.

“There you are, I have been looking for you everywhere.” Michael called to Hunter as she sat up in her tree. Michael was incredulous that she was out climbing trees as weak as she was but he was trying not to show his irritation. “Come up here with me, I want to show you the view.” Hunter yelled down at him. Michael climbed up and sat beside her on the sturdy limb. “Wow, you’re right it is beautiful up here, I love it.” Michael looked around at the grounds of Neverland and the Santa Ynez Mountains rising above them, “Hunter, I am not even upset with you for climbing up here. I don’t think I ever want to leave either.” Hunter squeezed his hand, “I know, it’s my favorite place on earth Michael. I feel like I am home when I am here.” They sat in silence watching the animals in the fields and the workers go about their jobs on the ranch. One of the rides was being installed and the whine of the power tools could be heard while the birds chattered. Finally Michael broke the silence, “We have to drive to Santa Barbara in a little while.” “What for, I don’t want to go anywhere Michael I am really tired.” Hunter said quietly. “Well, I talked to one of the doctors who helped me with my scalp and he set up an appointment for us at a colleagues practice in his building tonight after hours. He trusts this guy and I want to go with you, you know. But it’s not exactly like I can just walk in and sit down with everybody else.” Hunter crossed her arms, “You should have told me, you should have asked.” He turned and looked at her, “I don’t know if you realize how sick you have been. We just have to make sure everything is OK. Honestly, if something happened to you…I don’t think I could handle it.” “I’ll be fine, what time do we need to leave?” Hunter relaxed knowing he just wanted what was best for her and started to climb down the tree. “Be careful, please. We have 45 minutes before we have to go.” Michael looked down at Hunter as she stepped onto the ground. As she looked up at him she saw him smiling at her and his arm extended as if to help her. All of the sudden she felt dizzy and darkness started to swim before her eyes. Dimly she could hear Michael’s voice calling her name as her knees buckled underneath her.

Hunter came to in the back of Michael’s Chevy Blazer, Michael was sitting with her and had her head in his lap while Miko was driving towards Santa Barbara at break neck speed. “Michael what happened?” Hunter tried sitting up in the seat but felt a wave of nausea sweep over her. “Shh, girl be still. You fainted. We are on our way to the doctor right now.” Michael stroked her head softly. “I feel like I am going to be sick again.”” Here I brought a bucket for you.” he didn’t even finish what he was going to say before she used it. He could see her hands shaking in the dim light of the fading sun as she lay back down. He handed her a towel while he closed his eyes hoping Miko got them there safely. “Michael, the last thing I remember was looking up at you in the tree. I could see you reaching for me….Michael, it scared me so badly.” Michael studied her face and saw that she was really was frightened. “You are not feeling good that’s all.” Hunter shook her head adamantly, “No, uh huh…it was just like my nightmares. The ones where I can’t reach you, I felt so out of control and then everything went black.” “We’re almost there, and we’ll get you all checked out.” Michael was glad that it was hard to see in the Blazer now, because Hunter might have picked up on just how scared he really was too.

The doctor allowed Michael to stay in the room as he drew blood and asked his routine questions, he did ask him to step out for the exam though. Michael felt like he was on Mars as he sat in the waiting room of the OB/GYN’s office.  Looking at the female oriented, baby and parenting magazines he realized that he was in for a whole new adventure. He tore out the subscription page to “Parents Magazine” and stuffed it in his jacket pocket for later and stood up as the doctor opened the door. “I am going to walk this blood work to the lab downstairs, but I will be back in a moment and we will do an ultrasound.” Michael thanked him and went in the exam room with Hunter, the doctor had started an I.V. and she was resting quietly. “Hi, how are you feeling?” “Sleepy, he gave me something to stop me from getting sick, I am very drowsy now. He told me I was really dehydrated too.” Both of them sat there quietly for several minutes until finally she spoke softly, “I’m sorry Michael. I didn’t mean for this to happen.” “What are you talking about, it’s all right…we just have to get you through this rough patch is all.” Hunter reached for his hand, “When we went to Paris, Michael, we packed our things so quickly…I forgot my pills. My birth control pills. I hoped we would be OK.” Michael walked away rubbing his hands across his face, when he turned the look on his face broke her heart. “Are you telling me that this didn’t have to happen?’ She nodded her head slowly her eyes becoming moist with tears. “Let me ask you something Hunter I have to get this straight, did you get pregnant in Paris?” “I think I did Michael, I’m sorry…I’m so sorry.” He took a long deep breath and walked to her side and asked her coldly, “Did you do this on purpose? Tell me the truth.” Hunter shied away from him as if he had struck her with his words and she was barely able to whisper, “No, I would never do that to you. I am not like those other girls Michael.” She rolled over on the exam table turning her back to him and he sat down on the chair in the corner. The silence that hung between them was thick and heavy with the implications he had aired.

Finally the doctor came back in and sat down, after checking her I.V. and asking her how she was feeling he gave them some information. “I ran a pregnancy test with your blood work to confirm that you are indeed pregnant, it did come back positive. Your potassium and electrolytes are low so we will get you some in your I.V. Also you are anemic and extremely dehydrated. I want to keep you here awhile and get some fluids into you before I let you go. Plus I will give you a prescription for some prenatal vitamins but take them in the afternoon …that will allow your stomach to settle down after you start moving around. What we really need to address is your severe morning sickness, it is actually called Hyperemesis Gravidarium and is not common. It can lead to serious complications for you, Ms. Davis and the baby as well.” Michael leaned forward in his chair when the doctor said this, “Don’t worry, we are going to take good care of them both. Now would you like to see what’s going on with the little one? I have the ultrasound machine right here. Mr. Jackson, why don’t you come over here so you can see the screen better?” Michael stood up and came to Hunter’s side. She did not invite him into her space, however…so he remained awkwardly standing, with his hands in his pockets staring at the machine.

The doctor switched on the ultrasound and the small monitor glowed in the darkened room shining on Hunter and Michael’s face. Hunter winced as the cold gel hit her belly and spread out as the wand moved gently across. The speaker on the machine crackled to life and to Michael it sounded like submarine sonar. Soon he heard a fast whoosh and he watched as the doctor pointed out the shape and beating heart of his unborn child. Michael involuntarily reached for Hunter’s hand and squeezed it gently, “It’s so beautiful, and that’s our baby Hunter.” Hunter looked up and saw the tears in his eyes as he looked at the screen and she quietly answered him, “Yes, that’s our baby, Michael.” The doctor interrupted their thoughts momentarily, “Ms. Davis by the information you provided and this ultrasound you are about ten weeks along. Your due date is April 2. OK, do you have any questions?” “Can we have a few minutes Doctor” Michael asked, as the doctor wiped the last of the gel off of Hunters stomach. “No problem, I will be back in to check on her in a bit. We will run another bag on the I.V. before I send you home though.”

Michael paced the room after the doctor left trying to work up the courage to speak to Hunter. Eventually she did it for him, “Michael, I know you’re scared too, it’s all right. I understand you know. You don’t always have to be brave and strong for me.” He stopped and stood at the foot of the table, “I didn’t mean it, you have to know I didn’t. Hunter I know you wouldn’t try and trap me; it was such a stupid thing to even think about. You didn’t have to trap me; you had me from the minute I laid eyes on you.” “Michael come sit down, he printed out a picture of the ultrasound. Let’s see if we can figure out what the heck is going on.”

Later Michael carried a sleeping Hunter to bed at Neverland. Laying her down, he undressed her and put her under the covers. When he slid in beside her, he kissed her belly and her cheek and held her close. He spent a long night just watching her sleep and thinking of the baby growing inside of her. Secretly he hoped for a girl, one just like her Mother…with caramel skin and Hunter’s green eyes. He imagined teaching her to sing and write poetry, to love animals and to dance like she didn’t have a care in the world. Her Mother could teach her things like being on time and picking up after herself, how to play the guitar and to ride a horse like the wind. Neverland would soon be a wonderful, magical place. His dreams were coming true…and they were more than he ever wished upon a star for.

To be continued…

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supaflymagpie said…
A lovely story with a lovely shout-out to a lovely girl 🙂

Monday, November 23, 2009 11:21:00 PM EST
DangerousPYT said…
Thank you Magz…that was a lovely thing to say! 😉

Tuesday, November 24, 2009 8:45:00 AM EST
Aprils said…
Wow, Michael would have been so happy to have a baby like this with a woman he was madly in love with! Thanks for sharing this with us so we can enjoy it and imagine that this is the way it could have been.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009 4:47:00 PM EST
DangerousPYT said…
Things could have been so different, alas…

Tuesday, November 24, 2009 6:09:00 PM EST
NightGarden said…
…and let’s not forget a mention to the special guest star: Louuuuuuuie! 🙂
Finally, my cutie pie’s talent gets some aknowledgement.
“He is really beautiful.(…)”

Wednesday, November 25, 2009 11:38:00 AM EST

DangerousPYT said…
He is beautiful, I love them and alpaca’s too. I really believe that MJ and Louie must have had some heartfelt conversations over the years…

Wednesday, November 25, 2009 6:41:00 PM EST
Cup Cake said…
Now this is adorable….nice one Laura!

Saturday, November 28, 2009 6:40:00 PM EST

That was cute. Lol @ Teaching her to be on time…


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