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Michael’s Train of Love- Part V

Michaels Train of Love: Part V
August 1, 1988


It was early morning on Monday as the wheels of the jet touched down in Marbella. The Bad Tour had played two sold out shows in Cork, Ireland and was now set to spend a week and a half in Spain. As the crew disembarked from the plane they were whisked away to the Incosol Health Spa that had been reserved just for them. It was hoped that this would provide rest and relaxation until the show on Friday. The press was out in full force at the airport so Michael departed ahead of Hunter, where he would eventually meet up with her at a secret destination. Miko stayed behind with her on the plane and they waited until the arrival area had cleared before following Michael.

Hunter could smell the fresh ocean air as they made the turn into the Historic drive of the Marbella Club Hotel, the breeze carried the taste of salty adventures and she couldn’t wait to share them with Michael. At last she spied him standing in the doorway of a massive villa at the end of the long drive, the light streaming from inside silhouetted his shirtless form. His smile grew brighter as their eyes met in anticipation of their break from the road and all of its obligations. Miko grabbed her bags and guitar as Hunter made her way to Michael. As he clutched her in an embrace he whispered, “You took forever, so I already had my shower. Oh my god girl, wait till you see the bed. We might not ever leave the room”. “Really? Well now that sounds promising, but babe, I am sleepy. Can I give you a rain check for the morning”? Hunter seductively rubbed on Michael and leaned in for a long kiss. “Mmmmm I guess, but I promise you it will be an early wakeup call”. Michael ground his hips on her before quickly turning away, leaving Hunter wanting more. She followed behind him staring longingly at what she just turned down and she couldn’t resist the urge to grab his behind as he walked away. Michael let out a yelp and a big hearty laugh as he ran inside the villa.

Miko shook his head at them and chuckled as he said goodbye and headed for the limo that would take him to the far end of the property. “Alone, we are finally alone”. Michael said aloud in wonderment. “Girl, this place is big; kind of like Neverland…we are going to have a great time”. Hunter’s sleepy smile shined back at him and he came and held her close. She felt his skin, still damp from his shower and smelled his fresh clean scent that intoxicated her senses, “You smell so good Michael, let’s go to bed now. “Well, I did something for you so come on”. Michael took her by the hand and led her in to the bathroom, “Wow, this is amazing, no wonder you already took a shower”. She said laughing. “I know right? I hope you don’t mind, but I ran you a bath. I thought you might like to relax for a moment after the flight” Hunter scanned the tub area and realized that Michael had indeed ran her a bath, complete with bubbles, candles and a big glass of sparkling water. “Michael, that was really thoughtful of you, it is exactly what I want. Would you care to join me?” Michael came to her and started unbuttoning her jeans, their eyes focused upon each other, never breaking contact. As he moved to kiss her he said, “I always want to join you girl, but right now I just want you to relax in that tub. Don’t ask me again or neither of us will sleep the rest of the week”. His kiss was deep and long, his tongue searched her mouth slowly before breaking away, “Go on, and get in the tub so we can go to bed”. Hunter groaned out loud as he pulled her jeans off and tossed them aside. As she finished undressing Michael checked the temperature of the water to make sure it was still warm enough. “I swear Michael, don’t you dare start a water fight with me right now. It is way too late for that”. Hunter’s warning made Michael laugh out loud, “I had no intention of doing that, but thanks for giving me such a great idea for next time. Just get over here and get in the tub.” His laughter made her giggle and she gingerly climbed in the tub and sank in to the bubbly goodness. “Michael?” Hunter called. “Yes dear?” He answered with a playful and elaborate flourish of his hands as he walked away…. “Thank you.”

Michael finished the last of the paperwork Frank had sent with him and realized it had been a long while since Hunter had started her bath. As he walked in the bathroom he smiled as he saw her fast asleep in the tub. He called her name and she didn’t move a muscle so he simply drained the water out. As it emptied he watched her sleeping, he was still amazed that her beauty could move him even in quiet vulnerable moments like this.

Finally the tub was empty and he grabbed a towel, wrapped her up and carried her to bed. Hunter never stirred and Michael realized she was exhausted and needed these days off as much as he did. Lying beside her he switched off the light, a thousand thoughts of their future running through his mind. Michael knew that sleep would not come for him anytime soon, so he just curled up next to her, happy that she was safe in his arms.

Hunter woke up to the fabric of the canopy bed swaying above her in the breeze that was flowing through the open doors and windows of the room. She realized after several minutes that the only sounds to be heard were the chirping of the birds and the sound of the surf in the distance. No constant shouting of Michael’s name or whistles blowing to hold the crowd back. Yes, this was beginning to feel like heaven she thought. It was nice to be alone, to be unrestricted at last. No ducking the press or distancing themselves from each other because of the fans gathered to greet him at every turn. Although she understood that Michael loved his fans and only wished to protect her, she was happy to just relax alone with him for a few days. She finally got out of the bed and freshened up in the bathroom. She remembered being in the tub the night before but not getting out. Looking in the mirror her hair was a big, really big for her and still damp, “What on earth is going on here.” She said to her reflection with a grimace. Quickly brushing her teeth she decided to just jump in the pool and take a shower to remedy the hair situation. Grabbing the robe on the wall she headed out to the courtyard for a morning swim.

Stepping outside, Hunter was captivated by the stunning beauty and old world charm of the pool area. Palms and native exotic plants were plentiful and the heavy scent of flowers filled the air with a fragrant perfume. The pool was sparkling in the morning sun and she couldn’t wait to dive in. As she took in its design she saw that at one end it contained gently sloping steps that took you in the shallow end. As you proceeded down towards the deeper end a curtain of water fell, shielding the hot tub and sauna area from view, its melodic sound only added to the music of nature that filled the yard. Hunter walked around to inspect the waterfall and to her delight discovered that the water was warm and soft to the touch as it fell from the shelf above it. Steps and a seating area were built in underneath so that you could relax and unwind under the calming warm cascade as it fell upon your body. She clapped her hands excitedly and decided to get in right away.

Hunter headed to the lounge chair to remove her robe after making sure that no one else was in the courtyard. After dropping the robe she stepped up to the pools edge and was about to dive in when she heard, “Oh my god, you remind me of Dian…”. Michael stood in the doorway to the villa with his mouth open momentarily, and then he quickly walked back inside. In that split second Hunter saw a range of emotions cross his face, at first he was happy like he was going to share something with her…but then something shut him down. Grabbing her robe she ran inside, “Michael, what is wrong? What was that all about?” Michael was trying to make himself busy with the breakfast trays that had been delivered, “Here will you help me take these outside”? His voice was soft and low, and his forehead was twisted in a frown. “No, what were you going to tell me? Michael you have to be able to talk to me if things are going to work between us”. He set down the basket he had in his hands and turned to her, “You just reminded me of someone for a second, that’s all.” She saw that his eyes were moist and he seemed hurt and vulnerable. She took him in her arms and held him close, she could feel his heart beating fast and his breathing was rapid due to his agitation. His grip on her felt almost desperate so she whispered to him, “I love you, and if you ever want to talk about it I am here”. Michael kissed her lips and looked her in the eye, “I love you too, I really do. Come on lets go have some breakfast. We need to talk.”

Over breakfast Michael told Hunter about his lifelong relationship with Diana. He started at the beginning, from the days at Motown and ended the story with the last time he had seen her. His required attendance at the American Music Awards but Diana had married days earlier and was there as well. Michael heard about it from a reporter a few days before the event, but she had not even bothered to tell him. He told Hunter of his loneliness and pain since then, how prayer, his work and charities got him through the tough times. Michael finally admitted, “Since she married, every single woman I met I have compared to her. I even thought you might be like her before I actually talked to you. But ever since that first night with you I have not thought of her one time, not one time, until today. I don’t know, I just saw you standing there with your hair all big, and… I’m sorry it was careless. It just came out of my mouth.” Hunter kneeled down in front of him, “Listen, please don’t think you have to censor yourself around me. You had a life before I showed up Michael. The whole world knows how important you two are to each other, and if I can’t let you share that with me…who can you share it with? Sometimes life just doesn’t work out, but that does not mean you can’t still care about each other. You should reach out to her…she IS having a baby. Be happy for her, wouldn’t you want her to be happy for us?” Michael smiled down at her, caressing her cheek with the back of his hand he said, “You look good with big hair girl..…I will send her something for the baby. Will you help me pick it out?” Hunter smiled back and stood up removing her robe standing naked in front of him, “The big hair is going right now.” She ran and dove off the side of the pool and into the water, leaving a laughing Michael at the table.

The days languished by and Michael and Hunter relaxed at their secret location reading books, bathing in the ocean, swimming in the pool, napping and best of all making love. Frank sent a package over on Wednesday with some paperwork to be signed and it contained mail for both Michael and Hunter. She grabbed her mail and curled up on the bed to read it noting the first was a letter from Jessica. She had heard about Hunter’s Father and had stopped by to check on her Mom. Hunter laughed to herself when she read that her Mother was happy about the (very mysterious) new boyfriend in Hunter’s life. Jessica wrote that her Mother looked well but tired. Jessica also said that Brette told her that she would be back in San Francisco for a visit soon due to her new boyfriends work and that she hoped they could see each other then. She went on to talk about the trust fund being hers in 3 months and being free of her meddling parents. At that point the letter was truly all Jessica.

The next letter was from Julia and she was finally at home, yes home! One of the nurses from the ward had been able to work out a temporary plan until she could officially adopt her. The nurse wants them to visit when they are back in the country if it is possible and they want to see her. Julia was feeling well and the Doctors were hopeful for her full recovery. She asked how Michael was and told them that she saw parts of his concert from London on the television in Berlin.

Hunter relayed Julia’s good news to Michael as he signed his paperwork, “I will get Frank and Bill to work it out, and we will go see her at her new home. That is really wonderful news. Remind me to send her a note with your next letter Hunter.” Hunter smiled at him, “I sure will, it really makes her happy to hear from you, you know.” “Whatever it takes to get her well, let’s do it”. He answered.

Michael set his paperwork down and climbed on the bed next to Hunter. He grabbed her letters and set them aside, “Speaking of doing it…” Michael nuzzled her neck and licked her ear seductively. “I want to do it to you right now”, his soft voice in her ear caused her skin to get goose bumps and her nipples to rise in anticipation. “Michael, damn, Mmmm, don’t you remember”? His mouth had found her breast and he had begun to suck and tease it playfully. Taking a moment to respond he said, “I remember how much I want you right now.” His hand was in her panties which were already wet from his attention. Hunter’s breathing was heavy and her words came out slow, “We are booked for the stables in five minutes.” Michael raised his lips to hers catching her hand he brought it to his huge bulge, “This is the only stallion you need girl.” Instantly they both rolled back on the bed laughing. “Let’s go, get up”. He said “You are gonna get two Stallion rides today then.” Still laughing they set off for the stables to ride the real Andalusian horses of Spain.

Hunter cantered her filly up to the stable and dismounted, expertly un-cinching the saddle and handing it to the groom. Michael eventually arrived walking the gelding up to her. Hunter steadied the horse as he dismounted and he sighed in relief, “I have never rode with an English saddle, and it’s usually not very far when I go. You never told me you could ride like that though.” Hunter eyed him up and down as she brushed her mount, “You never asked Mr. Jackson, but I am pretty good at riding a lot of things.” Michael giggled and handed the reins over to the groom and came to her side, “Let’s go get ready for dinner, I am starving and I have this horse back at the villa that I need you to take a look at.” After a moment of silence between them they started cracking up all over again. Hunter handed the lead rope to the groom and they headed back to get ready for dinner.

Hunter stepped in to her dress realizing she needed assistance with the zipper. “Michael, come help me please”. Her yell from the bathroom caught his ear and he came to see what she needed. She pulled her hair over her shoulder and asked him, “Can you zip me up please?” Michael thought he had walked into an alternate universe for a moment because he swore his fiancé had turned into Jessica Rabbit. The tight shimmering red strapless dress clung to every part of her body and was cut down to her waist in the back. It had a long slit up the leg to her thigh and she wore ultra high red stilettos. Her hair was parted on the side and hung over one eye which was seductively looking at him. Hunter was holding the sides of her dress together and he could see part of her breast temptingly trying to escape. “Michael, hello some help here please”, she asked. “Um..hmm sorry, here let me help you,” he replied apprehensively. Michael zipped up her dress but let his fingers trail up the side of her breast as he did so. Hunter noticed this gesture and their eyes met swiftly, but all he saw was her gently parted ruby red lips and come hither green eyes…he wanted to take her right there, at that very moment on the bathroom floor. “Michael, I promise you…it will be worth the wait” she whispered softly almost kissing him. He pulled her to his body and she could feel his hardness pushing for resolution against her, “I can’t wait much longer, I have to have you soon”. The intensity of his gaze was even stronger than his words; he kissed her forehead and stepped away. “I will be in the car, don’t be long.”

Michael didn’t say much on the ride to dinner, he just stared at her intently. “Why are you staring like that?” She asked him uncomfortably. He practically leapt across the limousine, “Hunter, I don’t know what to say to you right now. I feel like I am a teenager on my first date.” The look on Hunters face was priceless, “What on earth are you talking about Michael? We are just going to dinner.” Michael looked up at her under his long eyelashes and whispered, “You look so beautiful tonight, like something from my fantasies. Then I have been waiting for you in this limo and I started thinking about… about when we arrived in Berlin that morning and making love to you…I-I just need to get through dinner and not make a fool out of myself”. Michael adjusted himself in the seat and put his hands in his jacket pocket, immediately he realized what was in his hand and he smiled broadly at Hunter. “You are blushing, what is going on?” Hunter asked him. “Do you REALLY want to know” he asked. “Yes of course.” She replied. Michael’s eyes crinkled up in the corners and his smile was broad and bright as he brought forth what he had just discovered in his jacket pocket. “Oh My God!” Hunter’s face turned beet red as she recognized her own panties from their dalliance in the limousine in Berlin. “I have looked for those everywhere, why do you still have them?” “I guess the real question is why you didn’t put them back on that day?” Michael teased; he held them up and out of her grasp as she tried to reach for them. She fell across him on the long back seat of the car and they lay staring at each other forgetting about panties, limos and embarrassment. “I love you Michael”, a long pause passed before he answered her, “I love you too…but are you wearing any panties right now?” The limo pulled up to the restaurant as Hunter grabbed her lingerie from Michael’s hand and hid them in her evening bag.

Michael and Hunter were laughing again as they returned to the villa and stumbled through the door. Michael led the way to the bedroom, “Let’s go I wanna take that dress off of you right now.” Hunter giggled as she practically jogged her way down the hall because he was pulling her along so quickly. As they entered the bedroom he stopped and she caught her breath as the room was glowing with the light of a hundred twinkling candles and the air was fragrant with the scent of flowers as arrangement upon arrangement filled the room. Her hand came to her heart and her eyes got misty, “Oh Michael it’s so beautiful, thank you.” He took her in his arms finally kissing her lips, “The only beautiful thing in this room is you. All I could think about was getting you back here.” Hunter wiped his lips off with her fingertip, “You have lipstick on you now.” Michael smiled and said, “Girl when have I ever been afraid of a little lipstick.” Pulling her head towards him he kissed her with the passion he had felt building up all day. Hunter felt an involuntary moan escape her throat and she pushed her breasts into his body with abandon. Michael reached for the zipper on her dress pulling it down slowly savoring their mutual fervor. His hand softly stroked the side of the breast that had teased him earlier in the bathroom and Hunter felt her nipples harden with the expectation of what was to come. Finally Michael allowed the top half of the dress to fall to her waist as his hands caressed her back and breasts. He pushed her up against the corner of the bed and the giant wooden frame that held the canopy in place. As Hunter raised her arms up to grasp the frame he moved to lick her nipple, flicking his tongue across the tip boldly before blowing on it to strengthen its rigidity. His hands gathered her breasts together, as his lips continued what his tongue had started, closing his eyes as he pampered each one with alternating bites and strokes of his lips and hands. He finally knelt down trailing kisses on her stomach; Hunter looked at him as he began to pull off her dress and she let her fingers find their way to his hair. As Michael pushed the dress below her hips it finally slid past her knees but the groan that came from him was deep and loud. Rising to his feet he grabbed her arms and held them above her head against the canopy frame. He growled in her ear, “I asked you earlier if you had panties on, why didn’t you tell me you hadn’t worn any under that dress when I asked you?” His eyes flashed as he kissed her hard on the lips pushing her head against the frame, “Everyone was looking at us in there tonight, what if someone saw something, saw you!” He pushed her harder against the frame, his body possessively covering her. Hunter grabbed the frame and wrapped her legs around his hips, and whispered seductively, “Michael, I took them off after we got there; I wanted to surprise you when we got back here. Tell me it doesn’t turn you on and I will never do it again…go on tell me.” Michael found her lips again and released her arms and unwrapped her legs, he sighed deeply “I can’t tell you that, everything about you turns me on. I just can’t stand the thought of another man looking at you.” Michael took her face in his hands, “I need a minute, will you give me a minute?” And with that he practically fled to the courtyard. Hunter stood staring at the open door not knowing what she had done to upset him so much. So she decided to give him his space and went to the bathroom to wash the makeup off of her face.

Hunter removed her smeared lipstick and stared at her reflection in the mirror. “Hmm, we seem to be getting real familiar with each other,” she said to herself. She washed her face and discovered that she was crying, “Damn not now, get it together Hunter.” Drying her eyes she put on her robe and walked out to the doorway of the courtyard. To her surprise it was also filled with candles and flowers, he had even arranged for candles to be floating on the surface of the pool, their reflection cast a soft glow that flashed light all about. As she scanned the scene her eyes found Michael sitting in the pool under the waterfall. He had stripped off his clothes and was sitting sideways with his forehead on his knees letting the water wash over his shoulders and back. Hunter leaned against the frame of the door and watched him for a moment. She could see his body was shaking and he raised his head up and wiped his eyes. Hunter couldn’t take it anymore and she ran to his side, climbing in the pool still wearing her robe she asked, “Michael, what is it…what have I done? You are breaking my heart.” He looked at her and wiped his eyes, “It’s not you, it’s me.” She held him close, “I love you so much; I would never hurt you on purpose. Please know that.” “I do know that, I love you too. More than you know.” Michael’s lips found her mouth and he kissed her softly as the water rained down attempting to cleanse them of all their past hurts.

“Make love to me”, Hunter begged through his kisses. Her hands wiped his eyes and she kissed his face softly hoping to ease his troubled mind. Michael untied her soaking wet robe and ran his hands along her body, “You feel so good against my skin, let me take this thing off of you.” She stood up and he cast the barrier aside, but returned his mouth to her stomach. “I think this is where I left off, I owe you…” Michael’s voice trailed off as he traveled down to taste her. She turned and sat on the edge of the pool and opened up for him. He placed small sensuous kisses on her inner thighs finally using his lips and tongue to suck and lick on her center of pleasure. He could feel her wetness on his lips and couldn’t resist thrusting his tongue inside of her as he used his fingers to continue her stimulation. Her hips began thrusting, yearning for a release that had yet to happen. Michael pulled back and placed her hand where his mouth had been, “Let me watch you, show me how you like it.” Hunter moved her fingers against her body, slowly at first but as she opened her eyes and saw him watching her she lustfully felt a knot of excitement in her core that tightened in pleasure. As she quickened her pace, her other hand traveled to her breasts and she squeezed with enthusiasm. Michael soon became filled with lust and desire, and he moved to enter her. Hunter looked up and saw the water streaming down his body from the waterfall and took in the stunning picture of him at that moment to keep forever. Michael’s jaw clenched and he pursed his lips as his slid through her wet walls, he breathed deeply, desperately concentrating on the connection they had together. He pulled her up into his arms, turning her around so that they were now sitting in the pool together. Hunter sat astride him like she had the horse earlier in the day at the stables. “That’s it baby; let me give it to you. Just the way you like it.” Hunter moaned as she rode him. The curtain of water falling upon them felt intense as their lovemaking hit a fever pitch. The light from the candles reflected off of their wet bodies as they moved in time in the water, the warm glow only adding to their bliss. Michael felt the familiar rush first and stood to feel her as deep as possible. Hunter wrapped her legs around him for the second time that evening holding him close, as she too felt the waves of gratification envelope her center. His strong thrusts pushed her over her climatic edge and she took his manipulations stroke for stroke. Finally the waves subsided and they lay back on the pool seat together, until Michael gathered her up and held her as she floated in the water, laying hundreds of tiny kisses on her body.

“I’m getting cold now”, Hunter told Michael. They had been floating for over an hour in the pool reluctant to break the magical spell that had been cast. “I’ll go get some towels” Michael said as he stood to leave the water. “Michael” “Yeah, what is it.” “You look really hot all wet and naked in the pool.” Hunter smiled and winked at him trying to lighten the mood. Michael mumbled softly, “You are embarrassing me.”

Hunter stepped out of the shower happy to see that a few spare robes still hung in the room as she wrapped one around her. Leaving to find Michael she finally noticed the bed. With everything that happened she never even saw that it was covered with red carnation petals and red rose petals. As she stood there admiring his thoughtfulness he hugged her from behind. “Red carnations are the National flower of Spain and say, (my heart aches for you) and red roses say (unconditional love), I thought you might find that interesting.” “I do Michael, it is very romantic and very you” “Come lay down with me and I will try and explain my reaction earlier.” Hunter took his hand but stopped him from going any further, “Michael, before you say anything, I had a lovely time this evening and I can’t believe you arranged all of this just for me. It’s truly magical. But as I told you before, I would never hurt you on purpose; please you have to trust me.” Michael didn’t answer but lead her to the bed where they lay down together,

“I honestly don’t really know what happened tonight. I mean we had such a great day and then when I saw you dressed like that for dinner it’s like something clicked in my head. I guess maybe it was jealousy or fear.” He sat for a long while before he started talking again, “Maybe it was opening up about Diana, we had times when I was younger….” His voice trailed off and he stared out into space remembering another era. He tried to start again, “Hunter, I grew up watching my Father and Brothers treat women like objects that are only good for one thing. As incredible as you looked tonight, I was terrified that someone else might be looking at you like that. That they might try something with you or someone would want to take you away from me.” All of a sudden it made sense to her, “Oh Michael, I am not her…I am not looking for anyone else. Since the minute you kissed me on the train, you are all I have ever wanted.” Hunter sat up and looked him in the eye, “I promise you that you are the love of my life, all I can ask is for you to trust me.”

 She picked up a red carnation petal placing it in his palm, “Michael when you are hurting so am I…my heart aches for you.” Next she placed a red rose petal in his palm, “If you are afraid, remember you have my unconditional love, always”.

Michael stared at the petals in his hand, in time he slowly reached over and placed them in Hunter’s palm, gently closing her fingers tenderly around the fragile pieces. His silent gesture of love and understanding witnessed only by the thousands of flowers and the fading candlelight.

To be continued….

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Aprils said…
This is sweet. I’ll highlight my favs:

“This is the only stallion you need girl.”

Michael smiled and said, “Girl when have I ever been afraid of a little lipstick.”

They are so sweet and loving together. We always knew Michael was a romantic, but you just brought it to life for us 🙂

Tuesday, November 17, 2009 11:23:00 PM EST


DangerousPYT said…
Thanks April…I appreciate you taking the time out to enjoy the story.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009 11:05:00 AM EST
Cup Cake said…
OH LAWD, can it get any better???? Damn this woman is talented!!!! OK, my favorite part would have to be this:

Michael’s jaw clenched and he pursed his lips as his slid through her wet walls, he breathed deeply, desperately concentrating on the connection they had together. He pulled her up into his arms, turning her around so that they were now sitting in the pool together. Hunter sat astride him like she had the horse earlier in the day at the stables. “That’s it baby; let me give it to you. Just the way you like it.”

My aunt is over here drooling all over my damn computer…literally spit drops, I told her to close her mouth when she reads the story!
now it time for me to cool off…
Nice job Soul sista #1

Thursday, November 26, 2009 10:20:00 PM EST

Cup Cake said…
OH my damn….

“Make love to me”, Hunter begged through his kisses. Her hands wiped his eyes and she kissed his face softly hoping to ease his troubled mind. Michael untied her soaking wet robe and ran his hands along her body, “You feel so good against my skin, let me take this thing off of you.” She stood up and he cast the barrier aside, but returned his mouth to her stomach. “I think this is where I left off, I owe you…” Michael’s voice trailed off as he traveled down to taste her. She turned and sat on the edge of the pool and opened up for him. He placed small sensuous kisses on her inner thighs finally using his lips and tongue to suck and lick on her center of pleasure. He could feel her wetness on his lips and couldn’t resist thrusting his tongue inside of her as he used his fingers to continue her stimulation.

OH my damn…..

Thursday, November 26, 2009 10:22:00 PM EST

The more times i read it, the better it gets

HOT!!!!!!!!!!.. LOVE IT!!!!!


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