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Michael’s Train of Love- Part IV

Michaels Train of Love: Part IV
July 16, 1988

Michael sat slumped on the floor, the crumpled note still clutched tightly in his hand. Hunter’s message had become smudged from the tears that had fallen when he read her words:


I have to leave you


Two hours earlier he had returned from the stadium, he was on the high of his life. He had met and performed for HRH Diana-Princess of Wales, had donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Princes Trust…then suddenly he was alone.

Michael had checked and her backpack was missing, as were her things from the bathroom. He had made it as far as the desk and could no longer walk on his own. Sliding down the wall he collapsed, the stress of the day overwhelming him; he had moved from joy, elation, on to heartbreak and now absolute fear.

Miko Brando eventually found him, and took the wrinkled note from his hands; he quietly asked “What is this Michael”? Staring wide eyed at Miko, Michael simply shrugged. “Come on let’s get you up ”. Miko pulled Michael to his feet and walked him over to the bed. “I will find her Michael, I will find her”. Miko promised he would discover what had happened to the woman who had captured his boss and friends heart so completely.

Miko called Frank DiLeo to sit with Michael and went downstairs to ask the hotel staff if they had seen or heard anything that may help in finding Hunter’s whereabouts. He went straight to the switchboard, and discovered they had a record of two calls that were made during the evening. The first was an outside call to the suite; the second call had been from the suite requesting a Cab Service. Miko called the cab company who told him they would ask their drivers to check their logs and would call back if they remembered Hunter or her destination.

Michael was finally dressed and pacing like a caged animal; Frank tried to think of ways to calm him but had no luck, “Frank, I just don’t understand why she would leave me, not like that. It is not making sense. We have to find her; I am so worried something is terribly wrong.” Finally the phone rang and Miko answered speaking in a hushed tone to the cab company he had contacted earlier. Michael anxiously waited for him to disconnect but he noticed the concern on Miko’s face, “What! Tell me ‘M’, do you know where Hunter is”? Answering him with a disturbed look Miko said, “Michael she was taken to a hospital, I don’t know why”. Michael’s eyes grew wide with shock and he moved to leave at once. Frank jumped up and grabbed his arm, “Michael you cannot just run out of this hotel with no security, give us a minute to get a car and team put together for you.” Michael’s panic was starting to show, “Just get me to her, I have to know she is OK, Please”! “Five Minutes Michael, give me five minutes”. Miko left the suite as Frank summoned Bill Bray from the adjoining room; Michael sat on the bed, with his head in his hands…praying for Hunter as a hundred horrible thoughts ran through his mind.

The limousine ride to The Princess Grace Hospital was endless, and when they finally arrived it was all Miko and Bill could do to keep him from bolting from the car. “Michael, please just hold on, we don’t even know if she is still here. All the cab company said is that the driver dropped her off around 9:30, you can’t go wandering around the hospital looking for her.” Miko stopped him and placed a comforting hand on Michael’s shoulder while closing the door. Michael eventually left the car and found a dark recess to stand in, Bill stood patiently by understanding that one more minute in the car would have driven Michael insane with worry. Finally they saw Miko approach, “Get in, we have to drive around back.” They all quickly jumped in the limousine which threaded its way around to an apparent quiet part of the hospital with a ramp and several bay doors that can conceal a vehicle. As they waited, a coroners van pulled out and passed slowly by. Michael felt his heart thump in his chest and he closed his eyes not wanting to think of the possibilities that might have happened to Hunter since he last saw her. “Miko, where did they tell you she was, this is too much”. Michael begged. “I think we just found her Michael” Miko replied as the limo pulled in and the bay doors closed, Hunter Leigh Davis stood before them.

Michael leapt from the car, not even allowing Miko or Bill to sweep the area for security risks. Frantically he called her, “Hunter what happened, why did you leave”? Hunter stared at him like he was a stranger and turned to depart. “What is wrong, please let me help you”. Michael’s voice cracked from emotion. Hunter shut her eyes and sped up, trying to ignore his cries. She could feel tears stinging her face and she just wanted to run away as far and as fast as she could. Michael caught her arm and spun her around, “What happened, tell me now! Why are you doing this to me? To us?” Michael saw her tears and pulled her to him, “Hunter, don’t do this, I love you so much. Don’t push me away”. She couldn’t look him in the face, she knew when she did her strength and determination that she had built up would be gone, “Michael, I…I can’t stay. I have to leave the tour and you”. Her words ripped through him like a hot knife. “What are you saying Hunter, don’t you love me anymore”? Michael choked on his words as he fought back his own tears. Hunter wanted to scream at his words, of course she still loved him, how could she not still love him. He was everything to her. Instead she reached down and removed her ring and handed it to him, barely choking out what she had to say, “I have to go Michael”. Hunter never looked at him the entire conversation, but she never looked back as she walked away.

Michael stood there dumbfounded, staring at the retreating figure of his fiancé as he held her engagement ring in his hand. Tears burned his eyes as he tried to understand what had happened to his world that had been so perfect just that morning.

“She is doing it for me” a voice came from the dark. Michael turned his head in its direction, “Pardon”? “I said, she is doing it for me”. As she stepped into the light Michael saw an older version of Hunter, one that was worn down by time and life but he knew instinctively it was her Mother. Her green eyes gave her away. “Mrs. Davis”? , Michael questioned while wiping his eyes. “Yes, I am Hunters Mother, Michael”. “Mrs. Davis, I know you don’t know me, but please…I don’t understand. What happened tonight, why is she acting like this”? Michael’s plea to her Mother was desperate and unreserved. Brette Davis lit a cigarette and took a long slow drag before answering, “When you were pulling in to this area a van was leaving, do you remember”? Michael nodded his head yes and shuddered at the thought, “I do remember, it was the coroners van”. Brette continued after taking another long slow drag off of her cigarette. “That was my husband in that van Michael; he had a heart attack tonight”. “Oh my God, Mrs. Davis, I don’t know what to say. I am so sorry.” Michael was taken aback. “So you see Michael, she is leaving you for me. Hunter got to the hospital quick enough for my Husband to tell her how we are broke and I will be left with nothing. His last hope was to get you to buy those publishing rights so he could earn the commission. After the problems at your office he knew that would never happen and I suppose the stress and all the years of bitterness finally got to him. Hunter never even told us of your engagement, I found out when I saw her hand you back that ring. But, I know my daughter…and I know she is thinking she has to be home to take care of me Michael; her Father pulled one last guilt trip on her. I do not want my daughter to take care of me, I can manage on my own. However, I do see how much you love each other; so let’s go find her…shall we”? Michael’s face became hopeful again and he took the hand that was extended as they made their way inside.

Hunter was making one final check of the hospital room that her Father had occupied. She wished she felt something, but the only tears she had were for Michael. Her Father’s death only felt like a chore to be reckoned with, a list of many to-dos’s to check off. She had called for a car and hoped her Mother would return to the room soon so they could go to the flat and make arrangements to leave for San Francisco. She stepped into the bathroom to splash some water on her face and brush her hair; looking in the mirror she spied her reflection; could she look worse? All she could see looking back at her were dark circles and an empty stare behind her eyes. Finally deciding it was time to deal with things she took a deep breath and opened the bathroom door. She was hoping to just leave the hospital and get on with everything. But standing before was her Mother and Michael Jackson.

“Why is he here”? Hunter demanded, “I asked him to come and speak with you Hunter. I saw you together earlier. Don’t do this, and don’t be rash. It is obvious you love each other. That is something I never had….with your Father. Go have your turn at a happy life, I will be fine”. Brette encouraged her daughter quietly and then left them alone. Hunter turned and began adjusting her things in her backpack not knowing what to say to Michael. Moments later she sensed his presence behind her, smelled his scent engulf her and felt him as he pulled her to his body and wrapped his arms around her protectively. “I love you Hunter; I am not letting you leave…that ring is going back on your finger tonight”. Michael squeezed her hard against him. Hunter sighed, relenting to his touch and leaned back into him, “Michael, I am scared, I have to take care of my Mother. She has nothing, he left her nothing. “The reality of the day finally hit her and tears stung her eyes and sobs wracked her body. Michael held her close and whispered softly to her, “I am here; he can never hurt you again. We will handle this together, you and me”.

Brette Davis glanced in the room and saw Michael and Hunter locked in an embrace. She was struck by the obvious loving bond they had formed with each other and found it comforting that her daughter would finally have the happiness she had been denied so long. Michael noticed Brette in the doorway and motioned her in to join them, “Mrs. Davis please come and stay at the hotel with us. We still have several more days here in London and we can help you make any arrangements you may need.” Brette raised an eyebrow and shrugged her shoulders, “I might as well Michael, you two need to be together and I have no reason to go back to the flat tonight. But Michael I have to ask you to call me Brette, Mrs. Davis is too formal.” Michael smiled, “All right, Brette it is, I will arrange for a room to be prepared for you right away.” Turning to Hunter he continued, “I have one more thing. Hunter…this ring is yours and it belongs on your finger. Please say you still want to share your life with me”? Hunter looked at him softly, “Michael, of course I do, please forgive me, I want to spend every day with you”. Hunter kissed him lightly as he placed the ring back on her finger. “It’s never leaving again, ever”! Michael quietly whispered.

During the next week Hunter made the arrangements for her Father in San Francisco.  Michael called in a few favors at the record label and Brette was able to schedule an interview for a receptionist position after she returned and settled in at her home. Eventually the time was drawing near for Brette to return and Hunter was helping her pack up her things at the flat, “Its weird how much safer I feel now Mom, a week ago I never could have stood in the flat like this”. “A lot has changed for you Hunter, Michael is a good man. He just adores everything about you.” Sorting through family photos, Brette casually tossed a picture of her husband in the trash nonchalantly as they talked. “Sometimes it scares me, I feel like I have to mess it up…it is just too good, HE is too good to be true. Did all those years of listening to Dad convince me that I didn’t deserve it”? Hunter sat on the couch and looked at her Mother expectantly, “I don’t know little one, I think the hell James put us through will take years to overcome. But we will get through it; the hard part is behind us now.” Hunter gave her Mother a hug, and was thankful that they were both free of the damage he had inflicted on their lives.

Hunter watched her Mother’s plane until it was a mere speck on the horizon. She couldn’t shake the feeling that she was making the wrong decision, and as much as she loved Michael and only wanted to be with him; she was sure her Mother was not strong enough to cope with the situation. Finally she walked back to the limousine and Michael. “Are you all right”? He asked as she slid in beside him. “I don’t know. She has never really been on her own”. “I think your Mother might surprise you, she seems like a strong woman. She survived a bad situation for a long time and she raised a strong, smart daughter didn’t she”? Michael tilted her chin up for a long slow kiss. “I can’t wait to get you alone, it seems like it’s been forever since I had you to myself”. Hunter smiled and laid her head down in his lap while Michael stroked her hair humming softly under his breath. “What song is that Michael”? “Just something I have been working on, it’s not finished yet; I will sing it to you when it’s done”. Hunter smiled up at him sleepily, “I like it, and it’s very pretty”.

She drifted off into a restless sleep dreaming of Michael’s face above her, his arms reached out to pull her up and out of some kind of danger, but he couldn’t get to her. She tried reaching out to him but her arms were so heavy, and her throat was closed off feeling parched and dry….she couldn’t speak or call for help. Over and over she tried to get to him but failed, attempted to call his name, but he couldn’t hear her.

Faintly she heard Michael’s voice, and she fought to open her eyes to join him. “Michael, Michael…”. She bolted upright; wide eyed she gasped for air and looked around in a panic. Michael spoke to her quietly, “Hunter, here I am, you are dreaming…Shh come here”. She scrambled into his arms and hid her face in his chest, “Michael, You were calling for me and I couldn’t reach you or move my body, and something was wrong, terribly wrong. It scared me so badly”. Michael held her close and kissed the top of her head, “It will be OK, you just need some rest. It was a horrible week, c’mon look we are here… we are at the hotel”. Michael and Hunter quickly made their way to the suite avoiding the crowd of fans by using the rear entrance. When they arrived he undressed Hunter and helped her into the bed, lying beside her while she slept a fitful sleep.

When she woke up later; she could hear that Michael was actually sleeping. His insomnia had been getting better and when he slept she loved to look at his unguarded features. Turning to watch him rest in the dim light, she saw his large eyes framed by long black lashes. They seem to lie upon his high cheekbones like soft feathery wisps. His full lips were parted as if he were about to give a soft kiss to a lover. His jaw looked strong and manly; she loved that he seemed to set it in place when he became determined about something he was passionate about. His neck was slightly tilted back, and it seemed that it sensuously waited for her to run her lips and tongue up to his ear, so she could gently whisper how much she loved him and how incredibly turned on he was able to make her…with even just a glance.

Hunter reached down without thought, and began stroking his body, lightly dragging her fingers up his thigh continuing in small light circles. She placed soft kisses on his chest, breathing in his unique smell with each one. Hunter felt her stomach catch and roll with desire as she moved slowly across his body. Michael stirred with a deep yearning and a small moan escaped his throat as he unconsciously moved closer to her. Slowly letting her hand travel up to his stomach, Hunter traced her nails close to his manhood urging him to respond so she could satisfy her building hunger. Her supple lips traveled to his taut stomach and she traced the same light patterns with her tongue that her fingers had journeyed moments before. To her delight, Michael’s involuntary hardness became apparent before her eyes. Unable to resist her impulses, she slipped her lips around and down him till she hit his base, only then did she slowly begin her way back up, swirling her tongue back and forth in soft flickers till she hit the top. Over and over she repeated the maneuver till finally she felt his hands on her head and his hips rose up to meet her mouth. “Oh girl, yes…don’t stop, please don’t stop”, he sleepily groaned as his back arched in pleasure and Hunter quickened her tempo to his now awakened state. Michael pulled her hair aside and watched her move down again, clenching his teeth while he fought his most basic urge to release.

Their eyes met through the dimness of the room and Michael knew he couldn’t control his arousal much longer, “Come to me, I want you”. He pulled her up and entered her quickly. Hunter’s gasp of pleasure was exquisite to his ears and he rolled over pulling her legs up to his chest. Slowly this time, he pushed inside, pulsating his hips back and forth over and over. Like currents of energy building between them, his stroke became longer and more powerful…Hunter unfolded her legs and wrapped them around his waist bringing him closer to her body, moving steadily against each other they found the rhythm that comes with familiarity. He rose to his knees and supported her lower back with his large strong hands, holding her with one and running the other over her stomach and breasts, his massage didn’t miss a single tender area of her body, he wanted to memorize every beautiful detail. Occasionally he would bend over and place a soft kiss on her stomach or tease her nipple with his lips, feeling the sheen of perspiration gathering on her skin. Soon though the intensity of their coupling became too much and he firmly grasped her hips with both hands. Arching backwards Michael began to push into her with such force that she breathlessly begged him, “Michael, come with me now”. Hunter’s body collapsed in waves of undulating pleasure and Michael felt his own heat overtake him as wave upon wave shuddered through his body. Soon he fell upon her; both taking a long while to catch their breath from the passion they kept alight in each other.

Michael woke up later lying on top of Hunter; he could smell her sweet perfume in his nostrils and felt her skin under his lips. Trying not to wake her, he glanced towards the window at the morning sky. Rain was falling and he wished he could just stay in bed with his lover. They hadn’t had much time alone since Paris and he longed to order room service, movies and make love all day. However, right on cue, Frank called for their morning wakeup because today was a travel day to Cardiff.

As Michael sat on the edge of the bed he threw a pillow at Hunter, who promptly put it over her head and went back to sleep. Michael decided that this was NOT going to be the most productive way to spend his morning and stood up on the bed and proceeded to jump up and down singing at the top of his lungs:

Get up, stand up: stand up for your rights!

Get up, stand up: stand up for your rights!

Get up, stand up: stand up for your rights!

Get up, stand up: don’t give up the fight!

Hunter, let out a loud moan and gave Michael a leg sweep under the covers, bringing him crashing down on the bed. His piercing scream followed by laughter was soon heard even outside in the hallway. Hunter pinched his inner thigh and jokingly said, “As much as I love you AND Bob Marley, I don’t want to hear it at six o’clock in the morning…got it Mister”? Michael’s peals of laughter filled the air, “I got it, I got it…I promise. Just lemme go”. Hunter released her pinch and kissed him lightly, laughing as she did so. Immediately he jumped back up on the bed and began singing and jumping again:

Preacher man, don’t tell me,

Heaven is under the earth.

I know you don’t know

What life is really worth.

It’s not all that glitters is gold;

‘Alf the story has never been told:

So now you see the light, eh!

Stand up for your rights. come on!

Michael’s frenetic jumping finally bounced Hunter right out of the bed and onto the floor. When she landed on her stomach she didn’t move and Michael leapt down terrified that she was hurt. “Hunter, Hunter…you OK?, Oh God, speak to me!” Michael whispered in her ear afraid to touch her. Suddenly Hunter spun around and yelled, “GOTCHA” in his face; Michael recoiled at first then screamed in fits of laughter. Hunter started laughing so hard that she was lying on the floor in tears thinking about the look he had on his face as she pranked him. Michael crawled over and took her in his arms, “I love you girl, you better know you are everything to me”. “I love you too Michael…now let’s go to Wales.”


To be continued….


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NightGarden said…
I alrerady told you, but I’ll repeat it here: the “waking” scene is a day-dream come true. Waking Sleeping Beauty up with your hands, your lips…and then making love…so sweet ans sensual.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009 6:00:00 PM EST
Aprils said…
This is sweet, although I hated that she ran away from him in the beginning. Don’t do that to us, girl! LOL Now that Hunter is rid of her father, she can fully give herself to Michael as her husband. Can’t wait to read the next installment. I like this calmer, more stable Michael. I wish this had happened to him for real.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009 10:59:00 PM EST
Laura said…
Sorry to scare you…drama drama and Momma Momma!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009 11:13:00 AM EST

OMG this is NEW MOON ALL OVER AGAIN!!! (and I have only read “I have to leave”) appropriately Don’t walk away is playing on the ipod…I am doomed not to get any work done today…Ok heading back to actually read the chapter.

My god, I had been holding my breath not realizing it until I literally breathed a sigh of relief when her mother said lets go find her….sensual and playful love it!

Breathe girl Breathe

and keep on reading!

DangerousPYT, I just found this site recently and have been loving your stories. I can’t believe I hadn’t found it earlier.

I loved the funny part at the end imagining the funny and playful side of Michael that we always hear about in interviews of people who knew him. I would just like to make sure, he was naked when he was jumping up and down the bed right?? Now that would have been a sight to see, LOL, Michael Jackson jumping up and down on a bed completely naked, especially Bad Era Mike, YUMMY!

Of course he’s naked!!! Welcome to the family girl

Thanks for the welcome. Damn, now I can’t concentrate on my work! BOING, BOING!! Ha ha ha, can’t stop smiling at the thought 🙂

Probably slapped him across the face and Hunter had to duck

LOL, so that’s why he fell on the bed. It wasn’t Hunter who tripped him, he just accidentally slapped himself!! ROTFL!!

Jesus girl I was crying (barely) at the beginning. shit don’t scare us like that!!!

Hello LA,

Welcome to the club!!!

Keep reading, and hang on. It gets pretty intense.

By Mrs. Michael Jackson on December 7th, 2013 at 12:54 am

I haven’t begun reading this yet, but the picture at the very top… I might be pregnant. Can a person get pregnant via internet? GOD, HE IS GORGEOUS. Oh boy… my bed is open if you feel like dropping by tonight Michael… please, just slip under the covers and start snuggling me until I awaken… I love you more!

By Mrs. Michael Jackson on December 7th, 2013 at 1:43 am

I just finished this part… and now an uncontrollable laughter has filled my room. This is my favorite so far! I LOVE IT!


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